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Flair Beauty Source Book 2007/2008


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Relax And Wax

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Fake Bake

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Spray Tan Solution

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AMBER Spa Products


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Contents Flair Beauty Source Book 2007/2008 FLAIR

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MANICURE AND PEDICURE Thai Pedicure Thai Manicure Hand Manicure Foot Pedicure Amber Spa Pedicure Amber Spa Manicure Solutions Pedicure Solutions Manicure

WAXING AND ELECTROLYSIS Relax & Wax Amber Paraffin Wax Wax Accessories Wax Heaters Hive Waxing Gigi Wax Clean + Easy Just Wax Aromawax Satin Smooth Sterex Electrolysis Ballet Electrolysis

04 05 06 07 08-09 10 10-11 12 13 14-16 17 17


AROMATHERAPY AND SPA THERAPIES Spa Music Stone Therapy Hopi & Soy Candles Aromatherapy

Salon Wear Implements Salon Essentials Nail Accessories Disposables Towels & Couch Covers Training Books

64-65 66-67 68-70 71 72-74 75 76

Tanning Cubicles Tanning Systems Sunless Tanning Lotions Tan Accessories

77 78 80-82 82

18-19 20-21 22 23-24


25-26 27-30 31 32 33 34-35 36 37


SKIN AND BODY CARE SBC Skincare Solutions Retinol Retin-x Natures Way Strictly Professional Amber Body Treatments Amber Retail

FACIAL ENHANCEMENTS Eyelash Tinting False Lashes Ear Piercing Sbc Make-up Fran Wilson Cosmetics Nyx Make-up Make-up Brushes

38-39 40-41 42 42 43 44-45 46

Orly Salon System Star Nails The Edge Nail Art

47-48 49 50 51-55 56


57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64


Couches Amber Spa Equipment Pedicure Equipment Trolleys Chairs & Stools Manicure & Nail Stations Lamps Reception & Welcome Areas Electrical Equipment Electric Blankets

83-87 88-89 90-91 92 93 94 95 96-97 98-103 103

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WAXING & ELECTROLYSIS FBP510 €9.95 Relax & Wax No Scream Cream Buy 12 and receive a FREE salon retail display. No More Waxing Pain! No Scream Cream makes waxing a dream. It’s a topical anesthetic which reduces sensitivity and irritation during waxing treatments. Relax and Wax No Scream Cream is a specially formulated anesthetic that numbs the bikini area - or any other area you may be waxing. • Gentle, smooth, non-greasy formula goes on easy • Ideal for bikini, underarms, legs, eyebrows or back waxing. • Wax pain free for the first time! • Natural, safe formula • Compatible with all wax formulas • Suitable for all skin types • Recommended Use: Apply 30 - 45 minutes prior to waxing. When applied correctly it helps to reduce the discomfort of waxing by an amazing 80-100%. • RRP €19.95 Media Coverage: No Scream Cream has been fortunate to receive high-profile media coverage around the world and is a favourite with celebrities.

FBP569 €5.00 Client Info Leaflets (No Scream Cream) Pack 25

FBP509 €9.95 Relax & Wax Get The Bump Outta Here Get The Bump Outta Here, helps to prevent the bumps, redness, irritation and ingrown hairs that often accompany waxing and shaving. It soothes irritated skin after waxing with its safe, gentle formula. Calms and smoothes skin after waxing for a clean look Roll-on design makes for easy, even application with no product waste Recommended Use: For best results apply 2-3 times daily prior to first hair removal and then once a day thereafter to maintain clear skin. For more severe conditions use twice a day. RRP €19.95

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Purity - Clarity - Elasticity

These three attributes are why AMBERS paraffin wax has been the benchmark for quality in the spa and salon industry in the USA for 35 years. Their filtering and refining system creates an elastic paraffin that does not dry or crack, has medical grade purity and when melted is crystal clear! Paraffin treatments are simply unlike any other - at 128 degrees no other paraffin product delivers deep-penetrating therapeutic heat as effectively as paraffin; hydrates and heals dry-chapped skin or sustains aromatic experiences all day long!

Paraffin Facial Masques A warm Amber Paraffin Masque during a comprehensive facial is an essential element to creating a truly inspired spa service. There is nothing like the feel of warm paraffin hydrating the skin and driving valuable nutrients deep into your skin.

FBP593 €24.95 Amber Paraffin - Unscented 6lbs Pure and Clear. Customize this formula for your clients needs with our signature blend range of essential oils. Supplied in 6 x 1lb (454g) Blocks. Excellent Value - Netts to €4.15 per 1lb/454g

Body Mud Paraffin

FBP586 €13.75 Amber Lavender Infused Facial Paraffin 14oz Extra filtered pure paraffin infused with Lavender - ideal for stressed or fatigued skin.

Paraffin for Hands & Feet

FBP587 €13.75 Amber Collagen Infused Facial Paraffin 14oz Extra filtered pure paraffin infused with Collagen - minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. FBP585 €11.95 Amber Pure Facial Paraffin 14oz Extra filtered, pure, pliable, unscented paraffin ideal for sensitive skin. Creates the perfect enclosure for vitamins A,B or C treatments.

Penetrating Warmth

Multiple Services

Easy Removal

FBP589 €24.95 Amber Paraffin - Blossom 6lbs Vitamin C and Sandlewood - rich in anti-oxidants. Supplied in 6 x 1lb (454g) Blocks. Excellent Value - Netts to €4.15 per 1lb/454g

Amber’s MudParaffins are a unique combination of select muds, extracts and oils that are infused into paraffin creating a warm, detoxifying body masque. This masque can be applied as a cocoon over the majority of the body or in focused areas. Mud paraffin draws out toxins from the body,relieve aching muscles while hydrating the skin leaving it soft and supple. Combine the hydrating and detoxifying effects of mud paraffin with Amber Signature Oil Blends to create custom treatments for your salon! FBP594 €34.95 Amber Dead-Sea Mud Paraffin 6lbs Dead Sea Mud’s magnesium, calcium and potassium adds healing and therapeutic properties. FBP595 €34.95 Amber Seaweed Mud Paraffin 6lbs Seaweed Mud is enriched with nourishing vitamins, minerals and elements to hydrate the skin.

FBP588 €199.00 Amber Facial Paraffin Starter Kit A complete professional kit with everything you need to start paraffin facial treatments in your salon. Kit includes: Amber paraffin masque heater, pure facial paraffin 14oz, facial paraffin brush, three headbands and 50 pre-cut gauze masques.

FBP596 34.95 Amber Sedona Mud Paraffin 6lbs Sedona Mud, with high anti-oxidant mineral content, hydrates and detoxifies the body. FBP590 €24.95 Amber Paraffin - Lavender 6lbs Lavender and Chamomile to soothe and calm. Supplied in 6 x 1lb (454g) Blocks. Excellent Value - Netts to €4.15 per 1lb/454g FBP591 €24.95 Amber Paraffin - Peach 6lbs Peach and lemongrass to rejuvinate. Supplied in 6 x 1lb (454g) Blocks. Excellent Value - Netts to €4.15 per 1lb/454g FBP592 €24.95 Amber Paraffin - Rosemary 6lbs Rosemary and Ylang Ylang to heal and protect. Supplied in 6 x 1lb (454g) Blocks. Excellent Value - Netts to €4.15 per 1lb/454g




HOB5544 €1.50 Disposable Mini Spatulas (Pack 50) 150mm x 10mm. Buy 6 or more €0.99 HBA1340 €4.50 Leg Waxing Spatula HBA1350 €3.85 Waxing Spoon Spatula HBA1360 €4.15 Waxing Lip Spatula

FBA074 €3.75 Aromawax Paper Strips (Pack 100) (100g High Quality Paper Strips) go Buy 6 @ €2.99 9kD &/- Buy 20 @ €2.75 Ä*


Wax Accessories

= Y[`

FBA425 €6.99 Disposable Waxing Aprons (Pack of 100) 0202103 €3.85 Salon System Paper Wax Strips Buy 6 @ €3.25

HOB5530 €3.85 Fabric Waxing Strips (Pack 100) Buy 6 @ €3.45 Buy 12 @ €2.99 Buy 40 @ €2.75

go 9kD &/- * 9kÄ ` = Y[

0202108 €3.85 Salon System Fabric Wax Strips Buy 6 @ €3.25

HOB5524 €2.49 Hive Paper Wax Strips (Small) 115mm x 45mm

FBA485 €6.85 Waxing Record Cards (Pack of 100) FBA165 €5.99 Stainless Steel Spatula/Palette Knife HBA1628 €5.99 Therapist Waxing Apron

Waxing Spatulas

FBA212 €16.99 PVC Waxing Couch Cover

HOB5525 €3.85 Paper Wax Strips (Pack 100) Buy 6 @ €3.45 Buy 12 @ €2.99 Buy 40 @ €2.75

go 9kD &/- * 9kÄ ` = Y[

go 9kD &-( ) 9kÄ ` = Y[ HOB5540 €1.99 Disposable Waxing Spatulas (Pack 100) - Leg Buy 6 @ €1.50

Paraffin Wax Accessories FBA315 €5.99 Paraffin Poly Liners (Pack 100) For Hands & Feet

FBA194 €6.95 Cotton Pedicure Booties (Pair) LIST €9.95 SAVE €3.00

FBA195 €6.95 Cotton Pedicure Mitts (Pair) LIST €9.95 SAVE €3.00

FBA304 €5.50 Gauze 90cm Roll

FBA590 €10.95 Paraffin Facial Brush High quality sable brush designed specifically to hold paraffin in liquid state without solidifying quckly. FBA589 €12.99 Paraffin Body Strips (Pack 100) Flexible paraffin strips are dipped into paraffin and wrapped around the knee, shoulder or back.

FBA225 €3.50 Paraffin Wax Brush 1” FBA224 €3.95 Paraffin Wax Brush 2”

FBP025 €10.95 Pre-Cut Facial Gauze Masks (Pack 50)

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Wax Heaters

FBE220 €245.00 Amber Three Bay Hard Wax Warmer Beautiful design and simplicity! Three bays heat several hard waxes at once. Effective for treating multiple skin types. Lightweight with sturdy housing and stainless top. Warmer is designed with maximum hygiene in mind as individual personal cups can be directly inserted and thermostatically heated for proper application. Dimensions: 10”L x 4”W x 3.25”H FBA568 €12.95 Spare Inner Container 1000cc

HOB5000 €69.95 1000cc Salon Wax Heater Supplied with 1000cc inner pot, suitable for all types of waxing. HOB5005 €59.95 500cc Salon Wax Heater Supplied with 500cc inner pot, suitable for all types of waxing.

FBE180 €69.00 Aromawax Digital Wax Heater 1000cc The Aromawax Digital Wax Heater contains a digital chip which accurately controls the temperature of the wax. Suitable for use with all brands of wax including paraffin wax. Supplied with removeable 1000cc inner container.

Paraffin Heaters FBE191 €799.00 Amber Large (Body) Sterilizing Paraffin Bath Holds 22 pounds (10 kilos) of sterile paraffin for the spa with high volume paraffin treatments. Wide tank access allows for easy transfer of paraffin. Includes twelve slots for Signature Blends or Essentials Oils. Dimensions: 26.125”W x 24”D x 7.75”H.

0216122 €89.95 Salon System Paraffin Wax Heater Includes 1kg of paraffin wax. Dimensions: 30 x 25.5 x 17.5cm

FBE919 €59.00 Aromawax Paraffin Heater Includes Free Paraffin Liners, Cotton Booties (Pair) and Paraffin Mitts (Pair).

e f ull h t e e S mber A f o r an g e en t on m equip & 8 9 8 pg s 8 FBE190 €399.00 Amber Sterilizing Paraffin Bath The Stainless Paraffin bath is constructed with a sterlizing timer for extra hygiene protection. Timer controls an elevated heat cylce that effectively kills germs or bacteria. Perfect for the medi-spa or spa with a high volume paraffin treatments. Essential oil slots provided. Dimensions: 9.25”W x 19.5”D x 9.25”H.

FBE176 €399.00 Amber Paraffin Bowl Enhance your treatment room or retail setting - The Paraffin Bowl is classic minimalist - beautifully simple but intelligently effective. The Paraffin Bowl is thermostatically heated to a constant temperature of 130° F. Quick melt thermostat melts paraffin quickly. Paraffin Bowl is 14.125”W and 5.5”H and comes filled with 6 lbs. of unscented paraffin.



WAXING & ELECTROLYSIS A WORLD OF WAXING BY HIVE Hive of Beauty is probably best know for their extensive and innovative range of wax products.

Options Wax


Hot Wax

Roller Wax


=a=s )Ne>ttsJ as low € 3.99 ea


OPT5700 €5.99 Options Warm Wax 425g OPT5712 €5.99 Options Lavender Wax 425g OPT5714 €5.99 Options Chocolate Wax 425g

Special Offers OPT5736 €11.98 3 For 2 Warm Wax

HOB5581 €6.99 Hot Red Film Wax 450g Tin

OPT5737 €11.98 3 For 2 Tea Tree Wax

HOB5580 €8.99 Hot Wax Pellets 750g

OPT5738 €11.98 3 For 2 Pink Sensitive Creme Wax

HOB5585 €7.99 Hot Film Wax Block 500g Buy 6 @ €6.75 “Film Wax” contains plasticides which remain flexible rather than brittle.

OPT5717 €5.99 Options Tea Tree Wax OPT5732 €11.98 425g 3 For 2 Lavender Creme Wax OPT5710 €5.99 Options Crème Wax OPT5734 €11.98 425g 3 For 2 Chocolate Creme Wax

Brazilian Waxing

HOB5587 €8.99 Azulene ‘Hot Film’ Wax 500g Block

Paraffin Wax HOB5673 €4.99 Peach Paraffin Wax 450g Pot HOB5575 €6.99 Peach Paraffin Wax Pellets 750g

Wax 4 Men

HOB6612 €10.99 Hive Lavender (6 x 80g) HOB6616 €10.99 Hive Chocolate (6 x 80g) HOB6600 €9.99 Roller Depilatory Refills – Warm (Pack 6x80g) HOB6617 €10.99 Roller Depilatory Refills – Tea Tree (6x80g) HOB6500 €7.95 Large Leg Roller Head (Pack 6) HOB6510 €7.95 Small Facial Roller Head (Pack 6) HOB6515 €7.95 Mini Roller Head (Pack 6)

HOB5582 €7.99 Brazilian Wax 450g Tin HOB5588 €8.99 Brazilian ‘Hot Film’ Wax 500g Block A new formulation for ‘Brazilian’ style bikini line waxing. Formulated to provide greater and improved adhesion qualities for work on dense and stubborn hair growth.

Paraffin Spray Wax Revolutionary in concept, the Hive Paraffin Wax Spray delivers a quicker, more hygienic and highly effective application of paraffin wax. HOB6902 €149.00 Multi Pro Paraffin Spray Kit Contents: 6 Chamber Heater, 12 Spray Cartridges, 1 x Facial Gauze (PK50), 1 x Polythene Protectors (100), 1 x Cotton Mitts (Pair), 1 x Cotton Booties (Pair), 1 x Hand Treatment Creme 100ml, 1 x Cleansing Foot Spray 150ml, 1 x Disp Protective Sleeeves (PK 6) HOB5946 €64.95 Paraffin Spray Starter Pack

HOB5280 €6.99 Wax 4 Men ‘Warm’ Wax 525ml HOB5586 €6.99 Wax 4 Men ‘Hot Film’ Wax 500g Block HOB6680 €10.99 Wax 4 Men ‘Roller Depilatory Cartridges Warm’ Wax (6x80g)

HOB5680 €14.50 Paraffin Spray Refills 6 pack White HOB5686 €14.50 Paraffin Spray Refills 6 pack Lavender

HOB5684 €14.50 Paraffin Spray Refills 6 pack Tea tree HOB5682 €14.50 Paraffin Spray Refills 6 pack Peach

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Wax Treatments & Equipment Cleaners HOB5550 €4.49 After Wax Treatment with Tea Tree Oil 400ml Buy 6 @ €3.85

HOB5591 €4.60 Pre Wax Treatment Wipes (100 Pk)

HOB5555 €16.99 Hive After Wax Treatment with Tea Tree Oil 4 Litre A premium quality after wax treatment formulated to cool and moisturize the skin after waxing. Tea Tree Oil reduces the chance of inflammation after waxing.

HOB5551 €6.99 B4 – Pre Wax Treatment Gel 200ml A very efficient pre wax cleanser, that also features ingredients that will enhance waxing performance by lifting and presenting the hair ready for removal.

HOB5590 €4.75 Hive Pre Wax Treatment Spray 400ml Buy 6 @ €3.99 A light antiseptic cleansing spray with tea tree and lemon essential oils, designed to clean deodorant, make-up and body oils from the skin prior to treatment.

HOB5557 €6.99 Wax Control with Azulene 200ml An after wax oil containing a blend of vitamin enriched oils combined with Azulene to help restore damaged skin after waxing.

HOB5554 €3.55 Purified Talc 100g

HOB5552 €6.99 Smooth It 100ml For in-growing hairs & razor burns. HOB5553 €6.99 Time Out Hair Growth Retardant 30ml Time Out Hair Growth Retardant has the properties to retard hair growth and also reduce its density. HOB5560 €5.99 Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner 400ml

HOB5558 €4.99 Cool Down After Wax Treatment 50ml HOB5559 €13.99 Cool Down After Wax Treatment 250ml Reduces redness caused by distressed skin after waxing treatment. The natural oils of camphor, menthol and clove oil leave the skin cool and refreshed. HOB5565 €26.95 Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner 4 Litre HOB5562 €5.99 Wax Equipment Cleaner Wipes Pack of 100

Wax Starter Kits Link Packs for Waxers; HOB5910 €25.95 Warm Wax Pack HOB5940 €36.50 Paraffin Wax Pack

HOB5960 €69.95 Student Wax Pack Kit One Curriculum, One Kit! – The kit includes Warm, Hot & Paraffin Wax, Heater and Accessories. HOB5955 €77.50 Salon Waxing Starter Pack 500cc Kit includes 500cc inner container, warm wax, spatulas (100), fabric strips (100), wax equipment cleaner 400ml, pre-wax lotion 400ml, after wax lotion 400ml and a 500cc Hive Heater.

HOB5951 €83.50 Salon Waxing Starter Pack 1000cc Kit includes 1000cc inner container, warm wax, spatulas (100), fabric strips (100), wax equipment cleaner 400ml, pre-wax lotion 400ml, after wax lotion 400ml and a 1000cc Hive Heater.

L :=DK = D J K=

HOB5010 €13.50 Inner container for 1000cc Heater HOB5070 €4.25 Protective Cardboard Heater Collars (50)



WAXING & ELECTROLYSIS Waxing Strips & Spatulas

Before & After Wax Spa Treatments

These treatments offer effective natural formulations for each waxing step.

Waxing Strips are made from an absorbent blend of fabric and paper.

CL601 €5.15 Medium Body Strips (100) CL602 €2.80 Small Face Strips (100)

CL101 €3.99 Large Spatulas (Body) Pack 100 CL102 €3.50 Small Spatulas (Face & Lip) Pack 100 CL105 €3.25 Petite Spatulas (Eyebrow) Pack 100

Paraffin Wax & Mud CL131 €5.90 Paraffin Wax - “Calm” Lavender & Ylang Ylang

CL135 €5.90 Paraffin Wax - “Heal” Wintermint & Rosemary CL140 €5.90 Paraffin Wax - “Energize” Citrus & Aloe CL145 €5.90 Paraffin Wax - “Detoxify” Peach, Juniper Berry, Fennel & Vitamin E CL160 €10.50 Dead Sea Herbal Paraffin Mud

Clean + Easy Accessories CL225 €7.95 Thermo Sleeve

CL603 €8.50 “Cleanse” Antiseptic Cleanser 475ml Removes oil, make-up and bacteria from skin prior to waxing.

CL322 €5.95 Prep Oil 147ml Creates a barrier between the hard wax and the clients skin for easier, more effective hair removal.

CL205 €3.70 Lavender Moisture Absorbent Powder 99g For better adhesion, dust area to be waxed to absorb less oil.

CL604 €8.50 “Soothe” Soothing Gel 475ml Aloe Vera gel instantly cools, soothes and refreshes skin after waxing. Prevents slight redness after waxing.

CL320 €7.95 “Treatment” After Wax Hair Inhibitor 147ml Slows the re-growth of unwanted hair and makes hair growth lighter and sparser.

CL116 €5.99 Azulene Skin Calming Oil 60ml Perfect skin conditioner with chamomile, for use after any type of hair removal.

CL605 €8.50 “Remove” After Wax Cleanser 475ml After Wax cleanser that removes wax residue from the skin.

CL106 €5.75 Deluxe Wax collars (x50)

CL607 €11.50 “Restore” 473ml A Skin Conditioner that is a moisturising treatment for newly waxed skin, with anti-inflamatory ingredients.

CL620 €7.50 Clean Up 473ml with spray Cleaner for salon equipment. Not to be used on skin.

Paraffin Wax 0930 €4.75 Mango and Shea Paraffin Wax 480g 0935 €4.75 Vanilla and Soy Paraffin Wax 480g 0875 €4.75 GiGi Paraffin Brush 0896 €4.75 Lavender Paraffin Wax 480g 0890 €4.75 Peach Paraffin Wax 480g 0898 €4.75 Citrus Paraffin Wax 480g 0925 €4.75 Botanical Blend Paraffin Wax 480g For Dry skin and premature aging.

GiGi is the No.1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Beauty Industry. 0899 €10.95 GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax 510g 0365 €6.99 All Purpose Microwavable Formula 226g 0322 €7.25 Strip Free Microwave 226g 0700 €2.05 GiGi Pre Hon Pre-Epilation 8oz 0710 €3.20 GiGi Post-Epilation Lotion 8oz 0740 €2.80 GiGi Slow Grow 8oz GiGi Slow Grow inhibits keratinization. 0880 €4.35 GiGi Wax Off 8oz 0785 €2.75 GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel 8oz 0721 €7.95 GiGi No Bump RX Body Treatment 4oz 0240 €7.25 GiGi Tea Tree Creme Wax 14oz 0251 €10.50 GiGi Chocolate Crème Wax 14oz 0260 €6.99 GiGi Pink Creme Wax 14oz 0310 €6.65 GiGi Facial Honee 14oz

0330 €6.65 GiGi All Purpose Honee 14oz Completely natural, the honee does not contain chemicals, wax or perfumes. GiGi All Purpose Honee is the No.1 wax in the world, the standard by which all others are judged. 0420 €1.95 Large Accu Edge Spatulas Pack 100 0430 €1.60 GiGi Small Accu Edge Spatulas Pack 100 Designed for precise angled edges, clean lines and for facials. They are ideal for bikini waxing and perfect for detail areas.

0600 €3.25 Natural Strips Small (1.75"x4.5") Pack 100 0500 €3.10 Cloth Waxing Strips Small (1.75"x4.5") - Pack 100 0810 €3.95 GiGi Wax Heater Collars - Pack 50

0100 €120.00 GiGi 'Pro 1' Professional Wax Starter Kit

0790 €6.25 GiGi Epilating Lotion Starter Pack (4x30g) 0440 €9.50 GiGi Bleaching Cream Cream & Activator (1oz & 1.5oz) GG345 €8.25 GiGi Azulene Wax

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Clean + easy is the world leader in roller wax hair removal. With over 20 years experience, the brand is synonymous with the best in new ideas, technology and wax blends. With clean + easy you will achieve perfect results every time because the unique roller system applies the perfect amount of wax and provides the waxing professional with everything required to offer a full premium professional waxing service and makes waxing quick, hygienic and profitable.

Wax Heaters & Kits CL203 €165.00 Waxing Spa Full Service Kit

CL209 €125.50 Waxing Spa (Heating unit only)

Original Wax Refills Made from natural pine resin and bees wax. Contains no added chemicals and works at a safe low temperature, perfect for all areas of the body.

CL631 €8.99 Original Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 3

CL632 €8.50 Original Wax Refill Medium (Body) Pack 3

CL612 €33.50 Original Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 12

CL633 €7.50 Original Wax Refill Small (Facial) Pack 3

Sensitive Wax Refills Perfect for clients with sensitive skin – leaves the skin smooth and soft. Contains azulene and chamomile.

Kit includes: 1 x Waxing Spa Heater 1 x Large Original Wax 3 Pack 1 x Large Azulene Wax 3 Pack 1 x Large Hemp Wax 3 Pack 1 x Medium Original Wax 3 Pack 1 x Small Original Wax 3 Pack 1 x Leg Roller Head 3 Pack 1 x Bikini , Face, Fineline Roller Head CL502 €175.00 Digital Paraffin Spa Heater (240v)

=J DGO =


CL021 €32.00 Brazilian Wax Training DVD

1 x Cleanse 16oz/475ml 1 x Soothe 16oz/475ml 1 x Remove 16oz/475ml 1 x Nourish 16oz/475ml 1 x Lavender Talc 3.5oz/99g 1 x Thermosleeve 1 x Standard Waxing Strips Pack (3 sizes) 1 x Training DVD and Instruction Manual CL008 €78.00 Petite Waxing Spa Kit Kit includes: 1 x Petite Wax Spa Heater 2 x Facial Refills (Original and Azulene) 2 x Bikini Refills (Original and Azulene) 1 x Fineline and Facial Roller Head 2 x Bikini Roller Head 100 x Waxing Strips (2 sizes) 1 x Remove 16oz/475ml 1 x Training Manual

CL231 €8.99 Sensitive Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 3

CL232 €8.50 Sensitive Wax Refill Medium (Body) Pack 3

CL212 €33.50 Sensitive Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 12

CL233 €7.50 Sensitive Wax Refill Small (Facial) Pack 3

Hemp Wax Refills Ideal for sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil. Leaves skin revitalised and nourished. CL630 €8.99 Hemp Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 3

CL640 €8.50 Hemp Wax Refill Medium (Body) Pack 3

CL611 €33.50 Hemp Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 12

CL641 €7.50 Hemp Wax Refill Small (Facial) Pack 3

Specialized Waxes CL352 €8.99 Tea Tree Cream Wax Refill Large (Leg) Pack 3 CL342 €8.99 Chocolate Wax Refill Large (Body) Pack 3

Clean + Easy Roller Heads CL238 €6.65 Large Roller Head (Leg) Pack 3

CL637 €6.65 Small Roller Head (Facial) Pack 3

CL635 €6.65 Medium Roller Head (Body) Pack 3

CL636 €6.65 Fine Line Roller Head Pack 3



WAXING & ELECTROLYSIS Hot Wax & Accessories JUST WAX is the leading range of depilatory products in the professional marketplace. The range is the most extensive available and includes the latest ingredients, formulations and waxing accessories.

Wax Heaters & Kits 0202202 €125.00 Roller Wax Heater Trio Kit

0202200 €45.50 Portable Roller Wax Kit 0202201 €110.00 Roller Wax Heater Trio 0202091 €79.00 Just Wax Deep (800cc) Professional Heater Kit

0236216 €7.35 Brazilian Hot Wax With Organic Lavender & Aloe Vera

0202103 €3.85 Paper Waxing Strips Buy 6 @ €3.25

0202108 €3.85 Fabric Waxing Strips Buy 6 @ €3.25

0202159 €7.20 Hot Wax Pot 450g

0202165 €5.99 Antiseptic Roller Head Cleaner 250ml

Wax Treatments 0202115 €5.45 Pre Wax Cleansing Gel 500ml Cleansing and antiseptic.

0202113 €5.75 After Wax Lotion 500ml With Lavender to soothe, calm & moisturise.

0202161 €5.75 After Wax Soothing Gel 500ml With aloe vera to cool, condition & moisturise.

0202114 €6.75 After Wax Lotion 1 litre With Lavender to soothe, calm & moisturize.

0202111 €5.75 After Wax Oil 500ml With Tea Tree and Lavender to soothe, calm & moisturise.

0202119 €5.99 Ingrown Terminator 150ml This special formula high in AHA’s helps to unblock pores and reduce inflammation.

0202090 €75.00 Just Wax Compact (400cc) Professional Heater Kit

Sensitive Treatments 0236213 €5.60 Sensitive Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml 0236215 €5.85 Sensitive After Wax Lotion 500ml 0236214 €7.99 Sensitive Crème Wax 450g With Organic Lavender & Aloe Vera

Just Wax Pot Wax 0202100 €7.45 Soft Wax 450g

0202123 €7.99 Vanilla Crème Wax 450g

0202101 €7.45 Crème Wax 450g

0236214 €7.99 Sensitive Crème Wax 450g With Organic Lavender & Aloe Vera

0202109 €7.99 Tea Tree Crème Wax 450g 0202141 €7.99 Cherry Gel Wax 450g

gml 9 kcYZ mdYj _ gmjj] ^^]jk *#)GklOYp gfBm

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Roller Wax System No more messy spatulas, Aroma Wax is more professional, hygienic, economical, faster and cleaner, it will change the way you wax forever! Aroma Wax is suitable for use on all skin types including sensitive skin due to its unique Titanium Dioxide Base (Ti02). Choose from our vast range of formulas, which include fruit and aromatherapy crème and gel wax bases. Our No.1 seller vanilla is available with three different roller head sizes for use on leg, bikini line, underarm, upper lip and eyebrow. All cartridges are sealed so they are more hygienic and completely disposable after use. Gel Roller Wax 100ml Aroma Waxes unique gel formulation offers smoother application and contains aromatherapy oils known for their soothing and healing properties. FBP021 €2.15 Tea Tree Gel Wax Soothing, Refreshing, Antiseptic FBP022 €2.15 Lavender Gel Wax Relaxing, soothing, calming


:MQ*,9LÄ)&-(=9;@ Offer Applies to Rose Wax Formula Only. Total Price €36.00 Per Case of 24.

Roller Wax Heaters FBP010A €49.00 Aromawax Rollerwax Heater (on base) Supplied with two cables (one for salon use and one for mobile use).

Crème Roller Wax

100ml Aroma Wax crème range of waxes contains titanium dioxide and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. FBP006 €2.15 Rosemary Crème Wax Stimulating, invigorating, antiseptic FBP008 €2.15 Basil Crème Wax Strengthening, calming FBP001 €2.15 Apple Crème Wax FBP002 €2.15 Banana Crème Wax FBP003 €2.15 Honey Melon Crème Wax FBP005 €2.15 Vanilla Crème Wax (Large Roller) FBP004 €2.15 Vanilla Crème Wax (Medium Roller)

FBP200 €2.15 Bilberry Gel Wax

FBP019 €2.15 Vanilla Crème Wax (Small Roller)

FBP201 €2.15 Cherry Gel Wax

FBP224 €2.15 Aromawax Rose Wax

FBP202 €2.15 Pineapple Gel Wax

KH=;A9DG>>=J ;9K=J9L=º:MQ);9K=

*,;9JLJA<?=K!>GJÄ,-&(( F=LLKLGÄ)&0/H=J;9JLJA<?=!& ;Yk]k[YfZ]eap]\ lgYlljY[lngdme]jYl]k&

FBP013 €110.00 Trio Roller Wax Heater A triple roller wax heater for salon use. Our most popular heater with customers.

FBP011 €32.00 Roller Wax Single Heater Ideal roller heater for students and mobile therapists.

Roller Wax Starter Kits KIT6 €149.00 Aromawax Salon Starter Kit Includes trio roller heater (FBP013), 100 Paper strips, 12 mixed roller cartridges 100ml.

KIT1 €49.95 Aromawax Student Starter Kit Includes single roller heater (FBP011), 100 fabric strips, 2 roller cartridges, pre-epilation lotion 60ml, wax remover 60ml, after wax lotion 60ml, hair growth inhibitor 60ml.





Satin Smooth brings you a complete range of high performance waxing & beauty systems, from heaters to luxurious waxes, for outstanding results that get your clients noticed.

Advanced, high tech wax heaters have fast heat-up and are thermostatically controlled to ensure ideal working temperature throughout use.

FBE079 333.50 Professional Wax Heater

FBE078 356.50 Professional Double Wax Heater

FBE065 369.95 Wax Starter Kit

FBA668 33.25 Wax Applicators

• 100 applicators per pack presented in convenient storage tube.

Includes: • Professional wax heater (FBE079) • Pearl Soft wax with Lavender and Calendula • Honey wax with arnica and Vitamin E • Calm & Prepare pre wax spray 250ml • Soothe & Hydrate after wax lotion 250ml • Spring Clean wax remover 250ml • Woven fabric strips (x100) • Wax applicators (x 100).

Unique heater with 2 independent heating wells • 2 independent wax pots with scraper bar • Individual temperature controls and on/off switches • 10 temperature settings • Suitable to use with all warm, créme and hard waxes • Includes a metal clamp with plastic handle for removing the wax containers. Holds standard wax containers.

FBA669 34.99 Non Woven Waxing Strips

• 100 High quality non woven paper waxing strips.

FBA670 34.99 Woven Waxing Strips

• 100 High quality woven fabric waxing strips.

FBA665 37.85 Removable Insert Pot

Suitable for use with Satin Smooth wax heaters. Comes with scraper bar.

• Energy efficient thermostat controlled heating mechanism maintains ideal waxing temperatures throughout the day • 10 Temperature settings • Suitable for use with all warm, créme and hard waxes • Wax pot with scraper bar • Holds standard wax containers.

FBE256 3125.00 Beauty Waxing Trolley

• Stylish and sturdy steel frame with gloss finished wooden shelves • Side mounted power board with 2 sockets • Portable with four wheels • Support holes on both sides of the trolley to hold a magnifying lamp.


shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Treat your clients to soothing moisture therapy with our specially designed Paraffin range for Satin Smooth skin all year round.

FBE225 333.50 Professional Heated Mitts

• Warm mitts open pores allowing moisturisers to penetrate the skin surface for effective conditioning • Softens cuticles to improve and enhance healthy nails • Brings soothing warmth to hands whilst softening skin • 3 temperature settings • One size fits all.

FBE226 333.50 Professional Heated Booties

• Penetrating heat conditioning therapy for dry feet • Automatic thermal heated control provides constant and even temperature • 3 temperature settings • Self-adhesive closure straps provide secure hold • 12 disposable liners included • One size fits all.

FBE257 3135.00 Paraffin Wax Heater

Provides deep, intensive moisturising therapy for hands, feet and elbows. • Fast heat up • Large enough to fit hand, foot or elbow • Holds up to 3kg of wax • 10 temperature settings • 3 usage indicator lights: Red - wax is too hot for use. Green wax is at the optimum temperature for use. Yellow - wax is lower than the required temperature for use • Protectives lid.

FBA195 36.95 Terry Cloth Mitts

• High quality terry cloth mitts to use with paraffin wax treatments • Made with cloth cotton liner and velcro closure to maximise heat retention • 100% cotton • Washable.

FBA194 36.95 Terry Cloth Booties

• High quality terry cloth booties to use with paraffin wax treatments • Made with cloth cotton liner and velcro closure to maximise heat retention • 100% cotton • Washable.

FBE040 342.00 Professional Foot Spa

3 Programmes: massage; heat/bubbles; massage/heat/bubbles • 2 interchangeable massage attachments • Ergonomic base designed to comfortably fit the shape of the feet • Splash guard.

FBA667 35.25 All Purpose Hand and Feet Liners

• 100 disposable liners to use over paraffin wax to protect terry cloth mitts and booties • Use with moisturiser to retain heat for deep penetrating moisture • Convenient and tidy box storage.

FBA673 39.99 Oriental Paraffin Wax FBA672 39.99 Exotic Paraffin Wax

FBA671 39.99 Spa Fresh Paraffin Wax

• Designed for use with Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Heater • Contains witch hazel & mint to cleanse, stimulate and refresh • Witch Hazel is a plant extract that acts as an astringent and tonic • Mint is a diaphoretic that induces increased cleansing • Low melting point for extra comfort and faster heat up • Supplied in 4 x 250g blocks (1kg per pack).

• Designed for use with Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Heater • Contains aromatic passionfruit and monoi Oil to condition and nourish sensitive, dry skin • Passionfruit has calming and restorative properties to condition • Monoi Oil is a Polynesian extract of refined coconut oil and is an emollient rich in Vitamin E • Low melting point for extra comfort and faster heat up • Supplied in 4 x 250g blocks (1kg per pack).

• Designed for use with Satin Smooth Paraffin Wax Heater • Contains aromatic ginger and mandarin to invigorate and cleanse • Ginger is anti-inflammatory, inducing increased cleansing • Mandarin is an acidic based cleansing agent, anti-oxidant and refresher • Low melting point for extra comfort and faster heat up • Supplied in 4 x 250g blocks (1kg per pack).






Buy any 3 Satin Smooth waxes and get a FREE Soothe & Hydrate After Wax lotion (250ml)

This exquisite range of waxes and luxurious pre & after care lotions are made with the highest quality ingredients, especially formulated for comfort and smooth results.

FBP244 36.85 Pearl Soft Wax with Lavender & Calendula

• A high performance wax enriched with Lavender and Calendula, both proven anti inflammatory and calming extracts that are anti bacterial • Suitable for use on all skin types.

FBP242 36.75 Crème Wax with Echinecea & Comfrey

• Echinacea is a multi-use healer and anti inflammatory, comfrey is a rapid healer and restorative • Suitable for all skin types and effective on all hair types.

FBP247 38.99 Pure White Hard Wax with Arnica and Coconut

• A high performance wax for traditional hot wax users • Arnica for anti inflammatory as well as calming irritation and coconut for nourishing and fortifying • Suitable for use on all areas, particularly effective on the bikini area including Brazilian waxing.

FBP250 36.85 Calm and Prepare Pre Wax Lotion 500ml

• A convenient and efficient spray on treatment, that thoroughly cleanses the skin prior to waxing • Contains botanical complex #3 with extracts of pink grapefruit, mandarin and lime, which have excellent anti-septic & anti-oxidant properties.

FBP246 36.85 Premium Gold Wax with Manuka Oil and Beeswax

• Manuka is a relative of tea tree oil with unique anti bacterial properties and is anti inflammatory • Suitable for use on all skin types, particularly effective for the removal of thicker, coarser hair such as the bikini line.

FBP243 35.99 Crème Wax with Aloe Vera & Cucumber

• Aloe Vera and cucumber have calming and soothing properties. Aloe Vera is an effective healer and cucumber improves moisture retention • Suitable for all skin types, particularly effective on sensitive skin.

FBP245 35.99 Honey Wax with Arnica & Vitamin E

• Vitamin E is anti inflammatory & restorative, Arnica promotes healing and calms irritation • A traditional wax suitable for all skin types and is effective on all hair types.

FBP249 36.85 Soothe & Hydrate After Wax Lotion 500 ml FBP295 34.85 Soothe & Hydrate After Wax Lotion 250 ml

• Formulated for the legs and body; it has a high concentration of emollients to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin • Also makes an excellent after sun lotion • Contains botanical complex #2 with extracts of aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, arnica, calendula and allantoin.

FBP248 36.85 Comfort & Restore After Wax Lotion 250ml

• Formulated especially for the sensitive bikini line, underarm and facial areas • Contains botanical complex #3 with extracts of witch hazel, allantoin and arnica for a soothing, restorative finish.

FBP580 34.99 Spring Clean Wax Remover 250ml

• Effective, gentle solvent to remove wax from equipment and surfaces without damage.



shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Aloe AloeVera VeraGel Gel

Steritane Skin Cleanser

Pre electrolysis skin cleanser containing chlorhexidine, to ensure pre-treatment skin disinfection. 20001 €11.15 Steritane 275ml with Menda-pump 20002 €8.30 Steritane 500ml Refill 20003 €47.95 Steritane Refill 4 Litre

Antibacterial Hand Cleanser

23000S €2.65 Aloe Vera Gel 35ml 23000 €23.95 Aloe Vera Gel 35ml (Pack 10) 23011 €10.35 Aloe Vera Gel 200ml 23020 €39.99 Aloe Vera Gel 1 Litre with pump

Witch Hazel Gel

Sterex Two Piece Stainless Needles

(Pack 50) Made from diamond drawn medical grade stainless steel. The sterex two piece needle provides essential flexibility and feel. 11101 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F2S Short 11000 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F3S Short 11001 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F4S Short 11002 €24.99 Stainless Two iece F5S Short 11003 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F6S Short 11004 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F3R Reg. 11005 €24.99 Stainless Two Piece F4R Reg.

Sterex One-Piece Stainless Needles

(Pack 50) Provides a semi flexible, more rigid needle ideal for advanced techniques. 10002 €24.99 One Piece F2S 10003 €24.99 One Piece F3S 10004 €24.99 One Piece F4S 10005 €24.99 One Piece F5S

Après Cosmetic Cream

Sterex Accessories

21005 €6.15 Sharpsafe Box (0.25L) 24001 €5.75 Client Aftercare Pads (100) 26002 €6.75 Sterex Record Cards (Pack 50) 24009 €16.99 Sterex Training CD Rom 24003 €5.35 Electrolysis Leaflets 26001 €10.99 Consultation Cards (Pad 25)

Sterex Insulated Needles

Sterex Gold Needles

(Pack 50) 24 carat gold plated for better conductivity. Gold needles are hypo-allergenic. 11201 €28.50 Gold Needles F2G 11009 €28.50 Gold Needles F3G 11010 €28.50 Gold Needles F4G 11012 €28.50 Gold Needles F5G

Sterex Needleholders

13001 €37.50 Needleholder - Non-switched 13000 €41.25 Needleholder - Switched (Fingerbutton) 13004 €46.25 Needleholder - Non-switched BNC 13003 €49.50 Needleholder - Switched (Fingerbutton) BNC 16000 €53.50 Sterex Footswitch

Sterex Epilators

11008 €7.30 F10S (Pack 10) For treatment of warts & moles. (Pack 50) Ideal for sensitive skin. Perfect for Flash Thermolysis and short wave diathermy. 11301 €26.99 Insulated F2I 11030 €26.99 Insulated F3I 11031 €26.99 Insulated F4I 11032 €26.99 Insulated F5I

Contains 80% witch hazel in a cool soothing gel. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, recommended for use prior to après creams. 22000S €2.65 Witch Hazel Gel 35ml 22000 €23.95 Witch Hazel Gel 35ml (Pack 10) 22011 €10.35 Witch Hazel Gel 200ml

Kind to the hands, this pH balanced formula is bio degradable and 100% soap free. Contains Triclosan destroying millions of germs. 19002 €8.80 Sterex Hand Cleanser 250ml + pump 19003 €11.15 Sterex Hand Cleanser 500ml 19004 €3.49 Steri-Cleanse 100ml 19005 €11.30 Steri-Cleanse 500ml

18022 €6.99 Après Clear 200ml 18020 €6.99 Après Original 200ml 18021 €6.99 Après Medium 200ml 18002 €21.99 Après Clear 35ml (Pack 10) 18000 €21.99 Après Original 35ml (Pack 10) 18001 €21.99 Après Medium 35ml (Pack 10) 18001S €2.45 Après Medium 35ml – Single 18000S €2.45 Après Light 35ml – Single

Ballet Needles The perfect needle for every treatment… Stainless Steel (Pack 50) For Regular Treatments FBP209 €26.95 Stainless 002 FBP210 €26.95 Stainless 003 FBP208 €26.95 Stainless 004 FBP207 €26.95 Stainless 005 FBP204 €26.95 Stainless 006 Ballet Gold Needles (Pack 50) For Sensitive Skin Types FBP211 €27.95 Gold 002 FBP213 €27.95 Gold 003 FBP214 €27.95 Gold 004

15006 €799.00 Sterex Thermolysis/Diathermy Epilator SX-T 15008 €799.00 Sterex Galvanic Epilator SX-G 15007 €1,050.00 Sterex Auto-Timed Epilator SX-A 15005 €1,395.00 Sterex Blend Epilator SX-B Save €100.00
















AROMATHERAPY AND SPA THERAPIES Liven up your salon or reception with this great collection of world music from Putumayo. To see the full range of Putumayo Music CDs visit any Flair Hair & Beauty Store or go to Putumayo World Music donates a portion of its proceeds from most of its releases to charitable organizations which include Amnesty Int, Coffee Kids and Oxfam to name but a few.

NSMCD216 €12.95 Calmatherapy – Geraint Hughes Soothing atmospheric music, especially designed to relax and restore the inner balance, flows through the senses gently winding down the entire body to a state of pure calm.

PUT071 €12.95 Salsa Around The World A Latin dance party with a twist, featuring salsa from Greece, India, Scotland and beyond.

PUT031 €12.95 Cuba The beautiful melodies and exotic rhythms of Cuban son are guaranteed to have you dancing the night away.

PUT035 €12.95 French Café Legends of French chanson join exquisite new voices for an enchanting musical sojourn to the cafes of Paris.

NSMCD305 €12.95 Transformation – George Raphael In this album George musically captures the feeling and being one with the Dai Ko Mio, which means the Great Shining Light. Emerge yourself in the musical flow of energy.

NSMCD280 €12.95 Feng Shui Garden – Paul Cheneour & Melissa Holding Feng Shui literally means “Wind & Water”. The music moves through the 5 elements – Earth , Metal, Water, Wood and Fire before exploring the mythical world of Dragons, Tigers and other animals.

NSMCD271 €12.95 Reiki – George Raphael Reiki is also a great help for the inner self – promoting wellbeing and balance in our spiritual lives.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Music for total wellbeing

Ambiente is a music series designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the healing benefits of music and alternative therapies. Ambiente is about positive thinking, vitality and acquiring a sense of true wellbeing. The musical moods created are of atmospheric naturalism, the harmonious compositions, at times reflective and meditative, but always inspiring, envigorating or mysterious will gently guide your inner self into a state of deep relaxation, regenerating your mind, body and spirit and leading you to a state of total bliss.

AMB0210 €12.95 Massage – Dan Oliver Gentle voices merge with distant piano to accentuate the mood created for the perfect massage session.

AMB0213 €12.95 Spa – Helen Rhodes & Joseph Wade In this inspired album comes the ultimate marriage between music and water.

L`] ^ \G Kgmf af_;< Z] buy O]rededwhen yieonut CDs

AMB0203 €12.95 Aromatherapy – Dan Oliver Gentle, uplifting chord progressions are designed to relax and soothe, making the album perfect for every Aromatherapy or deep relaxation session.

AMB0204 €12.95 Reiki – Mike Vickerage The album is a recording of such beauty and sensitivity that it will captivate and nurture all who listen.

AMB0214 €12.95 Zen Garden – Colin Willsher Let your mind, body and spirit dance to the enticing rhythms of voice, flutes, violin, percussion and nature sounds, and enter a sanctuary of peace within you.

AMB0218 €12.95 Pure Relaxation – Helen Rhodes Escape the pressures and stress of everyday life with the therapeutic & serene sounds of ‘Pure Relaxation’. The style is of gentle atmospheric orchestration cradling concert and ethnic flutes, acoustic guitar, bells and piano.

AMB0205 €12.95 Feng Shui – Oliver Wright This album can help you unlock the secrets of the harmonious flow of chi to increase your health, wellbeing and happiness. The melodies encompass the traditions and sounds associated with Feng Shui and are performed on ethnic bamboo flutes, bells, chimes, gongs, violin and gentle orchestrations.

AMB0223 €12.95 Watercolours – Jonn Savannah Piano themes dancing with joy and life will intrigue and delight in this beautiful acoustic recording from Jonn Savannah. Performed on a 1934 Steinway grand.

AMB0202 €12.95 Sleep – Helen Rhodes If you experience difficulty sleeping this album may help you break free from poor sleep habits. The music includes chordal patterns and sounds encouraging deep sleep and reduces activity in the brain.

AMB0220 €12.95 Pure Classics – Oliver Wright In ‘Pure Classics’ we have compiled a collection of the world’s most beloved themes including Pachelbel’s Cannon in D, Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptu, the delightful Pavane from Faure & Mascagni’s Rusticana. Contains natural sounds.

AMB0219 €12.95 Pure Peace – Katie Hope A truly unplugged acoustic album performed on concert flute and guitar.

F A mb e any 2 o u r c h o i c y f o

AMB0221 The Sound Of Wellbeing The soothing melodies of Ambiente will help to relax the mind, lift the spirit and re-energise the body by encouraging an inner calm and natural within. Contains 20 tracks of relaxing sounds from the Ambience music range.

AMB0207 €12.95 Shiatsu – Oliver Chung Using bamboo flutes, ethnic stringed instruments, chimes and bells Oliver has perhaps produced the finest recording for the perfect shiatsu session.

AMB0206 €12.95 Reflexology – Chris Glassfield With acoustic guitar, concert and ethnic flutes, and gentle orchestrations, this exquisite recording will be the natural choice for all your relaxation sessions.

AMB0222 €12.95 Free Mind – Mark Allaway and Mike Eaves This album is accompanied by an 8-page booklet which features an excerpt from the book ‘A Free Spirit’ by Betty Shine.

AMB0217 €12.95 Simple Pleasures – John Hartley The album features acoustic guitar, concert flute, piano and gentle melodic orchestration.

To see the full range of our Music CDs visit




IJED;J>;H7FO Stone Therapy is a unique treatment that is as enjoyable and healing for both client and therapist. Stone Therapy involves the application of water-heated volcanic basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage. Therapists find that the stones do most of the heavier, deep tissue work for them taking the stress from their wrists, thumbs and hands!




FBE367 €499.00 Deluxe Spa Stone Kit (60 Stone Set) & Heater Supplied with large stone heater with space for additional stones. This heater is best for busy salons and spas specialising in body treatments. Includes: 42 Basalt Stones (various sizes), 8 cosy toe stones, 2 Trigger Point and 1 contour stone, 7 semi-precious charka crystal stones, insulated gloves, net, spoon, DVD Level 2, Step By Step Manual, Deluxe Large Stone Heater. Unit Dimensions: 24”x15 1⁄2”x14”

FBE366 €449.00 Signature Stone Massage Kit (60 Stone Set) & Heater The Signature Kit is best suited for smaller salons. This kit ia also recommended for our training courses. Includes: 42 Basalt Stones (various sizes), 8 cosy toe stones, 2 Trigger Point and 1 contour stone, 7 semi-precious charka crystal stones, insulated gloves, net, spoon, DVD Level 2, Step By Step Manual, Signature Stone Heater. Unit Dimensions: 17”x12”x10”

FBE365 €299.00 Basic k af[dm\] N< Stone Massage Kit _< (50 Stone Set) & Heater LjYafaf mYd f Y Basic Starter Kit for smaller E salons or students. Includes: 42 Basalt Stones (various sizes), 8 cosy toe stones, DVD Level 1, Manual, Medium stone heater. Unit Dimensions: 17”x12”x10”

FBE385 €599.00 Ultimate Stone Kit (67 Stone Set) & Heater The Ultimate stone therapy kit includes large heater (not shown) and 67 various stones including: 8 large (back legs), 20 Medium (hands, arms), 10 Small (forehead, neck, face), 8 Toe, 7 Chakra Stones with Chart, 1X-Large (sacrum, solar plexus), 4 Trigger Point (meridians), 2 Contour (neck, feet), 4 Cold Body (face), 2 Cold Eyes (eyes), 1 Attunment Wand, Level II DVD & Manual

FBE216 €799.00 Amber Stone Spa The Stone Spa is not just beautiful its our most functional stone heater because each bowl is heated separately allowing you to perform face and body stone massage at different temperatures. Also, it is not just a Stone Spa - each bowl can also be used to warm other products - muds, algaes even massage products! The larger compartment holds approximately 84 body stones and the smaller compartment approximately 34 facial or pedicure stones. Dimensions: 26.75”L x 16”W x 7”H

FBE015 €115.00 Amber Mini Stone Heater The portable unit is perfect for facial, manicure, and pedicure massage therapy. It has an adjustable temperature control that allows the stones to be heated to the perfect temperature. Includes cover. Dimensions: 5.3” high x 6.4” diameter. This small heater holds between 15-20 small to medium stones and is also ideal for students and mobile therapists.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 FBE368 €165.00 Stone Facial Set (45 Stone Set) Includes: 28 Facial Stones, 10 Cold Stones, 7 semi-precious charka stones, DVD, Step By Step Manual

FBE369 €125.00 Manicure & Pedicure Stone Set (32 Stone Set) Includes: 8 Medium Basalt Stones 8 Small Basalt Stones, 16 Cosy Toe Stones DVD Step By Step Manual

All our Black Volcanic Basalt Stones are hand selected for Stone Therapy and offer maximum heat retention properties FBE372 €175.00 Body Massage Stone Set (50 Set) Contains: 50 Black Hand Picked Basalt Stones (large, medium, small, toe) plus a DVD Training Video (Basic – Level 1) and Manual (Level 1).

FBE371 €15.00 Cold Eye Stones (2) Great orbital decongester used to decongest the delicate tissues over and around the eyes. Can also be used on the sinus area.

Heating mud or algae masques, melting paraffin, warming towels, stones and massage lotions can be accomplished simultaneously using the Amber Treatment Bar. See Page 88 for more details

FBE374 €39.95 Medium Stone Set (Pack 8) FBE375 €49.95 Large Stone Set (Pack 8) FBE376 €33.50 Small Stone Set (Pack 8)

FBE354 €20.00 Trigger Point Stones (Set of 4) Used in trigger point release: example uses: deep tissue work rhomboids, splenius capitis or meridan tracing. FBE370 €36.00 Cold Stone Set (7) 7 stones including 2 eye stones. Used in conjunction with warm stones, aids in decongestion of tissue.

Take Your Spa to the next level!

:] ImYdkl :YkYalq Klgf dl ]k

FBE356 €35.00 Chakra Stone Set (Pack 7) Includes: Amethyst, Sodalite, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, & Bloodstone. These 7 semi-precious chakra crystal stones are used to place on specific points for energy balancing.

FBE355 €14.00 Contour Stone Used in placement: example uses: soles of feet and the occipital area.

FBA250 €7.50 Chakra Mini-Chart

FBA523 €39.50 TH Stone Accessory Kit Includes Thermometer, Slatted Spoon, Small Stone Net.

FBE373 €9.95 X-Large Stone Can be gently placed on sacrum or solar plexus (navel area).

STONE THERAPY TRAINING 1 DAY Basic Stone Therapy Course €249.00 This course is designed for people who are new to stone therapy or wish to do a refresher course. The course covers stone placement, speciality stones & various massage techniques, chakra’s, stone care, safety procedures, contra indications for stone therapy, cold stones, and treatment suggestions. Each student receives a training

manual and certificate. Places are limited to a maximum of 12 people on each course so early booking is advised. This course is available only to therapists with a recognised diploma in massage therapy (ITEC, CIBTAC etc). Courses are held monthly in Dublin and Galway. We can also offer training in your salon or spa, please ask for details.

SPECIAL OFFER Book your training course and purchase your kit together at the same time and save €50.00 (Course reduced to €199.00 if booked and paid in full along with any TH Stone Kit to include heater).



AROMATHERAPY AND SPA THERAPIES Treat your clients to this new spa treatment…relax, let go, revitalize. The Hopi Native American Indians have been using ear candles as an effective natural therapy since ancient times. Hopi ear candles are still made by hand today using the traditional recipe and the very finest ingredients. Biosun ear candles are made with pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs such as Sage, St John’s Wort, Chamomile and pure essential oils. Only pure quality, pesticide-free untreated cotton is used.

This treatment calms the mind, clears the head and ears.

FBP037 €8.95 Patchouli & Bergamot Exotic Stimulating, Female Strength

FBP043 €8.95 Peppermint & Lemongrass Mildly Refreshing, Purifying Light

FBP038 €8.95 Lavender & Rosemary Flowery Clear, Regenerating Warmth

FBP044 €8.95 Sage & Thyme Aromatic Warm, Security

FBP039 €8.95 Frankincense & Cedar Oriental Ceremonial, Spiritual Opening

FBP061 €8.95 Valerian & Basil Spicy-Deep, Liberating Peace

FBP040 €8.95 Mandarin & Rosewood Mildly Exhilarating, Elation FBP041 €8.95 Orange & Lemon Mildly Fruity, Relaxed Awareness FBP042 €8.95 Eucalyptus & Pine Needle Strong Penetrating, Exhileration

:MQj k a .HY&*Ä0 ` =Y[

FBP062 €8.95 Vetiver & Sandalwood Smoky Wood, Male Strength FBP036 €8.95 Original Candles

Traditional candles made by hand

Amber Soy Candles Amber Soy Candles are made with 100% natural soy and essential oils, resulting in longer burn times and more powerful scents. The soy provides a clean, slow burn allowing for a greater pool of wax to release scent. The unique essential oil blends provide therapeutic benefits while burning. The candles are 3” tall and 2.75” in diameter. Burn time is approximately 55 hours. Each candle contains one palm stone dipped in the corresponding essential oil candle blend. Relax and unwind while hold or rubbing the stone in the hand FBP278 9.95 Anti-Stress SOY Candle 3” Jar An anti-anxiety blend to relive stressful thoughts and promote mental and physical tranquility. Lavender, Mandarin, Bergamot, Geranium, and Clary Sage.

FBP279 €9.95 The Woodlands SOY Candle 3” Jar Sweet and woody, nature’s finest aroma calms and rejuvenates. West Indian Sandalwood, Olibanum Oil, and Myrrh Absolute.

Amber Stone Oil FBP597 €7.95 Amber Stone Oil 8oz Lavender Aphrodisia FBP598 €7.95 Amber Stone Oil 8oz Green Tea Mint FBP599 €7.95 Amber Stone Oil 8oz Geranium Sage FBP600 €7.50 Amber Stone Oil 8oz Unscented Amber Stone Oil is recommended for use with all Stone Therapy Massage Treatments

FBA809 €8.95 Aroma Lamp Type A

FBA810 €8.95 Aroma Lamp Type B

J^[DWjkhWb CWiiW][9^e_Y[ <ehFhe\[ii_edWb J^[hWf_iji Developed in conjunction with physiotherapists, sports therapists and reflexologists, this unique and effective blend of soothing natural ingredients was specially formulated for use by professional therapists during.deep-tissue therapy treatments to speed up recovery in those with sports and other minor injuries and to relieve strained muscles, aching joints, sprains and bruising. Deep-acting, Supersalve Massage-Balm eases stiff, aching and fatigued Muscles and Joints and improves mobility in all age groups. FBP156 €28.50 Supersalve Massage-Balm 485ml pump bottle Supersalve Massage-Balm contains oils and extracts of Sweet Almond, Shea Butter, Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, Calendula, Eucalyptus, Clove, Camphor, Rosemary, St John’s Wort and Honey. For Professional Use Only.

KlY^^ >Yngmja_`aldq] ;ge] k@ J][gee]f\]\

Recommended by Homeopaths and Therapists, Supersalve products contain NO SLS, NO Parabens, NO petrochemicals, NO artificial fragrances, NO alcohol, NO Lanolin and NO unnecessary synthetic additives and have NOT been tested on animals.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040


6bWZgH^\cVijgZ7aZcYhVcYEjgZ:hhZci^VaD^ahXVcWZWaZcYZYl^i] Veegdeg^ViZbVhhV\Z!WdYnXVgZ!eVgV[ÒcVcY[VX^VabVhfjZegdYjXih# 6bWZghZhhZci^Vad^ahVgZ&%%ejgZVcYl^aa^ciZch^[nVcnheV ZmeZg^ZcXZ#9dcdijhZY^gZXiandch`^c"[dgb^m^c\dcan#

Amber Signature Blends

Pure Essential Oils

FBP251 €6.99 Anti-Stress Signature Blend 15ml Anxiety blend to relieve stressful periods promotes mental and physical tranquility.

FBP267 €6.95 Bulgarian Lavender 15ml Versatile and safe its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties have a balancing effect.

FBP252 €7.99 Detox Signature Blend 15ml A blend that stimulates diuretic f unctions - eliminating harmful body toxins

FBP271 €7.25 Ylang Ylang 15ml Excellent for scalp massages and to balance oily or dry skin.

FBP253 €7.50 Muscle Recharge Signature Blend 15ml A great blend for post exertion of muscles to recharge tired, overworked and aching muscles.

FBP272 €6.25 Italian Bergamot 15ml This fresh and lively essential oil gently uplifts and refreshes the spirit.

FBP254 €8.25 Sleep Right Signature Blend 15ml A blend designed to induce a mindset of tranquility for a restful evening.

FBP273 €5.95 Guatemalan Lemongrass 15ml Stimulates, revives and energizes the body and soul by alleviating stress, muscular aches and pains.

Massage Oils

FBP229 €6.95 Amber Swedish Massage Oil 8oz/229g FBP239 €38.50 Amber Swedish Massage Oil 1 Gallon Amber’s Swedish Massage Oil was designed for the number one massage technique - Swedish! It’s absorption rate allows for any type of manipulation of the skin without that oily feel. High in Vitamin E, this blend of grapeseed, almond, and sunflower oil provide a powerful antioxidant FBP240 €7.95 Amber Easy Glide Massage Oil 8oz/229g FBP241 €49.50 Amber Easy Glide Massage Oil 1 Gallon Nut Free! Amber’s Easy Glide Massage Oil is an all-natural blend of grapeseed oil, apricot oil, and sesame oil. Basil, thyme and sweet orange are added to help restore peace of mind, combat mental and physical exhaustion, and calm the body. Great for all massage modalities.

FBP274 €5.75 East Indian Patchouli 15ml Excellent for rough, dry skin - healing properties stimulate cell production.

FBP277 €6.25 California Tangerine 15ml An effective antiseptic that helps to reduce the fluid retention - uplifting and mood balancing.

FBP223 €6.95 Amber Grapeseed Oil 8oz/229g FBP226 €36.95 Amber Grapeseed Oil 1 Gallon FBP227 €7.50 Amber Sweet Almond Oil 8oz/229g FBP228 €38.95 Amber Sweet Almond Oil 1 Gallon






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shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040













04SKIN Skin AND andBODY BodyCARE Care A collection of professional water-based skin care gels, ideal for a range of beauty, holistic and sports treatments. Each gels is available in a selection of sizes for both professional and retail use.

Arnica Gel Homeopathic & Healing Therapy Homeopathic remedy gel for aches, sprains and muscular soreness Applied immediately after a trauma Arnica Gel minimises swelling, bruising and reduces healing time Ideal treatment application for sports injuries Arnica gel is known for its antiinflammatory properties and may provide relief for rheumatism and arthritis For optimum results use in conjunction with SBC Arnica Soak Available in: FBP070 €8.50 (125ml) FBP072 €14.50 (250ml) FBP073 €42.00 (1000ml)

FBP158 €13.95 SBC Travel/Trial Starter Kit The new travel essentials pack of 5 popular SBC skincare gels. This must-have travel/trial pack provides homeopathic and 1st-aid therapy to calm, soothe and relieve a variety of ailments for all the family. Kit Includes: Aloe Vera Gel, Arnica Gel, Echinacea Gel, Lavender Gel and Propolis Gel.

Aloe Vera Gel 99.7% Pure, Soothing Skincare Provides soothing, healing and calming aftercare Particularly suitable for use after electrolysis, waxing, sunbeds and laser treatments Healing therapy for all highly sensitized skin conditions e.g. acne, eczema Applied immediately after a burn, Aloe Vera gel will reduce pain, redness and blistering and help prevent infection Available in: FBP074 €8.50 (125ml) FBP075 €14.50 (250ml) FBP076 €42.00 (1000ml)

Collagen Gel Superb Facial & Body Moisturiser Collagen treatment at affordable prices.A facial and body moisturising gel that is light and easily absorbed. A treatment mask for eyes, neck and décolleté. Excellent under make-up moisturizer and night treatment gel which with regular use will assist in minimising fine lines and wrinkles. An economical treatment gel for use with galvanic and micro-current equipment. Available in: FBP031 FBP030 FBP034 FBP069

€8.50 €14.50 €42.00 €130.00

(125ml) (250ml) (1000ml) (5 Litres)



SKIN AND BODY CARE SBC Skin Care Gels Body Firming Gel Skin Firming and Exfoliant

Detox Gel Stimulating and Invigorating Body Therapy A rich blend of selected extracts including Neptune Kelp, Nettle, Chamomile, Garlic and Rosemary to aid toxin elimination Stimulates the micro-circulation, improving and speeding cellular metabolism. Excellent treatment gel as part of a slimming and toning programme to reduce celluite. Works particularly well on cramps and muscular pain. Available in: FBP091 €8.50 (125ml) FBP092 €14.50 (250ml) FBP159 €42.00 (1000ml)

Echinacea Gel Natural Therapy Decongestant

Available in: FBP077 €8.50 (125ml) FBP078 €14.50 (250ml) FBP079 €42.00 (1000ml)

Cucumber Gel Vitamin A enriched therapy for eyes and face Superb eye treatment gel mask to cool, soothe and reduce puffiness of tired and irritated eyes. Excellent Vitamin A treatment for dark circles and fine lines. Easily absorbed, an ideal eye moisturiser for under make-up. Blend with SBC Massage gel for a cooling, antistress facial Available in: FBP086 €8.50 (125ml) FBP087 €14.50 (250ml) FBP088 £42.00 (1000ml)

Calendula Gel Natures’ First Aid

Massage Gel Sweet Almond Oil Enriched

Propolis Gel Advanced Skincare Nature’s Antibiotic Propolis is a natural antibiotic gel which provides anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal protection. Blend with any treatment gel to fight infection, promote healing and build resistance. Excellent on blemished skin.

Vitamin C Gel Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Therapy Vitamin C enriched gel for use as a treatment or under make-up moisturiser. Vitamin C fights free radicals and is essential for cellular health. Booster treatment for damaged and neglected skin, especially from sun bathing and smoking.

A body treatment gel containing multigrain barley which exfoliates the skin leaving it softened and smoothed. With Spotted Geranium and Algae to stimulate the skin, improving elasticity and firmness. PLUS added Red Grape Skin and Coffee extracts to assist in the treatment of cellulite.

A homeopathic treatment gel for use on cuts, grazes, abrasions and blemishes. Provides soothing relief to sore and rough skin e.g. psoriasis and eczema

With added Sweet Almond oil to increase longevity on the skin this ‘gel emulsion’ can be blended with any other SBC gel for prescriptive facial or body massage

Available in: FBP089 €8.50 (125ml) FBP090 €9.50 (250ml) FBP154 €42.00 (1000ml)

Available in: FBP095 €8.50 (125ml) FBP096 €14.50 (250ml) FBP097 €42.00 (1000ml)

Available in: FBP160 €27.50 (125ml) FBP161 €42.00 (250ml)

Vitamin E Gel Enriched Protective and Healing Moisturiser A healing and repairing treatment gel for face and body. Use under make-up as a Moisturiser, or as a treatment gel or mask for scarred, uneven or poor textured skin . Provides protection whilst stimulating the body’s own healing process. Treatment gel for rough skin on tops of arms or thighs, and for acne and post acne scarring.

Leg Soothing Gel 125ml

Lavender Gel 125ml

Available in: FBP083 €8.50 (125ml) FBP084 €14.50 (250ml)

Available in: FBP164 €8.50 (125ml) FBP165 €14.50 (250ml)

Containing a wonderful mix of ingredients it provides rapid relief to stressed or aching muscles and joints. With Menthol and Camphor to stimulate the blood circulation, added Arnica and Witch Hazel to calm and reduce aching, this gel can be applied as often as required, even over tights and stockings without ever leaving a sticky residue. Ideal for use during long haul flights to reduce swelling and fluid retention. Excellent for Reflexology and Pedicures.

This non-sticky, water-based gel also contains extract of Witch Hazel to enhance and improve results. Together these ingredients form an exceptional, cooling and antiseptic moisturiser, treatment and mask for highly sensitive or heat-damaged skin. Lavender is also known for its calming, de-stressing and relaxing properties. Applied at times of stress and tension this easily absorbed gel will help calm, ease anxieties and improve sleep. Can also be used to soothe bites and stings. Available in: FBP162 €8.50 (125ml) FBP163 €14.50 (1250ml)

All SBC gels are non-oily and easily absorbed leaving no residue. They will not stain clothing or bedding. All gels are ionized + & - (ampheric) for maximum penetration of product and are suitable for use with galvanic, faradic and micro-current equipment. Also within the range are two complimentary soaks. Blend SBC gels for prescriptive skincare.

A homeopathic treatment gel with Echinacea to help boost immunity. With added Eucalyptus and Menthol, this gel is ideal therapy for the treatment of colds, flu, headaches, sinusitis and hay fever. Blended with SBC Massage gel for clients with nasal congestion. Available in: FBP093 €8.50 (125ml) FBP094 €14.50 (250ml)

Available in: FBP080 €8.50 (125ml) FBP081 €14.50 (250ml) FBP082 €42.00 (1000ml)

SBC Soaks Arnica Soak Homeopathic Soak for Aches & Pains Add to bath, foot spa or use as shower gel to help ease away aches and pains. Use in conjunction with SBC Arnica gel for optimum results. Particularly useful following strenuous exercise e.g. sports, gardening. Available in: FBP107 €6.25 (125ml) FBP108 €9.99 (250ml) Echinacea Soak Natural Decongestant Therapy Use in the bath or bowl to create a decongestant vapour. An expectorant soak for use during colds, flu and sinusitis. Rich in Eucalyptus and Menthol to ease nasal congestion. Available in: FBP109 €6.25 (125ml) FBP110 €9.99 (250ml)

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Skin Care Solutions SOL0110 €5.95 Clarifying Cleansing Cream 1 (Normal/Oily) 150ml SOL0120 €10.50 Clarifying Cleansing Cream 1 (Normal/Oily) 500ml A gentle creamy gel containing Aloe Vera Gel and a blend of herbs and sea extracts. SOL0210 €5.95 Hydrating Cleansing Cream 2 (Dry) 150ml SOL0220 €10.50 Hydrating Cleansing Cream 2 (Dry) 500ml A rich cleanser containing Apricot Kernal Oil & Aloe Vera gel designed to lift make-up and impurities from the skin.

SOL0310 €6.40 Gentle Cleansing Cream 3 (Sensitive) 150ml SOL0320 €11.65 Gentle Cleansing Cream 3 (Sensitive) 500ml A Light gentle cleanser with Rose Oil and Cucumber extract. SOL0130 €5.95 Clarifying Tonic 1 (Normal/Oily) 150ml SOL0140 €9.25 Clarifying Tonic 1 (Normal/Oily) 500ml A refreshing toner containing Witch Hazel, a blend of Herbs and Sea Extracts designed to clarify the complexion and close the pores.

SOL0230 €5.95 Balancing Tonic 2 (Dry) 150ml SOL0240 €9.25 Balancing Tonic 2 (Dry) 500ml A pH balanced toner containing Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Gel. SOL0330 €5.95 Soothing Tonic 3 (Sensitive) 150ml SOL0340 €9.25 Soothing Tonic 3 (Sensitive) 500ml A kind, soothing toner designed to calm and soothe sensitive skin. SOL0644 €5.20 Regulating Foaming Facial Wash 100ml A mild un-fragranced foaming facial wash. Suitable for all skin types. SOL0170 €7.15 Purifying Masque 1 (Normal /Oily) 100ml SOL0180 €12.25 Purifying Masque 1 (Normal /Oily) 500ml A creamy, non-drying masque containing natural clay, sea extracts and Aloe Vera gel designed to lift impurities from deep within the pores leaving the skin soft and supple. SOL0270 €7.15 Hydra-Intense Masque 2 (Dry) 100ml SOL0280 €12.25 Hydra-Intense Masque 2 (Dry) 500ml A creamy, non-drying masque containing beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, Aloe Vera gel and plant extracts designed to promote softness and hydration


4 litre Sizes are available in Cleansers & Toners for Colleges and Training Purposes. Please ask for details. SOL0370 €7.95 Gentle Moisture Masque 3 (Sensitive) 100ml SOL0380 €13.75 Gentle Moisture Masque 3 (Sensitive) 500ml A colour free, non drying masque designed to deeply moisturise without aggravation to the skin.



SKIN AND BODY CARE Skin Care Solutions SOL0620 €8.95 Night Repair 50ml Light readily absorbed cream formulated specifically in one treatment product for night application to the face and neck. SOL0590 €7.45 Spot On / Blemish Gel 30ml The combination of Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel provide an antiseptic healing gel for treatment of spots, bites, cuts, bruises and fungal infections, whilst also suitable for use after electrolysis. SOL0530 €6.25 Eye Make Up Remover 150ml SOL0540 €9.95 Eye Make Up Remover 500ml SOL0630 €7.95 Moisturiser Light Cream 50ml SOL0632 €13.75 Moisturiser Light Cream 140ml A light, un-fragranced moisturising cream containing natural marine derived collagen formulated to sooth, improve elasticity and to promote softness and comfort to the skin. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.

SOL0582 €10.99 Delicate Care Eye Contour Cream 30ml SOL0583 €18.25 Delicate Care Eye Contour Cream 150ml A light, delicate eye contour cream designed to soothe, tone, nourish and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for sensitive skin. SOL0584 €8.80 Tone-up Eye Tonic 30ml SOL0585 €16.75 Tone-up Eye Tonic 140ml Helps improve lymphatic circulation, firmness and elasticity leaving the skin looking smoother and younger. SOL0586 €8.80 Revitalise Eye Tonic 30ml SOL0587 €16.75 Revitalise Eye Tonic 140ml Refreshes tired eyes and reduces dark circles.

SOL0634 €7.95 Moisturiser Rich Cream 50ml SOL0636 €13.75 Moisturiser Rich Cream 140ml A rich, un-fragranced intensive moisture cream designed to smooth, replenish and improve skin condition. SOL0600 €4.45 Vitamin Active E Cream 100ml SOL0610 €10.50 Vitamin Active E Cream 500ml A light but rich cream containing vitamins E, A and B5 to provide excellent deep moisturising qualities. Especially effective when used as a night cream.

Facial Solutions SOL0592 €41.50 Lip Balm Peach & Pomergranate 6ml x 24 In Presentation Box

SOL0912 €4.30 Glycerine 150ml SOL0770 €4.25 Purified Water 4 Litre SOL0886 €5.99 Orange Flower Water 500ml

SOL0565 €8.65 Bamboo Facial Exfoliator 100ml SOL0566 €15.25 Bamboo Facial Exfoliator 500ml A soft gentle cream produced from Bamboo Tears incorporating fine particles extracted from the Bamboo Tree which is rich in Silica, to eliminate dead cells, cleanse the skin and lift impurities from the pores. SOL0550 €5.25 Gentle Facial Scrub 100ml SOL0560 €10.75 Gentle Facial Scrub 500ml A mild, light cream containing hydrogenated palm kernel designed to clear clogged pores, lift impurities and remove dead cells leaving the skin feeling soft and revitalised.

SOL0580 €7.45 Special Eyes 30ml SOL0581 €12.25 Special Eyes 140ml A light cooling gel designed to minimise fine lines around the eyes whilst also reducing puffiness. Soothing, cooling and moisturising. SOL0591 €1.75 Lip Balm Peach & Pomergranate 6ml

SOL0588 €10.75 Microtec Cooling Eye Gel 30ml SOL0589 €18.25 Microtec Cooling Eye Gel 140ml High in Vitamin A and E, this luxury eye gel leaves the eyes feeling soothed, toned and refreshed.

SOL0562 €8.65 Refining Facial Peel 60ml SOL0564 €15.25 Refining Facial Peel 200ml

SOL0870 €4.45 Rose Water 500ml

SOL0938 €8.85 Calamine Powder 500g

SOL0880 €17.99 Rose Water 4 Litre

SOL0940 €4.75 Fine Oatmeal 500g

SOL0920 €5.20 Witch Hazel 500ml SOL0930 €19.25 Witch Hazel 4 litre

SOL0942 €29.99 Facial Masking Kit Magnesium Carbonate/Fullers Earth/ Kaolin/Calamine/Rose Water/Witch Hazel/Masking Brush/Mask Spronges/ 4" Bowl/Kit Bag

SOL0642 €7.50 Deep Cleansing Cream 500ml SOL0640 €7.45 Moisturising Cream 500ml SOL0932 €5.50 Magnesium Carbonate 125g SOL0934 €5.65 Fullers Earth 450g SOL0936 €4.85 Kaolin Powder 500g

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Peel Off Masques SOL0651 €3.85 Acerola Vitamin C Peel Off Mask 30g SOL0650 €22.95 Acerola Vitamin C Peel Off Mask 30g Pack of 6 in Display Box This Vitamin C mask is an excellent pre treatment to any anti-ageing treatment routine. Vitamin C is known for its action against free radicals which cause damage to the skin. SOL0653 €3.85 Anti-acne Peel Off Mask 30g SOL0652 €22.95 Anti-acne Peel Off Mask 30g Pack of 6 in Display Box Used for the treatment of acne and oily skins, the results are immediately visible as the skin is clean and the pores are closed. SOL0655 €3.85 Whitening Care Peel off Mask 30g This Whitening mask contains biological plants extracts known for their whitening action and pure Vitamin C. The active ingredients act as an anti-radical and also helps to prevent melanin formation, which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

SOL0657 €3.85 Seaweed Peel Off Mask 30g SOL0656 €22.95 Seaweed Peel Off Mask 30g Pack of 6 in Display Box Containing Spirulina a form of seaweed, which is recommended in anti-ageing and firming treatments, stimulates cell vitality and the renewal of firming tissues whilst leaving the skin feeling supple and smooth. SOL0659 €5.99 Thermal Setting Mask 200g Containing minerals and crystals to create the thermal effect, this setting masque is an excellent product to be applied over creams and specialist treatment products as the heat generated allows the products to be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin.

Solutions Galvanic Treatment Gels

 Fgo d] Z dY 9nYa ckg^ [ Y H  j Af G^ ^] l .9  [] Hj a

Aromatic Facial Blends SAR0071 €6.40 Aromatic Facial Blend No.1 (Normal/Combination) 75ml A refreshing and stimulating blend to maintain a healthy complexion. Containing sweet almond oil with essential oils of Lavender, peppermint and bergamot. SAR0072 €6.40 Aromatic Facial Blend No.2 (Dry) 75ml This nourishing healing oil has a soothing, moisturising effect on dry skin. Containing grapeseed oil with essential oils of lemon, sandalwood and geranium.

SAR0073 €6.40 Aromatic Facial Blend No.3 (Sensitive) 75ml Helps calm and soothe sensitive skin with sweet almond oil and essential oils of chamomile, lavender and sandalwood. SAR0074 €6.40 Aromatic Facial Blend No.4 (Oily/Problem) 75ml This special blend has a healing and antiseptic action for congested and dull skin. Containing sweet almond oil and essential oils of grapefruit and tea tree.

Solutions Aromatherapy SAR2070 €49.95 Aromatherapy Case & Carrier Oils Kit includes: Sweet Almond Oil 200ml, Grapeseed Oil 200ml, Wheatgerm Oil 50ml, mixing spatula, glass mixing rods (2), plastic measuring beakers (6), glass beaker (1), case.

SOL0090 €20.95 Galvanic Gel 1 (Normal/Combination) 400ml

SOL0093 €20.95 Galvanic Gel 4 (Oily/Problem Skin) 400ml

SOL0091 €20.95 Galvanic Gel 2 (Dry Skin) 400ml

SOL0094 €20.95 Galvanic Gel + Collagen 400ml

Carrier Oils

SOL0092 €20.95 Galvanic Gel 3 (Sensitive Skin) 400ml

SOL0096 €20.95 Galvanic Gel + Desincrustation 400ml

SAR0056 €36.95 Grapeseed Oil 4 Litre

SAR0058 €49.95 Sweet Almond Oil 4 Litre




Solutions Salon Start-Up Packages

SOL0500 €7.45 Luxury Body Cream 150ml SOL0510 €12.25 Luxury Body Cream 500ml A rich, hydrating body cream containing whey proteins and glycerine designed to condition, smoothe and sooth the skin leaving it soft and silky to the touch.

SOL2090 €847.50 Solutions Skin Care Starter Pack Includes €300.00 worth of free products & marketing materials. Please ask staff for full details. SOL2091 €142.50 Solutions Body Care System Starter Pack Includes €30.00 worth of free products & marketing materials. Please ask staff for full details.

SOL0512 €5.75 Hydrating Body Lotion 150ml SOL0514 €9.25 Hydrating Body Lotion 500ml A rich fluid lotion containing Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, designed to soften, moisturise and restore elasticity to the skin.

SOL2092 €637.50 Manicure & Pedicure System Starter Pack Includes €150.00 worth of free products and marketing materials. Please ask staff for full details.

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la .0 Kgdm Value €499 se ( rcha you pu ms. when te e e sy s all thr

J]e]eZ]j2 )(<ak[gmflg^^ qgmjÇjklGj\]j SOL0520 €15.25 Body Polish Exfoliator 500ml A mild creamy body Exfoliant containing hydrogenated palm kernel designed to improve skin texture, exfoliate dead cells and lift impurities leaving the skin feeling soft, revitalised and invigorated. SOL0790 €6.25 Massage Oil 500ml SOL0800 €24.95 Massage Oil 4 litre

SAR0076 €9.45 Aromatic Body Blend (Indulgence) 150ml

SOL0780 €7.95 Massage Cream 500ml

SAR0077 €9.45 Aromatic Body Blend (Detox) 150ml

SAR0075 €9.45 Aromatic Body Blend (Body Repair) 150ml

SAR0078 €9.45 Aromatic Body Blend (Spirit Level) 150ml


Qgm¿j]Dggcaf_>gj7 LjqGmjIma[cK]Yj[`Hjg\m[l>af\]jgf2


Salon Essentials SOL0896 €7.15 Antiseptic Hand Cleanser 500ml

SOL0900 €3.85 Surgical Spirit 500ml

SOL0894 €3.25 Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 150ml

SOL0910 €15.99 Surgical Spirit 4 litre

SOL0890 €11.25 Sunbed Cleaner 4 litre

SOL0943 €5.50 Petroleum Jelly 500g

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

RETINOL Discover the potency of Vitamin A for firmer, smoother, younger looking skin. Retinol, the natural form of Vitamin A, is considered to be the most effective ingredient in reducing the visible signs of aging. It helps smooth the skin’s surface, improving tone and elasticity and diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Specifically formulated to address the problems of aging skin, This revolutionary collection is created for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Each skincare treatment in the range is enriched with vitamins, including high levels of Vitamin A. Luxurious and effective, these products are developed with no animal testing. When you notice these telltale signs of aging – dull, dry skin with lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness – it’s time to begin the L de L Retinol Vitamin enriched skincare system FBP048 €20.00 Retinol Vitamin A Day Cream SPF20 (63g) Buy 12 @ €18.00 Rrp €36.00 Retinol Day Cream is rich and luxurious, yet non-greasy. This daily care cream moisturizes and smoothes as it protects skin from the damaging effects of the sun (SPF20) and environment. It helps soften and perfect the skins surface so skin looks younger, healthier, with improved resiliency and tone. Fortified with 400,000 i.u. of vitamin A to smooth the skins surface. Moisturizes with highly effective Chitosan PCA. Enriched with Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant. Nourishes the skin with amino acids.

FBP049 €15.00 Retinol Skin Brightener 30ml Buy 6 @ €13.50 rrp €27.00 Minimizes the appearance of age spots, blotchy and dark circles. Formulated with super moisturizers and natural botanical brighteners that exhibit immediate visible results. Evens out skin tone and leaves your complexion brighter, fresher and more beautiful. Immediate benefi ts: Results are virtually instant. Skin responds with first treatment. Fortified with 200,000 i.u. of Vitamin A to smooth the skin’s surface. In 3 to 4 weeks skin will look and feel more luminous. Evens out skin tone on face, hands and body.

FBP045 €15.00 Retinol Vitamin A Eye Gel 19.8g Buy 6 @ €13.50 Rrp €26.00 This ultra cooling, fragrance free, moisturizing gel helps reduce the visible signs of aging around the delicate eye area. Encapsulated Vitamin A smoothes the eye area and reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles. Moisturizers help minimize fine lines and puffy eyes. With continued use, the eye area will look significantly smoother, younger and more supple.

FBP046 €20.00 Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum 30ml Buy 6 @ €18.00 rrp €36.00 An enriched anti-oxidant serum formulated to minimize the visible signs of aging within two weeks. Upon application skin feels smoother and softer. With regular use the look of fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. Fortified with 500,000 i.u. of Vitamin A to smooth the skins surface. Enriched with anti-oxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene and Bioflavonoids. Firms and improves elasticity with Retinol Polypeptides. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist recommended.

FBP059 €165.00 Retinol Starter Pack Contents include: 4 x Night Cream 4 x Day Cream 2 x Eye Gel 2 x Anti Wrinkle Serum 1 x Night Cream Tester 1 x Display Stand

FBP047 €16.00 Retinol Night Cream 63g Buy 12 @ €14.00 Rrp €28.00 This luxurious multi-action cream works while you sleep to minimize the signs of aging. When used daily, wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Skin feels smoother, firmer and looks younger and more radiant.

FBP515 €12.50 Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF12 Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Cream contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and diminishes the visible signs of aging. Green Tea Extract provides active protection against sun radiation and other environmental factors that can be harmful to the skin. This formula absorbs naturally into the skin and with continued daily use your skin will feel softer and smoother resulting in younger looking hands. This product is created for all skin types, even the most sensitive.





       

    

FBP335 €25.00 Buy 12 and Receive a Free Display, Consumer Leaflet Pack and Product Tester RRP €50.00

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040








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30% SPE7580

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%YE-AKE 5P2EMOVER 30" 30"
























































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Body Treatments FBP284 €9.95 Amber Chamomile & Marine Algae Body Masque 15oz/426g FBP283 €58.00 Amber Chamomile & Marine Algae Body Masque 1 Gallon High-potency, fortifying anti-oxidant algaes and essential oils seep into the undernourished skin renewing its strength and vitality leaving it soft and supple. Lavender essential oil, chamomile, marigold, lime and cornflower extracts are infused into a marine algae, kelp and glycerin base designed to soothe and heal.


FBP281 €14.75 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Salt Glow 18oz/511g FBP282 €79.00 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Salt Glow 1 Gallon Amber Exfoliating Salt Glow exfoliates and softens while preparing the body for focused treatments. Contains the perfect blend of dead sea salts, selected oils and essential oils that exfoliate without irritating the skin. Leaves skin soft and supple with a light sheen. French Lavender, the most perfect essential oil, Patchouli essential oil and extracts of Damiana Tea are carefully combined creating a calming, soothing and seductive scent.

FBP286 €11.95 Amber Dead Sea Body Mud Masque 16oz/454g FBP287 €68.00 Amber Dead Sea Body Mud Masque 1 Gallon Soothe, heal and cleanse the body and mind! The natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud and selected clays are blended with essential oils which are rich in antiinflammatory, desensitizing and healing properties (Lavender, Chamomile, Damania, Marigold, Lime, Cornflower and St. John’s Wort).

FBP290 €7.50 Amber Unscented Massage Cream 8oz/227g FBP291 €52.00 Amber Unscented Massage Cream 1 Gallon This unique blend of rich emollients will greatly assist the massage therapist in any manipulative treatment including deep tissue massage as it breaks quickly from a cream to an oil.

FBP293 €8.50 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Massage Cream 8oz/227g FBP292 €55.00 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Massage Cream 1 Gallon A rich cream that when emulsified and manipulated turns from a cream formulation into a strong easy to use massage oil providing an easy grip for deep tissue massage.

Hydrotherapy FBP288 €6.25 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Bath Salts 18oz/511g FBP289 €32.00 Amber Lavender Aphrodisia Bath Salts 1 Gallon A therapeutic mix of Dead Sea and Healing Salts for body repair during hydrotherapy treatments. Salts soothe and soften skin during a bath soak or intense hydrotherapy. Essential oils are added for an aromatherapeutic experience.

FBP312 €22.00 Amber Unscented Massage Lotion 32oz/909ml FBP311 €51.00 Amber Unscented Massage Lotion 1 Gallon This uniquely blended lotion gives the therapist the ability to enhance their manipulation skills to effectively deliver trigger point and deep tissue massage therapy treatments.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Amber Retail Amber Body Lotion Shea butter, aloe vera and milk protein are blended in a glycerin base, rich in vitamins and nutrients creating an ultra-hydrating non-greasy moisturizer that easily absorbs leaving the skin soft and smooth. Salon Price €4.99 RRP €9.95 FBP294 €4.99 Amber Hydrating Body Lotion Geranium Sage 8oz/227g FBP296 €4.99 Amber Hydrating Body Lotion Lavender Aphrodisia 8oz/227g FBP297 €4.99 Amber Hydrating Body Lotion Green Tea Mint 8oz/227g

Amber Organic Soap All of Amber’s soaps are hand made using a cold-process with our Signature Essential Oils and using the finest organic oils of soy, coconut, olive and hemp, blended with organic herbs, botanicals and pure essential oils. You’ll never use artificial soaps again! RRP €8.95 FBP301 €4.75 Amber Organic Soap Geranium Sage 5oz/142g FBP302 €4.75 Amber Organic Soap Lavender Aphrodisia 5oz/142g FBP303 €4.75 Amber Organic Soap Green Tea Mint 5oz/142g

Amber Salt Glow Essential oils are blended with selected mineral salts, safflower oil and macadamia oil to create an exfoiating mixture that will leave your skin soft, nourished and with a natural glow. Rich in vitamin E. RRP €16.95

FBP306 9.50 Amber Salt Glow - Green Tea Mint 14oz/398g

FBP304 €9.50 Amber Salt Glow Geranium Sage 14oz/398g

Amber Body Wash Essential Oils are carefully blended with a natural glycerin base creating a luxurious lathering body wash that cleans, calms and refreshes dry, tired skin. Soft essential oil scents leave a subtle, natural aroma. Salon Price €5.99 RRP €10.95 FBP298 €5.99 Amber Body Wash - Geranium Sage 11oz/312g FBP299 €5.99 Amber Body Wash - Lavender Aphrodisia 11oz/312g FBP300 €5.99 Amber Body Wash - Green Tea Mint 11oz/312g

FBP305 €9.50 Amber Salt Glow Lavender Aphrodisia 14oz/398g

Amber Body Scrub A rich, lathering body scrub with organic extracts and essential oils infused into a glycerin and Shea butter base that cleans and refreshes while Apricot Seeds and Jojoba Esters exfoliate creating clean, smooth skin. RRP €12.95 FBP307 €6.50 Amber Body Scrub - Geranium Sage 11oz/312g FBP308 €6.50 Amber Body Scrub - Lavender Aphrodisia 11oz/312g FBP309 €6.50 Amber Body Scrub - Green Tea Mint 11oz/312g

Face & Body Masque High-potency, fortifying anti-oxidant algaes and essential oils seep into the undernourished skin renewing its strength and vitality leaving it soft and supple. RRP €12.95 FBP310 €6.95 Amber Marine Algae Face & Body Masque 11oz/312g
















FACIAL ENHANCEMENTS Combinal Eyelash Tints Enhances and defines the lashes and brows. Colour lasts for 6-8 weeks.

0226200 €6.85 Combinal Tint Black 7.5ml

Strictly Professional Tints SPE7500 €4.25 Strictly Pro Tint 15g Black SPE7510 €4.25 Strictly Pro Tint 15g Brown SPE7520 €4.25 Strictly Pro Tint 15g Blue/Black

0226210 €6.85 Combinal Tint Blue/Black 7.5ml

0226201 €6.85 Combinal Tint Brown 7.5ml

. :mq - &. 9lÄ+ ` = Y[

SPE7580 €2.99 Strictly Pro Peroxide 10Vol 50ml

SPB7540 €25.00 Strictly Pro Tint Starter Kit

0226209 €5.25 Combinal Peroxide 10 Vol Activating solution for use with all eyelash tints.

The finest colour pigments ensure this market leading product delivers consistant, reliable and client pleasing results.

SPE7530 €4.25 Strictly Pro Tint 15g Grey

0226202 €6.85 Combinal Tint Blue 7.5ml

0226203 €6.85 Combinal Tint Grey 7.5ml

Hive Lashtints

HBE7500 €29.99 Eyelash Tint Starter Kit Extra Large Kit contains: 1 x Black Tint 15ml, 1 x Brown Tint 15ml, 1 x Blue/Black Tint 15ml, 1 x Peroxide 50ml, 1 x Protective Sheets (96), 1 x Petroleum Jelly 100ml, 1 x Glass Mixing Dish, 1 x Eyelash Tinting Brush, 1 x Hold-All Bag, 1 x Tint Stain Remover 125ml



shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Hive Lashtints

. :mq 1 &1 9lÄ+ ` = Y[

HBE7000 €4.99 Lashtints 15ml - Black HBE7010 €4.99 Lashtints 15ml - Brown HBE7020 €4.99 Lashtints 15ml - Blue/Black HBE7030 €4.99 Lashtints 15ml - Grey HBE7250 €2.99 Lashtints Peroxide 10 Vol 50ml HBE7270 €6.49 Lashtints Stain Remover 125ml

Tint Accessories HBE7300 €4.35 Eyelash Tint Protective Sheets Pack 96 HBA1800 €4.50 Petroleum Jelly 70ml

FBA166 €2.85 Eyelash Tint Dish (Dappen Dish) Glass FBA167 €3.99 Eyelash Tint Brush 8”


the new revolution in lash and eyebrow tinting

 L K = :=DD=J K

The RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting product range includes 9 colours and accessories making it the perfect tinting system. With RefectoCil, the colour and shade of all hair can be matched using the unique RefectoCil colour chart, which has 75 combinations of colours to fulfil every client’s requirement, no matter how subtle or daring! The revolutionary system means that light eyebrows and eyelashes can be enhanced with a darker colour or alternatively dark eyebrows can be bleached to match dyed-blond hair to create a stunning but natural look! RefectoCil ® also offers a bleaching paste for use on eyebrows enabling the therapist to offer a lighter colour to the client. Unlike other colour tints, this product does not fade away two days after application. The results last up to 6 weeks.

RefectoCil Tint FBP236 €6.99 NEW RefectoCil Blonde Bleaching Paste No. 0 FBP120 €5.99 RefectoCil Pure Black Tint 1 (15ml) FBP123 €5.99 RefectoCil Graphite Tint 1.1 (15ml) FBP121 €5.99 RefectoCil Blue/Black Tint 2 (15ml) FBP182 €5.99 RefectoCil Deep Blue Tint 2.1 (15ml) FBP122 €5.99 RefectoCil Natural Brown Tint 3 (15ml) FBP119 €5.99 RefectoCil Light Brown Tint 3.1 (15ml) FBP180 €6.99 RefectoCil Chestnut Tint 4 (15ml) FBP181 €6.99 RefectoCil Red Tint 4.1 (15ml)


Qgm¿j]Dggcaf_>gj7 JhoEkhGk_YaI[WhY^FheZkYj<_dZ[hed0


Peroxides and Crème FBP106 €3.50 RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid 3% 50ml FBP186 €7.50 RefectoCil Oxidant Crème 3% 100ml FBP127 €7.65 RefectoCil Color Cleanser 100ml Tint Remover FBP187 €3.25 RefectoCil Dermaquillant Universal 100ml Eye Make-Up Remover FBP124 €5.99 RefectoCil Crème 57g Skin Protection Barrier Crème FBP185 €2.75 RefectoCil Longlash 5ml Caring Lash Balm

RefectoCil Accessories FBP125 €8.95 Refectocil Glass Cosmetic Dish FBP183 €2.50 Refectocil Application Stick White (Pk10) FBP184 €2.50 Refectocil Application Stick Blue (Pk10) FBP126 €4.50 RefectoCil Protective Sheets (Pk96)




Marvel Lash

0226302 €265.00 Marvel-Lash Salon Kit An exceptional value salon size kit - perform up to 150 treatments contents: Lashes 7mm (3000), Lashes 9mm (3000), Lashes 11mm (3000), Glue 10ml, Remover 15ml, Glue Stone, Lash Holder & Sponge Set, Micro Applicators (10), Gel Patches (10), Straight Tweezer, X-Type Tweezer. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226305 €55.95 Marvel-Lash Glue 10ml Marvel-Lash glue permanently bonds lash extension to natural lash quickly and effectively. FOR USE WITH MARVEL-LASH EXTENSIONS ONLY. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226306 €1.50 Marvel-Lash Holder & Sponge Set A lash holder & sponge set - an absolute must accessory for speedy, hassle free applications. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226311 €30.50 Marvel-Lash Remover 15ml A lash remover for effective removal of Marvel-Lash lash extensions. FOR USE WITH MARVEL-LASH EXTENSIONS ONLY. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226310 €15.50 Marvel-Lash Micro Applicators (100) A precision applicator for use when small amounts of liquid need to be accurately applied. Ideal for Marvel-Lash removal and eyelash perming. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226305 €55.95 Marvel-Lash Glue Stone A natural jade stone, easy to clean and re-usable. For use with both Marvel-Lash glue and remover. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

0226313 €12.50 Marvel-Lash Tweezer X Type

0226301 €130.00 Marvel-Lash Student Kit An introductory kit ideal for training and students. Performs up to 50 treatments, contents: Lashes 7mm (1000), Lashes 9mm (1000), Lashes 11mm (1000), Glue 5ml, Remover 10ml, Glue Stone, Lash Holder & Sponge Set, Micro Applicators (10), Gel Patches (5), 2 x Straight Tweezer. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY 0226304 €15.50 Marvel-Lash Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches (10 pairs) An anti-wrinkle gel patch that protects the lower lashes during eyelash extensions. Also helps to condition and moisturise the under eye area. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Marvel-Lash Lashes Pack (3000) Single lash extension, synthetic hair available in 7mm, 9mm and 11mm. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY 0226307 €48.95 7mm Black (3000) 0226308 €48.95 9mm Black (3000) 0226309 €48.95 11mm Black (3000)

A unique X type tweezer, that holds the lash extension without the need to apply any pressure, enabling complete control and precision application. Stainless steel and autoclave safe. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY 0226316 €22.95 Marvel-Lash DVD An educational DVD including a full step by step procedure of the treatment, removal, aftercare and trouble shooting. The DVD is not intended or recommended as a sole source of instruction. All treatments should be carried out by fully qualified practitioners only. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Individual Lashes

02 25 106 €4.85 Flare Black – Short 02 25 107 €4.85 Flare Black – Medium 02 25 108 €4.85 Flare Black – Long 02 25 200 €4.15 Individual Lash Adhesive 15ml 02 25 201 €4.15 Individual Lash Adhesive Black 15ml 02 25 203 €5.00 Individual Lash Remover 60ml 02 25 100 €17.95 Student Kit Contains: 1 x black and 1 x brown multi-pack in short, long and medium, 6ml lash adhesive, 6ml lash remover and tweezers.

02 25 110 €4.95 Ultra Black – Mini 02 25 111 €4.95 Ultra Black – Short 02 25 112 €4.95 Ultra Black – Medium 02 25 113 €4.95 Ultra Black – Long 02 25 120 €4.95 Individual Lash Extend (Assorted Pack includes Short, Medium and Long)

02 25 119 €17.95 Student Combi Kit Contains: 1 x black multi-pack short individual lashes, 1 x 020 black strip lashes & glue phial, 6ml lash adhesive, 6ml lash remover and tweezers.

Eyelash Perming 02 26 155 €21.50 Eyelash Curlers small (32) 02 26 156 €21.50 Eyelash Curlers medium (32) 02 26 157 €21.50 Eyelash Curlers large (32)

02 26 150 €105.00 Eyelash Perming Kit - Salon Value Pack Performs Up Tp 32 Perms. Salon System’s Professional Eyelash Perming Kit uses lotions that are safe and gentle on the lashes with immediate results. Cost effective and easy to use, the natural curled effect will remain, even when wet, for up to 8 weeks. Contains: 3 x 4 ml bottles Perming Lotion,3 x 4ml bottles Fixing Lotion, 2 x 4ml bottles Collagen Lotion, 2 x 4ml bottles Cleanser Lotion, 1 x 6ml bottle Eyelash Adhesive & Applicator, 32 medium and 32 large Curlers, Instruction Leaflet.

02 26 161 €75.00 Eyelash Perming Student Kit Performs Up Tp 10 Perms Contains: 1 x 4 ml bottle Perming Lotion, 1 x 4ml bottle Fixing Lotion, 1 x 4ml bottle Collagen Lotion, 1 x 4ml bottle Cleanser Lotion, 1 x 6ml bottle Eyelash Adhesive & Applicator, 18 small, 18 medium and 18 large Curlers, Instruction Leaflet.

Faster That Mascara (Pre-Glued Lashes)

02 26 152 €10.75 Fixing Lotion 4ml

02 26 159 €19.75 Eyelash Perming Adhesive 6ml

02 26 153 €10.75 Collagen Lotion 4ml To moisten/nourish

02 26 151 €10.75 Permanent Lotion 4ml To curl the lashes

02 26 160 €9.95 Eyelash Perming Cleanser 60ml

02 25 321 €4.15 Faster than Mascara PG 010 Black 02 25 322 €4.15 Faster than Mascara PG 030 Black 02 25 323 €4.15 Faster than Mascara PG 050 Black 02 25 324 €4.15 Faster than Mascara PG 070 Black



FACIAL ENHANCEMENTS Caflon is the market leader in ear piercing, exporting to over 60 countries worldwide. Their standard of quality combined with regular training support makes them the no.1 choice with professionals.

Regular Studs CAF001 €11.50 Gold Regular (Pk12) CAF002 €11.50 Silver Regular (Pk12) CAF003 €13.75 Assorted Shape Earrings (Pk12)

Regular Birthstones

Mini Birthstones

Bezel Set – Pack 12

Bezel Set – Pack 12

Mini Studs

CAF013 €13.25 August (Peridot)

CAF019 €13.25 January (Garnet)

CAF026 €13.25 August (Peridot)

CAF007 €13.25 February (Amethyst)

CAF014 €13.25 September (Sapphire)

CAF020 €13.25 February (Amethyst)

CAF027 €13.25 September (Sapphire)

CAF008 €13.25 March (Aquamarine)

CAF015 €13.25 October (Rose Zircon)

CAF021 €13.25 March (Aquamarine)

CAF028 €13.25 October (Rose Zircon)

CAF009 €13.25 April (Crystal)

CAF016 €13.25 November (Topaz)

CAF022 €13.25 April (Crystal)

CAF029 €13.25 November (Topaz)

CAF010 €13.25 May (Emerald)

CAF017 €13.25 December (Blue Zircon)

CAF023 €13.25 May (Emerald)

CAF030 €13.25 December (Blue Zircon)

CAF024 €13.25 June (Alexandrite)

CAF031 €13.25 Assorted Mini Birthstones

CAF012 €13.25 July (Ruby)

CAF018 €13.25 Assorted Regular Birthstones

CAF025 €13.25 July (Ruby)

CAF038 €13.25 Rock Crystal (NEW)

CAF005 €10.95 Silver Mini Studs (Pk12)


CAF006 €13.25 January (Garnet)

CAF011 €13.25 June (Alexandrite)

CAF004 €10.95 Gold Mini Studs (Pk12)

:mq, HY[ckg^ ?gd\ gjKadn]j J]_mdYj Hc)*!^gj Ä1&1-]Y[`

CAF032 €42.50 Ear Piercing Instrument CAF034 €12.95 Caflon Ear Solution (Box 20 x 30ml) CASKI €79.00 Caflon Starter Kit (Large) FBA475 €4.95 Medi-Swab Antiseptic Wipes (Pack 100) CAF037 €5.20 Caflon Ear Piercing Registration Book



Free ear piercing instrument Bring us your old ear piercing instrument & we will give you a new Caflon ear piercing instrument free.

Highest Quality, Professional Make-up At ‘Amazing’ Prices ... ... The Perfect Introduction To Professional Standards.

SBC Student Kit 2007/8 Meets NVQ Level II standards. FBP101 €79.95 SBC Make-up Kit Packed in Cantilever Case

Contents: • Concealer: natural, lilac, green • Crème base foundation: light, medium, dark • Translucent loose powder • 8 eye shadows, including highlighter and shader (shades may vary) • 4 crème eye shadows* • 2 blushers • Eye emphasiser: black, brown, grey • Liquid eyeliner: black • Lash crème: black, brown

• • • • • • •

4 lipsticks Lip emphasiser: medium natural, medium synthetic, dark natural, dark synthetic Lip gloss Professional mixing palette Pack of wedges 1 pencil sharpener 12 piece Professional Brush Set in Wallet

FBP466 €42.95 FOUNDATION KIT 2007/8 A complementary kit to complete the range of foundations to meet the requirements of NVQ standards. 3 x Mousse Foundation (light, medium, dark); 3 x Compact Foundation (light, medium, dark); 3 x Fluid Foundation (light, medium, dark)

Now includes 4 Crème Eyeshadows – new for 2007 at no extra cost! FBP105 €69.95 SBC Make-up Kit Packed in Vanity Case

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040


FBP517 €7.50 Young Lips Luscious Lip Plumper Immediate results, your lips will become fuller, plumper and sexier. Young Lips is formulated with Niacin, Maxi Lip and Aloe. It can be used over or under your favourite lipstick and will enhance the natural colour of your lips. Your lips will feel hydrated and moisturised achieving a glossy and sensual look.

 >j]] hdYq k a ad< J]lY n]j q)* ` l a o ] `Yk]\ Hmj[ )-&((

FBP053 €3.00 Aloe Lip Care SPF20 The formulation is made from 100% pure Aloe Vera extract and vitamin E. This popular lip treatment is vanilla flavoured, applies clear and has a SPF20.

FBP054 €3.00 Nourish My Lips with Green Tea This intensive lip treatment combines Green Tea extract with Vitamins A, C & E plus sunscreen SPF20. ‘Nourish My Lips’ applies clear, and is ideal as a lipstick base.

*Yl :mq) Y[`# ] ( Ä*&- akhdYq ^j]]\ &((

0Yl :mq) Y[`# (] Ä*&- akhdYq ] ] j ^ \ -&((




Eye Treatments FBP516 €12.50 Young Eyes Firming Eye Lift Young Eyes regenerates, nourishes and hydrates the skin using Cucumber extracts and essential natural oils to achieve a youthful appearance. This treatment restores elasticity, decreases fine lines and wrinkles while improving tone and texture. Young Eyes promotes healty skin and provides both immediate and lasting results.

 >j]] hdYq k a ad< J]lY ]n]j q)* ` oal  `Yk]\ Hmj[ *-&(( JJHÄ

Foot Treatments FBP051 €7.50 Reflexology Gel Massage My Feet 227g Botanical rich peppermint gel Soothes and refreshes tired feet.

FBP060 €9.00 Nourish My Eyes (Tub 36) Eye Pads The Green Tea extract in these refreshing and soothing pads make them perfect for tired, puffy eyes. With additional natural extracts of Cucumbers and Chamomile. There are 40 pads in each jar.

:=KL J K:=mDq)D*=Yl

Y[`# Ä/&-(]akhdYq ^j]]\ 4.95 R R P €1

Cosmetic Accessories FBP103 €3.50 Instant Brows (Arched Brow) Pack 6 Sets FBP104 €3.50 Instant Brows (Round Brow) Pack 6 Sets

FBP056 €2.50 Nail Tees - Pack 120 These double pointed disposable applicators are a must have for manicures, pedicures and gentle cleansing around the nail area. “The Untimate Nail Tool”.

FBP058 €2.50 Eye Tees Applicators - Pack 80 This cotton swab is double sided, one side pointed to clean those hard to reach areas and one rounded, for easy application or blending of your favourite make-up.




Trio Eyeshadow

Single Eyeshadow

€6.99 Each

€4.50 Each

Liquid Eyeliner €3.75 Each


TS1 - White-Grey-Black


ES01 - Black


LE01 - Black


TS3 Nude-Taupe-Dark Brown


ES02 - White


LE02 - Brown


TS5 Baby Pink-Cotton Candy-Spring Flower


ES03 - Nude


LE08 - Navy


TS6 Purple-Deep Purple-Prune


ES10 - Champagne


LE05 - Electric Blue


TS7 Baby Blue-Pacific-Navy


ES07 - High Light


LE07 - Aqua


TS8 Spring Leaf-Lime Green-Green Tea


ES12 - Golden


LE19 - Silver Blue


TS12 Golden-Rust-Walnut Bronze


ES59 - Hot Pink


LE22 - Ocean


TS15 Aloha Mink-Brown-Deep Bronze


ES29 - Deep Charcoal


TS17 Frosted Flake-Slate-Iced Mocha


ES27 - White Pearl


TS18 Yellow Pearl-Antique Gold-Golden


ES31 - Lime Green


TS19 Barely There-Champagne-Root Beer


ES32 - Purple


TS21 Copper-Rust-Bronze


ES45 - Opal


TS22 Sahara-Suede-Chocolate


ES47 - Kiwi


TS23 Sweet Lagoon-Aqua-Ocean


ES53 - Velvet Blue


TS25 Beanie-Red Bronze-Red Bean


ES56 - Ocean


TS30 Baby Pink-White Pearl-Baby Blue


ES71 - Aloha


ES74 - Cool Blue

Mascara €3.75 Each


NYX Mascara smoothly seperates and thickens lashes without clumps. NYX041

MS1 - Black


MS2 - Electric Blue


MS10 - Navy


MS16 - Brown

For a light or sheer look, dampen sponge before applying foundation. Don’t test foundation or concealer on your hand, match it to the skin on your face or neck. * Colours are as near as printing process will allow.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Eye Pencil

Jumbo Lip Pencil

€2.95 Each

€3.50 Each

Lipstick €4.50 Each

Powder Blush €5.95 Each

NYX045 SPE901 Black

NYX048 SPE911 Emerald City

NYX051 JLP715 Burgundy

NYX054 JLP718 Maroon


BL03 - Clio


PB01 - Mocha


BL15 - Thalia


PB02 - Dusty Rose

NYX046 SPE902 Brown

NYX049 SPE912 Charcoal

NYX052 JLP702 Vixen

NYX055 JLP722 Hera (Pink)


BL23 - Violet Ray


PB12 - Terra Cotta


BL35 - Raisin


PB17 - Desert Rose

NYX047 SPE903 Dark Brown

NYX050 SPE913 Sapphire

NYX053 JLP703 Pink Nude

NYX056 JLP724 Chaos (Brown)


BL40 - Cocoa


BL04 - Sierra


BL17 - Chloe


BL21 - Galaxy


BL36 - Iced Honey


BL50 - OH!


BL57 - Foxy


BL55 - Glamour

Concealer Magic Wand €4.65 Each NYX Magic Wand provides perfect coverage for blending NYX085 CW03 - Light

Liquid Make-Up

Twin Cake Powder

€9.95 Each

€11.50 Each

NYX Liquid Make-Up is a smooth pearlescent liquid make-up with SPF15 to protect your skin from sun damage.

NYX Twin Cake Powder with SPF10 is a powder, concealer and foundation in one! The powder creates a velvety texture and gives excellent coverage


LM06 - Natural


LM07 - Soft Beige



CP08 - Soft Beige


CP09 - Natural Beige


CP10 - Sand Beige


CP11 - True Beige


CP15 - Honey Beige


CP14 - Medium Beige

LM08 - Natural Beige


LM09 - Sand Beige


LM10 - True Beige


LM11 - Medium Beige

NYX086 CW05 - Medium NYX087 CW08 - Nutmeg (dark) NYX088 CW12 - Green

Accessories NYX089 €20.00 NYX Professional Make-Up Bag Holds up to 10 Make-Up Brushes, 5 Pencils and has a zippered compartment for your make-up. Closes shut with magnetic buttons.

J]lYadFQPafQgmjKYdgfYf\j][]an] ]p[dmkan]FQPhjgeglagfkYf\^j]]kYdgf \akhdYqk&Dg%[Ydd)01(-.,(,(^gj\]lYadk&


FQP:D9;CHJG>=KKAGF9DE9C=%MH:9?" Hmj[`Yk]Ä0(gfFQPEYc]%MhYf\j][]an]l`ak Hjg^]kkagfYdEYc]%Mh:Y_>J==ogjl`Ä*(&(( JhZEgdbdi^dcVa8dYZ/CNM'%%,L]ZcDgYZg^c\ A^b^iDcZEZg8jhidbZg



FACIAL ENHANCEMENTS Make-Up Brushes and Accessories











FBA534 €13.99 7 Beauty Strokes Face Powder Brush The Face Powder Brush is made of soft 100% natural hair for the ultimate in face powder application. The super-size brush hair creates a sheer and smooth face powder finish. 8 FBA535 €12.99 Beauty Strokes Powder Foundation/Bronzer The Powder Foundation & Bronzing Brush is hand-crafted with a full size flat end shape to provide the best possible application of powder foundation and bronzing powder.

FBA540 €5.50 Beauty Strokes Basic Shadow Brush The Basic Shadow Brush is a hand-crafted 100% natural hair brush. The brush size and shape make it perfect for basic eye shadow application.

9 FBA536 €11.50 Beauty Strokes Cheek Blusher The Cheek Blusher Brush is hand-crafted with an angle shape that perfectly applies powder blush. The 100% natural hair brush is precisely sized to color the cheek with minimal blending.

FBA542 €5.99 Beauty Strokes Crease Definer Brush The Crease Definer Brush is a hand-crafted 100% natural hair brush. The brush design is long with a rounded end that gently and precisely applies powder shadow to the eye crease.

FBA537 €11.50 Beauty Strokes Foundation Liquid/Cream The Foundation Brush is designed specifically for liquid and cream foundation application. This synthetic hair brush with the rounded end shape applies foundation evenly for perfect coverage.

5 FBA538 €5.99 Beauty Strokes Lip Brush The Lip Brush offers a unique, retractable brush design that is both elegant and portable. This quality brush provides smooth and even application with all lip color products. 6







FBA546 €12.99 Beauty Strokes Kabuki Brush Kabuki brush with imprinted Beauty Strokes Logo in plastic tube. Buy 12 Kabuki Brushes and receive a FREE Display Stand. SOL0894 €3.25 Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 150ml

FBA541 €5.99 Beauty Strokes Shadow Smudger Brush The Shadow Smudger Brush is a hand-crafted 100% natural hair brush. The wide point design gently smudges shadow around the eye for a smoky shadow finish. This brush is the blending tool needed for high fashion shadow smudging. FBE072 €49.95 Cantilever Case Large cosmetic case with extending trays. Ideal for make-up artists and beauty therapists. Colour: Black. Dimensions: 36.5x22xH25cm FBA221 €15.95 Professional Make-Up 12 piece Set 12 Quality Bushes in a leatherette pouch.

10 FBA543 €8.95 Beauty Strokes Wet/Dry Concealer The Wet/Dry & Concealer Brush offers a two size double ended brush for multi use. Achieve perfect product placement and maximum product coverage with this unique custom designed brush. FBA544 €7.99 11 Beauty Strokes Line & Define Brush The Line & Define Brush is double ended offering the best designed synthetic brush shapes to create precision eye lines. The brush length is perfect for steady lining control.

FBA545 €7.25 12 Beauty Strokes FBA539 €5.99 Lash & Brow Brush Beauty Strokes The Lash & Brow Brush is the precision Hi-Lite/Blender Brush grooming tool for eyelashes and eyebrows. The Hi-Lite / Blender shadow brush is a Use this brush to keep your eyes, which hand-crafted 100% natural hair brush. are the most noticeable feature of your The brush design is full, wide, and face, framed to perfection. rounded for precise blending of powder eye shadow.

FBA585 €12.95 Make-Up Brush Holder Useful holdall for make-up brushes which is worn around waist.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040













NAILS Orly Nail Polish 18ml €6.70 (RRP €11.50) OA001 Haute Red

OA074 Terra Mauve

OA363 Ruby

OA005 Who’s Who Pink

OA076 Red Flare

OA410 Powder Puff

OA006 Naughty

OA087 Bus Stop Crimson

OA411 Pink Whisper

OA014 Sterling Silver Rose

OA162 Moonlit Madness

OA413 Elsbeth's Rose

OA024 Shimmering Mauve

OA183 Sand Castle

OA416 Pink Chocolate

OA041 Forever Crimson

OA186 Seashell

OA418 Merlot Mist

OA044 Ever Burgundy

OA231 Get A Grip

OA182 Essence Of Pearl

OA052 Monroe's Red

OA234 Basket Case

OA325 Fabfuschia

OA053 Crawford’s Wine

OA324 Blushalicious

OA444 Rose Radiance

OA058 Orly Platinum

OA328 Hawiian Punch

ON72 €460.00 72 Piece Orly Colour Starter Pack with stand



NAILS Nail Treatments

OE024E €6.60 Glosser 18ml Overglaze topcoat gives nails longer lasting protection and super slick shine. Great for nail art and deep, bright colours. OE027E €6.60 Bonder 18ml Rubberized basecoat grips polish to the nail surface for lasting adhesion. Prevents colour from wearing off for up to two weeks. OG029 €9.85 Cuticle Therapy Creme 2oz OG032 €4.15 Cuticle Therapy Creme 1 ⁄ 2 oz This enriched formula conditions and moisturizes the cuticle, and promotes healthy, strong nails. Enriched with vitamins E & A, avocado oil, squalane, and allantoin. OG036 €6.60 Cutique Cuticle Remover 18ml Gently removes dead tissue, making cuticles soft and pliable. Removes stains leaving nails whiter. Great for pedicures.

OG050 €8.85 Cuticle Care Complex 18ml Essential Oils soften cuticles and dry, rough skin. Vitamin rich antioxidant formula penetrates nail matrix to protect cells and promote healthy nail growth. OJ0400E €7.20 Won’t Chip Polish Shield 18ml Protective polymer shield helps polish resist chipping and peeling for up to two weeks. OJ100 €7.85 Spritz Dry 240ml Liquid nail polish dryer, dries polish quickly with a light gentle mist and no messy brushes. FBP205 €10.99 Tough Cookie FBP206 €8.99 Cuticle Oil + 30ml With Orange & Cherry Extracts OJ150 €7.85 Clean Nails Sanitiser 240ml Sanitizes and disinfects nails & feet. Removes oils and residues for better adhesion.

OK030 €35.95 Sugar Fix One Step Spa 19oz The one step exfoliator and moisturiser combination is made especially for use in the shower. Perfect for hands, feet and body, it leaves the skin feeling revitalized and silky smooth.. OK034 €16.60 Sugar Fix To Go 6oz Crème Exfoliator for smooth & silky hands, feet & body

OJ200 €7.20 In-a-snap 18ml The perfect fast polish-drying topcoat. Dries polish in minutes. Contains U.V. absorbers to prevent polish from fading.

OK300 €9.95 Nail Defense 18ml Protein and gelatin enriched to fortify weak nails. Bonds layers together, sealing the free edge to prevent peeling and chipping.

OJ240 €7.20 Smudge Fixer 18ml Restore smudged or nicked wet polish without removing or reapplying polish.

OK320 €15.50 Fungus MD 18ml Maximum strength formula eliminates fungus and bacteria. FDA registered for anti-fungal treatment, Fungus MD’s hygienic application system is great for hands and feet.

OJ400 €8.25 Sec'N Dry 18ml Quickly penetrates and dries all nail polish layers, creating a hard protective finish. OK090 €9.95 Calcium Shield 18ml Calcium gel nail builder creates a protective shield and builds thick, strong, more flexible nails. OL007 €2.10 Gentle Polish Remover 120ml OL009 €7.95 Gentle Polish Remover 475ml OK340 €6.65 Nail Whitener (PK 2)

Orly French Manicure OC001 €6.70 White Tips French Manicure OC002 €6.70 Softest White French Manicure OC003 €6.70 Naked Ivory French Manicure OC005 €6.70 Bare Rose French Manicure

OD156 €95.00 Orly Pedicure Spa Kit

OC009 €6.70 Pink Nude French Manicure OC110 €6.70 Beverly Hills White Tips French Manicure OC012 €2.75 White Tip Guides OC105 €6.70 Beverly Hills Plum

OD123 €29.95 Orly Hand Spa Fresh Manicure Kit

OD122 €29.95 Orly Hand Spa Vibrant Manicure Kit

OD100 €7.50 Beverly Hills French Manicure Kit

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Salon System’s nail treatment range provides everything you need to help create and maintain professionally manicured nails. Salon tested basecoats, topcoats, strenghteners, dryers and cuticle treatments are designed to alleviate and treat common nail problems producing fabulous results. 02 18 106 €4.25 Ridgefill Basecoat Fills and evens the surface of the nail for perfectly smooth results. Apply one coat. Allow to dry 60 secs. Apply nail colour.

02 18 001 €4.25 Matte Basecoat With silica for an invisible, protective film that gives the perfect base for longer lasting, colour rich polish. Apply one coat. Allow to dry 60secs. Apply nail colour.

02 18 113 €4.85 Power Basecoat Enriched with nylon & panthenol to help build stronger nails and longer lasting nail colour. Prevents chipping, peeling and yellowing. Apply one coat. Allow to dry 60secs. Apply nail colour.

02 18 002 €4.25 Glossy Topcoat With strong, protective acrylic for longer lasting nail colour and a super glossy finish. Apply nail colour. After 60 seconds apply Glossy Top Coat.

02 18 111 €4.85 Whoosh Quick drying top coat that dries in seconds and protects nail colour from fading or wear. Apply nail colour. Allow to dry 60 seconds. Apply Whoosh. Alternatively wear over natural nails for a quick, glossy shine.

02 18 105 €4.25 Rapid Dry Apply Rapid Dry over the top of nail polish for smudge proof nails in 60 seconds.

02 18 107 €5.65 Clear & Strong Provides daily protection for fragile nails. Helps to maintain and improve strength and boost resistance to breaking. Wear on its own or apply one coat under nail colour.

02 18 101 €4.25 Cuticle Remover Plus A rich, gel formula for fast, effective cuticle care. Softens dry cuticles and prevents hangnails. Apply to cuticles, gentlypush back with a hoof stick. Wash off after 2 minutes. Do not apply to irritated, damaged or broken skin.

02 18 110 €5.65 Xtra Hard Surge of fast acting hardener for weak, flimsy nails. Apply 2 coats to the natural nail. Then, apply 1 coat every other day. Remove with nail polish remover after 1 week. Begin treatment again for extra hardening or alternatively maintain strength with Clear & Strong. 02 18 112 €5.65 Strong & Long Contains calcium, panthenol and vitamin E. Helps to improve the appearance and condition of short, dry, brittle nails. Wear on its own or apply one coat under nail colour. 02 18 109 €4.85 3in1 A basecoat, topcoat and strengthener in one. Optical brightener visibly enhances the appearance of the nail for a clean, manicured look. 02 18 102 €5.65 Strong Point A strengthening shield to protect and help improve the condition of soft, weak, nails. Wear on its own or apply one coat under nail colour.

FReNCH MaNiCuRe COLLeCTiON a Professional French Manicure Range for both salon and retail.

02 17 209 €4.45 French Manicure Base/Top 15ml

02 17 208 €4.45 French Manicure Natural 15ml

02 17 559 €4.45 French Manicure Pink 15ml

02 17 207 €4.45 French Manicure White Tip 15ml

02 17 562 €4.45 French Manicure Opal Tip 15ml

02 17 561 €4.45 02 17 560 €4.45 French Manicure French Manicure Lilac Shimmer 15ml Rose Shimmer 15ml

French Manicure Kits

Contains: 15ml French Manicure Natural or Pink, 15ml French Manicure White Tip, 15ml French Manicure Base/Top and Nail Tip Guides. 02 17 206 €10.95 French Manicure Kit Natural 02 17 558 €10.95 French Manicure Kit Pink



NAILS KlYjFYadk Star nails is the no.1 selling nail extension range in Europe. Offering 5 systems: Fiberglass, Brush on Fiberglass, Acrylic, UV Acrylic and UV Gel.

Ultraform Tips

AFEFYadLj]Yle]flk FBP130 €4.50 Out The Door Top Coat 15ml • The No.1 selling top coat in the USA. • Dries in 45 seconds • High Gloss Finish • Resists Yellowing • Resists cracking, chipping & peeling. • Use over any polish.

UV Gel

Ultraform Tips are star Nails most popular tip as it is suitabel for most nail shapes. It has a gentle upper arch and ‘C’ curve with parallel side walls. 82100 €13.50 Ultraform Tips(Pack 100) Assorted 217000 €30.50 GF21 Structure Gel 30ml 217001 €13.50 GF21 White Tip Gel 15ml

0456 €25.60 UV Thick Clear Gel 1oz 8895 €11.50 UV Finishing Wipe 480ml

. :mq - &0 YlÄ+>j]]

676 €41.50 Ultraform Tips(Pack 360) Assorted

o a l ` h d Yq \a k

821-830 €6.60 Ultraform Tips(Pack 50) Sizes 1-10

French White Tips

Tip Remover / Glue

FBP136 €1.95 INM Nail Polish Corrector Pen French White Tips are for those who like the permanent French Manicure look. The cut out tip provides a perfect smile line and does not require any blending. 310 €2.49 Tip Remover 100ml 311 €6.75 Tip Remover 500ml 567 €3.65 Polish Dry with Spray 50ml

520 €9.40 Instant Nail Glue(3gmX6)

ST61100 €13.50 French Manicure (Pack 100) Assorted

21612 €4.99 Instant Nail Glue 10g

674 €41.50 French Manicure (Pack 360) Assorted

21613 €8.50 Instant Nail Glue 20g

611-620 €6.60 French Manicure (Pack 50) Sizes 1-10

VF21 Acrylic System

Revelation Tips

FBP133 €6.50 Northern Lights Gold 15ml FBP132 €6.50 Northern Lights Silver 15ml A Hologram Top Coat based on ‘Out The Doors’ formula that dries in 45 seconds. FBP168 €4.75 INM Milky Bond Base Coat ½ oz Polish lasts longer, nails get stronger & smoother! FBP169 €4.75 INM Clear Bond Base Coat ½ oz

21552 €20.75 VF21 Acrylic Powder Natural White 50g

21556 €20.75 VF21 Acrylic Powder Clear 50g

21554 €20.75 VF21 Acrylic Powder Pink 50g

21550 €25.50 VF21 Acrylic Liquid 100ml

Our no.1 selling tip Ultraform with the well area cut out gives you a fabulous, time saving Revelation Tip. 82106 €13.50 Revelation Tips(Pack 100) Assorted 82107 €41.50 Revelation Tips(Pack 360) Assorted

See the Full Range of S TAR NAIL S on w w

FBP532 €4.50 Looks Wet Top Coat ½ oz


shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Colour your world with the untimate nail colour range from The EDGE The EDGE Nail Colour is a stunning collection of classic shades, fashionable colours and French manicure. A high performance product it has everything you need from a nail polish and more… Smooth application, Chip resistant, Enduring shine, Fast drying, Formaldehyde free, Toluene free, Phthalate free. 20 14 999 €250.00 Polish Stand Includes 90 polishes (3 of each shade).

Nail Technician courses now available in our Dublin & Galway Stores

20 14 021

20 14 023

20 14 024

20 14 026

20 14 028

Sterilsers & Hygiene

Nail Varnish Remover

With Tricolosan to meet the highest standards in hygiene.

Acetone free with Vitamin E

20 05 001 20 05 002

20 09 001 20 09 002 20 09 003 20 09 004 20 09 005

€4.50 €8.95

Sterilising Spray 60 ml Sterilising Spray 250 ml

Nail Treatments 20 10 007 20 10 001 20 10 008 20 10 002 20 10 006 20 10 009 20 10 104

€3.99 €5.75 €4.85 €7.99 €2.95 €2.95 €2.45

Cuticle Oil 10 ml Cuticle Oil 60ml Cuticle Remover Serum 10 ml Cuticle Remover Serum 60 ml 5 Star Top Coat 11 ml 5 Star Base Coat 11 ml French Manicure Nail Tip Guides (150)

€3.20 €4.85 €6.49 €27.50 €2.75

High grade with mini fragance 20 08 001 20 08 002 20 08 003 20 08 004

€2.45 €3.99 €6.49 €28.95

20 14 029

Acetone 60 ml Acetone 250 ml Acetone 500 ml Acetone 5 Litre

Phuket Tangier

St Tropez 20 14 020

20 14 030

Mount Blanc (French White)

20 14 019

Varnish Remover 60 ml Varnish Remover 250 ml Varnish Remover 500 ml Varnish Remover 5 Litre Polish Corrector Pen


20 14 010

Ivory Coast (French Ivory)

Santa Rose (French Pink) 20 14 027


San Francisco 20 14 018

Champagne (French Natural)

20 14 017

20 14 009

Costa Rica

20 14 008


Seychelles 20 14 016

Beijing 20 14 025

20 14 007


20 14 015



Tokyo 20 14 006



20 14 005

20 14 014



20 14 013

20 14 022


Milan 20 14 004


Oslo 20 14 012

Monte Carlo

20 14 011

20 14 003

St Moritz

20 14 002


20 14 001



NAIL POLISH 11 ml €3.25


NAILS Nail Files

Long Lasting Mylar Boards (washable/immersible)

A ‘top of the range’ file, these products are tough enough to last longer than standard files.

178 mm (7") Cushioned Files (not washable)

20 06 501 20 06 201 20 06 502 20 06 202 20 06 503 20 06 203 20 06 204 20 06 205

20 06 501 20 06 502 20 06 503

€1.25 €1.25 €1.25

Red 80/80 Grit Peach 80/180 Grit Yellow 240/240 Grit

Wood Core Emery Boards 178 mm (7") Wood Core Emery Boards

Ideal for use on natural nails as well as on difficult areas on nail enhancements where a thin wood board is required. 20 06 201 20 06 202 20 66 202 20 06 203 20 06 204 20 66 204 20 06 205 20 66 205 20 06 212 20 66 212

€0.90 €0.90 €8.25 €0.80 €0.80 €7.70 €0.90 €8.50 €0.80 €7.70

Blue Curved 120/280 Grit Zebra Electra File 400/400 Grit Zebra Electra File 400/400 Grit (10 Pack) Polar 100/180 Grit Zebra 100/180 Grit Zebra 100/180 Grit (10 Pack) Zebra Curved 100/180 Grit Zebra Curved 100/180 Grit (10 Pack) Zebra Electra File 100/180 Grit Zebra Electra File 100/180 Grit (10 Pack)

20 06 601 20 66 601 20 06 606 20 66 606

€0.50 €4.80 €0.28 €2.25

Silver Streak 120/120 Grit Silver Streak 120/120 Grit (10 Pack) Regular 100/240 Grit Regular 100/240 Grit (10 Pack)

Buffers & Blocks Multi Way Buffers / Shiners

With a solid core and cushioned for comfort this file is perfect for natural nails and the finishing of artificial nails.

178 mm (7") Cushioned Files (washable/immersible)

20 06 004

20 06 302

20 06 003 20 06 004 20 06 008

€1.95 €2.25 €2.25

178 mm (7") 3-Way Satin (Blk/Wht/Grey) 178 mm (7") 3-Way Jumbo 178 mm (7") 4-Way Buffer (Blk240/Blk400/Wht/Grey)

20 06 307

White Sanding Blocks

Essential for the preparation of the natural nail through to the finishing of an overlay. 20 06 311

20 06 312 20 06 302 20 66 302 20 06 303 20 66 303 20 06 305 20 66 305 20 06 307 20 66 307 20 06 308 20 06 312 20 66 312 20 06 310 20 06 311

€0.85 €8.25 €0.55 €5.15 €0.55 €5.15 €0.55 €5.15 €0.55 €0.85 €8.25 €0.55 €0.75

Duraboard Curved 240/240 Grit Duraboard Curved 240/240 Grit (10 Pack) Duraboard 100/180 Grit ?J=9L Duraboard 100/180 Grit (10 Pack) Duraboard 100/240 Grit K9NAF?K Duraboard 100/240 Grit (10 Pack) GF Duraboard 180/240 Grit )(H9;C Duraboard 180/240 Grit (10 Pack) >AD=K Duraboard 240/240 Grit Duraboard Plus 100/180 Grit Duraboard Plus 100/180 Grit (10 Pack) Jumbo 120/240 Grit Brown Coarse File 100/100 Grit

20 06 701 €0.50 White Sanding Block 220/240 Grit 4-Way 20 66 701 €4.85 White Sanding Block 220/240 Grit 4-Way (10 Pack)

Polishing Blocks 20 06 802 €1.65 Super Shiner

20 06 803 €1.65 3-Way Polishing Block

High Quality Acrylic & Gel Brushes 20 12 501


No 6 Sable Brush Flat For use with UV Gel Nail Systems.

20 12 502


No 6 Sable Brush Round For use with Acrylic Nail Systems. Ideal for students.

20 12 503


No 8 Sable Brush Round For use with acrylic systems.

This file gives the advantage of a more flexible file that adapts to the contour of the nail. Ideal for Nail Techs who like the flexibility of a file with the performance of a block.

20 12 504


No 10 Sable Brush Oval For use with Acrylic Nail Systems.

20 06 403 20 66 403

20 12 505


UV Gel Flat Nylon For use with UV Gel Systems.

Mfkmj]o`a[`Çd]kqgmf]]\7 Ljqgmj>ad]KlYjl]jHY[c Ref: 20 066 08 (13 files) €12.50

Foamie Files

€1.15 Blue 240/240 Grit €10.85 Blue 240/240 Grit (10 Pack)

20 12 555 €6.49 Brush Cleaner 100ml

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 UV Low Odour Acrylic Liquid Perfect for shared environments where odour is a problem. All the virtues of a Powder & Liquid System without the pungent odour. 20 01 051

€25.50 UV Low Odour Acrylic Liquid 100ml

UV Gel Nail System • • • • • • •

Building Gel in Clear or Pink Clear, natural finish Calcium enriched Dries to a hard, glossy finish Self-levelling Rapid UV cure No odour

ACRYLIC NAIL SYSTEMS Acrylic Powder & Liquid System Strength and optimum performance • Optical Brighteners • UV Stabilisers • Non yellowing • Durable, flexible and resistant to cracking • Self-levelling • Dries smoothly – less filing required 20 01 101 20 01 102 20 01 103 20 01 104 20 01 105 20 01 106 20 01 007 20 01 008 20 01 009 20 01 031 20 01 032 20 01 033 20 01 034 20 01 100

€2.99 €14.95 €35.00 €2.99 €14.95 €35.00 €2.99 €14.95 €35.00 €2.99 €13.50 €27.50 €295.00 €9.85

Acrylic Powder Clear 4g Acrylic Powder Clear 40g Acrylic Powder Clear 140g Acrylic Powder Ultra White 4g Acrylic Powder Ultra White 40g Acrylic Powder Ultra White 140g Acrylic Powder Pink 4g Acrylic Powder Pink 40g Acrylic Powder Pink 140g Acrylic Liquid 7ml Acrylic Liquid 50 ml Acrylic Liquid 200 ml Acrylic Liquid 5 Litre Acrylic Powder & Liquid Trial Pack

Quick Nails Acrylic Systems A fast, no fuss acrylic system. As the name implies this is this quickest and simplest of all Acrylic Systems. 20 01 041 20 01 042

€15.50 €14.95

20 01 043 20 01 044

€14.95 €2.99

Quick Nail Resin 28g Quick Nail Dipping Powder (Clear) 40g Quick Nails Spray Set 50 ml Quick Brush-on Resin 6g

20 03 013 20 03 009 20 03 015 20 03 012 20 03 014 20 03 011 20 03 005 FBE163 20 03 008 20 03 101 20 03 025

€19.50 €5.95 €19.50 €5.95 €19.50 €5.95 €75.95 €12.99 €4.85 €14.99 €17.95

UV Gel Clear 30g UV Gel Clear 5g UV Gel White 30g UV Gel White 5gm UV Gel Pink 30g UV Gel Pink 5gm UV Gel Curing Lamp UV Spare Bulb UV Gel Wipe-Off Solution 100 ml UV Gel Trial Pack (white 5g, clear 5g, pink 5g) UV Gel Wipe-Off Solution 500 ml

UV Soak & Buff Off Gel 20 03 021 €29.99 UV Soak & Buff Off Gel (Clear) 30g 20 03 022 €29.99 UV Soak & Buff Off Gel (Pink) 30g 20 03 023 €29.99 UV Soak & Buff Off Gel (White) 30g

UV Glosscoat 20 03 020 20 03 026

€20.95 UV Glosscoat 15ml €115.00 UV Glosscoat 100ml

UV & Acrylic Training Kits 20 03 200 €140.00 UV Nail Kit with Lamp 20 03 201 €72.50 UV Nail Kit without Lamp

UV Gel Hollywood White 20 03 019 20 03 010

€32.00 UV Gel Hollywood White 30g €8.99 UV Gel Hollywood White 5g

20 01 200 20 01 201 20 01 202 20 01 203

€72.50 €72.50 €140.00 €72.50

Acrylic Powder and Liquid Kit Quick Acrylic Nails Kit UV Low Odour Acrylic Kit with Lamp UV Low Odour Acrylic Kit without Lamp




NAILS Fibreglass & Silk Nails Wrap System A multi-purpose system for Nail Extensions and Natural Nails 20 02 001 20 02 002 20 0 2003 20 02 004 20 02 005 20 02 006 20 02 007 20 02 008 20 02 009 20 02 010

€15.50 €3.25 €3.25 €16.35 €39.95 €295.00 €3.25 €3.25 €9.50 €9.50

Resin for Fibreglass/Silk 28gm Brush on Resin 6g Extend Nozzles (10 Pack) Activator Spray 50 ml Activator Refill 200 ml Activator Refill 5 Litre 46cm (18") Fibreglass Strip 46cm (18") Silk Strip Nail Wrap Dispenser Fibreglass 2.7m Nail Wrap Dispenser Silk 2.7m


The foundation on which good nails are built. Made form top quality first generation ABS plastic, requiring the minium of blending with files they can also be blended with the new Tip Blender solution.

Olympic Nail Tips Highly popular, universal appeal. 20 17 301 - 20 17 310 €3.85 Olympic Tips Size 1-10 PK (50) 20 17 311 €7.95 Olympic Tips 100 assorted 20 17 312 €24.95 Olympic Tips 360 assorted

Starter / Training Kits 20 02 200

French White Nail Tips A perfect smile line. No blending is required. 20 17 201 - 20 17 210 €3.85 French Tips Size 1-10 PK (50) 20 17 211 €7.95 French Tips 100 Assorted 20 17 212 €24.95 French Tips 360 Assorted

€72.50 Fibreglass & Silk Wrap Kit

Nail Essentials 20 11 003 20 11 004 20 12 204 20 12 001 20 12 002 20 12 003 20 12 004 20 12 018 20 12 023

€3.85 €7.50 €5.75 €9.50 €7.99 €2.85 €3.50 €3.99 €4.95

Cosmetics Pads (200) Lint free Manicure Table Pads (24) Toe Seperators (12 PK) Sculpture Forms - Roll of 500 Finger Protection Wrap (assorted colours) Glass Dappen Dish Glass Dappen Dish with Lid Finger Bath (Acetone Safe) Flip top dispensing pump 120ml

Tools For The Professional 20 12 005 20 12 012

€12.00 Premier Tip Cutter €18.50 Eradicator (Pterygium Remover)

Nail Primer And Adhesives 20 04 001 20 04 002 20 04 003 20 04 004 20 04 005

€8.75 €5.45 €1.50 €6.49 €11.50

Acid Free Primer 15ml Nail Primer Pen Nail Glue 3g (Anti-fungal) Nail Glue 3g (Anti-fungal) 5 Pack Nail Glue 28g

Tip Blender 20 07 502


Nail Tip Blender 15ml Can be used with any type of Nail Tip

Ultra Nail Tips Natural colour, adaptable shape. 20 17 001-20 17 010 €3.85 Ultra Tips Size 1-10 PK (50) 20 17 011 €7.95 Ultra tips 100 Assorted (boxed) 20 17 012 €24.95 Ultra tips 360 Assorted (boxed)

Big ‘C’ Curve Nail Tips Natural colour. Ideal for glamorous looks. 20 17 101 - 20 17 110 €5.50 Big ‘C’ Curve Size 1-10 PK (50) 20 17 111 €9.95 Big ‘C’ Curve 100 Assorted (boxed) 20 17 112 €36.50 Big ‘C’ Curve 360 Assorted (boxed)

Active Nail Tips Requires no pre-tailoring. 20 17 401 - 20 17 410 €3.85 Active Nail Tips Size 1-10 PK (50) 20 17 411 €7.95 Active Tips 100 Assorted 20 17 412 €24.95 Active Tips 360 Assorted 20 07 999 €4.10 Empty Tip Box 360 Assorted

Olympic Clear Nail Tips Ideal for Nail Art and Encapsulation. 20 17 711 €7.95 Clear Tips Pack 100 Assorted 20 17 712 €24.95 Clear Tips Pack 360 Assorted

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Brushes & Tools

Starter Kits 30 02 002 €55.00 Nail Art Kit Kit Includes: Fan Brush, Striping Brush, Dotting Tool, Combi Drill, Charm, Nail Art Paint: blue, Red, Yellow, Opalescent Paint Striping Pen: White, Black, Top Coat, Glitter Dust, Flower Stickers, Water Release Stickers, Rhinestones (50 approx), Flat Stone, Silver Glitter Dust, Gold Leaf Foil and Orangewood stick.

30 01 001


Nail Art Fan Brush

30 01 002


Nail Art Long Bristle Striping Brush

30 01 003


Nail Art Dotting Tool

30 01 004


Nail Art Short Bristle Brush

30 01 054


Double Ended Dotting Tool

30 01 048 €4.50 Combi Drill

30 01 049 €2.35 Finger Rest

Nail Art Paint (10ml)

Rhinestone Wheels & Packs (600 Per Pack) Rhinestone Wheel 30 01 013 €9.95 30 01 014 €9.95 30 01 015 €9.95 30 01 063 €9.95

Triangle Teardrop Star Round

Stone Boxes Refill Packs (Pack 48) Roundstones €2.50 Each

Star €2.50 Each

30 01 068 30 01 069 30 01 070 30 01 071

30 01 076 30 01 077 30 01 078 30 01 079

Red Silver Pink Golden

Red Silver Pink Golden

Tear Drop €2.50 Each

Triangle €2.50 Each

30 01 072 30 01 073 30 01 074 30 01 075

30 01 080 30 01 081 30 01 082 30 01 083

Red Silver Pink Golden

Striping Tape 30 01 005 30 01 006 30 01 007 30 01 008

€4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €4.50

30 01 009 €4.50 Green 30 01 010 €4.50 Black

Foil 30 01 011 €5.45 Gold Leaf 30 01 012 €5.45 Silver Leaf 30 01 092 €2.95 Top Coat Sealer 30 01 093 €6.25 Glitter Dust Mixer

Gold Silver Purple Red

Red Silver Pink Golden

3001023 €2.50 Red Flowers 3001024 €2.50 Multi Coloured Flowers 3001025 €2.50 Yellow Flower 3001026 €2.50 Pink & Yellow Flowers 3001087 €2.50 Black Nail 3001088 €2.50 Leopard 3001089 €2.50 Funky Nail 3001090 €2.50 Chinese Symbols

Nail Art Jewellery €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50

30 01 039 €2.50 Silver

30 01 044 €2.50 Sky Green

30 01 040 €2.50 White

30 01 041 €2.50 Dark Blue

30 01 038 €2.50 Gold

30 01 046 €2.50 Yellow

30 01 047 €2.50 Black

30 01 045 €2.50 Red

30 01 042 €2.50 Sky Blue

Glitter & Stones Multi Packs

Transfers / 3D Stickers

3001050 3001051 3001052 3001053

30 01 043 €2.50 Green

Gold Heart Silver Heart Silver Cross Gold Cross

30 01 032A €12.50 Mixed Glitter

30 01 032B €12.50 Mixed Glitter

30 01 033A €12.50 Pearl Glitter

30 01 033B €12.50 Pear Glitter

30 01 034A €12.50 Dots

30 01 034B €12.50 Dots

30 01 036A €13.95

30 01 036B €13.95


30 01 037A €12.50 Beads 30 01 035


30 01 037B €12.50 Beads

€26.95 Neon Glitter

Stripping/Dotting Pens Short Pen & Brush 3001020 3001021 3001022 3001027 3001028 3001029 3001030 3001031

€3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95

Long Pens 30 01 016 30 01 017 30 01 018 30 01 019

€3.95 €3.95 €3.95 €3.95

Black White Silver Red Yellow Green Purple Blue Black White Silver Gold



NAILS Nail Art Rhinestones 0212529 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Wheel (300) MULTICOLOUR A mix of 300 different Rhinestones (crystal, blue, gold, lilac, pink and red) with refillable

0212510 €4.50 Nail Art Pen - Silver 12ml A quick drying, oil based 2 x way nail art pen. Simple, effective and long lasting, use for dotting, writing or striping. Available in silver, gold, white and black. 0212511 €4.50 Nail Art Pen - Gold 12ml

Nail Art Paints 0212523 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) CRYSTAL Rhinestones - an essential nail art accessory. Available in crystal, blue, gold, lilac, pink, red and multicolour. 02 12 518 €5.50 Nail Art Paints - Metallic (Pk4) Metallic pack -silver, gold, white, black. A water soluble nail art paint perfect for creating freehand designs.

Nail Art Pens

0212524 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) BLUE

0212512 €4.50 Nail Art Pen - White 12ml 0212513 €4.50 Nail Art Pen - Black 12ml

Nail Art Brushes & Tools

0212525 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) GOLD 02 12 519 €5.50 Nail Art Paints - Primary (Pk4) Primary pack - red, blue, yellow, green. A water soluble nail art paint perfect for creating freehand designs.

Nail Art Sealer 0212535 €2.99 Nail Art Sealer A nail art finishing sealer that prolongs and seals nail art design. Offers long lasting protection for free-hand designs and rhinestones application.

0212526 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) LILAC 0212527 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) PINK 0212528 €8.99 Nail Art Rhinestone Pot (300) RED

Nail Art Stripping Tape 0212520 €3.15 Nail Art Striping Tape RED 2.5 metres A striping tape with adhesive backing, enables quick and easy application. 0212521 €3.15 Nail Art Striping Tape GOLD 2.5 metres 0212522 €3.15 Nail Art Striping Tape SILVER 2.5 metres

Nail Art Glitter A glitter striper that simply and effectively enhances any free-hand nail art design. Available in silver and gold. 0212530 €4.75 Nail Art Glitter Striper SILVER 7ml 0212531 €4.75 Nail Art Glitter Striper GOLD 7ml

Nail Art Colour Kit 0212784 €39.95 Profile Acrylic Colour Kit For Nail Art or custom colour blending. Kit Contains 10 x Acrylic Colours - black, green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, clear, opal, white, 2 x mixing jars, mixing spoons and blending chart.

0212533 €3.85 Nail Art Fine Liner Brush A high quality soft sable brush. Use with nail art paints to create individual designs.


)(G>> >ajklGj\]j

0212532 €5.75 Nail Art Special Effects Tool A double ended special effects tool used to achieve shaping, spotting and marbling effects with paints.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040


thai pedicure exotic sensual rituals

0222305 €55.95 THAI Pedicure Professional Kit A professional THAI pedicure kit Contents: Soul Soak, Heavenly Scrub, Serene Mask, Divine Massage, Ritual Oils Tangerine, coconut bowl, herbal dumpling, nail polish, Cuticle Remover Plus, Natural Emery Boards (10).

















MANICURE AND PEDICURE As weary feet find this heavenly rest, the exotic mix of Ginger, Lime and Sandalwood revive the senses and awaken the soul. Step into this journey of divine bliss – exotic, sensuous, soothing – indulge the senses and lift the spirit with the new THAI Pedicure experience.

0222301 €6.50 THAI Pedicure Soul Soak 250ml Revive and awaken the soul with the stimulating aroma of lime and ginger. INFUSE a bowl of warm water with SOUL Soak. Step forth, BATHE weary feet in the INTOXICATING milk.

0222303 €7.49 THAI Pedicure Serene Mask 300ml Let your senses drift in the tranquil aroma of this warming mask. LAVISH generously over feet and legs. Cover and RELAX as the warmth envelops and SOOTHES. Water soluble, rinse away after 5-10 minutes.

Key ingredients: Lime, Sandalwood, Ginger.

Key ingredients: Lime, Sandalwood, Ginger.

0222302 €7.49 THAI Pedicure Heavenly Scrub 300ml Stimulate and soften with the unique action of this warming scrub. MASSAGE generously into cleansed damp feet. SMOOTH away the rough edges. Water soluble, rinse clean away - HEAVEN!

0222304 € 7.49 THAI Pedicure Divine Massage 300ml Divine massage lotion with a soft shimmer finish. SMOOTH over the feet and legs. Let your senses find a HEAVENLY rest and your skin GLOW as you dream…

Key ingredients: Lime, Sandalwood, Ginge

Key ingredients: Lime, Sandalwood, Ginger.




thai manicure exotic sensual rituals

0216133 €6.50 THAI Manicure Fragrant Soak 250ml Awaken your client’s senses with this intoxicating exotic mix of ginger, tangerine and sandalwood. INFUSE a bowl of water with FRAGRANT SOAK. See the MAGIC as water turns to MILK. Immerse the entire hand and BATHE in an aroma of Ginger and Tangerine. Key ingredients: Tangerine, Sandalwood, Ginger. 0216131 €6.50 THAI Manicure Sensuous Scrub 250ml Stimulate and invigorate with the unique warming action of this sensuous salt scrub. MASSAGE generously into cleansed damp hands. SMOOTH away the dullness. FEEL the warmth on your skin. Water soluble, rinses clean away.

Salon System’s new Thai Manicure is a fusion of Far Eastern massage techniques and philosophies inspired by eastern traditions and rituals. It offers 100% experience - a traditional manicure combined with a restorative and relaxation treatment.

0216136 €6.85 THAI Treatment Aromatic Oils 50ml Indulge and treat with this sensory massage oil. Use with Herbal Dumpling or alone.

Invite your clients to discover a unique restorative, relaxation treatment. Using a fusion of eastern and western massage, hands, head, neck, shoulders, and arms relax and unwind. Working on clearing the energy lines with deep palm compression is the fundamental technique. The massage starts dry (traditional Thai) and then warming oil is applied using a Dumpling followed by Balinese Massage. This powerful treatment will leave your client uplifted, recharged and distressed.

Key ingredients: Tangerine, Soya Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil.

Step 1 Add THAI Manicure Fragrant Soak to a large bowl of warm water and awaken your client’s senses with this intoxicating exotic mix of ginger, tangerine and sandalwood. Cleanse hands and arms. Follow with file and cuticle work on both hands.

0216134 €56.95 THAI Manicure Professional Kit Contents: Fragrant Soak, Sensuous Scrub, Sumptuous Mask, Sublime Massage, Aromatic Oils, herbal dumpling, coconut bowl, nail polish, Cuticle Remover Plus, Black Diamond Files.

Step 2 Stimulate and invigorate with the unique warming action of this sensuous salt scrub. Massage THAI Manicure Sensuous Scrub over hands and arms for perfectly smooth skin. Rinse and dry. Step 3 Relax as the aroma and warming action of this sumptuous mask envelops and protects. LAVISH THAI Manicure Sumptuous Mask over the entire arm. Cover with insulating gloves and let the senses DRIFT in the warming sensation FLOATING over the skin.

Key ingredients: Tangerine, Ginger, Sandalwood, Salt. 0216130 €6.50 THAI Manicure Sumptuous Mask 250ml Relax as the aroma and warming action of this sumptuous mask envelops and protects. LAVISH over the entire arm. Cover and let the senses DRIFT in the warming sensation FLOATING over the skin. Water soluble, rinses clean away.


Step 3

0216137 €15.95 THAI Manicure Massage Ritual (bowl, dumpling & oil) A fabulous retail kit containing coconut bowl, Aromatic Oils and herbal dumpling. Warm achy muscles and weary souls with this aromatic treat for the senses. Knead with a herbal dumpling infused with aromatic oils whenever weariness ensues!

Dry Movement. Forearm roll out on trapezius.

Dry Movement. Ayurvedic sutres in 3 lines, shampoo moves using strong fingers.

Dry Movement. ‘THAI Yoga Move’ – Gentle stretch to release tension and blockages.

Step 5 Remove insulating gloves and rinse away mask. For the ultimate sensual treat apply THAI Manicure Aromatic Oils (warmed) with tangerine, using a Herbal Dumpling made from vettivert root, lemon grass and thulsi leaves.

Key ingredients: Tangerine, Ginger, Sandalwood. 0216132 €6.50 THAI Manicure Sublime Massage 250ml Complete the manicure experience with this sublime massage lotion with a soft shimmer finish. AWAKEN the skin with SUBLIME massage from the tips of the fingers to weary shoulders, let it GLOW. Leaves skin silky soft and sensuously fragranced. Key ingredients: Tangerine, Ginger, Sandalwood, Vit E, Olive Oil

0216135 €15.00 THAI Treatment Herbal Dumplings (pack of 3 x) A pack of 3 x Herbal Dumplings. A traditional herbal dumpling with vettivert root, lemon grass and thulsi leaves, used for application of oil and massage. Salon size 3 x pack.

Oil Massage with Dumpling. Infuse Dumpling with Use Dumpling to massage away Oil and massage over hands, arms tension around trapezius & scapula. and shoulders.

Balinese Massage with Oil. Thumb circles along meridian lines of arm.

Step 6 Complete the experience with the THAI Manicure Sublime Massage Lotion with a soft shimmer finish. Massage over hands and arms to AWAKEN the skin from the tips of the fingers to weary shoulders. Buff or polish nails as required.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Salon System’s HAND range is based on a delicious blend of essential oils, plant and fruit extracts to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise. Essential professional products for the ultimate manicure.


02 16 113 €6.45 Hand Sanitise Anti Bacterial Gel 250ml No rinse formula anti-bacterial gel. 02 16 100 €6.25 Hand Soak Cleansing Gel Wash 250ml A gentle foaming soak to cleanse, revitalise and refresh hands and nails. 02 16 101 €6.25 Hand Replenish Moisture Lotion 250ml A rich lotion which moisturises and protects the hands and nails.

02 16 114 €49.95 Manicure Intro Kit (Contents as shown.)

02 16 099 €6.50 Hand Renewal Age Control Mask 150ml A deliciously nourishing treatment mask to soften, rehydrate and revive ageing hands.

02 16 098 €5.95 Hand Defence Age Defying Hand Cream 100ml A protective hand cream which helps to reduce the signs of ageing.

02 16 102 €6.25 Hand Cuticle Remover Cream 50g Effective treatment for dry, untidy cuticles.

02 16 097 €5.95 Hand Elixir Treatment Serum 100ml Easily absorbed to instantly smooth, soften and rehydrate dry ageing hands.

02 16 103 €6.25 Hand Cuticle Massage Cream 50g Replenishes, conditions and moisturises dry nails and cuticles.

02 16 104 €6.25 Hand Buffing Gel 50g Helps to smooth out ridges, for smooth shiny nails.

02 16 096 €6.50 Hand Invigorate Salt Scrub 150ml A unique salt scrub that is simply removed by rinsing with water, leaving no oily residue.

Salon System’s FOOT range combine the essential oil of wild peppermint with plant and fruit extracts and a fresh fruity aroma to uplift and invigorate tired aching feet. Essential professional products for the ultimate pedicure.

SALON SYSTEM PEDICURE 02 22 130 €5.25 Foot Soak Foaming Pedicure Bath 250ml

02 22 132 €5.50 Foot Scrub Exfoliating Cream 250ml

02 22 133 €5.25 Foot Repair Massage Lotion 250ml

02 22 131 €8.40 Foot Soak Foaming Pedicure Bath 500ml A foaming pedicure soak which cleanses, refreshes and revitalises the feet.

02 22 138 €8.40 Foot Scrub Exfoliating Cream 500ml An invigorating exfoliator to remove dry, lifeless skin cells.

02 22 134 €8.40 Foot Repair Massage Lotion 500ml Fresh fruity fragrance. A luxurious treatment massage lotion with a fruity fresh aroma to revitalise legs and feet. 02 22 135 €5.15 Foot Cleanse Cleansing Spray 250ml Rereshing spray to deodorise, cool and refresh tired, aching feet. 02 22 137 €5.50 Foot Refresh Cooling Mask 150ml An exhilarating mask that helps to revive tired feet.

02 22 136 €42.00 Pedicure Intro Kit (Contents as shown.)






FBP190 €11.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Total Kleen 480ml/16oz FBP191 €45.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Total Kleen 3.75 Litre A soft calming essential oil blend that softens and heals hands. This gentle skin cleasing wash is designed to be used prior to any paraffin treatments and is a must at any hand washing station. This broad spectrum antimicrobial agent is designed to reduce bacterial flora while keeping the skin soft and supple.


FBP230 €17.50 Lavender Aphrodisia Sea Salt Foot Soak 540ml/18oz FBP231 €59.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Sea Salt Foot Soak 1.9 Litre Soothe and soften calluses with a Lavender essential oil and Damiana Tea infused Dead Sea Salt foot soak. Eucalyptus oils cool and heal the feet.

FBP232 €18.95 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Foot Scrub 510ml/17oz FBP233 €66.00 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Foot Scrub 1.9 Litre Lavender and Damiana Tea and Peppermint essential oils are mixed with select extracts creating a cool, soothing foot scrub. Apricot Seeds add an exfoliating dimension that will leave the feet feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

FBP234 € 19.25 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Calming Foot Masque 480ml/16oz FBP235 €68.00 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Calming Foot Masque 1.9 Litre The aroma will relax away the stress and leave the feet soft and cool for hours! French Lavender, the most perfect essential oil, Damiana Tea, and Peppermint essential oil combine with mineral clays creating a cool hydrating masque

Recover FBP237 €17.50 Lavender Aphrodisia Heel Recovery 390ml/13oz FBP238 €59.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Heel Recovery 1.9 Litre French Lavender, the most perfect essential oil and Damiana Tea are carefully combined with extracts to create an intense moisturizer to help repair dry, cracked heels.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 AMBER MANICURE Cleanse

FBP190 €11.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Total Kleen 480ml/16oz FBP191 €45.00 Lavender Aphrodisia Total Kleen 3.75 Litre A soft calming essential oil blend that softens and heals hands. This gentle skin cleasing wash is designed to be used prior to any paraffin treatments and is a must at any hand washing station. This broad spectrum antimicrobial agent is designed to reduce bacterial flora while keeping the skin soft and supple.



FBP193 €17.95 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Hand Scrub 390ml/13 oz A Peppermint Hand Scrub that feels like a masssage - let the Apricot seeds exfoliate the dead skin cells while our combination of essential oils and extracts (Peppermint, Red Vine, St. John’s Wort, Arnica Horse Chestnut and Ivy) create a cool, refreshing therapy for tired hands.


FBP195 €15.95 Lavender Aphrodisia Hand Recovery 330ml/11oz Essential Oils are combined with Milk protein, Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to create the perfect hand recovery. This non-greasy formula aids in the healing of dry, cracked hands and assists in the prevention of aging skin.

FBP196 €7.50 Manicure Gel 480ml/16oz


FBP197 €28.00 Manicure Gel 3.75 Litre Refill A rich penetrating cuticle and nail lotion and conditioner fortified with an extract of Henna. Apply warm for better results.


FBP192 €16.95 Lavender Aphrodisia Sea Salt Hand Soak 360ml/12oz Revitalize dry cracked hands with our Sea Salt Hand Soak - a blend of essential oils and Dead Sea Salts that hydrate and soothe the skin. Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and various essential oils and extracts are blended together to create a healing soak that calms and softens over-worked hands.

FBP194 € 18.95 Lavender Aphrodisia & Pepermint Calming Hand Masque 390ml/13 oz Mineral clays and glycerin combined with essential oils create an astonishingly deep cooling masque that will leave your hands soft for hours. The Peppermint Hand Masque is the step that sets this manicure above the rest let it last! Masque can be used over essential blends or oils for elevated spa therapy.

FBE161 €59.00 Manicure Heater A compact, temperature controlled lotion warmer with a soft shaped wrist cushion, and supplied complete with 10 disposable fitted manicure cups. Dimensions: W15 x D10 x H11.25cm FBA580 €13.50 Manicure Cups - Pack 100 Individual, disposable plastic cups for use in the manicure heater. Pack of 100. FBE164 €295.00 Four Bay Lotion Warmer Add a touch of luxury to any manicure treatment with Ambers 4 Bay Lotion Warmer. Suitable for warming manicure, pedicure lotions or masques. Includes 12 Pack of Manicure Cups. Dimensions: L40.6 x W12.5 x H9.4cm



MANICURE AND PEDICURE SOL0758 €6.30 Foot Scrub 100ml SOL0759 €10.95 Foot Scrub 500ml An invigorating foot scrub formulated to remove rough and dry skin cells from the feet leaving them feeling soft and smooth. SOL0762 €5.25 Foot Masque 100ml SOL0763 €8.99 Foot Masque 500ml A cooling foot masque formulated to help revive tired aching feet. Leaves the feet feeling smooth, moisturised and refreshed.

SOL0931 €3.25 Refresh Pedicure Talc 100ml A refreshing luxury fine talc with a unique blend of essential oils (Lavender, Patchouli and Peppermint) to revive, cool and refresh tired feet. SOL0768 €28.50 Pedicure Kit Including: One of each small size product, Jumbo Emery Boards (10)and Solutions Draw string bag.



Solutions Pedicure SOL0750 €3.85 Foot Soak 150ml SOL0751 €7.95 Foot Soak 500ml A refreshing foot soak containing Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil to cleanse, soothe and revitalise tired feet. SOL0752 €3.85 Cleansing Foot Spray 150ml SOL0753 €7.95 Cleansing Foot Spray 500ml Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic to cleanse and sanitise with Peppermint Oil to cool and refresh aching feet.

SOL0754 €3.85 Cooling Foot Cream 100ml SOL0755 €7.95 Cooling Foot Cream 500ml A cooling foot cream ideally suited for massaging into the legs and feet after treatment. Leaves the skin feeling smoothe, moisturised and soft. SOL0756 €3.85 Refreshing Foot Spray 150ml SOL0757 €7.95 Refreshing Foot Spray 500ml A refreshing foot spray formulated to treat aching feet leaving them totally revitalised.

Professional Foot Spas HBQ3100 € 160.00 Blue Lagoon Hydrotherapy LCD Professional Footspa The most advanced professional footspa available. Its features include an exclusive variation of treatments from magnet therapy to an automatic callus remover, also includes a built in water drainage system, (requires waste area or sink) for drainage. Other features: Infrared massage, roller massage, Water Jet massage, Magnetic Therapy, Bubble Massage, LCD & Backlight Display, Timer Control, Remote Control, 3 Pedicure Accessories.

HBQ3102 €99.00 Mountain Stream Deluxe LCD Professional Footspa An advanced deluxe LCD professional foot spa with many of the features of our Blue Lagoon model. Features include: Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Massage, Bubble Massage, Hot Water Massage, Roller Massage, 3 x Pedicure Accessories (Brush, Massage Wheel & Callus Remover), Adjustable Temperature Control & Timer.

HBQ3104 €45.00 Natural Spring Professional Footspa Relieve stress and tension of tired aching feet. Features include: Vibration Massage, Cold Water Massage, Foot Massage without water, Bubble Massage, Temperature Control, 3 Pedicure Accessories.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Solutions Manicure SOL0700 €2.85 Acetone 150ml A pure solvent for fast, efficient removal of nail enamel which can also be used for dissolving artificial nails. SOL0710 €4.50 Acetone 500ml SOL0720 €16.95 Acetone 4 Litre

SOL0740 €2.65 Cuticle Remover 150ml An effective manicure treatment product for the softening and removal of excess cuticles. SOL0744 €3.85 Cuticle Oil 60ml A softening cuticle oil that protects, moisturises and conditions the cuticles and nails. SOL0730 €3.85 Cuticle Massage Cream 100ml A rich deep penetrating massage cream to soften cuticles and improve blood circulation to the nail bed. SOL0732 €7.50 Cuticle Massage Cream 500ml SOL0573 €3.75 Hand Treatment Cream 100ml A nourishing cream designed to provide immediate relief to dry, rough skin. Containing Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil and Jojoba to calm and moisturise. The hands are left feeling silky smooth. SOL0574 €6.95 Hand Treatment Cream 500ml

SOL0575 €4.75 Refining Hand Scrub 100ml Formulated to gently remove dead skin cells leaving the hands feeling smoother and softer. SOL0576 €6.75 Refining Hand Scrub 500ml SOL0570 €5.95 Intensive Hand Cream 150ml A velvety smooth treatment cream containing a blend of moisture rich ingredients designed to moisturise and improve the appearance of the hand whilst also softening and conditioning the cuticles. SOL0572 €10.95 Intensive Hand Cream 500ml

SOL0840 €3.25 Polish Remover Non-Acetone 150ml A gentle acting formula developed for use on natural and artificial nails. SOL0746 €27.50 Solutions Manicure Kit Contents: Cuticle Remover 150ml, Cuticle Massage Cream 100ml, Refining Hand Scrub 100ml, Hand Treatment Cream 100ml, Non-Acetone Remover 150ml, Hand Treatment Masque 100ml, Emery Boards (10), Mask Removal Sponge, Solutions Draw String Bag.

SOL0850 €5.95 Polish Remover Non-Acetone 500ml SOL0860 €20.95 Polish Remover Non-Acetone 4 Litre SOL0734 €3.85 Nail Buffing Cream 15ml A gentle nail buffing cream designed to create a shine to natural nails. SOL0735 €4.45 Hand Treatment Mask 100ml A nourishing treatment masque formulated to rehydrate and revive ageing hands, leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth. SOL0736 €7.75 Hand Treatment Mask 500ml
























Lili Tunic FBA997, FBA998

Nicole Tunic FBA057, FBA286

Our uniforms are made in a revolutionary new fabric, Pontella. The fabric is breathable and allows freedom of movement*. We have taken into account the environment in which the clothing is worn and the job requirements it must cope with. Pontella avoids all the usual problems associated with uniforms, no colour fading, shrinkage or pilling. All uniforms are washable at 40ºC, one dot iron, no tumble dry.

Mandarin style tunic buttoned to the side. Diamante or wooden effect buttons. Structured neckline with collar and elegant front pockets. Size 8-18 €56.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00 FBA997 FBA998

* Excludes Linen Tunics.

Lili Tunic WHITE Lili Tunic BLACK

Contemporary style with wrap over bodice and mandarin collar neckline. Front and back shaped panels for a flattering shape, front vents for ease of movement and a tasteful finish. Size 8-18 €49.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00 FBA057 FBA286

Nicole Tunic BLACK Nicole Tunic BROWN LINEN LOOK


shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Kate Tunic

Cropped Trousers Classic tunic with mandarin collar and front neck placket opening. Darts on the bust to flatter shape. Front vents for style and ease of movement. Size 8-18 €49.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00 Kate Tunic RED


Kate Tunic BLACK


Kate Tunic WHITE

FBA036, FBA052, FBA065


Comfortable stretch trousers with no waistband Invisible zip opening in side waist. Inside leg length 66cn (26”). Special new stretch fabric “Active Pontella” well known for comfort in wear, durability and easy-care. Washable at 40 degrees C, one dot iron, no tumble dry, easy care drip dry. FBA053 BLACK FBA054 WHITE Comfortable linen trousers with no waistband. Invisible zip opening in side waist. Inside leg length 66cm (26”) FBA995 BROWN LINEN FBA996 BEIGE LINEN Size 8-18 €37.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00

Cara Tunic

Bootleg Trousers Tasteful v-neck opening and wide band under the bust to emphasise shape. Side vents and an invisible zip for a flattering fit. FBA284

Cara Tunic (Beige Linen)


Cara Tunic (Brown Linen)


Cara Tunic (Black)

New and improved fit. Stylish wrap over waistband. Centre front fly and jeans style front pockets. Back waist darts. Inside leg length 81cm (32 inches). Made in revolutionary Pontella fabric. Washable at 50ºC, two dot iron, tumble dry FBA450 BLACK FBA451 WHITE

Size 8-18 €49.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00 FBA284, FBA285

Stylish wrap over waistband. Centre front fly and jeans style front pockets. Back waist darts. Inside leg length 81cm (32 inches) FBA271 BROWN LINEN FBA272 BEIGE LINEN Size 8-18 €38.95 Size 20+ please add €6.00

Ladies Size











Bust (Inches)











Bust (cm)











Waist (Inches)











Waist (cm)

































Please Note: Chart refers to manufacturers garments only. HOW TO ORDER YOUR SIZE When ordering add your size to the end of the product reference code. Example: to order ‘Kate Tunic Black in size 12’, give order code: FBA052/12

NOTE: While we try to stock as many uniforms in various colours and sizes as possible, we recommend you allow 7-14 days for delivery for certain styles, colours and sizes. Please ring for more information, our staff will be happy to help you with your order.

Payment in full must accompany your order. Garments are non-refundable. Please note: Made to order uniforms may take 4-6 weeks.


SALON ESSENTIALS Rubis Universal This traditional all round tweezers has a slim straight edge tip.

1K301 €16.50 Rubis Universal Tweezers Red (Swiss Cross)

1K304 €15.95 Rubis Universal Tweezers Black

The Best Tweezers and Implements Rubis is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of medical, watch and beauty implements based in Switzerland. All Rubis implements are manufactured from rust proof, anti-acid proof, prime quality stainless surgical steel. Rubis cosmetic Tweezers are hand finished to ensure perfect alignment and perfect precision in removing each and every unwanted hair. Each tweezers is tested for weight balance and perfect performance and is supplied with a presentation gift box. Rubis Pointer Impeccable Swiss craftsmanship and a precision point guarantees successful removal of splinters, in-growing hairs and spines. 1K001 €18.50 Rubis Pointer Tweezers (Red Cross)

1K204-BK €15.95 Rubis Oval Tweezers - Black

Rubis Evolution Combination slanted/pointed provides easy removal of in-growing hairs. Use the pointed side to carefully expose the hair and use the slanted side to gently remove. 1K904 €16.50 Rubis Evolution Tweezers – Black

1K111 €18.50 Rubis Elegance SA Tweezers

1K004 €16.50 Rubis Pointer Tweezers (Black)

Rubis Classic Rubis Classic, Rubis Elegance, Rubis No. 7. These slanted tweezers are designed for best removal of each hair with its root. 1K100 €18.95 Rubis No. 7 Classic Tweezers

1F000-BL €18.95 Rubis Classic Nail & Cuticle Scissors High precision blades for perfectly cut nails.

1F002 €18.95 Rubis Colibri Cuticle Scissors High precision blades for perfectly trimmed cuticles.

1K450 €75.00 Rubis Manicure Set Rubis Presentation Tin with four implements (as shown).

1K710 €16.95 Rubis Click+Blink Eyelash Curler

1K101 €16.50 Rubis Classic Tweezers Red (Swiss Cross)

1K108 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Pink 1K109 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Navy Blue 1K104 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Black

1K110 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Peach

1K107 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Green

1K112 €15.95 Rubis Classic Tweezers Light Blue

Recommend & Retail the worlds best tweezers to your clients. Each Rubis tweezers is supplied in a plexiglass presentation box for retail. RRP for Rubis Classic Tweezers is €29.95.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 FBA075 €1.95 Pedicure Foot file (Large)

Professional Beauty Implements FBA023 €8.95 Tweezer (Slanted) Stainless

FBA082 €3.95 Nail Scissors Straight

FBA085 €21.99 Reversible Comedo Extractor

FBA086 €4.50 Comedo Extractor Double-Ended FBA093 €4.95 Credo Cutter (+10 Blades) FBA030 €2.50 Credo Cutter Blades (Pack 10) FBA087 €4.95 Cuticle Knife Stainless Steel

FBA079 €2.50 Eyelash Curler FBA024 €8.95 Tweezer (Straight) Stainless

FBA083 €3.95 Nail Scissors Curved FBA077 €2.50 Toenail Clippers Small

FBA091 €10.95 Epilation Tweezer H (Stainless)


FBA081 €4.50 Stork Scissors FBA078 €3.50 Toe Nail Clippers Large

FBA092 €10.95 Epilation Tweezer OC (Stainless)

FBA080 €4.99 Nurses Scissor Blunt – Stainless FBA031 €3.85 Professional Nail Clippers (Angled)

FBA084 €8.95 Automatic Tweezer

FBA027 €8.50 Nail Pliers 4" – Stainless

Implements should be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed well and dried before sterilizing them. When using chemical sterilization, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. FBA023B €9.95 Belini Tweezer Blue Diamond FBA023R €9.95 Belini Tweezer Red Diamond FBA023G €9.95 Belini Tweezer Green Diamond FBA023W €9.95 Belini Tweezer White Diamond

FBA028 €12.00 Premium Tip Cutter FBA025 €3.95 Cuticle Scissors Curved FBA076 €8.50 Cuticle Nipper - Stainless Steel

FBA026 €3.95 Cuticle Scissors Straight

FBA029 €3.75 Pedicure Rasp (Double Sided) Metal


For bulk deals on Implements, please contact our College Department on 091 771535




FBP052 €2.50 Fran Wilson Professional Sharpener (Double)

FBA661 €8.95 Dry Brushing Body Brush

FBA220 €1.95 500ml Bottle with Flip Cap

FBA175 €3.99 Foil Blanket

FBA178 €2.99 Disposable Eyeliner Brushes (Pack 25)

FBA497 €1.95 1000ml Massage Oil Bottle with Flip Cap

FBA228 €3.99 1000ml Bottle with Dispenser Pump

FBA498 €1.95 Beauty Hold-All Bag

FBA231 Funnel 4” FBA222 €4.25 Facial Brush

FBA192 €1.95 FBA193 €2.15 Plexiglass Plexiglass Spatula 11cm Spatula 15cm

FBA181 €2.99 Disposable Lip Liner Brushes (Pack 25)

FBA167 €3.85 Eyelash Tinting Brush


FBA233 €2.99 Kidney Bowl 10” FBA232 €2.25 Kidney Bowl 6”

FBA170 4” Bowl


FBA171 8” Bowl


FBA172 12” Bowl


SAR0061 €3.99 Measuring Beaker 30ml (pk 12) FBA180 €1.99 Disposable Applicator Sponges (Pack 25)

FBA404 €2.50 Exfoliating Gloves Buy 6 @ €1.99

SAR0067 €5.75 Measuring Beaker 60ml (pk 12)

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Professional Beauty Sponges

FBA048 €2.25 Mud & Mask Removing Sponge

FBA188 €1.35 PVA Cosmetic Sponge -Small (Pack 2)

FBA190 €1.85 PVA Cosmetic Sponge - Large (Pack 2) FBA177 €3.25 Disposable Mascara Wands (Pack 25)

FBA565 €25.00 Mask Removing Sponges Bulk (Pack 50) FBA013 €15.95 Disposable Sponges (Pack 100) A New sponge for every client, hygienic & economical.

FBA186 €1.95 Mask Removing Sponges (Pack 2)

FBA189 €8.95 Mask Removing Sponges (Pack 12)

FBA070 €4.50 Quality Mask Brush

Spa Bowls

FBA184 €8.50 Latex Wedges (Pack 50) FBA187 €3.50 PVA Lamellae Sponge (Pack 4)

FBA049 €1.95 PVA Face & Body Sponge

FBA182 €1.25 Latex Wedges (Pack 4)

FBA183 €1.75 Latex Wedges (Pack 8) FBA572 €65.00 Spa Bowl - Large Create the perfect spa setting with these beautiful hand made delph bowls. Diameter (Large) 36cm FBA573 €45.00 Spa Bowl - Medium Create the perfect spa setting with these beautiful hand made delph bowls.

FBA458 €1.99 Latex Make-Up Sponge 70mm

FBA185 €1.99 Cellulose Sponge (Pack 3)

FBA574 €25.00 Spa Bowl - Small Create the perfect spa setting with these beautiful hand made delph bowls.



SALON ESSENTIALS shop online at

FBA305 €9.95 Disposable MOP Cap (Pack 100) Elasticated non-woven cap, ideal for massage, facials and most other salon treatments.


Stationery Record Card Systems (8x5”)

FBA485 €6.85 Waxing Record Cards (Pack 100) FBA234 €6.85 Beauty Record Cards (Pack 100) FBA235 €6.85 Nail Record Cards (Pack 100)

Appointment Binders & Refills

Sturdy Black Ring Binders for holding loose appointment page inserts. Times on refill pages start at 8.00am, with appointments every 15 minutes up to 8.45. FBA344 €13.50 Appointment Ring Binder (4-6 Therapists)

FBA237 €6.85 Sunbed Record Cards (Pack 100) FBA236 €4.25 General Record Cards (Pack 100) Blank FBA238 €3.95 Index Cards A-Z FBA239 €8.50 Record Box FBA456 €7.99 Beauty Gift Vouchers (Pack 8)

Appointment Books & Binders

Appointment times on these new hard cover appointment books start at 8.00am, with appointments every 15 minutes up to 9.45pm. FBA340 €12.99 Beauty Appointment Book (3 Therapist) FBA341 €16.50 Beauty Appointment Book (6 Therapist) AB3 €10.99 Flair Appointment Book (3 Therapist/Stylists) FBA343 €15.99 Salon Accounts Book


FBA345 €19.95 Appointment Ring Binder (9 Therapists)

FBA400 €2.75 Headband (Velcro) White

FBA658 €80.00 Massage Mannequin (Head/Shoulder) Suitable for practice and demonstration of massage and make-up application.

FBA346 €19.95 Appointment Ring Binder (12 Therapists) FBA347 €7.50 Appointment Refill Pages (100) 4 Therapists FBA348 €7.99 Appointment Refill Pages (100) 6 Therapists FBA401 €3.65 Headband (Net Crown) White FBA349 €13.50 Appointment Refill Pages (100) 9 Therapists

FBA659 €15.00 Make-Up Mask for Massage Mannequin Ideal for practice of make-up application. FBA660 €15.00 Massage Mannequin Holder

FBA350 €13.95 Appointment Refill Pages (100) 12 Therapists

FBA411 €12.95 Manicure Practice Hand

FBA342 €6.85 Beauty Therapy Docket Books (Pack 12) FBA402 €3.65 Toweling Turban (White)

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Essential Nail Accessories FBA502 €29.95 Acrylic Nail Polish Stand Holds 30 Bottles

2011004 €7.50 Disposable Manicure Pads (Pack 24)

FBP056 €2.50 Nail Tees (Pack 120) FBA195 €6.95 Cotton Manicure Mitts (Pair)

FBA173 €1.25 Hoof Stick

FBA654 €2.95 Ergo Manicure Bowl - White

FBA194 €6.95 Cotton Pedicure Booties (Pair)

FBA811 €4.95 Flip Top Polish Dispenser FBA073 €5.99 Nail Buffer Chamois 12cm Concave FBA169 €3.80 Manicure Bowl (Non-Spill with lid)

FBA445 €5.75 Handi-Soak™ Trays (Pack 2)

2012002 €7.99 Finger Wrap Roll Prevents cuts & blisters

FBA174 €1.35 Cuticle Sticks (Pack 10) FBA248 €10.95 Cuticle Sticks (Pack 100)

FBA071 €1.35 Toe Separators (Pack 2) FBA223 €6.99 Toe Separators (Pack 12) FBA191 €1.99 Jumbo Nail Files (Pack 10)

FBA022 €5.99 Nail Buffer Chamois 15cm Convex

FBA653 €9.95 Manicure Arm Rest Includes Extra Cover

FBA072 €3.25 Pumice Stone & Nail Brush

FBA166 €2.85 Glass Dappen Dish 2012004 €3.75 Glass Dappen Dish with Lid FBA312 €3.25 Nail Wipes (Lint Free) Pack 200




FBA303 €1.99 Cotton Buds (Paper Stems) Pack 200

FBA302 €1.75 Cotton Buds (Plastic Stem) Pack 200 Buy 6 @ €1.25 each

• Best Quality Two Ply • Best Price • 125 Sheets Per Roll • Perfect Perforation • More Absorbent

FBA301 €3.85 Cotton Wool Roll (500g)

FBA310 €2.65 Deluxe Couch Roll 10” Buy 18 @ €2.25 FBA650 €3.49 Budget Couch Roll 20” Buy 12 @ €2.99

FBA500 FBA300 €4.49 Deluxe Couch Roll 20” Our deluxe couch rolls are 2 ply and contain 125 sheets per roll. Buy 9 @ €3.99 each

FBA500 €5.25 Cotton Make Up Disks (Pack 500) Premium Grade embossed disks, made from 100% cotton. FBA016 €10.95 Spa Treatment Polythene Roll For mud & seaweed treatments, perforated every 200cm. 25 Sheets per roll.

0902537 €5.50 Cotton Disk Dispenser


FBA020 €1.25 Cotton Make Up Disks (Pack 100) FBA625 €7.95 Cotton Squares - Large (Pack 250)

Buy 6 @ €9.95 each FBA056 €29.95 Finger Cots Medium (Pack 720) FBA241 €29.95 Disposable Slipper with Adhesive Base. (Pack 200) Specially for spray tan. FBA425 €6.99 Disposable Waxing Aprons (Pack 100)

FBA200 €4.99 Cotton Make Up Disks Unpressed (Pack 500) Buy 6 @ €3.99 each

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

FBA012 €16.95 Disposable Headbands (Pack 100)

FBA315 €5.99 Paraffin Poly Liners (Pack 100)

FBA014 €29.95 Disposable Slip Dany (White Panties) Pack 100

FBA015 €29.95 Disposable Tanga Lily (G-String) Pack 100

FBA269 €6.99 Boxers For Men (Pack 5)

FBA270 €20.00 Tanga For Men (Black) Pack 50

FBP313 €6.95 Disposable Face Mask (Pack 100) Ideal for false tan spray application & also for nail technicians.

FBA470 €19.95 Spa Shower Caps (Pack 100) Also ideal for false tan spray application.

FBP832 €1.25 Foam Slippers (assorted colours) Pair

FBA466 €20.00 Disposable Slippers (Closed Toe) Pack 100

FBA307 €6.99 Latex Gloves (Small) Pack 100 FBA308 €6.99 Latex Gloves (Medium) Pack 100 FBA309 €6.99 Latex Gloves (Large) Pack 100 FBA089 €6.99 Vinyl Gloves (Small) Pack 100

FBP025 €11.95 Gauze Masks (Pack 50)

FBA090 €6.99 Vinyl Gloves (Medium) Pack 100 FBA088 €6.99 Vinyl Gloves (Large) Pack 100 FBA685 €1.25 Disposable Plastic Gloves Pack 50

FBP058 €2.50 Eye Tees Applicators (Pack 80)

FBA311 €1.25 Facial Tissues (Pack 150)

FBP026 €18.50 Disposable Slippers (Open Toe) Pack 100

FBA304 €5.25 Gauze 90cm Roll




FBA476 €3.50 Intrinsics Nail Tech’s Choice (Pack 200) 2x2 Cotton-filled gauze. Its gauze surface is highly abrasive while the cotton filling provides exceptional absorbency. A quick and economical tool for efficient polish removal. Use for polish removal, exfoliating skin, astringents/toners. Buy 6 at 3.15 FBA477 €17.50 Intrinsics Toe Rope (Pack 200) 6” Cotton toe seperators. Intrinsics’ toe rope is made from soft 100% cotton, weaving comfortably through toes during pedicures. 6” ropes are sanitary, convenient, and biodegradable. Use during pedicures. Buy 6 at 15.00 FBA478 €3.75 Intrinsics 2x2 Nonwoven Nail Wipes (Pack 200) This medical-grade wipe provides a high degree of absorbency in a lint-free nonwoven design. Opens from 2x2 4-ply to a 4x4 single-ply. Use as a nail wipe or instrument cleaner, or for skin services FBA479 €2.75 Intrinsics 2x2 Dispenser Wipes (100 Cube) Intrinsics’ most popular 4-ply esthetic wipes conveniently packaged in self-dispensing cubes! Use wet or dry for facial or body services. Suggested uses include nail wipes, instrument cleaner, facial/body care, wiping surfaces and instruments. FBA484 €17.99 Intrinsics Disposable Bras (Pack50) S/M Soft and comfortable disposable bras provide coverage during skin care services. Sanitary and biodegradable solution to modest coverage needs. Soft shoulder loops allow for comfort and ease of movement. Perfect for use during waxing, massage, or other body services. Buy 6 @ 14.50 FBA494 €17.99 Intrinsics Disposable Bras (Pack50) L/XL Soft and comfortable disposable bras provide coverage during skin care services. Sanitary and biodegradable solution to modest coverage needs. Soft shoulder loops allow for comfort and ease of movement. Perfect for use during waxing, massage, or other body services. Buy 6 @ 14.50

FBA496 €25.00 Intrinsics Bulk Bikinis (Pack 100) Featuring breathable fabric and an extra-wide waistband, the bikinis are individually wrapped to ensure single use. Use during massage, waxing, body wraps and spray tan application. FBA499 €2.99 Intrinsics Large Cotton Rounds (Pack 50) These large 3-inch rounds are made from pure 100% cotton, and can be used wet or dry. Their larger size means fewer rounds per service are used. Use for body services. FBA525 €2.99 Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles (Pack 80) These 100% cotton 2-inch rounds feature a quilt-like surface that resists shredding. Use wet or dry. Use for makeup removal, skin cleansing, eye covers, more. FBA526 €10.99 Intrinsics 6” Cotton -Tipped Applicators (Pack 1000) The 6” wooden handles feature single-ended, medical-grade 100% cotton tips that are highly absorbent. The strong wooden handle won’t bend under pressure, and can be used for any type of service. Use for makeup, nails, skin care. FBA527 €4.95 Intrinsics 3” Cotton Swabs (Pack 500) The 3” double-tipped swabs are ideal for cosmetic purposes, featuring soft, flexible handles. Use for makeup, nails, skin care.

FBA531 €3.50 Intrinsics Colossal Cotton Balls (Pack 100) Triple Sized Made from pure 100% cotton, these natural cotton balls are triple sized, easy to grasp and extremely absorbent. In 100-count drawstring bags. Use for makeup or polish removal, cleansing, or general skin care. FBA532 €14.95 Intrinsics Colossal Cotton Balls (Pack 1500) BULK Made from pure 100% cotton, these natural cotton balls are triple sized, easy to grasp and extremely absorbent. Great value bulk pack (1500). Use for makeup or polish removal, cleansing, or general skin care. FBA533 €8.50 Intrinsics 4x4 Esthetic Wipes (Pack 200) Soft and absorbent, the 4x4 wipes are made using a nonwoven process. These 4-ply wipes open to single-ply 8x8 if needed, and are offered in pure 100% cotton fibers, or an absorbent blend of wicking fibers. Use for facial or body services, wiping surfaces or instruments.

Hygiene Barbicide A complete salon hygiene system that is economical to use. It’s anti rust formula is fully biodegradable and can be used as a fungicide, virucide, germicide and bacteride. Kills HIV-1 on surface areas and prevents cross-infection. BAR3 €12.49 Manicure Jar

FBA528 €10.85 Intrinsics 8” Glycolic Applicators (Pack 100) Intrinsics’ Glycolic Applicators are ideal for use during glycolic treatments. The double-ended extra-large heads make application easy, and the 8” stick’s center perforation allows for easy separation into two single-ended applicators. Use for glycolic acids or for applying wax or other solutions to skin. FBA529 €11.95 Intrinsics Earloop Face Mask (Pack 50) These white medical-grade masks feature a 3-ply construction that provides >/= 99% bacterial filtration efficiency. With soft, knit earloops, wide pleats, and an enclosed aluminum nosepiece, the mask ensures complete coverage of nose, mouth, and chin. Use during nail, facial, tanning or skin services.

 :mq+]j gjgn.&0YlÄ [`" =Y

BAR4 €32.95 Large Disinfecting Jar

BAR1 €7.49 Barbicide Fluid 16oz/473ml

* Offer Applies to 16oz Size Only.

BAR2 €22.95 Barbicide Fluid 64oz/1.89 ltr


TOWELS Luxury Turkish Beauty Towels 400gsm

All towels are triple dyed without the use of harsh chemicals.

FBA509 €1.25 Face Cloths: 30x30cm FBA510 €3.95 Hand Towel: 50x90cm FBA511 €8.50 Bath Towel: 70x130cm

Pure White

Chocolate Brown

Coffee Latte

FBA514 €3.95 Hand Towel: 50x90cm

FBA519 €8.50 Bath Towel: 70x130cm

FBA521 €8.50 Bath Towel: 70x130cm

FBA520 €12.95 Bath Sheet: 100x150cm

FBA482 €25.00 Black Waffle Bath Robe

FBA516 €12.95 Bath Sheet: 100x150cm

Pure White

FBA095 €38.95 Luxury White Bath Robe

Coffee Latte

FBA512 €12.95 Bath Sheet: 100x150cm

Perfect Cream

FBA513 €1.25 Face Cloths: 30x30cm

FBA517 €1.25 Face Cloths: 30x30cm

FBA384 €3.95 Hand Towel: 50x90cm

FBA518 €3.95 Hand Towel: 50x90cm

FBA378 €8.50 Bath Towel: 70x130cm

KlYf\Yj\jYf_]g^Lgo]dkafYdd[gdgmjkYnYadYZd] gfj]im]kl%Hd]Yk]Ykc^gj\]lYadk

Blankets 100% Cotton Cellular Blankets 183x230cm €28.50 FBA008-WE White FBA008-PK Baby Pink FBA008-PH Peach FBE008-SB Sky Blue FBE008-MG Mint Green

FBA390 €1.25 Face Cloths: 30x30cm


Lemon Lavender (Lilac) Mint Green Baby Pink Sky Blue


Chocolate Brown

Perfect Cream


shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

FBA372 €12.95 Bath Sheet: 100x150cm

Accessories FBA801 €8.95 Wooden Skep Towel Holder (L) FBA802 €7.95 Wooden Skep Towel Holder (S)

100% Acrylic Cellular Blankets 178x228cm €23.50 FBA019-WE White

FBA010 €16.99 White Sarong FBA011 €18.99 Navy Sarong

Couch Covers

Buy 3 or more @ €12.99 each

Couch Covers €15.99 (no breather hole) FBA480 Mocca Brown FBA002 White FBA003 Navy FBA004 Lilac FBA005 Pink FBA006 Forest Green FBA007 Sky Blue FBA566 Black Fits most couches from 24-30” wide Couch Covers €15.99 (with breather hole) FBA480 Mocca Brown FBA001 White

FBA394 FBA393 FBA392 FBA391 FBA567

Navy Pink Lilac Forest Green Black

:mq+ l ]Y gjEgj

Ä)*Y[&1` 1 =

*Towels not included

Make-Up Accessories FBA656 €12.00 Acetate Cream Spatula 6.5cm (Pack 24) FBA657 €8.50 Acetate Cream Spatula 7.5cm (Pack 50) FBA215 €14.95 Premier Beauty Bag Luxury beauty case finished in soft black leatherette material. Ideal for student kits.

FBA406 €5.95 Beauty Mirror Diameter 15cm with 3x magnification. Ideal for make-up application. FBA686 €6.95 Disposable Clear Aprons Pack 50 FBA176 €4.85 Make-Up Pallette (Indented) FBA435 €3.75 Make-Up Pallette (Flat)



Training Books FBA196 €21.99 NEW Beauty Basics: The Official Guide to NVQ Level 1, 2e Lorraine Nordmann Recommended by Habia, Beauty Basics remains the most comprehensive introduction available to therapists at the start of their beauty therapy careers. Carefully mapped to the national occupational standards for beauty therapy at level 1, this book has been designed to provide students with everything they need to succeed.

FBA297 €26.50 Salon Services: The Official Guide to the City & Guilds Certification in Salon Services Edited by John Armstrong with Anita Crosland, Martin Green and Lorraine Nordmann Combining stunning images with specialist content, this is the definitive introduction for all aspiring salon artists. From manicures to make-up, perming to colouring, everything is explained step-by-step using fantastic full-colour images. FBA677 €750.00 NEW The Anatomy and Physiology CD-ROM: For Beauty and Holistic Therapies at Levels 1-3 Tina Parsons with Primal Pictures Using unique state of the art 3D body software to cover the essential knowledge and understanding requirements for all three levels, this interactive resource really does bring anatomy and physiology to life.

FBA298 €48.50 NEW Professional Beauty Therapy: The Official Guide to Level 3, 2e Lorraine Nordmann Fully updated, this text is written to support those studying towards an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy. This is an excellent guide for the therapist wishing to achieve advanced technical skills in facial and body therapy treatments.

FBA209 €39.99 NEW Beauty Therapy: The Foundations: The Official Guide to Level 2, 4e Lorraine Nordmann This market-leading text has now been fully revised to bring it up to date with the revised NVQ level 2 syllabus. Endorsed by both Habia and City & Guilds, you can be confident that it will not only match your qualification perfectly but will also give you the tools you need to give your learning that professional edge.

FBA675 €325.00 Professional Beauty Therapy: The Official Guide to Level 3, Lecturer’s Resource Pack (with CD-ROM) Joan Scott and Andrea Harrison

FBA678 €34.99 NEW The Anatomy and Physiology Workbook: For Beauty and Holistic Therapies at Levels 1-3 Tina Parsons FBA197 €34.99 An Holistic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology Tina Parsons Anatomy and physiology is a core part of any beauty, holistic or sports therapy course and essential underpinning knowledge for all practicing therapists. With its easy-to-read style, this book offers an inspiring and accessible approach to the subject.

FBA674 €325.00 Beauty Therapy: The Foundations: The Official Guide to Level 2, Lecturer’s Resource Pack (with CD-ROM) Joan Scott and Andrea Harrison FBA676 €34.99 NEW Beautiful Selling: The Complete Guide to Sales Success in the Salon Ruth Langley National award winning salon director, Ruth Langley, provides tried and tested techniques as well as examples and practical tools, to give the reader everything they need to enhance sales performance in the salon. Available Autumn 2007.

FBA294 €45.99 Encyclopedia of Hair Removal: The Complete Reference to Methods, Techniques and Career Opportunities Gill Morris and Janice Brown This book details all the methods employed in salons to remove unwanted hair, from waxing to laser, with reference to the underpinning knowledge and other necessities of the new Habia standards for levels 2-4.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

Training Books

FBA361 €45.99 The Complete Guide to Make-Up Suzanne Le Quesne This captivating book is the definitive text for all aspiring make-up artists and embraces all aspects of make-up artistry.

FBA205 €46.99 The Complete Make-Up Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre, 2e Penny Delamar This guide is essential for anyone who wants to become a successful make-up artist and provides a wealth of information, activities and advice.

FBA298 €44.50 Spa: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy at Levels 2 & 3 Joan Scott and Andrea Harrison As the first and only spa guide mapped to the current occupational standards, Spa uses full-colour, step-by-step photographs to walk you through every topic.

FBA201 €34.99 Indian Head Massage: A Practical Guide, 2e Muriel Burnham-Airey & Adele O’Keefe This exciting new edition uses an easy workbook approach and provides a complete guide for students wishing to gain a professional qualification in Indian head massage.

FBA362 €43.99 The Complete Nail T echnician, 2e Marian Newman This new edition now features even more comprehensive nail technology content and is a ‘must-have’ reference manual for practising nail technicians, salon owners and instructors, and a great step-by-step guide for beginners.

FBA208 €37.99 The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy Helen Beckmann and Suzanne LeQuesne This text covers both the core subjects of holistic and complementary therapy and individual topics such as reiki, colour therapy, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and body massage in accordance with courses.

FBA203 €37.99 The Official Guide to Body Massage, 2e Adele O’Keefe In this comprehensive reference book every key skill, from effleurage to tapotement, is explained step-by-step using clear illustrations and special learning features.

FBA204 €43.99 NEW The Encyclopedia of Nails, 2e Jacqui Jefford and Anne Swain This bestseller covers all aspects of working as a nail technician and clearly explains the skills, procedures and practical know-how required to train and work in this exciting industry. FBA364 €43.50 Nail Artistry Jacqui Jefford The 1st book of its kind to offer a truly inspirational and educational guide to all aspects of nail artwork.




















Tanning Spray Tanning Cubicles FBE951 €238.50 Creative Tan Cubicle - 4 Panels The “Pull Up Spray Tan Cubicle” by Creative Tan offers a NEW option for salons and the mobile spray tanning market. It has no poles and erects and folds down in seconds and because of its patented design there are no dark or shaded areas which can make getting an even tan difficult. The “Pull Up Spray Tan Cubicle” also features a large built in floor is easy wipe clean and has a carry case with handles and a shoulder strap.

FBA548 €245.00 STC Pop-Up Spray Cubicle - Black (with extractor) FBA547 €245.00 STC Pop-Up Spray Cubicle - Bronze (with extractor) Erects and folds in seconds, contains no poles. Available in Black or Bronze. Weight 3.5kg. Dimensions: H210 x W120 x D120cm.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

KMFD9:GJ9LGJA=KL9FFAF? Sun Laboratories is a producer of top of the line spray tanning equipment, self-tanning and sun care related products located in California, USA. They offer a range of professional airbrush systems, suitable for the small or mobile salon, right through to large systems which can easily cope in the busiest environments. The sun can be damaging to your skin without the proper precautions, so why not opt for the safer option of sunless tanning with our spray tanning equipment, self-tanning foams and lotions. Airbrush Tanning Systems

l f ] d a K j g l g E

FBP255 €472.50 Sun System 10 Entry level mobile unit is perfect for the small salon or mobile therapist. Sun Laboratories SUNSYSTEM10 is our entry level mobile unit, the perfect system for the small salon or mobile operator. This kit contains everything you need to provide your clients with a luxurious all over body tan - without the sun. Key points for the Sun Professional Airbrush System 10 are: • Easy to use HVLP system • Suitable for mobile or salon use • Weight: 5.3kg • 3.5 metre air hose • Fully adjustable spray gun with reservoir capacity of 900ml • Electronic Air Flow control • Solution flow smoothly regulated from 0-80 g/min The kit contains: • Airbrush Compressor, Airbrush Gun and Air Hose • 2 x Sun Laboratories A2 posters • 100 customer preparation and aftercare guides • 1 litre of Airbrush Tanning Solution

FBP257 €937.50 Sun System 30 Sun Laboratories SUNSYSTEM30 mobile unit is the perfect system for the larger salon. Using exceptional quality equipment, this professional and silent unit is ideal for a busy salon. Key points for the Sun Professional Airbrush System 30 are: • Professional compressor for Airbrush Tanning • Suitable for salon use • Automatic stop/start • Silent unit • Regulation guage and safety valve • Oil level indicator • Water trap and drain to release condensation • Weight: 21kg • Dimensions: 22cm x 44cm x 47cm • Psi: 120 (8 Bar) • 2 metre Poly coil hose • Fully adjustable top filled Spray Gun The kit contains: • Airbrush Compressor, Airbrush Gun and Air Hose • 2 x Sun Laboratories A2 posters • 100 customer preparation and aftercare guides • 1 litre of Airbrush Tanning Solution



TANNING SUN Laboratories Airbrush Tanning Solution This superb solution gives you a luxurious all over tan with no risk of sunburn or exposure to harmful UV rays. The solution works on all skin types – all you have to do is decide on the level of tanning you require. Available in Ultra Dark and Dark Sunsation formulas.

Ultra Dark Airbrush Solution

A blend of natural ingredients formulated to create a rich looking tan. These ingredients moisturise, hydrate and protect the body without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes. FBP259 €54.00 Ultra Dark 1 Litre

Fake Bake FBP566 €75.00 Fake Bake Spray Tan Solution 944ml Fake Bake Instant Spray Tanning solution delivers fast acting results, gives rich brown color making application fool proof and delivers a beautiful, natural looking tan without turning your skin orange. Fake Bake has the highest quality ingredients combined with tanning agent(s) plus patent-pending technology promotes a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan than before by up to 50%. Sunless Airbrush Solution from Fake Bake contains 8% DHA with an added dark bronzer.

FBP260 €225.00 Ultra Dark 5 Litre

Dark Sunsation Airbrush Solution

Provides a darker colour than the Ultra Dark Solution. This fast-action drying solution will bring your customers back, session after session for the ultimate dark tan. Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes.

Amber Sun - Norvell

FBP262 €79.00 Dark Sunsation 1 Litre FBP263 €337.50 Dark Sunsation 5 Litre

FBP266 €30.00 Tan Intensifier Drops (34% DHA) 50ml These tan intensifying drops are for those who settle for only the deepest darkest tan available. Just add a couple of drops per 50ml of Sun Lab tanning solution and your tan will look deeper & darker and will last for days. FBP276 €15.50 Tan Remover Wipes (80)

FBE952 €345.00 STC Airbrush Spray Tan Unit Great value spray tan unit from STC, simply add your favoutite tanning solution from our great selection of tanning solutions.

FBP345 €210.00 Everfresh Solution 1 Gallon FBP346 €235.00 Everfresh Dark Solution 1 Gallon

FBP343 €65.00 Amber Sun Solution 1000ml FBP344 €69.95 Amber Sun Dark Solution 1000ml

Norvell sunless spray solution is the most natural looking, golden brown, spray tan available. It contains 3 blended bronzers and gives you the colour you want immediately. The streak free formula eliminates spotting and provides an even, effective mist application which lasts for days. The odour inhibitor eliminates unplesant odour usually associated with sunless products.

Norvell sunless spray solution is the most natural looking, golden brown, spray tan available. It contains 3 blended bronzers and gives you the colour you want immediately. The streak free formula eliminates spotting and provides an even, effective mist application which lasts for days. The odour inhibitor eliminates unplesant odour usually associated with sunless products.


Qgm¿j]Dggcaf_>gj7 JhoEkhGk_YaI[WhY^FheZkYj<_dZ[hed0


shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 White To Brown

California Tan

FBP325 â&#x201A;Ź59.95 Whitetobrown Airbrush Tanning Solution 1000ml Whitetobrown airbrush tanning solution has been developed by specialists to create a natural and easily applied even looking tan. Available in two strengths: 8.5% and 10% DHA (Dark).

FBP329 â&#x201A;Ź69.95 California Tan Premium Dark Solution 1000ml High performance solution with maximum DHA levels for dark results. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for medium to darker complexions and/or clients who want a darker, natural-looking tan. Available in 1000ml or 1 Gallon Sizes.

FBP326 â&#x201A;Ź59.95 Whitetobrown Dark Airbrush Tanning Solution 1000ml Whitetobrown airbrush tanning solution has been developed by specialists to create a natural and easily applied even looking tan. Available in two strengths: 8.5% and 10% DHA (Dark).

FBP330 â&#x201A;Ź169.00 California Tan Premium Dark Solution 1 Gallon High performance solution with maximum DHA levels for dark results. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for medium to darker complexions and/or clients who want a darker, natural-looking tan. Available in 1000ml or 1 Gallon Sizes.

FBP327 â&#x201A;Ź269.95 Whitetobrown Dark Airbrush Tanning Solution 5000ml Whitetobrown airbrush tanning solution has been developed by specialists to create a natural and easily applied even looking tan. Available in two strengths: 8.5% and 10% DHA (Dark).

FBP331 â&#x201A;Ź69.95 California Tan Premium Gold Solution 1000ml Classic solution with optimum DHA levels for golden-brown results. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for fairer complexions and/or clients who want more subtle, natural-looking tanning results. Available in 1000ml or 1 Gallon Sizes.

FBP328 â&#x201A;Ź269.95 Whitetobrown Airbrush Tanning Solution 5000ml Whitetobrown airbrush tanning solution has been developed by specialists to create a natural and easily applied even looking tan. Available in two strengths: 8.5% and 10% DHA (Dark).

FBP332 â&#x201A;Ź169.00 California Tan Premium Gold Solution 1 Gallon Classic solution with optimum DHA levels for golden-brown results. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for fairer complexions and/or clients who want more subtle, natural-looking tanning results. Available in 1000ml or 1 Gallon Sizes.

Creative Tan FBP333 â&#x201A;Ź59.00 Creative Tan Fake It Original Spray Solution 1000ml Designed for use with the HVLP spray Gun our Spray Tan Solution gives a salon perfect, golden tan every time. The Ultimate in flawless in spray solutions contains Hydrolysed Silk Protein Coral Seaweed, Vitamin E and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for a natural golden tan every time.


FBP334 â&#x201A;Ź59.00 Creative Tan Fake It Mega Dark Spray Solution 1000ml Designed for use with the HVLP spray Gun our Spray Tan Solution gives a salon perfect, golden tan every time. The Ultimate in flawless in spray solutions contains Hydrolysed Silk Protein Coral Seaweed, Vitamin E and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for a natural golden tan every time.



TANNING Hempz Tanning Solution FBP338 €189.00 Hempz Clear Bronzing Formula 1 Gallon Discover Hempz Sunless Tanning System Solution and achieve beautiful, more natural-looking color instantly in your sunless tanning booth or airbrush system. Our exclusive formula delivers an exceptionally smooth, even color instantly, without streaking. Sunless color can take 4 to 6 hours to develop and last 3 to 5 days.

FBP339 €525.00 Hempz Clear Bronzing Formula 5 Gallon Discover Hempz Sunless Tanning System Solution and achieve beautiful, more natural-looking color instantly in your sunless tanning booth or airbrush system. Our exclusive formula delivers an exceptionally smooth, even color instantly, without streaking. Sunless color can take 4 to 6 hours to develop and last 3 to 5 days.

FBP340 €189.00 Hempz Tinted Bronzing Formula 1 Gallon Discover Hempz Sunless Tanning System Solution and achieve beautiful, more natural-looking color instantly in your sunless tanning booth or airbrush system. Our exclusive formula delivers an exceptionally smooth, even color instantly, without streaking. Sunless color can take 4 to 6 hours to develop and last 3 to 5 days.

FBP341 €525.00 Hempz Tinted Bronzing Formula 5 Gallon Discover Hempz Sunless Tanning System Solution and achieve beautiful, more natural-looking color instantly in your sunless tanning booth or airbrush system. Our exclusive formula delivers an exceptionally smooth, even color instantly, without streaking. Sunless color can take 4 to 6 hours to develop and last 3 to 5 days.

Essential Sunless & Sunbed Accessories FBP342 €9.95 Sunless Record Cards - pack 50 Includes client consultation, advice and record details. Supplied in packs of 50

FBA015 €29.95 Disposable Tanga (Women) Pack 100

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FBA270 €20.00 Disposable Tanga (Men) Black Pack 50

FBA241 €29.95 Disposable Slippers (with adhesive base) Pack 200 These clever slippers stick to the soles of your client’s feet, leaving you free to apply tan solution evenly to the foot area.

FBA305 €9.95 MOP Caps (Pack 100)

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FBA623 €47.50 Wink-Ease (250 Box) Protects the eyes from UV light (they screen 99% of UVA and 99.9% of UVB radiation), and eliminate the possibility of disease. They don’t have a bridge, so there is no tan line across the nose. Available in bulk roll of 250 pairs.

SOLO890 €11.25 Sunbed Cleaner 4 Ltr

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040



























VENTURA™ BEAUTY EQUIPMENT FBE400 €799.00 Ventura™ BALI 3 Section Electric Couch List Price €999.00/Save €200.00 This luxury couch has three quiet motors for extra client comfort. Supplied complete with face hole and cushion. The arms can be easily removed to allow the couch to fold flat. Colour: White Dimensions: W65* x L182.5cm *Width including arms: 72.5cm

FBE200 €499.00 Ventura™ MANTRA 3 Section Hydraulic Couch List Price €699.00/Save €200.00 The Ventura™ Mantra Luxury couch is a deep upholstered three section chair/couch suitable for most salon treatments. Height adjustable (60-74cm) with removable arms. Includes face hole & cushion.

Colour: White only. Dimensions: W65* x L182.5 x H60-74cm *Width including arms: 72.5cm




&-%. <eh(&

FBE100 €175.00 Ventura™ KARMA Portable Couch List Price €249.00/ Save €74.00 New design for 2006/7, the Ventura™ Karma Couch has improved stability and comfort. The adjustable backrest is suitable for all body & facial treatments. Supplied in White material with an aluminium electroplate (silver) frame. The Karma couch includes a face hole & plug and a free carry case. Dimensions: W63 x L183 x H75cm Weight: 15kg

7L7?B 78B;

<EH ?CC;:?7J; :;B?L;HO

FBE116 €299.00 Ventura™ MAJI Massage Chair Designed to go anywhere and everywhere. Ideal for Indian Head Massage. Suitable for all ranges of height, weight and body size. Perfectly positions your client for every treatment with fast, easy locking adjustment giving 360° access to the neck, spine and shoulder girdle. Folds flat for portability, now supplied with breast cushion and nylon carry case. Colour: Black Upholstery/ Silver frame

FBE250 €699.00 Azure Spa Couch Dark Wood Spa Couch with fully adjustable back rest and under storage area. The sliding doors on the under storage area conceal products stored under the couch from clients view.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 FBE350 €399.00 Ventura™ AKIRA Spa Couch List Price €549.00/Save €150.00

Three piece Spa Couch with under storage space for storing products and accessories which need to be within easy reach during spa treatments. The adjustable legrest is an ideal alternative to using cushions and pillows as support. The spa couch is also height adjustable and is supplied with face hole and cushion. Colour: Base in wood, upholstery in white. Dimensions: W70 x L183 x H75cm

 > J ? M 7=;

I C 7 I 9 J?ED < KD

FBE740 €1295.00 Ventura™ VERONA Electric Couch List Price €1595.00/Save €300.00 High Quality 3 Motor Couch with Vibration Massage for the ultimate in client comfort. The adjustable legrest is an ideal alternative to using cushions and pillows as support. Supplied with paper towel holder, face hole & cushion and adjustable neck cradle. Dimensions: W70 x L198 x H50-88cm Colour: White or Creme other colours available by special order White

FBE750 €699.00 Ventura™ SHINTU Spa Couch List Price €849.00/Save €150.00 The Ventura™ Shintu Spa Couch is a luxury 3 section Spa Couch with under storage space for storing products and accessories which need to be within easy reach during spa treatments. The adjustable legrest is an ideal alternative to using cushions and pillows as support. The spa couch is also height adjustable and is supplied with face hole and cushion, removeable armrests and face cradle. Colour: Base in wood, upholstery in white. Dimensions: W70 x L220 x H63cm+ FBE219 125.00 Shintu Couch Steps Complete the look! - Double Step made in dark wood finish to compliment our Ventura Shintu Spa Couch.




Colour: White or Creme other colours available by special order

7L7?B 78B;

<EH ?CC;:?7J; :;B?L;HO




FBE231 €2500.00 Sir Henry SPA Couch - Ash Wood FBE232 €2585.00 Sir Henry SPA Couch - Ash Wood (Dark - Stained) FBE233 €185.00 Sir Henry Optional Extra: Head Part divided into 3 parts (as shown in image). Each exclusive ‘Sir Henry’ Spa Massage Couch is hand made from natural materials (wood) to order by Falkner Massagetische in Austria. The treatment table has an adjustable head part which can be adjusted in height along with the hand supports on each side. The couch has a quite height adjustable motor that is operated by foot pedal and can be exactly adjusted to the desired height between 63 cm and 93 cm. The adjustable head part in three parts and the flexible foot part allow many different treatment variations. This massage couch is CE approved and also conforms to EU regulations EN 60601 for medical equipment. The choice of 6cm Deep upholstry in 40 different colours are endless (please contact us for details), and the width of the couch can be custom made between 65-85cm at no extra charge. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as all Falkner couches are made to order.

Sir Henry is suitable for the following treatments: Massage of the reflex zones of the foot, Massages of the neck area, Classic Massage, Chranio-Sakral Therapy, Grindberg-Method, Reiki, Stone Therapy Massage, Chinesology, Acupuncture, Acupressure.

Dimensions: W65-85 x L200 x H63-93cm 40 Colours Available. 2 Year warrantry Culturally seen, wood is one of the oldest plants for processing on earth. Wood is popular because of its positive features, it not only has an unmistakable smell not only in the forest but also when processed. Wood naturally reflects warmth and relaxed mood and is therefore preferred in many sections of life. Even in medicine wood is said to have a positive influence on the immune system. Massage tables of wood reflect warmth and relaxed mood and thus, the client is able to relax. Massage tables of wood do not absorb any rays and are therefore best for the treatment as total relaxation is important during a massage.

 =VcY c > BVYZg^V 6jhi

Lady Mary Spa Couch is recommended for the following treatments: Massage of the neck area, Classical Massage, Grindberg-Method, Reiki, Dorn-Breuss-Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Stone Therapy Massage.

FBE215A €2695.00 Lady Mary SPA Couch - Ash Wood FBE215ST €2795.00 Lady Mary SPA Couch - Ash Wood (Dark - Stained) FBE215W €3095.00 Lady Mary SPA Couch - Solid Wengee Wood (No Wood Stains Used) The massage table LADY MARY offers highest comfort and is available in solid wengee dark wood or in more native rooms with lighter furniture manufactured of Solid Ash light wood. The massage table offers the best working space for the therapist in any height because of its extraordinary design but at the same time the ideal feeling when lying for the client because of its flexible head part and the layer formed ergonomically. The choice of 6cm Deep upholstry in 40 different colours are endless (please contact us for details) and and we can make the width of the couch between 70-80cm wide at no extra cost. Dimensions: W70-85 x L206 x H65-93cm 40 Colours Available. 2 Year warrantry To view the full range of colours available for these couches, please visit our website

Falkner Spa Couches are delivered direct from manufacturer to your salon. Please note delivery not included in price, please ask a staff member for details.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 8B; 7 B ? 7L7 EH

XP241 â&#x201A;Ź249.00 Enchante Beauty Couch Our budget salon couch with adjustable backrest and legrest.

< 7J; :? ?CC;?L;HO :;B

FBE150 â&#x201A;Ź299.00 Ventura CHI Portable Couch Our best selling deluxe portable couch. The Venturaâ&#x201E;˘ CHI portable couch is loaded with the following features: height adjustable (60-84cm), adjustable back, face hole and separate (adjustable) face cradle, extra wide (70cm), cable strung to support heavy clients, free carry case. Its is ideal for massage, reiki, acupuncture, body & facial treatments. Available in Black or White

:VY:aZ ;VXG Z8g Z


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Order Codes for CHI Portable Couch: FBE150W CHI Couch White Upholstery/ Wooden Frame FBE150B CHI Couch Black Upholstery/ Wooden Frame Dimensions: W70 x L183 x H60-84cm Weight: 19kg

Pedicure Chairs FBE195 â&#x201A;Ź469.00 Ventura OMEGA Pedicure Station List Price â&#x201A;Ź599.00/Save â&#x201A;Ź130.00 Fitted with fully adjustable hydraulic lift. This pedicure station is ideal for pedicure and reflexology treatments. Now supplied with free foot spa & therapist stool.

;dGdi:H: eV  ; id d a H

Colour: Available in White only.

FBE265 â&#x201A;Ź499.00 Ventura Electric Pedi Chair Split leg pedicure chair with single motor electric lift. Fully adjustable backrest, ledrest and headrest also make this chair ideal for facials and make-up application. White only, not suitable for massage.




Take Your Spa to the next level!

Heating mud or algae masques, melting paraffin, warming towels, stones and massage lotions can be accomplished simultaneously using interchangable treatment pans. The Amber Treatment Bar keeps your treatment room well-organizes, professional and lets you concentrate on the clients needs. Each Treatment Bar can be customized to match your treatment room. Each bay is thermostatically controlled allowing you to use higher and lower heat levels simultaneously. Choose from cherry, maple of white finishes (other colours available by special request).

Amber Treatment Bar FBE168 €1195.00 Treatment Bar Single Bay Includes: (2) One-Third Size Pans and (2) OneSixth Pans. Lids included. Each bay is equipped with a cabinate for easy storage of extra pans not being used. Dimensions: 35 1/2” H x 16 3/4”W x 28”D

FBE169 €2195.00 Treatment Bar Double Bay Includes: (1) Full-Size Pan, (2) One-Third Size Pans and (2) One-Sixth Pans. Lids Included. Each bay is equipped with a cabinate for easy storage of extra pans not being used. Dimensions: 35 1/2”H x 33”W x 28”D

FBE170 €3195.00 Treatment Bar Triple Bay Includes: (1) Ful-Size Pan, (2) Half-Size Pans, (2) One-Third Size Pans and (2) One-Sixth Size Pans. Lids included. Each bay is equipped with a cabinate for easy storage of extra pans not being used. Dimensions: 35 1/2”H x 48 3/4”W x 28”D

Amber Treatment Bar Accessories FBE184 €115.00 Bottle Warmers - Four-Jacketed Large capacity for several types of oils and lotions.





FBE171 €35.00 One-Sixth Pan (with supports) Best for facial paraffin, facial stones and warming brushes and utensils

FBE181 €95.00 Full treatment Pan Best used for Herbal Wraps, large volume paraffin and large quantity (24) hot towels warming. Lid included.

FBE183 €75.00 Bottle Warmers - TwoJacketed Perfect for large and small bottles of oil and lotion

FBE173 €75.00 Half Treatment Pan Best used for body FBE172 €49.00 stones, paraffin, One-Third Pan mud-paraffin Best used for paraffin (several and hot towels. flavors), pedicure and manicure Lid included. stone heating and low volume hot towels. Lid included. FBE182 €110.00 FBE174 €89.00 Two-Thirds Pan Perforated Full Pan Best for medium hot towels, stones, paraffin.

Best for steaming towels and linens.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Paraffin & Masque Bar FBE203 €650.00 Amber Multi-Paraffin Masque Bar Two paraffin masques, two mud masques and warm stones ready to go - all the time - that’s just one of the many functionalities this heating unit performs. Each paraffin compartment is activated with sleek, easy to use power buttons to maintain proper paraffin temperature while the middle bowl is adjustable to accomodate different products. Holds twelve Signature Blend or Essential Oil Bottles. A four compartment paraffin or mud paraffin heating unit complete with a thermostatically controlled mixing/warming bowl. Dimensions: 18”W x 19”D x 5.5”H.

Lotion & Bottle Warmers FBE208 €350.00 Amber Two Bay Bottle Warmer Large capacity bottle warmer holds 32 oz. (900ml) bottles - however, unique heating design can handle smaller or larger sized bottles just as well. Stainless top compliments sturdy white wood housing with individual adjustable thermostats. Dimensions: 13”W x 8”D x 8” H FBE209 €585.00 Amber Five Bay Bottle Warmer Designed for heavy-volume users, the five-bay bottle warmer can handle 32 oz. (900ml) sized bottles or larger. Sleek, esthetic design allows for maximum preparation of multiple massage products. Dimensions: 28”W x 9.25”D x 8” H.

Treatment Bowls & Bars FBE217 €399.00 Amber Treatment Bowl - Round Your clients see everything - The Mixing Bowl will add a sense of art to your profession and its functionality allows you to be prepared. Mix and heat body muds, algae masques, massage products or stones. A thermostatically controlled bowl heats product between room temperature and 140° F. Amber Essential Oils or Blends (not included) are easily placed in provided drop-ins. Treatment Bowl is 14.125”W x 5.5”H Temperature range: Room to 145° F (Essential Oils not included)

FBE218 €799.00 Amber Facial Masque Bar A highly functional warmer capable of heating several products at once. Three bays maintain paraffin masques at proper temperature. Four separate bays maintain constant temperature for warming facial muds, algaes or other masques. Adjustable heating bowl used for mixing or warming masques or stones. Includes six essential oil slots. A multi-functional warmer and mixing unit used to perform warm facial masques, facial stone massage or mix essential oils/blends with masques. Easy to use on/off buttons light-up when unit is active. Dimensions: 21”W x 21”D x 5.5”H

FBE164 €295.00 Amber Four Bay Lotion Warmer High-class design and quality construction add elegance to any manicure station. Four bays simultaneously warm a variety of products from lotions to masques. Stainless top provides easy to clean surface. Manicure cups easily slip into warming bay. Perfect for on the spot dipping or for the manicurist on the go. Dimensions: 16.25”L x 5”W x 3.75”H.

FBA580 €13.50 Manicure Cups - Pack 100 Replacement manicure cups for our 4 bay lotion warmer.

Hot Stone Heater FBE216 €799.00 Amber Stone Spa The Stone Spa is not just beautiful its our most functional stone heater because each bowl is heated separately allowing you to perform face and body stone massage at different temperatures. Also, it is not just a Stone Spa - each bowl can also be used to warm other products - muds, algaes even massage products! The larger compartment holds approximately 84 body stones and the smaller compartment approximately 34 facial or pedicure stones. Dimensions: 26.75”L x 16”W x 7”H




L]VaZHeVEZY^XjgZ8]V^gh6XXZhhdg^Zh EVbeZgndjgXa^ZcihVcY^cXgZVhZndjg hVadcgZkZcjZl^i]djgYZajmZgVc\Z d[L]VaZHeVEZY^XjgZ8]V^gh FBE399 â&#x201A;Ź1885.00 Whale Spa 3 Comfort 800W The Whale Spa Comfort is smaller in size and is ideal for space conscious salons. â&#x20AC;˘ Only manual seats are available. â&#x20AC;˘ 17 Litre foot spa with 4 Massage Jets â&#x20AC;˘ Acetone proof, heavy duty acrylic coated base â&#x20AC;˘ All metal components are stainless steel â&#x20AC;˘ Vibrating massaging seat backs â&#x20AC;˘ Adjustable foot and arm rests â&#x20AC;˘ Quiet operation â&#x20AC;˘ Includes UL Recognized Bathtub Pumps and Actuator Systems and UL Listed Massager Chair Pad. â&#x20AC;˘ Available in black leather as standard with white base (base also available in cream by special order). Other upholstery colours available by special order at no extra charge, please call for details.

 ;GWb:[: IfW

 M^ h[Ijeeb Yk  F[Z_ j^[l[h o _ m \eh j 9ec Z[b Ce

Dimensions: L140 x W78 x H132 cm Requires hot & cold water connection, drain and electrical socket.

Choose your colour When ordering Whale Spa products, please add your Colour Code to the end of Product Reference Code: Example FBE399-BN = Whale Spa Comfort Brown.

Creme - C

Black - BK

Blue - BE NEW

Brown - BN NEW

Burgundy - BY

Red -RD

Mocca - MK NEW

FBP280 â&#x201A;Ź59.95 Intrinsics Spa Solution (Gallon) Effectively removes organic material from pedicure spa tubs and pipes. Safe for use with rubber, plastic, stainless steel instruments, and other equipment. FBP285 â&#x201A;Ź22.00 Intrinsics Spa Solution Kit (32 x 1oz Foils)

BO D >?=> M E N DE


 :migVAdl g d ; a Hidd h EZY^XjgZ

FBE396 â&#x201A;Ź99.00 Whale Spa Pedicure Stool (with backrest) Height adjustable gas lift pedicure stool with back rest. Supplied in white with whale spa logo and chrome base. Due to extra low pole, this stool is suitable for pedicures only.

FBE395 â&#x201A;Ź95.00 Whale Spa Stool with Manicure Tray Ideal for manicures, the stool is height adjustable. Available with white cushion and manicure tray in black.

FBE397 â&#x201A;Ź85.00 Whale Spa Manicure Stool (no backrest) Height adjustable gas lift manicure/ pedicure stool. Supplied in white with whale spa logo and chrome base.

FBE394 â&#x201A;Ź95.00 Whale Spa Accessory Cart Perfect for Manicures or Pedicures, this useful trolley compliments all whale spa pedicure treatments.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Epilation

CC2308 â&#x201A;Ź585.00 Carlton Epilation with CC11/C The Carlton epilation unit operates at a higher frequency than basic units enabling the operator to perform successful epilation with much less discomfort to the client. Package includes needles (box 50), switched needle holder (CC11/C), Dumont H Tweezers and client record cards. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm


CC2308/X â&#x201A;Ź615.00 Carlton Epilation with CC10/C+CC13 Details as CC2308 except supplied with CC10/C plain needleholder and CC13 footswitch.. CC2337 â&#x201A;Ź1085.00 Carlton Ultrablend with CC11/C Combines two effective methods of hair removal: D.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Galvanism R.F. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Diathermy When these two methods are used simultaneously they are complimentary giving a short application time with an extremely effective result.


CC2337/X â&#x201A;Ź1135.00 Carlton Ultrablend with CC10/C+CC13 Details as CC2337 except supplied with CC10/C plain needleholder and CC13 footswitch

GZbZbWZg/ '&:_iYekdje\\ oekhĂ&#x201C;hijEhZ[h Dermabrasion CC3010 â&#x201A;Ź4150.00 Baby Peel Professional The newest addition to the Carlton Professional range, this baby version of the Peel Professional uses aluminium oxide crystals in disposable sealed crystal cartridges combined with vacuum created low pressure, in order to improve the skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s regenerative capabilities and better still control specific skin conditions. As the crystal cartridge is sealed there is no risk of contamination from the new crystals to the used crystals. Ideal for mobile use. Accessories Include: 2 x Sealed Crystal Containers (900g), 1 x Set of treatment heads (10), 1 x Set of basic treatment products (3). Dimensions: 297 x 290 x 250mm. Weight 7.5kg CC3010

CC3000 CC3000 â&#x201A;Ź6250.00 Peel Professional Microdermabrasion The Carlton Peel Professional works using a â&#x20AC;&#x153;closed systemâ&#x20AC;?. This means that crystals flow only when the handpiece is applied to the skin. This ensures absolute safety when using the machine, especially when treating areas close to the eyes. Carlton Peel Professional Microdermabrasion works using a controlled flow of ultra clean aluminium oxide crystals set in motion by vacuum created low pressure. The crystals are applied to the skin with a special handpiece which allows the controlled and gentle removal of the dead cells from the Stratum Corneum of the Epidermis. The same handpiece removes the used crystals and skin particles in a single process and deposits them in a separate container. Being absolutely inert there is no risk of crystal related side effects. The flow of crystals and the depth of peeling is perfectly controllable. Accessories Include: 2kg Crystals, 1 Crystal Brush, 5 Packs Hydro Beads, 2 Packs Treatment Heads (20), 1 set of basic treatment products. Dimensions: 330 x 420 x 230mm.




Active against a wide range of organisms, bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses… Including: MRSA, TB, HEPATITUS B, HIV-1, E-COLI, LEGIONELLA AND LISTERIA

SS20 €99.00 Sterilsafe Starter Kit Includes: 1 x Sterilsafe Tray, 1 x Cold Sterilising Solution 1 Litre, 2 x Sterilsafe Spray 500ml, 1 x Sterilsafe Hand Mousse 600ml, 1 x Sterilsafe Hand Mousse Refill 1 Litre. SS14 €5.95 Sterilsafe Spray 500ml When applied to both wet and dry surfaces, this spray forms a nano-scopic mono layer, killing viruses, bacteria cells, spores, fungi and algae on contact. Beyond this initial application, SterilsafeTM with Byotrol, then inhibits biofilm formation through a mechanism that interferes with, or disrupts microbial attachment. This physical effect has a bearing on all types of microorganisms substantially disrupting their ability to adhere or reproduce.

SS16 €17.50 Sterilsafe Hand Mousse Refillable Pump Bottle 600ml A simple, easy to use, pump action mousse to protect you and your clients. Unperfumed - alcohol free. An indispensable hand cleanser and protector against micro organisms. Totally cleanses the hands and forms a nano-scopic film for long lasting protection. Kind and gentle to the skin, leaving them feeling soft and moisturised. Gives rapid, long lasting protection against all micro organisms.

SS10 €31.50 Sterilsafe Cold Sterilising Solution 1000ml (Concentrate 19:1 - 40 Weeks Supply) This new microbial control technology is the combined effect of known biocides and protective force to kill micro-organisms that provides lasting inhibition to bacteria formation. This formula containing biocides and polymer sterilises in ten minutes. The 1 Litre bottle (with measure) of concentrate gives 40 weeks supply. Active solution is 100% effective for fourteen days. Suitable for all your non-wooden salon implements. Non Aldehyde, Non Hazardous, Non Odorous, Non Staining, Non Corrosive, Easy to use. SS18 €16.50 Sterilsafe Hand Mousse Refill 1000ml

SS12 €31.50 Sterilsafe Steriliser Tray

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Electrolysis Equipment FBE023 €585.00 Epil 8 Diathermy Electrolysis

Galvanic Equipment

FBE122 €1150.00 Epil 200 Diathermy & Blend combined The most up to date Digital solid state technology, the Epil200 Blend is in fact 3 machines combined in one (Diathermy, Galvanic, Blend):

FBE138 €649.00 G1 Facial Galvanic FBE139 €965.00 G4 Body Galvanic

FBE140 €1149.00 G4+1 Body & Facial Galvanic Combined

Faradic Equipment

FBE141 €595.00 Facial F1


FBE143 €995.00 Slim Line (16 pad economy model) FBE144 €1295.00 F 16 16 x Pad full Clinic model FBE148 €1450.00 F.20 20 x Pad full Clinic Model. (Inc Randomisation memory mode) Incorporates all the features of the F16 with increased facility of 10 outlets x 20 pads. Includes: 20 x Body pads, 10 x Leads, 10 x Elasticated body straps, 1 x Facial treatment activator Dimensions: 467mm W x 105mm H x 233mm D Weight: 5.5kg


FBE123 €1099.00 Dermatone ® Combined Hi-frequency & Galvanic facial System

FBE124 €550.00 High frequency HF100

FBE153 €3800.00 Dermalift Microface FBE154 €5299.00 Dermalift Microface and Body

Heat Blankets FBE1910 €95.00 Insulating Blanket + Pillow Professional insulating blanket and pillow for beauty and spa treatments. Use with any of our professional heat blankets for extra client comfort and to avoid heat dispersion. Dimensions: Blanket: 120x200cm, Pillow: 40x30cm.



FBE505 €275.00 Large Heat Blanket 1 Zone with Timer Extra wide and long single zone heat blanket (180x95cm) with 3 temperature switch and automatic timer. Dimensions: 180x95cm.


FBE506 €225.00 Small Heat Blanket 1 Zone with Timer Standard width (50cm) single zone heat blanket with 3 temperature switch and automatic timer. Dimensions: 150x50cm. FBE1576 €695.00 Large Heat Blanket 3 Zone with Auto Timer Designed to wrap the entire body (except head) during body treatments. This 3 zone heat blanket is divided into 3 separate sections (torso, pelvis and legs). Each section is controlled separately with a 3 temperature switch. Fitted with flexible antifolding staves for extra client safety and an Auto-Timer (60 minutes). Dimensions: 160x170cm. All the above blankets are made of a specially treated PVC material with an antibacterial component. This protection agent is able to stop the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms, fungus, moulds and mites. It eliminates the causes of allergys and unplesant odours


FBA213 €38.50 Electric Heated Couch Underblanket This waterproof heat blanket provides a gentle heat which is ideal for massage treatments. Fitted with dual heat control.




Account Books 70 Acetone 51,63 Acrylic’s 50,53 After Wax Treatments 9,10,12,16 Aloe Vera Gel 17,25 Ampoule Therapy 33 Antibacterial Hand Gel (no-rinse) 17 Antiseptic Hand Cleanser 17 Apron 6 Arnica Gel 25 Aromatherapy Oils and Accessories 22,23,24 Aromawax Roller Wax 13 Amber Spa Manicure 61 Amber Spa Pedicure 60 Amber Paraffin Waxing 5 Amber Aromatherapy 23 Amber Bodycare 36 Amber Retail 37 Amber Spa Equipment 88,89


Barbicide Beauty Strokes Blankets Blankets (Heated) Bleaching Cream Body Contour Wrap Body Scrubs Books Booties Bottles (Empty) Bowls Brazilian Wax Brush Cleaner Buffers/Files Bulbs for lamps

74 46 75 103 10 35 30,36,37 76,77 15 68 68,69 8,10,12 46 52 95


Caflon Ear Piercing 42 Calamine Powder 28 Cases 46 CD’s (Relaxing Spa Music) 18,19 California Tan 81 Carlton 99-102 Collagen 25 Cotton Buds 72,73,74 Cotton Disks 72,74 Cotton Wool 72 Couch Covers 75 Couch Roll 72 Couches 83-87 Credo Cutters & Blades 67 Combinal Eyelash tint 38 Cuticle Knife 67 Cuticle Massage Cream 59,61 Cuticle Oil 48 Cuticle Removers 49 Cuticle Scissors/Nippers 67 Cuticle Sticks (Orangewood) 71 Clean + Easy Waxing 10,11


Disposable Gloves 73 Disposable Headbands 73 Disposable MOP Caps 70 Disposable Panties 73,74 Disposable Slippers 73 Disposable Sponges 69 Disposable Waxing Aprons 6 Disposable Bras 74


Ear Candles (Hopi) Ear Piercing/Earrings Echinacea Gel Edge Nails Electrolysis Emery Boards Equipment Equipment Cleaner Essential Oils Exfoliants (Body) Exfoliants (Face) Eye Make Up Remover Eyelash Curler Eyelash Perming Eyelash Tint Eyelashes Extensions


Fabric Waxing Strips Fake Bake Face Flannels Face Mask (Disposable) Face Masks Files/Buffers Fine Oatmeal Finger Cots Foil Thermal Blanket Foot Spa Footfile French Manicure Fullers Earth Funnels

22 42 26 51-55 17 52,71 83-103 9 23,24 36 28,33 28 66,67 41 38,39 40,41 6 80 75 73,74 29,37 52 28 72 68 62 67 48,49 28 68


Galvanic Gels 29 Get The Bump Outta Here 4 Gauze 6 Gel Wax 12,13 Gift Vouchers 70 Gigi Waxing 10 Gloves (Disposable) 73 Gloves (Exfoliating) 68 Glue (Nails) 50,54 Glycerine 28 Grapeseed Oil 23,24 Guide Liners (French Manicure)48


Hair Growth Inhibitor 4,10 Hand & Body Lotions 31,34,37 Hand Mitts 15 Hand Towels 75 Hand Treatments 58,60 Headbands 70 Heated Mitts & Booties 15 Heater Collars (Waxing) 9,10 Hive Of Beauty Waxing 8-9 Hoof Stick 71 Hopi Ear Candles 22 Hot Stone Therapy 20,21 Hot Towel Cabby 98 Hot Wax 8,12 Hygiene Products 74,90,102 Hydrotherapy 36


Implements Intrinsics Disposables Individual Lashes INM Nail Treatments Instant Brows


Just Wax

66,67 74 41 50 43 12


Kaolin Powder Kidney Dishes


Lamps Latex Gloves Latex Wedges Lavender Roller Wax Lip Balm

28 68 95 73 69 13 43


Magnesium Carbonate 28 Magnifers 95 Make Up 42,44,45 Make Up Disks 72,74 Make Up Palette 75 Manicure Bowls 71 Manicure Kits 35,58,59 Manicure Products 58,59,60,63 Manicure Stations 94 Manicure Sticks 71 Mask Brushes 69 Mask Sponges 69 Masks (Facial) 29 Massage Cushion/Pillow 71 Massage Lotion 36 Marvel Lashes 40 Massage Oils 24 Massage Cream 36 Medi Swabs 42 Mitts (Heated) 15 Make-Up Brushes 46 Music 18,19


No Scream Cream Nail Art Nail Files Nail Polish Nail Polish Removers Nail Products Nail Scissors Nail Stations Nail Tips NYX Make-Up Nail Treatments Nail Wipes Natures Way Needle Holder/Needles Non-Surgical Facelift Gel


Oils (Aromatherapy) Orange Flower Water Orly


4 55,56 52 47,51 51,63 47-56 67 94 50,54 45 48,49 74 23,33 17 34 22-24 28 47,48

Paper Rolls 72 Paraffin Facial 5 Paraffin Body 5 Paper Wax Strips 6 Paraffin Wax & Accessories 5,6 Putumayo Music CDs 18 Pedicure Equipment 87,90,91 Pedicure Products 57,59,60,62 Pedicure Rasp 67 Peroxide for Lash Tint 38-39 Petroleum Jelly 39 Polythene Sheets 72 Portable Couches 84.87 Powders (Masking) 28 Pre Wax Lotion 9,10,12 Pumice Stone 71 Purified Water 28


Reception Furniture Record Cards & Boxes Refectocil REM Salon Equipment Retin-X Retinol Roller Waxing Rose Water Rubis

96,97 70 39 96,97 32 31 8,11,13 28 66


Sarongs 75 Scissors 67 Sharps Box 17 Simply Beautiful Cosmetics (SBC) 25,26,42 Slippers (Disposable) 73 Solutions 27-30,62,63 Spa Software (Shortcuts) 91 Satin Smooth Waxing 14-16 Spatulas 6 Sponges 69 Star Nails 50 Stationery 70 Steamer (Facial) 98 Steps for couch 85 Sterex 17 Stools 93 Strictly Professional 34,35 Sunbed Cleaner 82 Surgical Spirit 30 Supersalve Balm 22 Soy Candles 22 Swedish Massage Oil 23 Soap 37


Talcum Powder Tanning Thai Manicure Tea Tree Wax TH Stone Thai Pedicure Thermal Mask Tissues Toe Nail Clippers Toe Seperators Towels Trolleys Turbans Tweezers


Uniforms/Salon Wear UV Gel UV Lamps UV Sterilizer


Vinyl Gloves Vitamin E & A Cream


Wax 4 Men Whale Spa Wax (Roller) Wax Heaters Waxing Kits Witch Hazel


Young Lips Young Eyes

9 78-82 58 8,10-13 20,21 57 29 73 67 71 75 92 70 66,67 64,65 53 95 98 73 28 8 90,91 8,11,13 7,12,13,14 9,11,12,14 17,28 43 43

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040

 : : G ; Wb[IfWb

FBE398 €2895.00* Whale Spa 1 Deluxe 900W • 27 Litre Foot Spa Capacity with 4 Massage Jets • Power seats that recline and slide forward and back • Armrests that swing open and closed, allowing easy access • Removable trays that enable the spa to double as a manicure workstation • Acetone proof, heavy duty acrylic coated base • Available with Roller Massage or Vibrating massaging seat backs • Adjustable foot and arm rests • Quiet operation • Includes UL Recognized Bathtub Pumps and Actuator Systems and UL Listed Massager Chair Pad

M^ kh[Ijee

h j Y F[Z_ iieh o9W  7YY[ j^[l[h o m _  Ce Z [ b n : [b k

Dimensions: L159xW103xH93 Requires hot & cold water connection, drain and electrical socket. Available in Black leather with white base as standard (crème base available by special order). Other upholstery colours (as shown) available by special order at no extra charge, please call for details. *Order codes for Whale Spa 1 FBE398V with vibration massage €2895.00 FBE398R with roller massage €3150.00 Option: FBE215 Power Drain €300.00

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FBE165 €115.00 Ventura™ TRIO 3 Tier Trolley Solid chrome trolley with 3 white shelves. Suitable for all salon treatments. Dimensions: H77 x W52 x D35cm

FBA087 €65.00 Bamboo Towel Ladder Create the perfect spa look in your salon with this bamboo ladder. Looks great in any reception area or treatment room for holding towels of all sizes. Dimensions: H230 x W48cm.

FBE213 €495.00 Diva Spa Stone Therapy Trolley This wooden trolley was developed specially for spas offering stone therapy. The worktop can be cut out to house a TH Stone Heater (by special order, please allow 4-6 weeks), or the heatercan be mounted on top of the trolley. There is also plenty of room to position a hot towel cabbie, towels and oils under the shelf. Dimensions: H90 (133 with back) x W65 x D54cm. FBE160 €145.00 Hive 3 Tier Trolley 3 tier trolley of tubular steel construction. Suitable for all salon treatments. Includes magnifying lamp holder. Dimensions: H80 x W63 x D50cm.

FBE345 €145.00 Ventura™ INCA 3 Tier Trolley

3 Tier Trolley in white with storage drawers. Suitable to waxing, electrolysis and most salon treatments. Assembly required. Dimensions: H87 x W50 x D43cm 01721 €165.00 REM Waxing Trolley

FBE330 €99.00 Ventura™ Economy 3 Tier Trolley Economically priced 3 tier trolley suitable for all salon treatments. Assembly required. White only. Dimensions: H82 x W60 x D43cm FBE256 €125.00 Beauty Trolley - 3 Tier Stylish & sturdy steel frame with 3 wooden shelves (white gloss finish). Supplied with double socket mounted on side of trolley. Support holes on both sides to hold magnifying lamp.

FBE917 €249.00 Shintu Spa Trolley This 3 Tier Spa trolley is of timber construction (dark wood finish) and is supplied with a fitted drawer. Dimensions: H75 x W53.5 x D41cm.

Made from steel construction and supplied with moulded top tray to support heater, strips, spatulas etc. Also includes bin. Assembly required. Dimensions: H86 x W41 x D38cm

Note: All dimensions are meant as a guide only. We cannot be held resposible for incorrect dimensions supplied by manufacturers. Some items supplied may require assembly, wherever possible we have given this information.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 Stools

I 7:AH A:G H:

FBE357 â&#x201A;Ź110.00 Venturaâ&#x201E;˘ RIVERA Stool Our best selling stool is finished with polished chrome base, gas lift height adjustment (50-65cm). Suitable for beauty treatment rooms and nail salons. Now available in White, Black and Red. FBE357B - Black FBE357W - White FBE357R - Red

FBE397 â&#x201A;Ź85.00 Whale Spa Manicure Stool (no backrest) Height adjustable gas lift manicure/ pedicure stool. Supplied in white with whale spa logo & chrome base. XP208 â&#x201A;Ź145.00 Venturaâ&#x201E;˘ SADDLE Stool Designed to keep your back straight and reduce back strain. The Ventura Saddle stool is height adjustable and is available in black only with a polished chrome base.

FBE305 â&#x201A;Ź99.00 Venturaâ&#x201E;˘ AVANTI Stool Polished chrome base with seat in white. Gas lift height adjustment (48-63cm).

FBE106 â&#x201A;Ź149.00 Pedicure Stool with Footrest Ideal for salons or mobile therapists. This pedicure chair and footrest is height adjustable to suit any pedicure treatment.

Chairs XP201 â&#x201A;Ź299.00 Akita Salon Chair High quality salon chair with lockable foot pump, steel arms and deep cushion for client comfort.


 < E< '&?FC;DJ

GK gh 7bb; dgYZ   i h & 

FBE142 â&#x201A;Ź65.00 Easi-Sit Folding Stool Ideal for mobile therapists, the easi-sit stool simply folds away when not in use. Available in white only.


jci Y^hXd

Make-Up Chairs 04323 â&#x201A;Ź625.00 REM Beauty Chair - White 04322 â&#x201A;Ź626.00 REM Beauty Chair - Black Fully hydraulic beauty chair with adjustable backrest and headrest. Ideal for facials or make-up application.

FBE396 â&#x201A;Ź99.00 Whale Spa Pedicure Stool (with backrest)

Height adjustable gas lift pedicure stool with back rest. This stool is designed for pedicures only due to its extra low spindle.

FBE101 â&#x201A;Ź69.00 Therapists Stool Height adjustable therapists stool available in black (FBE101B) or White (FBE101W) upholstery.

 :migVAdl g d ; a d id H h EZY^XjgZ

Available in black or white as standard with whale spa logo and chrome base. Other colours available by special order.

Dimensions: W58 x H51-69cm.



SALON & SPA EQUIPMENT Nail Stations FBE204 €365.00 PRIMA Single Nail Station (Cherrywood) FBE205 €365.00 PRIMA Single Nail Station (White) FBE204WG €365.00 PRIMA Single Nail Station (Wenge) Luxury Italian Designed 4 Drawer Manicure Station available in Cherrywood/Aluminium finish or White/Aluminium finish. Each station comes with 4 drawers, lockable wheels for better stability and also includes a free manicure lamp, arm rest and nail polish stand. Dimensions: L98 x H74 x W48cm

FBE186W €899.00 TUSCANY Nail Station (Single) Wenge FBE186C €899.00 TUSCANY Nail Station (Single) Cherrywood Our deluxe glass/wood nail station features safety glass. Each station comes with three drawers and is supplied with a free manicure lamp and armrest. Dimensions: L110 x H72 x W55cm

FBE189 €1099.00 VENICE Nail Station (Double) With air filter Fitted with glass top, base in metal (as shown). Fitted with 6 storage drawers, air filter system and supplied with free manicure lamp and armrest. Dimensions: L122 x H72 x W53cm

FBE206 €499.00 ROMA Double Nail Station (White) FBE207 €499.00 ROMA Double Nail Station (Cherrywood) FBE206WG €599.00 ROMA Double Nail Station (Wengee) with air filter Luxury Italian Designed 4 Drawer Manicure Station with storage press available in Cherrywood/Aluminium finish or White/Aluminium finish. Each station comes with 4 drawers, press, lockable wheels for better stability and also includes a free manicure lamp, arm rest and nail polish stand. Dimensions: L122 x H74 x W47cm

FBE188 €699.00 NAPLES Nail Station (Single) Fitted with glass top, base in metal (as shown). Fitted with 3 storage drawers and supplied with free manicure lamp and armrest. Dimensions: L110 x H72 x W55cm

01200 €579.00 REM CRESCENT Nail Bar - Low (Single) Low Rise Single Position Nail Bar from REM. Dimensions: W135 x H76cm

FBE187W €1635.00 FLORENCE Nail Station (Double) Wenge with Air Filter FBE187C €1635.00 FLORENCE Nail Station (Double) Cherrywood with Air Filter This deluxe nail station features safety glass. Each station comes with 6 storage drawers, air filter system and is supplied with a free manicure lamp and armrest. Dimensions: L122 x H72 x W53cm

01202 €635.00 REM CRESCENT Nail Bar - High (Single) High Rise Single Position Nail Bar from REM. Dimensions: W135 x H100cm

01203 €1110.00 REM CRESCENT Nail Bar - High (Double) High Rise Double Position Nail Bar from REM. Dimensions: W243 x H100cm

01201 €1015.00 REM CRESCENT Nail Bar - Low (Double) Low Rise Double Position Nail Bar from REM. Dimensions: W243 x H76cm

01044 €1195.00 REM Iceberg Nail Station The Iceberg Nail Station is available in a large range of colours (see laminate wood shades on our reception equipment page). It has two lockable presses with plenty of storage and is fitted with a safety glass worktop. Supplied in white as standard at no extra cost. Other options, see below. Dimensions: L116 x H80 x W44cm Iceberg Options: 01042 Salon Logo on Iceberg Station €260.00 01314 Air Filter/Extractor on Iceberg Station €280.00 Alternative colour on Iceberg Station other that standard white: €58.00

Nail Station Options: Fitted Vented Air Filter/Extractor to any of the above extra €140.00 (unless stated) Filters must be fitted to station at time of your order. Stools are not includes with price.

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 UV Nail Lamps

Manicure Lamps

Magnifying Lamps

FBE178 €38.50 Chrome Manicure Salon Lamp (No Bulb supplied) FBE180 €195.00 Deluxe UV Nail Box Choose Your Colour: FBE180W Ice White FBE180S Satin Silver FBE180P Perfectly Pink The Daylight new UV Nail Lamp Box has masses of innovative features, an ultra modern design and is available in three amazing colours. It comes with a compact and removable foot base for pedicures, a built-in fan and a cleanable sliding hand tray. It has a digital ‘count-down’ timer that can be set between 5 seconds and 10 minutes so it cures any gel system. It even warns you when the 4 x 9w UV tubes need replacing!

FBE175 €75.00 Fluorescent Mag Lamp List Price €85.00 Offer Price €75.00


FBE111 €115.00 Slimline Fluorescent Mag Lamp (White) FBE221 €55.00 Portable Professional Lamp (Silver) FBE223 €55.00 Portable Professional Lamp (Black) FBE224 €55.00 Portable Professional Lamp (White)

FBE156 €120.00 Professional UV Nail Lamp (36W) This clean white quality design nail lamp has 4 x 9w UV tubes and includes two automatic timers (90 and 150 seconds) making it compatible with most standard gel systems. The flexible design means it can be used for hands and feet.

FBE118 €125.00 Slimline Fluorescent Magnifier (Chrome)


FBE223 FBE108 €150.00 Ultra Slim Magnifier (17.5cm Large Lens) 28W In clean white finish this fully adjustable slimline designer lamp combines the largest 17.5cm precision glass lens with the strongest Daylight (28w) so you can see more of your work in more precise and clear detail, and work for longer in comfort.

FBE110 €79.00 Single UV Nail Lamp (6W)

Infra Red Heat Lamps

FBE227 €12.95 Carrybag For Portable Lamp

Bulbs and Accessories Always choose Daylight bulbs and tubes because Daylight enables you to see skin details better, colour differences more clearly, and reduces eye strain. FBE117 €269.00 Twin Infrared Heat Lamp FBA153 €149.00 Single Infrared Heat Lamp

FBE162 €12.50 Replacement PL 9W UV Bulb

FBE112 €15.00 BUY 3 @ €12.00 each Daylight 22W Circular Bulb for 13cm Lamp FBE115 €20.00 Daylight 28W Circular Bulb for17cm Lamp

FBE163 €12.50 Replacement 6W UV Bulb FBE107 €15.00 Wall Clamp For all daylight lamps

FBE053 €79.95 FBE054 €89.95 Four Spoke Floor Stand Five Spoke Floor Stand (For Mag Lamps) (For Heat Lamps)



SALON & SPA EQUIPMENT Reception Equipment | Welcome Areas

FBE727 €395.00 Ventura™ Salon Reception Desk Reception desk finished in wood/glass with lockable drawer. Ideal for hair & beauty salons. Dimensions: L130 x H98 x D56cm 05441 €950.00 REM Showcase 3 Retail Display Fitted with adjustable glass shelves and lockable under storage press as standard. Available in any REM colour laminate. Dimensions: H193 x W94 x D30 Options: 05881 Lockable Sliding Glass Doors €280.00 Low Voltage Spotlights fitted €59.00

XP204 €399.00 Ventura™ Comfort Plus Waiting Couch Comfortable reception couch with twin reversable cushions. Available in black as standard or other colours by special order at no extra charge. Dimensions: L126 x H71 x D63cm

Elegance Reception Seating

04341 €295.00 Elegance 45° Corner Seat 04340 €250.00 Elegance Waiting Seat 05056 €385.00 REM Toyko Coffee Table Dimensions: W50 x H43 x D43cm

04344 €250.00 Elegance Circa Coffee Table






Concept Oak

Limber Maple Matt Black

05054 €320.00 REM Tokyo Retail Shelving Excellent value wall mounted retail shelf unit with four glass shelves. Dimensions: W75 x H93 x D22cm

05053 €999.00 REM Tokyo Retail Desk

05445 €1185.00 REM Wooden Retail Screen Ideal for positioning behind reception desk and salon. This screen can be made to match the colour of your REM desk. Dimensions: H200 x W120 x D30




Passion Cherry Real Ash







shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 REM Reception Equipment | Welcome Areas REM Delta Reception Desks

REM Sigma Reception Desks Made to Order in any combination, in any REM colour.

Made to Order in any combination, in any REM colour.

05450 €635.00 Delta 1 Desk Dimensions: H91 x W71 x D49cm 05451 €1050.00 Delta 2 Desk Dimensions: H91 x W170 x D69cm 05452 €1350.00 Delta 3 Desk Dimensions: H91 x W220 x D84cm 05465 €1399.00 Delta 3 Display Desk 05321 €275.00 REM Laguna Mirror Supplied as optional extra to Laguna vanity unit. The mirror also includes shelves as shown in image. Dimensions: W80 x D18 x H110cm 05320 €1350.00 REM Laguna Vanity Unit Laguna is available in a large choice of colours from the REM range. Mirror on top supplied separate (ref: 05321). Dimensions: W163 x D56 x H90cm

05701 €430.00 Sigma 600 Desk Dimensions: H95 x W60 x D55cm 05700 €499.00 Sigma 800 desk Dimensions: H95 x W80 x D55cm 05702 €570.00 Sigma Corner Retail Unit Dimensions: H95 x W40 x D55cm

05703 €620.00 Sigma Straight Retail Unit Dimensions: H95 x W56 x D55cm 05704 €148.50 Sigma Cheque Shelf

REM Sigma & Delta Options: 05870 €185.00 Lockable Cash Drawer fitted to desk 05871 €89.00 Door fitted to desk

05873 €115.00 Drawer fitted to desk 05874 €100.00 Keyboard slide fitted to desk 05430 €1185.00 REM Halo Reception Desk The Halo Desk is available in a choice of colours from the REM range. Dimensions: W122 x H95 x D57 05431 €1399.00 REM Halo Moods Reception Desk The Halo Moods Reception desk features a perpetual changing coloured illuminating fascia. These lights are preset to run through a full spectrum of colours and shades. Dimensions: W122 x H95 x D58

REM Treatment Room Equipment

01600 €1445.00 REM Forest Spa Vanity Unit Available in large selection of REM laminates. Dimensions: L152 x H89 x D58cm 01601 €675.00 REM Forest Spa Mobile Beauty Cabinate Available in large selection of REM laminates. Dimensions: L46 x H89 x D46



SALON & SPA EQUIPMENT Facial Steamers FBE918W €89.00 Ventura Portable Facial Steamer - White FBE918P €89.00 Ventura Portable Facial Steamer - Purple Budget priced ‘mini’ table top steamer with built in ozone and adjustable head. Ideal for mobile therapists or beauty students. Available in White or Purple.

FBE705 €395.00 Ventura Deluxe Facial Steamer (with timer) 680W Perfect for any treatment requiring steam. The deluxe steamer features a safety cut-out which will stop the steamer working should the water level reach below minimum, ensuring the tank will not boil dry. The adjustable head swivels 250° and the steamer features a timer for additional client comfort and safety. Supplied with four star pedistal base at no extra cost.

FBE085 €299.00 Ventura VAP Facial Steamer (Pedistal) 650W Our most popular facial steamer supplied with ozone, timer and four star height adjustable pedistal base. The ozone facility can be switched on or off depending on the skin type being treated.

Sterilisers FBE701 €165.00 Ventura SterilXL UV Steriliser UV Steriliser suitable for both hair or beauty, this steriliser is also suitable for sterilising sponges, make-up brushes, impliments etc. 15W Power. Suitable for wall mounting.

XP097 €125.00 Ventura Salon UV Steriliser T-209 Solid UV steriliser of metal construction. Ideal for hair or beauty salons. UV sterilisation for all impliments. 10W Power. Dimensions: 37.5x21.5x24cm

Hot Towel Cabinates FBE025 €330.00 Medium Hot Towel Cabinate Our best selling hot cabbie with UV ozone to sterilise towels as they are heated. Automatic temperature control keeps towels at the correct temperature throughout the day for face and body treatments. Holds up to 24 face flannels. 180W Power. Dimensions: 27 x 46 x 36cm FBE700 €250.00 Mini Hot Towel Cabinate Ideal for positioning on salon trolleys. Fitted with ozone to sterilise towels as they are heated. Automatic temperature control keeps towels at the correct temperature throughout the day for face and body treatments. 130W Power. Dimensions: 27 x 36 x 26cm

FBE706 €99.00 Ventura UV Steriliser (Tray Model) Economically priced UV steriliser with handy pull-out tray. Polymer construction in white only with blue door. 10W Power.

Electrical Equipment FBE725 €895.00 Ventura MVA (Muscle Vibrating Apparatus) Ideal for deep muscle work, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction and full body exfoliation treatments. Supplied complete with 6 heads and under storage tray. Power 10W-80W. Dimensions: 56x56x103cm

FBE720 €349.00 Catena Digital Galvanic Dimensions: 35.5x30x14.5cm

FBE715 €299.00 Catena High Frequency Supplied with 4 high frequency electrodes. Dimensions: 35.5x30x14.5cm

shop online at or by phone at lo-call 1890 564 040 CC2000

Facial Treatment CC2311

CC2000 €1290.00 Carlton Ultra Visage™ Micro-Current The Ultra Visage™ is a low frequency, micro-current mains operated electronic unit. It offers facial and body contour lifting by re-programming the muscle fibres, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. Sagging breasts and upper arms will improve immensely, along with skin tone and texture. This unit is more than a lifting treatment! Package includes video CD, set of products, six electrodes and much more. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm CC2312 CC2311 €525.00 Carlton High Frequency This sophisticated Carlton High Frequency current changes 200,000 times per second and the circuitry intensifies the main voltage up to 150,000 volts with minimum amperage, giving tremendous benefit to the client. Package includes 5 popular electrodes. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm CC2306

CC2312 €1170.00 Carlton Ultraderm Ultraderm is a combined version of the popular high frequency and galvanic treatment. Fitted with LCD display to monitor Galvanic current, together with a polarity changeover switch. Supplied complete with accessories as shown. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm CC2010 CC2306 €650.00 Carlton Facial Galvanic Designed for deep cleansing of the skin – Desincrustation or for the introduction of active substances for specific treatments – Iontophoresis. Supplied complete with full set of accessories (cleanse electrode, indifferent electrode (small), sponge cover, 2 x small twin ball electrodes, disposable sponges and record facial cards). Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm CC2332

CC2332 €838.00 Carlton Microbrush Supplied with 5 piece brush and sponge set. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm

CC2010 €2350.00 Lift Professional Lift Professional, a unique combination of Ultraderm and Ultra Visage, brings to you the latest electrotherapy treatment. High Frequency, Galvanic and Micro-Current give you full flexibility enabling you to choose between a combination treatment or individual as required. The MicroCurrent is for face and body. Complete with a full set of accessories for each function. This machine is ideal to complete all the current trends in treatments. Includes training video plus 20 accessories. Dimensions: 38 x 25.5 x 17.5cm.



SALON & SPA EQUIPMENT Facial Treatment

Body Treatment



CC2325 €785.00 Carlton Ultravac (Face) Vacuum therapy designed specially for body treatments. Supplied with five facial ventouses and two body cups. Dimensions: 28x23x14cm CC2326 CC500

CC2326 €949.00 Carlton Vacupulse Vacupluse is a complete, regulated, air system incorporating constant vacuum suction and an infinitely variable pulsating action. This treatment is very beneficial to lined or wrinkled skin as it will activate the blood circulation and draw moisture to the surface of the skin. Supplied complete with 15 accessories. Dimensions: 38x25.5x17.5cm

CC2325/B €825.00 Carlton Body Vacuum (Ultravac Body) Four outlet body version of the Ultravac supplied with Plexi-Cup body treatment set instead of standard accessory set supplied with facial ultravac. Dimensions: 28x23x14cm

CC500 €1585.00 Carlton G5® Body Massager Multi massager with electronic speed control, directional stroking technique, long smooth transmission shaft. Supplied complete with pedistal, tray and six heads (no’s 12, 16, 25, 27, 30, & 214 with a pack of 5 x 214SF & 214CF plus 4 disposable covers for sponge heads 12 & 30). Dimensions: 117x55x48cm


CC500/W €1395.00 Carlton G5® Body Massager (Wall Mounted)

CC6000 €3025.00 UltraPro Complex A complete Treatment System for the Professional salon/spa. The UltraPro Complex incorporates six specific functions providing the therapist with everything neatly to hand in one compact unit. It is supplied with a full set of 30 accessories. Comprises of: High Frequency, Galvanic, Micro-current, Face/body Vacuum, Vacupulse and Brushing. Dimensions: 48.5x30.5.5x20cm CC510 €1195.00 Carlton G5® Facial Massager A superb unit to use during a clients facial. Supplied with 6 heads. Dimensions: 28x29.5x18cm

CC2310 €1450.00 Carlton Faradic Each of the 10 outlets on this Carlton Faradic has an individual intensity control feeding 20 electrode pads. Supplied complete with all accessories (100mm & 75mm electrode pads, body straps, client alarm switch, facial electrodes, tape measure and body record cards). Dimensions: 38x25.5x17.5cm CC2313 €950.00 Carlton Body Galvanic Four outlet body galvanic each with individual digital read out monitor. Supplied with 8 body electrode pads plus connection leads and body straps. Dimensions: 28x20.5x14cm



MAPS | TERMS AND CONDITIONS Galway Store Dunnes Stores

nary Bridge

Sean Mulvoy Rd.

a Ro d Parkgate


ec t St



t rs Fo

S er

Train Station

Lough Atalia



lar Road

Unit 26-29 Old Kilmainham, Dublin 8. Tel: 01 6713239 Fax: 01 6717128 Email:

Opening Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday: 9.00-5.30 Friday 9.00-3.00 Sunday 12.00-4.00 Late Night Shopping: Monday, Wednesday 9.00-8.00 Open during lunch. Closed bank holiday weekends.


d. L

ill R



ts R




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ylors Hill Rd.


Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies


ck Rd .

Rd . Ma ry's

South Circu



Slip Roa



er ch


Emmet Road




Shantalla Rd. y St.

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ity R


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t tree



Hilton Hotel



ar Road

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South Circul

Inchicore Road

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Royal Hospital Kilmainham

ert Road

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ar Road South Circul


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s Lane Steeven

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National University Ireland Galway

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d Ro




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Galway Shopping Centre

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Conyingham Road

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Riv er Cor rib

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Tu am

Hea ary rm Infi


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Dublin Store

riffin Fr. G

St .

Galway Bay


Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies (Located behind FBD Insurance)

Unit 29, Mulvoy Business Park Sean Mulvoy Road,Galway. Tel: 091 771535 Fax: 091 771558 Email:

Opening Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9.00-6.00 Friday: 9.00-4.00 Sunday: 1.00-5.00 Late Night Shopping: Wednesday 9.00-9.00 Open during lunch. Closed bank holiday weekends.

Terms & Conditions For Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies Trade Buyer Status Flair Hair & Beauty is a Trade Only Company. By ordering products from us you are confirming that you are a qualified Hairdresser, Beauty Therapist or Nail Technician, and as such are competent in using the products purchased. We will not be held responsible for any injury or damages incurred by unqualified users of our products. We reserve the right to ask for proof of professional status, where purchases of chemicals are concerned, and to refuse to fulfil an order if we believe the person ordering is not a trade customer. Flair reserves the right to correct any pricing errors on their website, catalogue and store. To shop in our stores you will need to register for a Flair In-Trade card, to do this you need to visit your local store, show id and proof that you are in the hair and beauty industry, the list below shows what can be classed as proof: you need one of these, • Salon business card • Student enrolment letter, stating course dates • Trade reference or buying card from another hair and beauty trade supplier • Business cheque book or business credit card If registering online and ordering for the first time, a member of our staff will contact you with some questions to confirm that you are working in the hair or beauty trade. Both the buyer and seller accept the following conditions. INTERPRETATION a) “ The Seller” or “The Company” means Flair Salon Services Ltd. T/a Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies. b) “ The Buyer” means the person, firm or company buying products from the company. c) “Products” means items forming the subject matter of the contract between the buyer and seller. d) “Orders” means the buyers instructions to the company to supply the products. PRICES a) All prices are correct at time of printing but are subject to alteration with out prior notice. The company reserves the right to change all price lists and quotations without prior notification. b) VAT will be charged at the rate in force at the invoice date.

PAYMENT a) We ask for payment at time of order. b) If a credit agreement exists then payment is due in full 30 days from invoice date (credit not available on salon equipment). Interest of 4% will apply on overdue accounts.

We will NOT pay compensation for pre-booked fitters or delivery delays from freight companies.

DELIVERY You have the option to give a different delivery address to the invoice/card address. This means that you can have the parcel sent to, for example, your workplace or to a friend as a gift. Please try and give an address where there will be someone present to sign for your order between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. You also have the option to give instructions for the parcel(s) to be left with a neighbour or in another safe place; however goods are left at your own risk.

Delivery Rates: Delivery in Ireland (South) €8.00 + vat per parcel up to 30kg (not including furniture), please allow 3-4 working days from the time the order is placed to allow for order processing and packing. All orders over €150.00 +vat are delivered free (excludes furniture or heavy parcels).

Salon Furniture Deliveries If you are ordering salon furniture, we will inform you of the estimated delivery time shortly after receiving your order. As these items are not dispatched by our couriers, they may therefore take a little longer to deliver. A delivery charge will apply to all salon equipment ordered. Delivery of salon equipment is normally 5 working days from placing an order but we will contact you to confirm a delivery day to suit you. Deliveries are between 9am - 5.30pm (MondayFriday) and customers MUST be available to take delivery. Re-delivery we be charged at €65 - €130 per pallet (based on pallet size). Deliveries, which cause waiting time in excess of fifteen minute’s may be subject to a surcharge depending on the freight company delivering the pallets. Please be aware that we use Pallets for most of our salon equipment deliveries and that Delivery Drivers are NOT insured to enter your premises. All deliveries are loaded onto pallets which can only be delivered to your door. Please take this into consideration if your salon is not located at ground level. We would strongly recommend that an able bodied person is on hand to take delivery if you don’t have the facility to store the pallet(s) (ie. Inside premises, lock-up, a garage or driveway). Please do not book your fitter/builder on day of delivery as delays, due to circumstances beyond our control (weather, traffic, goods damaged in transit and busy periods), will not be compensated.

If any item is damaged on delivery please sign the document ‘DAMAGED’ and notify our sales department within 24 hours of delivery.

Northern Ireland Delivery €12.00 per order up to 30kg, please allow 4-6 working days from the time the order is placed to allow for order processing and packing. Other parts of Europe will be quoted for on request at our cost. Please note this rate does not apply to orders including furniture. Please let us know the address the goods are going to and we will let you know if we can deliver and if so, what the cost will be. GUARANTEE All items are guaranteed according to the manufacturers warranty. All glass items are specifically excluded from this guarantee. CANCELLATION Cancellation after despatch of goods cannot be accepted. Special Order items (such as salon equipment) cannot be cancelled and payment must be made in full. CLAIMS a) Delivery of the products shall be the responsibility of the Company. The risk in the property of such passes to the buyer on delivery/collection. b) Claims for loss or damage of goods in transit cannot be accepted unless the company is advised within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. The company must be informed in writing within 14 days of date of invoice in the case of loss. The company will not entertain claims made outside the stated time limits. c) If goods are received in error they may be returned providing the products for return are in their original condition, unworn or unused and sent back to us in its original packaging. Your Statutory Rights are not affected.

Exchanges and Refunds Sending or bringing products back to us is no problem so long as they are returned within 28 days of delivery*, unused, in pristine condition and in their original packaging. Products can be exchanged or a credit note issued by posting the item back to Flair Hair & Beauty at the address below. Refunds cannot be processed in store. Please ensure a copy of your packing slip/invoice accompanies the return. We will, of course, refund the cost of carriage if your product is faulty or if it is not what you ordered. However, we will require you to cover the cost of return in all other circumstances, and in addition your original delivery charge will not be refunded. If you choose to return the item to Flair Hair and Beauty please allow up to 14 days for administration. * Please note for furniture and equipment orders that are cancelled more than 5 working days after being placed, you will be charged 20% of the value of the goods as well as the delivery charge. Due to hygiene regulations we cannot accept returns of clippers, scissors, beauty impliments, or razors if they have been used. This list is not exhaustive. Your statutory rights are not affected. Faulty Items If an item you received is faulty, please contact our customer service dept on 091 771535 immediately. Faulty items will be replaced provided the goods are in their original condition and have not been tampered with. (Example if an items outer casing has been opened or a plug has been cut from its cable, then your warrantry will become void). If we are unable to replace an item you will be offered a credit note to the value. TITLE The company retains title to the products until all amounts due from the buyer are paid. The company may for the purpose of recovery or re-sale of any unused or unsold products enter upon any premises of the buyer by its servants or agents where the products are stored or reasonably thought to be stored and re-possess the products provided that this power shall be without prejudice to any other remedies of the company and shall only operate (1) if on the expiry of the payment period any amounts due under the contract are unpaid in whole or in part; or (2) upon commencement of any act or proceeding in which the buyers solvency is involved. Flair Salon Services Ltd., T/A Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies, Unit 29 Mulvoy Business Park, Sean Mulvoy Rd, Galway, Ireland. Full terms & conditions are available by request.


Lo-Call 1890 56 40 40


shop online at:


Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies - Dublin Unit 26-29 Old Kilmainham, Dublin 8. Tel: 01 6713239 Fax: 01 6717128

Unit 29, Mulvoy Business Park, Galway. Tel: 091 771535 Fax: 091 771558 Please recycle this catalogue when finished Tel: 091 862933


Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies - Galway

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Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies are an award winning supplier of professional hair and beauty equipment and products to Beauty Salons, Spas, Ha...

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