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❖ Milk and water served with all meals and snacks ❖ Menu subject to change according to availability ❖ Fresh produce from Flance Garden will be substituted as available

Thursday 17

Friday 18


Wednesday 16

Toasted Oats Peaches Milk

Egg Cheese Burrito Apples Milk

Spinach Quiche Pineapples Milk

Waffles Blue Berries Milk

WG Corn Flakes Bananas Milk


Tuesday 15

Turkey Burgers Roasted Potatoes Green Beans Oranges Milk

Cheddar Broccoli Soup Cantaloupe Carrots Cheese Garlic Bread Milk

Turkey Tetrazzini Peas Pine Apples WG Rolls Milk

Beef Patties Broccoli Mash Potatoes Pears Milk

Swedish Meat Balls Brown Rice Corn Peaches Milk


Monday 14

Trail Mix Water Melon Milk

Graham Crackers Cheese Sticks Apple Juice

Apples Bug Bites Milk

Diced Pine Apples Wheat Crackers Milk

Straw Berries Corn Muffins Milk

Thursday 24

Friday 25


Wednesday 23

WG Rice Chex Oranges Milk

Blue Berry Pancakes Pine apples Milk

WG Oat Meal Apples Milk

French toast Blue Berries Milk

WG Corn Flakes Oranges Milk


Tuesday 22

Milestone Soup Cheese Garlic Bread Corn Strawberries Milk

Roasted Chicken Wild Rice Asparagus Peaches Milk

Salisbury Steak Mash Potatoes Corn Oranges Milk

Sloppy Joe WG Buns Carrots Potato Tots Pears Milk

Chicken Cheese Pizza Peas Fruit Cocktail Sweet Potato Fries Milk


Monday 21

Graham Crackers Peaches Milk

Corn Muffins Pears Milk

Gold Fish Crackers Fruit Cocktail Milk

Bananas Peaches Milk

Bug Bites Blue Berries Milk

Menu May 14-25, 2018  

Flance Menu May 14-25, 2018

Menu May 14-25, 2018  

Flance Menu May 14-25, 2018