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The Last Day of the Miracle When Dr. Rachel Bell turned, she saw the man who had pushed her. She knew she would fall, and she knew why. The certainty was oddly comforting. The compound that she’d been testing on herself, ground and mixed into a tincture, caused “auditory and visual hallucinations.” It said so in her notebooks—not that anyone would be able to read them if she died. She’d had to write them in code to keep people from stealing them. “Possible paranoia” was written in those notebooks, too. She had been clambering out in the dark and the cold to take one last sample from the waters of Olloo’et Bay, which didn’t look like any water anywhere else on earth. A bright green glowing ribbon encircled the entire inlet like a water-bound version of the aurora borealis. The light came from the bioluminescent bodies of tiny arthropods, millions of them that pulsed in the shallow water. Their six-day life span was about to expire, and they were signaling one final time for a mate. The footing was unsure. The wind and freezing rain were blowing harder than she’d ever seen. The slime-slick rocks were sharp and treacherous, and it was almost impossible to hear anything over the growl and hiss of waves rolling in and breaking against the shore. The night’s high tide had made its stand and was beginning its slow crawl

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The 100 Year Miracle Prologue and Chapter 1  

The 100 Year Miracle Prologue and Chapter 1