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Collectively, we have an infrastructural sense of what these technologies can be that tends to limit our ability to imagine better offerings. Targeted improvements in the design of these tools can have large impacts on workers’ experiences. Visionary design can advance entire fields and industries. At a basic level, applications can “fit” the working cultures that they are designed for, rather than forcing unwanted changes in established activities. They can augment rather than redefine. When workers alter their culture to adopt a new computing tool, it can be solely because that tool provides new meaning and value in their practices. Going further, elegantly designed applications can become a joy to use, providing an empowering, connective sense of direct action and a pleasing sensory environment for people to think “within.” Product teams can make significant progress toward these aims by changing how they get started on designing their products — by beginning with an emphasis on getting to the right design strategy and design concepts long before getting to the right design details. It is time to start holistically envisioning exemplary new tools for thought that target valuable intersections of work activity and technological possibility.

Working through Screens (Tabloid Size)  
Working through Screens (Tabloid Size)  

Working through Screens: 100 Ideas for Envisioning Powerful, Engaging, and Productive User Experiences in Knowledge Work This heavily illus...