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Bureau collective This look book was designed for Stefanie Biggel a fashion designer based in Zurich. An effective part of this design is the interaction the user must go through in order to view the content. The envelope needs to be torn open, this makes the process more interesting and gives the impression there is something worthwhile inside.

Bureau collective This is a promotional guide for the St. Gallen Theatre. The colours compliment each other, and create a clear hierarchy between text and image, the simple folding allows for a compact guide that can be unfolded to a larger and smaller scale.

Bureau collective This is a another promotional guide for the St. Gallen Theatre. I like the concept behind this guide, the idea that they have a seat for every budget, I also like how the guide folds out to create a series of posters, and how the guide is staggered to allow for easy browsing.

Demian conrad design This was created for One Planet Living, what I like about this publication is the simple use of colour and stock. I think the publication fits its target audience by the use of a minimal aesthetic, I think it pushes the idea of being conservative with what you use and looking after our planet.

Demian conrad design This publication was designed for the Blackswan Foundation who’s mission is to encourage therapeutic research for rare and orphan diseases. What makes this publication so interesting is the concept and the technical offset printing technique used for the front covers. The offset printing method (Video on blog) used has allowed for every book cover to be unique, this communicates the concept rarity and uniqueness.

Heydays This publication was designed for the Nor足we足gian Coun足cil for Africa. Each year they produce a book on the current state of Africa. What works about this design is the simple use of colour and effective typography, the spot colours has been used to create a hierarchy in the type, and the a variety of different weights have helped achieve this also.

Heydays This publication was designed for Anthon B Nilsen, a company which is over 100 years old the concept behind the project was to show off the companies best assets, its employees. They documented all the persona belongings the employees carried around with them. I like the really personal feel this project has to it, the visuals are simple, and the spot vanish is a nice touch to finish the publication.

Leftloft This publication was designed for dOCUMENTA (13) 100-notes-100-thoughts are a series of 100 notebooks published by Hatje Cantz comprised of facsimiles of existing notebooks, commissioned essays, collaborations, and conversations of the contributors involved in the event. Simple colours and simple typography, the publication has a very simple aesthetic which makes it very pleasant on the eye.

Publications research  

Research on publications.

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