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Introduction To The Modeling Industry


Welcome to the modeling industry of IMVU. There are many things you come to face as you grow into a professional model; this introduction is going to give you a brief outlook on what other agencies are looking for in a model.

So‌How do I model?

Here at Scorpion we have a very particular process each and every model must face. With this process you will experience challenges and assignments that will force you to get creative.

So‌ How do I model?

The first thing you need to know as a model here is how to take a hiResnobg photo. hiResnobg- A screen shot in which only the avatar is captured. When taking a hiResnobg shot there is no background. This allows us to place an avatar anywhere on an image.

So‌ How do I model?

As a model you will use hiresnobg to take photos and everything else. Hiresnobg IS YOUR LIFE as an imvu model. This unique tool will be learned in these training secessions.

So‌ How do I model?

Modeling agencies have in house competitions called challenges. These challenges may ask you to do anything from dress like a duck to dress like your favorite celebrity. Who ever takes the best photo under the theme given wins a special prize. Modeling agencies also have tasks that models are to complete and they are called assignments. The same concept for challenges are held the same except for the competition aspect.

So‌ How do I model?

Modeling agencies also have partnerships with other agencies and imvu developers in which they organize photo shoots and fashion shows to display the work of the other agencies and developers.

So‌ How do I model?

When you are a model it is important to keep updated with all the information that the agency is doing, if not you will miss out on gifts and prizes for winning assignments and challenges.

So‌ How do I model?

Modeling agencies have what they call group pages this is how modeling agencies conduct major business aside from operating in chat rooms. There you will find all the assignments and challenges you will be doing.


In this training secession you learned the basic concepts of IMVU modeling. Although this is most of the general ideas about modeling there is still so much more. You will learn all you need to know in future secessions.

Model training secession 1  

Models of IMVU, this is a training secession to help you learn the ropes of the IMVU modeling industry.

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