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Who we are and what we do Seafarers UK is the leading maritime charity that supports and promotes the many organisations that look after seafarers in need across the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines, together with their families, in the UK and the Commonwealth. Key aims Our key aims are to improve the quality of life for seafarers and their families in times of need by securing more efficient aid and support for them, and to ensure the effective distribution of funds to those charities that help them, so as to assist as many people as possible.

Royal Charter Our governing document is our Royal Charter, first issued in 1920 and last amended in 2010. It describes our Objects as:

The relief of seafarers, their families or dependants, who are in need.

The education and training of people of any age to prepare for work or service at sea.

The promotion of the efficiency and effectiveness of the maritime charitable sector.

The promotion of safety at sea.

All of these are achieved by providing support to organisations established within or outside the Commonwealth. This allows us to help a wide range of people from the maritime community, although both the Charter and resolutions made by the trustees exclude some specific activities. For example, we are unable to support memorials or the various charities


and trusts promoting sailing activities for the disabled. We consistently review our activities so we can meet the fundamental aims of the Charter in the light of the changing maritime, defence and social environment of the 21st century. How we do this is described in the following sections of this report.

Providing benefit Under the Charities Act 2006 there is a requirement for charities to make formal statements in their reports concerning more precisely how their activities fall under one or more of the 13 definitions of providing benefit. The trustees of Seafarers UK would like formally to state that they have taken heed of the Charity Commission’s guidance on this matter when reviewing their aims and objectives and in planning future activities. Seafarers UK is actively and positively involved in:

The prevention and relief of poverty.

The advancement of health.

The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship and other disadvantages.

The promotion of the efficiency of the Armed Forces of the Crown.

The charity also has connections to other definitions promoting amateur sport, religion and education, where these are to do with nautical welfare. Indeed, we take great pride in having the ability, in principle, to relieve almost every aspect of the human condition, from cradle to grave, and irrespective of race, gender or orientation, so long as the beneficiary has satisfactory links with the UK and Commonwealth maritime community.

Seafarers UK, Annual Report 2012  

Seafarers UK charity, Annual Report and Accounts 2012.

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