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P Market premiere

Selected for Cannes 2010 P

Little Baby Jesus of Flandr

by Gust Van den Berghe

14 May, 17.00, Théâtre Croisette / 15 May, 11.30, Cinéma Les Arcades The three beggars Suskewiet, Pitje Vogel and Schrobberbeeck are tired of being poor and hungry, so go out singing Epiphany on Christmas Eve. Money, food and drink are thrust upon them, but on their way home they get lost in the woods and witness the birth of Little Baby Jesus. Dazzled by this miracle, they give away all their gains. When Christmas next comes around, they decide to sing again. But puzzled about last year’s experience, they start to quarrel over their gifts. Eventually they fall out and go their own way. WITH: JELLE PALMAERTS, PAUL MERTENS, PETER JANSSENS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): MINDS MEET / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 74’ / SALES INFO: MINDS MEET

 Selected for the Directors’ Fortnight

Flanders Short at Cannes 2010 P


by Gilles Coulier

21 May, 11.00, Palais (Buñuel) Wesley, 34. One night. Ostend. En route to the place where he never left. He is guided by the city and the words of a mime-player with a strange haircut. WITH: WIM WILLAERT, BENNY CLAESSENS, ANGELO TIJSSENS, DOLORES BOUCKAERT / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): SINT-LUKAS BRUSSELS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 22’ / SALES INFO: FLANDERS IMAGE

 Selected for the Cinéfondation

Co-productions selected for Cannes 2010 P


by Marc Fitoussi

16 May, 15.00, Espace Miramar / 17 May, 14.00, Olympia 3 / 17 May, 20.00, Espace Miramar Never having cared about social conventions, Babou suddenly realises that her own daughter is ashamed of her and therefore refuses to invite her to her wedding. Hurt in her pride, Babou tries to regain het daughter’s respect by starting anew. WITH: ISABELLE HUPPERT, LOLITA CHAMMAH, AURE ATIKA, JURGEN DELNAET, VEERLE DOBBELAERE / CO-PRODUCER (FLANDERS): CAVIAR / LANGUAGE: FRENCH / RUNNING TIME: 81’ / INT’L SALES: KINOLOGY

 Selected for the International Critic’s Week



by Olivier Masset-Depasse

15 May, 9.30, Riviera 2 / 17 May, 10.00, Olympia 4 / 18 May, 22.00, Théâtre Croisette / 19 May, 22.00, Studio 13 / 20 May, 15.30, Riviera 2 / 20 May, 17.00, Le Raimu Tania is a young Russian woman who lives illegally in Belgium with her 13-year-old son. Constantly on her guard, she dreads police checks until the day she is arrested. Mother and son are separated and Tania is placed in a detention centre. She will do anything to be reunited with her son but won’t manage to avoid threats of deportation. WITH: ANNE COESSENS, ESSE LAWSON, GABRIELA PEREZ, CHRISTELLE CORNIL / CO-PRODUCER (FLANDERS): PRIME TIME / LANGUAGE: FRENCH, RUSSIAN / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / INT’L SALES: FILMS DISTRIBUTION

 Selected for the Directors’ Fortnight

Screening at the Cannes Film Market 2010 P


by Hans Herbots

16 May, 10.00, Olympia 3 15-year-old Deborah wants to escape her dull suburb and enjoy the luring city of Antwerp. Her new friend Jennifer leads her into the sparkling downtown nightlife. When Jennifer admits she’s an escort girl, Deborah is intrigued by what appears to be an easy way of getting cash. She takes her first steps into a world she can’t handle yet. The downward spiral leads her to cheap thrills, drugs and into a juvenile institution. WITH: ELLA-JUNE HENRARD, INA GEERTS, THOMAS RYCKEWAERT, KALINA MALEHOUNOVA / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): CAVIAR / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / SALES INFO: CAVIAR

Dossier K.

by Jan Verheyen

14 May, 09.30, Olympia 7

Dossier K. plunges us into a violent clash between two worlds: the Albanian mountain clans trying to hold on to their ancient codes and a modern metropolis desperately protecting its brittle privileges from invasion. Caught in the eye of that storm are a young Albanian on a mission-ofhonour to avenge his father and a lovesick cop dead set on stopping the blood feud. By the time both find out they’ve been manipulated from the outset, they are on a fatal collision course. WITH: KOEN DE BOUW, WERNER DE SMEDT, HILDE DE BAERDEMAEKER, BLERIM DESTANI / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): EYEWORKS FILM & TV DRAMA / language: DUTCH, ALBANIAN / RUNNING TIME: 120’ / INT’L SALES: THE WORKS INTERNATIONAL


Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers

by Mark Mertens and

Wim Bien 14 May, 11.30, Palais F / 17 May, 20.00, Palais B Dark City, Texas: the evil and mysterious Jim Parasite has concocted a plan to become the biggest and most powerful man in the world. He captures the Texas Rangers, but one of them manages to escape and calls upon Luke and Lucy for help. Together with their aunt and their two best friends, Luke and Lucy travel to Texas to become the new Texas Rangers, determined to put Parasite and his gang where they belong: in jail. ANIMATION / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): SKYLINE ENTERTAINMENT / LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / RUNNING TIME: 85’ / INT’L SALES: DELPHIS FILMS

Sammy’s Adventures – The Secret Passage by Ben Stassen (3D) TBC: 16 May, 14.00, Palais K “Bory” / 18 May, 14.00, Palais I

Sammy decides to travel around the world looking for a girlfriend from his childhood years. Filled with twists and turns, action and drama, the story also has a strong underlining message about our planet and the need to protect our environment. 3D ANIMATION / PRODUCER (Flanders): NWAVE PICTURES / LANGUAGE: VARIOUS VERSIONS / RUNNING TIME: 85’/ INT’L SALES: STUDIOCANAL

Co-Productions at the Cannes Film Market 2010 P

A Cat in Paris

by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol

32’ Promoreel: 13 May, 16.45, Palais D / 15 May, 15.15, Gray 1 Dino is a cat with a secret double-life: he spends his days with Zoé, the daughter of an inspector, but at night he’s on the road with Nico who is an exceptional burglar. Dino always enters the houses first. Nico is very supple and his exceptional sense of balance makes him as good a climber as Dino the cat. Zoé’s mother Jeanne is a police inspector. Her husband was murdered by Victor Costa, a psychopathic gangster. While Zoé’s mother investigates the burglaries, Zoé is kidnapped by a gangster. ANIMATION / co-PRODUCER (FLANDERS): LUNANIME/ LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 70’ / INT’L SALES: FILMS DISTRIBUTION

Eep! by Ellen Smit 13 May, 20.00, Palais F / 16 May, 20.00, Palais B A middle-aged, childless couple finds a small creature that is half bird, half girl. They call it ‘Viegeltje’ and bring it home to raise it as they would have their own child. At the break of winter however, Viegeltje escapes, joins a flock of birds and flies south without saying goodbye. The couple takes off in pursuit… WITH: HUUB STAPEL, JOKE TJALSMA, KENADIE JOURDIN / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): A PRIVATE VIEW / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / INT’L SALES: Delphis Films

Coming soon * * indicated running times, sales info, etc. are tentative

22nd of May

by Koen Mortier

A rather dreary-looking 40-year-old works as a security guard at a shopping mall. His life is plunged into turmoil the day a young man carrying a backpack blows himself up in the mall. Fear, frustrations and guilt are the central themes of this story. WITH: SAM LOUWYCK, TITUS DE VOOGDT, BARBARA CALLEWAERT, JAN HAMMENECKER / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): EPIDEMIC / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: TBC / SALES INFO: EPIDEMIC

Beyond the Steppes

by Vanja d’Alcantara

1940. Nina, a young Polish woman, is deported with her baby by the Soviet Army. She has to work in a sovkhoz under the control of the Russian political police. When her child becomes ill, she leaves on a search to find medications with a group of Kazakh nomads. WITH: AGNIESZKA GROCHOWSKA, ALEKSANDRA JUSTA, BORYS SZYC / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): LUNANIME / language: Polish, Russian / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / INT’L SALES: DOC & FILM

Brownian Movement

by Nanouk Leopold

A couple is facing crisis after the woman has taken some of her male patients to a rented appartment. WITH: SANDRA HÜLLER, DRAGAN BAKEMA, SABINE TIMOTEO / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): SERENDIPITY FILMS / language: Dutch / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / INT’L SALES: FILMS DISTRIBUTION

La cantante de tango

by Diego Martinez Vignatti

Helena was convinced of one thing: of loving and of being endlessly loved back every single day. But one day love flew away. Suddenly the world became hostile to her. Her sadness and despair made her lose ground. Helena is heading for a fall unless she makes up a new life and comes back to life elsewhere… WITH: EUGENIA ROMIREZ MIORI, BRUNO TODESCHINI / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): MINDS MEET / language: French, Spanish / RUNNING TIME: 102’ / INT’L SALES: CELLULOID DREAMS

Crazy About Ya

by Jan Verheyen

A movie about fathers, daughters, mothers, sons, husbands, wives and love. Because love is everywhere. And we all want it. But love is like St Nicholas. You have to believe in it, or it won’t work. WITH: MATHIAS SERCU, BARBARA SARAFIAN, KOEN DE GRAEVE, VEERLE BAETENS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): EYEWORKS FILM & TV DRAMA / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 120’ / SALES INFO: EYEWORKS FILM & TV DRAMA

Madly In Love

by Hilde Van Mieghem

14-year-old know-it-all Eva allows us a bittersweet glimpse of her own, her sister’s, her mother’s and her aunt’s romantic adventures and experiences, throughout the four seasons. A romantic comedy about an obstinate family, about women and men, mothers and daughters, about faithful- and faithlessness, and about how a smashing kiss in the pouring rain or a shared smoothie may change your life... WITH: VEERLE DOBBELAERE, WINE DIERICKX, MARIE VINCK, KOEN DE BOUW, KOEN DE GRAEVE, KEVIN JANSSENS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): CAVIAR / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / SALES INFO: CAVIAR

Marieke, Marieke

by Sophie Schoukens

Marieke wants to live her life. But how can she succeed if love has been taken away from her? She seeks refuge in the arms of much older men to find the strength to face the past and finally be herself. WITH: HANDE KODJA, JAN DECLEIR, BARBARA SARAFIAN / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): SOPHIMAGES / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 85’ / SALES INFO: SOPHIMAGES


by Hans Van Nuffel

Two young man share an incurable illness. Is their love for the women in their lives strong enough to conquer their fear of dying? WITH: STEF AERTS, ANEMONE VALCKE, WOUTER HENDRICKX, MARIE VINCK / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): A PRIVATE VIEW / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / SALES INFO: A PRIVATE VIEW


by Alex Stockman

A young man gradually loses grip on reality, due to his obsession with a mysterious computer hacker. WITH: MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS, TINE VAN DEN WYNGAERT, VINCENT LÉCUYER, SIEN EGGERS / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): CORRIDOR / LANGuage: DUTCH, FRENCH, english / RUNNING TIME: 105’ / SALES INFO: CORRIDOR

She’s not crying, she’s singing by Philippe de Pierpont Watching over her father who is in a coma, 27-year-old Laura finally dares to face their incestuous past. But life is unpredictable and Laura’s desire for revenge causes painful memories to come to the surface. She has to face up to her own past. She ends up reconciled. Not with her father, but with her childhood, herself and life. WITH: Erika Sainte, Marijke Pinoy, Jean-François Wolff, Jules Werner / CO-PRODUCER (FLANDERS): Serendipity Films / LANGUAGE: FRENCH / Running time: 90’ / SALES INFO: SERENDIPITY FILMS


by Kadir Balci

Timur and Sarah were definitely born for each other. They know it, they live it and they love it. But their families have quite a different opinion about love and life. WITH: BURAK BALCI, CHARLOTTE VANDERMEERSCH, NIHAT ALPTUG ALTINKAYA, TILBE SARAN / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): Menuet / LANGUAGE: Dutch, Turkish / Running time: 100’ / SALES INFO: Menuet

Also Available The Aviatrix of Kazbek

by Ineke Smits

The arrival of Georgian soldiers on the bleak Norh Sea coast brings colour, life and love to Marie. In the middle of the Georgians’ chaotic uprise against the German troops, she meets Goga and Irakli and breaks away from the restricting and suffocating reality by learning to trust her fantasy. WITH: MADELIEF BLANKEN, ZURA ZHGHENTI, KAKHA KINTSURASHVILI / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): SERENDIPITY FILMS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 115’ / SALES INFO: Fu works

Les barons by Nabil Ben Yadir Hassan’s kick is to make people laugh. But for his dad, ‘comedian’ is not a job, not like bus driver, a real job with the monthly pay cheque. Mounir wants them to stay together. But that doesn’t fit with Hassan’s plan. Because to succeed, you need to leave the neighborhood, but you can’t just walk away, you have to escape. And to escape, you have to make a run for it. WITH: NADER BOUSSANDEL, MOURADE ZEGUENDI / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): PRIME TIME / LANGUAGE: FRENCH / RUNNING TIME: 91’ / SALES INFO: ENTRE CHIEN & LOUP

The Day God Walked Away

by Philippe Van Leeuw

Rwanda, 1994. At the outbreak of the genocide, Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman, is a maid in a Belgian family. When she finds her children brutally murdered by the Hutus, she runs away and hides in the woods. There, she meets a man who has also escaped from the slaughter. Together, they will try to survive. Terror and madness wait for them at every turn. WITH: RUTH NIRERE, AZAFALI DEWAELE / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): MINDS MEET / LANGUAGE: FRENCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / INT’L SALES: MK2

The Last Days of Emma Blank

by Alex Van Warmerdam


Mr. Nobody

by Jaco Van Dormael

A young boy is standing on a station platform. The train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or remain with his father? An infinity of lives rests on his decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible. Every life deserves to be lived. WITH: JARED LETO, SARAH POLLEY, DIANE KRUGER, RHYS IFANS / CO-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): CAVIAR / LANGUAGE: ENGLISH / RUNNING TIME: 150’ / INT’L SALES: WILD BUNCH

My Queen Karo

by Dorothée van den Berghe

10-year-old Karo grows up with her parents in an Amsterdam commune in the 70s. As an only child, she leads a carefree existence in this utopia-for-adults. The mandate says that everything is to be shared in the squat, but soon not everyone is able to honour these ideals. Karo is torn between the love for her mother and loyalty towards her father and his ideals. She slowy realizes that nothing can stay the same forever… WITH: ANNA FRANZISKA JäGER, MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS, DÉBORAH FRANÇOIS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): CAVIAR /LANGUAGE: DUTCH, FRENCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / INT’L SALES: DOC & FILM

The Over The Hill Band

by Geoffrey Enthoven

Seventy-year-old Claire is recently widowed and at a loss about what to do with the last ten percent of her life. More than fifty years ago she sang in a rock and roll band with her classmates Magda and Lutgard. She looks them up and suggests a reunion of their band. She even tries to convince her down-on-his-luck musician son Sid to manage them. Sid agrees to manage the three “girls” on condition that they perform his music: R&B. WITH: MARILOU MERMANS, LUT TOMSIN, LEA COUZIN, JAN VAN LOOVEREN, LUCAS VAN DEN EYNDE / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): A PRIVATE VIEW / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / INT’L SALES: NEO CLASSICS

Winnetoons, the legend of the treasure of Silver Lake by Gert Ludewig Arizona 1869. Winnetou and Shatterhand try to stop the criminal practices of the gang of Kolonel Brinkley. At the same time New York orphelin Bobby and his best friend, rat Winchester, arrive in the Wild West. With the map he got from his dying father, Bobby is hunting for a fabulous treasure. Of course, Kolonel Brinkley also smells an opportunity and he kidnaps Bobby and Nscho-Tshi. ANIMATION / co-PRODUCer (FLANDERS): DEFAMILIEJANSSEN, JEKINO DISTRIBUTIE / LANGUAGE: GERMAN / RUNNING TIME: 72’ / SALES INFO: JEKINO DISTRIBUTIE


by Stef Desmyter

Man becomes a wolf for the other, especially when huge amounts of money are involved. A new crime thriller in which the future of Belgium is even at stake. WITH: GENE BERVOETS, AXEL DAESELEIRE / PRODUCer (FLANDERS): PRIME TIME / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 87’ / SALES INFO: PRIME TIME

In production


by Michaël R. Roskam

A police murder and the following investigation create panic in the so-called Belgian ‘cattle hormone mafia’. During a transaction, an illegal growth hormone dealer and a police informer face each other in a crime investigation. But then a dark and unsettling story about loyalty and friendship unfolds through their tormented past as childhood friends. WITH: MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS, JEROEN PERCEVAL, BARBARA SARAFIAN, JEANNE DANDOY / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): Savage Film/Productions / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, FRENCH / RUNNING TIME: 120’ / SALES INFO: Savage Film/Productions

Portable Life

by Fleur Boonman

A young naive girl becomes a young woman through seemingly chance encounters. This is the story of her journey (a real and an inner one), through parallel worlds and different times, where certain people are inextricably linked with each other. WITH: ELLA-JUNE HENRARD, RUTGER HAUER, SAM LOUWYCK / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): SAVAGE FILM/PRODUCTIONS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, ENGLISH, FRENCH/ RUNNING TIME: 100’ / SALES INFO: SAVAGE FILM/PRODUCTIONS

In development 82 Days in April

by Bart Van den Bempt

Herman and Marie, a couple in their sixties, arrive in Istanbul, a city where they have never been before, to pick up the backpack of their deceased son. When they go through his belongings, they discover a logbook of his last expedition. Herman is determined to reconstruct his son’s last journey, to see what he has seen. He drags along his wife into a, what he believes to be, cathartic venture. WITH: JOHAN LEYSEN, KATELIJNE DAMEN / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): SERENDIPITY FILMS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, ENGLISH, TURKISH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / SALES INFO: SERENDIPITY FILMS


by Benny Vandendriessche

Portrait of a man looking for salvation on a mythical journey through a real yet barren and tired Old Continent. WITH: Dirk Hendrikx / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): INTI FILMS / LANGUAGE: FRENCH, DUTCH, ENGLISH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / SALES INFO: INTI FILMS


by Patrice Toye

There is a place that does not exist. An attic in a hospital in Belgium where pregnant girls stay till they will give birth to their baby. And then they are transported to France. Their newborn babies are taken away from them and sold. One girl however, Katja, 15 and 28 weeks pregnant has decided that this won’t happen to her, nor to her beloved baby. WITH: TBC / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): PRIME TIME / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, ENGLISH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / SALES INFO: PRIME TIME

Gree(n)tings From All Of Us

by Frank Van Mechelen

1971. 18-year-old Germaine lives with her parents and grandfather in a small house in Balen. Working in a supermarket, she listens to pop music and dreams of a better life when the workers at the town factory, including her father, decide to go on strike. Although not supported by the unions, the workers refuse to give in and hold out for three months. It changes their lives forever. Based on a true story. WITH: STANY CRETS, TINY BERTELS, KOEN DE BOUW, AXEL DAESELEIRE, FILIP PEETERS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): Skyline Entertainment / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / Running time: 110’ / SALES INFO: skyline entertainment

Hasta la vista

by Geoffrey Enthoven

Philip, Joseph and Dirk, three disabled friends, share the same dream: to leave on a holiday trip to Spain to lose their virginity now that they still can. A dream which eventually proves harder to fulfil than they had expected... WITH: TBC / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): FOBIC FILMS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, FRENCH, SPANISH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / SALES INFO: FOBIC FILMS

Madonna’s Pig

by Frank Van Passel

A sales agent of a computerized pig fertilization machine gets stuck in Madonna, an isolated and scenic village paralyzed by a conflict about the construction of a new road. A local school teacher, dead soldiers and an explosive Madonna statue confront him with a new choice: choosing love or a safe, empty existence full of useless goals such as selling a mechanic gigolo-pig. WITH: Wine Dierickx, Barry Atsma, Wim Opbrouck, Marijke Pinoy / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): CAVIAR / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: TBC / SALES INFO: CAVIAR

Mixed Kebab

by Guy Lee Thys

Belgian-Turkish Ibrahim chooses to live with his lover Kevin over marrying his young cousin Elif. But kid brother and neo-jihadist Furkan will try to avenge the family’s honor. WITH: CEM AKKANAT, KARLIJN SILEGHEM, GAMZE TAZIM, MATTIAS VAN DE VIJVER / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): FACT & FICTION / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, TURKISH, ENGLISH / RUNNING TIME: 96’ / SALES INFO: FACT & FICTION

Noordzee, Texas

by Bavo Defurne

A down-at-heel coastal village in the 70s. A lonely kid, Pim brightens up his pitiful life with dreams of princesses and beauty queens. As a teenager his dreams turn to Gino, the rugged boy next door, his motorcycling hero. But Gino isn’t so much of a dreamer. Or is he? WITH: EVA VANDER GUCHT, KATELIJNE DAMEN, LUK WYNS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): INDEED FILMS / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 90’ / SALES INFO: INDEED FILMS

Quixote’s Island

by Didier Volckaert

San runs away from school with Quixote, an odd character, who takes him on an excentric trip to adultry. San balances on the thin line between reality and imagination untill something serious that happens at school pulls him back. WITH: TIEMEN VAN HAVER, JEROEN WILLEMS, ELINE KUPPENS / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): VIVI FILM / LANGUAGE: DUTCH / RUNNING TIME: 100’ / SALES INFO: VIVI FILM


by Kaat Beels

A contemporary multiplot drama about 6 lives crossing each other over a period of 24 hours in a hotel, confronting our most basic human needs with our so-called ‘quality problems’ of Western society. In order to feel complete, we must mean something to someone else. And that is easier said than done. WITH: GEERT VAN RAMPELBERG, VIVIANE DE MUYNCK, SARA DE ROO, NATALI BROODS, ISSAKA SAWADOGO / PRODUCER (FLANDERS): Eyeworks Film & TV Drama / LANGUAGE: DUTCH, French / Running time: 90’ / SALES INFO: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama

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