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2015 Flagstaff Police Department Officer of the Year

Officer Kevin Sapp has been employed by the Flagstaff Police Department since May of 2013. His work ethic and professional attitude show his dedication to our department and our community. He is currently serving as a Field Training Officer and a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Kevin is the perfect combination of a proactive police officer and a quality investigator. According to his supervisors, he is consistently one of the top producers of all facets of police work on every shift. His police reports are at the level of an experienced investigator, always thorough and complete. Kevin led the Flagstaff Police Department in driving under the influence enforcement by being committed to making Flagstaff’s streets safer during every shift. In January of 2015, Kevin attended the DRE School in Prescott, Arizona, where he led his peers in academics. Upon completion of the 90 hour certification, he led the department in the number of DRE enforcement evaluations that he completed. During his last yearly evaluation he had arrested 42 impaired drivers for the year, with 15 arrests while working on a dayshift. He was formally recognized for his DUI enforcement by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Kevin demonstrates a working knowledge of the Flagstaff Police Department’s Mission Statement by his efforts in DUI enforcement and patrol work in general. He is an example for his peers to emulate and therefore was selected as the Flagstaff Police Department Officer of the Year.

2015 Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association Officer of the Year

Michael Slayton started with the Police Department in February of 1997. He served as a patrol officer, Crime Free Multi-Housing Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, Patrol Corporal and became a Detective in 2009. Detective Slayton’s file has dozens of commendations and letters praising him for his customer service and performance. His fellow detectives have witnessed Slayton taking the time to teach and assist other employees with questions or concerns. They have also observed Detective Slayton's care and passion for the job as he goes above and beyond what is required from a peace officer within our agency. As an example, while working a recent overdose investigation Detective Slayton showed the parents of a son who had a drug problem a high level of compassion during the investigation. He understands that communication is key and a necessary tool to an investigator. Detective Slayton has always been available to assist with matters after hours and he prides himself by putting his best work forward. For these efforts he was selected as the by the Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association as their Officer of the year. Page 19

Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.