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Under the high patronage of Madam Senator Raymonde Le Texier,

The Observatoire Géopolitique des Criminalités and FLARE (Freedom, Legality And Rights in Europe), the first European network of civil society against transnational organized crime

Mafias between illegality and legality What legislative perspectives? What role for civil society?

Saturday, 4th June 2011 Salle Clemenceau Palais du Luxembourg 15ter rue de Vaugirard 75006 Parigi With the collaboration of Transparence, Sherpa, Libera International, GRASCO, Associazione Democratici Parigi, Focus-in, La Fabbrica di Nichi, Associazione Carlo Giuliani, A.N.P.I., Meetup Beppe Grillo, Collettivo 5.12.

Free entrance with reservation by mail to website : For the “antimafia” lunch, please send a check (€10) to Ethicando c/o La Ruche, 84 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Parigi The speech of non-French speakers will be simultaneously translated in French The topic: The development of transnational criminal organizations is by now universally denounced. Among them, the mafias: the most powerful criminal organizations and, in the Italian case, the most studied. Their ability to take advantage of globalization without losing their local roots is due to the differences between national and international legislations, to the existence of shady areas and of tax havens, but also to the discreet but efficient protection offered by some political and economic environments. The economic power of this type of criminal organization now reaches a level allowing it to take care of social needs, not satisfied by legal economic systems. The uncontrolled quest for the fastest enrichment, despite any human consideration, expresses itself on true markets that are in reality left to the mafias. Lastly, not only does this type of criminal organization perpetrate methodical violence, it also participate in an economic system in which legal and illegal sectors merge.

The subject of this conference is the proposal of perspectives on the intertwining of illegal and legal spheres. Overthrowing the popular paradigm according to which illegal actors infest legal activities, the question will be whether the legal system does not itself create illegality. Starting from the Italian law on social reuse of assets confiscated from organized crime, each speaker will suggest some food for thought on the improvement of legislative or social devices against transnational organized crime.

09:00 am Greetings Speech of Madam the Senator and of Charles Henri de CHOISEUL PRASLIN, President of the OGC Round table: Duality legality-illegality in the areas of production of state and mafia law. Moderator: Chantal Cutajar Professor at the École de Management of the University of Strasbourg Diana VILLEGAS Doctoral Candidate in Law – University Paris II In charge of lectures – University Paris XIII

“Drug cartels and law gaps” Giuseppe MUTI Doctor of Philosophy in Geography – La Sorbonne Paris I – La Sapienza Rome Professor at the University of Cassino

“«Ecomafias»: paradigm of the legal integration of mafias” Celine TORRISI Doctoral Candidate in Public Law – Universities of Grenoble and Federico II Naples In charge of lectures – University of Grenoble

“State and mafia: a mutual construction?” Michel KOKOREFF Professor in Sociology – University Nancy 2

“How does drug prohibition create crime?” DEBATE A 5-minute-long reportage on ecomafias and antimafia cooperatives

LUNCH Libera Terra products, from land confiscated from mafias Distrubuted by ETHICANDO Contribution (€10) to be paid upon reservation

Afternoon Round table: Fight against organized fraud: is social reuse of confiscated assets the solution? Moderator: Maria Chiara Prodi Libera International Jean de MAILLARD Magistrate and author of numerous essays on crime organizations

“Capital markets, opportunity or model for criminal economy?” Nicolas GIANNAKOPOULOS President of the Observatoire de la Criminalité Organisée en Suisse In charge of lectures – University of Geneva

“Switzerland: Legal and illegal economy, the end of the distinction?” Mario VAUDANO Italian magistrate (Turin, Rome, OLAF) and former aide of judge Falcone

“Legislative perspectives against fraud against the Union” Antonio MARUCCIA Antimafia magistrate Professor of Antimafia Law – University of Lecce Former special commissioner of the Italian government for the administration of confiscated assets

“Assets confiscated from the mafia: an example of a return to legality” Dario CAPUTO From assets confiscated national Agence “Assets confiscated re use : the victory of general interest” Francesco COSTAMAGNA Professor-Researcher in European Law – University of Turin

“Confiscation and reuse of confiscated assets on the European level” DEBATE A 5-minute-long reportage: the theater of legality: channel Public Sénat 17:00 pm CONCLUSION Fabrice RIZZOLI, General secretary of the OGC and Representative of FLARE 17:30 pm END

Conference 4 june  


Conference 4 june