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Introducing a totally new concept in business collaboration

growth & development • aspiration & innovation

What is Business Biscotti Gold? Business Biscotti Gold is a club-based collaboration platform

Sector business type is not a limiting factor This is a flat organisation

All clubs are run by Business Biscotti Gold members, for members

Members come from industry, finance, academia, professions, local government, charity

The emphasis is on ambitious individuals in business rather than companies or organisations

Business Biscotti Gold Club members are inspiring, innovative leaders & entrepreneurs

Business Biscotti Gold is about growth & development, aspiration & innovation We bring people together in clubs to foster collaboration, communication and discovery Gold Clubs provide a neutral environment for all business people to thrive It is Unique... Why?

Business Biscotti Gold Clubs are open to all Business Biscotti Gold members whatever the position, size or type of organisation

In a nutshell‌ with Business Biscotti Gold, you, the members, set the agenda.

Members are business people from all walks of life The emphasis is on you as an individual

Anyone can join - provided they have ambition and/or an entrepreneurial spirit

Gold Clubs provide opportunities for people in business to meet to share ideas, discuss industry trends, challenge one another, suggest new ways of working & showcase projects

We provide a corporate support function, the architecture and framework to help clubs prosper & grow

What are we doing? We are actively... Establishing a nationwide network of Gold Clubs

Building an umbrella organisation to support the growth of Gold Clubs Creating a framework and architecture for business people to forge partnerships/relationships Building a collaborative platform for idea sharing and cross engagement Developing relationships with industry experts for the benefit of members Building a directory of experts, speakers, mentors and community of members

It is really simple... We provide you with the architecture, framework and support for you to set up, run and develop your Gold Clubs. Individuals setting up their own clubs would find it difficult to do this without the Business Biscotti Gold infrastructure.

Benefits to members Gold Clubs provide a platform for people to come together who share a common focus, drive and ambition.

Business Biscotti Gold •

A forum where members can learn, receive support & offer help to one another and represent people from a wide spectrum of business life.

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Opens the door to new collaborative partnerships in a neutral environment Provides online access to industry Experts 121 access to Experts forum a dedicated helpline for HR issues A growing archive of think-pieces, blogs, and download Access to a Speakers & Mentors directory for your Gold Clubs

As the network of Gold Clubs grow across the UK, there will be opportunities for greater cross engagement & cross connection between the Gold Clubs.

If you would like to become a Pioneer in your area and set up your own Gold Club and drive your own agenda please contact us for further details: 0118 947 5857

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What is Business Biscotti Gold?  

An introduction to Business Biscotti Gold. A totally new concept in business collaboration