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April 2014

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M A C A D A M I A We l c o m e

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Vi s i o n

Placed at the core of family and company growth, Mataffin Village has always been a special place; holding a unique heritage value for the Halls family and for HL Hall & Sons. But Mataffin is also a historic Lowveld landmark for generations of residents and visitors to the area, and holds happy memories for many beyond the immediate Halls community. The vision held clearly in mind throughout the process of developing Mataffin Macadamia village was therefore clear—to look after and to protect the heritage aspect and ensure that the development will leave a legacy in terms of the look, feel and function of the village and community. Halls Properties carefully chose their partners, the

C a r e The Care Centre at Mataffin Macadamia has operated from the outset, and recently moved across into it‘s permanent facility in the Assisted Living section. The centre has a din-

Maintaining and conserving both the environmental and building heritage has been carried through into the residential lifestyle as well.

Lagerwey Group, because of their understanding of the concept and bringing the Macadamia Assisted Living component with them. Leaving the well established avenues of flamboyants intact, retaining most of the original village green and adopting an architectural style reminiscent of the past has given Mataffin Macadamia village a distinctive sense of place and history.

C e n t r e

This is an integrated village community, not merely a retirement complex. As in the village of yesteryear, old and young residents meet and interact on the village green and the elderly are integrated into the community. The original three heritage houses remain - Torburnlea has been renovated and is operated as a bed and breakfast by descendents of HL Hall. The community has welcomed it‘s first baby and a resident elderly couple announced their engagement. Life in the village continues.

s e t t l e s

ing room where all the apartment and Care centre residents eat. A golf cart is on hand to transport residents to lunch. Matron Maureen Tanner explained that she has 19 staff members. There are

two alternating day shifts and two night shifts, so nursing personnel are on hand 24/7. The move makes the Care Centre more easily accessible for the Assisted Living residents.

P a g e


M a t a f f i n

F r o m

t h e

V i l l a g e

N e w s

D e v e l o p e r

Mataffin Macadamia Village news chatted to Craig Lewis of Halls Properties and one of the Directors of the joint venture and Hettie Swart, Principal Agent at the Mataffin Macadamia Sales Office, to get the developer‘s perspective on Mataffin Macadamia Village.

Halls have a long pioneering history in the Lowveld and with the development of Mataffin Macadamia Village alongside partners the Lagerwey Group, Halls Properties continue to pioneer residential development with their ‗twin community, one village‘ concept.

Macadamia senior citizen developments are known for their care facilities, community life and the social aspect of living in their villages, and this is the 5th Macadamia village to be developed.

By integrating an assisted living retirement concept and a lifestyle estate catering for all, the developers are setting a benchmark for property development. This keeps the elderly part of a well mixed community and doesn‘t remove them from the mainstream, while offering them the care facilities needed.

―No one needs to go home empty handed – we can accommodate everyone‖

M a c a d a m i a

Craig reports that Phase 1 is coming to completion and residents have been moving in weekly since January 2013 as houses are finished and handed over. ―A real sense of community has enveloped the village,‖ he says. Phase 2, with another 15 existing houses and 19

freehold stands, was opened up late last year. The success of the renovated existing houses triggered sales in Phase 2 which is enjoying excellent take up from the market, according to Hettie. She says that the large village green and swimming pool are popular features, particularly with the families visiting their elderly parents in the assisted living facilities. So popular, in fact, that many families have gone on to buy into the lifestyle section—enabling three generations of the family to live close to each other while maintaining their independent lifestyles. The contractors are in the throes of being appointed and servicing of the stands is expected to begin in April. The Care Centre has been operating since day 1, and has recently moved from the original building to its permanent position in the assisted living section.

Hettie notes that the architect is enjoying the challenge of meeting the unique accommodation requirements. Designing of sectional title apartments as well as freehold houses in Phase 2 has commenced. When asked what makes Mataffin Macadamia unique in the market, Craig responds enthusiastically ―being able to buy a house in a village where the avenues are lined with mature trees, wonderful birdlife and an existing heritage and culture.‖ And this is all in close proximity to town and various facilities.

V o l u me

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I s s u e


P a g e

Vi l l a g e

N e w s

It started off as a regular time to socialise and slowly activities are being introduced as people get better acquainted. Croquet, bingo and screening popular movies are just a few of the weekly activities and of course, just a tea time get toThere are many reasons to live in Mataffin Macadamia Village, and residents are happily co-ordinating initiatives to enjoy every single one of them!

gether for a natter and some companionship proves entertaining. The enthusiastic residents aren‘t content to leave it there, either. Plans are afoot to start a walking club soon and once the many boxes of donated books have been sorted and catalogued, a village library will open.

A number of Mataffin Macadamia residents began the Tuesday Tea in 2013 to give everyone throughout the village an opportunity to get to know one another.

A round of bingo or a game of croquet keeps residents active at the Tuesday Tea morning


‘ D a s h a ’

A group of children from the Dasha Foundation school visited Mataffin Macadamia Village on Tuesday 25th Feb. Residents were entertained by the music making and singing. After performing a few dances, the children and residents enjoyed some treats and tea together.

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“We enjoy the lovely outdoor lifestyle”

E n t e r t a i n m e n t

Dasha kids enlivening the residents morning

Photo ©Nelspruit Post. News about and photos of Nelspruit and its residents can be found online at


A Home Owners Association (HOA) has been set up for the village and a part time village manager appointed.

The first meeting of the HOA is planned to take place shortly and the MOI will be tabled at the meeting

The unique, integrated nature of Mataffin Macadamia means that the process of creating the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) has been a complicated one.

In conjunction with this, the house rules and Body Corporate rules have also been revised to ensure they align with the MOI and these rules will be tabled at the same meeting. This inaugural meeting will signal that the HOA is up and running and is an exciting step forward.

Provision has to be made for the freehold title members as well as members of the Assisted Living section‘s Body Corporate. Each owner of a freehold property has a single vote, while a Body Corporate member holding one vote represents three units in the Assisted Living section .


For further information please contact Hettie Swart on 082 446 2738 or visit the website

Appointment of a Village Manager Custodiancare has been appointed as part time caretaker of the Village and Gavin Preddy is the onsite manager. He visits the village twice a week and is the first port of call for residents in the event of any issues arising. Gavin will assess the matter and assign it onto the correct area and person for resolution. He can be contacted on 082 448 8595 or email

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