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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Special Services Evidence In 2015, the Evidence Section r eceived and pr ocessed 14,807 items of evidence which wer e logged in by officers, agents and detectives for cas e investigation and pros ecution. A total of 1,054 items were returned to their owner s and 13,020 items wer e destroyed. In all, 1,082 items of evidence were submitted to the Ar izona Department of Public Safety North ern Arizona Crime Labor atory for scientific analysis. This section continues to house and manage over 100,000 items of evidence.

Parking Control The Flagstaff Police Department employs one Parking Control Officer. This civilian officer is tasked with ensuring public compliance with parking regulations such as handicap zones, fire lanes and two hour par king zones thr oughout var ious city streets and parking lots. The primary focus of this enforcement is dir ected towards the downtown area of the city. In 20 15, Parking Control is sued 2,985 citations for parking violations in the downtown business district. Parking Control also coordinated the removal of 24 junk or abandoned vehicles as part of the City's Vehicle Abatement Progr am. A total of three (3) vehicle s were immobilized (“booted”) due to their owners having at least three (3) unpaid parking citations; upon successful payment of these past due fines, fees, etc., the vehicles were released to the owners.

Property Control The Flagstaff Police Department employs one Property Control Coor dinator . This civilian employee actively supports and upholds the City’s stated mission and values. They also perform non commissioned police s upport duties associated with the maintenance of over 90 police, administrativ e and specialty vehicles ; as such, they s chedule and coordinate the ser vice and repairs of thes e vehicles , ensuring fleet pr epar edness. Additionally, they manage and stock necessar y equipment to help keep the department functioning at its highest level.


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Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.