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“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges This month we talk a lot about books, writing, writers, bloggers... anything to do with the beauty of the literary world. I’ve been a bookworm my whole life and many of my best friends have been fictional characters! I feel naked without a book, and currently read actual books, electronic books as well as listen to audio books. So this issue was so much fun for me, and so great to find other people with the same love for books as I do. My favourite book? The Magus by John Fowles. However I might be changing my mind as I have just recently read a book that I immediately fell head over heels in love with: Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. It’s everything a book should be! Share your favourite books with me! Other than books we have our usual share of restaurant and coffee shop reviews! As well as an introduction to some interesting people and places! Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to contribute articles or whether you’d like to advertise in an upcoming magazine. We’d love to get to know you and to shamelessly promote your company!


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Like Life White on Rice ‘Create’ books South African Writer, Cat Hellison


Relaxing into Being People of Twitter and Facebook Camille Quinn My journey with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa. Book Reviews Lisa Wiebesiek interview

COMPETITIONS Win Win Win! | Issue 16


A Book of Coffee There is a man who is a legend in the coffee industry. For some, he is legendary. They have met him, spoken to him and learnt from him. For others, he is but a legend, a myth of sorts. We but beleive the stories told of those who have met him. Who is this man, this Yoda of coffee? This man is Tim Wendelboe. Wendelboe is a Norwegian coffee roaster and coffee shop owner. He hold the titles of 2004 World Barista Champion, and 2005 World Tasting Champion. His coffee shop, and roastery in Oslo, Norway has become somewhat of pilgrimage destination for coffee fanatics, and in 2010 published a book called Coffee with Tim Wenbelboe. I would like to talk a little about this book.

coffee production provides great opportunities for mystical and extraordinary stories about exclusive coffee that cost an arm and a leg, and purportedly taste fantastic.’ Coffee with Tim Wendelboe is not a definitive text on coffee. He says so himself that ‘everything you read about coffee becomes out of date sooner or later. Even though much of this book is basic knowledge and will probably be the same in 100 years, we are constantly learning new things that dispel old myths and contradict accepted knowledge.’

If you are someone who wants to be schooled in coffee and truly want to explore what it can be, Wendelboe covers everything from what is takes I recommend that you head out and read Coffee to make a good cup of coffee, to explaining some with Tim Wendalboe. of the agriculture of green beans and the processing thereof, to roasting coffee, buying coffee, Wendelboe reminds us through this book that it brewing coffee, and some recipes. All of this in is not difficult to make a great cup of coffee [at less than 200 pages. Simply stated, he gets to the home] and always remember that taste is what point. For Wendelboe, there is right and wrong to counts. As he says, ‘you will always find the answer the basics of coffee and he is not afraid to tell you in the cup, so don’t forget why you are constantly what is wrong. seeking more knowledge about coffee.’ In the immortal words of the real Yoda, ‘always Wendelboe sheds light on much of the terminol- pass on what you have learned.’ ogy we are faced with when visiting coffee shops; terminology that we accept but never really un- Espresso Lab Microroasters at The Old Biscuit Mill derstand, and when we do ask, we get an elabo- in Woodstock, Cape Town has been known to stock rate rhetorical answer. Some of these include Fair the book. I picked up an autographed copy there. Trade, and Cup of Excellence, and some of what he Otherwise it can be ordered online. terms ‘myths.’ He says, in speaking of myths, that ‘the general lack of knowledge about coffee and By Carl Anthony Badenhorst @blueberry_notes | Issue 16


Milk Chocolate and Thyme Muffins Adapted from Adventures with Chocolate by Paul A Young People are often surprised when I mention that Saszali has a thyme flavoured truffle. It may seem like a strange pairing but it has quickly become one my favourites and these muffins are based on a similar flavour combination to that of our Golden Thyme truffle. This recipe is adapted from one of my favourite cookbooks by Paul A Young, a master chocolatier. The original recipe used white chocolate and so knowing that thyme and milk chocolate worked well together I thought I’d change it up slightly. For a different Sunday breakfast or tea time treat try these out - they’re very easy to make and best eaten just after baking. Yield: 14 16 Muffins • 200g Brown Sugar • 2 eggs • 125ml Oil • 250ml Milk • 25ml (2 tbsp) Fresh Thyme Leaves • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract • 400g Flour • 3 tsp baking powder • 1 tsp Salt • 150g Milk Chocolate - Roughly chopped

Before you start baking: • Preheat oven to 180 degrees. • Place muffin cases in your muffin tray and set aside. • Roughly chop your chocolates. • Remove the thyme leaves from the stems by sliding your fingers up the stem in the opposite direction that the leaves are growing. Let’s get baking: • In a bowl mix together the sugar, eggs, oil, milk, thyme leaves and vanilla extract. • Mix together the flour, baking powder and salt. Sift into a bowl. Make a well in it and add wet ingredients. Mix it together with a whisk. Add the chocolate. Spoon into the muffin trays. • Bake for 20 to 25 minutes (For an even bake rotate the tray 180° after 15 minutes of baking) • Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days. By Saszali Chocolates | Issue 16


Saszali Chocolates Saszali Chocolates are handmade truffles which combine Belgium chocolate with cream, spices, herbs, fruits and teas. Jane, a pastry chef, loves the detail and flavour composition, whilst Sarah, a designer, likes creating pretty packaging to make sure the whole experience, from opening the box to taking the first bite, is one that everyone can enjoy. I was lucky enough to meet with both Sarah and Jane one lovely sunny day in Cape Town and find out more about the people behind this incredible company. What a lovely duo they make and their passion for their product was extremely prevalent. You don’t even have to meet them to know this though, because just looking at their product it’s obvious that this is made by people with a love for what they do.

I think one of the things that struck me the most was the beautiful packaging and the care that is taken to make sure that the presentation is as beautifully looked after as the chocolates themselves. This is the perfect choice for wedding favours as well as gifts for birthdays and other celebrations - even if that means celebrating yourself. Want to know more? Visit You can also find them on Facebook: Saszali Chocolates or on Twitter: @SaszaliChocolat. They also have a very interesting blog section on their website where they post recipes and share stories of their travels and food experiences. By Christine Bernard - Chocolate Taster.

So let’s talk about the chocolate. Ah... the chocolate. I have tasted quite a few of the different combinations and it’s hard to choose a favourite, but at the moment I would say it would be a toss up between the salted caramel, the coffee and the orange. It’s the perfect size and the best thing to have as an after dinner treat (or after breakfast or after lunch if you want!). Jane explains the ‘truffling’ process: ‘The truffles consist of a soft centre called a ganache which is then coated in a layer of chocolate. The ganache is a combination of chocolate and cream or in some cases the cream is replaced by a fruit. The chocolate ganache is then flavoured in different ways - through infusing the cream with herbs (Golden Thyme) or teas (Authentic Rooibos); or adding liquors (Dark Scotch) or spices (Warm Spice). We use fresh cream and butter to make our truffles as well as high quality Belgium chocolate.’ | Issue 16

TASTE | Issue 15

TASTE We asked what your favourite ‘taste’ books were and these are the ones you shared with us: Espresso Extraction: Measurement and Mastery By Scott Rao

Espresso Extraction: Measurement and Mastery is the highly technical follow-up to The Professional Barista's Handbook. Baristi who have mastered Scott's earlier work will enjoy this compact ebook's new material and numerous original ideas. EEMM examines topics such as pressure profiling, portafilter basket design, and advanced use of the coffee refractometer. Scott also discusses the current popular topic of how to produce delicious coffee at extractions as high as 23%, an idea he pioneered in 2010.

God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee By Michaele Weissman

In God in a Cup, journalist and late-blooming adventurer Michaele Weissman treks into an exotic and paradoxical realm of specialty coffee where the successful traveler must be part passionate coffee connoisseur, part ambitious entrepreneur, part activist, and part Indiana Jones. Her guides on the journey are the nation’s most heralded coffee business hotshots—Counter Culture’s Peter Giuliano, Intelligentsia’s Geoff Watts, and Stump-town’s Duane Sorenson.With their obsessive standards and fiercely competitive baristas, these roasters are creating a new culture of coffee connoisseurship in America—a culture in which $10 lattes are both a purist’s pleasure and a way to improve the lives of third-world farmers. If you love a good cup of coffee—or a great adventure story—you’ll love this unprecedented look up close at the people and passions behind today’s best beans.

Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals By Jamie Oliver

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This title helps you make complete meals, from kitchen to table in no time at all. In the bestselling Jamie's 30-Minute Meals, Jamie Oliver will teach you how to make good food super fast! Jamie proves that, by mastering a few tricks and being organized and focused in the kitchen, it is absolutely possible, and easy, to get a complete meal on the table in the same amount of time you'd normally spend making one dish! Reclaim your kitchen...The 50 brand-new meal ideas in this book are exciting, varied and seasonal. They include main course recipes with side dishes as well as puddings and drinks, and are all meals you'll be proud to serve your family and friends. Jamie has written the recipes in a way that will help you make the most of every single minute in the kitchen. This book is as practical as it is beautiful, showing that with a bit of preparation, the right equipment and some organization, hearty, delicious, quick meals are less than half an hour away. With the help of Jamie Oliver and Jamie's 30-Minute Meals, you'll be amazed by what you're able to achieve. | Issue 16


Twigs with Beans One of our favourite coffee spots these days is one we are somewhat reluctant to tell people about as we don’t want it overwhelmed with people, but at the same time we love it so much we want everyone to experience it in all its leafy, coffee glory.

They also have a selection of freshly squeezed juices, carrot and beetroot being one. This juice has a nice earthy flavour with a beta-carotene boost. My favourite is the green juice (pear, apple and mint). It’s a very refreshing combination.

Twigs with Beans is a lovely spot just down the road, literally down the road, we walk there for coffee, a snack or slice of cake whenever we feel like getting out the house. Our favourite things about it are that it’s relaxed, unpretentious and it serves up a really great cup of coffee. Sarah and I paid them a visit for breakfast recently only to discover they have a brand new menu. Options include "The Full Twig" (full house), "The Half Twig" and of course the ever popular eggs benedict. Lunches are toasties and paninis with fillings like bacon, chicken and mayo (an obvious choice for the men) and cheese and tomato, a classic.

Definitely pay them a visit if you are in the Southern Suburbs or find yourself wandering around Harfield Village. They have free wifi for those freelance folk and they also have a nice little garden to relax in when the sun is out. You can find them on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pembroke Street, Harfield Village. Open from 8am - 5pm from Monday - Friday, and 9am - 2.30pm weekends and public holidays. By Saszali Chocolates | Issue 16

TASTE | Issue 16


Just before getting to the restaurant we were insulted by a stressed out driver who almost crashed into us. Despite it being his fault he showed us his finger, hooted and swore. On top of this we were driving around trying to find parking and we had worked ourselves into a flat out panic. Walking into Kyoto Garden Sushi was the change we desperately needed and within minutes we were calm and serene. This place can only be described as an oasis of solitude and I wanted my evening to last forever. This Japanese restaurant is everything most eating establishments should be aspiring to. They are true to their very nature and in so doing provide patrons with an experience instead of just a meal. With each bite comes a different flavour, and despite eating a lot we still walked away feel light and fresh. Everything was wholesome, fresh and bursting with flavour.


paper (by far my favourite). After that we were served a plate called Ecstacy. Prawns, Scallops, Octopus, Mushrooms and Seaweed. Need I say more? Now I’m not a soup fan but I’ve changed my mind after the next two dishes. Bowls of liquid deliciousness. First, The Sea: Prawns, Clams, Octopus, Mussels, Scallops and Seaweed. Then a Miso soup with Scallops Tempura. You’d think we’d be done by now, but wait.. there’s more. After that we indulged in some Norweign Salmon Sushi which we followed with Quail Egg on Salmon Roe. With your hands you dip it in the soy sauce and let the magic happen. And yes, there’s more. We ended with Kingclip and rice, quite possibly the softest and tastiest fish I have ever had.

We started off with the Yellowtail sashi- As you can imagine, we never got round mi, soft and delicious, which we ate to dessert. Which can only mean one with chopsticks the owner had brought thing... we’ll have to go back. straight from Japan. 11 Kloof Nek Road, Tamboerskloof, Next came the Big Eye Tuna followed by 021 422 2001 the Scallops and Prawn wrapped in rice Photos by Warren Bernard | Issue 16

Half price on all sushi, cocktails and dim sum on Monday - Saturday 12am - 7pm and ALL day and night on a Sunday.


Beluga, I love you.

The Foundry | Prestwich Street | Green Point | Cape Town | 021 418 2948/9 | I first discovered Beluga a few years ago when I was living in Durban. It was my first good experience of sushi in the area (apologies to everyone else), and it is the place I attribute to finally showing me how good sushi should be. Since then, I’ve become quite the sushi snob. So, after a very long and stressful week, it was with great excitement that Warren and I headed off to Beluga one lovely Friday evening. There is something so beautifully serene and romantic about this place, and I whispered to Warren, ‘I want to have a home that looks like this one day’. ‘Or we can just move in here’, he suggested. Yeah, I liked that idea. We ordered a bottle of wine and settled in for a few hours of bliss.

Salmon roses (4), seared tuna, salmon and tuna sashimi (6), rainbow rolls (6), California rolls (4) BLUE PLATE - R165 (normal price R485) Salmon roses (4), seared tuna, tuna and salmon sashimi (6), rainbow rolls (6) California rolls (4), tuna and salmon nigiri

I chose the Green Plate and Warren chose the Blue Plate. It’s A LOT of sushi, but don’t worry.. we found place for it. After lots of ooohs and aaahs we polished off our plates and asked for the bill. However, our lovely waiter twisted our rubber arms into getting some dessert. He assured me that we would not regret it and so we dutifully agreed. He was right. Along came White Chocolate Beignets, which we were told were deep fried Lindt balls with vaBeluga, despite being a fine dining restaurant, has nilla bean ice cream and butterscotch sauce. Can one of the best sushi deals in Cape Town as they I just repeat that one... DEEP FRIED LINDT BALLS. Thank you waiter! offer discounted platters every day: YELLOW PLATE - R135 (normal price R310) Excellent night. Great sushi, great value and a Salmon roses (4), California rolls (4) firecracker rolls beautiful setting to enjoy it all. (8), salmon and prawn nigiri(4) By Christine Bernard Photos by Warren Bernard GREEN PLATE - R145 (normal price R317) | Issue 16

Monday - Saturday 50% off between 12am - 6pm Sunday 25% off from 12am-2pm and 50% off from 2pm-6pm.


Sevruga, I love you too.

Shop 4 | Quay 5 | V&A Waterfront| Cape Town | 021 421 5134/7 | Just like Beluga, another restaurant that is part of the Caviar Group is the beautiful Sevruga, situated in the heart of the V&A Waterfront. To me, this is the place you take overseas visitors. It’s one of those places that shows off the very best that Cape Town has to offer. It’s where I like to go when I want to show our city off.

RED PLATE - R155 (normal price R294) Salmon and tuna tempura rolls (8), salmon nigiri (2), Salmon and tuna tempura rolls (8), salmon nigiri (2), salmon roses (4), tuna crunch rolls (8) salmon roses (4), tuna crunch rolls (8)

BLACK PLATE - R145 (normal price R290) Seared tuna roses (4), California rolls (8), Seared I normally sit outside, as I like to watch the people tuna roses (4), California rolls (8), firecracker rolls walking by. However this time we chose to sit in- (8), salmon nigiri (2) firecracker rolls (8), salmon niside for a change and I enjoyed the dim lights and giri (2) romantic feel. We clinked our wine glasses (which I waiter kept generously topping up) and tucked into VEGETARIAN PLATTER - R105 (normal price R216) Bean curd nigiri (2), cucumber roses (6), Bean curd our sushi platters. nigiri (2), cucumber roses (6), vegetable California Just like Beluga, they also offer a range of sushi rolls (8), avo maki (4) vegetable California rolls (8), platters, which is incredible value for money. We avo maki (4) both went for the White Plate: We had such a lovely evening and I have no doubt I’ll be back here soon. Eating sushi, drinking wine WHITE PLATE - R165 (normal price R382) Salmon roses (4), tuna tempura rolls (4), Salmon and marveling at our beautiful city. roses (4), tuna tempura rolls (4), California rolls (6), rainbow rolls (6), California rolls (6), rainbow rolls By Christine Bernard (6), salmon sashimi (2), tuna sashimi (4) salmon Photos by Warren Bernard sashimi (2), tuna sashimi (4) | Issue 16

CREATE | Issue 16


Like Life – Written by two bloggers

I’m so excited to tell you about this awesome project between two fantastic bloggers. If you haven’t been following their story then hopefully this little teaser will do the trick. Meet Cupcake Mummy and Green Lydia. They decided to have a little fun and write a short story together, where each person has a turn to write a chapter. In their words: ‘we’re going to wing it and blog hop it’. Personally I’ve been following the story from the very beginning and was so excited when Flat White Magazine made an appearance into the story. So I present to you chapters 1 - 4. Please visit both their blogs where you can find all the other chapters. www.cupcakemummy. and If you’re anything like me you’ll get lost inside this book and the characters. | Issue 16


Chapter 1 By Cupcake Mummy You know those people who can disappear into a crowd, the ones that you never seem to take note of, you know they’re there but they blend into the crowd? I’m that kind of girl that despite having bright red hair and the somewhat unusual name of Winter, I’ve always been able to avoid being the center of attention, able to avoid people in general really. It’s not that I don’t like people, I do. They’re fascinating to watch and I love to sit and make up stories about them, the wizard who sleeps on the corner of castle and grove, the dragon tamer walking her hoard of dragons, the valiant knight off to accomplish a merger between two kingdoms. I just also happen to find them draining. It always feels as if they’re sucking the energy right out of me, like they’re stealing small parts of my soul and despite being able to avoid them for the most part even just walking to the shop and interacting with them is tiring so I make sure that there is always a little time for myself, just me and my thoughts. You’d think my favourite quiet place would be at home but it’ it’s actually an inconspicuous platform built in a big tree in the gardens, where I can sit and enjoy the light filtering through the leaves while I indulge in my favourite pastimes – drawing or getting lost in a book.

branch that cuts through the platform on one side and draw the giggling twins blowing bubbles and catching them or the dog asleep next to his owner. I’ve been a children’s book illustrator for so long though that they’ve become little princesses running after fairies and a dragon happily curled up under a tree. It’s been great as creative inspiration for my projects and perhaps one day I’ll even write my own book. No one has taken down the ribbons, seashells, feathers and other odds I’ve found laying around the park and hung from the branches. It makes me wonder if anyone else has even noticed the platform. Perhaps they simply never look up or curiosity is just not in their nature. It makes me a little sad but in a way I’m grateful because I’ve still got it all to myself, no need to share or schedule times around it with anyone like divorced parents fighting for custody. I make my way up and sit down, unpacking my sketchbook and paintbrushes, grabbing a pencil and eraser I sit back against the branch and have a look around the park to see who I can turn into a victim of my pencils today. There’s a homeless man laying on one of the park benches and I wonder idly about him until I’m hit in the head with a tennis ball, I pick it up and look around trying to find its owner and see a couple of kids running around looking for it so I let it drop down the side for them to find. They grab it and run off without even looking up. I smile and shake my head, I really miss the carefree days of childhood, I may not have had the best childhood but I still got to play ball and watch sunsets without worrying about how I’m going to pay bills or feed my fish. I look down at my sketchbook and find I’ve been doodling yet another dead tree while being lost in my own head, I’m sure my psychiatrist would have a field day if he knew that every time my mind wanders I end up drawing dead trees. I’m sure there’s some sort of crazy that goes with it. I pull out the paper and crumble it up.

It’s been a bad few weeks for me though, I’ve felt the fogbank of depression rolling in and though it never just appears, its slow arrival is still thick enough for me to feel lost in and if I stay holed up in my apartment it just gets worse. So here I am, heading to my favourite spot, trying to find an iota of happiness, breathing in the brisk morning air. I happened on this tree once by accident and for some reason I’ve never had to “fight” anyone for its space. I hitch my skirt up and sling the backpack I move so I’m sitting in the dappled light and soak over my shoulder; I always carry a sketchbook and up the rays like a sunflower searching for a few rays a few pencils incase the urge to draw strikes me or to warm my aching soul. I’m sitting somewhere bored, I’ll never be caught empty handed on a train again. I like bringing it with me here so I can lean back against the thick | Issue 16


Chapter 2

away from me under the tree with the platform in it. I recon I can make the shot. Maybe if I do I won’t feel like a complete failure. Maybe I have missed out on a career as a basketball player? Maybe the crowds will By Green Lydia go wild. As I fling the Diet Sprite can in the general direction of the bin, I realize I never missed a calling I don’t want to go for a walk today. I don’t care if I as a sports star. The can swirls through the air and need the exercise. I just don’t. Mom was cruel nam- hits a kid smack in the face. Shit. Now the kids crying me after a flower. Iris. Like I enjoy the outdoors? ing and I see the dad is livid with me, but I’m frozen. Never. Not even as a kid. Work is tedious and hob- They are making such a racket everyone in the park bies don’t stick and that guy from the other night now knows the little snot face got a can in the face. never phoned. Screw happy people. Screw them all. I know I need to apologize. Profusely even. I want (not him, I’m never screwing him again) to but it’s like I turned into Helen Keller in the matter of seconds. (except she was brilliantly intelligent “Fine” I shrug as I tie my laces to make my way to and I am notoriously “plain”) I think the kids dad just the stupid park. About two blocks from home I found called me a child abuser. “For God’s sake, it was an an empty Diet Sprite can lying in the gutter. I kicked empty can. Not a brick” Great, the first words I utter it. With every kick I started reciting all the shit that are offensive. This day is going fabulously. has gone wrong in the past 24 hours. I don’t know, kicking it just made me feel…better. Don’t lecture me Over-protective Dad drags his crying kid away but about littering. I will throw it away when I am done forgot about the dog. Maybe it’s not theirs? kicking the crap out of it. Kick – Work sucks. I am a writer with nothing to write. I have been doing nothing but proof reading other peoples shit and haven’t created anything of my own in nearly 6 month. What kind of writer can’t write? Kick – I used expired milk in my instant coffee this morning. It tasted like faintly coffee flavoured yogurt. I chewed it.

Why is he chewing a paint brush?

Chapter 3 By Cupcake Mummy

There is always a certain hum that I associate with the park, but today the hum is “louder” than usual Kick – I got labelled as “plain”. Overheard a conversa- and I peek through the branches trying to see what tion between two talentless switch bitches at work all the fuss is about. From what I can see it seems some girl was trying to kick a can into a nearby bin today. but apparently sports is not her forte as it hit a kid square in the face. I’m glad I’m high up and no one Kick – My dog pissed my duvet again. can hear me laughing but I can’t help it, the look on Kick – I am 27 years old and have never had one day her face is priceless, it’s a look of annoyance, as if the kids face got in the way. I’m laughing so hard I bump of adventure in my sodding life. my paintbrushes and a few roll towards the edge but Kick – I’m out of ladies Speed Stick and to bloody I’m too slow and they end up tumbling between the broke to afford more so I will smell like Spray and branches and landing near a dog who decides to inCook until further notice. It’s the only aerosol I have vestigate. I try shoo the bugger but he picks one up and uses it as a chew toy. Just my fucking luck, those in the house. paintbrushes aren’t the cheap sort. Kick – I’m fat.

I reached the stupid park. Guess I can’t kick around a can with kids around. The dustbin is about 5 meters I guess it’s time to head home even though there’s | Issue 16

CREATE no real motivation for me to head back to an empty apartment but my stomach grumbles, I’ve missed both breakfast and lunch and it’s time to take my medication and feed my fish so I dust the charcoal off my hands and pack up. I struggle to keep my balance on the way down, wearing a skirt was not the smartest idea and I make a mental note to not do it again, though knowing me I probably will, I love wearing my skirts as it means I don’t have to wear shoes or justify why I’m not wearing shoes.

Eventually I run out of coffee so I sigh and get up, I pick a few veggies to and put them in one of the baskets I keep up here then make my way back to the edge of the building and carefully climb back down the fire escape all the while trying not to make too much noise. I don’t feel like talking to ms Johnson this morning and answer all her questions about when am I going to go out and meet a nice man and so on so I’m extra quiet as I move past her open window, the smell of pie in the oven almost has me reconsidering avoiding her though. Almost. I decide to The fridge is bare, unless you count mayo, two day make a mental note to bake a pie for dinner, I got an old take out and moldy bread so I dig around the cup- email with a recipe for a coconut oil crust the other boards and find a packet of soup. It will have to do day that I’ve been meaning to try out and I think that as I am still waiting on payment for a project I com- a trip to the market might be in order. pleted ages ago. Wait, did I finish that project? Shit, I’ll have to make sure about that. That’s the problem I guess I should at least shower so I finally climb back with being me. I wish my body would make the right in through my window and deposit my mug in the chemicals. “They” say that the pharmacy of medica- sink. I undress as I head down the passage, I love livtion I take daily is supposed to help me but it rarely ing alone and being able to walk around my apartfeels like it. Lately I’ve been extra snappy yet lethar- ment naked if I so please. First thing I do once I’ve gic and have had no patience for anyone, not even been out is take my bra off and fling it to the washmyself which is another reason I went to my tree to- room, it’s a bad habit but good stars does it feel good day. Sometimes the fresh air helps or going to the to be without it, men don’t realize just how lucky they gym but it often gets so bad that I have no energy to are. I turn on the hot water and step into the shower even think about those pick me up things. letting the water wash over me and wash away as *** much negativity as it can. I squirt shampoo onto my No matter how bad, dark or upset I am feeling I al- hand and rub it into my hair, giving myself a bit of a ways set my alarm with enough time to wake up and scalp massage at the same time, water spraying into make a mug of coffee before I climb out my window my soapy hair and cascading down my back. I wash and make my way up the fire escape to the roof. My all the soap out and turn off the tap. I get out, wrap a psychiatrist told me I needed a hobby so I started a towl around my hair and myself and then pad down little garden up here. It’s probably not what he meant the passage back to the kitchen. I rinse out my mug when he’d suggested it but it’s the best I can do, most and pour myself another mug of coffee, I suppose it’s people would take up art but considering I do it as a about time I get a few outstanding projects done this living and don’t want to take up math or something morning. I take my cup over to my favourite window as a hobby planting flowers is what I decided on. Plus nook that I had turned into my art corner, setting it having my own garden up here I can grow my own down and getting myself comfortable before I pick up vegetables and herbs which makes the grocery bills my pencil and get to work. a little less.

Chapter 4

I grab a deck chair and a bundle my jacket around me while I wait for the sun to come up. There’s a chill in the air and I cup my hands around my mug a little bit more as I watch the day slowly break over the build- By Green Lydia ings. I sit back, closing my eyes and soak in the rays when they are finally high enough to reach me up After prying the paintbrush from the dogs’ death grip, here. he ran to join Over Protective Dad and the screaming | Issue 16

CREATE kid. Guess it was their dog after all. I wish my dog cared to go to the park. My dog does nothing but nap and slobber. Talking about slobber, the paint brush is soaking wet. Yuk. I flick it dry and run the wooden staff through my fingers. Someone paid good money for this. I wonder where the dog found it.

Delete – “Are you lonely…”

100 emails later I happen to glance down at my watch, 4:30pm. Well at least the day went by quickly. While scratching for a hair-elastic in my handbag I find the paintbrush. I just realise how disgusting it is that I have been carrying around this thing. Better look for Left-over Mac and Cheese for dinner. As uninspired that hand sanitizer somewhere in my bag too. “fuck as my “plain” life. I should be writing tonight. Not it” I say out loud as I give up the search and pin up my editing this idiot writer’s work. Well I guess he is not hair with the now sanitized semi chewed paint brush. THAT much of an idiot. He does have 7 published On the bus ride home I realised I never phoned my novels and I have one. (And a half). Iris the one hit sister for her birthday yesterday. Crap. Well it’s not wonder. As I settle into a sea of blankets I feel some- like we are close or anything. She is just the human thing hard in my pocket. I read through the fort of who happened to grow up between the same four fleece around me and pull out the paintbrush the dog walls as I did. Ill text her when I get home. was using as a chew toy. Maybe it belonged to that red head chick that always sits up there and stares Text : “To Emma: Hey sorry for spacing out yesterday. at people. I’ve seen her there a few times, drawing or reading. Always alone. Nothing on TV but reality Hope you had a fun day. shows so far removed from reality they might as well be labelled as fiction. Yet I watch it anyway. But I’m ~ Iris. “ just gonna rest my eyes for a minute. More left over mac and cheese for dinner. But instead of rotting in front of the telly tonight, I grab my *** note book and force myself to write something. Hell ANYTHING. Even just jumbled words. Before I actuMEEP MEEP MEEP – shit! It’s fucking 9am. I loathe ally start to enjoy Keeping Up With The Kardashians. mornings. Sod it, I had an 8:30 meeting. Woken up by my 9am meeting request. Another stellar move by At first they were just words, they turned into senIris. tences. The sentences started making sense and holy shit. I had just written my first piece of usable work How do you tell your boss you simply overslept when in 6 months. the meeting you missed would have secured another book from another idiot writer? So I lied. He took it I take the paint brush out of my hair and call it a night. easy on me after I used the word menstruation. Guys are so easy. Settled into my desk I start tackling the days emails. 80% Spam. Delete – “congratulation you have been selected…”

To read more:

Delete – “VIAGRA now only…” Flag – “Mc Sushi – Singles Wednesday Wine Special…” | Issue 16


I was so excited when I came across the profile of Ross Symons on Instagram. I was blown away and a little giddy with excitement. He is so talented and I fell in love with his origami project. I really want to see this guy go from strength to strength. I immediately contacted him and asked him to share his story with us:

When I started the project I had been on Instgram for about a year and had around 120 followers. After a few months my following was nearing 1000 and right now it's nearly at 2000. I have also created an origami inspired brand called White On Rice, under which I do custom origami work and teach origami classes.

I am 32, I live and work in Cape Town and when I'm not building websites or playing with electronics, I'm folding paper into shapes. I started folding paper quite a few years ago when my brother asked me to help him fold an origami crane for a varsity project. After that I just never stopped.

I didn't start the project out wanting to gain followers or start a brand but these things happened as a result. I had a passion for origami and I started the 365 day project to prove to myself that I could diligently do one thing every day for a year. I had no game plan, no expectations, just an idea and a desire to do something for myself.

I've always liked the idea of doing something every day for an entire year. So at the beginning of 2014 I decided I was going to fold a different origami figure every day for 1 whole year. At the time of inception I didn't think about the year ahead or even the week ahead. I thought about what I was going to fold next. That's it. If I became overwhelmed with the thought of not being able to finish what I set out to do, I would just go back to what I started with - "What am I going to fold next?"

I've been asked what I will be doing as a follow up to this project and where do I see all of this going, but I don't have those answers. I am having such an amazing time doing what I love, that I don't think about it. Website: Instagram: | Issue 16

CREATE | Issue 16

CREATE We asked what your favourite ‘create’ books were and these are the ones you shared with us: Wall and Piece By Banksy

Banksy, Britain’s now-legendary “guerilla” street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world. Not only did he smuggle his pieces into four of New York City’s major art museums, he’s also “hung” his work at London’s Tate Gallery and adorned Israel’s West Bank barrier with satirical images. Banksy’s identity remains unknown, but his work is unmistakable—with prints selling for as much as $45,000.

Creative Confidence By Tom Kelley

Too often, companies and individuals assume that creativity and innovation are the domain of the “creative types.” But two of the leading experts in innovation, design, and creativity on the planet show us that each and every one of us is creative. In an incredibly entertaining and inspiring narrative that draws on countless stories from their work at IDEO, the Stanford, and with many of the world’s top companies, David and Tom Kelley identify the principles and strategies that will allow us to tap into our creative potential in our work lives, and in our personal lives, and allow us to innovate in terms of how we approach and solve problems. It is a book that will help each of us be All book reviews taken more productive and successful in our lives and in our careers. from | Issue 16 | Issue 16

Meet South African Author, Cat Hellisen


nation and the human capacity for re-creation. It’s perhaps too odd to find a home but I carry on hoping that one day it will find an editor who falls in love with it.

SOUTH AFRICAN WRITERS Because of distance issues and tax laws it can mean US and UK agents are less enthusiastic about taking on foreign writers, but in the end, they’ll take on work they believe they can sell. And these days it’s a lot cheaper for South Africans to query agents as most accept email queries. Even a decade ago a good many agents would only accept postal queries which could end up being quite expensive when you had to include a sample of your writing. It also helps that there is a wealth of free information online that we can now access. Sites like and are two that have been useful for me.

FAVOURITE BOOK It’s a three way tie between Clive Barker’s Imagica, Diana Wynne Jones’ Dogsbody, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night.




It took a few years of writing seriously, learning from books and other writers, and collecting endless rejection letters before I landed my first agent. In the end that book never sold and I found a new agent who sold my debut, When the Sea is Rising Red, and my children’s novel, Beastkeeper. Selling that first book was part relief and part disbelief. It was only when I saw the book in the shops that it began to feel like it had actually happened and wasn’t a waking dream.

I like to think of book-movies being ‘inspired by’ rather than direct copies, and that makes them easier to enjoy. But I love how the Harry Potter movies made visual so much of the magic, and brought it all to life. Any movie that makes you go want to read the book again is a winner, in my opinion.


COFFEE I drink about four cups. I tell myself it’s less than that but I am a professional liar. I could be lying about the four. You’ll never know.

A little book called Muse, about death and imagi- | Issue 16 | Issue 16

CREATE | Issue 16 | Issue 16 | Issue 16


RELAXING INTO BEING The creative process of Living

This is the best life advice I’ve heard lately: You write, and only then you figure out what it was that you wanted to say. Well, life could be just like art. You don’t really know what you are creating until your work of art is finished: you are following a creative impulse; you are fully immersed in a process that is unfolding from somewhere deep inside you, probably beyond your conscious control; and it might be difficult, yet it flows… And the art that results is the perfect creation at that point in time. You know.

And now comes the key part: whatever it is, we always have the choice to not fight it, we can always (try to) allow and include all our senses in the experience, expanding our awareness…We are ‘relaxing’ into living, right there, and then. We are being open to what is showing up: we are allowing ourselves to be whatever we are, in that moment. We are ‘getting out of our own way’ so that life can emerge. As we decide to see life as it is, not as we would like it to be or as the outside world tells us it should be, joy and energy come easily. And the beautiful part is that, in this ease, we know who we need to be or what needs to be done. Every time. And what we ‘see’ as a result of stopping, noticing, allowing and experiencing fully is perfect.

But we don’t live this way every day! We live a lot in our heads, trying to control and preempt, or we feel helpless in the face of our ever-changing emotions and the defenses we put up against the world around us. We react instinctively or as we have always reacted. We are not truly present in our own lives, most of the time. And real satisfaction often evades us, as if life were always ‘else- Just like an artist is intimate with their art, by rewhere’… laxing into being we are practicing deepening our relationship with life. So what I am here to say is that you can create your life at every moment, reaching into all its Macarena Vergara Coaching corners, touching its full depth, capturing all its meanings at once, by simply being fully present and open to it, now, allowing it to fill you com- Macarena is a professional life coach. pletely, indulging in not knowing. Relaxing into She supports you to achieve your goals from a being is essentially about following the principles place of true connection to your self. of creation, every day: Come say or 072 076 6614 There is something alive in us now: an impulse or a thought or an emotion that sparks our interest or is maybe creating discomfort. We stop everything and notice: we look, we feel, we sense its effect on us. We are taking the time to dig roots into the moment. By simply paying attention, we are anchoring ourselves into life. We are also taking a step back from ourselves, taking some distance from all that is happening, whilst being in the midst of it. | Issue 16

Each month we’ll be doing a small interview with some of our Facebook and Twitter people! If you want to get involved in future issues please email


The people of Twitter Name: Megan Danielle Josephs @Megdanijose How much coffee do you drink a day: One. The Mandatory ‘wake-me-up-pick-meup-why-am-I-awake?’. Thereafter I try to stick to Rooibos tea…but come 3pm it’s a Flat White…so maybe my answer should be two? Your favourite word: Yay! Not very adult-like, but I can quite goofy. Who would play you in the movie of your life: Ginnifer Goodwin. She always plays the dowdy friend, but really has the potential to be the shining star. She pulls off a pixie cut with ease. I’d like her to be in my wine club! Three items always in your fridge: Cheese (any kind, I’m not fussy), craft beer (ApolloBrew, CBC, Devil’s Peak - I’m quite fussy) and Peanut Butter Ice-cream from The Creamery. Ideal breakfast: Besides a dose of Twitter humour? In a perfect world, where I don’t workout 5 days a week it would be: French toast (with a croissant) topped with a compote of summer berries and mascarpone cheese. What movie can you watch on repeat: Does the September Issue count? I can watch Anna and Grace for hours. The soundtrack is not bad either. Your favourite book: I love reading. I am currently reading four books, but I always recommend, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Although, at first glance you may think it to be a children’s book, it is a must-read filled with observations about life and human relationships.

Name: Tahlia Hamilton @2muchloveliness How much coffee do you drink a day: Not a drop! Not even caffeinated tea! Your favourite word: Inexplicable! Who would play you in the movie of your life: Isla Fisher Three items always in your fridge: Bottle of MCC, good cheese and garlic Ideal breakfast: Brioche french toast with berry compote and mascapone cream and a giant hot chocolate preferable from Ile de Pain in Knysna! What movie can you watch on repeat: Pitch Perfect (don’t judge...) Your favourite book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts Name: Lisa Fortuin @LipstickLife_ How much coffee do you drink a day: 1 good cuppa to get the engine going! Your favourite word: Serendipity Who would play you in the movie of your life: Leighton Meester, because everyone calls her my celebrity twin Three items always in your fridge: Milk for tea, and then cheese and mushrooms (pizza essentials) Ideal breakfast: Pains au chocolat and a good cappuccino What movie can you watch on repeat: The Fault in Our Stars Your favourite book: The Hunger Games | Issue 16


The people of Facebook Name: Jessica Leigh Naisby How much coffee do you drink a day: Not enough, 4 - 6 cups a day Your favourite word: Sigh I hate to say it but it comes out Frothing Who would play you in the movie of your life: Brittany Snow, I love the characters she plays in movies, she’s hilarious! Three items always in your fridge: Cheese, Ice cream and Periperi Sauce Ideal breakfast: Poached Eggs, grilled tomato, bacon and toast (wth a cup of coffee) and definitely to be served IN bed What movie can you watch on repeat: Frozen and Pitch Perfect! Non negotiable! Your favourite book: I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (Oldies but by far the best) Name: Ikeraam Daniels How much coffee do you drink a day: I drink 2 cups of coffee on a given day. Your favourite word: Eish Who would play you in the movie of your life: Will Smith Three items always in your fridge: Garlic, Ice water and Lemons Ideal breakfast: Omlette with left overs from the previous evening’s dinner in it and brown bread toast. What movie can you watch on repeat: Eye for an Eye starring Sally Fields Your favourite book: To kill a Mockingbird

Name: Cupcake Mummy How much coffee do you drink a day: Too much Your favourite word: Sussuruss - noun - whispering or rustling. Who would play you in the movie of your life: That redhead girl from the American Pie movies Three items always in your fridge: Tomato sauce, Apples and mouldy left overs. The ideal breakfast: Fruit salad What movie can you watch on repeat: Bring it on. The original one. Your favourite book: Rainfall by Melissa Delport | Issue 16


An initiative to provide libraries full of books to children in underprivileged areas. Meet Camille Quinne. After seeing her emotional talk at a recent Pecha Kucha I knew I had to find out more about her project, which is all about creating libraries to children and educating our future generation.

When did the project start? This project started just over a year ago. It did not start as a project, we were just trying to help one school. But as we spoke about the school that we had helped to friends, colleagues, schools, etc... people also wanted to do their bit so we started

distributing little libraries. To date, we have delivered 48 little reading corners. That's: 6000 books in 48 little pre-schools (mostly) reaching over 1600 children.

Why this idea? Many children in underprivileged communities do not get exposed to books before they arrive at primary school. Many of the daycares I visited had less than 10 - 15 books available for 30 children in attendance.Because the few books available were so precious and often very broken, only the | Issue 16

DISCOVER caregiver would hold them to read to the children. In the one school they had 5 books so they read the same story every day of the week: Cinderella on Mondays, Postman Pat on Tuesdays, etc...In those circumstances, how do you convey that a book is fun?

What is a little library?

ers. Originally we thought that it would make it easier for them to read them to themselves and translate for the kids (hence to the children it would be the same difference, the stories would be in their mother tongue). But many caregivers opt to read the lines out loud in English first before translating them because they say that the children in their care learn the English words like sponges....and that's a positive too!

It is a small wooden bookshelf which we paint in bright colours to make it attractive. We did not want to merely distribute books as they would get damaged if we did not supply a container for them. A little library contains around 120 - 140 books. The top shelf is filled with board books that are intended for the children to handle. The books on the bottom shelf are intended for the teacher to read to her pupils. We ask them to make reading time something exciting and interactive. To nurture the love of reading from early stages. We also provide a carpet where the children can sit during story time.

Although I have made a strategic decision about the language, I do pay great respect when it comes to choosing books so that it doesn't go in the face of what those children's lifestyle might be. For example I never buy books with bath time as many do not have bathrooms let alone running water. Or I don't choose books about big birthday parties for example when some kids do not get fed every night. And I never give out the 3 little pigs when the morale is 'if you do a job, do it well, build your house in bricks'. Many children live in shacks....sad reality. For me being sensitive to their context was more important.

English vs Xhosa?

If you want to get involved please contact Camille on the details below and follow their Facebook page. Every little bit counts.

We have received some flak for distributing books in English versus Xhosa. Ideally it would be fabulous to be able to give books to children in their mother tongue. However I had to make a few choices: - is it better to give a full little library with 120 - 140 books in English or only buy 40 books in Xhosa for instance? The Xhosa books are far more expensive and less books means less stories. We also chose books for the caregivers to read that have one lin-

Camille Quine 083 629 5858 607550949295895?sk=timeline | Issue 16


My journey with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa. Part 3 of 3

Winter in Cape Town was something I was not used to. Originally being from Durban myself, I was not accustomed to such rainy, windy and cold conditions. And unfortunately, on several of my scheduled gym days, the weather looked almost apocalyptic. It was at times like these when I really had to dig deep to find the motivation to venture outside and make the trip to the gym. Although, I really had no excuse. The SSISA was less than a kilometre from where I stayed, and a great deal warmer inside than my unheated flat. Also, having amazing facilities such as a swimming pool, running track and a great variety of gym weights and machines indoors, meant that come rain or shine, I really could get the workout that I needed.

Tell others what you are doing – We have all seen those statuses on Facebook from those who are going to or are checking in at the gym. But the reality is that no one wants to look bad in front of others. If you tell your friends publicly that you are going to work out, you will feel more compelled to do so, and more like a failure if you don’t. Try it! It’s all in the mind – You will always find an excuse if you don’t want to do something. And realising this is the best way to avoid it. Always keep your goal and end result in mind and think of how not achieving that will feel. Also, act excited about exercising and express it physically and verbally (even if you don’t totally believe it). Think of the benefits, not the difficulties. Having an opposite, negative mind-set will never achieve anything.

Motivation to exercise is a common thing that many people struggle with. But there are ways to Partner up – Gymming with someone else will improve on this. Here are a few that I found have often provide you with needed motivation when helped me in the past: you are lacking. And once again, you will be less likely to bail if the other person isn’t. This also Summer bodies are made in Winter – This is one brings a social aspect into exercising which cerof my favourite getting in shape quotes. Everyone tainly helps. wants to look good in Summer when the oversized coats and jackets that hide most of our phy- Immerse yourself – Surround yourself with approsique are packed away. But what many don’t real- priate media. Read health and fitness magazines. ise is the time and effort that is needed to get into Watch online videos on exercising and technique. great shape. If you want to look good for Summer Educate yourself properly and putting those and only start at the end of Spring, chances are things into practice will seem less of a chore. you are going to spend more of your time inside the gym than outside at the beach. The SSISA is a leading institute that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Check out Set a goal – This one should be obvious but once their website at for further details again, is something many overlook. If you don’t or find them on Facebook and Twitter for more have an end goal, then you really have no idea info. how or what to work towards. And if you don’t have that motivation, it is even easier to skip days By Warren Bernard at the gym without feeling any guilt whatsoever. | Issue 16

DISCOVER | Issue 16


Part love story, part murder-mystery, part comingof-age story, The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker is a marvellously good read. I enjoyed it thoroughly and stayed up all night to finish it. I then went on to then entertained my mum and my sister with a dramatic re-telling of the story for the better part of a morning during which I’m sure we were supposed to be doing something far more productive.

intimidated by books of this length. I’m weary of commitment. Much happens as the story moves us between locations and time periods. At no point, however, did I ever get tired and just want Dicker to get on with it already and reveal the awful truth of what really happened to Nola Kellergan. The pace of the story is excellent. Dicker has woven a rich and complex tapestry of plots and sub-plots each as intriguing as the next.

The Truth about The Harry Quebert Affair is beautiful, thought-provoking, creepy and exciting. 30 years after the disappearance of 15-year-old Nola Kellergan, human remains are discovered on the property of famed writer Harry Quebert with the manuscript of the book that made him famous. Quebert is arrested and vilified. Marcus Goldman, a young friend, student and protégé of Quebert, struggling with his own inner demons, travels to the eerie town of Somerset, New Hampshire to clear the name of his mentor.

The book has been translated from French. I’ve not read the French version and can only swear in the language of love, but I think it must have been expertly done by Sam Taylor. It is so full of atmosphere, and the way that Dicker writes about solitude and loneliness gives me a heaviness in my chest. The book is at times achingly naïve, and at times twin peaks creepy, and it’s just so effective. I was hooked from the very first line to final fullstop, and then walked around clutching it to my breast for a few (admittedly strange) hours. I will never look at seagulls in the same way. READ IT!!!

Harry, as I’ve come to call it, is a long book – my copy running to just over 615 pages. I’m usually By Lisa Wiebesiek | Issue 16

DISCOVER We interview the lovely Lisa Wiebesiek, who does our book reviews each month: Full Name Lisa Wiebesiek Day Job Researcher/Project Manager/PhD Student How many books do you read in a month, roughly I usually read about four, but rarely less than two. Your favourite book I have spent days thinking about this. I love and hate this question. It’s impossible to answer. I feel like a parent trying to decide which child I love the most. Let me put it like this; If I were to be banished to an Island (preferably one with mountains and lots of shade) and I could only take five books with me (less than five would be extremely unreasonable in any scenario), I would take the following: • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen • The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak • Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee • A collection of the poetry of Charles Bukowski, e e cummings, and Emily Dickinson (Of course, such a collection doesn’t exist, but neither does this scenario.) Ask me the same question on a different day and you’d get a different answer. Books are like that - they’re magical things that find you when you need them.

talk to me, there can be traffic (human and vehicular), announcements, dogs barking, babies crying, and I genuinely won’t hear any of it. Wherever I’m reading is my favourite spot at the time. Your favourite word Just one? Geez, you ask difficult questions! I acknowledge that this is a little weird, but I am very attached to words. I’m passionate about them. They’re one of my favourite things in life. Despite having a decently extensive vocabulary and to my poor Mum’s great disappointment, my favourite word is probably a four-letter expletive beginning with ‘f’ and ending with ‘k’. It’s marvellously versatile, still manages to have a bit of a shock factor, and has been linked to reducing feelings of pain and stress. (This may well be pseudo-science but it’s good enough for me. Don’t tell the other researchers). Honourary mention must also go to the following: • Backpfeifengesicht (German): roughly translates as the sort of face that cries out to have fist in it • Effervescent • Deliquescent • Obfuscate. But, I love them all. All of them!!! If you could compare yourself to a literary character, who would you choose? I would probably compare myself to Abigail Onions in Learning to Swim by Claire Chambers, though I am significantly less musically talented.

Do you have a favourite spot you like to read? Not really. I can read anywhere. I have this awe- What book are you reading now some super power that allows my brain to cut out A Girl is a Half-formed Thing by Eimear McBride all external sounds while I’m reading. People can | Issue 16










DISCOVER Time to win some competitions! All competitions must be entered by 28 September 2014


3 lucky readers can win The Sedgwick’s Old Brown gift pack 1 x Sedgwick’s Old Brown 750ml bottle 2 x Sedgwick’s Old Brown branded tin mugs 1 x Schwepps Lemonade can 1 x Schwepps Ginger Ale can

Email, Subject: Sedgwick’s

SEDGWICK’S OFFERS CONVENIENT AND EASY MIXED DRINK In today’s busy, fast-pace life, spending time making complicated cocktails is best left for a night out at a cocktail bar. So ditch the hassle and try the refreshing, super easy to make and very delicious Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown with either ginger ale or lemonade. This incredibly convenient combination with either soft drink really brings out the nutty and rich taste of Sedgwick’s, the iconic fortified wine first launched in 1916 and made in the classic Spanish Oloroso style. Simply add a tot of Sedgwick’s to 200ml of ginger ale or lemonade and plenty of ice. It’s the perfect sipper for a late afternoon get-together, camping and at a braai. So now there is no excuse to keep your bottle of Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown hidden during the summer months – let it share the warmth all year round with you! Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown is available nationwide and retails for around R28 per 750ml bottle. | Issue 16



Win a corkcicle.

Maintains chilled whites. Cools down reds. Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures—it’s a great dilemma. Too cold and it could mask the vintner’s uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavors may take a back seat to the alcohol. The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle. Email, Subject: Corkcicle |

3 Win a choice of two slabs of chocolate and a jar of chocolate spread from Honest Chocolate Winner must be able to collect from The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Cape Town Email, Subject: Honest Chocolate

4 Win a box of 20 chocolates from Saszali Tweet your favourite flavour to @saszalichocolates and @FW_Concepts to stand a chance to win Or post your favourite flavour onto their Facebook wall: | Issue 16



Win a 1 x Value Red & White Mixed Case from Wine Web – This includes 6 bottles, 3 red and 3 white and includes delivery. Email, Subject: Wine | Issue 16


Do you want to advertise with us? Email Christine on Go on.. all the cool kids are doing it. | Issue 16

Issue 16 September 2014  

Flat White Magazine is our journey through the creative, culinary and beautiful world around us

Issue 16 September 2014  

Flat White Magazine is our journey through the creative, culinary and beautiful world around us