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“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Is it just me or did this year go exceptionally fast? I know what they say, that the older you get the faster time goes. Which is a bit worrying because time is flying for me right now. Or perhaps life just goes quickly when you’re having fun? All I know is that it has been one heck of a year. We moved to Cape Town in a moment of madness (the good kind might I add). We extended our family with quite possibly the cutest two Guinea Pigs ever (I now totally understand why people are always posting pictures of their kids online.. I want to do the same). And Flat White Concepts along with Flat White Magazine and Flat White Photography was born! So really, this year has been the start of my new life, where I finally took charge and did the things that I really wanted to do. Most of all, it was a year that I finally believed in myself enough to make it happen. A year of changes, and a year of chances.

I’d love to hear all about your year. Find me on Facebook, Twitter or pop me an email! What is your Christmas wish? and how was this year a little more special than the others?

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DIY Christmas Stars The Wed Cam The Delish Box


The Sports Science Institute of South Afirca Keep Calm and Do Yoga Why you should turn off the N1 and take notice of Matiesfontein. Book Reviews

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COMPETITIONS Win Win Win! | Issue 8

I have always thought of Ch come round, as a good charitable time; the only t calendar of the year, when m consent to open their shut-up people below them as if they r to the grave, and not another other journeys. ~ | Issue 8

hristmas time, when it has time; a kind, forgiving, time I know of, in the long men and women seem by one hearts freely, and to think of really were fellow passengers r race of creatures bound on ~Charles Dickens | Issue 8


Peter’s House

service is just as warm as the coffee and food and Peter’s House is one of those cafes you can spend a whole morning at without feeling like you have overstayed your welcome. Named after the Beatrix A friend of mine suggested I try Peter's House Potter character, the charm of this cafe will most while in Cape Town, and I am so glad I did because definitely captivate you and have you returning this quaint Kloof Nek cafe was the perfect getatime and again. The cafe has free WIFI so grab yourway from a busy weekend. 14 Kloof Nek Road to self a coffee and a mini Oreo cheesecake, while you be precise, Peter's House is best described by the get some work done. people in charge: You can follow Peter's House on Facebook and "Think Mad Hatter meets Peter Rabbit interior with Twitter for updates on specials and they love hosttasty meals and treats adorning the chalkboard ing events so contact them at www.petershouse. walls. Amazing local artists have contributed their Peter’s granny also makes a delightful and work to the overall happy and colourful atmos- scrumptious range of speciality cakes so get your phere." order in ASAP. The cafe hosts a quiz night every Tuesday so book your team of 4 and you’ll even get Serving up a good cuppa Bean There FairTrade a complimentary bottle of wine for the night. What coffee and a vast selection of teas and smoothies, more could one want from a cafe, great coffee and coupled with their infamous carrot cake and ice- food, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This is Pecream sandwiches, Peter's House is a magical little ter’s House and I confidently recommend you give hideaway. Enjoy a morning in the reading corner, it a try when next driving along Kloof Nek Road in or bring some friends along and be entertained Cape Town. by the games selection, or you can even knit for a good cause. This cafe is true to its definition of be- By Coffey and Cake ing an unpretentious restaurant. *Coffey and Cake is a blog delving into the delicious world of coffee, cafes, sweet treats and the Peter’s House is open from Monday to Saturday, good things in life. LIKE the Facebook page to find for lunch and dinner. The food is made from the your next coffee fix (, serving up light meals, salads, hearty pastas, andcake) or follow the blog www.coffeyandcake. and of course decadent desserts and cakes. The | Issue 8


Rosetta Roastery

"At Rosetta Roastery we're passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them. We source single origin and estate coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, micro-roasting each one to best present its unique personality. Great coffee After hearing all about Rosetta Roastery in Cape is best enjoyed fresh and at leisure, which is why Town I finally got the opportunity to visit them we deliver twice weekly in Cape Town, free of at the Woodstock Exchange building. Rosetta charge." Roastery is pure coffee magic, and a treat for ones senses. The coffee shop is rather small but Together with your sit down or take away cup of behind the counter and through the large glass coffee one can order a treat from their selection windows one can see where all the magic takes of muffins and croissants, and their menu also includes some cold coffee options if hot drinks places... where the roasting happens. With its sophisticated decor, neat interior and are not your first choice. While you wait, watch chic black and white branding, Rosetta Roast- the passion and love that these baristas put into ery has done well to match their superior coffee making your cup of coffee, everything from their reputation with their overall brand. We tried one precision in pulling the shot to their creative milk of each of the blends they were serving that day, art. mine was the Blue Batak, a full bodied, medium roast, while Paul’s was the El Zapote, and had a There is so much more to Rosetta Roastery so go blended fruity flavour like we had never tasted read up about home brewing options, sourcing before. Rosetta roasts a number of single origin single origin coffee, and place an order for their coffee on the website coffees at the moment, which are: Rosetta Roastery can be found at 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock, and is open Monday – Friday. Follow Cafe Rivense: South & Central American, them on Twitter @rosettaroastery. Medium Light Roast Muramba Co op: African, Medium Light Roast

By Coffey and Cake Blue Batak: South East Asian, Medium Light Roast *Coffey and Cake is a blog delving into the delicious world of coffee, cafes, sweet treats and the good things in life. LIKE the Facebook page to find El Zapote: El Salvadore, Light Roast your next coffee fix ( Yirgacheffe: Ethiopian. andcake) or follow the blog www.coffeyandcake. Colombia: Decaf, Medium Roast

Good morning my @$$! Where's my

Coffee ? Friggin Coffee Originally conceived some three years ago, in a fairly limi�ng one-horse town, Friggin Coffee founder and creator, Tom Green, saw the poten�al to deliver essen�al caffeine fixes, to those who require and desire it the most - immediately!

Coffee: The gasoline of life

Officially launched earlier this year (2013), Friggin Coffee is essen�ally a website, aimed at connec�ng coffee connoisseurs. The specially designed pla�orm offers a unique and FREE loca�on service to those who love to drink coffee and those seeking to sell coffee. This bi-lateral, FREE service is adaptable to various sizes of electronic devices such as PCs, tablets or smart phones. Says Tom, “This service is for all those who enjoy coffee, and who are always looking for the 'god' shot. Caffeine aficionados travelling outside of their comfort zones (either away on business or holiday), along with those desperate to discover new coffee haunts, will appreciate the benefits of Friggin Coffee. In fact, many are sure to be surprised to find quaint coffee shops literally on their doorsteps – they never knew previously existed.”

No woman ever shot a man… while he was getting her coffee

While in development, Tom's key focus was to keep the Friggin Coffee site as user-friendly and straigh�orward, as possible - from registra�on to hot, velvety, aroma�c beverage in-hand, all in three simple clicks. “Friggin Coffee offers a search facility which allows customers to refine their quest for cafés or coffee selling establishments, to fit their needs using criteria including: the availability of Wifi, a children’s play area,

professional barista, lactose free or soya milk as well as whether the establishment has disabled access, baby changing facili�es or offers live entertainment,” expounds Tom. The complete addicts, who dri� amongst us, may also enjoy foraging the site, and searching for shops via the exact coffee machine, coffee grinder or the par�cular blend of beans they prefer.

Coffee - a hug in a mug

Knowing full well that a coffee-loving community, is generally a �ght-knit caffeine cluster; Tom's master crea�on offers a social media quick share bar on the main pages, where anyone and everyone can recommend Friggin Coffee to their friends. Users are also able to “Like” individual coffee outlets from within the shop details page which shares specific details regarding that shop with the par�cular user's friends, via their Facebook account.”

I am a survivalist - I can ask for coffee in six languages

Knowing how cri�cal this service offering is Friggin Coffee is currently available in English, Afrikaans and Portuguese, with Zulu and Thai to be made available by December 2013.

All you need is love coffee (Friggin Coffee)

Concludes Tom, “Friggin Coffee is funky, fresh and FREE. It is currently unlike any other site offering coffee and / or restaurant service. I invite all those who are passionate about caffeine to discover, share and appraise coffee - via our singular service offering.”

For please visitvisit the the website: For further furtherinformation, informa�on, please website: Alternatively, Alterna�vely, Tom Tom can can be be contacted at: contacted at:

Tired of instant?! Looking for a PROPER cup of coffee? FRIGGIN COFFEE

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friggin Coffee


Oneiric Wine Estate perches on a ridge in the Elgin Valley. Views stretch down either side across vineyards and orchards to where the Kogelberg mountains rise from close to the shores of the Cape Peninsula. This higher altitude is one of the special ingredients that make Elgin wines so spectacular, the ‘koffieklip’ (coffee stone) soil another. Then there is the enthusiasm and passion that both the winemakers and growers bestow on the grapes and their craft, evident in the wine. The Pascall family embody this sentiment and apply it to their piece of the valley, already blessed with it’s lofty position. Matt and Jen came to Cape Town looking for a change in lifestyle after many years in Johannesburg. They looked to the wine country of the Cape and chose this piece of the Elgin Valley, which spoke to them with it’s potential for the wine and life it could offer - Oneiric comes from the Greek word Oneiros, meaning ‘What dreams are made of’.

ing - travelling internationally to various shows, managing the factory near Johannesburg, and keeping it all under control from a room on the wine estate. Matt works in the copper mining industry and travels frequently between the farm and Zambia - tall, blue-eyed and as charming as his wife, he apparently once unknowingly proposed in (very bad) French to a lovely waitress - believing he was stating his preference for salmon, he delivered ‘I love you like a salmon, are you on the menu?’ which we’re told she took very well, considering. They’ve built a winery and tasting room to complement their wine offering and all three children have been blessed by inheriting their tall genes and creative energy.

Their elder daughter, Shan, given the opportunity eighteen months ago to get Oneiric out of the barrel barn and into the market, jumped in with both feet, if it involves Oneiric, it involves Shan - she is behind the licensing, operations, wine sales and marketing. Father and daughter developed the Jen Pascall is world-renowned for her button-mak- wine estate’s Copper-inspired metallic branding | Issue 8

TASTE and range of labels; playing on Matt’s involvement in copper mining. Each varietal plays on a different copper derivative - Chalcopyrite, Malachite, Azurite etc, making the labels not only different and striking, but adding a bit of the Pascall story to every bottle.

storm clouds, the valley brightened, streaks of light playing across the vineyards and orchards below, aromas wafting from the tables of the cooking tent and BBQ set between the Barrel Room and vineyards. Food prep was well underway as were the finishing touches to the canapĂŠ of Pulled Pork with a Whiskey Glaze, in a soft white mini-roll. My only negative comment on this course with juicy savoury flavours underpinned by a subtle sweetness is that I (stupidly) only had one, I woke up the next morning still fixated with my lack of good judgement at not going in for another!

The emphasis on Oneiric Wines is to reflect their terroir and maintain the overall balance to make them great food wines. Vineyard aspects are chosen to best-suit the varietals - cooler slopes are planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, warmer slopes with Reds, resulting in dark fruit and spice styles not typical for such a higher alti- The 30 guests seated themselves at the long-table in the barrel room, views stretching out the tall tude climate. doors, voice rising with anticipation and a convivial Shan had the vision for a series of pop-up restau- atmosphere. Places were set with a square blackrant events at the winery, and when she ran into slate platter, large single roses, proliferate in the award-winning chef and owner of Overture restau- valley in pungent mauves, pinks, whites were set rant, Bertus Basson, they discovered a shared pas- in a low glass lining the full length. This course was sion for bringing the wine and food experience to served on wooden platters that were old wine barthe estate. On a sultry Sunday afternoon in Novem- rels pulled apart and cut to size, the wine stain a ber, they proved what a fantastic partnering it was! visible layer steeped into the wood. Grilled asparagus, parmesan shavings, the bite of vivid green NaA glass of Oneiric Sauvignon Blanc 2010 was deliv- sturtium paste, tiny savoury fried capers - flavours ered into the eager hands of guests as they arrived, combining and complementing the soft acidity of but only after having escaped the thorough sniff- the Oneiric Sauvignon Blanc, light tropical fruit down greeting from Bailey, the resident Golden notes on the nose following through on the palate. Labrador. As the sun poked out from behind fading | Issue 8

TASTE Platters of locally-sourced Barbel (Catfish) in a Buttermilk coating were also set down, creamy polenta and sweet corn, a grilled bread that even carb-free followers couldn't withstand. A dobble (more than a dab, less than a blob) of polenta, some corn and a bite of Catfish, smooth creamy flavours with the crunch of the Buttermilk coating through it. The accompanying Oneiric Chardonnay 2010 couldn’t have been better matched at complementing this dish - lightly wooded yet still fresh on the palate. When the table had been re-set with white crockery, the wooden wine barrel platters re-appeared, piled high with strips of succulent glistening sirloin, root vegetables blanched then grilled, on a bed of barley and smokey hammock. The meat rub containing salt and sugar crystals ground down with pepper and cloves came through on the skin. The 2009 Oneiric Shiraz was my choice to accompany the meat, the Cabernet Sauvignon also on offer, but its lighter style of soft tannins not best suited to the meat, while the juicy red fruit and tannin of the Shiraz spoke to the wintery smokey flavours of the dish. Next was dessert, with Apple sorbet the hero cold, firm, just all-apple goodness fresh and summery on the palate. Again, the accompanying Sauvignon Blanc 2010 was the perfect foil with it’s apple notes complementing the sorbet. The raisin puree, vanilla and crumble a mere distraction really. We finished with the Cousin Jack 2010 - a play on the mining heritage of Cornwall - the Oneiric red blend, enjoyed with the Ash Camembert and fig jam on the lightest crispiest of ciabatta crostini and then we were done, in every way.

Visit Follow @OneiricWines for up-to-date happenings and upcoming events See for all things relating to the estate Email: or telephone: 071 481 9560 with any questions If you would like to find out about Bertus Basson’s next pop-up restaurant, please email him at info@ and follow @bassonbertus for tweets by the great chef himself. By Cathy Grimes Cathy is a Digital Marketing specialist focusing on social media coaching and strategy for the wine and travel industries - helping businesses grow through using social media and a strong web presence. She is WSET certified - the Wine and Spirit Education Trust is recognised as the global leader in wine education. She is also a registered tour guide for the Western Cape and loves showing guests around the Winelands of the Cape, sharing her local and global wine knowledge while evangelising wine tourism destinations (and yes, she sometimes likes using big words!). Email her at with any social media or wine tour questions. Follow @nomadicwine for tweets on social media tips, wine country experiences and pictures of sunsets, lots of sunsets...

Oneiric Wines is new, inviting and exciting. The family welcome you to visit, taste their highly-regarded wines and their scenic setting in the Elgin Valley. The wine-tasting room seconds as a giftshop, showcasing some of the ceramics that Jen makes - buttons, hair clips earrings (even the clipon kind!), cuff-links, small decorative tiles etc and also displays their son Blaze’s beautiful photography of the farm. | Issue 8


Gamon with Plum Sauce

While this is happily cooking away, you can get sorted on your sauce. Halve and stone 5 plums (I work on 2 halves per person). Pour the water into a pot, and place the plums in, cut side up (this is quite important - the skins give the sauce the lovely colour, and they just go mushy if you put them in cut side down. I learned this the hard way) and add 1 tablespoon of the redcurrent jelly. Simmer until plums are tender. Remove the plums and set aside on a plate until ready to serve. Stone and chop the remaining plums into rough bits. Add to poaching liquid and boil until soft, and “mushable” with a fork. Blend until a smooth puree (can also sieve if you like, bit I liked the thickness not-sieving gave me). Add another tablespoon of jelly if it’s too sour (all depends on the ripeness of your plums). When your gammon is cooked, remove most of the fat layer, and make diamond patterns in the remaining layer of fat. Spoon over the remaining tablespoon of jelly, and place under grill for a few minutes until crispy and brown and delicious.

Ingredients: • 2kg smoked, uncooked gammon (serves 5 hungry people) • 1kg plums • 3tbsp redcurrant jelly (can also use cranberry, if you have lying around) • 3 cups water

When ready to serve, cut into slices, arrange plum halves on the plate and drizzle over sauce. Serve remaining sauce in a bowl, for guests to drizzle over. I found this made quite a bit of sauce - it freezes well, and can be used on ice-cream, in meringues etc at a later date.

By The Gorgeous Gourmet Place gammon in a large pot, and fill with enough Twitter: @GorgeousBlog water to cover it. Bring to the boil, and cook for 30 minutes per 500g of meat - in this case, 2 hours. Method: | Issue 8


I believe it is safe to say that summer is now here. There are a number of contraptions that are used for cold brew coffee. One of the most impressive is I hope. the oji cold brew system. With that in mind, it is time to sit back and grab a Cold brew coffee is big in Japan, and the oji cold cold one - a coffee that is. brew system hails from there. These are not easy Cold brew coffee refers to a brewing process by to come by in South Africa. If you want one, you which coffee grounds are steeped in cold water, or will probably need to raid a chemistry lab for the water that is room temperature, for an extended parts or construct it yourself. period of time. On a side note, Postcard Cafe at Stark-Condè Wines Cold brew coffee is distinctively different from ice Jonkershoek has an impressive oji brew system, coffee. Ice coffee is usually made by pouring es- which was constructed by the chemistry departpresso, or coffee that is brewed hot in another way, ment at Stellenbosch University. If you are looking over ice cubes. Ice coffee can be served over the for a day trip this December I highly recommend a ice, or it can be blended with milk, ice cream, and drive out to Postcard Cafe, and to the best of my knowledge they are one of the only, if not the only at times with condensed milk. cafe in South Africa to serve cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee results in a very different flavour, which is naturally sweeter due its lower acidity. Anyway, the way the oji works is by packing the Brewing coffee in cold water results in a very differ- middle cylinder with coarsely ground coffee. You ent chemical profile from other brewing methods then fill the top thingy with cold water, open the using hot water. Cold brew coffee, in my experi- little tap, and the cold water drips through the ence, brings out more flavours in the coffee. This is grounds into the bottom flask, with the final result particularly true for the more 'fruity' coffees. One being achieved after about 12 hours. such experience was Etheopian Yirgacheffe, with a resultant drinking experience that could be com- One of the most important things to note is that cold brew coffee takes many many hours to make. pared to drinking an ice-cold lemon ice tea. If you do not have an oji system, there is another By now I am hoping you are convinced, hoping that way, and it is such: I will now tell you how to make this nectar. | Issue 8

TASTE Ingredients: 500g of coarsely ground coffee 8 cups of cold water It is a good idea to brew in large quantities due to the extended brewing time, and it does keep for a few days.

Instructions: Coarsely grind the coffee and place it in a large sealable container, or jug. Pour the cold water over the grounds, seal the container, and refrigerate for 12 - 14 hours. 12 - 14 hours later, filter the coffee through a cloth or filter paper. The end product is a fairly high-octane bio fuel so you can serve it by diluting it with some water, pouring it over ice, or blend with milk. As easy as that. Cold brew coffee is a stellar idea for those long, lazy summer meals, and makes for the perfect after dinner drink. Go ahead, you know you want to, and wow your guests at Christmas lunch. By Carl Anthony Badenhorst

My name is Carl Anthony Badenhorst and I am a freelance writer specialising in topics pertaining to coffee, culture, creative industries, education, learning, and anything I find interesting. You can read some of my work at Email me at to discuss your writing needs.

EasyEating TASTE Experience Four months ago, Lisa Huang, founder of Food And Chatter, and Zama Memela, Creative Director of EasyEating, met over a cup of coffee at WDC2014 Open Design inside the City Hall. What was supposed to be a brief catch up session between friends spiralled into a conversation about food creativity and thus the EasyEating Taste Experience was born.


Seated at long-tables to enjoy a 10-course lunch, surrounded by arts, photography, pottery, living plants and coffee exhibitions, the EasyEating TASTE Experience was held on the 23rd November 2013 at Joule City. The event was a huge success, as you can see by the mouth watering photos below: | Issue 8 | Issue 8


The best wine gift this Christmas...

This is by far my favourite time of year. Everyone is rushing to get the last projects completed at work before going on leave, the shops are filled with jovial shoppers and it’s the one time each year where everyone seems to be on the same page – “It’s Christmas time!”

work colleagues who make the daily grind that much easier.

The only tough part about selecting a gift is sometimes what to actually choose. With wine it’s either easy or hard … either you know what the recipient enjoys sipping, or you get stuck in a loop of too Part of enjoying the gatherings over the Christmas many choices without any starting point. period is choosing something special to give to the ones we love, whether they be friends, family or Enter the Platter’s Wine Guide! | Issue 8

TASTE This is my directory to everything wine. From selecting a ‘3-and-a-half-star’ Sauvignon Blanc for Saturday’s pool party with friends who are happy with “any white wine, as long as it’s not wooded”, to getting an idea of the quality of a specific red a friend mentioned he was looking for last weekend. The Platter’s Wine Guide includes so much resourceful information about the wines we sip every day that you could almost relate to it as The Wine Bible …

WineWeb ( at a festive price of Only R159.00 each. Go on … spoil yourself, or your Dad, with one of the NEW 2014 Platter’s Wine Guides and we’ll deliver it to your home in time for Christmas*.

And with that, I bid you all a festive Farewell from the 2013 side of the wine industry. It’s a great time of year to pop a few bottles of your favourite wines while everyone is around to enjoy them with you, As a gift for any wine lover though, the Platter’s so indulge … responsibly! Wine Guide is perfect. Whether your friend is a novice weekend sipper, owns a cellar including *For deliveries before Christmas orders please stock valued at more than the house itself, or just need to be placed on or before Tuesday, 10 Decemenjoys wine and you know would appreciate some- ber 2013. thing which will add value to his/her wine experience as a whole, this little book is the answer to By Richard Cranna many questions. Wine ratings (including brandy from this 2014 edition), accommodation, winery info and lots more … a gift of many purposes! It’s the all-in-one wine gift, and is available from | Issue 8



Christmas Stars What you will need: • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda • ½ cup cornflour • ¾ cup water • Saucepan • Bowl • Spoon • Cling wrap • Rolling pin • Cookie cutters (star shape, or any other shape you fancy) • Chopping board and baking paper (optional) • Toothpicks (optional) Recipe adapted from

CREATE Method: 1. Mix all three ingredients in the saucepan over a medium heat. Stir constantly until the mixture is too thick to stir with a spoon. 2. Cool for a few minutes, until the dough is cool enough to touch.

7. Leave the shapes to dry at room temperature. Depending on the thickness of the dough, this will take 1-2 days.

Ideas for your dough shapes:

• Use stamps or embossers to make impressions in 3. Transfer the dough to a bowl, and knead for 5 the dough, these can then be used as gift tags. minutes until smooth. • Alternatively, you can paint the shapes or write names of them once the dough is dry. 4. Roll out the dough on a smooth surface (I used a • String the shapes together on some twine to chopping board covered in baking paper). make a pretty garland to hang over your door, or on the Christmas tree. 5. Use the cookie cutters to press out the desired shapes. Use a toothpick to make small holes for By Danielle Smith threading string if necessary. 6. Keep dough wrapped in plastic when you're not working with it. | Issue 8

Introducing, The WED Cam


Engaged Durban couple, Don and Melissa have find out more and compliment us on such a fantaslaunched what industry experts say is one of the tic idea’ Don added. most exciting concepts they have come across. The Wed Cam broadcasts your wedding ceremony The Wed Cam is a wedding service offering brides live through their website. The page is password the fantastic opportunity to broadcast their wed- protected and only family and friends invited to the ding live online, to friends and family across the online viewing are given the password. The couple world. The concept came one night while Don and get a personalized broadcast page that ties into Melissa where busy planning their wedding and re- their wedding theme. alized that the industry lacked this sort of service. With almost every engaged couple having family all ‘We want people watching to feel like they are acover the world, there had to be some way of shar- tually there’ said Melissa ing this special day with loved ones…The Wed Cam Video streaming means that, no matter where they was born. are in the world, guests can view your wedding over the Internet as it proceeds. ‘Months of planning and preparation went into this project, but we are ecstatic with the response so ​This is complete with audio and visual, so that they do not miss out on a single moment. far’ said Don Wedding industry regulars are blown away by the Get 10% off your booking fee with The Wed Cam. idea and have been nothing but supportive and All interested brides to email don@thewedcam. with the subject linke ‘Flat White’. Exclusive welcoming of this new service. to Flat White readers. ‘The first day we launched, I had wedding providers calling me to find out more and congratulate us on, such a fantastic opportunity for brides and grooms, we have even had people in the UK contacting us to | Issue 8 | Issue 8

The Delish Box It was luck that had me stumble across ladies talking about The Delish Box and I decided to find out what it was all about. The Delish Box was founded by the lovely Lauren, who runs a blog called Lipglossed Ninja (a name which automatically made me like her). On this blog she started this awesome project to get ladies to send gifts to each other to the value of R200 (or R100 for the Mini Delish Box). Once you tell her you are interested she will pair you up with someone within South Africa and you will be asked to fill out a questionanaire about yourself (your likes, dislikes, etc). When you know who you are paired with you get the chance to see their answers to the same questions, as well as


given their twitter handle so that you can do a little bit of cyber stalking. You then shop for that person based on what you have learnt about them. It’s such a fun way of not only getting to know someone new, but also sending out some fun gifts based on the image they have portrayed online. What’s even better is getting a box back yourself, and seeing how well that person figured you out. I decided to take part in the Mini Delish Box this month and I was paired with a lady named Laura. After looking through her answers, and finding out we actually had a lot in common, I eagerly went out and did some shopping for her. I had a lot of fun with it and I couldn’t wait to post it off. I just recently got a message from her saying that my box is on its way.. *hops downstairs to check mailbox* If you want to get involved then visit http://www. | Issue 8 | Issue 8


THE SPORTS SCIENCE INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA “Never throw in the towel. Use it to wipe off the sweat. Then keep on going”

I was lucky enough to spend the day at The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) today. This amazing gym has been kind enough to offer our readers a free month in our competitions page each month, and today I decided to pop in and see what this gym is really all about. I’ve been to many gyms in my life, but I’ve never really found one that suited me. So although I was looking forward to going today I was certainly not excited about it. In fact, I went there with a bit of trepidation, because trying out a new gym can sometimes be a bit daunting.

habits you won’t want to shake. The gym is open 7 days a week, and boasts a 25m swimming pool and 140m indoor running track. Not only that, but with glass windows all around, you can work out and enjoy a view of Cape Town’s beautiful mountains.

I have now signed up for the month. I also went for a full assessment where one of the instructors (eye candy for the girls) measured my height, weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol, blood pressure, flexibility and fitness. From there he drew up an exercise plan for me and pointed out what I needI can honestly say that after a two hour session I ed to work on. It was an interesting experience and am completely hooked on this gym. It’s hard to it’s much better going to the gym with a purpose pinpoint exactly what it is but I walked out and said rather than working out blindly. to my cousin (and gym partner for the day), ‘I felt good in that gym’. Everyone was very friendly but You know me, I love my coffee, food and wine far at the same time they also left you to do your own too much not to exercise. Life is all about finding a thing and I never felt like I didn’t belong, which can balance, and I think I found the place to do so! so often be the case with certain gyms. No dirty looks from other members either. In fact, everyone Come on, join me and let’s get fit for summer. just concentrated on themselves and left you to do the same. I liked that. Details: There is something for everyone - from regular fitness enthusiasts to pro athletes. Their website 021 - 659 5600 says it best: SSISA is no “regular” Cape Town gym! - In fact whether you are a national sporting hero, Or pop in and have a look for yourself: a weekend warrior or a couch potato – our gym is a Boundary Road, Newlands. community of members with many different goalsbut all keen to support you as you develop healthy By Christine Bernard | Issue 8 | Issue 8




DO YOGA For the past few years I have been running. From a very unfit and chubby child it was great to finally feel the joy that exercise can bring. I did the Two Oceans for the first time this year, and I’m not sure if it was the hills, or the fact that I hadn’t trained enough but afterwards I suffered from pains in my knee. So much so that I couldn’t run for a few months. I tried everything from resting to icing but nothing seemed to help. I was tired of doing nothing so when I found out that there was a yoga class nearby I immediately decided to give them a go.

Not only do I now have a very strong love for yoga but my knee is completely heeled and I am running again. In fact, since joining yoga my knee was fixed within the first month. This is honestly the power of yoga. Yo Yoga offers only hot yoga, where the room is heated. It’s quite overwhelming at first, and it takes getting used to but the feeling at the end of the class, when your body starts to cool down, is close to godly.

The place was Yo Yoga.

I love absolutely everything about this place, from the beautiful serene surroundings to the passionThat was over four months ago and I am hooked. ate and friendly instructors. | Issue 8

DISCOVER yo yoga offers bikram and vinyasa flow yoga. Taken from their website here is an explanation on the different types: BIKRAM Bikram is the original hot yoga! It was designed by colourful yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury. Essentially an unchanging sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a 90-minute class, bikram is traditionally practiced in a room heated to up to 40°c and was designed as a rejuvenating exercise to strengthen the entire body from head to toe. The organs, glands and nerves are stimulated and the heat allows for the release of toxins through sweating. The muscles, ligaments and joints are able to stretch much deeper than normal, without the risk of injury. YO BIKRAM Yo bikram is the shorter 60-minute version of the class and the most popular class. It is essentially the same as the bikram class, but some of the postures aren’t repeated and the transitions are slightly quicker. Yo bikram is perfect for beginners or those who are more time-pressed. FLOW Flow yoga is dynamic and playful, practiced in 35°c and is constantly evolving and developing. The flow practice is primarily identified by breath-synchronized movement. Flow yoga is also practiced in a hot room! Strongly influenced by ashtanga and vinyasa yoga, the practice of flow yoga has become one of the most popular practices in the west and is an intense, full body workout. Each flow class will be slightly different to the next, depending on who is instructing, what music is played and what the instructor offers on the day! Visit to find out more By Christine Bernard


Why you should turn off the N1 and take notice of Matiesfontein. I was married in the tiny Chapel at Matjiesfontein, and even though that was a significant moment in my personal history, this place has a history that began many years prior to that special day. At a time when railways lines were reaching from Cape Town to Kimberly and Cecil John Rhodes’ vision of a ‘road to the North’, from Cape to Cairo, was very much alive. He was chasing a dream. As was the young Scottish immigrant James Logan, who in 1884 bought a piece of land referred to as ‘Matjiesfontein’.

In these early railway days, there were no dining cars to service the passenger’s need for coffee and sustenance on their long journey through the Karoo. Instead The Cape Government Railways awarded catering contracts to halts along the way. Logan had received a contract for Touws River and he saw Matjiesfontein, with its plentiful supply of fresh water, as the next opportunity. He established an oasis for the commuter. Trees were planted, a garden established, Tweeside Lodge and the Hotel built. Matjies soon catapulted from its rural serenity to a top tourist resort of the time. Here for the first time in the remote Karoo, Logan would cater for the needs of rail travellers as well as supply fodder for their horses.

The Lord Milner Hotel with its 'brookie lace' ironwork and three turrets, which were used as lookout posts by the English during the Anglo Boer War.

The Railway line to Cape Town, both the Blue Train and Rovos Rail stop here on their route between Cape Town and Pretoria.

Now fondly referred to as the The Grand Duchess of the Karoo, the Lord Milner Hotel received significant upgrades when hotelier David Rawdon purchased the Matjiesfontein Village in 1970 and the entire village proclaimed a National Heritage A view from the turret towards the village, accommo- site in 1975. dation and Karoo landscape. | Issue 8

DISCOVER A coffee shop offers light meals and drinks are offered in the Laird’s Arms Pub. Resident entertainer John will even play the honkey-tonk piano Victorian Music Hall style.

At a glance Matjiesfontein may appear a dusty railway station, but it stands testament to a rich history, exudes warm charm and offers a myriad of things to see and explore. Among them a climb to Katy’s Card Room and the three turrets of the Hotel, exploring Tweedside Lodge and lingering in the haunted formal lounges after dark. The Transport Museum with its private collection of vintage cars will impress, and a tour of the town in the London Bus will take no more than ten minutes. There’s also the Mary Rawdon Museum under the station where I discover something new with each visit. Among the items an eclectic collection of Victoriana, penny-farthing bicycles, war memorabilia and the terrifying dentist’s chair. Entrance to the Museum is R5.

For a further escape into Matjiesfontein I recommended a hike to the tree where Olive Schreiner wrote her novel The Story of An African Farm, published in 1883. A contemplative moment in the tiny Chapel where I was wed and a swim in the crystal clear pool that is always freezing. Also a look at the stars!

Follow the simple guidelines.

Yet mostly I recommend walks in the surrounding veldt where some 10 000 troops were camped around the Village during the Anglo-Boer war. There are still remnants such as rusty bully beef and paraffin tins, uniform buttons and buckles to be found around the koppie. While in search of these I find myself escaping to a place where I can almost hear their banter.

Like love locks on European bridges, here the promise of love is carved into cacti in the garden.

Seek out the beauty. Those who say there is no life in the desert, haven’t opened up their eyes.

Walking the Karoo. | Issue 8

DISCOVER Growing up in the Free State and holidaying in the Cape, I had driven past the turn to Matjiesfontein many times before a breakdown had me spend three nights here. Forced to stop and listen to the sounds of the Karoo, with nowhere else to go, I absorbed myself into this curious place and with each new discovery let it creep further into my heart.

By Dawn Jorgensen Feelance travel writer, beauty seeker and earth advocate. Find her at The Incidental Tourist (www. or follow her on Twitter @dawnjorgensen.

Now I want to shout it from city rooftops, send telepathic messages to weary drivers, stand on the N1 halting traffic. Come and meet this place of South Africa and learn why Matjiesfontein is well worth a turn off the N1. Official Matjiesfontein site – | Issue 8


Nestled amongst the oaks, this charming heritage house that was once a pottery, is now a small personalized bed and breakfast. Greyton is well known for its idyllic calm and our lodgings offer easy access to the gentle pace of this historic town. Also Ideal for hikers and mountain bikers with the choice of both rooms and self catering cottages. So spend a few days with us and enjoy all that the Overberg has to offer! 16 Main Road, Greyton, 7233 076 441 5753 | Issue 3


The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown characters, and not in the way that it is written. If it had been flashy the reader would not be able to I was chatting with my sister the other day (as sink into it like a warm bath. one does). She was sitting on the other side of the world wearing a fluffy jersey like a hug. I was sit- The Weird Sisters is, unsurprisingly, a story about ting, sweating with the effort of not moving in the sisters, Rosalind (Rose), Bianca (Bean) and Cordelia heavy humidity of Durban. My sister and I are not (Cordy). The obvious reference in the names of the very alike in many ways. She, the elder, is wiser, characters is to Shakespeare. It is the one of the more logical, more adventurous. And she can do obvious, but certainly not the only reference to the maths in her head! I, the younger, am silly and per- works of the Bard. The title of the book itself is a plexed, and like to sit on my couch with my dogs reference to the three witches in Macbeth - and dreaming up ridiculous stories that I will never there is a strange kind of energy surrounding the write down. One very, very important thing that sisters when they are together. The sisters were we have in common, however, is our love of read- named by their father, an esteemed Shakespeare ing. Sometimes our differing tastes in fiction con- scholar and university professor. Since childhood verge and we find books that we both love. This each of the girls has been deliciously different, ofmonth, I have decided to review the book that I ten subtly similar to aspects of the characters for recommended to her during that conversation. It whom they are named. When their mother is diis not a new book, but it is one that will, I think, agnosed with cancer and the best of a bad set of stand the test of time. The Weird Sisters by Eleanor options available to each them is to return, Rose, Brown is not flashy – not in the storyline, not in the the stoic, responsible eldest sister; Bean the vivaDear Bibliophiles | Issue 8

DISCOVER cious, determined middle sister; and Cordy the stubborn, whimsical younger sister, all find themselves together once more in the house in which they grew up, in a small (fictional) university town. Through the very different life paths of each character, through their weaknesses and the discovery of their strengths, Brown explores how forgivably flawed we all are. Through the sisters’ relationships with each other, with their parents, and with the men in their lives, Brown engages with the lies we all tell ourselves and choose to believe; and the truth of the strength in the bonds of family. There is a form of redemption for each of the sisters, but for me, this does not detract from the sometimes raw honesty of the book. The reader cringes as they are forced to experience with each of the sisters the unrelenting need for complete honesty with themselves. A particular joy of the book is that the sisters are all readers, and I derived the same pleasure from reading about people who

love books as much as I do, as I do from speaking to people who love books. One of my favourite lines from the book is “Instead, we’d do what we always did, the only thing we’d ever been dependably stellar at: we’d read.” The Weird Sisters is a solid book – well written and satisfying with some deeply lovely turns of phrase that I would love to wear on my skin. It is one of those books that I have read over and over again, and I will read it over and over again. I know that I go on a bit about the re-read factor of a book, but Oscar Wilde said (apparently) that “[i]f one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” And if the estimable Mr Wilde said it, then it must be true. By Lisa Wiebesiek-Pienaar | Issue 8

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