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The Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player Is Actually A Player A Large Number Of People Prefer Both children and adults have come to the realization that MP3 players are something that they want to have, and their popularity continues to grow. You should also be aware that technology continues to increase each year and so does the the technology that you could find in MP3 players. You ought to be aware that there are plenty of people out there who wish to have all of the new technology that comes out, and these men and women end up buying a new player each and every year. In this article we are going to be checking out the Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player which is one of the players that have a lot of new technology.

The 5 inch touch screen that comes included with this device is among the features that many people like relating to this particular device. You're also going to see that the resolution on the screen is 800 x 480, which will present you with a fantastic quality when you are trying to watch movies or play games. A lot of folks these days want to make certain that their products have high definition which is among the reasons this device has become so popular. Another thing I'd like to point out would be the fact that this actually includes speakers built into the product so you don't need to use the headphones unless you would like to.

The player itself also includes 8 GB of storage built into the the device, but for those of you who want more storage you will discover that this is expandable with a 32 gigabyte micro SD card. And for people who would like to store loads of movies on this unit you are going to find that with the expandable memory you'll have the opportunity to save over 50 hours of video. Another thing which could surprise you is the fact that on one charge of this device you'll have the ability to watch about four complete movies if there are 2 hours each.

You could wind up storing over 10,000 files if you decided to upgrade the memory on this product with a 32 GB card. And if you do the math you will find that, that is over 650 hours of audio you are able to save on this product.

I'm certain plenty of your are now wondering just how much this device costs, particularly because it has the android platform, and you might be surprised to find the you can pick it up on Amazon for $239. the full details There are tons of men and women out there who prefer

to understand what other individuals think about a product before they invest in it, and for you folks I would also suggest you check out Amazon as they have over 200 reviews from people who have purchased this product.

The Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player Is Actually A Player A Large Number Of People Prefer  

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