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Every one of us at some point in our lives has found themselves seperated from our family. As a child most of us did not remain calm, we paniced and ran around with our hearts beating in search of our parents or guardians. Set around the imagination of a group of young chldren, we follow the adventure and fear of a lost boy through a magical world full of lava pits and dangerous creatures from the dark! As he finds his way back to the supermarket, he comes across a few new friends and causes a little bit of havoc along the way.

Chris Luk

Natalie Fyfe

Liam Rushfirth


Plasticine maker

Background design

Jade Hodgson

Hannah McCann

Character development

Yeti design/animation

Abi Sharp

Sacha Frampton

Reality Background


James Flanagan

Danny Cooper

Graphic design

Sound/music design

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