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From the Publisher Benvenuto a LUXZIO! In the ever evolving Rocky Mountain State, FLAIR has brought a fresh approach to celebrate Colorado’s pulse through the most vibrant content, design and clientele. The magazine’s impact on the discerning affluent community has propelled us beyond the boundaries of our own name, as we continue to raise the bar as Colorado’s Luxury Lifestyle Authority. Although the FLAIR name served us well, we found that it limited us in both scope and scale. Simply put, we outgrew it. We, our clients and our audience demand more. Much more. Please allow me to introduce you to LUXZIO. The LUXZIO brand was created by fusing the concept of a luxury lifestyle with the spirit of one of Europe’s great countries that has impacted the world’s culture, style and fashion in so many ways: Italy. We are delighted to invite you along on this exciting journey with LUXZIO Magazine.


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is in the cards!

Photographed and written by Michael Beckerman

For millions of Americans today the monotony of getting up every morning to go to work and do a job they aren't truly passionate about for a company they don't really care about is sadly both commonplace and routine. For some of us, that's good enough. But for a select few others, it isn’t.


Jordan Eisenberg, CEO of Denver based Urgent-Rx, is certainly one of those people. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Eisenberg studied mathematics and computer engineering at Vanderbilt University. Shortly after graduating he went to work for an investment bank. Although this helped to give him a strong background in both finance and economics, he quickly learned that rather than spending his time trying to climb the corporate ladder, he was much better suited to trying to build one of his own instead. Eisenberg left the investment banking world and went to work for Maurice Kanbar, the founder of Skyy Vodka, working as his right hand man. As an early indication of Eisenberg’s tenacity, he had called Kanbar once a month for two years asking him for a job prior to being hired on. It was time well spent though. Eisenberg spent several years running a multitude of different business for Kanbar, learning valuable lessons along the way on how to invent, patent, manufacture and get products into distribution.

Lifestyles people had aspirin on them in an easily accessible form when a heart attack strikes. Urgent-Rx does exactly this.” And in fact, Urgent-Rx’s products already have saved lives. To date, the company is aware of 11 lives that have been saved so far by the use of their products. One of the most well known of these instances occurred when a skier on Vail Mountain had a heart attack while on the slopes. Vail Ski Patrol responded quickly, administered Urgent-Rx Aspirin to Go, and the first life was saved. Urgent-Rx presently employs nine people at their offices in downtown Denver but has aspirations to grow substantially in the years to come. The company is presently rolling out their product line of the six most commonly sold medications to retailers nationwide. Eisenberg envisions the product line expanding to as many as two to three dozen different medications in the next few years. After working for Kanbar for several years, Eisenberg struck out on his own. He invented a new product to keep EpiPens, devices designed to deliver a single dose of epinephrine to those who suffer from severe allergies, from spoiling in hot weather or freezing in cold weather. This wasn’t just an invention designed to make money though. Eisenberg himself suffers from food allergies and understands very well the danger of not having a working EpiPen on hand when you need it. The market agreed, and a major medical device manufacturer licensed the concept. Eisenberg didn’t know it at the time, but his next invention, the Collar Card, would lay the conceptual groundwork for what would later become his current venture of UrgentRx. The Collar Card, a small, credit card shaped device, contained several replacement collar stays and could easily be carried around in a wallet. This product was sold successfully through men’s clothing stores, dry cleaners and boutique hotels. The creation of this product solidified in his mind the value of having what you need on hand, when you need it, in an easily accessible and highly unobtrusive form. All of what Eisenberg learned from his previous endeavors were fused into his current line of UrgentRx products, once again a product born out of necessity. “Urgent-Rx ‘medicine cards’ provide commonly needed medications in an easily accessible and highly portable format that is the exact size of a credit card,” says Eisenberg. “Additionally, the medicine itself is in pleasant tasting, flavored powder format that does not require liquid to administer. The advantage here is that not only is it convenient and easy to keep important medication with you at all times, but it’s also very fast acting. Because Urgent-Rx medications are powdered, they enter the blood stream significantly faster than medications in the form of a traditional pill, getting to work and providing relief in nearly one third of the time. With our aspirin product in particular, that difference in absorption time could mean the difference between life and death when taken in the event of a heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, taking 325 mg of Aspirin when a heart attack occurs increases your odds of survival by 23%. That means that nearly a quarter of all heart attack deaths could be prevented today if

“It’s great to be able to do something that you are passionate about while at the same time having the satisfaction of knowing that what you are doing truly is contributing to making people’s lives better,” says Eisenberg. Although his company is only two years old and will undoubtedly face many challenges in the years ahead, as all young companies do, it’s safe to say that Jordan Eisenberg is one entrepreneur that certainly appears to be playing his cards right. Urgent-Rx is available through their web site as well as at select retailers nationwide.



for a Cause

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Ambassador Samantha Marcia Stevens and her father Brian Executive Director Michelle Sie Whitten

Written by Jessica Rivera Photography by Michael Beckerman


Anna and John J Sie with Quincy Jones.

Luke Zimmerman accepts the 2012 Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award from DeOndra Dixon

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation, a non-profit, global initiative, dedicated to improving the lives of people with Down syndrome. Through research, medical care, education and advocacy, it aspires to bring a higher awareness to Down Syndrome since it is the most common genetic condition and yet is the least funded by the National Institute of Health. “We just want a fair shake,” says Michelle Sie Whitten, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the organization. According to The National Down Syndrome Society, “Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.” Instead of having just two chromosome 21’s, people with this condition have two and a half or three copies. It is a condition in which the extra chromosome causes problems with how the body and brain develop. One of the misconceptions of Down Syndrome is that it affects older women more. The reality is that 2% of cases are hereditary and 98% are random. Michelle Sie Whitten founded the organization back in 2009 in Denver. When Whitten was pregnant with her daughter in 2003, she found out her baby was going to have Down Syndrome. Like any parent with this information, Whitten and her husband began to research Down Syndrome. They wanted to have a better idea of what their and their daughter’s journey would be like. To the Whitten’s dismay, they quickly realized that they were getting inaccurate information about the genetic condition, from all people, their medical practitioners included. Their findings were alarming, to say the least. “There were not a lot of resources for people with intellectual disabilities or not as much as one would hope to find in Colorado,” Whitten said. Additionally, she discovered a 20-year waiting list for services from the state. This lit a fire in Whitten to do something. Her answer was to work with the University of Colorado, School of Medicine at Boulder and Children’s Hospital Colorado to create the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome in 2008. The institute is the national and global leader in Down Syndrome research and medical care. It is also the only institute in the U.S. that is 100% geared towards people with Down Syndrome. Whitten’s philanthropist parents, Anna and John Sie, also wanted to join in on the effort to help. To this end, they founded the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome in 2010, a center that provides the highest quality of comprehensive care to children with Down Syndrome and support for their families from infancy up to the age of 21.

Baylee Ginther, Danilo Gallinari and Hillary MacAdam


Both the Linda Crnic Institute and the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome needed to be continuously funded. Whitten created the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. The organization provides fundraising, education, awareness and government advocacy for the Center and Institute’s medical care center. The goals for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation are to create relationships within Congress, lobby Congress for more attention and funding. The funds raised are to be put toward initiatives like Michelle’s and to encourage people to ask their representatives to join the First Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus. The main areas of support the foundation provides are financial, emotional and political. Of course these are goals and like anything else, there are harsh realities to be dealt with. According to Whitten, in 2010-2011, the National Institute of Health decreased Down Syndrome funding by $2 million. This is not the direction of progress the foundation wants to see but there are high hopes for additional future funding. This is where the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in Denver comes in to play. It is a key annual fundraiser for the foundation and the largest fundraiser for Down Syndrome in the nation. The fashion show is also a way to elevate the models, all with Down Syndrome, into a different light, while successfully emphasizing

Governor John Hickenlooper

their abilities. The fundraiser’s international spokesperson is Quincy Jones, a music industry icon. DeOndra Dixon, who has Down Syndrome herself, is the Syndrome Global Ambassador. She is also the sister of award winning actor and musician, Jamie Foxx. Similar events, the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Gala in Washington D.C. and the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Ball in Hollywood, are also put on by the foundation each year as well. Whitten wants to make it very clear that this initiative is not about fixing people with Down Syndrome. Whitten states, “We want to improve their lives, we want them to reach their full potential.” The way that is going to happen is through increases in research that addresses issues such as higher rates of medical risks, shorter life spans and memory problems for those living with Down Syndrome. Education and research on Down Syndrome, has come a long way since 2008, thanks to tireless efforts of those at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, the Linda Crnic Institute and the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome. With the continued hard work and effort of the dedicated people at these critically important organizations, those with Down syndrome today can look forward to a much brighter tomorrow. To find out more about how you can help by getting involved in the struggle to help those with Down Syndrome lead better lives, contact the Global Down Syndrome Foundation through their website at or by phone at (303) 321-6277.


Are you


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Giving More Than Thanks By Andrew Weilert


he act of rescuing implies a delivery from harmful circumstance, often requiring a change that can’t be done alone. Results depend on the help of many hands, long hours, and an inordinate amount of belief from more than just one individual. The Denver Rescue Mission has been enabling people to take ownership of their lives for 119 years through a commitment to service that doesn’t discriminate and an unyielding dedication from a community of volunteers. Denver is the 4th fastest growing city in America. Seeing an expansion of nearly 20,000 residents from 2010 to 2011, an increase of 3.3%, it is obvious that more and more people want to live here. This high influx of people affects all areas of life from the job market to the cost of housing, which in turn affects the homeless population. In the Metro Denver area alone, there are presently 12,605 homeless men, women and children. Many people out there are struggling, but getting involved to help empower them is well within your reach. Thanksgiving marks the busiest time of year for shelters all throughout Denver. On Thanksgiving, the Denver Rescue Mission feeds over 500 meals in a single afternoon. This particular feast calls for lots of hands, preparation and most of all, turkeys. On November 1st, there will be a Turkey Drive at the Lawrence Street Shelter where an expected 18,000 turkeys will be donated. The Shelter turns a day of giving thanks outward towards the people, a pleasant reminder that there is plenty to be thankful for; the opportunity to care for another, to share smiles and swap stories with strangers and to remind yourself and others that the innate bonds of humanity still exist. But this annual celebration occupies a single calendar day. There are plenty of ways to continue to serve, help and assist during the other 364.


The Denver Rescue Mission realizes than changing lives takes more than a 30-day trial. With a wide variety of services that many potential supporters may not yet be aware of, doing your part is made to be flexible to meet your schedule. Serving meals is the most common form of donating time and is always in demand. Contributions of clothes, furniture, and hygiene items are equally as important to the Rescue Mission. The Lawrence Street Shelter has on-site medical and optical healthcare where doctors and optometrists donate their time and talent to ensure the physical well being of those in need. Volunteers can become mentors. Working directly with men, women or families is a great way to personally engage with those seeking guidance. In teaching others, you can learn a lot about yourself as well. For having given and for having received, the possibilities for growth are never one sided; no one is left unchanged. With a little effort, each of us can be part of an ongoing effort that helps make changes that will last a lifetime. With a range of different ways to get involved, you can unlock the potential in yourself and others. Changing a life is only an afternoon away. Those wishing to volunteer and assist the Denver Rescue Mission in their effort to help can contact them through their web site at or by phone at (303) 297-1850.

NOVEMBER Films to Look For

By Andrew Weilert

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Family, food, football and stories, not much can top this annual gathering of good times. But in the unlikely event that you’ve had too much good food, need some fresh air from hot family gossip, or maybe just find yourself alone for a few hours, there are plenty of good reasons to visit your local box office. November is full of hot ticket movies desperate for your attention. Complete with vampire finales, dead Presidents, and Bond, James Bond. Whatever your fancy, November has all varieties of drama and action to compete for your anxious eyes.

Breaking Dawn II The final chapter of the Twilight Saga comes out November 16th. It is the first and last choice of moviegoers all over the world. If you are the one person who has no idea what I’m talking about here, picture a less depressing Romeo and Juliet but with vampires instead of aristocrats. Regardless of whose team you are on, Team Edward or Team Who Cares, so far the Saga has been successful. In the box office definitely, no one can deny the movies profitability, but the impact the movies have made so far stretches into everyday life. The masses momentarily forgot all about Harry Potter. You could spot real life vampires in corners of coffee shops smoking cigarettes and squinting their eyes at all hours of the night. The movie itself should be a treat to fans. It is the final chapter of the story. And, as with any finale, there are usually fireworks.

Skyfall Not the vampire type? Don’t fret. There is a lot to see other than star-crossed bloodsuckers. Skyfall marks Daniel Craig’s third Bond movie, one that reveals a much more human undercover operative than his Bond films of the past. With this new installation of movies, MGM and Columbia Studios have done a good job re-introducing everyone’s favorite secret agent. The ingredients however, haven’t changed: expensive cars, gorgeous women, and vigilante justice. What’s not to like? Watch Javier Bardem play the latest evil genius, adding to his list of truly frightening ultra-villains. Don’t believe me? Watch No Country for Old Men and tell me he doesn’t terrify you. Buckle up for another sexy 007 movie that is certain to satisfy come November 9th.

Lincoln If it is drama you want, Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln, which also debuts on the 9th, is sure to impress. Set around a monumental chapter in our nation’s history, the film focuses on the morale and constitutional crossroads that is The Civil War. The movie flaunts a cast with many big name Academy Award Winning stars including Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as a welcomed addition to this big league ensemble. Don’t be surprised if you see more than a few award nominations come out of this one.

Life of Pi On November 23rd, Life of Pi hits theatres with an adventure big enough for the whole family. Get lost in an unforgettable and breathtakingly beautiful story of discovery and life. Witness as Academy Award Winning Director, Ang Lee, transforms the “unfilmable” bestselling novel by Yann Martel, into what is sure to be one of the most visually stunning, 3D movies to date. This unconventional tale is a marvel that you’ll have to see to believe.

November hosts a long list of varied films stretching across a variety of different genres with familiar names attached on both sides of the camera. Don’t be shy, get out and see for yourself what Hollywood has to offer this Thanksgiving. With this year’s line-up of great looking holiday films, there’s a lot more out there to enjoy than just the delicious turkey and stuffing.


























Men’s style






Beauty Regimens of the

By Jessica Rivera

Prohibition Era Denver’s prohibition era spanned the time from December, 1915 to April, 1933. During these eighteen years, the consumption of alcohol was outlawed and both the Stock Market Crash and The Great Depression took place. Needless to say, the women of Colorado at the time looked to a variety of different outlets to find hope, inspiration and happiness. One of those outlets was the films of the time. Women of the era wanted to imitate beautiful starlets such as Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn and Greta Garbo as a means of escape.


Beauty Cold creams were commonly used for deep pore cleansing and to help soften the skin. Pond’s offered their four steps to beauty which consisted of a cold cream, cleansing tissues, a skin freshener to remove excess oil and a vanishing cream to firm the skin and give it a healthy glow. The makeup trend of the day was simply face powder sans blush, dark lipstick and dramatic eyes. Makeup companies like Coty’s, Max Factor, Helena Rubenstein, Revlon and Elizabeth Arden were busy coming up with new products to be endorsed by movie stars in ads. One example of this was Max Factor’s introduction of the powder brush which was demonstrated and promoted by actress Carole Lombard. Considering the lows of this era, women still managed to have style. Surprisingly, this is the time when hairstyles first really came to be. Hair care was becoming very important to women at the time, if not even more so than their face and makeup regimens. Women cut their longer hair-dos into very short bobs with finger curls. Also known as the “Flapper”, the hair style of the time was sleek, shiny and tapered. Whatever the celebrities did and had was all the rage. Watkins Mulsified Coconut Oil Shampoo advertised that their product was the secret to how movie stars kept their hair looking so beautiful. That was enough to make it a very popular hair care product,

promising to keep women’s prohibition era tresses looking just like the starlets. Today we are used to Hollywood and movie stars setting trends and launching new styles. Once we see ads, commercials and fashion shows showing what’s new, we are off to shop for the latest and greatest products, styles, designs and fashions. But these standards for beauty didn’t always exist. The 1920’s marked the very beginning of such things in America. This era took personal style to a new and much higher level. A level in which there was finally a connection between the famous star on the big screen and the average woman on the street. Long gone were the days where things of luxury were reserved for just the lucky few with money, fame or notoriety. Now, with the onset of new fashion related products, the everyday person could emulate the highsociety look of the starlets without actually being one them. The 1920’s and 30’s are often looked back on by historians as depressing and gloomy times for our nation, but many forget that the prohibition era brought fashion, style and beauty regimens prominently to the forefront in this country for the very first time. Those early days served as the starting blocks for an ever increasing race towards the ideal of fashion that continues right on through to today. One look at the multi-billion dollar global fashion industry today will tell you that this is a race that clearly has no end in sight.


Dr. Jason Martin Aspen Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Understanding NEW FACE LIFT PROCEDURES Aging is a complicated process that affects every facet of the body.

Between the 4th and 6th

decade of life, this transition accelerates and is most evident externally. This process is highlighted on the face and neck, which can develop jowling, loose skin, unwanted deposition of fat, worsening wrinkles and loss of facial definition and volume. These changes are persistent and irreversible without some intervention.



As facelifts are one the most common procedures I perform, I counsel patients on the need for a clear and concise plan to counteract the signs of facial aging. What I see most in my practice is a tendency for patients to float around from treatment to treatment, with no real directive. It is best to treat your face like a ‘small business’, formulating a treatment ‘proforma’ that is comprehensive and addresses both the short term and long term goals. This, in most cases, includes a comprehensive skin care regimen, laser treatments and possible injectable and surgical procedures. Furthermore, treatments and procedures should utilize the newest advancements in technology and depend upon the experience of the treatment provider. A patient’s viewpoint on facelifts is often polarizing. This is in large part due to the examples of extreme facelifts that are seen in the media and in society. It is important to emphasize that these are not representative of the procedures that are completed in high-end centers such as my office in Aspen and Denver. Barring close friends and family members, if you can notice that an individual has had a facelift, then it was not done correctly. A facelift is subtle, natural, and flows with the normal anatomy of a patient’s face. Second, the history of this procedure has created a real stereotype that now distorts the public view of how a facelift really should look. My forefathers in plastic surgery unfortunately veered away from the natural aesthetic during the 1980s and 1990s. Patients from that era tended to look windblown, pulled and unnatural. This set the stage for a real concern among patients that having a facelift could ultimately leave you looking unnatural. Fortunately, the modern facelift has little relationship with the procedures of previous decades. The outcomes are natural and tailored to each patient’s specific facial features. There is an emphasis on restoration and balance. Volume losses are addressed and combination treatments with lasers are now the norm. Overall, the results give a subtle rejuvenating effect to the face that is unparalleled by any other treatment or procedure. These improvements are due in large part to the changes that have occurred with facial rejuvenation. There is less emphasis on skin pulling and invasive procedures. Rather, the attention is now on the foundation of the face and restoration of volume. The incisions are short, well concealed and nearly imperceptible. Volume is restored with a patient’s own fat thus alleviating the need for fillers in the future. The skin is markedly improved with laser treatments and maintained with a medical grade skin care protocol. In most cases, the recovery from these procedures is less than two weeks, with a notable decrease in discomfort, bruising or swelling as compared to historical procedures. The ‘tried and true’ surgeries of the past, which utilized longer incisions and skin pulling techniques are now relics. Patients now actively seek out less invasive procedures with the added benefits of combination treatments. In my practice, 90% of my facelift procedures utilize shorter incisions and/or combination treatments. We are now pushing the envelope. With the addition of techniques like Smartlifts, which utilize SmartLipo technology, the future should be very interesting.




Fall in Love By Jessica Lee Paulos

With Your Skin

It’s no secret that how your skin looks is a direct reflection of how well you care for yourself overall. As the years add up, so does the sun exposure, busy lifestyle choices and stress. The cumulative effect of these factors can result in a less than desirable complexion. Every woman has spent countless hours in search of her own personal fountain of youth. Rather than spending time in the cosmetics aisle though, we should instead be filling our carts with seasonal produce. In-season fruits and vegetables are at the peak of their nutritional value. The autumn harvest is full of key phytonutrients that can help to optimize your body and skin. With the proper healthy diet, vitamins and minerals can fortify the body


at the cellular level. They can also be absorbed topically through the use of serums, creams and moisturizers. Autumn marks the beginning of cooler days with less daylight, meaning more time indoors for most of us. Take advantage your time inside and get creative in the kitchen by experimenting with new recipes. Awaken your senses by trying out new herbs and spices. Eating the right Fall foods can give you a fantastic glow and will help build up your body’s immunity as the cold and flu season approaches.

The Top 5 Skin Foods to Fall in Love With Apples: Pleasure your taste buds with an apple and eat your way to clearer, firmer skin. Apples contain powerful antioxidants that help prevent cell and tissue damage, wrinkles and aging. Braeburn, Fuji, and Red Delicious apples are all high in phenols, which provide UV-B protection, making your skin more resistant to damage from the sun. Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples fortify the production of collagen and elastin, which help support the structure of the skin.

Kale: Kale is a must on your list of Autumn skin foods. Kale is a cruciferous dark leafy green vegetable derived from the wild cabbage family. Kale is an excellent source of phytonutrients as well as vitamins A, B, C and K, iron, calcium, manganese and potassium. Kale is one of the richest sources of lutein, known for promoting good vision. It also contains beta-carotene, which improves skin elasticity and firmness.

Pears: Pears are sweet and completely satisfying. They are also filled with skin enhancing nutrients. Pears are an excellent source of fiber that works by slowing the release of sugar into your blood, preventing sugar spikes that damage collagen. Pears are an excellent source of potassium, which helps with the growth of new cells. New cell turnover equals healthier skin.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a skin super-food containing an abundance of beauty related benefits. They are full of essentials such as copper, which aids in the skin’s ability to heal. They have betacarotene, an antioxidant that converts to Vitamin A in the body. One serving of sweet potatoes can provide you with up to 700% of the US RDA for Vitamin A. Studies have shown that the appearance of wrinkles can be reduced by up to 11% in people who consume about half a small sweet potato daily over a three year period.

Winter squash: This season enjoy all the various varieties of colorful, delicious and beauty enhancing squash. Squash is packed full of Vitamin A, an essential skin vitamin that balances pH and enhances new cell growth. Winter squash also contains a healthy dose of the skin supporting antioxidant Vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the skin by fighting free radicals, which lead to aging. Let’s not forget about the seeds from winter squash. Winter squash seeds make a great snack and they are loaded with zinc, a big-time beauty mineral. Zinc protects your cell membranes, helps maintain collagen, and promotes skin renewal. The seeds are also an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which assist in hydrating the skin.


Phia Labs A Make-Your-Own

Scent Parfumerie Written by Jessica Rivera. Photography by Michael Beckerman




ichelle Roark, a chemical engineer and two-time Olympic freestyle skier, knew two things from the early age of five: she wanted to be an engineer and compete in the Olympics. However, she never dreamed of owning her own parfumerie. Roark made her debut in the 2006 Winter Olympics and wanted a perfume scent that would last all day while she competed. She wanted one that would be special to her, one as unique as her fingerprints. Store bought perfumes were just not cutting it for Roark. She put her chemical engineering degree to good use and came up with her very own scent: Confidence. Since then, Roark has created many unique scents or “energy bouquets” as she calls them, for her clientele. The bouquets are based off a seven page questionnaire that takes about an hour to an hour and a half for her clients to complete. Roark then does some thorough calculations using the Phi formulation. Also referred to as the “Golden Ratio”, the Phi formulation is known to mathematicians and engineers as one of the world’s most perfect numbers. Roark stated “Things in nature grow in phi proportion. DaVinci used it, Mozart used it, and the pyramids are based on it.” Using the profile information from her clients, Roark comes up with three sample scents. These generally take about a week to prepare. Her clients then take them home and test them. As soon as a final scent is decided on, the custom blend is preserved in a stainless steel bottle which can keep a scent fresh for 50 to 100 years. All custom created blends are then kept in a scent portfolio. Roark explained how the unique energy bouquets she creates can be

“more expensive than liquid gold.” All the scents she has crafted have been created as an all-natural carrier base with no additives, preservatives or alcohol used. In 2010, Roark competed in her second Winter Olympics. That event was the inspiration for her Charisma scent. She now has four other basic scents for women that have followed: Balance, Adventure, Imagination and Focus. For those wondering, Roark also has a men’s line as well. As a matter of fact, men are just as important to her business as women. Her basic men’s scents are Grounding and Drive. The next time you are out looking for a unique gift, an energy bouquet from Phia Lab may be just the thing! All custom blends are priced at $185.00 and refills are $75.00 each. Roark also conducts perfume workshops where she teaches the history of fragrances and explains exactly what goes into the process of making a perfume. Roark’s parfumerie is located in downtown Denver in the historic Bricklayer’s Union Building. A building from the 1920’s that her grandfather helped lay the original bricks for, back when Denver was a much younger city. This same building is also the former home of a prohibition era speakeasy. Phia Lab is located at 2185 N. Broadway in Denver. Michelle Roark can be contacted at (303) 292-3733 or through her site at


One thing is for sure, a hot flash can really get your attention. With flushing, sweating and generally feeling warm and uncomfortable, hot flashes can hit without warning, and can be a true source of distress for many women. Real hot flashes are not caused by fevers, illness or even burning desire. Rather, the main culprit is sex hormones. Estrogen levels in women and testosterone levels in men often fluctuate. If these hormones are suppressed, blood vessels will dilate and dilated blood vessels allow more blood to rush through the body. This sudden increase in blood flow brings with it more heat and flushing - typically to the body’s upper half. While this may sound alarming, hot flashes aren’t dangerous, but as you may well know, along with 85 percent of all women who experience them at some time, they can certainly be uncomfortable. While hot flashes, in and of themselves are not dangerous, if you suddenly begin to experience them it’s good to discuss this with your doctor. In rare cases, hot flashes can be symptoms of more concerning conditions. However, more often than not, women experience hot flashes because of pregnancy, perimenopause or menopause. In fact, hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause. In addition, outside factors such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, spicy foods, lack of exercise, fat intake, chocolate and even temperature can all trigger a hot flash.

Hormones, Menopause and

Hot Flashes: Oh My! By Dr. Oscar Aguirre

“I am sleeping better than I have for years. I feel like I’m me again. I didn’t realize how badly I was feeling. I can’t tell you much how this has changed my life.”


A condition that is often associated with hot flashes is called night sweats which are really just hot flashes that occur during sleeping hours. While turning down the temperature in your bedroom at night can be helpful, this won't eliminate night sweats, though many choose to dress in layers that can be adjusted as needed. So what can be done if you are experiencing hot flashes? Some choose to simply wait out menopause, and these symptoms will eventually fade. Others choose prescription hormone replacement therapy. While this is a great option for some, many women have conditions, family histories or even personal preferences that make prescription medication unadvisable. An excellent choice offered by Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver is the use of Bio-identical hormones. These hormones have the exact molecular structure of the one’s that a woman's body produces naturally. Thus, your body readily accepts them. These hormones can be given in a variety of forms, including troches, pellets, creams, pills, patches or lotions. All of these work by helping to regulate the effects of hormonal changes, often giving relief to hot flashes. While hot flashes may be unpleasant, most women should find comfort in knowing that there are ways to relieve or improve them that don’t necessarily require prescription medication. To learn more about how Bio-identical hormones can benefit you, contact Aguirre Specialty Care’s Bio-identicals on-staff specialist, Shawna, at (303) 322-0500.

“One Too Many” Remedies

By Jessica Lee Paulos 82


There is nothing worse than waking up to the dreaded hangover. We all have experienced the feelings of dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, rumbling stomachs and general sensations related to “the bottle flu”. Last night is in the past so what you do today to feel better is in your hands. Hangovers have plagued people throughout history and there are some wild remedies concocted to try and minimize their impact on the body. “Hair of the Dog” is an age-old hangover cure that entails drinking the day after to lessen the negative effects. While a drink the next day may relax you, it's really just delaying the inevitable. The liver is still processing the toxins left over from alcohol and drinking even more creates additional toxins that need to be broken down as well.

caffeine as well as a stomach-soothing agent. Blowfish pills are meant to be taken two at a time, the next morning after a night of heavy drinking. Another supplement is RU-21, which is marketed as a way to detoxify your system of alcohol. The ingredients seem to be similar to a multi-vitamin and are intended to increase your energy levels.

7-Up was introduced in 1929 as Lithiated Lemon Soda and was touted as the Prohibition-era hangover cure. It was said to neutralize the blood’s acidity. Two to four glasses were intended to soothe and smooth the ragged nerves. 7-Up originally contained lithium citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug. In 1948, when numerous side effects were discovered including dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, tremors, weight gain and thyroid problems, lithium citrate was removed from the product.

What’s the ultimate hangover cure then? An ounce of prevention may well be the best cure. Moderation is always key when consuming any alcoholic beverages. Eat a healthy meal along with any alcohol consumption and stay hydrated. My favorite tip for the day after a night of drinking is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are filled with antioxidants that assist in clearing the body of toxins that alcohol creates. There you have it! No chaotic, wild, time-consuming secret remedies. Just plain, nutrient-dense, healthy foods and consistent hydration and you'll be back to feeling like your old self again in no time. Cheers!

Modern Cures: The “Hangover Heaven” bus is a 45-foot clinic that travels along the strip in Las Vegas. Creator Jason Burke, a board certified anesthesiologist, has developed an IV procedure that contains a blend of vitamins, medications and amino acids designed to rid the body of the toxins. The bus can hold up to 14 people at a time and is equipped with two lounge areas, a kitchenette, a private consultation room, four private bunks and flat screen televisions. The clinic will also come to your room by request. The primo package is the “Rapture Package” which includes up to two liters of hydration, nausea and headache medicine, vitamins and antioxidants, anti-heartburn medicine, 30 minutes of oxygen, plus a Super B shot. The services take about 45 minutes and costs $199.00. The Hangover Patch states that it can “Stop hangovers before they start!” The patch is intended to release the vitamins and minerals that alcohol depletes. You are supposed to apply the patch 45 minutes before drinking and remove eight hours after. There are also organic patches available as well. There are many varieties of anti-hangover pills, although one in particular is approved by the FDA. Blowfish is said to relieve your headache and upset stomach in 15 to 30 minutes. The pill contains 1,000 milligrams of aspirin and 120 milligrams of


Getting your ZAAZ on! By Luis Cavallo

We all know that physical exercise should be a part of our daily routine. It keeps us fit and healthy and helps to lower our stress levels. The problem for most of us is that even though there are 24 hours in each day, the time just seems to fly by, leaving no room for a good workout. We skip a workout here and there to do something more important or just to relax and before we know it, our entire workout routine disappears from our schedule all together. However, what if there was a way to exercise just ten minutes a day and get the same results as if you worked out for an hour? Not with a boot camp style class or quick jog but just by standing still on something that moves your body for you? There is a technology that exists today that does just that. It’s called the ZAAZ machine and it’s going to absolutely revolutionize the way we think about working out and exercising from now on. It’s a technology that has been studied by both the US and Russian space programs as a means to help astronauts exercise in zero gravity. It has helped professional athletes like wide-receiver Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos to have better and more effective workouts. 24year old Thomas frequently uses his ZAAZ machine before and after each practice. “I’m on my ZAAZ whole body vibration machine every morning for 10 minutes and I’ve never felt better, looser, and more agile,” Thomas says. “Since I started playing football, I’ve had an uneven running gait from a bad heel and last year it got worse after I injured my Achilles tendon. Now, after using my ZAAZ machine for 10 minutes a day, the muscles in my feet and legs are looser and I’m running and sprinting again with an equal stride. My energy


level is at an all-time high since I started using my ZAAZ whole body vibration machine. I expect to be using my ZAAZ for pre-game warm up and stretching and for cool-downs after games. Recovery from being in a game is like the recovery after being in a car crash. I definitely will be using my ZAAZ machine for my post-game recovery program to reduce muscle soreness and joint inflammation.” The ZAAZ is a whole body, vibration oscillation system that helps improve muscle strength and mobility. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t use a wrap-around belt like those old machines we’ve all seen in TV shows from the 1950’s and 1960’s, so you won’t look silly using it. Although those vibrating belt machines were found in almost every gym in America at the time, there was never any real evidence that supported their claims of improving health or contributing to weight loss. All those machines really did was essentially jiggle your body around aggressively and give you a nice massage while standing in front of them. The ZAAZ machine substantially outperforms its predecessors by activating 97% of all muscle groups through an oscillating, side-to-side rocking motion. It provides no stress on joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other means of resistance training making the ZAAZ machine the perfect workout tool for people of all ages and fitness levels. Some of the health benefits of using the ZAAZ machine include: weight loss, decreased cellulite visibility, improved muscle tone and increased metabolism.

Additionally, use of the ZAAZ can also allow for greater mobility and coordination while helping to provide improved bone density, circulation, balance and flexibility.


Many studies have been conducted to support the advanced technology behind the ZAAZ machine. Whole body vibration exercise has been studied in relation to several ailments that have affected people for years. Some these include back pain, injury rehabilitation, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, and Tinnitus. Since many are understandably skeptical of the claims made by the whole body vibration exercise method, ZAAZ has made many articles available on their website detailing the extensive research that stands behind and supports the technology in their new machine. Additionally, the ZAAZ machine has also received a listing by the FDA as a medical device. Originally developed in Russia, the technology behind the ZAAZ was created to allow cosmonauts to exercise in a zero gravity state and to assist in maintaining their bone density while in space. In the US, NASA further developed the technology more into what the ZAAZ machine is today. Just like the muscles and bones of astronauts can weaken and atrophy over time in the zero gravity environment of space, so too can the muscles and bones of those that suffer from certain ailments here on earth. NASA-funded research suggests that astronauts might prevent bone loss by standing on a lightly vibrating plate for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Scientists believe that this same type of therapy might eventually also be used to treat some of the millions of people who suffer from bone loss, known as osteoporosis. Clinton Rubin, a professor of biomedical engineering at SUNY Stony Brook and principal investigator in studies involving vibration therapy, said in an article written in 2001, “Our hypothesis is that a key regulator of bone mass and morphology are the mechanical stimuli that come out of muscle contractions.” At the end of the study he concluded that, “The vibration treatment generates a much larger signal in this frequency range, and we believe that 10 minutes per day of this higher frequency signal is sufficient to provide a maintenance signal to bone.” This technology could very well hold the key to healthy bones here on Earth and beyond. ZAAZ Studios was founded in 2010 as the first whole body vibration studio franchise system in the US.

Their first studio opened in downtown Houston, Texas. It was an immediate success as they introduced the public to a new way to reach their fitness and wellness goals through just a 10-minute daily work out. Just two years later, there are now ZAAZ studios throughout the country including here in Denver. Some Denver area residents are true believers of the famous “No pain, no gain” mantra and live for high impact, aggressive workouts. For many people though, the ZAAZ has now become an alternative to hardcore workouts altogether. Many use it today as a way to supplement both regular and extreme exercise routines as well. It should be noted though that vibration based workouts need to be viewed not as a substitute for traditional resistance exercises, but as an important supplement to an overall, well-developed exercise regimen. Those interested in learning more about the ZAAZ machine and finding a location where they can experience one for themselves can visit on the web. ZAAZ Studios can also be reached directly by phone at (855) 586-3922.



Sip & Savor



Sip & Savor




2328 Pearl Street

Boulder, Colorado


Taking Control of Your Home By Andrew Weilert Ever wish all your troubles could be solved by the push of a button? Well, short of finding a genie in a bottle on a beach somewhere, that might be a little bit too much to ask. However, living an easy, comfortable life inside your own home certainly shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, many of the high-tech products we purchase today to increase our ease of living, often end up making it more complex instead. Of course, we all love having the latest technology in our homes, but having the coolest new toys is no fun at all if they require a Ph.D to operate them. What if you could simplify all the technology in your home, into one cohesive interface, resulting in an effortless, streamlined experience? You can! Crestron, a provider of home automation technology, has exactly the type of solution that you’ve been waiting for. Taking control of the ever-increasing amount of technology around the home has never been easier. Crestron, a company headquartered in Rockleigh, NJ, is pioneering the field of home automation, with simple to use, state-of-the-art technology. Thermostats, window treatments, home theater equipment, lighting and even security systems are now right at your fingertips. Taking back control of your house is easy with the ability to adjust the important details, all according to how you go about your daily lifestyle, from any room in the house. That’s just part of the Crestron story though. Now, you can have that same level of home control, without having to leave home at all. Using smart devices such as tablets and smart phones you can adjust your thermostat from the 18th hole, fire up the spa to your desired temperature while at the office, or queue your favorite music while on the way back from a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant.



With a Crestron home automation solution in place, you can enjoy a truly enhanced living space with new heights of comfort and convenience, accessible to you at all times, regardless of where you happen to be.

your thermostat from the office to make sure energy isn’t wasted keeping empty rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Turn lights on and off when necessary and control the brightness of each source, minimizing the amount of energy consumed.

While tablets and other mobile devices offer convenience while at home, or away, they have their limitations when it comes to performing daily tasks such as adjusting the TV or lighting. That’s why Crestron has an entire lineup of dedicated purposebuilt remote controllers to choose from. Dedicated controls make tasks such as quickly turning down TV volume or bringing lights up to full bright for after dinner clean-up a breeze. Tyson Rabani, founder of Quality Audio Video here in Denver, recommends a balance of mobile devices and dedicated controls to ensure the perfect blend of convenience and performance.

Simplify your life with Crestron and take full advantage of being engaged with your home at all times. From a single, unified interface you can oversee all integrated systems. With Crestron, you can feel confident in partnering with a brand that has over 40 years of experience at the very forefront of the home automation industry. In addition to providing automation solutions for the home, Crestron also works extensively with schools, hospitals, government facilities and businesses reaching across the globe to help re-invent the way people interact with and engage their environment.

Not only does the Crestron home automation solution make controlling the technology in your home easier, it also helps make your home green as well. Monitor your electronic system usage while scheduling devices to interact with their environment to help reduce energy usage. View room temperatures and set

To find out more about how you can use a Crestron home automation solution to take control of all the technology in your home, contact Quality Audio Video, a Crestron authorized systems integrator at (720) 323-7878 or through their web site at

Crestron home automation solutions are available through: Quality Audio Video 303.870.3478


The Gift of Color

By Marysela Rubio


I f you've ever had the privilege of experiencing


a musical composer in action, you understand the immediate impact and powerful emotional surge created by “the gift of music”. Like the carefully coordinated notes of a piano tune, the designer has the ability to synthesize every aspect of an interior creating the perfect balance in a desired space. A talented composer, similar to an interior designer, works with a combination of skill, grace, and passion. The art of good design is a learned discipline that comes from experience, dedication and the natural ability to visualize. The challenging journey of an interior designer begins with a “process of exploration and discovery.” InSite Design Group initiates the process by getting to know the client on a personal level. This is essential to achieving the ideal design. This is a substantial component in creating the most tailored, individualized vision of your home, work space or personal retreat. Is this your main residence in which you display your art collection, a vacation getaway on the beach, or a cozy retreat in the mountains? The atmosphere that you desire can be carefully planned to be dramatic, energetic, or serene, but ultimately should be a reflection of your personality. A designer’s role is not only to create functional eyecandy, but to thoroughly understand the science behind the power of color and its effect on how we function in our everyday lives. Like a bad song, bad color is not only unimpressive, it can elicit feelings of irritability or undesired energy. The photos shown in these pages illustrate a variety of spaces designed to achieve very different results. The structure of your space naturally dictates the mood you want to craft. With articulated lighting, the colors of the entry to the art collector’s loft are manipulated to create a playful and energetic flow. The executive retreat exhibits formality and precision in a very controlled, strategically coordinated space.

This space would be used very effectively in having a high-power meeting that commands attention and exudes formality. The elegant and time-honored design created using black and white as a palette, exudes sheer class. As shown in the black and white bathroom, uniting opposite extremes in well proportioned manner, establishes an ideal balance. Furthermore, the serenity created with a harmonious neutral palette in a bedroom can make one feel at ease. Good design involves being able to change the desired effect of a room easily. Fixed architectural features should be able to remain while easily changing the paint colors, furniture or accents. The bold rust saturated bathroom with the majestic onyx sink could change dramatically at the owner’s desire by simply altering the paint color to create a different effect. With endless possibilities, there is no one best solution to any design, but when done well, it has the ability to manifest timelessness in any space. “Color is the music of interior design.” Well stated. To contact In-Site Design Group, Inc., please visit their website at or call (303) 691-9000.













Brendan Moran Irish Blood … American Heart


olorado may be a long way from his home town in County Mayo, Ireland, but Brendan feels right at home whether he is showing a loft downtown or listing a historic mansion in a prominent Denver neighborhood. His heart and soul blends his Irish heritage with his American life and profession. Born the fifth of seven kids in Kiltimagh on a small working farm in County Mayo, Brendan learned the meaning of hard work at an early stage in life that has molded him into the astute and successful businessman he has become today. Competitive by nature, he has been negotiating deals all of his life - from the family farm throughout his career to his current passion in real estate. Brendan believes in continuous self-development through education and hard work and always strives to do better for himself and his clients. He has climbed to a level of success in the real estate industry that many take decades to achieve. His track record as a consistent top producer and the exceptional trust and loyalty of his clients has proven that he is a resounding success in the real estate sales industry. His clients describe his business acumen with vibrant descriptive words such as skillful negotiator, prudent advisor, passionate, kind, patient, perseverant, considerate, thorough, detailed, professional, vigorous, composed and ethical, just to name a few. He exercises good judgement and skilled communication with his clients and continually strives towards his constantly changing definition of perfection. He provides the same unsurpassed level of service to all - whether buying their first


home or selling a multi-million dollar home. Brendan’s essential nature is humility and he is self-described as being a person who loves to “champion people”. He loves to educate and mentor - whether he is cheering on the neighborhood kids at swim meets or negotiating for his clients, he sees the untapped potential in people and situations and loves to give that immediate focus of attention his all. Also known for his striking sense of humor, Brendan has a collection of “sayings” that he never fails to share at what always seems to be just the right moment, eliciting laughter from those around him and at the same time displaying his genuine care and love for people and his profession. “An acorn will someday be an oak”; “Make waves or take waves”; and, “I used to be a pessimist until I realized things would never improve” are just a few examples of the enjoyable Brendan-isms he has shared. For relaxation and recharging, Brendan enjoys sports and is a loyal Denver Broncos fan. He upholds his friendships and Catholic faith by staying active in his church, community and by attending a weekly men’s friendship circle meeting. Brendan met his wife, Ellen, a Denver native, in 1982 while she was in Ireland for an Irish dancing championship. They were married at the well-known Ballintubber Abbey in Ireland in 1984 and moved their family to Denver in 1993. Brendan and Ellen have a full house, blessed by six children ranging in age from 15 to 27, and currently reside in the wonderful Greenwood Village neighborhood of Green Oaks.


a Home I love helping

my clients find a home to buy – whether it’s their first home, second home or a retirement home. I have honed in my expertise over the years that I have been selling real estate and am able to provide my buyers much more than just transportation and concierge services while showing them homes. As a buyer you have a very different mindset than a seller. You are looking forward to the future when considering what criteria you want in a home, while a seller is closing another chapter in their life. There are many factors to take into consideration when buying a home – from your basic needs such as bedrooms, baths, square footage and style, to the neighborhood, location, amenities and beyond. The most common secondary factor to be considered is the resale value and overall condition of the property, which is usually reviewed when you are close to the decision on which house to make an offer on. In today’s market there are other factors to consider:


Part II Do I have the time to look at or consider a short sale property, which in most cases can take 3-6 months to close, if at all? Do I want to look at a home that is in the process of foreclosure, which can be a riskier undertaking? Do I want to look at government or bank owned homes which are sometimes sold at discounted prices, but can be in extremely distressed condition? What kind of loan should I obtain (knowing the answer to this question can save or cost you several thousand dollars)? Last, and probably the most important question you should be asking, is: Does your REALTOR® have the experience to help you evaluate your choices and to negotiate on your behalf?

In the ever-changing market we currently find ourselves in, experience is probably one of the most important qualifications your REALTOR® should have. In the past six months, in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout a fair portion of the State, we have moved from a fairly stable market to a market that shows signs of the mid to late 90’s market where homes are selling in the first week they are on the market. Sellers are receiving competing offers, where prices are rapidly increasing, market stability across the nation is improving or climbing, and interest rates continue to hover at all-time lows.


Having past experience in many different market periods allows me to offer superior market knowledge and negotiating skills for my clients. I can quickly assess and anticipate if a particular property is in an area where values have been stable or have declined in the past 4-6 years; if the property itself is inferior, average or superior in that particular area and, most importantly, if the home meets the needs of the buyer. I find that most of my clients have an idea of what they are looking for and once we have seen a few homes, I have a grasp of what will suit their needs and, in most every case, have been able to add or delete home prospects from their lists. Another important part of the home buying process is meeting with a lender or mortgage broker and having a pre-approval in place before you start looking for a home. Meeting with a lender gives you the knowledge of what you can afford and therefore, the best price range for you to look in. In cases where you may be writing an offer that is competing with another offer, having a pre-qualification letter in place can give you an edge over another buyer as this provides the seller

with third-party confirmation that you are qualified to purchase their home and, in most cases, can lead to a faster closing. There are ten basic steps you can take to help achieve your goals when buying a home: Select a buyer’s agent to represent your interests. • Begin your search for a new home before your existing home is under contract • Discuss your needs, making sure your agent fully understands what type of home will best suit you • Learn all you can about the neighborhood you would like to live in • Become pre-approved with a mortgage lender, as this will make you a more attractive buyer when making an offer • Make an offer by submitting your contract, through your Kentwood agent, to the seller for review • Finalize an official contract with your Kentwood agent • Submit earnest money as required • Secure mortgage commitment • Make preliminary moving plans A good REALTOR® will also help familiarize you with the contract terms and process and provide guidance throughout the entire transaction. To have Brendan Moran assist you in finding the perfect home, contacting him by email at or by phone at (720) 291-0805.


4240 Plum Court - $1,595,000

2012 Real Estate Market Update

2012 Real Estate Market Update

Brendan Moran

Entire MLS (All Areas)

The Preserve | Greenwood Village An incredible, quiet cul-de-sac location with amazing street appeal and a fabulous setting within the prestigious community of The Preserve. This amazing two-story home was designed and built for Joe Girardi before he was traded from the Colorado Rockies baseball team and features a stone castle style exterior. Unmatched ultra-private and secluded outdoor living spaces with front range mountain views on almost 1 acre. Mature landscaping including a park-like lawn, towering evergreens and perennial gardens that surround the home. This home with generously sized rooms and an open, flowing floor plan has been updated and upgraded throughout. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 4,353 finished square feet.

1250 Green Meadow Lane - $975,000

Condo/Townhome Highlights

Residential Highlights


increase in average price (sold) ($311,893)


Increase in closed sales year to date


Decrease in Absorption Rate (2.4 months)


Decrease in active listings (9,087)


Increase in average sold price ($312,920)


Increase in closed sales year over year


Increase in closed sales year to date


Decrease in inventory (1,740)


Increase in average sold price ($190,269)

For a copy of the full report, please e-mail

2003 Green Oaks Lane - $975,000

Green Oaks | Greenwood Village

Green Oaks | Greenwood Village

Fabulous two-story in desirable Green Oaks located on a quiet, treed-lined street. New concrete tile roof in 2012 with a 50- year warranty. Oversized and bright updated kitchen with gas cooktop, Sub-Zero refrigerator and adjoining eating space with bay window. Four bedrooms up including an expanded master suite with a private sitting room, a balcony with views and a large walk-in closet. Finished basement with recreation room, newer ¾ bath with steam shower, large workshop and storage space. This wonderful home is an entertainer’s delight with incredible outdoor living spaces – a huge covered eating area and expanded deck. Walk to the Highline Canal. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 5,351 finished square feet.

This is a wonderful spacious home for a large family with lots of room for in-laws and adult children as well. Recent upgrades include kitchen with slab granite and four new bathrooms in 2012, and new concrete tile roof in 2011. Five bedrooms on the upper level including a huge master suite with a gas fireplace and all new bathroom, four large secondary bedrooms, a sitting room and two new bathrooms provide space and comfort for a large family. The basement is truly amazing with two conforming bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and an incredible spacious recreation space with wet bar, media area, play area, and room for games. 6 bedrooms, 5 baths, 6,462 finished square feet.




2059 South Broadway, Denver CO 80210 ph: 303.979.1200 fx: 303.979.1291

Envisioning By Michael Beckerman When you've reached a certain level of success in life and you want to reward yourself with the house of your dreams, you need to work with those that can help turn your vision of the ideal living space into reality. That's were a company like Mosaic Architects + Interiors comes in. As a boutique architecture and interior design firm, they work closely with their clients through every stage of the design and construction process to make sure that the end product perfectly matches the owner’s vision and properly reflects their style and personality. At this level, design is is about personal expression, comfort and optimally blending a home into the surrounding natural environment. A perfect example of this type of thinking can be seen in the custom home that was recently completed by Mosaic for a successful business owner shortly after the sale of his company.



This beautiful, contemporary, 5,000 sq. ft. two-story home constructed in the foothills just outside Boulder illustrates the ever growing trend towards "green" home construction techniques and methods that the owner wanted to adhere to. But, as he quickly discovered after working with Mosaic, "green construction" can often mean different things to different people.

With over 20 years of experience in the home design and construction industry, the last eight of which have been spent running Mosaic, it's safe to say that Jane knows what she is talking about. One of the methods used by Jane and her firm to assure success with their clients is the implementation of advanced 3D modeling and visualization software.

"We really try and educate our clients on what we refer to as true green construction methods and strategies because it’s beneficial on many levels. True green construction methods and stratergies can reduce ennergy costs, improve indoor air quality and make more comfortable spaces,� says Jane Snyder, owner of Mosaic Architects + Interiors. "The idea of building green can often mean very different things, depending on who you talk to. Many times there are several levels or shades of green in the construction industry that people are not always aware of at first glance. We work closely with our clients from the very start of the design process to help them understand the full lifecycle that building products and go through before they arrive at the final building site. If the materials that you are using to build your home with had to travel on a jet, a train, and a truck to get to you, then they really aren't anywhere near as green as you were originally lead to believe. Often when you step back and take in the big picture, things can look quite different."

"Through the use of sophisticated 3D rendering applications, we are able to construct the entire home on the computer and let the client virtually walk through it, at an almost photo-realistic level, to see exactly what it will look like when it's completed," says Snyder. "We are now even able to take that concept one step further and layer the 3D model onto actual photos of the surrounding building site. This not only lets the client see the interior and exterior of the home, but also lets them be able to see what the actual view out the windows of the home will look like as well. With beautiful mountain views from every room being so important and impactful to a home like this one just outside of Boulder, this is certainly a very powerful tool for us to have. It allows us to be absolutely certain that what we are designing for the owner will perfectly match their vision for the home, long before the first shovel ever hits ground." Mosaic Architects + Interiors can be reached at (303)247-1100 or through their web site at



at a glance... By Marysela Rubio

Remarkable, at a glance is an understatement when you think about all the hard work and dedication it takes to create successful and stunning architecture


Home Design First impressions are everything and a breathtaking design is a feat not easily achieved. Through the ages, architecture has represented artistic expression that extends across time and space. It transcends its basic need revealing a modern society where the “sky is the limit”. The impressive architecture and construction by David L. Berton and his talented staff “is the result of a strong foundation of disciplined planning” – RealArchitecture Ltd. & UnrealConstruction LLC. This is a modest statement, oblivious to the true nature of an architect which is the innate ability to envision and successfully manifest what others cannot yet see. For a visionary, Colorado is the ultimate source of inspiration. As the “Gateway to the West”, Denver has the perfect combination of urban living downtown and the best of the Rocky Mountains.

Award-winning principle architect and founder, David L. Berton AIA, enjoyed the freedom of growing up on the coast in Miami where he studied and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Florida. His search for the same freedom on a very different terrain brought him to Denver in 1992, after acquiring his license and becoming an AIA member. He worked as an architect and construction manager for a local developer, until he founded RealArchitecture Ltd. & UnrealConstruction, LLC in 1995. “From the timeless mountain classics, to the chic urban contemporary” the variety of projects and diverse architecture produced by this industrious team is unmatched.

As a single source of service for architecture and construction, the diversity of projects includes both renovating historic structures as well as an expertise in new construction. Every project is exclusively tailored to be a direct reflection of, and ultimate destination for the client. By being a design and build company, Berton’s projects avoid the many pitfalls that occur when architects blame builders and builders blame architects, thereby saving his clients thousands and even sometimes millions of dollars in “extras.” – Michael Brody, Client. Berton and his creative team are responsible in architecture, planning and construction, for a variety of projects including shopping centers, restaurants, residences and commercial buildings.

Berton has been honored by the Denver Business Journal, designated as a “40 Under Forty” business leader, and has won the Denver Mayor’s Design Award “Home is Where the Art Is” to name a few notable recognitions. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Colorado Youth for a Change. Real and Unreal’s team of licensed architects and contractors pride themselves in being a single-source of quality for both architecture and construction. RealArchitecture Ltd. & UnrealConstruction LLC can be reached by phone at (303)477-5550 or through their web site at


The Best Rentals in Denver | of Freyer & Herzoff Real Estate | 303-877-9865

HOME DESIGn Decor & You designers provide the highest level of customer service and interior design expertise, offering exclusive products, management resources and decor inspiration to homes and businesses located throughout the Denver, CO area. Linnore Gonzales leads a talented team of designers who caters to the Denver Metro and Front Range communities with the commitment of creating beautiful interiors that will meet your needs, dreams and investment levels. When creating your personalized DecorPlan, Decor&You listens, provides excellent service and transforms your space to make you love the space you’re in!

303-346-2593 • Fax 303-346-2613 • 9337 Commerce Center C-2 • Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129


Architectural Design

Travel enriches the spirit and provides sources of inspiration. Several years ago Architect Jerry Gloss and his wife Edie enjoyed travels through the Tuscany region of Italy. The pedestrian town center of Siena marked by its iconic tower was impressive and the hill town of Civita di Bagnoreggio, perched on crumbling cliffs, was charming with its density and hidden gardens. But it was the villa outside of Orvieto, surrounded by a rolling patchwork quilt of vineyards, that enriched the spirit and provided an enduring inspiration. The 300 year old villa was the setting for a lazy afternoon of wine tasting complete with the meat, cheeses, and sweet desserts of the region. Adjacent to the dining room, a stair descended to the wine cellar below the home. Hand dug from the soft tufa soil, the cellar extended beyond the walls of the villa and underneath the extensive gardens above. The roots of the garden’s tall pines extended into the cellar and hung from the cellar’s ceiling like chandeliers. The wines from that cellar and the food which accompanied them were amazing. The afternoon, filled with conversation with our fellow travelers and our hosts, left us with an understanding of the true meaning of la dolce vita…the sweet life. But it was the stair, its location next to the dining room and the wine cellar, that made


an enduring impression on Gloss. The extensive photographic documentation of the colors, materials, textures, and architectural elements of Tuscany, and the sources of inspiration such as the Orvieto wine cellar, has served Jerry and KGA │Studio Architects well over the years and the many Tuscan-inspired homes they have designed in Colorado. Creating the Tuscan style, like any historically influenced style, requires a commitment to the authenticity of color, materials, and details. Shortly after that trip to Tuscany, Gloss was retained to create a new home in the beautiful, Tuscan inspired, Ravenna community south of Denver. Tucked between a ridge of rock outcroppings and the Front Range of the Rockies and designed around an awe inspiring golf course, Ravenna provides an outstanding setting for the home. The home was built by Tom Sattler of Sattler Homes, with interior design provided by Payne Interiors and is featured in this issue of Flair. The home stretches along the top of a ridge that quickly drops into a ravine, then rises upward in a series of massive reddish rock outcroppings which provide a rustic backdrop to the home. The linear arrangement of the home provides views of the boulders from each room in the home.

KGA | Studio Architects

Home Design

In the center of the home, connecting the wings, you will find the formal spaces – a music alcove, a pocket library and a living room. And, yes the dining room with its Orvieto inspired stairway down to the wine cellar below.

The home has been recognized with numerous design awards including a “National” for Custom Home of the Year in the country… an award sponsored by the National Association of Homebuilders and bestowed at their International Builders Show.

On the lower level walkout - accessed by an elevator and a main stair which also connects to an upper floor office suite - you will find a large entertainment/media room anchored by a gorgeous bar and billiard alcove, several bedroom suites, and the wine cellar and its stair. That’s the cellar for the reds. The whites can be found across the hallway. Connected to both is a wine lounge, envisioned as an informal wine tasting room where, like in Orvieto, a table could be laid out with cheeses and meats as antipasto before taking dinner in the dining room at the top of those stone steps…just like Orvieto.

Italian life is about savoring the moment. No matter the style of the home or its size, design excellence provides the setting for those moments. Louisville, Colorado based KGA | Studio Architects has been creating inspired designs throughout the country for over 35 years. For help with designing the home of your dreams contact KGA | Studio Architects by phone at (303) 442-5882 or through their web site at



11 Questions

for Determining if You Need a Property Management Firm While every investor’s situation is different, there

Get in fights with other tenants or neighbors

are certain scenarios and factors that typically pre-

Have domestic disputes

dispose owners one way or the other. The following questions are designed to help you determine if you should consider hiring a property manager.

Conduct illegal business in the dwelling Carry on all night parties and revelry Try to sneak extra people or animals into the home

1. How far do you live from your rental property and how frequently can you visit the property on a regular basis? If you are close you may be able to make the regular visits required for maintenance, inspections, collections, etc., otherwise the further you live the higher your travel time and expenses will be. The larger the distance the more temptation there is to not keep a close eye on things, and that can be a recipe for disaster. You should plan making monthly scheduled visits and there is always the potential for a middle of the night emergency call that requires your immediate attention. In the long run, is this feasible for you? 2. How do you deal with stress? Do you consider yourself to be a tolerant person? This is a tough one. We all like to think of ourselves as level-headed and even-keeled, but at the end of the day it takes a special kind of person to deal with the ups and downs of property management. Behind the seemingly simple task of collecting rent every month lie a number of unpredictable problems can push people to their limits. Ask yourself how you would react in the unfortunate event that tenants:


Decide to sue you Trash the property Incite the wrath of the HOA because of repeated deed restriction violations Refuse to pay rent because they are a "professional tenant" and know how to work the legal system for the maximum amount of free housing at the owners expense? 3. Are you currently overwhelmed with your property(s)? Managing rental properties can become quickly overwhelming, even for experienced investors. There is always something going on that requires attention and it takes very little time for things to get out of hand. Hiring a property manager can provide an opportunity to regain control and restore stability to both your properties and possibly life in general. 4. How many rental properties or units do you have? As your portfolio grows so do the management challenges, and it becomes easier for things to fall through the cracks. Investors

with large portfolios stand to reap significant benefit by leveraging the efficiencies a property manager can provide. Size can also constrain investors' ability to consider purchasing new properties if they're already maxed out managing their current holdings.

the morning to fix someone's overflowing toilet?

5. How much experience do you have with maintenance and repairs? If you can’t do it yourself, do you know who to call? Finding reliable handymen and contractors can take a while and in the mean time you may unknowingly hire people that are unethical, uninsured, do poor quality work, over charge etc. Maintenance and repairs are a significant component of land lording and if you question your ability to ensure the work is done well and in a timely manner, you might want to consider hiring a property management company.

Many new owners dislike feeling like the bad guy and try to be understanding by making exceptions. The problem is that this only invites additional abuses and excuses by tenants. Late payments must be dealt with immediately, and while sometimes a friendly reminder is all that’s needed, other times, it can be a very confrontational process ending in eviction. Unlike running a charity, running a successful rental business means enforcing the rules even it means evicting a single mother who lost her job and won’t be able to pay rent anytime soon.

6. How quickly are you able to get your unit rented?

10. How well do you understand the laws governing land lording?

Advertising, fielding calls, and showing the unit can take a considerable amount of time, but are critical tasks as vacancies will quickly eat into your profit margins. If you question whether you have the skills or the time to make this happen, OR if you have historically had an unacceptably high vacancy rate, you may want to consider hiring a property management company.

Ensuring the property is run in accordance with the law is critical in both preventing lawsuits and shielding yourself from liability if you are sued. Familiarity with contracts is also very important as your rental agreement is the only binding agreement between you and the tenant.

7. Are you capable of handling the accounting and record keeping for your property? From profit and loss statements to tax deductions, this area needs special attention and becomes an increasingly larger burden for larger portfolios. Some owners (especially those with a back ground in finance) will do just fine, others may opt to hire an accountant to help with the book keeping. If you feel like this might be a weak point you might want to consider hiring a property management company.

9. Are you willing to confront tenants about late payments and if need be evict them from the property?

11. From a financial standpoint, is managing your property the best use of your time? Ultimately, your decision to hire or not hire a management company should hinge on whether or not it is a good fit with your lifestyle and makes sense financially. Individual investors will have to assess the opportunity cost of both options based on their unique circumstances.

8. Are you willing to be on call 24/7/365? Its important to answer this question honestly, because when an emergency happens at your property you can't ignore it. Your special event, important meeting, vacation, or personal crisis doesn't relieve you of your obligation to your tenant. These emergencies don’t happen all the time, but when they do you have to be willing to handle them immediately. Can you handle being called at 2 in

Peak View Property Management 5482 Tomah Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 548-8700



Investing in Real Estate Using



The affordability of American homes has never been greater. Low home prices and low interest rates make buying a home cheaper than renting in many markets. So why do nearly a third of Americans choose to rent? For many people, financing can be a barrier. On’s Realty Check, real estate reporter Diana Olick writes, “The days of free-wheeling lending are over, and credit-worthiness is king. There are low down payment options, like the FHA, but too many potential buyers don’t meet the credit qualifications either for the great low rates or for the loan itself.”

Home buyers, sellers and investors on either side of a transaction have found viable alternatives in the form of creative financing. In three types of creative seller financing—installment sales, seller carryback loans, and wraparound mortgages—the seller becomes the lender and accepts payments from the buyer over an agreed upon period of time. This is particularly lucrative for the seller because the payments are amortized; they include interest resulting in greater cash flow. Along with the higher returns, however, comes risk as the seller assumes the burden of dealing with default. It’s always best to consult with an attorney to minimize risk and also to ensure legal compliance.

In another type of creative financing, called a lease option, the interested buyer rents the home with the option to buy at the end of the lease. The seller becomes a landlord and charges a higher rent, a portion of which will go toward the down payment. The lease agreement includes a nonrefundable deposit that will also go toward the down payment. If the renter decides not to buy at the end of the lease, however, the seller keeps the deposit and extra rent paid. Investor organizations believe that less than 20 percent


of all lease options result in a closed transaction. Creative financing can be a great option on the buying side, too. Many investors who purchase fixer-uppers with the intent to renovate and resell them for profit use private or “hard-money” lenders. Hard-money lenders, as opposed to traditional lenders, will loan on properties needing minor and/or major repairs and will have quicker turnaround times. The downside to using hardmoney, of course, is the high interest rate. The interest on a loan from a hard-money lender can be three to four times higher than the interest on a traditional loan. But if an investor is able to turn a property around within the term of his loan, he’ll be in good shape and will likely make a fantastic return on his investment in a very short period of time. Whether buying or selling, knowing the options available to you as a new—or even experienced—real estate investor can open doors to new opportunities and put more money in your pocket. Creative financing can be a useful tool in executing an investment transaction. Be sure to consult with a qualified attorney; you don’t want to let an unlawful contract ruin a great deal. For more information on how to make creative financing work for you, please contact Main Street Real Estate at 719.239.3000 or through their web site at Main Street Real Estate 8 South Tejon Street Colorado Springs, CO 80943 719.239.3000

The Real Estate Investor’s

Guide To

Creative Financing

Larry Becht Main Street Real Estate 719.239.3000

We know your Home is your Castle

Let us give it the Royal Treatment * Respond by November 30th and receive the first month free on your 12 - month Management Service

Bronze Sculpture A Casting of Colorado’s History Written by Caroline Scott, Photography by Michael Beckerman

Driving through beautiful Loveland, Colorado, an uninformed person would never suspect the intricate and historically rich art form that has flourished in this city for many years. As you walk through the shop-lined streets, enjoying Loveland’s picturesque environment sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains, you begin to take notice of something that sets this special place apart. This difference is rooted in the beautiful and intricate art form of bronze sculpture. Numerous private galleries have windows filled with gleaming pieces. Representations of children reading books sit in parks with animals of all shapes and sizes. Lovers, frozen in time, hold hands and sculptures of historical figures abound in this small Colorado town. The civic center and surrounding park hold over a hundred sculptures alone. It is an art form that has truly flourished in Loveland and created an amazing community right along with it. Loveland is the home of three large foundries. Art Castings of Colorado, founded in 1972, is the largest and oldest in town. It was the first to gain both national and global recognition in the world of bronze sculpture.


Art & Culture It is here that George Lundeen has become an iconic, internationally known and critically acclaimed sculptor. Lundeen knew he wanted to be an artist from a young age. Following that passion lead him through his education studying bronze sculpture where he began to develop his extensive skill set. A remarkably well educated man, Lundeen studied art here in the US and then went on to study on a Fulbright grant in Italy. He thought he knew a lot about the art form, but forty years ago, when Lundeen paid a visit to Loveland, and was first introduced to Art Castings of Colorado, he realized he was far behind the times. At this point, the foundry only had about five employees, but Lundeen recognized it as a very special place and a leader in the industry. He had been teaching at a university in Nebraska and doing his own castings for ten years, but when he saw the quality and sophistication of the work this foundry was producing, he quickly relocated to Loveland to be near it. Soon after Lundeen relocated to Loveland, he began to gain a following. He developed a relationship with Deane Knox, owner of the Knox Galleries, which are the leading galleries in America for bronze sculpture. Lundeen’s beautiful works of art, which are still created in Loveland, are displayed at the Knox galleries’ Denver and Beaver Creek, Colorado and Harbor Springs, MI locations. Loveland has now become a world leading location for bronze sculpture. Just in this small town alone there are around fifty artists, one to two hundred people working in the foundries and two to three hundred people working in mold making and patinas. At any given time there are several hundred people involved locally in the sculpture industry in town. Because of this, Loveland and its bronze sculpture industry have carved out their special niche in the art world. How are these amazing works of art made? Something as grandiose and impressive as these sculptures must certainly be complex and time consuming to construct. The process of making these works of art is called the “lost wax casting process”. It all begins when an artist conceptualizes a piece and creates a clay sculpture that encapsulates their vision. This sculpture represents exactly what the finalized bronze piece will look like. The clay form is the genesis of the multi-step process that ultimately results in a beautiful bronze piece being created. From the clay sculpture, the foundry first creates a mold. One of the foundry’s artisans, many of which have worked at the foundry for twenty years or more, completes this process. The mold is then taken into the wax room where hot wax is gingerly poured over it, entirely covering even the smallest detail. When the wax is about a quarter inch thick on the mold the sculpture is brought into the cold room to harden. Except for the type of wax that is employed, this ten thousand year old process, which first originated in China and Africa, is essentially the same one that is still used today. The bee’s wax that was historically used, has now been replaced by a petroleum based wax. Once in the cold room which is constantly kept between forty and fifty degrees, the wax hardens to become stiff and brittle. Because works of art can be very large in size, often many separate

Sculptor George Londeen molds are created for the individual sub-pieces that make up one sculpture. A life size piece can be made of five to ten castings and, depending on its degree of complexity, a twenty-foot tall piece can be comprised of several hundred sub-pieces. Once the wax has set, the piece moves onto the next team of skilled artisans to polish out any flaws that may have be created. Smaller pieces are put together, scratches are smoothed out and fine details are gone over. The wax pieces are then prepared for casting by attaching sprues and vents. These create stability for the next steps, allow the bronze to be poured into the sculpture, air to be vented out and the wax to properly melt out of the mold. It is at this point that the historical way of creating these pieces encounters a change. This is what intrigued Lundeen so much about the foundry back in the 1970’s. A new way of creating a stronger mold was developed called ceramic shell casting. The wax pieces, secured by the sprues, are alternately dipped into liquid silica and then granulated silica. Ten to fifteen layers are applied by alternately dipping the piece into the liquid and granulated silica, resulting in a heavy, almost three-quarter inch thick piece, that is hardly recognizable yet leads to a more consistent and detailed casting. The wax is still inside and it is set to dry and harden. When dry, the pieces are moved to the pouring floor. The molds are put upside down in a car-bottom kiln, heated to twenty-five hundred degrees where the wax melts out of them.


Hence the name “lost wax casting�. They are then carefully removed from the kiln. Bronze ingots are melted down and poured into the mold, filling the areas the wax just melted away from. The ingots, each weighing around twenty pounds, are ninety-five percent copper and are sourced from various locations around the world. This same percentage of copper is not always found in ingots sourced from overseas though, making it important to check the quality of the metal when purchasing a sculpture. Art Castings of Colorado and Knox Galleries use only the finest quality metals and advise their clients that they should absolutely ask about the origin of the metal, where the piece was cast and if the artist has signed and marked the edition number. The prices for the bronze ingots have skyrocketed in the last five years, making copper a very desirable commodity. Once the casting has cooled and hardened, the outer ceramic layer is carefully knocked off with a mallet and the underlying bronze sculpture is revealed. The clay, wax and ceramic fragments are recycled for future projects and the piece is whisked away to the sand blasters who use more precise tools to remove the ceramic from the deeper grooves within the form. If many subpieces are created they are then welded together, using migwelding techniques. Details are revisited, welds are blended and sprues are removed using buffers and grinders to fix every visible imperfection. At this point the sculpture appears identical to the


Art & Culture

original clay sculpture envisioned by the artist at the very beginning of the process. Moving on to get its final touches, the piece is sprayed with liquid sulfur, which turns it jet black and then is rubbed off where black is not desired. Different chemicals under different heats and atmospheric elements can be used to create patinas and whatever color is desired. These patinas are available in hundreds of different colors. The process of creating and applying them is again a specialty and science all its own. Once a coating of lacquer is applied to preserve the patina and a base is attached to the piece it is ready to be packaged and shipped out to join so many other similarly gorgeous bronze works of art from Loveland, CO that are displayed all over the world today. Because the process of creating a bronze sculpture is so detailed and labor intensive, being able to complete all of the required steps right within the town of Loveland substantially sets the city apart from all other locations around the world. Given all the history and tradition that Loveland holds that make it a world leader in bronze sculpture, it is easy to see why this beautiful small town nestled in the shadow of the Rockies is such an important stop for any true art lover today. Those wishing to contact Knox Galleries may do so by phone at (303) 820-2324 or through their website at


KNOX galleries

Featuring the work of George Lundeen

Renowned Colorado sculptor of historical bronze figures. Available in both life-size and maquette. Look for George’s newest life-size figure - Ernest Hemmingway - in an upcoming issue of LUXZIO.

Winston Churchill

Ronald Reagan George Washington

Denver Writers Square 1512 Larimer St., Suite R-15 Denver, CO 80202 (303) 820-2324

Beaver Creek Resort 46 Avondale Lane (PB 2469) Avon, CO 81620-2469 (970) 949-5564

Harbor Springs 175 East Main Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 526-5377







Today, all the excitement in the world of home

By Michael Beckerman

theater seems to be centered around large

The aspect ratio of a display is a ratio of its width to its height. Today’s standard HDTV’s have an aspect ratio of 16:9. Although this is considerably wider than the original 4:3 aspect ratio that was used in traditional, tube style televisions that had been marketed from the dawn of the TV era until just a few years ago, it is still nowhere near as wide as the cinema screens found in movie theaters.

HDTV screens. We see them displayed from floor to ceiling in big-box retail stores and promoted all over in the Sunday ad circulars that come out every weekend. The appeal is easy to understand as these displays provide excellent image quality in sizes ranging anywhere from 40 to 90 inches, measured diagonally. However, no matter how big they are, these HDTV displays still suffer from one major limitation when it comes to watching movies: an incorrect aspect ratio.


Anyone watching a movie at home on their HDTV, in the actual format the director intended them to see it in, is forced to view the film at a reduced size with black bars above and below the image. This is due to the difference between the aspect ratio of their HDTV (16:9) and the much wider aspect ratio that most movies are filmed at (2.35:1).

So, what’s the solution to this problem? Projectors! But that’s just part of the answer. The full solution is realized when a proper home theater projector is coupled with a Panamorph anamorphic lens. Paring these two devices together results in a displayed image that is a full 33% wider than what is typically seen on an HDTV screen or from an HD projector by itself. Although technically very similar to business projectors commonly found in offices today, home theater projectors are specifically designed and optimized to be used in a home theater setting. However, even these specially made projectors designed to help create a big screen, theater-like experience in the home still suffer from the same aspect ratio limitations of standard HDTV’s. The Panamorph lens, when used in conjunction with a properly equipped home theater projector and projection screen, expands the movie’s image back to full cinematic size in the home. Doing this allows film enthusiasts to enjoy the exact same movie watching experience that the director intended them to see in the theater, right in the comfort of their homes. When combined with a larger size projection screen, also sized to the proper 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio, a Panamorph lens is capable of providing home theater viewers with an image that is a full 80% larger overall than that seen on a standard HDTV or HD projector display. Projection screens in this theatrical format are available from manufacturers such as DNP Screens, Steward Screens, and Screen Innovations. How big of a room is required for this type of a set up? Panamorph lenses are designed to provide optimal performance and image accuracy when used at a distance of between 14.5 ft. and 17.5 ft. from the screen. Realistically, these lenses can actually be used anywhere from 12 to 22 ft. from the screen without any noticeable loss of image quality. This may all sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Panamorph,

Traditional HDTV 16:9 Aspect Ratio


a company headquartered in Colorado Springs with over 30 years of experience in optical design and manufacturing, has partnered with a number of home theater integrators across the country to bring their innovative display solutions to market. One of the very best of these, Quality Audio Video located here in Colorado, specializes in helping clients get the absolute most out of their home theater budget.

Home theater projectors that are compatible with the Panamorph solution start under $5,000 for entry level models. Those with the most advanced features are often priced in excess of $10,000. Some of the companies presently providing compatible home theater projectors in this price range include Digital Projection, JVC, and Epson. Panamorph’s image expanding technology is recommended with projectors that are mounted to the ceiling. Compatible ceiling mounts designed to be used in conjunction with the Panamorph solution are available from companies such as Chief Manufacturing and OmniMount. Today, the only way to get a true home theater experience where what is seen on the screen is exactly what the director intended, is to use a home theater projector in combination with a Panamorph lens. These, and other related home theater solutions are exactly why companies like Quality Audio Video, are in business today. To be able to help home theater enthusiasts, who really want to get the most out of their movie watching experience, really see the “big picture”, right from the comfort of their homes. To find out more about how to craft an ideal audio/video, home theater or home automation solution for your home or business, contact Quality Audio Video either by phone at (720) 323-7878 or through their web site at Panamorph Lenses are available through: Quality Audio Video 303.870.3478

Projection Screen using Panamorph Lens 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio







What’s going on in Colorado

2 3 4

Warren Miller Presents FLOW STATE

Denver Arts Week

November 1, 2012

November 2-10, 2012 Denver, CO Admission: Free

Time: Thurs.: 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm 320 E. Hyman Ave. Aspen, CO 81661 (970)920-5770 This fall, Warren Miller Entertainment brings you its 63rd film, Flow State. The Flow State is a place of such singular focus and connection with the environment that, here, the faster you ride, the slower time passes. Enter the Flow State with host Jonny Moseley and other world-class athletes like Colby West, Jess McMillan and David Wise as they throw down some of the most impressive action that Warren Miller Entertainment has ever captured.

Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo November 2, 2012 - November 4, 2012 Time: Fri.: Noon - 10:00 pm, Sat.: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sun.: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Denver Convention Center, Hall F Admission: $12 for Adults 700 14th Street Denver, CO 80203 The best ski gear sale of the year is at the 21st annual Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo. This gigantic sale has literally tons of gear and accessories at prices marked down 40-75%.

Starz Denver Film Festival November 1-11, 2012 2510 East Colfax in the Lowenstein CulturePlex Aurora, CO 80014 Tickets: $12 720.381.0813 This November…VOTE FILM! Experience the region’s largest celebration of cinema when the Denver Film Society lights up the city with screenings of hundreds of new films from around the globe – everything from the hottest new indies, documentaries and foreign films to sizzling Red Carpet events featuring the season’s most buzz-worthy films, directors and actors! Tickets on-sale October 19th at Denver Pavilions, Denver FilmCenter/ Colfax and online.well as an awards ceremony.


A celebration of the city’s vibrant art and culture scene.

Denver International Wine Festival November 7-10, 2012 Hudson Gardens S. Santa Fe Drive Littleton, CO 80128 Tickets: Free The 8th Annual Denver International Wine Festival is the premier International wine and food festival in the Rocky Mountains! Join us November 7 to 10, 2012, for the biggest ever, International celebration of wine & cuisine!

Cirque du Soleil – Broomfield November 7-11, 2012 Time: Wed. - Fri.: 7:30 pm, Sat.: 11:30 am, 3:30 pm & 7:30 pm, Sun.: 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm 1ST BANK Center 11450 Broomfield Lane Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 410-0700 Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world -- the world of Quidam -- where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul. Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past and swallowed by the crowd. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming or going at the heart of our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all. This is the “quidam” whom this show allows to speak. This is the place that beckons - a place for dreaming and genuine relations where all quidams, by proclaiming their individuality, can finally emerge from anonymity.

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Calendar Five Diamond Seminar at The Ritz Carlton

Trans-siberian Orchestra

November 15, 2012

November 17 & 18, 2012

Time: Thurs.: 6:30 pm Location: The Ritz-Carlton - Denver Registration: Complimentary - Seating limited to 100. Pre-registration required: Please call (800) 456-3498 or Email Join us for Denver’s first ever Rare Colored Diamond Seminar. This event will be presented by Harold Seigel, President of Rare Colored Diamonds. Attend to learn why Rare Colored Diamonds are considered to be the most concentrated form of wealth in the world today - an investment that has never gone down in value and one that has historically doubled in worth every four years. This event will be co-sponsored by LUXZIO Magazine and SillTerHar Motors/Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Maserati.

Downtown Denver Grand Illumination

Time: Sat., 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm Location: Colorado Springs World Arena 3185 Venetucci Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (719) 477-2100 Time: Sun., 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm Location: Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, CO 80204 (303) 405-1100 Tickets: Varies This famous touring rock-opera has sold over 7 million albums world-wide and has performed in front of 7 million people in over 80 cities around the globe. Their remarkable live performance is not to be missed!

November 23, 2012

The Nutcracker – Boulder Ballet

Time: 6:00 pm Downtown Denver

November 23, 24, 25, 2012

As part of Downtown Denver’s Winter in the City program, at 6 p.m. on Nov. 23, 2012 Downtown Denver’s Grand Illumination event will light up Downtown, from Denver Union Station to the City and County Building. Following a countdown shortly after 6:30 p.m., Denver Union Station will be ablaze with brightly colored floodlights illuminating the historic structure in the heart of Lower Downtown and its lighted tree in front. Light Exhibition runs through the end of December.

Bruce Springsteen Concert November 19, 2012 Time: 7:30 pm Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, CO 80204 Tickets: from $65 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform at the Pepsi Center in Denver on Monday, Nov. 19, one of 16 additional North American dates newly added to the rocker’s “Wrecking Ball” tour schedule.

Time 8:00 pm Macky Auditorium 285 UCB University Avenue Boulder, CO 80309 (303) 492-8423 Tickets: Varies On Thanksgiving weekend from Nov. 23-25, The Nutcracker is brought to life by the Boulder Ballet and the Boulder Phil. The grandness of Macky Auditorium is matched by the scale of this production featuring a cast of 100 dancers, a live professional orchestra, full scenery, beautiful costumes and special effects.

The Nutcracker – Ellie Caulkins Opera House November 24 - December 24, 2012 Time: Varies Denver Performing Arts Complex 1400 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80202 Tickets: Varies Colorado Ballet will light up the stage and delight audiences of all ages for the 52nd year with Colorado’s favorite holiday tradition, The Nutcracker, presented by KeyBank, November 24 through December 24, 2012 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. This production will dazzle audiences with glittering snowflakes, shimmering sugarplums, unforgettable characters and stunning costumes and scenery by José Varona.


Featured Events in Colorado Rare Colored Diamond Seminar November 15, 2012 Time: 6:30 pm The Ritz-Carlton - Denver 1881 Curtis St., Denver, CO 80202 Pre-registration required: Please call (800) 456-3498 or Email Please join us for Denver’s first ever Rare Colored Diamond Seminar. This event will be presented by Harold Seigel, President of World Wide Diamond Brokers. Attend and learn why Rare Colored Diamonds are considered to be the most concentrated form of wealth in the world today an investment that historically never goes down in value and one that has doubled in value every four years.

Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom Car Show November 23 - 25, 2012 Tickets: $12 - $15 Fri. - Sat.: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm; Sun. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Venue: Colorado Convention Center Rev up your engines for the most popular indoor car show in the Rocky Mountains. This year’s event includes the biggest display of hot rods yet!

Cirque du Soleil – Broomfield November 7-11, 2012 Time: Wed.- Fri. 7:30 pm, Sat. 11:30 am, 3:30 pm & 7:30 pm, Sun. 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm Broomfield Amphitheater 3 Community Park Road Broomfield, CO 80020 (303) 464-5509 | Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world -- the world of Quidam -- where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.


LUXZIO Magazine November 2012  

Colorado luxury lifestyle authority

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