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Structure, Governance & Management

The Audit and Governance Committee, which meets at least twice a year, continues to review the operation and effectiveness of the control framework during the year in question. The chair of the Audit and Governance Committee is invited, and often attends, meetings of other committees. Seafarer UK’s strategy to achieve its purposes is set out in an annual Business Plan, which is reviewed regularly by standing committees throughout the year, and updated and approved by the General Council. The opportunity was taken in the latter half of 2010 to produce a complementary five-year Strategic Plan.

This plan is now updated annually to include a five year rolling plan. Although our essential Objects remain unchanged, following the amendments to the Royal Charter, the Strategic Plan takes into account changes in demographic profiles, the emergence of new organisations such as the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, and possible options for the future of the Maritime Charities Funding Group. It lays out a Vision for the future of Seafarers UK, and suggests strategies to achieve that desired state. The box below is taken from the strategic Plan and clearly explains the aim.

A Vision for the Future Future direction must be driven by a shared and agreed vision of where and what Seafarers UK should be in five years’ time. This is based on five main themes:

Remaining ‘the leading charity for the UK’s maritime community’.

Supplying a strong and consistent grant-making service to the sector by means of intensive fundraising and the intelligent use of financial reserves.


Adopting a stronger central position in the maritime charity sector, not least as Chair of the Maritime Charities Funding Group (MCFG), and providing a focus for campaigning and managing generic services and projects. Remaining the maritime link with the Confederation of Service Charities (COBSEO), Veterans Scotland and other pan-sector bodies. Providing a focus for maritime research and the link with the proposed Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) and MCFG research base and other external data sources.

Seafarers UK, Annual Report 2012  

Seafarers UK charity, Annual Report and Accounts 2012.

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