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Blue Rain Gallery, 130-C Lincoln Ave., Santa Fe. 954-9902. The Orchard Keepers: new works by Erin Currier. 5-7 pm. Jean Cocteau Cinema, 418 Montezuma Ave., Santa Fe. 466-5528. Navigating the Unknown: paintings by Catherine Molland portraying a female hero who overcomes obstacles. 5-7 pm. SFCC’s Visual Arts Gallery, 6401 Richards Ave., Santa Fe. 428-1501. Bill Georgenes: Unity & Multitude: sculptures and paintings by Georgenes. 5-7 pm. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4

Beals & Co., Four Seasons Rancho Encantado, 198 State Rd. 592, Santa Fe. 577-5911. Wine, Bites, and Art: works by Robert Stivers. 5:307:30 pm. Factory on 5th St., 1715 5th St. NW, Alb. 505-463-5824. Geometric Abstracts: drawings and paintings by Eliza M. Schmid and Bobby Jones. 5-8 pm. gf contemporary, 707

Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 983-3707. Eight Million Stories in the Naked City: city portraits by Katie Metz. 5-7 pm.

Lewallen Galleries, 1613 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. 988-3250. Brian O’Connor: Mystique with a Message: realist paintings with a contemporized variation of the neo-Gothic. 5-7 pm. Mariposa Gallery, 3500 Central Ave. SE, Alb. 505-268-6828. Just Folks: ceramic figures by Wesley Anderegg. Stories Told: prints of manipulated iconic paintings by Brenda Nelson. 5-8 pm. Matthews Gallery, 669 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 992-2882. The Modernist Impulse: over the course of two months the gallery’s walls will shift, displaying works from movements in New Mexican Modernism. 5-7 pm. New Concept Gallery, 610 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 795-7570. Photographs—Almost Reality: photographs by Steven A. Jackson. 5-7 pm. Santa Fe Exports, Hyatt Tamaya Resort, 1300 Tuyuna Tr., Bernalillo. 610-417-2218. Evening with the Artist: paintings by Bruce King. 5-7 pm. Stranger Factory, 3411 Central Ave. NE, Alb. 505-508-3049. Consortium of Lost Souls: paintings, giclée prints on canvas, and sculptures by Craig LaRotonda. Peccadilloes: sculptures by Kevin Titzer. Through the Eye: paintings and drawings by Amy Earles. 6-9 pm. Weyrich Gallery, 2935-D Louisiana Blvd. NE, Alb.

505-883-7410. Bosque Notes: paper and foundobject vessels by Karen Simmons. 5-8:30 pm. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5

203 Fine Art, 203 Ledoux St., Taos. 575751-1262. Taos Moderns—Bridging the Gap: significant Abstract and American Modern painters that settled in Taos. 5-8 pm. Bareiss Gallery, 15 NM-150, Taos. 575-7762284. Day and Night: paintings by Norbert Voelkel. 4-6 pm. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10

New Mexico Museum of Art, 107 W. Palace Ave., Santa Fe. 476-5702. Georgia O’Keeffe in Process: O’Keeffe’s preliminary sketches and photographs, alongside finished works. 5-7 pm. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11

Joe Wade Fine Art, 102 E. Water St., Santa Fe. 988-2727. Roger Williams: solo exhibition of paintings by Williams. 4:30-7:30 pm. Las Cruces Museum of Art, 491 N. Main St., Las Cruces. 575-541-2137. From the Ground Up XXVII: regional juried ceramics exhibition. 4:30-6 pm.

Manitou Galleries, 123 W. Palace Ave., Santa Fe. 986-0440. Kindred Spirits: paintings of the Southwest by Ethelinda. Sculptures by Hib Sabin. 5-7:30 pm. Placitas Community Library, 453 Hwy. 165, Placitas. 505-867-8080. Los Jardineros de Placitas: photos and memorabilia of club activities dating back to 1965 as part of the group’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. 5-7 pm. Santa Fe Clay, 545 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe. 984-1122. Brett Freund, Kari Smith, and Holly Walker: complex clay vessels with a focus on melding form and surface. 5-7 pm. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12

Art.i.factory, Art.i.fact Consignment Boutique, 930 Baca St., Santa Fe. 982-5000. Simply Santa Fe: Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins host a juried photography show featuring images from their Simply Santa Fe Instagram feed. 4-7 pm. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18

Art Gone Wild, 203-B Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 820-1004. Sculpted Souls: sculptures in wood by Chad Awalt. 5-8 pm.

Blue Rain Gallery, 130 Lincoln Ave., Ste. C, Santa Fe. 954-9902. Bellwether: new glass sculptures by Shelley Muzylowski Allen. 5-7 pm. Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, 200-B Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 984-2111. Peter Burega and T Barney: oil paintings by Burega. Stone, bronze, and steel sculptures by Barney. 5-7 pm. Nisa Touchon Fine Art, 1925-C Rosina St., Santa Fe. 303-3034. David McCullough: mixedmedia collages by the artist. 5-7 pm. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19

203 Fine Art, 203 Ledoux St., Taos. 575751-1262. Pressing Through Time: historic and contemporary print works by Fritz Scholder, Andrew Dasburg, Ann Saint John, Ted Egri, and others, in conjunction with Taos museums and galleries. 4-6 pm. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

Art Gone Wild, 203-B Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 820-1004. A Divine Duet of Souls: paintings by Lisa Wilson. Pastels by D. Arthur Wilson. 5-8 pm. Blue Rain Gallery, 130 Lincoln Ave., Ste. C, Santa Fe. 954-9902. Dr. El Ocio’s Circo Curioso: new works by Jim Vogel. 5-7 pm. David Richard Gallery, 544 S. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe. 983-9555. New Paintings: landscapes of the Pacific Northwest by Stephen Hayes. 5-7 pm. Evoke Contemporary, 550 S. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe. 995-9902. Kent Williams: new drawings and paintings. 5-7 pm. Intrigue Gallery, 238 Delgado St., Santa Fe. 820-9265. A Mild Case of Madness: figurative oil paintings by Pamela Frankel Fiedler. 5-7 pm. Karan Ruhlen Gallery, 225 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 820-0807. Conversations on Abstraction: paintings by New Mexico artist Martha Rea Baker, Tennessee artist Mary Long, and California painter Daniel Phill. 5-7 pm. McLarry Fine Art, 225 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 988-1161. Animal House: oil paintings by Cheri Christensen. Sculptures by Tim Cherry. 5-7 pm. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27

Placitas Community Library, 453 Hwy. 165, Placitas. 505-867-8080. Placitas Artists Series: oil paintings by Robert Benjamin. Works on

The Orchard Keepers—new works by Erin Currier at Blue Rain Gallery, 130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite C. Reception: Thursday, September 3 from 5 to 7 pm. Image: Parsnips, Carrots, and Beans.

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