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Lund, Sweden   June  18,  2012  

Swedish touch  screen  pioneer  FlatFrog     closes  €20  million  funding  round  led  by  Intel  Capital       FlatFrog Laboratories AB, a Swedish developer of disruptive touch screen technologies, announced today that it has closed a €20 million funding round led by Intel Capital. Intel Capital joins the existing investors, international financial investor Invus and founding investor Sunstone Capital. FlatFrog intends to use the funds to expand its world-class team during 2012 in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of its multi-touch technologies for consumer electronics products in the personal computing ecosystem. “Since we began developing our unique multi-touch technology more than five years ago, our goal has been to bring supreme multi-touch technologies to the mass market by providing flawless user experiences at affordable prices”, states Christer Fåhraeus, CEO/Chairman and Founder at FlatFrog. “At the right price-points and with the right technology, we believe every screen in the world will be touch-enabled. This new investment round, and the collaboration opportunities created by teaming with Intel Capital, will allow us to run even faster to reach our goal.” By using sophisticated algorithms to track light travelling inside the cover glass of a screen, FlatFrog’s Planar Scatter Detection technology provides instant and perfect detection of up to hundreds of simultaneous touches and drags. FlatFrog’s PSD technology is based on optics instead of the traditional capacitive electronic fields used in the vast majority of today’s high-end touch-enabled mobile devices. As a result, touch screens based on PSD detect not only input from bare fingers, but also from gloved fingers, passive styli and many other common objects such as pencil erasers. “Creating a perfect touch experience at very low price-points, in a way that is easy to manufacture and that can scale from small to very large sizes, is extremely complicated”, adds Christer Fåhraeus. “We literally have had top scientists working for years on our algorithms, opto-electronics and opto-mechanics. This new financing round will take us to a new level. We’re very excited to have Intel Capital join the FlatFrog investor base.“ Flatfrog was founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneurs Ola Wassvik and Christer Fåhraeus. The company holds more than 60 patent families in optical wave-guide touch technology. Recently, FlatFrog began shipping the first product based on its technology, the 32” FlatFrog Multitouch 3200, the slimmest high-performance 32” multi-touch screen in the market. For further information, visit or contact: Name Christer Fåhraeus Alexandra Jerselius E-mail Telephone +46 705 609000 +46 704 102104

FlatFrog Laboratories  AB  is  based  in  Lund,  in  the  technologically  expansive  Öresund  region.  It  was  co-­‐founded  in  2007  by  optics   expert  Ola  Wassvik  and  inventor  Christer  Fåhraeus,  serial  entrepreneur  and  now  chairman  of  the  Board.  FlatFrog  develops   advanced  opto-­‐electronic  hardware,  revolutionizing  the  touch  industry  with  its  patented  optical  in-­‐glass  PSD  technology   providing  true  multi-­‐touch  systems  that  allow  a  superior  user  experience  at  low  cost.  FlatFrog  offers  a  uniquely  smooth  and   precise  touch  control  with  40  simultaneous  touch  points  in  screen  formats  ranging  from  5”  to  100”+.  The  slim  form  factor   favours  easy  mounting  in  any  environment.  Flatfrogs  technology  is  covered  by  more  than  60  patent  families.  Applications,   developed  by  a  multitude  of  VAR  partners,  include  multi-­‐touch  table-­‐tops,  digital  signage,  interactive  whiteboards,  point-­‐of-­‐ sale,  gaming  and  medical  displays,  and  also  consumer  electronics  such  as  tablets,  Ultrabooks  and  All-­‐In-­‐One  computers.   FlatFrog  investors  include  Invus,  Promethean,  Sunstone  Capital  and  Fårö  Capital.  (