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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Homeland Security The Flagstaff Police Department r emains vigilant for suspicious subjects and activities at all times. Officers patrol cr itical infr astructur e targets during random times day and night. Of ficers maintain a pr esence at all city council meetings and other public meetings or events as necessary. The Flagstaff Police Department maintains perimeter patrols and patrol of all air port facilities as mandated by the Transportation Security Administration. The Flagstaff Police Department tr ains and equips its officers to effectively r espond to terr orist threats and maintain homeland security. The police department has a regional Bo mb Squad and a multiagency regional SWAT Team for incident response throughout Northern Ar izona. These specialty units ar e the primary responders for all major infr astructure in Coconino County including the Glenn Canyon Dam located in Page, Arizona. The police department continues to explore gr ant opportunities for both training and needed equipment .

CompStat Program 2015 marks the eighth full year of the Depa rtment’s us e of the CompStat policing model. CompStat calls for a multifaceted, dynamic appro ach to crime reduction, improving quality of life and resource allocation. Data is collected, disseminated and analyzed on a r egular basis so effective strategies and tactics can be developed to prevent or solve crimes. Using thes e str ategies , the Flagst aff Police Department and its res ources are rapidly deployed to most effectively reduce cr ime and protect property. The final pr inciple of CompStat is r elentless follow - up and assessment to ensur e r esults are achieved. One of the many benefits to CompSta t is through constant assessment, follow -up and intelligence gathering we are able to def ine s pecific crime tr ends and deploy r esources in an effort to prevent cr ime before it occurs. Police Sergeants and Corporals are r esponsible for analyzing data, devel oping and implementing crime reduction str ategies for specif ic geographic ar eas or specific times of the day bas ed on the CompStat report. Weekly crime bulletins provided by the Cr ime Analyst and monthly CompStat meetings allow the Chief of Police and his Command Staff to collabor ate with the Sergeants and other s upervisors to review and r efine these strategies and hold each member of the Police Department team accountable for effective results .

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Annual report 2015  
Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.