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In April of 2015, Metr o conducted an investigation into a known dr ug dealer operating out of local motels. During the investigation, Metro Detectives, along with the assistance of the FBI and US Marshal Service, located the dealer working fr om a motel on Lucky Lane in Flagstaff. The s uspec t attempted to evade police and entr y was for ced into the hotel room where the suspect was trying to flush his drugs down the toilet. Police were able to r ecover over two ounces of methamphetamine the suspect was tr ying to get rid of and located over $270 0 in curr ency. The suspect in this cas e is a repeat offender and r eceived over 10 years in the Department of Corr ections.


Also in April, M etro Detectives received an anonymous tip about a marijuana dealer in the south side neighborhood. An i nvestigation r evealed that a large amount of foot and vehicle tr affic at the residence. M etro Detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for the r esid ence and located approximately seven pounds of mari juana and seized over $25,000 in currency.

COCAINE/NARCOTIC PILLS : In May of 2015, after a sever al month investigation, Metro Detectives obtained a search war rant for a resident at an apartment complex on South O’Leary Street. The r esident was a known drug s upplier and when he was arrested wa s found to be in possession of thr ee and a half ounces of cocaine, six grams of MDMA, over 1000 Xanax pills, and over 500 other narcotic and dangerous drug classed pills. At the time the warrant was s erved the suspect also was in possession of a firearm. From 2015, and into 2016, The Northern Arizona Street Crimes T as k Force has also been involved with sever al long term investigations with the assistance of the Federal Bur eau of Investigations, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Fir earms and Explosives , and the Dr ug Enforcement Administration. The results of these efforts will be detailed in the 2016 Annual Report. FIGURE B - COCAINE FIGURE D- MARIJUANA G ROW


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Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.