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FLAGSTAFF POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Arizona Homicide Investigators Association, as well as a member of the Multi-Agency Shoot Team and SWAT Team. Casey is the senior detective in our Criminal Investigations Division, where his work performance is outstanding and his positive attitude is unparalleled. He worked over 180 cases last year, with the majority of them being death investigations, sex crimes, and violent felonies. Recently, he was one of the lead investigators in a series of automated bomb threat calls to our local schools. He wrote over 30 warrants and subpoenas on the case leading to a suspect living in New York. He worked with the FBI and New York Police Department, and ultimately assisted in the interview and arrest of the primary suspect. Casey also assisted closely with the multiple victims shooting on the NAU Campus. Casey works tirelessly to arrest the criminals while still giving the best possible customer service to the law abiding citizens. He goes out of his way to assist his fellow detectives on their cases as well. Casey embodies the best of the law enforcement profession and it is our honor to have him named as the VFW Officer of the Year.

Lifesaving Award Officer Scott Ingram

On April 30, 2015, at 0235 hours, Officer Scott Ingram responded to a toner call of a train pedestrian collision in which the pedestrian had lost his leg. Upon his arrival, Ingram climbed through the train to get to the victim, and discovered his leg was severed just below the knee, and he was bleeding profusely. Ingram directed medical personnel to arrive on the Industrial side of the train to be closer to the patient. Ingram began applying pressure to the wound, directing a trailing officer to grab the medical kit from the patrol car. With the medical kit, Ingram applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg as he was crying in pain, explaining to him that although it was painful it was necessary to try and save his life. Ingram kept the victim alert by talking to him and asking him questions, while he tightened the tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Medical personnel stated that Ingram’s quick actions likely saved the victims life. Ingram’s actions exemplify the Flagstaff Police Department’s mission and vision of protecting and saving lives.

Lifesaving Award Officer Kory Wilcox and Corporal Collin Seay On May 2, 2015 officers responded to a report of a man hanging on the edge of a bridge on the west side of Country Club Drive over I-40. Upon arrival the subject explained he had recently lost his job and he expressed his desire to kill himself. As other officers arrived on scene, the subject moved himself closer to the edge of the overpass. The distance to the ground was estimated to be approximately 40-feet, making a fall from that height potentially lethal. Page 15

Annual report 2015  

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report.