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NOTE FROM MARKETING It’s finally here —National Flawless Month! For our 11th anniversary, we pulled out all the stops to make sure that, more than ever, we deliver our promise beauty. In this very special edition of Flaunt, the spotlight is put on three of our best birthday offerings: Our latest endorser, Jasmine Curtis-Smith; our newest advocacy campaign, the BillBag Project; and our biggest treat to all our loyal customers, the 1+1 Beauty Blowout.

PROMO MENU See what packages are included in our 1+1 Beauty Blowout!


JASMINE She’s young, talented, witty, dynamic and flawless from top to toe. She’s our newest endorser, Jasmine CurtisSmith.


Read on. Celebrate with us. Witness as we turn December into the most beautiful month of the year. This is your invitation to the fiercest and most gorgeous birthday bash of 2012!



WLESS MONTH! Flawless Celebrates 11 Years of Easier Access to World-class Beauty Let the festivities begin! This December, Flawless is giving everyone more reasons to be merry as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services celebrates its 11th anniversary with a month-long promo dubbed “mother of all beauty promos” —1 + 1 Beauty Blowout. For the entire month of December, Flawless is doubling the value of its patients’ money by giving everyone an additional service package with every purchase of most of the brand’s beauty bundles. In other words, purchasing one five-session

package of Nano Power Peel will give you 10 sessions and buying one five-session package of Shape and Sculpt will earn you 10 sessions. “This is the first time that we’re doing a promo of this scale and we can’t be more excited about it,” shares Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “We started the tradition of National Flawless Day back in 2008 to express our heart-felt gratitude to everyone for our seventh anniversary, and we’ve been doing it annually since, but somehow we feel like we can do more, and that’s when we thought about the concept of National

Flawless Month. I guess you can consider this as our grand treat for everyone.” According to Sy, National Flawless Month is also a celebration of the various ideals of inner and outer beauty and wellness. “We’ve experienced tremendous growth throughout the year and we’re celebrating the best way we know how —by giving back. Moreover, we’re still commemorating National Flawless Day with another gift on December 8 and 9. Once again, we’re making it easier for everyone to have access to world-class beauty solutions.”

Flawless endorsers through the years


fr ns


1+ + ns


ss e s 5

ss e s 5

body scrub Cellutite

  Abdomen  Arms  Back  Chin  Thighs  Waist  Body

advance Facials


Acne Control Facial Age-Defy Facial Flawless White Facial Oil Control Facial Real Gentleman Facial


Gluta Injectable Vitamin C Injectable Youth Booster

Acne Control Advance Facial Age-Defy Advance Facial Flawless White Advance Facial Oil Control Advance Facial Real Gentleman Advance Facial

P2,450 P2,450 P2,800 P2,450 P2,250

P12,500 P5,000 P12,500


P22,500 P15,000 P22,500 P5,000 P22,500 P22,500 P88,000

P4,400 P4,400 P4,400 P4,400 P4,400


NANO RF LIFT (CONTOUR) Abdomen Arms Banana Roll Face Thighs

P22,500 P22,500 P43,200 P22,500 P22,500 P43,200 P12,500

P7,500 P4,495 P17,500 P4,495 P7,500

Shape & sculpt Abdomen Arms Back Chin Thighs

Shape & sculpt plus

(no free nutraceuticals) Abdomen Arms Back Body Chin Thighs Waist

P22,500 P15,000 P22,500 P5,000 P22,500

P25,000 P17,500 P25,000 P90,000 P6,000 P25,000 P25,000

+1 nano power peel


nappage meso hair (per 1ml) P10,000 platinum peel


sclerotherapy (per 1ml)


ultra acne therapy


ultra lift (face & neck)


smart pl Back Beard Bikini Brazilian Lower Legs Underarm Upper Legs Upper Lip

Skin fusion

  Moisturizing (Face)   Anti-Aging (Face)   Lifting (Face)   Body Firming  LipoElim   Anti-Stretch (Body/Viora)   Whitening (Face)   Whitening (Underarms)   Clearing (Face)

Skin peel

  P10,000 P10,000 P12,500 P17,500 P17,500 P10,000 P6,000 P10,000 P17,500

(3 sessions + 3 sessions free)

Back Buttocks Chest Feet Groin Hands Lower Legs Nape Neck Underarms Upper Arms Whole Legs

P1,500 P2,000 P1,500 P1,500 P2,000 P1,000 P2,500 P1,000 P1,000 P1,000 P2,000 P4,000

P42,500 P17,500 P15,000 P20,000 P42,500 P12,500 P40,000 P7,500


  Hydrophotonic Solution   Tightening Solution   Bisculpting Solution   Bit Tonic Solution  Abdomen/Back  Arms  Face  Thighs

  P17,500 P17,500 P17,500 P17,500 P22,500 P22,500 P17,500 P20,000



Back Beard Bikini Brazilian Chest Lower Legs Underarms Upper Extremities Upper Legs Upper Lip

P99,600 P39,600 P27,600 P60,000 P99,600 P79,600 P27,600 P67,600 P91,600 P15,600


JASM She’s young, talented, witty, dynamic and flawless from top to toe. She’s our newest endorser, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Born Jasmine Casandra Ojales Curtis-Smith, Jasmine is the youngest daughter of Carmen Ojales and Australian lawyer, James Curtis-Smith and the younger sister of Anne Curtis-Smith. TV5 primetime princess, dancer, blogger, model and celebrity endorser, the world first saw Jasmine when she appeared at her elder sister’s morning variety show, Showtime, back in 2011. Several successful television shows, commercials and magazine features later, Jasmine is now one of the country’s fastest-rising and most promising young stars. Get to know more about her, her likes, pet peeves, the things that turn her off and her celebrity crushes.



Hobbies and interests I love to be lazy with my loved ones. I love watching movies, lying down and talking for hours, discovering new music/ artists, reading books and sleeping! On some rare occasions I definitely enjoy doing Muay Thai and getting pampered!

Favorite food I looooooooove Filipino food like Sinigang, Adobo, Salpicao... anything that I can eat with rice! I’m a big lover of chips & gravy.

Favorite color I don’t really have a favorite color, I like to mix it up and have a range of colors but when I dress up my clothes are usually of the black to white tones.

Local female celebrities she fangirls over Lovi Poe, Divine Lee, and Iza Calzado!

International female celebrities she fangirls over Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, and JLo

Local celebrity crushes Jericho Rosales and Daniel Matsunaga

International celebrity crushes Josh Duhamel, Jared Padalecki, Rafael Nadal, and Evan Peters!! Madami sila, di ko lang maisip lahat ng names nila. Haha

Favorite movies I have five. Mulan, A Walk To Remember, 500 Days of Summer, Superbad, and Black Swan.

Stress buster Sleep and take a nice warm bath. I’m someone who gets stressed quite easily and often let it consume me but these two things help me to tone it down and pace myself to be able to tackle whatever trouble is facing me.

Pet peeves When someone calls me “sweetie”, wrong grammar and spelling, message replies of “K”, “lol”

Turn offs Too much self love, not a family person, sweaty underarms, and all my pet peeves.

What makes her Flawless? What makes me Flawless is the humility that my fans are able to give me, my family, faith and my right amount of self-love.

A portmanteau of the words “billboard” and “bag,” the BillBag Project upcycles leftovers of Flawless’ past advertising materials by turning them into stylish eco bags. The billboard vinyl is a sturdy material that can withstand weathering, which means that bags made from this material will survive anything that the average user could put them through. And one single billboard goes a long way—a single 40x50 feet vinyl can make up to 500 bags. “TheBillBag Project is the perfect representation of how Flawless wants to be seen as a brand,” says Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “We are a responsible company that constantly seeks for ways to maximize our resources to do good. We are proud of this CSR (corporate social responsibility) campaign because we designed it to make a big difference and a lasting impact in the lives not just of Filipinos today, but of future generations as well. We are very happy to be doing this in time for our 11th anniversary.” “Corporate social responsibility has always been part of Flawless, but this is the first time that we are going public with our efforts. We want other companies who are into putting up billboards to follow suit. Let’s continue to push boundaries and look for opportunities to go beyond our businesses by pushing for efforts that promote nation building,” Sy ends.

Flawless Brings Beauty Closer to Residents of CDO and Davao Known for bridging the gap between medical-based beauty products and services and budget-conscious Filipinos, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless recently opened the doors of its CDO and Davao clinic to much fanfare. Flawless has been providing Filipinos access to world-class, affordable beauty solutions for 10 years now and is slated to celebrate its 11th anniversary this coming December. Located on the third floor of the newly finished Centrio Mall, Flawless CDO is housed within a contemporary and distinctive architecture with lush landscaping that provides a relaxing vibe to shoppers. Meanwhile, Flawless Davao is situated on the lower ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, SM’s 46th shopping center. Both clinics boast of Flawless’ signature look—warm modern-European appeal accentuated by the brand’s signature pink tones. Their lobbies are made more welcoming with custom-made chandeliers that tastefully complement the clean display of the brand’s well-researched beauty products. The clinics are clad with posters of the brand’s renowned celebrity endorsers and products while inside is a series of beds.

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Just in time for National Flawless Month, we’ve made it easier for you to purchase your favorite treatments. Buy a service or beauty package when you want it, where you want it.

National Flawless Month  

Happy National Flawless Month! In this very special edition of Flaunt, the spotlight is put on three of our best birthday offerings: Our lat...