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Hi my name is Charlotte, editor and publisher of the new Flair Fashion Mag. This is the first ever issue and I hope you enjoy it! In this magazine it’s all about the style and the creativity. I hope that while reading I give you inspiration and motivate you for a good style. I include in my mag pictures that I took and good sites to go to for further inspiration. XOX Charlotte Summer Time Shine Summer is the best time to just lay back, relax and stare at the sun in your vintage shades. You feel free, hot and just amazing, so why not look it? My favorite part about summer is the style that comes with it. You can look at my blog at: to seewhat was on the market this spring and I will soon post what’s coming for summer. Style is so important in the summer, becauseyou can put away your school dress codes and uniform, and just be creative on what you want to look like. Weather you make your own shorts, dip dye your hair or go all out on the jewelry, the style is now all yours. So play around, have fun and be you!

A fashion Icon I usually look up to people for their fashion when they are different and go for a more hipster style, like Taylor Momsen for example. We can all say that Taylor can go a little too far and pulls of a reputation of racy, which isn’t so appealing, but there is something so different about Taylor’s style then everyone else’s. It’s her style, not the medias. Like Momsen, Lady Gagacomes out with the most outrageous outfits. I couldn’t say that any of them are particularly my taste, but Gagalikes them and she can certainly pull it off. I’m not telling you to dress up in a meet dress or barely cover yourself, but I’m telling you to not be scared about what people say or think and just be yourself. Ask Char for her fashion advice! A young girl from Canadawrites to Char: Dear Char, I have been reading your blog and I am very interested in your style and opinions. However I want to look as amazing as all those model’s and what they wear, but I just have the most ugly clothes. What do I do? Sincerely, Ihatemyclothes Char’s Response: Dear Ihatemyclothes, We all had those times where we just want to throw everything out of our closets and start over, but the thing is, it’s really not as bad as your probably think it is. Everything you have can be easily modified to look ten time better, for example you can take an big sleeping shirt and turn it into a funky tank top just by cutting of the sleeve and adjusting the collar. You and cut up an old

pair of jeans and make cute cut-off shorts. If your still really unsatisfied, save up someallowance or make money from around the house and splurge a little at the hippest shops in town. If money is an issue, there are so many vintage cute stuff you can find at thrift stores and your almost guaranteed to be successful. Sincerely, Char

A young girl from Texas writes to Char: Dear Char, I want to wear shorts and bikinis but I’m way to unconfident about my body. I just want to look like all those beautiful girls splashed across magazine covers. Sincerely, Nosizezero Dear Nosizezero, A lot of young women spend time worrying about body and physical appearance in today’s media. The truth is, a girl that is now considered normal used to be called extremely skinny. We all need to learn to take care of are bodies by eating probably and doing the right amount of exercise. There are so many things that are far more important then weight, like smartness, happinessand healthiness. Everyone is beautiful in there own way and the most beautiful thing is confident. Sodon’t be scared about what other people think, becausethere probably not even noticing it any ways, it’s only us who realize our own problems. Don’t put yourself down, keep your head high and build your self-esteem. Sincerely, Char P.sYour beautiful.

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