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Happy Valentines Day From the Flavah Mag.Team

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Yes yes, it's that time of the year full of hearts and chocolate candy again: Valentines Day. Whether you have already found your significant other, whether you are still looking for them, or maybe you are still heartbroken for your previous encounter; whichever category you happen to fall into, this month's issue should appeal to all three flavors: vanilla, bitterness and saltiness. Valentines Day may be a time to show the other your love, or so says our culture, however it is also a reminder that we should also love ourselves, it invites us, in a way, to reflect on who we are, for self-love is one of the most radiant and attractive quality an individual can have; it is THE secret to finding AND keeping Love. Thank you dear readers for keeping up with Flavah Magazine, enjoy and Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year to you all!

Ruby L.

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection" Buddha. 4

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8.................Benefits of Positive Attitude Versus Destructive VALENTINES DAY AT FLAVAH 10...............Virtual Trends: Valentine's Naughty or Nice 14...............Bon Voyage: Valentine on Ice 16...............SL Relationships: Your Tacky Second Life 20...............V-day Aftermath 22...............Poem: Loveletter 24................Mr. Opinion CHINESE NEW YEAR 26...............Chinese New Year Meaning, Myth, Year of the Dog 28...............Zodiac: Chinese New Year Ballet SL Event 30...............Bon Voyage: Chinese Garden

Models: Ava Guapo (AvaMarie Criss) el Diablo Guapo (Diablo Guapo) Qlimas Viper Burner (thief Burner)

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Photograph by GiaBlossom, Model:



s we enter a new year and having gone through a year of adversities on the planet, I felt obligated to discuss this subject matter. We are in tumultuous times that can also inadvertently affect your subconscious, your internal peace and sanctity. In short lets deal with the one element of emotion that gives us "attitude." Attitude, we all have it, but how we formulate and react to it is an issue, especially in this virtual world. We interact within SL families, socially, sometimes intimately and we bring our own attitudes to these groups. How? We formulate an opinion about everything, which is our right to have. However, is your opinion true? Is it relevant? Will voicing your opinion damage another's character? It is true you have the free will to make choices and react but, the question to ask yourself is: does it always mean that you are correct in all that you say and all that you do? Who is the authority? You? Me? Them? Who? I hear discussions about pros and cons to various issues. Some will have an opinion and choose to stay silent and take the observation stance whereas, some would want to be the authoritarian on the issue and over talk others, on the other hand, others have difficulties discerning right from wrong. That is because in some cases, wrong in their world, has been perceived as right and vice versa. So whose fault is that? It simply means their interpretations of wrong have edified their own behavior. How does this change? Life experiences changes old ways to better ways. I heard someone say, "I did better when I LEARNED to do better”. This tells me there is a time and season for everyone’s change to come. Nobody can force the change because individuals do it themselves, and by choice. When I hear people on SL say, "You know I don't like him or her,” I never truly buy into this statement as FACT. The question is why? What were the precipitating factors that created this attitude about someone? Was it a long-term relationship with a list of events that caused deceit and destruction? Was it a short-term meeting where there was only a trivial discord? Attitude adjustment is a daily chore. We can CHOOSE to create positive ones or destructive ones. Selfishness and competition with others will demean your own character and give you consistent NEGATIVE ATTITUDE toward others. If you want to rise, check your attitude, its that simple. Have a Blessed and Safe Year to all!

Qlimas Viper

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DREAM FX Estates

Homes & Shops Rentals Living Experience Dream FX Estates is a community of friends, family, business associates, and also the home of Deam FX VR, cinematography studio. This community offers a great place to enjoy your SL in high quality furnished homes, but also to participate in Dream FX VR's movie-series that tells the story of young David's life and of how he became a psychotic sociopath. This unique experience includes each Dream FX Estates' residents, along with their family and friends, within the live action.

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Valentine’s “Naughty or Nice?” By Anael Star

Valentine’s Day celebrations in SL can be spectacular; anything imaginable can be conceived. You can celebrate as a Dark Prince, a Princess in a castle or in a cloud dancing away. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate; there is only your way. Whether you choose to be naughty or nice, there is a wide range of outfits out there that are suited to meet your needs. Low on lindens? I am a big fan of gacha items, be it chocolates, flowers, balloons for your love one, or that very special outfit. You can put together a very unique outfit with a small fraction of the cost of one purchased at a store. Let your imagination run wild! Be naughty or be nice and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day !

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Happy Valentines Day From Ava & El Diablo


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VALENTINE On ICE is one of the many ideal places to bring your special one to. With several romantic spots, restaurants, cosy winery, tribute concerts, swan boats, sim tour, ski, bowling, and even romantic cabins for rent, Valentine on Ice is guaranteed to make of your V-day a masterpiece. VISIT NOW 14

Third Moon Creations - G!A Third Moon Creations - G!A is one of the creators under the umbrella brand TMC; creating mesh accessories for male/ female, and decor. Contact info: GiaBlossom Resident


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veryone has met someone in SL they thought might be the one they want to spend time with and even partner with. Some people even go as far as to think it might move into their Real Life if their love interest looks promising. Maybe you've talked about eventually meeting in RL. Maybe you've discussed the notion of possibly moving your SL relationship or partnership further into Real Life. Slow down and BEWARE! All is not as it seems in SL.



Let me give you some quotes from my own profile after experiencing total betrayal of a previous partner who claimed that we are now going to be permanently together after being on and off for over 6 years. Thinking he was totally trustworthy, little did I know that while I was offline, he was out meeting others and was even stupid enough to give me his long list of women and his comments on all of them, including what he thought their status was. Arrogance at

it's finest for sure. These are my profile comments. Listen carefully, it's all true.

SL does not negate the codes of honor & truth that guide us in RL. Never be so seduced by pixels that you forget what honor is or it will haunt you. Integrity should never be treated like a mythical creature but a living breathing truth; but once destroyed it is gone forever leaving an empty place where friendship once resided. Hypocrisy is the worst of crimes, shameless selfserving and the chosen weapon of the unenlightened and the impotent.

Many men are liars and manipulators. They'll play you and use SL like a candy store, then flat out lie as they make excuses for their behavior. SL interactions are primarily comprised of desperate women chasing unavailable men and men just chasing any easy female until she chases him off.

bought and paid for with fake money (Lindens). Don't strut around like you're all that. You could be a hairy, 60 year old man living in mom's basement pretending to be a hot blonde chick. Get over yourself; you're just an AVATAR!

People who have NO concept of loyalty and honesty. They lie, cheat & run around behind your back while you're partnered and then Losers in SL are usually losers outright lie to you about it.... REPEATEDLY. Let's not forget in RL. Recognize them. If you are looking for heartfelt about the 'alts'. The idea that honesty, total truthfulness, love, he or she can sneak off and use another avatar that you don't and prince charming in a virtual know about to further play world where EVERYONE other people and possibly have lies to some degree, you are a multiple relationships in SL. DUMB ASS! STOP IT! It's SL. SL is a place of instant access (IM's & TP's) It is also a place of endless fantasy & temptations. It is especially NOT the real world - applying real world social rules are ultimately fruitless. Learn that there is a difference between emotional commitment to a person (love & devotion that YOU create) & physical commitment (there is no physical, we are all at keyboards) You are a pixelated creation

As a 'civilized' people in a virtual world, and I use the world "civilized" loosely these days, we should all be respectful and considerate to others, but it seems that doesn't play out in SL. People don't always listen, they think they know better until it comes back to bite them. Even then they may still keep doing thing the same way over and over and wonder why it's never working out. Everyone in SL should act as a friend to others. Flavah 17

"V is for Vodka" Photograph by Burner (thief Burner)


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The day after Valentines’ day is like Monday mornings; you know that after a weekend of relaxation and doing what you want to do, it’s back to the b.s. Your mate treats you like royalty for a full 24 hours and once the clock strike twelve, everything is back to the way it used to be, that chariot is once again a pumpkin, the ball gown once again are rags, the horses that drew the chariot once again rats, and your prince charming once again a donkey's derrière.

the hell outta you at the family reunion.

Valentine’s Day, not only is it the day of love but the day of reckoning. Yep you guessed it: the day the side chick/man learns their TRUE position. If the person you are “chilling” with wants to celebrate Valentine’s day with you the day before or the day after but never the day of… then no need to sugar coat it: you are a seat filler! Don’t let them tell you they just wanted to Gotta love it! People wait until catch the sales. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day to do what a lot of you are too blinded they are supposed to be doing by hormones and good looks everyday: showing your special to figure out that…CUPID someone how much they mean had absolutely nothing to do to you and how much you with the situation YOU are appreciate them being a part in. You are seat filler, bench of your life. I was able to tell warmer, and a mere substitute, from the Facebook posts (RL someone to temporarily fill and SL) who does what; the the position until the original ones who posted pictures and occupant returns. Until you were like “OMG!!! LOOK figure out that you are worth WHAT SO AND SO DID FOR more than the position you MEEEEEE!!!”Mhm…those are currently have and are settling those once a year heffas. They for, you will NEVER hold the make you feel special once a number one spot. If you don’t year then treat you like the gum respect yourself enough not to off the bottom of his shoe for be a sidepiece, no one is ever the other 364 days. The ONLY going to respect you enough time you post anything about not to make you his or her One, that man is when he got you period. something “nice”. Now that’s funny considering nobody posted a thing when he slapped For the TRUE lovers out there

I will leave you with these kind notes: “Sooner or later we begin to understand that love is more than verses on valentines, romance in movies and some of the extremely questionable lyrics that some of these R&B singers be hollering.” Zariaunna Xue-SoulChild “We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true, the most important thing in our lives. For Love is the creator of our favorite memories and the foundation of our fondest dreams. Without love, we merely exist. With love, we truly begin to live! For love is a promise that is always kept, a fortune that can never be spent, a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely places. And this radiance that never fades, this mysterious and magical joy is the greatest treasure of all - one known only by those who truly love. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvellous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It's a Divine destiny.” Unknown Author Written by Zariaunna Xue-SoulChild

Flavah 21

Love Letter

When we first got together we barely knew each other We had no intentions on becoming lovers But we gave up our hearts a little at a time You gave me part of yours and I gave you part of mine As time passed on I felt happy and complete But what I didn’t know was you weren’t feeling as neat


You had things that was running around in your head you weren’t happy as I thought I guess that you found it hard to tell me it was my fault I didn’t do all the things that you needed Was I too wrapped up in me to hear when you pleaded We talked on the phone for hours at a time I thought that loving you couldn’t be a crime I love you is something that I thought should be heard But baby now I know it’s just three little words You know it’s kind of funny I thought everything between us was great But when I found out the truth I guess it was to late I could cry and plead for you to talk to me again I could ask one more time for you to be my friend But what good would that do can you tell me this Will I ever be able to get back what I miss Can I ever hear that sweet voice one more time Yeah that’s what I said I'm not running you a line It wasn’t that long ago in your life I had a part It’s wasn’t that long ago I was first in your heart But now this is a new day and I feel that love is long gone But you also got me thinking would you tell me if I'm wrong If I said, “I love you” would you tell me “save it for the birds” Would you tell me I love you is just three little words So here I sit in this dark lonely room Sipping on cheap gin listening to sad love tunes Visions of you smiling in front of me I can hear you giggle as you say:”I gotta go pee” No longer will I hear you say my name And I'm the only one that I can blame So I won’t have the chance to hold you tight No chance in the world to make love all night No more will I be able to say “hey cutie” No more times to tell you nice booty All that I have left is the memories of us Thinking about the way I smiled when you would fuss But I still love you baby I just wanted to be heard But like I said before it’s just three little words Dp…………………….Out.

Flavah 23

Dear Mr. Opinion, What is the fastest way to die in SL? And please don’t tell me to log off…! Signed: Pixicidal Dear Pixicidal, go to a racing sim and stand in the middle of the road. If that was not thrilling enough you could always try crossing a sim corner at full speed; guaranteed to give you the "out of pixels" experience you are looking for... Dear Mr. Opinion, Do you like Valentine’s Day? Signed: Saltiness Dear Saltiness, of all the flavors you could choose from on the planet, why choose to be salty? Why wouldn't anyone like V-day? If you are single you could utilize that time to learn to know and love yourself better. Treat yourself on V-day, what about buying those fine latex pants you’ve always dreamed of?! Dear Mr. Opinion, I've been looking everywhere, I’ve roamed dating agencies front top to bottom, camped 24

SL's most famous ballrooms, even parked my avatar all night on crowded sims! Where in the pixelated world will I find my Juliette?! Signed: The Thirst is Real Dear Thirsty Brother, I think the women can smell you coming a mile away, you might want to consider the latest AXE deodorant. Try not to be so desperate. No one likes a desperate male or female; It's a turn off. Go sit on the steps of an SL court house and wait for a lawyer or perhaps a killer coming out of court. Dear Mr. Opinion, I've spent all my Linden on strippers. Now Valentine's Day is approaching and I can't afford anything for my wife... When she’ll ask why I didn't get her anything and where all the Linden went, what should I tell her?! Signed: Help a Brother out

on you for someone else. Dear Mr. Opinion, If I just use adult rated poseballs with another person (that isn't my partner) and don't emote is it still considered cheating‌? PS: with clothes on too... Signed: Poseballs Beta Testing Dear Poseballs Beta Testing, For how long would the clothes remain on? I'm wondering if you're actually as dumb as you sound. You know the answer to that question. Put yourself in the other person's shoes, then you answer that question and get back to me on it.

Dear Mr. Opinion I am a sexy intelligent woman. Would you like to marry me this Valentines Day? Signed: Your Only love. Dear Your Only Love, I'm sorry but I am devoted to my wife and kids and would never cheat or destroy my family over a fan I've never met and hardly know. It's not worth it. I appreciate how you feel tho, but those in truth are feelings that are only yours. Do you have questions for Mr. Opinion? Feel free to submit them to Flavah @ marysan2 Resident

V-day is approaching and my suspicions about my girlfriend's flawed loyalty turned out to be true. What's a cool way to break-up on V-day? Signed: Theatrical Tribade

Dear Theatrical Tribade. Why even wait? Dump that bad Listen Brother, I think I'm habit and move onto the bigger going to let your dumb ass hang and better babes that would on this question, because a fool appreciate someone who is is soon parted with his money flawlessly loyal! and you deserve whatever you get: that would be empty pockets and a wife to walk out Flavah 25

Photograph by Burner (thief Burner), Model: Hana (francine.aristocrat)

THE MEANING According to the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) usually falls between January 21st and February 20th and is said to mark the start of the second new moon after the winter solstice. The main reason to this holiday is to celebrate a year of hard work, 26


spend quality family time, wish for a prosperous new year but also to relax as Chinese New Year is one of the longest public holidays in China. Indeed, most would be off work for seven consecutive days! However, how did this festival which is believed to have begun during the Shang Dynasty

(1766–1122 BC) came to be? THE MYTH Once upon a time, was a cruel giant beast named Nian, who used to torment a village and eat children in a single bite. Nian would return every year, and every year everyone would hide and pray for their safety.

NEW YEAR The village was delivered from the beast only once it was discovered that Nian was afraid of loud noises and the color red. To defeat this monster, the villagers began to light bamboo sticks and used the color red on both themselves and their doorways to frighten the beast away. This day has been named

Guo Nian (‘guo’ meaning pass and ‘nian’ meaning year -‘to pass over the year). YEAR OF THE DOG This year's Chinese New Year celebration starts on February 16. It is the year of Year of the Dog! People born in the Year of the Dog are usually

independent, sincere, loyal and decisive, according to Chinese Zodiac, they would easily build harmonious relationships with people around them as a result. To find out more about the Chinese Zodiac visit: https://chinesenewyear2018. com/zodiac/ Flavah 27


A Chinese Ne


to join us for the debut of a brand new ballet: Zodiac, A Chinese New Year Ballet! Dragon yields to snake, snake to horse, horse to goat, and so the years continue for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Celebrate 2018, where Rooster yields to Dog, with this fun, acrobatic, semi-traditional Chinese ballet!


ew Year Ballet



About Our Group: The Imperial Arts is an inclusive group which focuses on providing East Asian themed performances, educational opportunities, and cultural experiences for its residents and guests.

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Chinese Garden in all its authenticity is a refuge for rest and peace from much of the drama of SL and/or boring routine. It is a place for conversation and meditation where lives are changed through shared thoughts, exploration and caring friends. Enjoy its astonishing scenery, architecture and tranquillity. VISIT NOW


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