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September 23, 2020


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Joshua Freed write-in candidate for Lt. Governor

Loren Culp endorses Freed for Lt. Governor

Governor Candidate Loren Culp with Write-In Candidate for Lt. Governor Joshua Freed.

By Lynnette Hoffman With the primary over, the office of Lieutenant Governor in Washington State will not have a Republican on the ballot. Joshua Freed has stepped up to take on the challenge and is now the write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the State of Washington. Joshua who lives in the Bothell area understands the changes we need, especially since he is in King County. He stated, “We can’t let two Seattle-type democrats be the only option in the Lieutenant Governor’s race in Washington. Voters deserve proper representation. One candidate is like voting for

AOC and the other votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. As a fiscal and social conservative, I will represent the citizens who are not being given a voice.” Many wonder what exactly is the role of Lieutenant Governor, the Lt. Governor oversees the Senate. The role is an important one when it comes to bills, as Joshua stated, “The Lieutenant Governor serves as the President of the Senate and can block bad bills being considered. I will work hard to prevent any new taxes, including an income tax, from hitting the Senate floor. Hard-working families need tax breaks,

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not tax increases.” As the state is faced with a budget shortfall due to COVID-19, it will be very important to have a Lt. Governor who will stop unfair taxes for the constituents of the state. The Lt. Governor has the responsibility to see that trade is handled in a manner to benefit our businesses. Joshua explains, “A lead role of the Lieutenant Governor is overseeing Trade and Economic Development in Washington state. Under the current leadership, we have seen a 27% decrease in exports, prior to the effects of the COVID shut down. I will create trade corridors so producers in Washington state can con-

tinue to sell their products around the world and hire new employees.” Joshua Freed has endorsed Loren Culp and Loren Culp has endorsed Joshua Freed. Loren stated, “I fully endorse Mr. Freed in his effort to win the Lieutenant Governor seat. Please write in Joshua Freed for Lt. Governor.” Joshua Freed was born in Kirkland, Washington. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Seattle Pacific University and a Master’s degree from Western Seminary. His professional experience includes working as an investor and small business owner. He has been involved in many charitable organizations along with an advisory position on the Puget Sound Regional Council on Economic Development. Joshua has been working hard for the people of Washington State for many years, he would like to continue as your governor. He stated, “Please write me in as your Lt. Governor and together we can make Washington a better place to live for everyone.”

Everyone invited to car show and candidate rally Events happening Saturday, Sept. 26

By Lynnette Hoffman This Saturday, September 26, Winlock is going to have a Rolling Car Show and Candidate Rally. The event is depending on the weather and we all know that in Southwest Washington, the weather is always an issue. Starting at 5:30 p.m., cars will be rolling on Kerron Ave, through downtown along NE First up to Winolequa Park. The cars will be coming from the Chehalis Veterans Museum. The car cruisers have been cruising all summer, let’s hope for decent weather so they can cruise into Winlock. The other event at the Winolequa Park will be a candidate rally. The candidates from the 19th and 20th District, weather permitting, will be coming to Winlock to speak to the citizens of South Lewis County. The candidates have been in Adna and Morton, now it’s time for the citizens to come out and see who wants to be their representative. Each candidate will have 5 minutes to speak on issues. After the event, they will be available for voters to ask them questions. Those who have committed are Jim Walsh, Jeff Wilson, Peter Abbarno, and your county representatives. We will also have representatives from state elections as well. This is your opportunity to ask the candidates questions you may have. Weather permitting, Saturday could bring a fun event in Winlock.

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2 - Local News

September 23, 2020

Winlock News by Lynnette Hoffman 785-3151 This column sponsored by:

Winlock Hardware 515 NE First, Winlock


It looks like we are in for a little fall weather this week. Rain is headed our way again and it’s just the start. By November, we should be well into the rainy season for all of us to enjoy. It looks like we might have a few nice days of weather this week over the weekend. This weekend, weather permitting, there will be a rolling car show and candidate rally. The car show is from Steve Kopa Cruisers. We are hoping the weather is nice, if it’s raining, the event will not go on. Keep an eye on the Lewis County News FB page, we will notify the public if the event gets canceled. The candidate rally is for you the citizens to ask the candidates any questions. This is your time with your candidates. The event will start at 5:30 p.m. and go until finished. Kimberly’s Coffeehouse and Things is hoping to open this Friday, it is not confirmed yet but she is trying hard. She is located at 110 Cedar Crest Drive, next to Guadalajara Restaurant. If she does, she will open at 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday for now. She is going to offer breakfast and lunch, all items are available to go. To-go orders, please call 360-785-2390. There is something about going into Cedar Village that is wonderful. When you go in, everyone is friendly and ready to serve you. But it goes beyond that. Many of us have special orders, and Raleigh makes sure that we can get what we need locally. The other thing I love about Cedar Village is running into locals. This morning I saw Dwain Miller, lifelong resident and all around wonderful guy. It’s the people in Winlock that make it such a special community! Read this week's Ryderwood and Vader News columns on the Lewis County News Facebook page.

Toledo News This column sponsored by:

Gee Cee’s Truck Stop

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Fall weather is now with us, and the rain has started again. The air is clean and crisp after being in smoke for days. There is something about driving over the Cowlitz bridge and seeing the beauty of the area. Got to see Diane Haug from the Toledo Senior Center and her mom, Betty. I knew Betty’s mom, Gina Cattermole. Gina was such a special lady to all of us who knew her and I must say Diane and Betty are just as special. The minute I saw Diane and Betty, my day was complete. We have all missed seeing the Toledo Mighty Fine Seniors and I know we will be able to again soon! Diane, we all miss you! I finally got to see the goats on Jackson Highway but unable to get a picture. They are the cutest goats if you have not seen them. The smaller one was being so playful it was adorable. They were out and about playing, what a sight for one to see. The City of Toledo is looking for volunteers for their Planning Commission and Park Board. These positions are volunteers. The Planning Commission is responsible for city planning as well as a review of building projects, they act as an advisory to the City Council. The park board are volunteers who work to keep your local park beautiful. If you are interested in either of these volunteer positions, please contact the City of Toledo at 360-864-4564. It was nice to see the Cowlitz Prairie Grange resume their breakfast. This is an event that helps keep the grange open for all to use. Thank you Tom, for always getting me the information on the breakfast. If you have anything you would like included in the column, please feel free to reach out to Lynnette Hoffman at 360-785-3151, Editor.

Support For Edna Fund To the Editor,

Lewis County News Staff

Publisher Editor/Sales Managing Editor

Writers Samantha Lovelady

Alisa Myers Lynnette Hoffman Karen Carter Ryderwood News Vader News

Lewis County News is glad to print the views and interests of our readers and will accept letters to the editor, photographs and community announcements received by email or post the Friday before publication. We will decline to print submissions which are inaccurate, misleading, anonymous, or for profit. www.hometowndebate.com lewiscountynews@flannerypubs.com 360-785-3151 202B NE First St. • PO Box 10 • Winlock, WA 98596

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I am writing to fully endorse Edna Fund, asking for your vote and support for her election as county commissioner for Lewis County. As a retired county commissioner and past president of the Washington State Association of Counties, it has been my honor to work and serve all of our constituents alongside side of Edna Fund. As cream rises to the top, I have watched Edna Fund also rise in her unwavering ability to examine and evaluate the problems facing Lewis County, finding sensible working

solutions regardless of any party affiliation. I have seen Edna succeed many times where others have given up in frustration. Edna’s focus on the well being of Lewis County through economic development, criminal justice, timber and jobs are but some of Edna’s areas of work for Lewis County. I encourage you to support Edna Fund in her bid to continue representing you all. Obviously I am a fan of Edna Fund. I truly believe that Edna Fund is best to serve Lewis County into a thoughtful beneficial future for Lewis County for you all. Again I ask you to support Edna Fund any way you can. Sincerely Blair H. Brady Rosburg



Letters to the Editor

Running For Re-election

To the Editor, I am Edna J. Fund, Lewis County Commissioner for District 1, and I am running for re-election. I have been encouraged by current and past legislators, mayors, business leaders and residents to use my expertise to further work on Lewis County’s difficult issues. My educational background includes a BA from St. Martin’s University, AA from Centralia College and an Onalaska High School diploma. As a Centralia City Councilor, a Lewis County Commissioner, and an elected board member of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC), I know the challenges in local government. I am well equipped and am honored to be asked to serve as the county’s representative on WSAC’s Legislative Steering Committee. I know Legislative leaders throughout the state, and I am a text/phone call away from them. I am an avid technology user and have over 3500 community contacts on my iPhone, which includes mayors/legislators/community leaders/knowledgeable stakeholders. I have sent texts to legislators while in session to provide more data for their advocacy for

our county projects. In the Winlock area, a multitude of individuals have worked on the development of Mickelson Parkway/Benaroya. My part included working with Benaroya on marketing aspects for the property close to I-5 and Highway 12, view of mountains, recreational opportunities, using Discover Lewis County. We have only just begun with economic development, and I want to lend my continued support for these opportunities throughout Lewis County from Pe Ell to Packwood, from Centralia to Vader. Our county needs steady leadership in these uncertain times, especially considering COVID-19, balancing the $100 million budget, and continuing to make our county an attractive location for business. I am also an advocate for more government transparency. During my tenure, we have more county documents online, as well as ZOOM meetings being available. I attend community meetings throughout the county so I can hear firsthand the concerns. I am available 24/7 with my personally-paid cell phone 360.269.7515. I am a proven leader who listens and continually looks for ways to communicate with our residents and make the county the best it can be. Enda Fund

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Public Notice • Public Notice Legal Public Notice

In re: CASSANDRA A. BEAUREGARD, Petitioner, and NICHOLAS R. AMOS, Respondent. No. 16-3-00226-21 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION: NOTICE ABOUT A PETITION TO CHANGE A PARENTING PLAN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO THE RESPONDENT: NICHOLAS R. AMOS: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of first publication of this Summons, to-wit: within sixty days after the 26th day of August, 2020, and defend the above-entitled action in Lewis County Superior Court, which action seeks to modify the permanent parenting plan presently on file with the Court. The person filing this Summons and Petition asked the Court to change a parenting plan. You must respond in writing for the Court to consider your side. Your response must be served on the other party within 60 days after the 26th day of August, 2020, which will be deemed the date of service upon you of this Summons by statute. If you do not serve and file your response or a Notice of Appearance by the deadline, no one has to notify you about other hearings in this case and the Court may approve the requests in the Petition without hearing your side (Default Judgment). Read and respond to this Summons as specified within the paragraphs above. Fill out the Response to Change a Parenting Plan, Residential Schedule or Custody Order and serve upon counsel for CASSANDRA A. BEAUREGARD at the address specified below, in care of her counsel, BUZZARD O’ROURKE, P.S. You may use certified mail with return receipt requested. For more information on how to serve your Response, read Superior Court Civil Rule 5. File your original Response with the Court Clerk at Lewis County Superior Court, 345 W. Main Street, Second Floor, Chehalis, Washington 98532. Before the Court will have a full hearing or trial on the Petition to Change a Parenting Plan, Petitioner will have petitioned the Court to decide whether there are valid reasons to allow the case to move forward (adequate cause). That request of the Court to find adequate cause will already have been made by the Petitioner at the time this Summons is published. Unless you prepare and file a Response to Petitioner’s Motion for Adequate Cause within 60 days after the date of first publication of this Summons, the Court may enter a finding of adequate cause and move forward with final disposition without further notice to you.

DATED this 20th day of August, 2020. BUZZARD O’ROURKE, P.S. SHANE M. O’ROURKE, WSBA No. 39927 Attorney for Petitioner c/o BUZZARD O’ROURKE, P.S. 314 Harrison Ave. – PO Box 59 Centralia, WA 98531 (360) 736-1108

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

Local News - 3

Coroner’s office needs permanent help By Lynnette Hoffman The Lewis County Coroner’s office is one busy place, you would actually be surprised at how busy they are. They don’t just handle the deaths in the county, they also work to prevent unnecessary deaths and different outreach programs throughout Lewis County. With the increase of suicides and overdoses due to COVID, they are extremely busy. Help is needed. First, the Coroner is an elected position. Warren McLeod was elected in 2010 and began his term in 2011. Warren started as an EMT in the Boston area, he was also an Auxiliary/Reserve police officer near Boston for 9 years, graduating from Massachusetts Criminals Justice Training Council (MCJTC) Reserve-Intermittent academy in 1987. McLeod then moved to Las Vegas where he worked as an EMT in casinos for three years before being hired in 1998 as a Coroner Investigator for Clark County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office in Las Vegas, where he spent the next 11 years. In 2008, he

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moved to SW Washington where he began working as a Professor for South Puget Sound Community College. In 2011, he was elected to Coroner. At that time the position was part-time. The position became full time in 2015 and McLeod has been very busy ever since. One of the roles of the Lewis County Coroner is to provide community outreach, this is a commu-

nity partnership to reduce preventable deaths. The Coroner is involved in the following outreach programs: Lewis County Vulnerable Adult Task Force, DUI Victim Impact Panel, Lewis County Drowning Prevention Coalition, Mock DUI crashes, Public Health and Cascade Mental Health Suicide Prevention, Lewis County Opioid Task Force, Lewis County Safety Coun-

cil and Lewis County Cribs for Kids. This alone is a fulltime position, along with managing staff and helping family members who have lost a loved one. The Lewis County Coroner’s Office is the only office within the Lewis County government that relies on “casual help” instead of full-time employees. Casual help is defined as See CORONERS Page 4

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CODE; REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 768 AS NECESSARY; AND PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY AND ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. A complete copy of the Ordinance is available for the public in the City of Winlock, Office of the City Clerk, (360) 785-3811, 323 NE First St., Winlock City Hall, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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4 - Local News

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Dr. Clark: new dentist in Winlock A little more about the Mickelsen Family

Dr. Devin Clark

By Lynnette Hoffman Winlock Family Dentistry has a new dentist and he is exactly the type of dentist Lewis County needs. Dr. Devin Clark started his practice this spring in the midst of COVID and now he is busy getting on with the practice of dentistry. Dr. Clark is new to Winlock, but he is a perfect fit. He stated, “In dentistry, you can either buy

a practice in a big city or can look for a small community. We wanted to be in a community where we could be a part of it, not just work here.” When talking with Dr. Clark, you can tell he has a sense of family and community. He continued, “I want to bring family focus to the whole family. I enjoy being able to help the entire family through the practice of dentistry.” “I started my practice in COVID which has limited my ability to be out and meet the people in the community,” he said. “ I would like to encourage anyone who would like to know more about me or more services to reach out to us. We want to work through any barriers to help. We will work with you and all your dental needs.” Most people understand that good dental care is

(360) 748-8175

129 kirkland RD., chehalis, WA 98532 www.bk.com

the beginning of good health. Dr. Clark stated, “good healthcare started with good dental care. It is important for patients to know we care about their whole health, we just start in the mouth.” Jeff Skutley who is a patient of Dr. Clark contacted the Lewis County News and recommended the article. He said, “he has an interesting new technique on giving shots that make it painless.” When Mr. Skutley spoke to the Lewis County News he stated that “Dr. Clark was a very nice guy.” Mayor Svenson, who met with Dr. Clark stated, “he is a great addition to Winlock, he is here to help the citizens in our community. Please reach out to Dr. Clark and support our local businesses.” Dr. Clark services include the usual dental care as well as Invisalign, implants, cosmetic changes, along with removable and permanent dentures. Sitting down with Dr. Clark was a pleasure, just one of the most relaxed interviews I have had. If he is this relaxed with an editor, I can see him being just as relaxed with his patients. This young man is impressive. Dr. Clark is married to Brooke, they have three small boys, ages 6, 4, and 2. He is definitely the kind of dentist we need in the area.

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A little added history to the Mickelsen article; Irving and Helen also lived in Winlock. Irving was Clayton’s brother and lived close to the dairy. Irving and Helen were also involved in the community and their children are still in the area.


They all grew up here, going through the Winlock schools and are active in the community. Their children are Larry, David and Linda. Larry lives here in Winlock, David lives in Toledo, and Linda splits her time between Winlock and San Jose, California.

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“employees hired to work intermittently on call as needed, not to exceed 20 hours and zero benefits, with a maximum rate of pay of $15.50 per hour. Currently, there are seven casual/extra help staff for the coroner’s office and two full-time employees. The coroner and chief deputy coroner are the two full-time positions. McLeod stated, “the Coroner’s Office is the only county department required to be staffed by causal help employees.” The Deputy Coroners are working long hours and enduring emotional trauma while conducting professional death investigations and maintaining national certifications while being paid barely above minimum wage with no benefits. The county definition of casual employees is an employee hired to work “as needed or on call.” The six deputy coroners have a combined time of 27 years serving the citizens of this county, hardly what can be described as working “as needed or on call.” The six deputy coroners and one deputy coroner/ forensic are nationally reg-

istered death investigators through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, a test that requires 300 different skill sets to pass along with a 4 ½ hour exam. Even though they are required to possess these skills, they do not have full-time positions available to them. Cowlitz County has four full-time employees, two death investigators, the chief deputy coroner, and the coroner. Thurston County has seven full-time employees, six full-time death investigators, and the coroner. Thurston County handles approximately 2700

reported deaths, while Lewis County has approximately 850. With the increase in suicides and overdoses this year alone, the coroner’s office will handle even more cases with casual help. It’s time Lewis County looks at the coroner's office as a part of the county and hires full-time help instead of casual help to do the fulltime positions. With the increase in suicides and overdoses during COVID, it’s important we get the Lewis County Coroner the help he needs to support the families in Lewis County.

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