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Nite Court The Southside King squad along with SRO Officer Forsman has teamed to participate in an open court basketball event which is hosted by the Youth Center ever y Friday night from 9pm until 11pm. The event is scheduled around the s chool schedule and is an “open court” to facilitate a forum f or officers to get to know the neighborhood kids in a non -official capacity. The staff at the Youth Center often receives donations for pizza and drinks to provide for the kids participating.

Special Olympics The Flagstaff Police Department has been a s trong supporter of the Special Olympics progr ams in Northern Ar izona. In Februar y members of the Flagstaff Police Department including Chief Kevin Treadway, Support Ser vices Manager Jen Brown, and School Resour ce Officer Ryan Forsman participated in the annual Special Olympics “Polar Plunge” in Febr uary. In May, School Resource Officer Forsman, Cpl. Odis Brockman, Support Services Manager Jen Brown, and Evidence Tech Angela Eberhardt participated in the annual T orch Run.

Training The Community Relations Office Training division was r esponsible for providing an d documenting 25,786 hours of training which tr anslates to approximately 8,270 hours of advanced officer s training, 9,658 hours of field tr aining, and 7,858 hours of academy tr aining per certified officer.

Housing The Housing Officer has assisted in fo ot and vehicular patrols in designated areas such as Siler Homes, Brannen Homes, and Clark Homes as well as 20 + properties assigned through the City’s Housing program. This position is also responsible for supporting patrol in addressing cr imes and calls for service in thes e ar eas , as well as providing a liaison type relationship with property managers and tenants. The Housing Officer r egularly patrols each of the FHA neighborhoods and is familiar with the off-site properties as well. The Housing Offic er works clos ely with the section 8 program and provides information to the Housing Authority. The Housing Officer also attends monthly meetings and provides a link of information to the board of dir ector s regarding community policing initiatives.

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Annual report 2015  
Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.