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The Suddeth Scoop The Official Publication of Division 7 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International Volume 1, Issue 3 | June 2014

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Page 3: Introduction Page 4-5: Division 7 Social Page 6-7: Division 7 Spotlight Page 8: Message from International Programs Committee Page 9: Message from The District Project Committee What’s New in Division 2 | April 2014 | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Page 2 Page 10-11: Advocacy Focus Information Page 12: Public Relations Flyer Page 13: DCM Recap Page 14: Calendar of Events Page 15: Important Reminders Page 16: Contact Information


Hello Division 7! The time has come to update you all with my newsletter! I hope this newsletter finds evryone in good spirits. With summer rolling in comes the benefits of no homework and fun summer service projects! Key Club is year round and summer is no exception. In my third newsletter you can find a lot of newly released information from the district and much more that I encourage you to read! For future newsletters, in order to increase divisional unity, I want to put club events on the calendar of events! Please send me what your club has planned thus far for the service year!

Division 7 Social On July 30th from 12pm-3pm, Division 7 will hold its first divisional event of the new service year. Key Clubbers will meet at the All Saints Regional Catholic School sign and we will then walk to the Doc Cramer Fields where I will have everything set up. This day will be used for Division 7 Key Clubbers to intermingle in a fun social setting since we have been lacking divisional unity in the past few years. We will have fun outdoorsy games to do and I will supply lunch. Please feel free to bring activities to do at the social to share with Division 7 Key Clubbers. I am also asking that everyone brings a $2 donation for The Eliminate Project. Please contact me or your clubs officers with any questions! Remember everyone in the division is invited as well as non Key Clubbers!

Division 7 Spotlight For the past several years, Southern Regional’s Key Club has been greatly involved with Relay For Life of Manahawkin; they even had 5 members on the committee this year. The club is responsible for the success of the Survivor’s Dinner. It is their job to create centerpieces that are related to the theme, and for providing volunteers to run the event. This year’s Relay for Life themed “Bridge to a Cure” was no exception to the success of years past. Communnity members greatly applauded the hard work of Southern Regional’s Key Club. Congrats Southern Regional on a great event!

Message From The International Programs Committee

Hello New Jersey Key Clubbers! International Programs is the focus of Key Club on a global scale. It takes the core values and enthusiasm from Key Clubbers and extends it across the country. From teaching members at Key Leader and ICON to connecting with outside organizations such as UNICEF, the International Programs Committee seeks to spread the message of Key Club to other communities. It combines the service of members with the assistance and dedication of partner organizations to better assist the entire world. The Children's Miracle Network is one of Key Club's three preferred charities. CMN is a non-profit organization that works around the world to raise funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness. They have given over $5 billion to over 170 hospitals. Key Club works to help these hospitals by volunteering to spend time with patients and raise money through various fundraisers. Currently, the New Jersey District focuses on Children's Specialized Hospital, that has locations in Toms River, Egg Harbor Township, Clifton, Fanwood, Hamilton, Mountainside, New Brunswick, and Roselle Park. Visit for more information. The International Programs Committee encourages you to visit Children’s Specialized Hospital at least once during the summer time. Not only will volunteering make the day of a patient, it will make yours as well!

Message From The District Project Committee Salutations, New Jersey District! Summer is rapidly approaching! The warmer weather offers time to relax, hang out with friends, and enjoy the beach! Summer, though, is also a great time to host some fundraising projects! The District Project Steering Committee has compiled this list of easy projects to try this summer: • Rummage Sale- Team up with your Sponsoring Kiwanis for this one! Find a local park or open space in your area. Make sure to make a reservation for that space if need be. Ask your members to donate anything they don’t want anymore, as long as the items are still in good condition. Ask members of your Sponsoring Kiwanis to donate as well, and invite them to help sell. Make sure to ask around for tables- you can ask members of your club or your Sponsoring Kiwanis, or even your school. Have the donations dropped off at a certain time, date, and location a week before the sale. On the day of, sell everything for a reasonable price If it’s a hot day, it might be a good idea to pick up some drinks and sell those for a profit, too! Lemonade Stand- This might sound cliche, but it is certainly worth a try! Grab some friends, squeeze some lemons, and set up a stand in your neighborhoodyou’re sure to get some funds! You can even set up a stall at a local carnival or Fourth-of-July Festival! • Book Drive Fundraiser- Have club members donate used books, still in good condition. Set up a time and location for the drop-off. Then, have an outdoor book fundraiser in your local park, with members helping to sell- you should also team up with your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, if possible. Have some drinks on hand and sell those for a profit too, especially if it’s a hot day. Sell both for reasonable prices. • Bake Sales- You can never go wrong with baked goods! Have members bake some goods or invite a bunch of friends at your house and start baking. You can sell all the baked goods in your neighborhood, local carnival, or Fourth of July Festival! We hope these tips keep your club active and involved this summer! Remember, with every fundraising project, we get closer to our goal of eliminating tetanus from the face of the earth! Enjoy the summer, New Jersey District!

DCM Recap On June 1st, the first Divisional Council Meeting of the new service year was held at Winding River Park in Toms River. We went over very important information including district happenings with explanations,divisional and club goals, and a K-Family explanation. We also had a divisional project discussion and each club shared their clubs past service projects. We also went over other important information such as rosters, CMRFs, OTCS,club visits and more. The next DCM will be held in August. If you would like a copy of the DCM agenda from June 1st please contact me!

Calendar Of Events July: June 30th-July 6th: ICON in Anaheim, California July 30th: Divisional Social at Doc Cramer Fields September: South RTC: September 13th Central RTC: September 14th North RTC: September 20th October: Fall Rally: October 12th at Six Flags December: Key Leader: December 5th-7th at Camp Cross Roads in Port Murray, NJ March: DCON: March 27-29 at Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Brach, NJ 10th of every month: CMRF and Division 7 Spotlight Recap and pictures due

Important Reminders Divisional Event: The Divsional Social will be on July 30th from 123 at the Doc Cramer Fields. Please email me with questions.

Google Form Please have your 2014-2015 officers go to and have them go to the Google Forms/ Surveys tab and fill out the form. Roster Collection: If you have not already done so, please send me and District Secretary Dragon your rosters if your club has had officer elections for the 20142015 service year.

OTC Please have your president or adviser contact me to plan an OTC ! Officers: Please send me your schedule of events for what your club has planned for the service year thus far. Email: Please check your emails regularly Division Website Visit njkeyclubdivision7.we for divisional and district information!

Contact Information Samantha Levisay District Governor Cell: (908)-319-9990 Jacqueline Dragon District Secretary Cell: (551)-795-6311 Daniel McCormack District Treasurer Cell: (732) 757-8551 m Patrick Quinn District Editor Cell: (908)-635-9075 Srikar Gudipati District Webmaster Cell: (732)-421-6309 m Josie Suddeth LTG of Division 7 Cell: (609)-709-0070

The Suddeth Scoop Volume I Issue III  

The official publication of Division 7 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International

The Suddeth Scoop Volume I Issue III  

The official publication of Division 7 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International