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Safety & Security Glass

Safety Glasses : The term “Safety” is applied to glazing used to reduce the risk of accident by impact, fracture, shattering, or in a fire. Glass that prevents or minimizes injuries when the glass comes into contact with the human body is called safety glass. Security Glasses : The term “Security” is applied to glazing, which in addition to “Safety”, is able to withstand a variety of deliberate attacks such as manual, ballistic or blast resistant.

Glass that protects against vandalism, shooting, unauthorized entry, burglary, explosions, water pressure, electromagnetic rays, x-rays, fire, noise and UV radiation is called security glass. Security Glass Laminated glass is just not a safety glass, but when broken will tend to remain intact, so it is an ideal glass for preventing the forced entry into your home. Laminated bandit resistant glass, which has a heavier interlayer than normal laminate, can withstand up to 20 blows from a blunt instrument before failing.

Safety Glass Safety glass is glass that minimises the risk of injury when broken. There are three main types Laminated Glass : Laminated Glass Laminated glass is usually two plies of ordinary glass sandwiched around an interlayer of a plastic like material (poly vinyl butyral). When impacted the glass may break, but the interlayer holds the glass together and also prevents a person passing through the broken panel.

Toughened Toughened glass is created by putting ordinary glass through a heating / cooling process. This not only produces a much stronger material, but if broken it is reduced to small blunt edged particles that are relatively harmless. Safety mirror Safety mirror is where ordinary mirror glass has a vinyl or polypropylene film glued to the backing, so that if broken the risk of injury is reduced.

Advantages of Safety & Security Glass          

Safety Security Sound Reduction Solar Energy Control UV Control Weather/Natural Disasters Durability Design Versatility Installation Ease Low Visible Distortion

FGI group has a strong history of specialisation in safety glass and offers the most advanced lamination technologies and capabilities. FGI has advanced customised laminating equipment and can provide a full range of annealed or toughened laminated glass in Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low Iron, Matlucent Etched, Mirrored, Textured, Colorsmart, Thermocolour and KlymetShield Low E combinations.

Laminated Glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer via a controlled, highly pressurised and industrial heating process. The lamination process results in the glass panels holding together in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of harm. Heat Strengthened Glass is glass that has been heat treated to induce surface compression, but not to the extent of causing it to “dice� on breaking in the manner of tempered glass. On breaking, heat-strengthened glass breaks into large pieces. Heat Strengthened glass is intermediate in strength between annealed & toughened glasses.

Toughened Safety Glass is a safety glass that has increased strength and will usually shatter in small, pieces when broken. It is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. FGI Tuflas safety Glass is ideal for: • Glass Balustrades • Shower Screens • Laminated Safety Mirrors • Glass Doors and Windows • Frameless Entry and Balustrading

• Automotive/Transport • Public Venues • Office Buildings • Residential, Factories • Hospitals and Schools • Restaurants, Sporting Facilities & many others. To Know More About Reflective Glass Visit Our Site:

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Good quality safety & security glass  
Good quality safety & security glass  

Flat Glass industry is a leading provider of Safety Glass or toughened glass, which is of good quality. We are the total glass solution prov...