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Lewis County News November 3, 2021


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One local family pays it forward Nolan Swofford breaks state record

Father Chris, Lawsyn, and Mother Danielle smile for the camera.

By Lynnette Hoffman When you walk into the home of Chris and Danielle Rovito, their 3-year-old Lawsyn will greet you at the door. She is not your typical 3 year old, she loves to engage in talk, show you around and has a very sweet way about her, the only thing is, she has Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). FSGS is the reason Chris and Danielle Rovito started LC Renal Alliance. It was with their daughter's illness that they thought of others. Lawsyn Rovito has FSGS, which is a rare kidney disease that is a dysfunction in the kidney glomeruli (filters) where the filters become damaged

or scarred (sclerosis). This causes protein (Albumin) from your blood to leak into the urine. It also causes other illnesses such as high blood sugars, high cholesterol, severe edema, muscle pains or weakness and slower growth. FSGS is the leading cause of end stage kidney failure in children. When the Rovito’s went on vacation in April 2021, they noticed Lawsyn was not herself. She was swollen around her eyes, had a hard, distended belly and was not as active or talkative. They went to urgent care and shortly thereafter decided to end their vacation early. It was after returning home, they ended up at St. Peter's Hospital in Olympia.

That is when Lawsyn was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome/Minimal Change Disease. They were then referred to Children’s Hospital in Seattle. They made an appointment, but the day before they ended up taking Lawsyn to the emergency room of Children's Hospital where they started her on various treatments. After two months with no improvement, the doctor decided to do a biopsy on her kidneys, then two days after Lawsyn’s 3rd birthday they got the biopsy back that confirmed she had FSGS. Lawsyn is a very smart young lady, she was very welcoming in talking about her illness. When asked about her illness she stated, “My kidney goes out like this and then when I eat healthy, my kidney’s go like this (signaling going in).” She is very aware she has to watch her diet, she has to watch sugars, sodium and other foods most 3 year olds don’t have to worry about. Then when asked what she was cooking in her kitchen, she continued, “I am cooking meat and vegetables. I am cooking vegetables because they are healthy.” Her parents Chris and Danielle have been through

For home, construction or business. WINLOCK

ToledoTel working on serving Winlock broadband

By Lynnette Hoffman ToledoTel would like to expand their service to Winlock and Lewis County Board of County Commissioners is helping with their request. ToledoTel is currently available for Toledo residents and Toledotel is considered one of the best See family Page 3 wired cities in America

Banking made easy! TOLEDO

Winlock High School football stand- lock Cardinals Football team for a great out, Nolan Swofford, in their game season! against Chief Leschi, broke the state “8-man” record for most points in a game. He scored 66 points beating the old record of 64. He also tied the state record in All Purpose Touchdowns with 10. Nolan was also selected as the MaxPreps Overall Player of the Game. Swofford was happy with his performance, stating, “I could tell I was playing well, but I didn’t realize I was on that track. After the game, when I secured the school record, I was happy with myself and my teammates. I didn’t expect to seal myself in a WIAA record book. I would like to thank everyone in Winlock for supporting us and more importantly my teammates for making all this possible for me. #Go Cards.” Swofford is the top rusher for Winlock High School as they head into District play this Friday night at home. Nolan is the son of Lance Swofford and Audrey Sawyer. Nolan Swofford Congratulations Nolan and the Win-


due to their services. This would expand to over 2300 customers, basically doubling the size of their service area. Lewis County Board of County Commissioners put out a request for expanded broadband upon short notice from Washington State Broadband Office would accept pre-grant applica-

tions with a deadline of October 18. The total amount that ToledoTel is asking for grants in the expanded services is approximately $22.3 million. ToledoTel is expected to pay 10% of the $22.3 million. Dale Merten, ToledoTel’s Chief Operating Officer, spent some time discussing See toledotel Page 2



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November 3, 2021


Vader News

Ryderwood News

The Vader Park Board had a great chipping event in October. Chairwoman Kelly Schey would like to thank all of the volunteers and fellow Vader Park Board members for helping make the event a success. A special thanks goes out to Lewis County Solid Waste and Utilities, they paid for the chipper and labor, without their help an event of that size would not have been possible. The Vader Lions Club also fed all the workers that day. Keep an eye out for more Park Events coming soon. Stay tuned for dates for sensitive document shredding, park clean ups, and more chipping days. The Park Board has one final meeting for the year on November 17 at 6:00 p.m. Be sure to stop by or call in for all your Park related questions. It's budget season for Vader City Council. If you have an opinion on how your elected officials allocate city funds the time to speak up is now. The first meeting of this month will be on Wednesday November 10 due to Veterans Day falling on Thursday. There will also be a Public Hearing to discuss the Preliminary Budget & Revenue Sourcing. The meeting will be held in person and via gotomeeting app at 6:00 p.m. Meeting Dates for 2021: 11/10 Public Hearing and City Council 11/17 Vader Parks 11/18 City Council 12/2 Public Hearing for Final Budget Thank You to the Vader Assembly of God for hosting another great Harvest Event. Always a pleasure to attend and appreciated by all. I'm still waiting for finalized details about Holiday Box sign ups. But, I will try and have them next week. Until then, Happy Fall. Hope you have a happy and blessed rest of your week.

It was an eventful first half of last week. Heavy rains and power outages plagued Ryderwood and a majority of the west coast. As horrible as the rains were, we desperately needed the rain. News outlets are hopeful that they will be the start of us getting out of this drought-like season. Gina Edgar Davis posted on Facebook about COVID cases again this week. "As of October 26, 2021, zip code 98581 has reported 15 positive Covid cases for 2020 and 2021. Remaining the same for the last week. Remember the number includes outside of our town. Very positive we did not increase cases." Thanks Gina for posting regular updates. COVID-19 continues to be a serious concern for Ryderwood residents and seniors everywhere. Seniors are still one of the worst affected age groups during this pandemic. I hope everyone stays safe, but also does what is best for them as individuals. We are certainly living in the strangest of times. I am still waiting on Cafe menus for this month. But Reminder: The Cafe will only be serving biscuits and gravy on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The dates this month are the 10th and 24th. Every Monday at the Cafe is “Hamburger Night.” Your choice of fish, chicken or veggie burgers along with a soup or salad. Call ahead for quicker service. The Vader-Ryderwood Fire Department is desperate for volunteers. They are down to just one or two volunteers. For more information call them at 360-295-0906. Stay tuned for all your Ryderwood Social Club, Red Hats, and other group meeting dates. I will hopefully have them next week. Unfortunately I'm locked out of my Nextdoor App this week. Do you have a fall event coming up? Message me! I am constantly searching for Be part of our new content for Ryderwood Business Directory News. You can reach me Call at sammieslusher@gmail. (360) 785-3151 com. Insurance

By Samantha Lovelady

By Samantha Lovelady

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ToledoTel and their expansion. He stated, “Lewis County Board of County Commissioners has chosen ToledoTel to expand in the Winlock market. It is a competitive grant program and the Washington State Broadband Office will be breaking the grants into two rounds. The first round will be in November and the second round will be in April.” Many in the Winlock area have been asking how this will work, Merten stated, “If we receive the grants, it will be free installation to the home and the first month free.” In many situations, installation can be quite expensive including the cost of equipment, satellite dishes, etc. They will offer you an incredible speed without worrying about clouds or disconnects. You will definitely end up with incredible streaming speeds. ToledoTel with the assistance of grant money will expand to a 10 Gigabit network. This will be a huge network for all of us to enjoy. As Dale Merten stated, “Do it once and do it right.” Winlock internet customers are commonly using Centurylink. The speeds with Centurylink tend to be slow compared to most other services. ToledoTel currently has about 200 customers in Winlock, they include the schools, downtown Winlock, Grand Prairie Estates and a few residents in the city limits. They will also be serving the industrial park located in Winlock. ToledoTel has been the recipient of awards for their service and now they are working to provide service to the Winlock area code. The service area will go north up to Napavine and south down to Vader. They will go west until they have no additional homes to service. They want to wire every house in Winlock. The grants are through Washington State Broadband service but it is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act which provides funds to the county, state and federal agencies. It is unknown at this time, how much and when the grants will be given. Commissioner Lindsey Pollock stated, “With heavy competition for funding - $400 million in requests for the $135 million allocation from the State Office of Broadband - we are hopeful that ToledoTel’s proven track record of delivering service to the home in small communities will help secure funding. We’re looking forward to this becoming the first of many projects granting the citizens of Lewis County a full measure of opportunity to practice in online service delivery and the modern economy.” If they receive the grant, they should be able to begin immediately and have over 800 homes hooked up by the end of 2022. If you are interested in having ToledoTel service, please call 360-864-4552 so they can put you on the map. Many of us are looking forward to a hardwired system where we don't have to worry about being disconnected or have zero service available.

City of Winlock 2022 Budget Workshop Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021 6:00 p.m. Winlock Council Chambers Contact City Hall at 360-785-3811 should you require special needs. Michelle Whitten Publish: November 3, 2021 87705

360-274-8131 1-800-974-8131 126 Huntington North Castle Rock, WA 98611 Fax: 360-274-9068 castlerockbuildingsupply.com



november 3, 2021

Letters to the Editor

We need to teach genuine Holy Day traditions To the Editor, I’m concerned that so much of what is done “for the children” during the fall/winter holidays is doing them (and us) a great disservice. Candy and


gifts are powerful training tools, but what’s the message? We aren’t perpetuating our Christian traditions, but those of the Brits, the Norse, the Germans, the Romans. Or, depending on one’s heritage, the Persians, Africans, Mesoamericans, etc. And all mixed up, at that! They call us fundamentalists because fundamental to our belief is that what the Bible says “thou shall

not do,” we don’t want to do! And this includes worshipping idols (pagan gods) and recognizing their unholy days. Let’s quit confusing the ones we’re raising up with a mishmash of stuff we know isn’t true anyway. The kids won’t suffer if we treat them to genuine, Biblical, Holy Day celebrations. Anne Hamilton

Lewis County News is glad to print the views and interests of our readers and will accept letters to the editor, photographs and community announcements received by email or post the Friday before publication. We will decline to print submissions which are inaccurate, misleading, anonymous, or for profit. hometowndebate.com lynnetteh@flannerypubs.com 360-785-3151 202B NE First St. PO Box 10 Winlock, WA 98596 Classified Ads: janc@flannerypubs.com Lewis County News a Flannery Publications product

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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Napavine will hold a public hearing on the preliminary revenues for the 2022 budget on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 5:30 p.m. at Napavine City Hall. The preliminary revenues for the 2022 budget have been filed with the Clerk’s office and is available to the public upon request. Comments may be made in writing or by appearing before the city council on the hearing date. “The city of Napavine is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” Publish: November 3, 2021


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this with her, they thought, “what do others do who have children that were diagnosed with FSGS.” It was then that they decided to start LC Renal Alliance. Chris and Danielle have a passion about this non profit, they are determined to help others. Chris is determined to make this a success and he has big goals. When asked why this non-profit is so important, there were many answers. He said, “I’m doing it because I had the owners of Roto Rooter locally that helped me while I was young. I wanted to pay the world back what was given to me.” When Chris said this, you could see he really meant it. He will pay it forward. They know they are not the only kidney foundation, but they want to be a little different. Chris continued, “I don’t want parents worrying about work versus taking a child to dialysis. All the typical foundations come with questions, social workers and other emotional support but sometimes, they just need a check.” The parents should not have to worry about logistics while their child is being cared for. He wants to make sure they have a hotel, rental car if needed, meals and whatever their expenses may be during this difficult time. It’s a small relief during such a difficult time. The Rovito’s want to help those less fortunate and that is what

Local News - 3

they are doing. Danielle decided to make her birthday wish this year a gift of money to another foundation, she was able to raise $3000 through Facebook for her birthday. This was a very selfless act by Danielle. This was not the end of it though, then Chris, who works for UPS in Chehalis, started to speak at a few UPS locations in Western Washington. He discussed the problems, the issues for other parents, and many of the UPS employees have decided to support their cause, a gift the Rovitos are humbled to receive. Chris said, “we aren’t doing this for our child, she is taken care of. This is for the other children, whose parent’s need to be by their child during this difficult process. It’s about making sure they are not worried about where they will stay, it’s about helping others.” An employee of Mullinax Ford of Olympa heard about Lawsyn, he spoke to all the employees at Mullinax and they were able to pull together a $10,250 donation. The organization is looking to make their first donations to a couple families they have found through support groups, one family who has two children with the diseases, one of whom just had her kidneys removed and is awaiting transplant; and another who has already been transplanted and is in con-

stant quarantine. They meant it when they said they wanted to help others. Watching Danielle tear up and seeing Chris choked up showed the passion they have for what they are doing to help children. It’s never easy working to help other children, when one passes it takes a piece of you with them. It’s so important though to let that child know you care enough to help them. They have goals; they want to see more genetic testing for medication accuracy. They want to cover travel expenses and most importantly, they want to help with medication assistance as well as any emotional support for everyone - a hug, a kind word, a shoulder to cry on - a connection with someone going through the same thing. It’s

not just the child who goes through the illness, the entire family does. Sometimes, the other kids need to have an outing of their own. It’s about giving to the entire family, not just the one, it’s about supporting those that are hours and miles away. It’s about paying it forward. LC Renal Alliance is a new non-profit organization, and they are in need of donations for all kids. To donate, please go to LCRenalAlliance.org. LC Renal Alliance, P.O. Box 63, Napavine, WA 98565, info@ lcranalalliance.org or call 1 (833) 527-3625. You can donate there or you can buy merchandise and help by being a walking billboard. It's about getting the word out and getting the word out for these kids!

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-WantedAttention Landowners! We buy cedar and noble boughs. We do all the work. Call Jaime for appointment: 360-751-0120 or 360-430-8510.

Notice of Public Hearings The VADER CITY COUNCIL will be holding three in person 2022 Budget Public Hearings at 6:00 at City Hall. One on October 28th, 2021, November 11th, 2021 and December 2nd, 2021. Please remember masks are required. Public comment is encouraged. Share comments at the hearing, or BEFORE THE MEETING, by email vadercity@centurylink.net or deliver in writing to City Hall to be read aloud by the City Clerk/Treasurer at the hearing. Remote access is available using your computer, tablet, or smartphone at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/502972813 or by phone at 1 (408) 650-3123 Access Code 502-972-813. For more information, please contact City Hall at 360-295-3222. Publish: October 13, 20 and 27, November 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2021 87648

Public Notice • Public Notice Legal Public Notice WINLOCK CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE 2022 Budget The 2022 Preliminary Budget for the City of Winlock, Washington has been filed with the City Clerk. The Toledo City Council will conduct public hearings on the budget and on revenue sources for the budget which may include an increase to property tax revenues. Copies of the recommended budget may be obtained at Winlock City Hall during regular business hours after November 20, 2021 Location: Winlock City Hall 323 NE First Street, Winlock WA Date: Monday, November 22, 2021 Revenue and Property tax Monday, December 13, 2021 Preliminary Budget Hearing Monday, December 27, 2021 Final Budget Hearing Time: 6:00 pm The public is invited and encouraged to attend. However, due to the COVID-19 precautions citizens are encouraged to attend the hearings via teleconference by calling 360-785-2311 and give oral comment or submit comments in writing to the City Clerk by 4:00 pm the day of the hearing. The Council Chambers is handicap accessible. If there are any special needs please contact City Hall 24 hours prior to the meeting. 360-785-3811. Publish: November 3 and 10, 2021 87702

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november 3, 2021


Streets full of monsters, characters, and superheroes

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Recycle oil and antifreeze when Hazo Hut is open Centralia transfer station changes program Nov. 1

CENTRALIA - Changes are coming to motor oil and antifreeze recycling at the Central Transfer Station at 1411 S. Tower Ave. in Centralia. Starting November 1, customers will only be permitted to drop off motor oil and antifreeze on Wednesdays and the first and third Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. when the Hazo Hut is open. Each customer will be permitted to drop off 5 gallons of motor oil during these times. This limit does not apply to antifreeze. Business customers that generate a limited amount of oil and antifreeze will

Trick-or-Treaters wandered the streets during downtown trick or treat.

be able to make an ap- customers follow the fivepointment by calling 360- gallon rule limit. 740-1451 to drop off this material for a fee. The change does not affect motor oil and antifreeze drop-off at the East Lewis County Transfer Station in Morton at this time. The Morton transfer New Hours in station is open Monday through Saturday from the Restaurant 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Open Mon. - Fri. Residential customers Hours 6am - 9 pm do have several location CLOSED WEEKENDS options for motor oil dropoff with private automoMidnight Menu tive businesses in the Che9pm - 6am halis and Centralia area. Jiffy Lube, O’Reilly’s, Take out available! the Walmart Auto Center, and Auto Zone all accept Exit 57 & I-5 Toledo, WA 360.864.4300 motor oil from the public www.GeeCeesTruckStop.com as long as it is clean, and

en p O ys i l De 7 da ek! e w a

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