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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 National Night Out Approximately 1,500 community members attended the sixteenth annual Northern Arizona National Night Out celebration in the City Hall parking lot. Target, CASA, the Flagstaff Community Band and local nonprofit or g anizations partner ed to sponsor this successful and upbeat event. Officers assigned to specific neighborhoods staffed tables containing maps of their ar eas. Resources and information were made available at the variety of tables and displays provided by t he community’s first r esponders with a variety of hands on demonstrations.

Community Volunteer Program As competition for city funding becomes more intens e, the police department is becoming more dependent on volunteers to assist both sworn and civilia n staff. Community volunteers donated 2,481 hours in 2015, providing dis abled parking enforcement, leash law awareness, pawn tr acking, evidence/ property s ervices , records, public r elations, sex offender notifications and assisting the detective division. Volunteers were essential in the success of the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Toy Drive which provides families, shelters, and community centers with toys in 2015.

Better Bucks Program The better bucks progr am received assistance from the Community R elations office as this program was a collaborative eff ort to address the panhandling problem in Flagstaff. Togeth er with patrol and the Shadows F oundation, our volunteers and officers assisted in providing community education as to the progr am as well as distributing flyers, booklets, and providing various media r eleas es regarding the program.

Celebrate Youth Day School Resource Officer Ryan Forsman presented a table and display at the annual “Celebr ate Youth Day” which is sponsor ed by CASA. At this informative gathering he was able to distribute information pamphlets regarding gun safety, internet safety, bullying, and drug awar eness. Over 100 students visited his table and 100 stuff ed bear s were provided to the youths by way of a do nation from the Findley Toyota C or poration .

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Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.