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Records Section The Consolidated Flags taff Police Department/Coconino County Sheriff’s Department Records Division is an essential component of the police department. The section is staffed by 10 Administr ative Records Specialists and one Records Supervisor . It continues to be the centr al repository where all City Police, Coconino County Sheriff and Coconino Detention Facility reports ar e received, stor ed, and disseminated in both paper and electronic formats. Information is enter ed into the Inter graph Public Safety Records Management System and hard copy documents electr onically scanned and attached to allow both on and off -site cr iminal justice s taff to view or r eproduce r eports from their local workstations. Detailed electronic information is now available on over 2,584,011 Calls for service, over 471,164 Incident and cr ime reports, 328,192 Vehicles, 245,906 Arrests, and 194,011 Jail Bookings . The Records Staff continues to become more familiar with new technology and more accustomed to managing electronic documents . Staff reviews and conducts the final approval process for all incidents, arrests and citations electronically submitted by officers through the Records Management System. Our Records M anagement System (RMS) software is shar ed with numerous Northern Arizona law enforcement agencies , including Northern Arizona University Police Department, Coconino County Sheriff’s Department and Detention Facility and Williams Police Department. Staff from these and many other local criminal justice agencies (i.e. City Court and Prosecutor, Adult Probation, Gang Intelligence and Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) have immediate electronic access to the RMS/I -Leads system. Records staff pr oduce monthly statistical r eports for department staff, private citizens and FBI crime reporting. The Support Services Manager is designated as the department’s System Security Officer (SSO), r esponsible to ensure that the Police Department’s network and personnel are i n compliance with all applicable laws , rules, regulations, policies and procedur es governing the numerous national criminal justice information databases. The Flagstaff Police Department is committed to ensuring that the source data we submit for the Centr al State Repositor y and for FBI Uniform Crime Reporting is accurate and comprehensive.

Accomplishments The Flagstaff Police Department utilizes Intergraph Public Safety’s Records Management System, known as I/Leads. I/Leads-RMS stores and retrieves information on incidents, arrests, warrants, property, case management, field interviews, and many other types of information required to manage a public safety agency. This system possesses enhancements which include support for 64 bit servers which helps make the application run faster and be more efficient, the ability to associate property and evidence to an accident record, the ability for calls for service records to be attached to multiple incidents and accidents, and expanded abilities to transfer data from one module to another, such as from accidents to citations, from arrests to citations and from citations to arrests. Additionally, officers in the field are able to use Intergraph’s Field Reporting program that allows them to access Intergraph’s Records Management software, report incidents, and accidents, and transfer queries and responses using wireless technology. This promotes more efficient use of time by enabling officers to complete reporting tasks in the field instead of at the station. Hours of service for Records were changed on the weekends to bring the section more into line with operating schedules of other departments around the state. The section is now open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and closed to the public Page 83

Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.