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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 The Department continued to conduct training and explored other concepts of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program. These methods led to less recidivism and cr iminal disorder by the severely mentally ill. Out of the 326 documented contacts with mental health consumers by Flagstaf f Police Department in 2015, 100 were handled by CI T officers. The Crisis Intervention Team combined wit h the availability of mental health ser vices any time of the day or night, gave officers additional options other than full -custody arrests when dealing with individuals with ser ious mental illness. Flagstaff continues to experience an increase in crimina l activity related to public intoxicants. In response, officers conducted directed patr ols to wor k in cooperation with local bus iness es to strictly enfor ce alcohol viola tions, trespassing, disorderly conduct, loitering, and other offenses which impact the quality of life. Officers met with the City Attorney’s Office to seek enhanced pr osecution for repeat offenders as part of our ROPE program. In 2015 , 130 arrests wer e made by the Special Enforcement squad .

Selective Enforcement Squad

The selective enfor c ement squad is designed to incr eas e departmental flexibility by assigning officers to special events, incidents, or targeted cr iminal activity. Squad members conduct surveillance and provide walking patrols in the downtown ar ea, bicycle patrols and foot pa trols in high crime ar e as as well as airport patrols. They are also responsible for providing s ecur ity at Pulliam Airport .

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Officers worked closely with the Flagstaff Fir e Department, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department and the United States Forest Ser vice to help prevent wild land fir es. Throughout the summer , officers patrolled th e wooded areas in the urban forest interface, enforcing criminal and f ederal codes pertaining to camping and fir es. Department of Public Saf ety helicopters and the Coconino County fixed wing airplane assisted in locating illegal campfir es with officers on board. This assisted in dispatching officers to take enforcement action. Officers also coordinated with the Adult Probation work crew to r emove abandoned tr ansient camps and r efer occupants to the appropriate social ser vices. Coordinated t he dir ected patrols to addr ess quality of life issues as well as help prevent victimization and perpetration of crimes by s erial inebriates . Coordinate d with Homeland Secu r ity during assigned duties at the Airport. At the request of s chool administr ators, conducted lock down drills at local schools with canine assistance to sniff for drugs. Officers continued to provide security at City Council meetings and provide police pres ence during other community meetings. The Flagstaff Police Department also provided extr a patrol and community polici ng efforts such as : a. The Flagstaff Unified School District “Gr ad Night” in addition to numerous dances and athletic events. b. Fourth of July Parade & Pyrotechnics Show c. High School Homecoming Parades d. NAU Homecoming/Tequila Sunrise Services e. Northern Lights Par ade f. Christmas Luminar ies Show g. Take B ack the N ight M arch h. Annual Celtic Festival i. New Year’s Eve Pine Cone Drop

Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.