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Flavio Curella


A selection of works and projects.

Corporate Risk Watch xhtml css jquery javascript

CSS-based layout floats the elements on the grid system building very dynamic layouts always different from page to page. Handmade-looking underlines are drawn using repeated backgrounds on inline elements, accordingly to their line-height. Menu interaction provided by javascript in order to display and hide the elements.

Beautifully Banal

html css javascript

Development of micro-website for Type Directors Club’s project Beautifully Banal. The website is organized in three panels with slide transitions. Posters are automatically resized according to the browser’s height.

Creative Academy

xhtml css javascript smarty php mysql

Website for Richmond’s Design school. Improved previously in-house built CMS for the backend. Frontend uses Zend Framework and Smarty template engine with custom-made plugins for images and typography.

html css javascript ajax django python postgresql memcached

Website for the local regional section of Democratic Party. It features: • multi-user access for cities’ local sections • an editorial publishing system with different highlight options • a calendar application for local events, browsable by category and location/user • a ‘contact’ application listing members of every section • a download section for press & media documents.

xhtml css cufón javascript django mysql memcached

Folio website for Leftloft design firm. Both the projects and their images are tagged, categorized and rated. The information is aggregated and filtrated in order to build the website’s information architecture.

xhtml css svg raphaël jquery javascript cairo pdf django python

This tool builds a grid system based on the user’s parameters. The preview is built in SVG using the Rapahël javascript library. The same parameters are submitted to the Django view, who in turn builds the grid using the py-cairo library. All the form’s functionalities and UI are built with jQuery and jQueryUI.


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