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Captain’s Blog November 5, 2012

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. ~ Albert Einstein.

Happy Birthday!!! 11/5! !

John Fetz


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Gradua&on Rates  Increase!!!!! The  final  files  for  calcula/ng  school’s  Gradua/on  Rates  just  came  in.    The  final  gradua/on   rates  for  MHS  are:   4  Year  Gradua/on  Rate  (Federal  Uniform  Rate):    from  78.46%  to  82.3%       4  Year  AT-­‐RISK  Gradua/on  Rate  (Federal  Uniform  Rate):    from  53.45%  to  58.3%     There  is  no  doubt  in  my  mind  that  a  lot  of  the  increases  that  we  have  seen  also  include   the  hard  work  that  each  of  you  contributed  in  ensuring  that  this  data  was  accounted  for   accurately.    Thank  you  to  all  of  you  for  the  hard  work  you  are  doing  with  our  students!

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Buddy Taylor Middle School Bunnell Elementary Bunnell First United Methodist Church First AME Church of Palm Coast Hammock First Baptist Church Hidden Trails Community Center Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Pellicer Community Center St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church St. James Missionary Baptist Church Wickline Center

4500 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast 305 N. Palmetto Street 205 Pine Street, Bunnell 91 Old Kings Road North, Palm Coast 5328 Oceanshore Blvd, (S.R. A1A) 6108 Mahogany Blvd, Daytona North 75 Pine Lakes Parkway South, Palm Coast 1380 C.R. 2007, West Flagler County 108 Knox Jones Ave., Espanola 609 State Street (U.S. 1) Bunnell 800 S.Daytona Ave., Flagler Beach

Please make checks payable to the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners. (Mail to Flagler County Administration,1769 E. Moody Blvd., Bldg. 2, Bunnell, FL 32110) Non-perishable food donations can be dropped o at the Government Services Building, Palm Coast City Hall, Flagler Beach City Hall, the Chamber


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Common Core  is  Coming!

As we  are  quickly  approaching  the  implementa/on  of  Common  Core  standards  at  the  high  schools,  we  always  want  to   know  what  the  assessments  will  be  for  our  content  areas.    You  may  have  already  heard  of  the  Partnership  for  Assessment   of  Readiness  for  College  and  Careers,  PARCC.      The  PARCC  spans  across  23  states  and  will  provide  Florida  a  beZer  tool  to   compare  our  students  with  the  na/on  in  Reading,  Wri/ng  and  Mathema/cs  achievement. All  content  areas  will  play  a  vital  role  in  preparing  our  students  for  the  PARCC.    This  is  the  primary  reasoning  for  a   significant  increase  in  wri/ng  across  all  disciplines.    Students  will  be  given  wri/ng  prompts  and  open-­‐ended   ques/ons   that  will  bridge  mul/ple  content  areas  during  their  assessments. The  link  below  will  take  you  to  a  page  for  Mathema/cs,  Literacy,  and  Generic  Rubrics  which  are  located   on  the  le]  side  of  the  page  for  High  School  Grades  6-­‐11. No  maZer  what  you  teach,  please  take  a  few  minutes  and  look  at  the  sample  ques/ons  by  clicking  on   this  link: hZp://­‐school-­‐mathema/cs

Education Articles Twice as much instruction time may boost student success in algebra

Pushing students to take algebra in eighth grade, rather than in high school, may not be the answer to greater math achievement, researchers say. Instead, increased math success may be the result of "double-dose" algebra, a curriculum adjustment that offers struggling students an extra period of algebra every day, according to a group of university researchers who investigated the results of extra algebra in districts, including Chicago Public Schools. Education Next (1/2013)      Can math problems trigger physical sense of threat?: A recent study found similar neural activity occurs in individuals with high math anxiety and those facing physical harm. Researchers using brain-imaging technology studied subjects' neural patterns when faced with a fear-inducing math problem. "I'm really interested in understanding the source of the anxiety so that we can help all students perform up to their best in this important area," said Sian Beilock, a University of Chicago researcher and an author of the study. CNN/The Chart blog/The Chart (10/31)     

Do teenagers have the necessary skills to decipher graphs, charts?

Information presented in a colorful chart with slick graphics may be eye-catching, but it's likely many teens cannot grasp the important data the chart contains, suggests former teacher John Tierney. To help students learn how to navigate around a complicated chart or graph, Tierney suggests sharing charts found with students and asking them to explain the main point of the chart, as well as as pointing out charts that do a poor or even deceptive job at presenting data. The Atlantic online (10/30)     

6 ways students use technology to help change the world

Teachers can use digital tools to help students make a difference in the world, teacher Bill Ferriter writes in this blog post. He offers six ways students can use such technology to help support causes, including one at his own school in which students used the microlending service Kiva to assist entrepreneurs in developing countries. Ferriter also writes about students who have used blogging to spread the word about projects they are passionate about. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Education (11/1)


ALL WEEK Fall  sports  a]er  school  prac/ce Winter  sports  prac/ce Smile  Train  fundraiser,  Interact-­‐-­‐Dining  Hall MONDAY,  NOVEMBER  5,  2012 5:00  PM Girls  soccer  AWAY  vs.  Crescent TUESDAY,  NOVEMBER  6,  2012 all  day Mock  Presiden/al  Elec/on,  Media  Center all  day Girls  Bowling  to  State  Tournament,  Orlando 5:00  PM Girls  soccer  HOME  vs.  Clay 5:00  PM Boys  soccer  AWAY  vs.  Crescent  City Girls  basketball  Pre-­‐Season  Classic  AWAY  at  

7:00 PM Atlan/c WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER  7,  2012 6:30  PM Pirates  Touchdown  Club,  Media  Center THURSDAY,  NOVEMBER  8,  2012 I was visiting classrooms on Friday and saw a coule of things that I thought were worth sharing from Karin Feist’s room. In the first picture, Karin uses three small dry erase boards for her word wall. In the second picture you can seee how she uses paiter’s tape t separate her board into grids. She lists the EQ, agenda and HW assignments for each of her classes. You can also see her using a digital timer that is projected on her screen. Nice job Karin!

all day

Service Learning  classes  to  Kennedy  Space   Center

Herff Jones-­‐cap  and  gowns  sales,    Lower   both  lunches Spot 5:30  PM Boys  soccer  HOME  vs.  St.  Augus/ne

Girls basketball  AWAY  vs.  Titusville  at  Atlan/c  

5:30 PM HS 5:30  PM FSDB  Football  Game,  ASL  field  trip FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER  9,  2012 all  day

Blood Drive  #2,  Theatre  Lobby  and  side  of  front   parking  lot

ROTC program  in  Gym  in  Honor  of  Veterans   Day Herff  Jones-­‐cap  and  gowns  sales,    Lower   both  lunches Spot Boys  football  HOME  vs.  Atlan/c:  SENIOR   7:00  PM NIGHT SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER  10,  2012 all  day

CROSS COUNTRY  AWAY:  FHSAA  3A  Region  1   Championship Herff  Jones-­‐cap  and  gowns  sales,  Pirate  Conference   9-­‐11:00  AM room

all day

The Smile Train Matanzas High School's Smile Train project is underway.  The Smile Train provides free cleft surgery “which takes as little as 45 minutes and costs as little as $250, and can give desperate children not just a new smile — but a new life.”   Donations are gratefully accepted.  If you are able to do so, bring your spare change to the Hispanic Club students' table in the Dining Hall or stop by Ms. Yvonne Valdivieso's classroom, 6-218.  Smile Train bracelets will be on sale during first lunch.  Last year, we were able to pay for one child’s operation.  This is a wonderful humanitarian cause.  Imagine if we could help another child this year, too!  On behalf of the children, Thank you.


Great Idea!!!

Matanzas JROTC took a Mixed Raider Team to I was sitting in Mrs. Winfree's class as competition for State Qualifier last Saturday and did a student learning about a free online exceeding well. We are very proud of them. tool that gives the teachers a place to 1st Place Rope Bridge 1st Place Cadet Challenge (Accumulated number of Push-up & Sit-up) 2nd Place Academic Test (Map Reading & First Aid) 2nd Place 3 Mile Run Overall 1st Place and First time State Qualifier The students who participated include: Connor Crider, Austin Gumz, Michael Harbater, Juanita Fulton, Angel Perez, Nathan Hutches, Chandler Wood, Michael Cobb, Kaitlyn Stanfield, Anthony Allgor. Congratulations!!

give a formal/informal assessment with instant feedback. It was awesome! The site is and I will ask her to put together an idea for teachers to use this application in classrooms.  Students can use their phones to input data. The kids loved it. John