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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Tactical Operations The Emergency Services Response Team, comprised of officers with primary assignments in various sections of the Department, handles the containment and apprehens ion of armed barricaded p ersons, hostage incidents, found explosives and other potentially volatile situations. The Emergency Services Response Team consists of three units , the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), Negotiations, and the Explos ives Or dinance Disposal Team (Bomb Squad). Officers take great pr ide in their equipment, training and professionalism during cris is incidents. The SWAT Team, with membership in the National Tactical Officers Association, cons ists of officers from the Flagstaff Police Department, the Coc onino County Sheriff’s Office, and six Flagstaff Firefighters who serve as team medics. In addition to receiving training, SWAT officers br ing tr aining back to their individual squads to better equip fellow officers with their daily duties . In 2015, SWAT officer s received national level training in a number of areas including Mechanical Breeching, Active Shooter Preparedness, and Zone -Bas ed Movements along with numerous other topics. Much of the information learned in these tr ainings was relayed back t o local law enf orcement – specifically the Active Shooter tr aining. Officers that attended the Active Shooter tr aining held numerous tr aining programs, for both officers and for civilian groups alike.

Accomplishments In June, an activity war rant was r equested and granted by METRO for a res idence on N. Snowflake with strong evidence of drug sales and weapons involvement. SWAT conducted the entry of the residence and three adults were arrested for dangerous drugs and par aphernalia violations. In August, an armed subject confronted a man riding a dirt bike in the wooded ar ea west of Pulliam Airport. After a short verbal exchange the dir t bike rider began to leave, but heard the suspect shoot a firearm. The r ider began to ride away quickly and heard additi onal gunshots from the suspect. The suspect was identified and found to have been involved in multiple felonies from the night previous where he also fired a pistol. SWAT was called out to attempt to locate the suspect in the woods. The SWAT team sear ched f or near ly f our hours and ultimately located the suspect in a residence whos e occupants wer e out of town. The suspect was arrested at gunpoint and found to be in possession of the revolver us ed in the shooting as relayed by the motorcycle rider . The revolv er was recovered from the suspect and was found to have been stolen from a s epar ate incident. In September , a suspect began a string of disturbances causing multiple neighbors to call the police. Numerous neighbors requested to be victims of the outburst, during which the suspect was described as yelling r acial slurs and threats to kill people. The yelling and outbursts lasted in duration for 5 ½ hours. During this time the suspect yelled from his front door , the r ear deck of his patio and from the roof. Numerous calls for service wer e placed with the P olice Department and sever al officers responded. The suspect then threatened to shoot officers with a .40 caliber pistol. A search warr ant for the r esidence and the arr est of the suspect was r equested and gr anted. SWAT officers executed the search warrant and for ced entr y through the front door after announcing the warrant and not being allowed to enter . The s uspect was contacted and arrested without injury to either the victim or officers. In October , the SWAT team was used to serve a search warrant and clear a lar ge commercial building that housed a large mar ijuana grow. The owner/suspect was pr esent at the time of the s ear ch warr ant and had a shotgun in his proximity upon contact. Over 400 mar ijuana plant s and numerous items of grow equipment wer e located. Page 51

Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.