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ISSUE SPONSOR ADVERTORIAL John Lewis, Cambridge is supporting FLACK as part of its work this year for local charities that tackle homelessness. This is part of a wider commitment the department store has towards the community in which it trades. Staff members have raised money, helped on stalls, offered Pamper Mornings at Wintercomfort and many have become firm friends of FLACK, especially those involved with the fashion photoshoot featured in this magazine. Here are some of the other ways the staff at John Lewis, Cambridge have got involved with charitable work.

Contact the Elderly In Cambridge, one of our Partners, Sarah Ingram, worked for the charity Contact the Elderly and set up monthly tea parties for lonely and isolated older people. Thanks to Sarah, there are now three Contact the Elderly groups in Cambridge, all of which are thriving and all of which provide a lifeline for older people who may go for days without speaking to another person.

Visitors from Chernobyl A visit to John Lewis is part of an annual visit to Cambridge for a group of children from Chernobyl. John Lewis donates clothes and shoes and organises trips with Partners, such as a tour of the city with a Russian-speaking guide, followed by a delicious tea and the gift of a goody bag containing a variety of treats.

Acorn House For the last seven years, Janet Snider, a Partner in the Toy department, has been making a regular monthly visit to Acorn House, a home from home for families of sick children being treated at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Janet looks after the gardens and the courtyard plants, creating a haven for families to sit and be quiet, away from the bustle of the hospital.

PAGE 2 | FLACK | October 2011

www.flack About the front cover ... Jude Evans has been involved with FLACK since the beginning, she is a writer and passionate communicator. Jude is ‘in recovery’ from years of drug addiction and homelessness. Jude is currently working on a film about International Drug Policy with Toby Peters. photo: Mark Woods-Nunn

Inside this issue...

About FLACK ...

FLACK is a new kind of what’s on magazine for Cambridge. We’re different in two important ways. Firstly, we cover the kind of events that can be hard to find out about in the city, from free films and exhibitions to live music, stand up and even bike maintenance workshops. Secondly, homeless people are core members of our production team. FLACK - which is also a registered charity – offers them training, support and a sense of vocation; helping them to get back on their feet. All of which gives our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

Why FLACK? Well ... homeless people get a lot of flack ! (aka random criticism) ... and ‘to flack’ means to publicise and promote and that’s what FLACK is all about ... providing a positive insight into who homeless people are, what they have to say and offer.

Subscribe to FLACK Make sure you don’t miss next month’s issue. Subscribe online to receive your copy of FLACK in the post at the beginning of every month – with a free FLACK Badge for every new subscriber. Editorial : Advertising : Listings : Volunteer : Published by FLACK Cambridge, City Life House, Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QF Registered Charity Number : 1136657 Printed by Burlington Press

WOW! Members of FLACK model this autumn’s hot looks in our special John Lewis Fashion Feature pages 13 - 18

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October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 3


FLACK Editorial by Jude Evans


elcome to the first edition of FLACK, a brand new, home - grown magazine for Cambridge and its many visitors. FLACK is more than just another magazine because we work with the energy, creativity and potential of homeless people. We’ve worked really hard to offer something for everyone - a funky comprehensive listings guide to ‘what’s on’ in Cambridge (music, theatre, clubs, pubs gigs, talks etc) plus human interest stories, art, poetry and creative writing which showcase the talents of our FLACK members. Also we highlight some of the many issues homeless people face and how we fit into the wider community. After all, homeless people are just people and FLACK is a unique beacon of hope for those who (as HRH Prince William put it) have fallen on “hard times”. My name is Jude and I’ve been on and off the streets of Cambridge for over ten years. Trying to break away from the soul destroying cycle of drugs, rough sleeping, hostel dwelling and mental health issues is hard, very hard. But Flack’s philosophy of ‘potential not problems’ has played a huge part in a

new era of self-belief for me and our growing number of homeless team members. FLACK is a social enterprise and a registered charity. We want to become a sustainable business so that we can carry on transforming the lives of homeless people without relying on charitable handouts. FLACK offers an environment that promotes confidence and skills with a totally nonjudgemental approach to learning. I’d like to thank John Lewis for being our launch issue sponsor, Julian Huppert MP for his support in our early days, and especially our film star patron, Tom Hardy for believing in us. FLACK has made a huge difference to my life and I truly believe it will make a huge difference to our city too! Lots of love Jude Evans (on behalf of the whole FLACK Team) PS: Check out our videos (including one featuring Tom Hardy) on our FLACK Cambridge You Tube Channel. We’ve got a facebook page and twitter profile too!

We provide a range of opportunities including:

A developing social enterprise providing ex-homeless and vulnerably housed individuals with the opportunity to re-build their lives through employment and training in maintenance renovation and small works services. Through employment with support, our trainees are supervised and trained on the job, both to learn vital job skills and develop personal resources as a stepping stone to an independent future.

• full and part time jobs with us • training • work experience • work placements • support for gaining qualifications • exit strategies into permanent employment

For further information: October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 5


Turning things right ~ a young life in journals Kerry Packham has found keeping journals helpful since her early teens. Our Creative Director interviewed her about how journaling helps her to make sense of her life. ARTICLE BY DIANE MORRISON

“It gives you something to read back on. It’s a good way to get your feelings out instead of self-harming.”


erry is featured in this month’s fashion shoot. Her pictures demonstrate how the negativity associated with the homeless community is largely a matter of perception. Looking at her in this season’s latest, we might ask what would lead a beautiful woman of twenty-five to thoughts of self harm. Since the age of 5 Kerry has lived in fourteen different care and foster homes. Kerry says simply that she was put into care because “my mum was an alcoholic and my dad was dead.” Kerry was sixteen when her mother died, she had just begun to reestablish a connection with her when she received an answerphone message that said, “sorry your mum’s dead.” Kerry’s mother died a year after she had given birth to Callum, her baby, who was put up for adoption when he was just ten months old. The decision about where Callum would live was made without Kerry’s participation. His father didn’t want to have the baby, so she would have been a single young mother at fifte, with no family support, living in care. Still, Kerry was devastated that she couldn’t keep her child. “I think they were wrong in what they did. They should’ve helped keep us together. Not split us up. They never even gave me a chance.” Kerry’s last foster carer left Cambridge without her, and she found herself homeless. Kerry developed a heroin habit while living in hostels. She says she would never have used heroin if her child hadn’t been taken away from her. “It was as if you can’t beat them, join them. It took away the pain.” In Kerry’s opinion hostel life keeps people stuck in negative patterns. Other residents discourage positive achievements made by people who are trying to move forward. Kerry now lives in her own home and values the peace and selfdetermination it allows her - she’d rather be on her own than with a group who try to “drag her down.” The journal that Kerry shared with FLACK for PAGE 6 | FLACK | October 2011

this article was focused mainly on the time around Callum’s birth. The photographs of her last day with him – neatly annotated 9/1/02 and decorated with a heart sticker – are very moving. There is a spark in her in those pictures that doesn’t often shine through in the Kerry we see today. The following is a poem from her journal about her feelings for Callum.

Time is not a healer, That I have learnt. People wish for a fairy Yet no magic is done. Wishing for a blue fairy, Hope she comes tonight, To bring you back Unbreak my heart And turn things into right.

Elsewhere in the journal Kerry has attached the annual letters and drawings she receives from Callum’s adopted parents, he is now ten years old. She hints at the pain of only being allowed to write to him once a year. Kerry is very passionate about her pet corn snake, Mango, who often visits FLACK to befriend our staff and trainees. Kerry is now in treatment for her addiction and helps out at FLACK by writing personal thank you letters to our donors and supporters. She is hoping there will come a time when life feels normal. A challenged life of homelessness and drug addiction need not destroy the vivacity and beauty of a person. While time might not be a healer, the process of journaling may well be. * Kerry’s son’s name has been changed


FLACK Crossword compiled by CERSOBLEPTIQUE

Across 1. Cannes Festival (4) 2. Trendy togs in a song by Bowie (7) 3. Football Association (2) 4. Quentin beat it to a pulp (7) 5. The Furry _____ Brothers (5) 6. Tiny tooth merchant (5) 7. Uno little motor (4) 8. Blushing pink bird with lovely long legs (8) 9. Concentrated gaze (5) Down 1. Nowt as queer as (4) 2. More than a magazine (5) 3. Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (3) 4. Every four years you leap the day this month gives away (8) 5. A drink that goes pop (5) 6. Fruity laxative swear word (3) 7. Young Oxford 5 piece band. Album 'Total Life Forever' (5) 8. ____ and the Fury Sex Pistols film(5) 9. Spider's snack on your zipper (3) 10. It covers the River Tyne and it's not yours cos it's all mine (3)

FLACK Pin Hole Camera Kits Capture the sun’s journeys over your home or garden. Fascinating and educational gift for all ages!

Proceeds support FLACK’s work with homeless people. Kits include full instructions and free processing by FLACK

£10 from FLACK HQ - Citylife House, Sturton St or online at

For details contact : James Martin on 01223 366532 October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 7


THE GENIUS IN MY BASEMENT The biography of a happy man by Alexander Masters, reviewed by Julian Raphael.


lexander Masters wrote Stuart: a life backwards which was made into a BBC drama starring Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch. Career-wise I feel Alexander Masters is in a similar position to Donna Tartt after the publication, and extraordinary success, of The Secret History. Masters has an awful lot to live up to. With The Genius In My Basement Masters has come up with another Cambridge centred book, but this time one steeped in academia and the life of the University. It is not a book that shares much, if any, of the same language and interest of Stuart, nor does it spill with anecdotes and stories in the same way Stuart did. On a very superficial level it does not entertain half as much. All this has to do with the subject of the biography: Dr. Simon Phillips Norton. I have a biography of Lou Reed on my shelf and it rocks! This is because Lou Reed was in an underground punk rock band, hung out with Andy Warhol, met Lulu, snogged David Bowie and hung out and did unmentionable things narcotics-wise with William Burroughs all before breakfast.. Dr. Norton has done none of these things, plus you can’t shut Lou Reed up, he’s a motormouth. Dr. Norton is not, he is, I’m afraid to say, pretty bland and getting the Doctor to talk about himself is like getting blood out of a stone. So why write a book about him? Genius made me think of two different sculptures. One the smooth, rounded, stones of Barbara Hepworth Masters’ prose style is so vivid and, well, smooth and the other the anti-art sculptures of Jean Tinguely which mechanically repeated useless actions until violently breaking apart in electrical spasms. Most of Genius is about the near impossibility of writing a book about Dr. Norton (the only other book I’ve read which comes this close to collapsing in on itself is Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen). PAGE 8 | FLACK | October 2011

Simon Norton is an internationally renowned mathematician and Masters follows him around in Genius In My Basement hoping to extract pearls of wisdom explaining Life, the Universe and Everything while also capturing, in words, the quiddity of Simon’s soul. No dice and the reader is left wondering what being a genius and child prodigy might mean. There is a touch of Eleanor Rigby to Genius, and the fact that none of Dr. Norton’s professional ideas can be understood by anyone who is not themselves a math genius means they remain a mystery. Apart from the matter of road traffic Dr. Simon Norton has nothing, and I mean nothing to say. Public transport Good : Cars Bad. It’s very hard to say anything about this book. Unlike Stuart, which had a person with a very vibrant voice trying to tell his life, story Dr. Norton has no wish to communicate. Reading the book is rather like watching someone spinning plates and them crashing to the ground one after another until there is just the one plate left spinning which is Masters’ badgering of Norton for some inkling of what is going on in his mind. William Golding (Lord Of The Flies) wrote a novel called The Paper Men about an unwelcome biographer and the quite natural shyness of a living subject. Genius is The Paper Men writ large, and highlights the emotional bear-traps of writing seriously about persons we are familiar with, so that through his urge to maintain his privacy and Masters’ constant prodding Dr. Norton comes across as real. A very strange book! One last thing. I spotted a mistake. It’s on page 203, there’s a zero where there should be a seven. Does that make me a genius too? Editor’s Note: Alexander Masters was the founding Editor of the Willow Walker magazine which preceded FLACK in publishing the writing of homeless people in Cambridge.


FLACK Recipe


Courgette Spaghetti Carbonara by Terry Mullin

TUESDAYS to FRIDAYS 1200 to 200

food4food is a new cafe run by wintercomfort for the homeless. Enjoy our tasty, affordable meals and snacks knowing your money is helping us to help disadvantaged members of our community.

(Serves 2)

Ingredients 2-3 medium courgettes Spaghetti (amount according to pack instructions) 1 medium onion 2 rashers of bacon (optional) Salt & pepper 200g soft fat cheese 3 tablespoons water Butter for frying

Method Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook the spaghetti according to pack instructions, stirring occasionally. FREE SLICE OF CAKE WITH ANY HOT DRINK WHEN YOU BRING THIS FLYER! OFFER OPEN TO 31 DEC 2011.

High quality, locally sourced, sustainable food. Supporting local farmers and food artisans Low Carbon Footprint Good food to take away Enjoyable cafe area

Meanwhile dice the onion and add to a medium size frying pan with a knob of butter. Stir gently until soft, then dice the courgettes and the bacon and add to the onion mix, and stir until courgettes are soft but not mushy. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the drained spaghetti to the frying pan. Stir in the soft cheese until it achieves a liquid consistency adding the water until you have the sauce thickness you want. Serve immediately and enjoy! Approximate cost ÂŁ3.50

Ordering service with three local companies for fish, meat and wild game. Orders placed by Tuesday can be collected either Friday night or Saturday morning. Celebrate our 2nd Birthday ~ Sat 30 October Join us for free tasters and more ...

Urban Larder, No. 9, The Broadway, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3NA 01223 212462 October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 9


A FLACK Rant by Julian Raphael

when i became homeless i lost all social currency by currency i mean pretty much exactly what is meant by monetary currency once homeless and on the streets i became a pre-decimalisation penny in a world of fifty pound notes having realised not having any money makes you somehow invisible and smaller and really does make you appear to be worthless i had to seriously re-assess my belief about friendship my most shocking moments of realising i had lost social currency came when speaking with people who i felt were friends (mostly from school) i would be saying this and that blah dee blah perhaps trying to be funny perhaps soliciting for serious advice or a favour nada nothing they were seeing me as a tramp and they could not be friends with a tramp i was a drain i was money going down the drain i was not making money therefore i was a failure and failure might be contagious consequently i have given up being friendly to people i dont have to associate with the homeless have entered the black hole in societys map of the known universe they have plunged off the straight foaming edge of the world and disappeared the homeless are one of lifes big mysteries Light is unable to escape (due possibly to tighter state benefits) the black hole of homelessness can be seen as a hell in the heavens a dark glitch in the glittering curtain of clinically shinyhappy shopping precincts of futureworldnow dot co dot uk fail to assert your place in the known universe of work and ambition and whumf you are sucked as if at the speed of light into it a strange world where normal laws do not apply they say if you go into a black hole and through the other side you will arrive at a parallel universe maybe but first you are squashed flat (or whatever) and time ceases to exist what is it inside some people binds them firmly to the known universe of mortgages tax returns and package holidays while others of us float off into the mental chaos of black holes and alcohol induced poverty why is it once past the event horizon of homelessness it is (almost) impossible to return to the real’world and any such return always posing the philosophical question did I return to the world i left or go through to a parallel universe for me having sat around in the black hole of homelessness on and off for ten years i found that like the house of God containing many mansions one black hole rather unrelentingly leads to another like a pair of mirrors facing each other creating the illusion of an infinity of similar spaces moods and alienating perspectives so it was i was drawn into another singularity. A FLACK RANT was first published in FLACK’s Pilot Issue No.4 - all pilot issues are online at

Darkness Falls I wake up, feel fine. Wind in my hair and sunshine on my face - just another day! Then, I feel it. I feel it like no other. I feel it on my skin, I smell it in the air. The world rushes pass me and I’m just not there. My mind clouds over, my teeth dig on my lips and my eyes water. My heart feels inconsolable rage that I cannot master. Like a nuclear meltdown I am toxic. I want to burn, I want to rip my chest open and scream. There is no peace in my want of solace. I am God’s wrath, I am the atomic bomb. I feel like destroying something beautiful. I stand in front of my enemy now. Again, I am looking at my own reflection…

by S. Robin Ahmed PAGE 10 | FLACK | October 2011

www.flack eco

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Making ethical shopping easier since 1970

“Homelessness is destructive, FLACK is creative”


LACK publishes the work of homeless artists and writers and helps homeless people to share their stories and experiences through a process of interview and shared editing. FLACK’s definition of homelessness includes people who are vulnerably housed, sofa surfing, staying in nightshelters or hostels as well as those forced to sleep rough. In Cambridge, this

means that at least 600 people are currently homeless. FLACK welcomes submissions of articles, creative writing, poetry and artwork from anyone who has personal experience of homelessness either currently or in the past. FLACK recognises that the damage caused by homelessness is not immediately repaired by a roof over your head. . Over 20 homeless people are

actively engaged at every level of making FLACK happen from editorial to governance. If you would like to know more about FLACK and how you can get involved - do come along to our Drop-In Wednesday Lunch at Citylife House, Sturton St starting at 1pm. or visit > October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 11


Our John Lewis Day The women who couldn’t resist the 6” purple velvet shoes by Cindy Reay ... some here to unknown latent female DNA surfaced and my 1st thought ? God I’m in love.


am very lucky to have become involved with FLACK magazine, which has resulted in some interesting experiences, one of which was to be a model at a professional John Lewis photoshoot! A sentence I never thought I would ever say! (more chance of flying to the moon). Slap, hair, clothes, the full works. Now I am not a girly girl but our Creative Director has an uncanny ability to project any idea as fun and whilst your mind is screaming no, no, no, somehow your mouth independently goes OK. Upon arrival at John Lewis we were made to feel instantly, genuinely welcome. We were taken through to the Fashion Advice area where the shoot was happening where we immediately espied the most gorgeous 6 inch purple velvet stilettos. I am not a shoe woman, a lifetime of catering requiring flats dampened that, and yet some here to unknown latent female DNA surfaced and my 1st thought ? God I’m in love. 2nd – How the hell do you walk in them? 3rd – I’d have them in a second. 4th – They’d only be good for sitting, car, restaurant, theatre, car. 5th – Wardrobe Love. Mostly us lot wear flatties but we nearly all had a try. Clinging to the furniture I tottered (only word for it) forward trying to glide and failing. Jade seemed more assured and did a twirl. Our revered leader Kirsten, a confirmed flat sandaller had a go.

PAGE 12 | FLACK | October 2011

Emma looked as though she were born in them and seriously sashayed. Those that didn’t looked envious and drooled slightly. Even though unlikely to wear them I would still want to ensconse them in my wardrobe so that every morning I could lovingly stroke and admire and brighten my day with the knowledge they were MINE. I didn’t note the price but would “sell my second child or rent out my husband!” to possess those lovelies. I do however suspect from what I observed with John Lewis’ prices I wouldn’t have to do the former. Nature or nurture, who gives a fig… I WANT THOSE SHOES. Thank you John Lewis for a fantastic experience. You certainly deserve your reputation for 1st class service. When I win the lottery …

I Want To Flourish

by Jade Rivers

Waking early the day after the John Lewis photoshoot I found myself writing my first happy poem.

I want to taste the crimson of a burnt summer sky Lay loafing on a gondola Gleaming with dreams And pondering peacefully all the while I really want to flourish, and the next time I cry I want to cry with happiness for this life what is mine I really want to flourish, Don’t clip my wings or dull my sights Exude exhaulted contentment Just step out, enjoy me life Relinquish all the bitterness All the knots and all the strife Wake up without them smarting thoughts Embrace the morning’s light No doubt at dusk or wager’s distrust, This time I know I’m right I really intend to flourish Coz my peace of mind’s that’s mine that’s right!

Cindy wears: houndstooth hacking jacket by Whistles £175, whippet print blouse by Hobbs £99, leather boots by John Lewis £150, belt by Fossil £15.40 (sale price), skinny jeans by Whistles £80

Street Fashion

FLACK models showcase this season’s key trends from John Lewis.


Banksy or Bollocks?

Jade wears: intarsia bird print dress £159 and parka jacket £159 both by Ted Baker, platform hiking shoe boots by Carvela £170, tights by Wolford £19

Jade Rivers interviews jon Bates of the Blight Society. TeTatet ad tatet nim qui bla facidunt iuscillum velUptatummod. BY ROBERT SCRIMSHAW AND BRIAN FIRSK


iquissed tisci tie consendre mincipsum dunt laorpero del er sumsandiat niametue modolor am il elit iure vendre molorem zzrit lutpatum nullaor suscillut vent laorper irilis num del iureet, sum quat. Met, cor sed tisis nibh eugait alisisl in euis eum dipsummodio dipit ullaor senibh exer iriustrud deliscilit ad tio del dolortis augiam in utpat. Duis erit luptat, quat am dunt aci tie ver sectem incilla conulput prate vulput nit eugue dionsed enibh eu feumsan ero et ad do el ercidui ssenim vendit ut wisi blan vullan esequis nim quam nulputpat. Volorti ncilla con velesto del ut alisim nulpute magniam ing er sismod elismol enisi. Vendre min ut adignim inibh erilis adigna facing exer suscillaor accum zzrit adit nos dolum nullaorem duismodolore dit dolutem nonulpu tpatuer cinibh

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PAGE 14 | FLACK | October 2011

Kerry wears: heart print blouse £110, trousers both by Whistles £75, wedge boots by Carvela £110, messenger bag by John Lewis £69

Emma wears: printed silk blouse £89, pencil skirt £89, jacket £189 all by Ted Baker, patent pumps by Carvela £110

Steph wears: striped jumper by Phase Eight £65, necklace by John Lewis £18, trousers by Planet £48, scarf by John Lewis £18, pumps by Gabor £79.99, handbag by John Lewis £49

Kirsten wears: dress by Phase Eight £160, cashmere pashmina £89, satin bow clutch bag both by John Lewis £22, peep toe shoes by Dune £75

Jade wears: intarsia bird print dress £159 and parka jacket £159 both by Ted Baker, platform hiking shoe boots by Carvela £170, tights by Wolford £19 Diane wears: waxed jacket by Liberty for Barbour £219, trapper hat by Tom Joule £24.95, floral scarf by John Lewis £20

With many thanks to the Womenswear department at John Lewis Cambridge, without whose help, time and style this shoot would not have been possible. Make-up courtesy of Clarins and Benefit, John Lewis Cambridge. Hair by Marie Baker. Photography by Jemima Willcox.


Object of the Month # 01 by Josie Camus (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Remembered Friends

Parade burgonet, workshop of Filippo Negroli, c.1510 - 1579

KARL PINK 1987 - 2011


he first room you enter when you come to the museum is often the armoury. It’s a firm favourite with school groups, but always reminds me of the underlying strangeness of museums. Around the walls are cases of swords and maces: nicely polished, and with little labels by them. Yet many of these would have actually killed people and struck terror into hearts long ago. There are no worries with this ornate lion helmet though. It was designed and used solely for dressing up! It was made about 500 years ago, for Renaissance princes who liked to model themselves on the ancient Greek and Roman warriors. The lion’s head relates to the story of legendary strong man Hercules. It doesn’t have eyeholes in the visor though, so would have been worse than useless in the heat of battle. It was made in Milan, and was first spotted in England in 1935 in a sale of ‘theatrical junk’. This must have been a bit of an antiques roadshow moment for the buyer; for although it is a fashion item it is certainly not junk! It was made in the celebrated armour workshop of the Negroli brothers, and may once have had gold tracery picking out the details on the comb, and the lion’s whiskers. There is some Greek writing on the comb, which reads ‘By these things to the stars’ which would work just as well as a motto for Prada or Jimmy Choo today.


t bugs me that everyone describes Karl as the ‘grumpy one’ – he wasn’t grumpy he just liked to keep himself to himself. I got to know Karl three or four years ago when I first came to Cambridge. Karl pitched his tent next to mine and we just got along. I dragged him along with me to the Art Group that used to run at 222 Victoria Rd. I don’t know much about his life, he’d occasionally talk about his Mum, she used to ring him sometimes. He liked doing art, he was a good illustrator. He was so proud that his painting was included in the Willow Walker Calendar in 2008. He was still talking about it sometimes, just before he died. He was pleased and a bit shocked to see me when I came back after being away from Cambridge for a couple of years. He said “I thought you was dead” – someone had told him I’d died in a car crash. We’d often sit round my campfire and drink hot chocolate together. I liked talking with him. We could talk about anything. Our conversations were comfortable, he had a good sense of humour and once he got going he could talk for England. I liked having Karl around me, he didn’t bug me like some people. Even after he got his own flat he’d still come and visit me – he didn’t like his flat. He’d come and visit me when he wanted to avoid being drawn into things he October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 19

www.flack didn’t want to do. He was easily led and some people used to take advantage him. I know he didn’t use heroin often, but he did from time to time. I can’t help feeling that if there had been warning notices up about the bad batch that was going around, he might have been more careful. He wasn’t stupid, he had a brain. I do know that he never took heroin on his own, so he was trying to be careful. Karl had this dream of walking the coastline of Britain. He’d often talk about it and ask my advice about what he should take with him, what kit he’d need and that kind of thing. I will miss him popping by to see me randomly. He never outstayed his welcome, we’d have a little chat and then he’d be on his way. He didn’t try to scam you. If he borrowed money he’d pay you back and he’d lend you money too if you needed it. I trusted him. We were mates, we had a laugh and joke, we weren’t serious about it but it was serious. It’s hard to find the words. We had a mutual friendship. Neither of us took more than the other. We both knew we could ask if we needed anything. He was still so young, young enough to do whatever he wanted. Brad Kirkwood

MARTIN RAE (aka Bobby)


obby was a good friend. I knew him when we were living in Carlye Road. He would always help with cooking and would only ask for a roll-up in return. I do not know why he ended up the way he did but he was brilliant in his own way. I hope he feels better where he is and is in peace at last. Rest in peace ex military friend. I will never forget you. Michael James Dwyer

PAGE 20 | FLACK | October 2011




rian, you promised me I’d never have to do this for you. You know I hate writing obituraries (mind you who does like writing them?) I always worry I’ve never done the person justice. I can’t do you justice Brian. How can I put down on paper, in words just what a brilliant, brilliant person you were? Don’t get me wrong you were a pain in the arse sometimes, but I can’t remember those times. I can only remember the funny times, the goodhearted mischief we got up to, the constant bloody bickering about football. Didn’t you just have the last, biggest laugh on that one ? (8-2)! I have so many fantastic memories, the most recent being, you, diving all over the place with such enthusiasm in the Tommy McLafferty Cup. Your efforts were duly rewarded when you picked up the Goalkeeper of the Tournament award. How can I forget the initiation dance when opening my first ever can of Special Brew, or the time we decided to ride round on the buses all day pretending you had Tourette’s Syndrome and I was your Mental Health Nurse. Or even when you managed to jump the barrier at Oxford train station, I didn’t, and ended up climbing over a 10ft chain link fence in a skirt. Many memories. You were a fantastic friend in good times and bad, and I wish to God I wasn’t doing this. I miss you so much. Sweet Dreams Emma Hyde Chair of Cambridge Link-Up and FLACK’s Board of Trustees (and Arsenal supporter)

October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 20



supported by:

Dictionary Def: flack (verb) ~ to publicise or promote.

FLACK LISTINGS are researched by our volunteers and homeless members. FLACK’s mission is to offer our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

One Day in Cambridge # 1. photo by Cindy Reay.


FLACK Recommends

Model Railway Day

Byard, but this is the first time there’s been such a large collection of their work in the gallery at one time..

Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD 01223 300085

Cambridge Museum of Technology Sunday 2 October 11am to 5pm Adults £3, Concessions £1.50 Children under 7 go free There will be model railways of all scales on display at the museum. 01223 368650 (answering machine)

Hot Shots Byard Art

Cambridge, CB2 1SJ

to 30th October 09.30 - 5.30 FREE Hot Shots is the gallery’s first all photography exhibition. All five artists in the show - David Anthony Hall, Richard Heeps, Noel Myles, Lin Osborn and David Rhys Jones - are regular exhibitors at

Space Exchange Aid & Abet

Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JW

to 29 October Thurs, Fri, Sat 12 - 7pm FREE Space Exchange is an ambitious project as Aid & Abet opens its doors to other artist run spaces from around the UK this autumn in relation to the theme of ‘exchange’. Five artist run organisations have been invited to respond to the theme and have proposed a series of innovative projects through subtle interventions and performance events - exchanges of space, ideas, resources and the building of future collaborative relationships.

World Homeless Day Concert 10/10/11 Methodist Church Hall Sturton Street, Cambridge

Monday October 10th 7.00 - 9.30 Tickets £5 donations if unwaged In aid of homeless community group - Cambridge Link-Up. Featuring Toby Peters, Street Voices, Jade Rivers, Ben Sherwood and more ...

October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 21


Books and Babies

Cambridge University Library West Rd Cambridge CB3 9DR

to 23 December 9.00 - 4.30pm FREE This exhibition is about the two senses of reproduction, about babies and about the multiplication of images, sounds and text, and the ways in which they have interacted in the past and continue to interact today. . 01223 333000

Path Crossing Clare Hall

Cambridge CB3 9AL

to 30th October 9am - 6pm FREE The social architecture of Ralph Erskine, conceived & curated by Andrea Baczynski. In recent months, nearly thirty people from very different social backgrounds were asked to take photographs of their homes and work spaces created by the architect, Ralph Erskine. These were the building complexes he created in the 1960s at Byker in Newcastle upon Tyne and Clare Hall in Cambridge. The exhibition invites the visitor to take an active part by creating new juxtapositions of the images. 01223 332360

Bridget Riley Kettles Yard

Cambridge CB3 0AQ

to 20 Nov 11.30 - 5.00pm (closed Mondays) FREE This exhibition, organised uniquely for Kettle’s Yard, takes paintings and studies from the last thirty years to trace her progress through the agency of stripes, planes and curves and back to stripes. Bridget Riley has taken up vertical stripes again in her most recent paintings - the Rose Rose series. Despite their rigorous discipline, their subtly modulated planes offer a new plastic sensuality and radiate a tender yet powerful warmth. 01223 748100

Master’s Showcase Ruskin Gallery

Cambridge CB1 1PT

to 6 October 10am - 5pm FREE This exhibition provides an opportunity to view the work of artists from the Master of Fine Art and MA Printmaking courses at Cambridge School of Art.The MFA programme embraces a variety of creative attitudes and established PAGE 22 | FLACK | October 2011

practices ranging from painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, photography and film. The MA Printmaking work demonstrates the expanding potential of print media as a powerful image-​making tool for fine art research and practice.

Roald Amundsen Scott Polar Museum

TALK : Love for sale in the 17th century Seminar Room 35 Friday 28 October 13.15 FREE but space limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45 on day of talk. Colin Wiggins, The National Gallery on the secrets of the oldest profession.

Cambridge CB2 1ER

to 19 November 10am - 4pm FREE The Polar Museum’s Roald Amundsen exhibition interprets his life through the seven major expeditions that he undertook and ten of his personal relationships. Ronald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (1872-1928). Born into a Norwegian shipping family, Amundsen’s mother dreamed that he would become a doctor. Instead, he chose polar exploration, inspired by the example of Sir John Franklin.

‘Lost’ - an opera at the Fitzwilliam Museum


Grand Arcade Car Park Top Deck everyday FREE Bring warm coat, flask and binoculars.

Every month a member of FLACK will choose four events or exhibitions at the Fitzwilliam Museum. October’s selection is by John Mann.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RB

Tues - Sat : 10am - 5pm Sundays : 12pm - 5pm

Vermeer’s Women: Secrets & Silence

to 15 January 2012 Mellon Gallery 13 Explore the intimacy and beauty of interior scenes by Johannes Vermeer and his 17th-century contemporaries in the only showing of this visually stunning exhibition. At its heart is Vermeer’s extraordinary painting The Lacemaker (c.1669 -70) – One of the Musée du Louvre’s most famous works - rarely seen outside Paris and now on loan to the UK for the first time. sideways, with wry comic affection, on the lives we lived or might have lived.

TALK : Rex Metallorum/ King of Metals Seminar Room 35

Thursday 13 October 13:15 FREE but space limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45 on day of talk. Dr Heike Zech, Victoria & Albert Museum talks about golden treasures in princely collections in the 16th and 17th-centuries

Friday 28 October 20:00 - 22:30 £5 Booking essential online : A unique opportunity to join us for a new opera composed for the Fitzwilliam by Toby Young. Follow the story as it unfolds throughout the galleries.

Car Spotting


Crushing Death & Grief The Corner House

231, Newmarket Rd, Cambridge,CB5 8JE

Mon 3 October 8pm £5 advance £6 on the door LET’S WHISPER: the indie pop band, by Dana and Colin who were the lead singers for the indie pop underground, The Smittens. Their heartfelt, melancholic songs will provide an unknockable joy for all listeners. TENDER TRAP: is the most recent vehicle for venerable indie-pop icons Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey their music is a mixture of 60s girl-group harmonies, and guitar fuzz. 01223 352047

Live Irish Music Sessions The White Swan Public House 109 Mill Rd. Cambridge, CB1 3PE

EVERY MONDAY 8.30 FREE Come and join us for a real toe-tapping session with reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and a few songs thrown in. At the moment we are well up to our required complement of musicians, but feel free to come along anyway and listen.
Just for the craic!! 01223324007


The Acoustic Gathering Haverhill Arts Centre Haverhill CB9 8AR

Sunday 9th Oct 8:00pm Tickets £15 The Acoustic Gathering is a super-​trio spin-​off of The Gathering Britannia. Featuring Ray Jackson (Lindisfarne), Doug Morter (Albion Band, Magna Carta) and Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention,Fotheringay), the group promise to `go back to basics’, performing `great hits and long forgotten ditties’, in an acoustic format. 01440 714140

Mayflower Folk Club Portland Arms

129 Chesterton Road Cambridge CB4 3BA

Tuesday 11th October 8pm Tickets £10 Andy Cutting (BBC Folk Musician of the year) to appear in concert at the club. 01223 500092

The Travelling Band Portland Arms

129 Chesterton Road Cambridge CB4 3BA

Wednesday 12 October 8pm Tickets: £6 The Travelling Band’s shimmering blend of cosmic-country-pop, understated psychedelia, vocal harmonies and nu-folk has made them one of the most talked about artists to emerge from the Manchester music scene. Cambridge against the Cuts Benefit gig.

Cambridge Acoustic Nights CB2 Restaurant and Cafe

Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Saturday 15th October 8.30pm Tickets £5 This evening will see the launch of John Meed’s fourth album, Pavilion Parade. John will be joined by the musicians who collaborated on the album including Brian Harvey, Lester Lloyd Reason, Miguel Moreno, Philip Rundall, Cliff Ward and Rhys Wilson. 01223 508503

Last Gang In Town Man On The Moon

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LF

Monday 29th October 7.30pm Tickets £6 adv/ £7 door Something Wicked This Way Comes….a

Halloween Rock’n’Roll Carnival Sideshow! Featuring excellent bands, circus sideshow performances, rockin’ DJs, drinks promotions, candy, spooky décor, fiendish fancy dress competition (with cool prizes), an open air fire show and more! THE ROCKER COVERS - Big-boppin’ Rockabilly versions of contemporary Hits. HALLOWEEN CIRCUS SIDESHOW - Featuring Knife juggling, Sword swallowing, a Contortionist, a human Blockhead and more! 01223 357268

Sitting on the dock of the bay Quayside Any day, any time. Watch some ships sailing by.

Optional - bring some dry bread for the ducks .


CINE CLUB :Prête moi ta main Alliance Francaise

60 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

Saturday, October 1st at 7pm £3 for members - £5 for non members Our Ciné-Club meets once a month at the Alliance Française. French films with English subtitles will be screened and afterwards there will be refreshments and a discussion. All welcome! A single man hatches a plan for a marriage of convenience and gets more than he bargained for. Please book in advance - places are limited. 01223 561854

The Turning Point

Cambridge Arts Picturehouse Cambridge, CB2 3AR

The Turning Point, an inspirational film showing how a community in Scotland is making the transition to a more resilient and sustainable way of life supported by The Powerdown Show which introduces the issues around peak oil and climate change. The films will be followed by a question and answer session with local speakers and Transition Cambridge members Anna McIvor and Liz Serocold. 0871 9025720


Haverhill Arts Centre Haverhill CB9 8AR

Friday 14th Oct 6:45pm

Tickets £8 Fund Raising Film Night for Haverhill Performing Arts Festival. Ticket price includes Free Glass of Wine & Goody Bag. Demonstration of Dances from the Film by Hot Steps Dance School. Themed Costume actively encouraged. Prize for the best Sandy & Danny. 01440 714648

FLACK LISTINGS INFO Standard listings are FREE. There’s so much going on in Cambridge we can’t promise to include everything but we’ll try our best. FLACK prefers events that are free or affordable and don’t normally get included in mainstream publications. (follow the listings link to get listing with FLACK)

La Dante in Cambridge Italian Film Club

60 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LA

Friday 14th Oct, 7pm £3 members/£4 non members Viceré by Roberto Faenza, in Italian with English subtitles. Booking required 01223 315191

Bugsy Malone Swavesey Screen,

Swavesey Village College, Cambridge, CB4 5RS

12th Oct 7:00pm Tickets £3.50 (£2.50conc) A pint-sized cast illuminates this musical that is unlike any other ever made. (Cert U) Swavesey Screen hosts monthly film screenings for the community using the facilities at the Swavesey Village College. 01954 234476

FLACK FILMS Great collection of short videos by membersa of FLACK.

October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 23



Real Dracula ADC Theatre

Cambridge, CB5 8AS

Fridays, Saturdays to 1st Oct, 7:45pm Tickets £10-£6 The premiere of an exciting new play inspired by true events. A haunting love story from a land where vampires are more than just myth. In 2004, in a small Transylvanian village, relatives of a recently deceased schoolteacher became mysteriously ill. Villagers dug up the corpse, cut out the heart, burnt it and mixed the ashes with water. The drink was given to the sick relatives, who promptly recovered. “When I tell people the story, they cannot believe such things still go on in today’s world,” said co-​author and producer David Geasor. The story featured in 4 national newspapers, a Discovery Channel documentary and even an episode of CSI Las Vegas. (01223) 300085

hopes and dreams – and a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever had to write a CV. Classworks’ vibrant style of theatre-making mixes ensemble performance with film in this new touring production. The real world, imagination, memory and a bit of wishful thinking collide together bringing a whole new dimension to getting a job and discovering who you really are. Booking:

Frankenstein Mumford Theatre Cambridge

Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October, 7.30pm Suitable for ages 12+ Tickets: £11.50 (£8.50 concessions) A story told, a life ignited, the legend created... A nightmare begins.

End Of The Rainbow

Created in Proteus’ unique style, fusing physical performance, circus, film and music, this is a Frankenstein that holds the mirror up to our modern anxieties concerning human genetics, cloning and the revenge of nature.

Cambridge, CB2 3PJ

Hare and Tortoise

Cambridge Arts Theatre

Saturday 1st Oct, 2:30pm £35-£15 London, December 1968, and Judy Garland is about to make her comeback… again. Determined to reclaim her crown as the greatest talent of her generation, she battles with a tornado of drugs and alcohol and a gruelling schedule of exhausting concerts. Olivier Award-​winner Tracie Bennett portrays the troubled star in an extraordinary production that is thrilling, hilarious and extremely moving. 01223 503333

Mumford Theatre

The Curriculum Vitae of Aurora Ortiz

Visit tutti frutti’s new website for lots of ideas to engage with before and after the performance Booking:

Mumford Theatre Cambridge

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October, 7.30pm Suitable for ages 14+ Tickets: £11.50 (£8.50 concessions) What if your life has not really got going? You haven’t got a job, and, actually, you haven’t done much at all – yet. Where on earth do you start? Aurora Ortiz has just this problem. Even before she was born her life had questions but not many answers. So, now she is on her own, she had better jump in with both feet and start writing her CV the best way she can. This is a funny, touching story about expectations, PAGE 24 | FLACK | October 2011


Monday 24th October, 2.30pm Suitable for ages 4+ and families Tickets: £7.00 Meet two competing friends in this new fantastic adaptation of Aesop’s fable; a story about racing, opposites, time and friendship. From sun-shining spring to snow-falling winter, tutti frutti brings you this much loved story brimming with ideas, characters, live music and wonderful physicality.

Penny Dreadful’s Etherdome Mumford Theatre Cambridge

Tuesday 25th October, 7.30pm Suitable for ages 14+ Tickets: £11.50 (£8.50 concessions) Award-winning Penny Dreadful are back with an invitation to the Etherdome. Take your seats for this darkly funny, true tale of 1850’s America, where carnival-sideshows

meet live bluegrass… and dentistry! Mick Barnfather (Peepolykus, Right Size, Complicité) directs this extraordinary disaster-comedy, where the quest for pain relief takes a detour via lunacy, addiction and a duck pond! Booking:

Huguette Sings Mumford Theatre Cambridge

Saturday 29th October, 7.30pm Tickets: £10.00 (£8.00 seniors, £6.00 other concessions) Songs of today, songs from the past, songs forever, which Huguette renders in her highly personal and imaginative style, conveying the richness, relevance and timelessness of her French repertoire, with such great names as: Charles Trenet, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, Barbara, Marcel Mouloudji, Jean Ferrat, Yves Montand, Serge Gainsbourg, Claude Nougaro, etc… In order to help with comprehension, Huguette introduces each number briefly in English. Body language and expression do the rest. Booking:

Pembroke Players: Twelfth Night Howard Theatre

Downing College, Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1DQ

From 6th Oct to 9th Oct, 7:30pm £7/£5 concessions An iconic play which is often considered to be Shakespeare´s best comedy, Twelfth Night throws us into a world of chaos, cons and cross-dressing. Pembroke Players´ production transports the action to late 1940s Britain, with the classic songs and infectious optimism of the era. Veering between the comic and the tragic, the play´s mix of slapstick and solemnity, wordplay and worries is brought to life by some of Cambridge´s top acting talent, fresh from their Japanese tour. 01223 300085

Dr Faustus

Haverhill Arts Centre Haverhill CB9 8AR

6th Oct, 7:30pm £10/£8/£6 In his greed for power Dr Faustus, who believes he has reached the end of human knowledge, trades his soul to Lucifer in


exchange for 24 years of magic. A scheme of which no good can come! Marlowe’s The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Dr Faustus contains some of the most popular dramatic verse ever written and this version by Third Party Productions is supplemented with splendid comedy, dance, song and the dulcet tones of the ukulele. As well as a touch of ventriloquism, smoke, mirrors and cheap tricks. 01440 714140


Centre Stage Company Haverhill

Tue-Sats from 18th Oct to 22nd 7:30pm £10-£7 ´Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl . . . .´She travels to New York in search of fame, and finds herself performing at the world¬famous Copacabana Night Club. She meets Tony, they fall in love only to be separated by Rico, a gangster from a rival night club, The Tropicana. Will Tony and his friends be able to save Lola before it´s too late? 01440 714140

The Hound of the Baskervilles Priory Centre,

St Neots, PE19 2BH

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 25th Oct to 29th Oct 9:30pm - 10:30pm Tickets £5 Join Cambridge University’s Improvised Comedy Ents as they return from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe and burst onto the Pembroke New Cellars stage with an awards ceremony where you make the winners! See our skilled team of improvisers create scenes and an entire ’short film’ from your suggestions. With many years’ experience performing in Cambridge and Edinburgh, ICE are guaranteed to entertain. No scripts, no rehearsals,no problem! 01223 338100

FESTIVAL OF IDEAS There’s loads of wonderful things happening as part of Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas. We’ve chosen eleven (mostly)free events that took our fancy! Check out the Festival website for the full programme:

Dark Sun - August, 1945 West Road Concert Hall

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 29th Sep to 1st Oct, 2:30pm £9 / £10 St Neots Players present Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles. Performed in the round, so you’ll become involved in the mystery! Special offer of £5 on the Matinee performance only to everyone over 60. 07585 211401

Sunday 16 October, 2:00PM - 7:00PM Free event Rehearse and perform in Stephen Montague’s orchestral/choral work for massive amateur forces involving all levels and abilities playing traditional instruments to wine glasses. All-comers (Grade 3 to professionals) are invited to a rehearsal led by the composer himself and will then perform as part of a free community concert.

Aide-​Memorie (7.0)

Dress rehearsal & concert: Thursday 20 October 6pm followed by the concert at 7pm, West Road Concert Hall

Wysing Arts Centre Bourn, CB23 2TX

22nd Oct, 2:00pm - 5:00pm Artist contributor Uriel Orlow will present his performance lecture Aide-​Memorie (7.0); a piece which presents salvaged material of a future film and explores the territory between travelogue, slide show, obscure history lesson and immersive soundscape.

And the Award Goes To… Pembroke College Cambridge, CB2 1RF

Please include information on what instrument you play (instrument/voice/ percussion/non instrumentalist) and grade if applicable when booking. 01223 768927

Poseidon’s Palace

The Michaelhouse Centre Trinity Street St. Michael’s Church Cambridge , CB2 1SU

Monday 17 October - Saturday 29 8am - 5pm

Free Event The artists Fleur Howle and Anna Cocciadiferro are devising an exhibition with audience participation to create a beautiful allegory about our impact on the earths’ climate. At the center is an enormous bleached coral quilt bed brightly illuminated by stage lights. Covering the coral skeletons is a 3-d memory quilt echoing their structure. Strewn around the bed are giant soft sculpted costumes; reminiscent of a ruined coral reef, these forms can be explored by the audience to animate, wear and recline within. By switching the lights off via an amusing game the underwater world turns into a magical colorful coral reef. At opposite sides of the bed, a miniature bucolic windmill turns and a uranium glass power station lights up, in turn powering one of three stories.

Capturing Urban Conflicts Department of Architecture

1-5 Scroope Terrace Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PX

Wednesday 19 - Sunday 23 October 9am-5pm (Wed 19th 6pm-8.30pm Talk) Free Event Explore what everyday life is like in cities in conflict such as Jerusalem, Belfast and Beirut at this exhibition of photo-essays and maps. There will be a reception and talk by Dr. Wendy Pullan the project’s primary investigator on the opening night. 01223 760119

Making the Past Present Anglia Ruskin University

East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Wednesday 19 October: 3:00PM - 5:00PM Free Event A panel discussion on the relevance of world classics, epics and oral traditions to schools, museums and cultural organizations. Participants will include storyteller and academic Vayu Naidu, and Claire Wheeler from the University of Cambridge’s World Oral Literature Project. 0845 271 3333

Alien Landing

Midsummer Common Oct 31st 4.15pm Be there or be octagonal.

October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 25



Poems and images

Handel Choral Evensong

Market Square , Cambridge , CB2 3QD

Magdalene Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AG

Cambridge, CB2 3PQ

Sunday 30th October Free Event (Booking Required) A choreographed moving soft structure. This will appear around the City so expect to see us in the streets and squares. You can also contribute to the preparation by participating to the tour of Cambridge on 19 and 21 October. This site specific intervention is in the form of a soft structure moving according to map drawings developed from people’s input and memories of Cambridge. To take part in the preparation please send an e-mail.

Thursday 20th October: 5:00PM 6:30PM Free Event A panel of distinguished speakers will discuss how paintings have inspired poetry. Held in conjunction with the Magdalene Festival of the Image 2011-2012

2nd Oct 6:30pm FREE The service of Choral Evensong will include music by Handel, performed by the choir of Great St Mary´s Church. 01223 847330

Around the City Centre, starting point:

Season of Mists The Graduate Union

17 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Wednesday 19th October 7pm-9:30pm Free Event (Booking Required) ‘Seasons of Mists’ describes the displacement felt by a Russian woman who came to the UK and found the stable home she wanted, but can’t explain why she still feels out of place. The film will be followed by a Q&A session featuring Neil McCartney, the UK producer of the film, who is chair of The Independent Film Trust and co-chair of the Cambridge Film and Media Academy. 07904 458 787

D H Lawrence on film

Cambridge Arts Picture house Cinema 38-39 St Andrew’s Street

Magdalene College

Popcorn Comedy for kids West Road Concert Hall

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP.

Saturday 22 October: 12pm - 1pm Free Event (Booking Required) Join Holly Walsh (‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’) and Ed Petrie (CBBC’s ‘Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions’) as they present some funny footage and stand-up for all the family. Popcorn Comedy works with the best comedians in the country to mix live stand up with the funniest videos online. 01223 766766

How to stay out of prison Law Faculty of Law

10 West Road, Cambridge , CB3 9DZ

Saturday 22 October: 12:30PM - 1:30PM Free Event Is it possible to deter people from crime? The London Anti-Crime Education Scheme gives a presentation of its work including a mock-up prison cell and talks by mentors who work with young people. 01223 766766

Cambridge, CB2 3AR

Wednesday 19 October, 6pm-8:30pm Tickets : Adult £8.50/Member £6.50 Concession £7.50 / Child £5.50 In the wake of the recent two part TV adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Women in Love’, this event will retrospectively examine the film representation of Lawrence and his work. An introductory talk on Lawrence on/in film will be followed by selected extracts from ‘Women in Love’ (directed by Ken Russell, 1969), ‘The Virgin and the Gipsy’ (directed by Christopher Miles, 1970), and ‘Priest of Love’ (directed by Christopher Miles, 1981). Cambridgeshire Film Consortium film screening with introduction and post-screen discussion with Professor Jeff Wallace, Anglia Ruskin University. 0871 902 5720 PAGE 26 | FLACK | October 2011


Handel and his European Contemporaries Pembroke College Chapel Cambridge, CB2 1RF

Saturday 1st October 12:00am Tickets £10/ £8 This celebrity organ recital includes Handel´s Concerto in F, Op. 4 No. 5, transcribed for solo organ; the Bach/Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, BWV 593. Mark Williams is one of Europe´s leading young keyboard players, described as ´the shooting star of the international organ scene´. 01223 847330

Great St Mary’s Church

Sunday Night Jazz The Green Man

59 High Street, Grantchester, Cambridge, CB3 9NF

Sunday 2nd Oct, 6.30pm FREE Amazing free live jazz music every Sunday night 6:30pm at The Green Man Public House, dinner served until 9pm. 01223 844669


The Geldart Cambridge, CB1 2PF Tuesday 4th Oct, 8:30pm Free

This is the night of the piano! Relaxing tunes whilst you enjoy your dinner followed by some up-​beat boogie woogie numbers later on. the-​ 01223 314264

Trinity Singers Rehearsals & Concert Trinity College Chapel Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

Thursdays from 6th Oct and 13th Oct,7:45pm - 9:00pm and Saturday 15th October, 1:15pm Free Come and join the Trinity Singers, a 70 strong non-​audition choral society for two rehearsals and a concert performance. The rehearsals are open to anyone interested and no experience is necessary. Pieces to include Handel´s ´Zadok the Priest´ and Haydn´s ´The Heaven´s are telling´. Rehearsals: Thursdays, Concert: Saturday. 07817 622602


Mumford Theatre Fri 7 October, 1.10pm Free Admission Inigo Ibaibarriaga (saxophones), Gareth Stuart (clarinet), Julio d’Escriván (data).A concert of electronic music with acoustic instruments featuring live remix and plundering of images, scores and sound.


Milan Trio Concert

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

7th Oct, 7:30pm Tickets £5 - £16 A concert of chamber music given by the Milan Trio: Susan Milan flute, Christopher Jepson cello, Andrew Ball piano. Mozart Trio in G major KV564 (trans.), Howard Blake Trio, Prokofiev Sonata in D major op 94 flute and piano, Debussy Sonata in D minor cello and piano. 01223 357851

Every Sunday in Oct, class at 7.30pm, club from 8.30pm The SALSA CALIENTE band will be playing a special live gig at The Sunday Salsa Lounge, serving up their Latin Jazz for a dance-orientated audience. Their featured guest for the evening is famous Columbian percussionist ARMANDO RIVAS. He has played with many of the greats including the legendary Tito Puente. 01223 474144

Menahem Pressler Piano


Cambridge, CB2 1RD

Cambridge Cycling Club

West Road Concert Hall

11 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

Peterhouse College

15th Oct 7:30pm Tickets £5 Mozart, Rondo in A minor, K. 511Debussy, from the Préludes Book I Beethoven, Sonata No. 17 in D minor, ‘The Tempest’, Op. 31, No. 2 Schubert. Menahem Pressler has established himself among the world’s most distinguished and honoured musicians. 01223 96 8333

Django’s Tiger The Geldart

Cambridge, CB1 2PF

25th October, 8:00pm Free Cambridge gypsy-​jazz band Django’s Tiger return to The Geldart for an evening of swing. After an enthusiastic reception at the gig in May, Django’s Tiger are starting a monthly residency at The Geldart. Expect foot-​tapping, infectious music, and swing dancing in the aisles. 0770 9932804

Live Modern Jazz with the Andy Bowie Quartet Clarendon Arms

Cambridge, CB1 1JX

Every Sunday in Oct, 8:30pm Free The Andy Bowie Quartet play Sax-​led modern jazz from Ellington to Shorter from an ever-​expanding repertoire, in a new, larger venue every Sunday. Plus regular guest appearances by the most talented young jazz players in the area. 01223 313937

Sunday Salsa Lounge and Salsa Caliente The Man on the Moon

Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge, CB2 2QQ

Sundays 09:00am Non-​members £1 If you think that you might enjoy fast(ish), non-​competitive and/or racing cycling, Cambridge CC is the club for you. Potential new members are encouraged to come along to the Sunday Clubruns where you can join us for a very pleasant ride, ask about the club and sample the delights of the local cafés. Meet at the bus shelter on the roundabout at the main entrance to Addenbrooke´s.9am - Touring Clubrun (- Distance 50-60 mile), Intermediate Clubrun (- Faster 40-70 mile) and Sporting Clubrun (- Faster 50-80 mile). Cafe stop halfway through. 01223 842917

Orchard Maintenance Session

Trumpington Community Orchard and Allotments Cambridge CB2 9JP

Sunday 9th Oct, 11:00am - 1:00pm An opportunity to enjoy being in the outdoors. Every month on the second Sunday, Trumpington Community Orchard holds open maintenance sessions. This is your chance to come along and find out more about how the volunteers manage the area and to help to tend the trees and the plants on site. Don´t worry if you have no previous gardening experience, we will show you what needs to be done and provide all the tools needed. Well-​supervised children are also welcome.

Wandlebury Walk

Wandlebury Country Park, Cambridge, CB22 3AE

Thursdays 10:00am Free, parking £2 Walks are suitable for anyone interested in walking or who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. An extended walk sets off from the Stable Rooms or Tadlow Granary at 10am, with a shorter walk leaving at 10.30am, then both groups return for tea, coffee and refreshments together at 11 am.All ages and abilities welcome. 01223 243830

Cambridgeshire Sponsored Swim

Bottisham Village College Saturday 15th October 2011 3pm £20 per team, £10 for an individual TAKE THE PLUNGE TO END POVERTY Challenge yourself and your friends to take the plunge and raise money for Christian Aid in the Cambridgeshire Sponsored Swim on Saturday 15th October 2011. Join people from all across Cambridgeshire at Bottisham Sports Centre and take part in this fantastic fundraising event. · Raise a minimum of £100 per team (or £50 for an individual) which could make a huge difference to the lives of people in poverty Register NOW 01509 265013

Corpus Christi & Parker Library Tour Corpus Christi College Cambridge, CB2 1RH

Thursdays 2:00pm Tickets £12 (with booklet) /£8 For the first time since its foundation nearly 500 years ago the Parker Library will be admitting tours on Thursday afternoons. Tours leave from the Tourist Information Centre and will include part of Corpus Christi College as well as a tour of the library and a sample of its amazing collection which includes the Anglo-​Saxon Chronicle, principal source book for early English history, the sixth-​century Gospels of Saint Augustine, the Bury Bible and the best manuscript of Chaucer’s Troilus. 01223 457574

Baroque Cambridge Walk Hotel du Vin & Bistro

15-19 Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA

1st Oct, 10:00am Tickets £6 Blue Badge Guide John Newnham leads a group of up to twenty people on a October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 27


guided walk around Cambridge´s historic centre, taking in both famous and little-​ known features, with special reference to Baroque architecture. The walk will last for 90 minutes, starting at the Hotel du Vin on Trumpington Street and ending at Pembroke College in time for Mark Williams´s organ recital. The fee includes admission to colleges. 01223 847330


Susan Sellers, ‘Writing Fiction’

Central Library Saturday 1 October 12.00-2.00 pm, £12/10 Taking Virginia Woolf as its inspiration, this practical workshop, which is intended for beginning writers, will offer tips and advice on the process of writing fiction. Some of the areas we will consider are: how to get started, how to build a realistic fictional world, creating characters, structure, editing, and how to find outlets for writing. Part of the “to the lighthouse festival” Tickets:

Beginners Tai Chi

Friends Meeting House Tuesdays 6:30pm Run by students of Cary Outis who was taught in the traditional manner and who has practiced for 30 years. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and helps improve flexibility and cardiovascular function as well as reduce stress. Contact Ben 07932660309

Yoga and drumming Anglia Ruskin University Dance Studio, Bryant Room

Sunday 2nd October 2011 10.30 - 12.30 Tickets £12 What we will cover on the day: - short relaxation
- setting a resolve/ intention
- chanting (to Ganesh, remover of obstacles) and drumming using middle eastern frame drums
- physical practice/ asanas
- pranayama/breathing exercises
yoga nidra
- relaxation - drumming This is going to be a regular, monthly class. 07881 960 259

The Stitch Up Fashion Workshops Cambridge Art Salon Cambridge. CB1 3EB

Saturday 15th October 9:30am-12:00am Tickets £30 By Cambridge Design Collective founders Nikki Goldup & Andrew Martin. How to machine Stitch and learn how to use a sewing machine confidently and imaginatively. How to make a clutch bag. Inspired by Philip Lim, Dior and Louboutin designs this workshop will teach you how to make your own designer winter clutch bag (£36) All materials & refreshments included, small group sizes, free local car parking.

Free Ladies’ Yoga at Sweaty Betty

Dances of Universal Peace Friends Meeting House

Hartington Grove, Cambridge CB1 7UB

First Friday of the month, 7:30pm 9:30pm Tickets £5 With Amina. Dancing and singing simple chants from the different sacred traditions, attuning our hearts to love, peace and harmony. 01223 778667

Tea Dance The Guildhall

Sweaty Betty

Cambridge, CB2 3QJ

38 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TB

Wednesday 5th Oct 1:00pm - 4:00pm £2.50 While away the afternoon with good music, good company and refreshments. Featuring Bob Watts or Leigh Murfet on keyboards. 01223 357851

Mondays 6:15pm-7:15pm Free Event Free yoga in shop, please contact for more details, limited spaces. 01223 364666


Meadows Community Centre Cambridge

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8.30-10.30 pm A traditional Japanese martial art. Genuine Bujinkan. Great for health and fitness! Beginners welcome.

Beginners Samatha Meditation Classes Friends Meeting House Cambridge, CB5 8BA

Mondays 8:30pm Free This is a form of meditation which uses a focus on the breath as a way of controlling, calming and ultimately understanding the mind. It is a traditional Thai meditation technique, which has been taught in Cambridge since 1963.This is a rolling programme, people can join at any time. 01223 315171.

Le Gros Franck Café Français

Cambridge, CB2 1NT

PAGE 28 | FLACK | October 2011

Tuesdays from 10th Feb-31st Oct, 10am Friendly, casual conversation in French over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Any level of French welcome! Organised by Alliance Française Cambridge. www.alliance-​ 01223 561854

Cambridge Lindy Hoppers Speakeasy Man on the Moon

Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LF

Mondays, 7:30pm - 10:30pm Tickets £5-£4 Be transported to the rich atmosphere of a 1930s Speakeasy, complete with a beautiful dance floor. Cambridge Lindy Hoppers will be running an absolute beginner´s dance class at 7.30pm, and then social dancing to a live band or Swing DJ starts at 8.30pm. 07732 642473

Cambridge Carbon Footprint Newnham group Cambridge

Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm, starting 12th October Cost: £15 Take part in one of our groups this Autumn and learn how to reduce your carbon footprint in a friendly, informative and supportive atmosphere. Each group meets 6 times at fortnightly intervals. Cost


includes a 128-page course handbook, the opportunity to borrow books and equipment and membership of our ongoing Low Carbon Network mary.geddes@cambridgecarbonfootprint 01223 659962

Make a Difference Day Castle Street Methodist Church Castle Street, CB3 0AH

Saturday 29th October 2011, 10am - 1pm Cambridge and District Volunteer Centre are holding a Make a Difference Day - it’s a chance to help the local community and find out some more about volunteering. Come and knit for a rescue animal, bake a cake for an elderly person, write letters to sick children in hospital or just talk about volunteering opportunities.

Informal Woodcarving Class 70a Hartington Grove Cambridge

Thursdays 6-9pm Beginners Welcome! 01223839545

Cambridge Darkroom Cambridge Arts Picturehouse Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR

Thursdays, Lasts to 31st Oct 7:30pm Free Cambridge Darkroom is reborn. It is more than just a camera club. Whether you’re a passionate amateur snapper, seasoned photographer or a bigger company involved in something photographic, you’ll find the Cambridge Darkroom meet-​ups a great place to meet like-​minded people. 07793 543100

United Minds For Peace Inner Space

Cambridge CB2 1SJ

Sunday 16th Oct, 6:30pm - 7:30pm An evening of meditation for World Peace. This community event offers a time for silent reflection accompanied by occasional inspiration readings Every third Sunday of the month www.cambridge.inner-​ 01223 464616


Green Enterprise

How Jung Are You?

Friends Meeting House

Blinco Grove/Hills Road, Cambridge

Mon 24th October 7:30-9:30pm        £5 AC Architects Cambridge Ltd  is an awardwinning practice based in the city centre, with a particular focus on sustainability and low energy buildings.  Their founder, Anne Cooper, will show us some of their work and discuss the challenges they have overcome in becoming recognised as “green” architects.

St John’s Church

Friday 21st October 7pm Free An exploration of Jung and his Philosophy by Reverend Chris Ford

To the Lighthouse Central Library Cambridge

Tuesday 4 October 1.00-2.00 pm, £5 (incl. tea and cake) What did Virginia Woolf intend the lighthouse to represent in her novel? What effect do the various shifts in time have on our reading? In this session, Susan Sellers and fellow Virginia Woolf scholar and editor of To the Lighthouse Jane Goldman talk about Woolf’s novel and invite your questions. This event will be of particular interest to book groups and other readers.

Carol Ann Duffy Fitzwilliam Museum Gallery 3

Friday 7th October 7.00–9.00 pm, £9/7 (incl. a glass of wine). Doors open 6.30pm (Founders main entrance) Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate closes the To the Lighthouse Festival with a reading on the day her new collection The Bees is published. 01223300085

Impressionism and Anarcho-​Syndicalism Mill Lane Lecture Rooms Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Thursday 27th Oct, 5:00pm Free Humanitas Visiting Professor in the History of Art 2011: Professor Richard Brettell. Very little attention has been paid to the political implications of the organizing ’syndicate’ agreement signed by the Impressionist painters in 1873-4 and their anarcho-​syndicalist origins. The lecture will consider that document in some detail and will also interpret the composition and installations of the eight Impressionist exhibitions in political terms. 01223 766838

12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA


Pudding Club Black Bull Inn

Balsham, CB21 4DJ

Friday 14th Oct £24.95 At every Pudding Night, there is a choice of starter and light main course, followed by as many puddings as you wish and coffee. There is also a complementary taster of a dessert wine. Booking Essential. 01799 530601

Harvest Festival Wysing Arts Centre Bourn, CB23 2TX

Saturday 8th Oct 10am - 7pm Free Grizedale Arts lead a day of gathering, preparing and cooking food sourced from Wysing’s site, alongside informal talks on the histories of food production and the virtues of using the land, and concluding with a Harvest Service and Supper. 01954 718881


Massacre, Factory, Psychocandy, The Calling and Rock Lobster Q Club

Station Road, Cambridge

Fridays and Saturdays 9pm-2am £2-4 entry Alternating nights, each theme runs once per month. Cambridge’s premier venue for Alternative Clubbing including metal, industrial, EBM, 80s and Electro. For October Psychocandy is a Hallowe’en Party on Friday October 28th. October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 29


Souled Out in Over Over Community Centre Cambridge, CB4 5NW

8th Oct, 8pm - 11:30pm £5adv/£7door Fabulous night of Northern/60’s Soul/R’n’B/Vintage Ska. Raffle prizes so far include basket of booze’ & signed 10x8 photographs of Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and more…All profits to Children In Need & The Oaks Out of School Club, Over. 01954 206600

Halloween Ball Madingley Hall

Cambridge, CB23 8AQ

at the Citylife Building in Cambridge. We run workshops all year round!4.00 - 5.00pm Unicycling and Stilts £1.50/£1 Practice 4.00 - 5.30pm Aerial Workshop £3/n/a Workshop 5.00 - 6.00pm Beginners Juggling £1.50/£1 Workshop (inc. unicycling) 5.30 - 6.30pm Aerial £3/n/a Practice* 6.00 - 8.00pm General Juggling £3/£2 Practice (no unicycling or stilts) *please get approval from one of our teachers before attending

Miniature Railway

Cambridge Model Engineering Society, Cambridge, CB3 9ED

29th Oct, 1:00pm - 12:00pm £25 Buffet supper and disco. Fancy dress optional, but there’s a prize for the best! 01223 746222

Sunday 9th Oct 1:30pm - 5:30pm £1 The Cambridge Model Engineering Society opens its tracks on Sunday October 9, from 2:00pm to 5:30pm for Public Runnings Days


Botanic Gardens

Cookie Tots

Cambridge, CB2 1JF

Ross Street Community Centre £6 p/w + joining fee 2pm - 2:45 pm Cookie Tots is a group activity for kids aged 2-4 yrs. Parents and carers help their children create easy-to-make recipes and then join in with music, games and activities based around preparing and enjoying food. These great classes promote healthy eating and food awareness whilst building confidence and encouraging independence. Classes are held weekly during term time. 0786 7797831,

Tuesday Studio

Kettle’s Yard Starts Tuesday 4th October 2011 Autumn Term: starts 4 October Creative art workshops that take inspiration from our exhibitions and permanent collection. For more information please visit www. Must be booked in advance. Book online or call 01223 748100.

Circus Skills Workshops Cambridge CB2 3QB Sundays 4:00pm - 8:00pm All our workshops are held on Sundays

PAGE 30 | FLACK | October 2011

Cambridge University

1st October 11am - 3pm £2 per child Big Draw ´Making Your Mark On The Future´. Create a 3D tree using paint, glue & recycled materials. No need to book. 01223 331875

Family First Saturday Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, CB2 1RB

Saturday 1st October 2pm-4pm Free Visit our Fitz Family Welcome Point and collect drawing materials, activities and trails to use throughout the Museum. 01223 332900

AccessArt Drawing Workshop Grantchester Village Hall Grantchester, CB3 9NF

Tuesdays 4:45pm - 5:45pm £8 For children ages 6 to 10. The sessions will explore all aspects of drawing & have been designed to widen experience of a variety of drawing techniques, materials and approaches - and most of all make drawing fun! Children are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as they like, but please book/phone in advance. Price includes all materials 01223 262134

Family Learning Festival Swavesey Village College

Gibraltar Lane, Swavesey Village College Cambridgeshire. CB24 4RS

Saturday 22nd Oct 10.30 – 12.30 Free Swavesey Village College are holding a family learning festival on Saturday 22nd October. All activities are FREE and include a Molecules of Murder talk by published author DR. John Emsley. Art activities, a fun science show, a media workshop, lip reading, cookery, and more…. 01954 230373

Imperial War Museum Duxford, CB2 4QR Funday Sundays Normal admission/children free

Fun activities, giving families the opportunity to have a go at a range of craft activities and object handling sessions. There will also be a costumed interpreter ready to chat to visitors about the experiences of a wartime character. Funday Sundays alternate on a monthly basis between Hangar 4: Battle of Britain (running from 11am to 3pm) and the American Air Museum (from 12 to 4pm). 01223 499 342

CAR BOOT SALES Unless otherwise stated car boot sales are hardstanding only and have refreshments and toilets available. Buyers’ entry and car parking are free.

Trumpington Park & Ride Hauxton Road, Cambridge, CB2 9FT

Every Sunday 7am £10 per pitch 02072407405

Cambridge’s Original

Milton Road City Ground, Milton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 1UY

Every Sunday 7am Pitches £6 01223-357973

Preloved Sale

Cambridge and County Folk Museum Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

15th Oct 10:30am - 4:00pm Vintage and retro, upcycled, quirky


jewellery and accessories, designer rail. Brought to you by Trash Chic and Fluff & Nonsense. Freedom from fashion slavery clothes & accessories as individual as you are. 10% of sale proceeds will be donated to the Museum. 01223 873349

Craft and Gift Fair Landbeach Village Hall Cambridge, CB4 4DU

8th Oct, 10am - 3pm Pop by and say hello! This is a charity event. Please e-mail for more details 07771 798477

FLACK Table Top Sale Sunday October 2nd (first Sunday of every month)

Midday - 3pm Old Howard Mallet Centre Sturton Street, Cambridge

Art • Crafts • Bric a Brac • Books Live Music • Refreshments Pitch fee £5 - Book in advance call 01223 366532

freelancers, home workers and people running small businesses meet up in order to get out of their normal space, meet some new people and work together in a social environment. 07774 168643

Cambridge City Communicators Friends Meeting House Cambridge, CB5 8BA

Wednesdays, Every 2nd Week from 14th Sep to 23rd Nov 7:30pm - 9:30pm Encouraging and relaxed atmosphere, so that every member can feel comfortable practicing their public speaking and leadership skills. Since public speaking can be nerve wracking, the Toastmasters program helps to improve participants’ public speaking and confidence. Guests are welcome at all our meetings, try before you join! 01223 561 722

Green Enterprise Friends Meeting House 12 Jesus Lane Cambridge CB5 8BA

Monday 24th October 7:30-9:30pm Tockets £5 AC Architects Cambridge Ltd is an awardwinning practice based in the city centre, with a particular focus on sustainability and low energy buildings. Their founder, Anne Cooper, will show us some of their work and discuss the challenges they have overcome in becoming recognised as “green” architects.


CamJelly Co-​Working Group IdeaSpace

common room area, second floor, 3 Charles Babbage Road), CB3 0GT.

Fridays to 30th Nov 1pm-4pm Free Event Jelly is a casual co-​working event, where


A FLACK selection of websites with information about what’s on in Cambridge. (we can’t include everything!)

Cambridge Arts Theatre 01223 503333

ADC Theatre 01223 300085

Corn Exchange 01223 357851

Fitzwilliam Museum 01223 332900

Botanic Gardens 01223 336265

Local Secrets Website 0845 2071205

The Junction 01223 511511

Faculty of Music

University of Cambridge


Connected Cambridge 0871 220 8000

Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD


CB2 Café

Wednesdays, to 30th Nov 6:00pm Free/Donations Informal networking events with inspirational presentations from Cambridge Entrepreneurs. Drop in to pick up ideas / exchange contacts and build confidence. 07951721110 cambridge 08712 240 240

Arts Picturehouse Cambridge - click on ‘Cambridge’ 0871 902 5720 October 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 31

The Complete Autumn Collection 01223 361292

FLACK October 2011  

The launch issue of FLACK - an inclusive What's On listings Guide for Cambridge written and produced by members of the city's homeless commu...

FLACK October 2011  

The launch issue of FLACK - an inclusive What's On listings Guide for Cambridge written and produced by members of the city's homeless commu...