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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Community Relations Positive community rela tions and excellent customer service ar e the responsibilities of ever y employee of the Flagstaff Police Department. However, certain ar eas demand more attention and time than field officers can provide. The Community R elations Office has one Sergeant, tw o School Resource Officers, one Housing Officer, one Training Officer and one Animal Control Officer. This division works at promoting a positive image of the department by r eleasing public information in a timely manner , facilitating and coordinating all inter nal tr aining and organizing our volunteers, working with the schools in the community to address the issues of concern to our younger citizens. The division is responsible for providing information and ass istance in animal issues most specifically d omesticated dogs and cats and occasional s kunks. Senior field officers rotate into the Community Relations office after completing an online Project Alert certification cour se. Officer ’s selected for these positions must possess excellent wr iting, people, and public speaking skills . Officers in these roles must demonstrate a sincer e desire to assist our younger people and display a positive image as they assist each school. In 2015 Officers Trevor Cooper and Ryan For sman continue to br ing many years of experience into the classroom. In addition to the structured Project Alert curriculum, thes e officers wer e often asked to present information to our community’s youth on topics such as bullying, peer pr essure, honesty, gun safety, domestic violence an d the proper use of 911. They also worked with school employees on special projects such as field trips, Teen Court, and project “Challenge.” The Community Relations office completed 934 public speaking pr esentations as well as media releases, which in cluded radio and television interviews. The Community R elations office documented 269 Community Support meetings as well as coordinating and presenting two Law Enforcement Citizen’s Academy.

Northern Arizona Citizen’s Academy The Northern Arizona Cit izen’s Academy is a ten -week, 13 class multi -agency program designed to promote awareness and understanding thus fostering a partnership of trust and shared responsibility between interested law abiding citizens and law enfor cement. This 10 week 13 class progr am meets on Wednesday nights and a couple of Saturday’s beginning in either the fall or spring as two sessions are offered every year. Topics of instruction cover many facets of law enforcement including narcotics enforcement, Law and Legal updates, DUI detection and pr evention, investigation of Felony crimes and Felon investigations, the County and Juvenile Corr ectional systems, field trips to the State Crime Lab, a pr esentation from the County Medical Examiner ’s office, and finally hands on field tr ips to the shooting r ange. This is a collaborative effort with our neighboring law enforcement partners such as the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Public Safety, the Northern Arizona Police Department, and the U. S. Forest Service and Game and Fish.

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Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.