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homelessness is destructive, FLACK is creative


Pret Foundation Trust What is the Pret Foundation Trust?

Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham (the founders of Pret A Manger) set up The Pret Foundation Trust (PFT) in 1995. Their aim was (and still is) to alleviate poverty in the UK, focusing on the plight of the homeless in particular. How is it funded? The Pret Foundation Trust is funded by donations we make from the sale of some of our products, plus donations made by you through the collection boxes in our shops. We also hold an annual auction for staff and suppliers to raise further funds. Last year we raised £785,000. This year we hope, with your help, to generate even more. Why do we do it? Because it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do. How do we support FLACK? We provide a lucky-dip of sandwiches for FLACK’s weekly Open Lunch (starting at 1.15pm every Wednesday) for FLACK’s members, volunteers and anyone interested in finding out more about FLACK’s work in recovery from homelessness. Our support saves FLACK over £1000 per year in catering costs.

www.flack About the front cover ... Josh Ismail is a valued member of FLACK . Josh helps out with odd jobs around our office especially the hoovering and making badges.

Inside this issue... No Top Hats Fashio n Feature p14 - 18

photo: Derek Harrington

About FLACK ... FLACK is a new kind of what’s on magazine for Cambridge. We’re different in two important ways. Firstly, we cover the kind of events that can be hard to find out about in the city, from free films and exhibitions to live music, stand-up comedy and even bike maintenance workshops. Secondly, homeless people are core members of our production team. FLACK - which is also a registered charity – offers them training, support and a sense of vocation; helping them to get back on their feet. All of which gives our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

Why FLACK? Well ... homeless people get a lot of flack! (aka random criticism) ... and ‘to flack’ means to publicise and promote and that’s what FLACK is all about... providing a positive insight into who homeless people are, what they have to say and offer.

Subscribe to FLACK Make sure you don’t miss next month’s issue. Subscribe online to receive your copy of FLACK in the post at the beginning of every month. Editorial : Advertising : Listings : Volunteer : Published by FLACK Cambridge, City Life House, Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QF Registered Charity Number : 1136657 Printed by BPC Litho

21st Century Soggy Dog Tails 04 FLACK Editorial 05 Terrifying, Exhilarating, Demandema 06 Pop Quiz 08 FLACK Recipe 09 Middle Class but homeless 10 A North London Affair & Poetry 11 FLACK Effect 12 Remembered Friend 12 Object of the Month #7 13 Motor Tapes EP Review 13 No Top Hats - fashion feature 14 - 18 Cambridge What’s On 19 - 31 Flack is written for your information and entertainment. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the publication, Flack cannot be held responsible for the use of information that it publishes. The contents should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical, legal or proffesional advice. Flack is a forum for discussion, and opinions expressed in the paper are not necessarily those of Flack



Editorial ~ Julian Raphael We asked Julian Raphael to write an editorial for April’s FLACK considering his protégé Soggy Dog has always been such a crucial member of the FLACK team. Julian’s response can be seen here. Oh, he’s got a CD review in the magazine if you care to read on.

The suffering child, the decaying building, the Thames, the great, enchanting and terrible city. Charles Dickens returns again and again to these themes. Two hundred years after his birth, his works are celebrated around the world for their inimitable energy, their comic, tragic and grotesque characters, and their haunting sense of place. To mark this anniversary, Cambridge Library Collection has reissued a colour facsimile of Dickens’ manuscript of Great Expectations together with other works by and about Dickens, including the biography by his lifelong friend John Forster.

CambriDge Library CoLLeCTion

To find out more, visit our website APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 5


errifying, xhilarating,

emandema (and fun)

Or, how I discovered TED and have been hooked ever since, by Steph Clarke


irsten did that thing she sometimes does which is to ask you to do something terrifying! “Steph would you like to be part of the talk we’re doing for TEDx this Friday?” This was Wednesday night! “What’s TEdx?” I asked, and she explained - I found myself saying ‘yes’ when everything in me was screaming ‘NO!’ So that’s how I found myself at the Junction at 9am on Friday 9th March with my speaker’s name badge and yummy Danish pastry in one hand chatting with the director of a company that helps people learn to read and write. Ok so I can hear you screaming ... what is TEDx? Well it’s an independently organised TED event of course! And TED is a hugely prestigious non profit organisation devoted to ‘ideas worth spreading’. It was a great honour for FLACK to be one of just 10 especially invited speakers. The day of the talk dawned way too early, but then midnight would have been way too early for me. I was, as the title says, terrified. It began with a martial arts demonstration featuring Ross Sargent in a blindfold, which made me feel a little better when they had a slight ‘that wasn’t supposed to happen’ moment. As I watched the $25 Raspberry Pi circuit board being passed around during Eben Upton’s talk, I have to admit I missed some of the points because I was thinking ‘it won’t get round to us in time. I like electronics, even if I am not in the know on them. I was way too nervous to take it all in but I can tell you that Wallace and Gromit were accompanied onstage by Merlin Crossingham, and he told (and showed) us how they were brought to life. I don’t know how many people outside of the Aardman studios can say that they have squeezed the real Wallace’s leg, but I am now one of them. Tim Morley spoke with some humour on the subject of introducing language skills to primary school children by teaching them Esperanto. My first thought was ‘Oh, good, PAGE 6 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

another way for them to keep secrets from their parents.’ Over our excellent end of day dinner at Nando’s, Tim assured me that Esperanto is so easy to learn that as a secret language it is all but useless. Just so you know, the Esperanto word in my title Demandema means curious. We asked Tim to do a few more translations for us; senlogeja – ‘homeless’, senlogejulo – ‘a homeless person’ and substela dormulo means ‘someone who sleeps under the stars’. We also challenged him to translate both the meanings of FLACK and our motto ‘Homelessness is destructive, FLACK is creative.’ A few days later after much discussion on Esperanto forums he sent us: “Senhejmeco detruemas, Kanono kreemas.” That means the word for FLACK is “Kanono”. FLACK finally spoke in the third session. Robin, Kirsten and Diane joined me on the stage and we received a gratifying amount of applause after each of our individual speeches. I was told that we were very emotive and a professional public speaker told me that my nervousness didn’t show at all. TED is very strict about keeping to time. We had exactly 18 minutes and our timekeeper Vandy Massey told me that she was afraid when she saw the four of us onstage that we wouldn’t be able to keep to time and still all say something worthwhile. We managed so well, that she is thinking that our revised format may be feasible for future TEDx’s. We overran by a mere 34 seconds, a snip when

www.flack compared to Tim Hayward, co-saviour of Fitzbillies who overran by several minutes in the process of telling us THE RECIPIES HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED, but the quality of the ingredients have. All I can say on the subject is that the Chelsea Bun we found in our goody bags was sweet, sticky and finger licking, I Want More, Scrumptious! Tim Minshall, a Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University is concerned by the negative image of his profession. The most common associations are that engineers are dirty men in big boots with a hammer or a spanner. We pointed out to him later that homeless people have a very similar stereotype; dirty people in big boots but with a dog instead of a hammer! David Constantine MBE presented his organisation Motivation’s work in providing affordable and well-designed wheelchairs for people living in developing countries. He spoke eloquently of the difficulties and stigmas they experience and the empowering boost to confidence of a wheelchair which is properly adjusted for their use. Threading through the day’s programme were some TED videos. My favourite was Susan Cain’s ‘The power of introverts’, a talk on how society is geared towards extroverts and undervalues

the contribution and needs of introverts. Kirsten and I had coincidentally been talking about our own introvert tendencies on the way back from the rehearsal the night before. We agreed wholeheartedly with Susan’s call for quietness and solitude. For very different reasons I also enjoyed Charlie Todd’s ‘The shared experience of absurdity’, a very funny talk on Improv Everywhere, ‘a New York Citybased prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places’. Worth watching just for the lady’s face in response to the unexpected advent of men in boxers, LOL. TED’s 10 Ads Worth Spreading, a few of which we saw on the day are also well worth checking out. The most memorable for me was Rethink Breast Cancer advert for the Your Man Reminder App, which gently reminds you every month to do your personal breast health check with, apparently, your choice of good looking man. Eye candy with a real message, yum. I would recommend all of these, but more than that I recommend you just type TED Talks into Google and take your pick from the over 1,100 talks posted there. I’ve been treating myself to a couple a night ever since!





Our quiz masters have very different musical tastes, which explains the range of knowledge you’ll need to answer all these questions. By Mark Lee and Neil Smith

1. Which soap stars from Neighbours had a hit with “Especially for you”? 2. Who had a hit with “Toy Boy”? 3. Which female had a hit with “So What”? 4. The boy band “The Wanted” had a Brit Award in 2012 with what song title? 5. How many members are there in the boy band Westlife? 6. What was the colour that Coldplay had a famous hit with in 2000? 7. “Against All Odds” was a hit for which male artist? 8. The song “My Heart Will Go On” was made for which film and who sang it? 9. In 1976 which band had a hit with “Let Your Love Flow”? 10. Which male solo artist had a hit with “Mandy”? 11. Which sixties band name is associated with dairy products? 12. The Stiff Little Fingers wanted an alternative what? 13. Who wrote the lyrics to the 2nd Pogues album “Rum, Sodomy & The Cash” ? 14. What country do Kraftwerk come from? 15. What american punk band got taken to court for a poster under the obscene publication act? 16. Who was the DJ to promote the most out of the box i.e. alternative music? 17. What was the name of a floating radio station? 18. What famous American Rock/Folk singer before his musical career was a hobo/tramp? 19. If music is not electric it is classed as what? 20. Who was the lead singer of the Mothers of Invention?

If you get more then 10 correct you’ll be in with a chance of winning a copy of the Motor Tapes EP (see review on page 13). Send in your answers to with your name and address. PAGE 8 | FLACK | APRIL 2012


FLACK Recipe

by Dom Start and Charlotte Williams

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“homelessness is destructive, FLACK is creative”


a year teed n a r a u g FLACK

Easter Nests This is a tradition I used to do every Easter as a young lad with my brothers and my Mum.

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Ingredients 1 large bar of chocolate 2 cups of muesli 2 tbsp golden syrup cupcake cases Method 1. Fill a saucepan with water and bring to the boil. When the water starts to boil place a heat resistant bowl over the saucepan. 2. Break chocolate into little pieces, place in the bowl and stir until all the chocolate has melted. 3. Using a tea towel, remove the bowl from the saucepan and place to one side. 4. Add the muesli to the melted chocolate, along with the golden syrup and mix together. 5. Place the mixture into the cupcake cases and place in the fridge for 30 - 45 minutes. 6. Decorate to your preference.

“fantastic hassle free way to get rid of your old heap and support FLACK’s work breaking the cycle of homelessness.”

An alternative twist You can experiment with different chocolate, cereal or even dried fruit for your toppings to your own taste or for your dietary requirements. APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 9


Middle Class but homeless... by Marcus Dutton


ou see me and I look like you. Respectable clothes, respectable hair. Polite and friendly. Smelling ok. No dog. You, perhaps, finish work and go home to French onion soup, a candle-lit bath, a bit of trash TV so that you can communicate with the masses at work tomorrow. By comparison, I will try to get the 20 pence so that I can get into the public toilets before 8pm. This will be my home until 7am the following day. My family is staunchly middleclass. Own homes, respectable, law-abiding Daily Telegraph readers. I have had my own very successful business. Had a mortgage. Rented houses. Held down managerial jobs for many years. And yet I shave in the toilets in Grafton Street, pick up cigarette butts in Sydney Street and rely on the State for my income. My descent into this started five years ago. Solid job and crazy girlfriend. I left her because I had to, for my sanity. Left her in a flat that was rented in my name alone. Do the decent thing, chap. She's just a young girl after all. I missed our baby daughter impossibly but the payback for leaving her mother was to be denied all access. They moved. She taunted me. I went to a GP for the first time in ten years. Anti depressants made me cry all night. I walked, leaving behind several thousand pounds of goods. Every buggy, every pram...could that be her? I met what I thought was the woman of my dreams, five years later, and moved to Cambridge to be with her. I was drinking too much: so was she. Tempestuous doesn't even begin to describe the relationship. She would insist that I leave or I would feel so belittled and so bullied that I would leave. I slept in sheds, in shop doorways, in phone boxes and toilets. I had no idea of the resources that were available. We collided every week and I returned every week only for the same pattern to emerge each time. I left last week. Slept in a doorway. The police woke me up. A resident had reported me as "suspicious looking". I tramped on at 5.30am. Waited for Tesco to open at 6am. Bought a bottle PAGE 10 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

of Lambrini, the chav's favourite. £1.30 for some oblivion. Found some cardboard, snuck into a refuse bin enclosure. Slept until the rain came down. Made a drink last as long as possible in Wetherspoons. Crime fiction book bought, I immersed myself in the fake warmth of their settees. The toilets are slightly damp on the floor. They do not smell as much as you might think. I have a broken bone that makes sleeping uncomfortable, particularly in the cold. I wake six times in the night. The cardboard I have laid on the floor provides little resistance. I have noticed that I seem to be developing piles. I have to leave before the 8am opening time, so trudge to McDonalds. I have six stickers for a free coffee and I will make that last a good two hours. Some familiar faces in McDonalds. I'm certainly not lovin' it and I don’t think they are either. "O" texts me and says she will join me. We share stories. She has escaped from an abusive husband. We smoke outside. I kick a packet of ten Marlboro Reds and the packet doesn't fly off. It's full. We smoke real cigarettes. We look like you. The most patronising record of all time plays from a radio. Phil Collins’ "Another Day in Paradise". Yes, Phil. You would know, wouldn't you....


A North London Affair by Alex Hughes


s I write this column I am reminded that one of this year’s quarter finalists Tottenham always won the FA CUP whenever there is a one in the year (they won the trophy in 1961, 1981 and 1991). In the 1990/91 season they met the great rivals Arsenal who had swept all aside and were on the way to their second league title in 3rd season having won the title in 1989. This FA CUP semi – final was historic for two reasons: one it was the first all north London Semi-final, two, it was the first semifinal to be played at Wembley. Also for Tottenham Paul Gascoigne had returned to action less than a week after a hernia operation. The match began with Tottenham on the attack attempting to unsettle Arsenal in the 5th minute Spurs won a free kick as Gascoigne placed the ball forty years from the goal. He hit a screaming shot which tore past David Seaman to put Spurs 1- 0 up . Then while Arsenal tried to recover Tottenham attacked with passes, one – touch, between Gascoigne and Stewart finishing with Paul Allen centring for Gary Lineker to put Spurs 2-0 up after only ten minutes. Arsenal hit back before half – time with Lee Dixon’s cross headed in by Alan Smith to bring Arsenal back into the game at 2-1. In the 2nd half Arsenal went on the attack with chances for Winterbury, Campbell and Thomas. But Arsenal chased the game. Mabbutt put Lineker clear as he beat Tony Adams and hit a shot which went through

the hands of David Seaman and gave a 3-1 lead. Arsenal to their credit carried on the attack with Kevin Campbell hitting the post and Paul Herson hitting the crossbar, but Spurs went on to win 3- 1 and in the final beat Nottingham Forest 2-1 in extra time. Tottenham


Thorsueot Seamann Edinburgh Dixon

Van Den Hawue


Sedgely Thomas Howells Bould Mabbutt Adams Stewart Campbell Gasciogne Davis Samways Smith Lineker Merson Allen Limpar Subs Nayim O’Leary Walsh Groves

This historic game has just been released on DVD. Check

FA Cup Semi-Final : 2nd weekend of April FA Cup Final: 1st Saturday in May

Masters of the Cluniverse by James Elliott Hey take me from the city in it

Just blocks that must not roll

Your care it’s so bright and pretty

Like mannequins they pass along

When these golden streets seem cold

Believing they wear clothes

For a shiny burning world

Might we always be alone

Where martyresses are smiling girls

And our eyes stay painted closed.

Or men that wait like stones APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 11


The FLACK Effect - Josh Ismail Friend Love Activity Connection Kind Since I have been coming to FLACK I have noticed that my mind is freer in capacity. I feel freer both

physical and psychological. When I first started coming, I was staying in Jimmy’s. I ended up sleeping rough before I found the Night Shelter. It was a really blurry time and I was very stressed, so I can’t even remember how I came across FLACK. I fell out of my mum’s house, it felt like I was falling out of the window and couldn’t get back in. It felt like I fell out of the sky and landed on the streets. I nearly died living on the streets because it was so cold and I was so physically and mentally ill at the time. Mainly due to proximity, I attended FLACK more often than Wintercomfort as I have a lot of pain in my body and get tired very easily (Wintercomfort was further to walk!).

I suffer from a double dose of depression and psychosis, often hearing voices and this translates into problems with controlling my body. FLACK has helped me by first of all providing a place where I could follow my hobbies (music), and then gradually making me feel more connected to other people and have a sense of community. FLACK has been great for me socially and has helped me to free my mind. On the day of the fashion shoot, I was feeling quite ill. I was very stuck inside myself and had to break off from the building pressure. Kirsten came just at the right time, and luckily she persuaded me to take part. The whole experience was good although it was tough. However, I was quite excited to see the outcome. When I saw the photos I was a bit embarrassed but it was really nice. I was surprised to see what I looked like because I hadn’t seen myself for a long time, always looking inside rather than looking at the outside. Currently I’m waiting for a place in supported housing. Since being at FLACK I’ve moved into Willow Walk and it’s been really great to have my own room. Thinking about the future, I’d like to be calm and then everything else will be just fine! I’m looking forward to going to see Scrilla, a grime and hip hop artist who’s in the East Anglia final of ‘Live and Unsigned’, for which I’ve got a free ticket thanks to FLACK.


Peter “Pedro” Wright, the magical pirate, you always knew my heart. “My candle burns at both ends It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends It gives a lovely light.” Gem (tj) PAGE 12 | FLACK | APRIL 2012


Object of the Month #7 by Josie Camus (Fitzwilliam Museum) rounded forms, but are like pieces of cloth that have been draped over parts of the body (think of that slightly stiff and still foot shaped sock… You know the one!). To get the full effect of this it’s best to get up close to the sculptures and walk around them. And, unlike the other objects in the museum, this one you can touch.

THE MOTOR_TAPES EP. Aspirin/Sun/Worm/Better_ Tomorrows Reviewed by Julian Raphael

Ascent. Helaine Blumenfeld


ven the most casual passer-by could not miss the huge bronze buttocks which have landed on the front lawn of the Fitz recently. So it would be rude for Object of the Month to ignore them. The sculpture, by local artist Helaine Blumenfeld, is part of this year’s Sculpture Promenade: a collection of pieces by three artists, who were inspired by their time in Pietrasanta, in Italy. The name means ‘holy stone’, for the area is a source of fine marble, which was first noticed by Michelangelo. He was possibly the master buttock maker of all time, yet in his day sculptors usually had to link the beautiful male bodies they made to the biblical stories they were commissioned to tell. Hence there are a lot of very toned Adams and St Sebastians around! Helaine Blumenfeld has the freedom to make buttocks that are free from any words though, and even free from any other body parts. They seem to have alighted on the lawns of the museum like a big bronze butterfly, and could flutter away at any moment… One of the things that makes her sculpture seem light is that they are not solidly

It seems impossible for me to write a review of a music CD. Music, unlike a movie, an art exhibition or a book is invisible offering nothing to “view” and on which to base a re-view. And if you think about it an awful lot of press coverage about pop music and its stars is all to do with “image”. Music is an ethereal, spiritual art and you either enjoy a piece or you don’t, but it’s very difficult to explain why. So I’ll describe what I did whilst playing the Motor_Tapes’ new EP. During the 1st track –‘Aspirin’- I chewed 4 aspirin and shook my hips and wiggled my knees vigorously, then I fell over. ‘Sun’ (track 2) got me up again and I danced as gaily as I ever have before. I danced like a faun, skipping and waving my arms… …until ‘Worm’ (track 3) crept up on me making me roll about thrashing my legs. And beating a tattoo on the ground with my arms, I levered myself to my feet and pretended I had a Samurai sword and went through some KILL BILL strokes finishing, for some reason, with a number of Fred Astaire tap moves which morphed into angrily shaking my fists in the air. With ‘Better_Tomorrows’ (track 4), a lot like ‘Sun’, I pranced like a little happy bunny, hop hop skip, my little head tossing and turning in wild anticipation of sudden unprovoked physical attack; or at least someone angrily asking me “what do you think you’re doing?!” I’m just dancing, chill out. On a serious note the EP has real style. The Motor_Tapes are definitely a band with a professional future. I would strongly recommend you listen to their CD and even go and see them live. Check them out at APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 13

Darren wears: jeans by John Lewis & Co £79, striped t-shirt by John Lewis & Co £25, Oxford shirt by John Lewis & Co £45, cashmere and merino mix jumper by John Lewis & Co £89, pumps by Converse £40

Josh wears: chinos by John Lewis & Co £69, cotton check shirt by John Lewis Men £28, jumper by John Lewis Men £15, Ben Sherman brogues £75, John Lewis Men belt £30

Glenn wears: trousers by John Lewis £70, jacket by John Lewis £130, dress shirt by John Lewis £42, bow tie £16, cummerbund £16, silk handkerchief £8, all John Lewis, shoes by Clarkes £59.99

Mark wears: linen suit jacket by John Lewis £160, linen trousers by John Lewis £75, linen striped shirt by John Lewis £42, belt by John Lewis £20, trilby by John Lewis £20, loafers by John Lewis £89

Darren wears: striped t-shirt by John Lewis & Co £25, Oxford shirt by John Lewis & Co £45, cashmere and merino mix jumper by John Lewis & Co £89

Craig wears: chino shorts by Ted Baker £69, t-shirt by Ted Baker £35, linen jacket by Ted Baker £299, trilby by John Lewis £25, espadrilles by Dune £55

Photographs credited to Derek Harrington

Makeup: Estée Lauder at John Lewis. With special thanks to stylist Nick Kisby and Katie Jenner, Sophie Appleby and all the John Lewis staff



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Dictionary Def: flack (verb) ~ to publicise or promote.

FLACK LISTINGS are researched by our volunteers and homeless members. FLACK’s mission is to offer our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

“One Day in Cambridge” - photograph by Cindy Reay


Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The Leper Chapel, Barnwell Junction, Newmarket Road CB5 8JJ.

Saturday 28 April 11am-4pm. Free Celebrated Anglo-Chinese artist, Amelia Poon’s art revives religion and the death of those once departed. From Greek mythology through to King Arthur’s demise, a boat has been used as a metaphor to transport the body and soul to the afterworld.

True or false? “It’s a delight every step of the way.” – the observation of one of our members … but what do you know about homelessness? See if you can spot the fakes and the truths in our statistics associated with homelessness.

London Calling: An Exhibition of Paintings

FLACK Recommends

Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

From Mon-Sun, 2 April 9-5pm. Free Cambridge London Calling: An Exhibition of Paintings by Vic Stedman. An exhibition of paintings for sale by a local artist. 01223 336233

Tangenticide Cambridge Ruskin Gallery, East Road, CB1 1PT

From Wed 18 April Mon-Fri, 10-5pm. Free Tom Dale and Jamie George are two Fine Art PhD students and members of the Fine Art Research Unit. George’s work plays with both familiarity and estrangement whilst Dale’s research has developed from a concern with sculpture.

Heroes @ Changing Spaces 38-40 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP

Until Friday 13 April. Free Last chance to see the fruits of a collaboration between sculptor Linton Bocock and members of Cambridge’s homeless community. Look out for our Jade’s Davina , Kevin’s Grandad and Julian Raphael’s appropriately surreal homage to his hero Salvador Dali.

APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 19


These Rough Notes: Captain Scott’s last expedition

Scott Polar Museum, Lensfield Rd, Cambridge, CB2 1EP

Tues-Sat until 5 May. 10-4pm. Free This exhibition brings together the last volume of Scott’s diary with many of the records from the expedition, reuniting them for the first time in a century. The Museum and Institute contain the world’s largest collection relating to Scott’s second expedition. 01223 336540

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Kettle’s Yard, Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 OAQ

Sunday 1 April 2pm-4pm. Free Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s career as a sculptor was short. Born in France in 1891 and killed in action in 1915, aged just 23. This display explores Gaudier’s Vorticist work, arguably his most significant contribution to the development of modern sculpture. 01223 748100

True or false? On average, homeless people eat 3 and a half meals per week.

Chris Wood

Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU

Sunday 1 April 12pm-4pm. Free An exhibition of the work of glass and installation artist, Chris Wood. She works with glass and a variety of optical materials such as dichroic glass, mirror, lenses and lenticular films in order to exploit the aesthetic potential of light. 01353 669022

Swimmers by Quentin Blake

Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL

Sunday 1 April 9am-6pm. Free New work by Quentin Blake who has chosen to show drawings made for the maternity unit at Angers Hospital, France, titled ‘Swimmers’. 01223 332360 PAGE 20 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

Exhibitions Cambridge

Makers Gallery, 3-4 Hope Street Yard, Cambridge, CB1 1NA

Sunday 1 April 11am-5pm. Free Exhibitions Cambridge presents 30 March - 8 April, Terry Bearde.

Nikoo Tarkhani

Murray Edwards College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 ODR

Sunday 1 April 10am-6pm. Free Artist’s Statement: ‘There are some traditions in any culture that are supposed to be beautiful. They seem beautiful in abstract; but if you take a closer look you might be seeing awful truths. For us Iranians “flower and bird painting” could be a metaphor of such traditions. 01223 762100

Cambridge Museum of Technology

The Old Pumping Station, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD

Sunday 1 April 2pm-5pm. £5 /£3 / free Victorian Pumping Station & working museum. Steam engines & boilers, gas engines, a collection of pumps, wirelesses, instruments and a print room. 01223 368650

Embroideries from the East

Saffron Walden Museum, Museum Street,Saffron Walden, CB10 1JL

Sunday 1 April 2pm-5pm. £1.50/ free Exhibition of Embroidered Textiles and Costume from India, China and Asia. 01799 510333

Cambridge Creative Network

Peel The Bark From The Tree

Frameworks Cottenham, 171 High Street, Cottenham, CB24 8RX

Mon-Wed, 2-4 April. Free A solo exhibition of new paintings by the Cambourne-based abstract artist: Craig Kerrecoe. Presents a new sub-series of heavily textured paintings, produced in response to his involvement with the ‘Art At The Manor House’ exhibition in aid of The Wildlife Trust in December. 01954 250138

Volcanoes: Beauty and Menace

Cambridge Photography and Illustration Service, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RS

Monday 2 April 9am-5pm. Free An exhibition of photographs of volcanoes and major volcanic eruptions, their hazards and consequences. There has been a revolution in scientific understanding of how volcanoes are crucial to sustaining life on Earth and yet threaten human populations and the planet with the most devastating natural forces. 01223 334390

Searle Award for Creativity Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Monday 2 April 10am-5pm. Free The annual Searle Award for Creativity recognises excellence in any artistic discipline and is open to all students in Cambridge School of Art. The theme for 2012 is ‘Migration’. The exhibition will feature the shortlisted artists’ work.

FITZWILLIAM FOUR This month’s Fitzwilliam Four has been chosen by Twigg

Williams Art, 5 Dales’s Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge, CB1 1EJ

Designed to Impress: Highlights from the print collection

Sunday 1 April 11am. Free 17 artists from Cambridge Creative Network tell their story through painting, printmaking, illustration, textiles, ceramics, automata and sonic art 01223 311687

3 April – 7 October Admire a selection of the Museum’s most spectacular prints not normally on public display. Masterpieces by some of the greatest Old Master printmakers, including Rembrandt and Dürer, will hang alongside prints by later artists such as Degas, Whistler and Picasso.

Charrington Print Room (16)


The Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China

Wednesday 25 April. 1.15pm An introduction by the curator. Dr James Lin, Senior Assistant Keeper of Applied Arts. FREE but space limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45pm on day of talk.

Dances with clay

Wednesday 11 April. £5 per child. Ages 5-8: 10.30am – 11.30am Ages 8+: 1pm – 2pm A clay workshop using mythical creatures and beautiful dancing figures from our permanent collection as inspiration. Booking essential. 01223 332904


Tuesday 10 April 1.15pm. Free Art Speak: Enjoy half an hour looking at and talking about art. Meet at Courtyard Entrance.


The Elm Tree Concerts

The Elm Tree, 16a Orchard St, Cambridge, CB1 1JT

Bill Reed and Pete Webster Thursday 5 April 8.30pm - 11pm. Free Live acoustic folk and blues

Special Groove Thursday 12 April 8.30pm - 11pm FREE Live soul, funk & groove!

Johnny Cash vs. Tom Waits

Sunday 15 April 8pm - 10.30pm FREE A stripped down review of two of America’s great men of song.

John Meed

Thursday 26 April 8.30pm - 11pm FREE Live acoustic folk 01223 502632

True or false? 1 in 3 young people under 25 are at risk of homelessness.

Milkmaid Folk Club

Constitutional Club, 12 Guildhall St, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1PR

Friday 6 April 8pm. £8 Little Johnny England, plus Bounty Hounds. Friday 13 April 8pm. £3 Milkmaid Unplugged. Performers free. Friday 20 April 8pm. £8 Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, plus Kelly & Wooley. (01284) 754113

Live and Unsigned 2012

Corn Exchange, St Paul’s Sq, Bedford, nr Milton Keynes MK40 1SL

Sun 8 April, £8. Final 1: 12.15pm, Final 2: 4.15pm, Final 3: 8.15pm. Hip hop MC Scrilla and fusion outfit Tiger Blue have been selected to represent Cambridge at the next stage of the Live and Unsigned 2012 competition. Both acts battled against hundreds of auditionees to secure a spot at the Regional Final Showcase at Bedford Corn Exchange. tickets/purchase

Live Folk Music

The Geldart, 1 Ainsworth Street, CB1 2PF

Tues 10 April 8.30pm. FREE Enjoy a night of traditional fiddle-led music from around the British Isles. (01223) 314264

Cambridge Band Competition Heats

The Portland Arms, Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Thursday 5 April 7.30pm. £5 Heat 2: The bands are Von Nitros, Astronaut Memorial, Wrong Planet and Lamb Dog. Thursday 12 April 7.30pm. £5 Heat 3: The bands are Fred’s House, The Kevin Hunt Band, Charlie Turner and Grace Sarah. Thursday 19 April 7.30pm. £5 Heat 4: The bands are The Abstracts, The Beautiful Sleazy, Omni Vides, Go.Fly,Win. This is a fantastic opportunity for local Cambridge musicians to play to live audiences, including at the Strawberry Fair in June, and to be heard by professionals of the music industry. Come along and cheer your favourite bands through to the final. 01223 357268

Cambridge Band Competition Final

The Junction, Clifton Way, CB1 7GX

Friday 27 April 7.30pm. £7 Bands to be announced following the heats.


Jackie Oates

Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street, Haverhill, CB9 8AR

Thurs 19 April 8pm. £12/£10 concessions Originally a member of The Mercurynominated The Unthanks , Oates has carved out an astonishing solo career, winning two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. 01440 714140

True or false? Homeless people are only homeless for very short periods. Most only sleep rough for an average of 2 days before they secure hostel accommodation.

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www.flack FILM

Films showing at the Arts Picture House

Arts Picturehouse, 38-9 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AR

RMS “Titanic Evening” - A Night to Remember (U) Tuesday 17 April. 6pm Presented by the Cambridge Branch of the Historical Association. Based on Walter Lord’s book, this docudrama recounts the night of the Titanic through the view of her passengers and crew, principally Second Officer Charles Lightoller (Kenneth More)

Fish & Clips

Wednesday 18 April 1pm - 2pm Fish & Clips is a charming collection of amateur and professional archive films showing life in our busy harbours and tranquil waterways from the 1920’s to the 60’s. A Norwich HEART event. 0871 902 5720



Impington Village College, New Road, Impington, CB4 9LX

Mon-Thurs, 2-5 April 10am-4pm. £100/£75 Singing, dancing and acting with Elle Lyons and the team, taking part in drama games and learning how to rehearse and perform professionally. Working towards a performance, based on Mary Poppins, for family and friends. Age 8+ 01954 288748


The Junction, Clifton Way, CB1 7GX

Fri 6 April 8.30pm. £12 The Jesterlarf Comedy Club returns for its monthly residency, presenting the very best comedians from the comedy circuit. Limited cabaret table seating available for bookings of 6 or more people - tables can be reserved once tickets have been purchased from the box office by emailing requests to 01223 511511

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

True or false?

Friday 20 April 7.30pm. £15 A sing-a-long night out - the classic film with on-screen lyrics for joining in. 01223 357851

Fat Cat Comedy Club


Cyriacs Ceilidh Band

The Missing Sock, Newmarket Road, Stow-cum-Quy, Cambridge, CB25 9AQ

Saturday 21 April. Free. Traditional dance music. 01223 812 660

The Ugly Duckling

Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street, Haverhill, CB9 8AR

Tues 3 April 11am. £5/£18 family An adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the unhappy duckling who grows into a beautiful swan, and discovers that true beauty always lies within - told in the unique Kipper Tie style with catchy tunes, magical story-telling and a whole heap of farmyard fun! 01440 714140 PAGE 22 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

The average life expectancy of ‘the homeless’ is 45.

The Apex, Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3FD

Sun 8 April 8pm. £10 Three (sometimes four!) comedians from the national and international comedy circuits. See website for line up. A non-profit club run with a great reputation on the comedy circuit. 01284 758000

True or false? 52% of homeless people own a dog.

Portland Comedy Club Cambridge

The Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Friday 27 April 8pm. £5 adv / £7 door Headline: Dave Thompson, Opening: Neil McFarlane, Compere: Paul Laight, With: Lucy Beaumont & Peter Callaghan 01223 357268

What Would Helen Mirren Do? Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Tues- Sat, 10-14 April 7.30pm. £12 (£10 concessions) Written Josie Melia, Directed Peter Ellis, Starring Anita Parry. Susan is a long-term supermarket checkout operator from Oldham. She’s never had to give much thought to role models until she gets promoted and is forced to adopt one. Susan’s life changes dramatically when she starts to ask herself, ‘What would Helen Mirren do?’ 08451 962320

True or false? About 100 million people in the world are homeless.

Paper Trail Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin Drama Studio, Covent Garden, Mill Road, CB1 2HR

Fri-Sat, 13-14 April 7.30pm. £8 Angie has come from Australia to the small archives office of a North London hospital to find out the truth of who her mother was - but the truth can be painful.

The 44th Cambridge Drama Festival Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Tues-Sat, 17-21 April 7.30pm. £8 (£7 concessions) At least two plays each evening and professional adjudications of each play. Some plays may contain strong language and adult themes. Tickets: £20/£18 per week. 08451 962320

Madama Butterfly

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Wed 25 April 7.30pm. £34.50/ £29.50/ £22 Back by overwhelming public demand, Ellen Kent’s award winning Opera, Madama Butterfly, returns, with exquisite sets, such as the stunning Japanese garden and spectacular costumes including antique wedding kimonos from Japan. 01223 357851


Springtime Musical Extravaganza

The Apex, Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3FD

Sunday 15th April 2.30pm. £12.50 As seen on Channel 4’s ‘Extraordinary People’, Derek Paravicini is a blind pianist with autism with a huge repertoire that he recalls totally from memory. He will play a variety of piano pieces, from classical to contemporary. All proceeds to the West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind. 01284 758000

True or false? In 1980 50% of residents in a small town in Lancashire became homeless when their homes sank.

Orbital Cambridge

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Monday 9th April 7.30pm. £24 Legendary British electronica icons Orbital return in 2012 with their first new album in eight years and a landmark tour. After 5 years of separate solo projects, Paul and Phil Hartnoll come back to the studio buzzing with inspiration from two years of rapturously received live shows. 01223 357851

Solid Silver 60s Show Cambridge

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Thursday 26th April 7.30pm. £26 Celebrating 27 years of the UK’s original and premier 60s show! Relive the 60s with original artists singing their greatest hits! Now in its 27th year the show features the unforgettable talents of Peter Noone, Chris Montez, Brian Hyland with Brian Poole and all backed by Vanity Fare. 01223 357851


Live Modern Jazz

12A Club, 12A Market Hill, Cambridge, CB2 NJ

Sundays 1st – 30th April 8.30pm. Free Live modern jazz. The Andy Bowie Quartet play Sax-led modern jazz from Ellington to

Shorter from an ever-expanding repertoire, in a new, larger venue every Sunday. Plus regular guest appearances by the most talented young jazz players in the area 01223 350106

Jazz Jam Session

Tram Depot, 5 Dover Street, Cambridge, CB1 1DY

Tues 3 – Tues 30 April 8.45pm-11pm. Free With our jazz quartet backing band, guest singers and musicians will play themes of their choice. Please come to sing - or to play - or simply to listen! Expect a variety of styles and rhythms, from upbeat to funky to latin to ballads. 01223 324553

Music in Hamburg in the 17th–18th Centuries Trinity College Chapel, Trinity Street Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

Saturday 14 April 8pm. £10 A concert of music by key figures in the musical life of the city in the 17th and 18th centuries, including Scheidemann, Reinken, Telemann and C P E Bach. The concert will be performed on harpsichord and organ by Douglas Hollick. Douglas has played widely both in the UK and abroad and teaches at Clare College Cambridge and at the Birmingham Conservatoire. 01223 338400

True or false? When surveyed, 63% of people assumed that ‘homeless’ meant currently sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground and did not count people in hostels, night shelters or on a friend’s sofa as being homeless.

European Union Chamber Orchestra Cambridge Corn Exchange, 3 Wheeler Street, CB2 3QE

Tuesday 17 April 7.30pm. £29.50 Cambridge Cambridgeshire European Union Chamber Orchestra Conductor Zoltan Tuska, Soloist Julian Lloyd Webber. Handel Water Music Haydn Cello Concerto No 1 in C Major Delius Aquarelles Mozart Symphony No 29 in A Major Part of the Cambridge Classical Concert Season 2011-2012 01223 357851

Daphna Sadeh and The Voyagers

Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Friday 20 April 1.10pm. Free Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series. Daphna Sadeh returns to the Mumford Theatre with her group The Voyagers for a concert of new vocal and instrumental world music compositions. 08451 962320

Haverhill Silver Band

Old Independent Church, Hamlet Road, Haverhill, CB9 8EF

Saturday 21 April 7.30pm. £8/£6 concessions Haverhill Silver Band With St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir. This is your chance to hear two of the finest musical groups in East Anglia performing together, in a joint musical spectacular. 01440 714140

Django’s Tiger Cambridge The Geldart, 1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge, CB1 2PF

Tuesday 24 April 8:30pm. Free Django’s Tiger return to The Geldart for an evening of swing. After an enthusiastic reception at the gig in May, Django’s Tiger are starting a monthly residency at The Geldart. Expect foottapping, infectious music, and swing dancing in the aisles. 01223 314264

True or false? Homeless people get £30 extra benefit per week per dog.

The Wedding Singer Cambridge

Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Wed-Sat, 25-28 April 7.30pm. £10 (£8 concessions, £5 mems) Anglia Ruskin University’s Theatre Arts Society present. Robbie’s the life and soul of the party until his fiancée leaves him at the altar. Emotions run wild as he tries to make everyone else’s special day a disaster. (08451) 962320

APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 23


Anglia Ruskin Jazz Voices Cambridge Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Friday 27 April 1.10pm. Free Cambridge Anglia Ruskin Jazz Voices Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series. Dimitra Tzanakaki and Louise Smith with Chris Ingham (piano), Andrew Brown (bass) and Nic France (drums). A professional jazz rhythm section led by Anglia Ruskin lecturer Chris Ingham join jazz voice students for their end of semester assessed recital. 08451 962320

True or false? 50% of homeless people are under 30 years old.

comedy and music attractions, is a rare performer: he’s respected by comedians for his original material and by musicians for being an accomplished acoustic guitarist. In the last two years he has broadened his appeal by returning to his musical roots through major festival appearances. 01223 508 503

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner CB2 Bistro, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Saturday 28 April Doors open 7.45pm. £11 Hailed by Songlines Magazine as “another milestone in folk’s rebirth of cool moment”, Peter Knight’s Gigspanner continues to engage hearts and minds with emotionally loaded and life enriching takes on British traditional and world music. 01223 508 503

Musica 432: a feast of early music


Sunday 22 April 2.30pm. Free In this free concert at Madingley Church, medieval ensemble Musica 432 present a feast of early music, as well the premiere of a short student work, designed to reimagine their sound for the 21st century. 01223 746212

Tuesday 3 April 7pm. £20 15 years after the release of their millionselling debut All Change, Britpop faves Cast have reunited with legendary producer John Leckie for a new album and a UK tour that brings them to The Junction. 01223 511 511

St Mary Magdalene Church, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AF

Joanna Eden

The Junction, Clifton Way, CB1 7GX

Wednesday 4 April 7pm. £14 Cambridge’s Joanna Eden Jazz singer/ songwriter and pianist has been described by Time Out as ‘the UK’s answer to Diana Krall & Norah Jones’ and by Jamie Cullum, whom she has supported, as ‘brilliant’! 01223 511511

True or false? 64.5% of homeless people are homeless because of alien abduction and the trauma associated with it.

The Junction 1, Clifton Way, Cambridge Leisure Park, CB1 7GX

Snuff + Vanilla Pod

The Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge

Saturday 14 April Doors open 7.45pm. £12 Richard Digance, one of Britain’s top PAGE 24 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

The Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge Leisure Park, CB1 7GX

Friday 6 April 7pm. £16 Celebrating the release of their critically acclaimed 2011 album, Made In Britain, seminal 2-tone band The Selecter have announced an extensive UK tour, featuring original lead singers Pauline Black & Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson. 01223 511 511

True or false? 70% of homeless people don’t keep in touch with their families.

Maths + Jackals + The Temptress + Manbearpig The Portland Arms, Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Wednesday 11 April, Doors open 7.30pm. £3 Primal post-hardcore. 01223 357268

Dizraeli And The Small Gods - The Mud Island Tour

The Portland Arms, Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Saturday 14 April, 8pm. £8 adv 01223 357268

Thursday 5 April 8pm. £12

True or false?


Non-whites are 3 times more likely to experience homelessness than whites.

UK punk outfit hearkening back to the glorious days of mod.

Vanilla Pod Ska punk five-piece from East Anglia whose unique blend of US stylings and classic UK punk has seen them become an underground sensation.

Richard Digance

CB2 Bistro, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

The Selecter

True or false? 15% of homeless people are homeless as a result of gambling.

Herb Diamante

The Portland Arms, Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Sunday 15 April 8.30pm. £5 01223 357268

Essence of Ireland

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Thursday 19 April £22 01223 357851


Let’s Wrestle + Pifco

The Portland Arms, Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

Saturday 28 April 8pm. £4 01223 357268


You Can Bike Too

Milton Country Park, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6AZ

Wednesday 4 April 11am – 3pm. Free An opportunity for children and adults to try out adapted bikes in a safe off road environment. This project is in the development stage so your thoughts are needed! Come and see the bikes available. Instructors from Cycling Projects will be on hand to help those lacking in confidence or to support those people who have never ridden a bike before!

April Fools Day Paddle Slipstream Canoe Guides

Sunday 1 April 12-3pm. £20/£25 Benefit from fresh air and exercise and learn some new skills! Suitability: all levels of experience, excellent as an introduction to open canoeing. All canoeing equipment and tuition included. Meet at 12.00 at Paradise Fen/Lammas land car park and relax with a coffee or beer at Grantchester. 07933 795213

Conservation Volunteers

East Town Park, Coupals Road, Haverhill, CB9 7UR

Every Mon & Wed Free. 9.30am-12.30pm Join the rangers to help carry out conservation tasks. Training plus lots of tea & biscuits provided. For people of all ages. Under 16s accompanied by an adult. Wear outdoor clothing & stout footwear. Meet at the Visitor Centre. No need to book but phone first. 01284 757088

True or false? Anyone can access 24hr help if they are at risk of becoming homeless within the next 28 days.

Newmarket Classic Tour High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JP

Every Wed-Sat 9.30am. £27/ £25 See horses at close quarters and meet stable staff in this two-hour tour, as well as horses training on the gallops, the horses’ swimming pool, a training yard and the historic town. Tours depart National Horse Racing Museum. Tickets include entry to Museum. Advance booking essential.

Wandlebury Walk

Wandlebury Country Park, Gog Magog Hills Estate, Babraham, CB22 3AE

Every Thursday 10am FREE An extended walk sets off from the Stable Rooms or Tadlow Granary at 10am, with a shorter walk leaving at 10.30am, then both groups return for tea, coffee and refreshments together at 11 am. All ages and abilities welcome. Free although parking fee (£2) applies. 01223 243830

True or false? 79% of homeless people have an aversion to country and western music.

Cambridge Parkrun

Milton Country Park, Cambridge Road Industrial Estate, Milton, CB24 6AZ

Saturdays 9am. Free Parkrun offers a free weekly 5k timed run. This is not a race, but a regular volunteer run event open to all ages and abilities. Come along and join in whatever your pace! Free but you must register in advance - please see website.

Living History Ickworth House

The Rotunda, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5QE

Saturday 7 April 11am. Normal admission You’ve seen Downton Abbey. Now come and experience Ickworth Lives, the real stories of the people who lived and worked at Ickworth in the thirties. Experience what life was like for servants and estate workers on this grand estate. 01284 735270

Guided Parkland Walk

The Rotunda, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5QE

Every 2nd Sun, from 8 April Normal admission A walk with an expert guide taking in the Rotunda, church, walled garden and canal lake with a fun history of the park, modern management and a look at the eccentric Hervey family. Walk lasts around 1 hour. Start times vary, see website. 01284 735270

Basement Tour Wimpole

Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Royston, SG8 0BW

Thursday 26 April 10:30am - 11:30am. Normal admission Join us on a guided tour of the servant areas below stairs, including lots of areas not on the normal visitor route. 01223 206000

Early Spring Stroll

Coton Countryside Reserve, Coton, Cambs, CB23 7PZ

Sunday 1st April 11am to 1.30pm. Free. No booking required. Donations welcome The only fools today will be the ones who don’t take advantage of the chance for an early spring stroll! Join the Cambridge Past, Present and Future team for a scenic guided walk, where the first signs of spring colour will be emerging. Meet at Reserve entrance off The Footpath. 01223 243830

A Moonlit Meander

Wandlebury Country Park Wandlebury Ring, Cambridge, CB22 3AE

Friday 6 April 9pm - 10pm. Free Donations welcome. Booking essential Energise yourself for the start of the Easter weekend with a nighttime walk around Wandlebury that will hopefully be lit by the full moon forecast for Good Friday. Join the rangers for a guided walk. Dress according to the weather and bring a torch if you wish. Meeting place: notice board in the visitor car park. Jon Gibbs, Ranger: 07833 598155

APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 25


The Oxbridge University Boat Race Putney Bridge, London SW6 3JD

7 April 2012 Events on the riverbank start at 12 noon . Race starts at 2.15pm First raced in 1829, The Boat Race is one of the oldest sporting events in the world with the 158th race taking place this month.

True or false? 75% of homeless people can’t read or write. 50% have fewer than 4 GCSEs at or above a C pass.

Lambing time

Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Royston, SG8 0BW


Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain Romsey Mill, Hemingford Road, Cambridge CB1 3BZ

Tuesdays: 7.30pm. Wednesdays: 6.30pm Thursdays: 10am. Membership, concessions A gentle set of movements that promote health and wellbeing in people of all ages and in all health conditions.

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True or false?

Cambridge and surrounds

Launch: 18 April 2012. Five circular self-guided walking routes around Cambridge promoting awareness of sporting facilities, cultural activities and sporting achievements. PAGE 26 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

Sportivate programme martial arts

Tuesdays up to 17 April 6pm-7pm. £1 The Pa Kua School has secured funding from Living Sport to deliver 6 taster sessions through their Sportivate programme. Classes at the Arbury Community Centre, with every session being one hour. For ages 16-25 years. 01223 712038

Citylife Building, Sturton Street Cambridge CB1 2QF

Lark Rise Farm, Barton, Cambridgeshire, CB23 7AG

Cambridge Olympic Walks

Wednesday 4 April 10am-11am. £8 Step into Italy - no need to fly . Italian conversation classes at the Central Library. Enjoy speaking Italian with La Dante team. 01223 315191

Circus skills workshops

Dawn Chorus at Lark Rise Farm

A person does not have to be roofless to qualify legally as being homeless.

Cambridge Central Library, Lion Yard, CB2 3QD

Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road, Cambridge, CB4 2LD

Sun-Thurs, 1-5 April 10.30am-5pm. Normal admission charges Celebrate the arrival of spring at Wimpole Farm by watching the new born lambs and learn about the life of a sheep. You may witness the live birth of one of Wimpole’s rare breed sheep and if not you will certainly see lambs in their first few hours of life. www.tinyurl.flackapril04J 01223 206000

Friday 20 April 5.30am - 7.30am. £5/£2 Join us for a stroll round Lark Rise farm at the crack of dawn to hear the sublime sounds of the sunrise songsters! Booking is essential. Ticket price includes breakfast. 01223 262999

Italian Conversation Class

Saturday Drawing

Kettle’s Yard, Castle Street, CB3 0AQ

Saturday 14 April 11.30am-2pm. £8 (£5 concessions) Artist-led, fortnightly drawing workshops that introduce you to a range of drawing techniques and gives fresh insight into the house and its collection and exhibitions. All materials and refreshments provided. For adults and people aged 16 plus. 01223 748100

Sunday 1st April 4pm-8pm. £2.00/hr Beginners, intermediate and advanced including unicycling, aerial, and juggling. We also run occasional one-off workshops in aerial skills, stiltwalking and more. Call or email for details. Costs for special workshops vary but are usually between £5 and £10 . Contact us for details of when special workshops are run. Please get approval from one of our teachers before attending. 08717 334446

True or false? Marianne Faithfu’l writes at length about her experience of homelessness in her biography ‘Faihfull’.

Blood Donation

Addenbrooke’s Clinic, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2PT

Monday 2 April 8am-4.30pm. Free Cambridge Blood Donation. It’s best to make an appointment 01223 548000



Sikh Diwan - temporary Gurdwara for Cambridge

Cambridge Skeptics in the Pub

Arbury Centre, Campkin Rd, Cambridge, CB4 2LD

The Maypole, 20a Portugal Place, Cambridge, CB5 8AF

Sun 29 April 3-5pm The regional Sikh community meets on the last Sunday of each month. The worship consists of Indian music and readings from the Guru Grand Sahib (sacred book). Please are prepared to take off your shoes and to cover your head. 01223 232 519

Tuesday 17 April 5pm. Free Andrew Pontzen has talked about physics from live TV through comedy nights to 800-pupil A-level masterclasses — and most things in-between. He is also the resident cosmologist on the popular monthly podcast Naked Astronomy.

Meditation Experience

Inner Space, 6 King’s Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ

Every Mon, Tues & Thurs 6-7pm. Free We constantly seek new experiences through activities, relationships or even stronger coffee. Meditation enables us to achieve this in its highest form: an understanding and experience which make life genuinely and continuously richer. Suitable for both complete beginners and those who have completed a course. 01223 464616

True or false? To qualify as ‘homeless’ by the government, a person must meet 5 criteria.

Yoga with Rosanna Gordon Cambridge Cambridge Art Salon, 29 Cromwell Road, Romsey, CB1 3EB

Tuesdays 6-7pm. £6/£5.50 for members A gentle-paced class consisting of posture work, breathing exercises and a short meditation. Open to everyone, all levels welcome. Please bring your own mats.

Pagan Moot

Salisbury Arms Moot, Tenison Road.

Sunday 1 April 8 pm Paganism is an ancient religious outlook which remains active throughout much of the world today, both in civilisations such as Japan and India, and in tribal societies world-wide. Contact Derek at cambridge.pagan.


Making the Most of Assessment Data

Hughes Hall Mortimer Road, Cambridge CB1 2EW

Wed 4 April Free. Booking required In this talk the speaker will outline Cambridge Assessment’s solution to providing flexible, dynamic, on-demand statistical information for use by assessment managers responsible for the validity, reliability and timely delivery of assessments. 01223 553846

FLACK is proving a great way to earn some extra money. Some of our vendors are saving for a rent deposit for instance. Anyone can sell FLACK on the same basis as Big Issue Vendors. They buy their copies for £1 sell for £2 and agree to abide by FLACK’s Vendor Code of conduct. Five free copies for every new vendor to help them get started.

Badging up and Information Sessions @ the FLACK Base.

Question Writing

Monday - Friday 2pm - 4pm Saturday - Sunday Midday - 2:00pm

Cambridge Assessment, 1 Hills Road Cambridge CB1 2EU

Wed 11 April 10am – 12.30pm. Free. Booking required. Getting the questions right ensures an exam is of appropriate difficulty for the candidates who will be assessed. This session will provide an introduction to some of the principles of question writing. Topics covered will include ensuring content and skill coverage, features affecting question difficulty and fairness, and the process involved when a student answers a question.

FLACK has agreed the following pitch locations with the City Council:

Sidney Street between Boots and M&S Passage

Market Square between M&S and Oasis

Petty Cury outside Boots

Christ’s Pieces

01223 553846

Drummer Street Entrance


Grafton Centre Entrance

Economic growth in Cambridgeshire

The Entrepreneurship Centre, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT

Tues 17 April. 6-9pm Free (members). £50 non members. Cambridgeshire County Council and the GC and GP Local Enterprise Partnership. 01223 341055

Fitzroy Street Sussex Street Sidney Street Junction

Downing Street John Lewis Entrance

St John’s Street All Saint’s Passage

Mill Rd Co-Operative Supermarket APRIL 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 27


Older but fitter? Policy challenges of a changing older population

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA

Fri 20 April 11am - 2.15pm Free (members) £50 non members What will the population of 2030 be like? How would it be different today, with reference to health and ageing? What evidence supports this and how will that affect business and policy issues today? louise.rushworth@cambridge


Vineyard Tours and Tastings

Chilford Hall, Balsham Road, Linton, Cambs, CB21 4LE

Friday 6 April 10.30am and 3 pm. £12.50 The entire wine making process is explained from the management of the vine, pruning and picking of grapes, through to the processing, fermentation, blending and bottling. You can learn the subtle differences by sampling a variety of Chilford’s award-winning wines. Tours depart at times above and last around 90 minutes. 01223 895600

Farmers Market

Wyken Vineyards, Nr Stanton, Bury St Edmunds, IP31 2DW

Saturdays. 9am-1pm Every Saturday morning you may buy fresh food of the highest quality from local producers. Home to the award winning Leaping Hare restaurant and shop in a magnificent 400 hundred year old barn. A stroll through the ancient Wyken Wood brings you to the vineyard. You can taste the wines at the Leaping Hare. 01359 250287

Linton Farmers Market

Linton Village College Cambridge Road, Linton, CB1 6JB

Saturday 7 April 9am-12pm This venue boasts ample parking. Refreshments available. Pedestrian Access. Specialist Arts & Crafts Section. 01223 891233 PAGE 28 | FLACK | APRIL 2012

Sunday Lunch

Jockey Club Rooms, 101 High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JL

Sunday 29 April £34 3 course lunch including coffee (other drinks are charged as taken). 01638663101

True or false? In general, Cambridgeshire’s drug misusing population is slightly below average compared with other counties in the East of England.

Champagne - ‘In focus’

Hotel du Vin & Bistro, 15-19 Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA

Wednesday 18 April 7.30pm-9.30pm. £30 Following a study trip to the region in Nov 2011 showing the range of styles that represent modern Champagne 01223 227330


Rock and Blues Club

Elme Hall Hotel, 69 Elm High Road, Wisbech, Cambs, PE14 ODQ

Sunday 1 April 3.30pm-6.30pm. £3 A good atmosphere, enjoyable live music and complimentary snacks are all part of the regular Sunday afternoon club. Doors open: 3.30pm , 4pm start. 01945 475566

Salsa Classes and Social Dancing

Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7EE

Every Tuesday. 7.30pm. £6 Bury is the largest of our classes - great for anyone wanting to meet new people! 7.30pm: Beginners & Improvers. 8.30pm: Intermediate. 9.30pm: Freestyle dancing. Fully-licensed bar, beginners welcome. 01284 763405

True or false? An unpublished doctoral thesis found that 59% of the homeless hostel population reached diagnostic levels of personality disorder.

Lindy Hop Classes

St Paul’s Church, Hills Road, CB2 1JP

Every Wednesday 7.30pm. £4-£6 Beginner and intermediate dance classes in the Swing Dance Lindy Hop! If you haven’t danced before please start on the first Wednesday of the month. Social dancing: 8.30pm, Intermediate class: 9.30pm 01223 576899

17 Years of Warning!

The Junction 1, Clifton Way, Cambridge Leisure Park, CB1 7GX

Saturday 14 April 10pm-6am. £17 adv 17 years is not just big in the game it IS THE GAME. When we started Warning back in 1995 jungle was basically outlawed in many venues. Any available tickets will be sold on the door 8pm - 2am. No entry after 2am. No under 18’s. 01223 511 511


Egg Hunt and Crafts

Wandlebury Country Park Wandlebury Ring, Cambridge, CB22 3AE

Saturday 7 April 11am - 4pm. Adults free / £8 per child (£6 for CambridgePPF members). Booking essential Before the Easter bunny arrives with a hoard of chocolate, why not get the whole family out into the open air for a photo-trail egg hunt. With help from the charity’s rangers, children can also get creative with Easter crafts – making hand-made gifts just in time for Easter Sunday. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a packed lunch and dress accordingly for the weather.

Words in the Wood. Under 5’s stories and nature

Tuesday 10 April 10am - 12.30pm. Adults free / £6.50 per child (£5 for Cambridge PPF members) If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a good surprise! Join in with our story-led nature discovery, suitable for children under five. Listen to stories come alive in the beautiful wooded scenery of Wandlebury Country Park. Recommended for children aged 2 to 5. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Easter Egg Hunt, Afternoon Tea & Tour

Jockey Club Rooms, 101 High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JL

Sunday 8 April. Easter Egg Hunt: 1pm. Tour: 2pm. Afternoon Tea: 3pm. Free Newmarket has been at the heart of British horseracing for over 250 years. As a private members club, few people have had the privilege of stepping inside and seeing the magnificent interiors, which house a unparalleled collection of British sporting art and racing memorabilia. 01638 663101

Pond Dipping and Crafts Wandlebury Stable Rooms (Education Centre)

Wed 11 April. 10am - 12.30pm. Adults free / £6.50 per child (CambridgePPF members £5). For ages 5+. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Become a wildlife explorer by embarking on an expedition to Wandlebury’s pond. Grab a net and identify some crazy creepy crawlies, some of which you might not recognise. If the weather is good, why not make a day of it and stay for a picnic. Contact Jon Gibbs: 07833 598155

Whizz, Bang, Wallop! Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire. CB22 4QR

Sunday 1 April 10am - 6pm. Free for children aged 15 and under. Adult £17. Senior/Student £13.60. Concessions available It’s all going whizz, bang, wallop at IWM Duxford this Easter! We’ll be racing rockets, flying paper aeroplanes and having fun with lots of other fast-paced activities. Get your forces in motion for some high-speed antics at Duxford. 01223 835000

Si5 SpyMissions

Unit 7, Viking Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge, CB23 8EL

Sunday 1 April 10am-7pm. £12 per player Your own adventure at Si5 SpyMissions. Ever wanted to be in your own spy thriller? This is your chance. You’ll be cracking codes, hacking safes and using your lateral thinking skills to solve your mission. You’ll also be blowing a few things up, too. 01954 789134

Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Wednesday 4 April 1pm-4pm. £15.50 Peppa Pig and her friends are going on a treasure hunt and need your help! Peppa, George and Danny Dog are on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. Help them follow the clues and find their treasure on their day of adventure. 01223 357851

The Humble Bumble

Scotsdale, 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, CB22 5JT

Thursday 5 April 2pm-3pm. Free The Humble Bumble Cambridgeshire bee keepers society come to Scotsdale Garden Centre. Bookings recommended. 01223 842777

Junior Club ski school Bassingbourn Snowsports Centre, Bassingbourn, Herts, SG8 5NJ

Saturday 7 April 10am-1.20pm (hourly). The Junior Club meets every Saturday morning and caters from tots to late teens. A qualified ski Instructor works with members to help them improve style in a safe and caring environment and at own pace. The emphasis is very much on fun. 08450 728293

Family Saturdays

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, 1 Brookside, Cambridge, CB2 1JE

Saturday 7 April 11am-3pm. £2 Easter Extravaganza! Navigate the trail, make a bunny or lamb. 01223 336265

Family First Saturday

Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RB

Saturday 7 April 2pm-4pm. Free First Saturday of each month visit our Fitz Family Welcome Point and collect drawing materials, activities and trails to use throughout the Museum. (Under 8’s accompanied by an adult) 01223 332900


Thank you to all these retailers for giving FLACK shelf space ! Post Office Newmarket Rd Best One Express Fitzroy St Post Office King St. King’s News King’s Parade Mace Mill Rd Your News Victoria Ave North Cambridge Children’s Centre Cafe Campkin Rd Spar Barnwell Rd Derby Stores Newnham And an extra special thank you to our Honesty Box Hosts: Visitor’s Centre Milton Country Park The Box Cafe Norfolk St Coffee Savoy Newmarket Rd The Corner House Newmarket Rd Jocalatte Burleigh St The Champion of the Thames King St Emmanuel United Reformed Church Cafe Trumpington St CB1 Cafe Mill Rd Cafe Brazil Mill Rd Urban Larder Mill Rd The Portland Arms Mitcham’s Corner The Carlton Arms Carlton Way Food 4 Food Wintercomfort Cafe St Andrews Hall, Chesterton Mace Green End Rd, Chesterton St John’s Innovation centre Botanical Gardens Brookside Blue Ball Granchester Emmaus Landbeach Future Business Fitzroy St. Indigo Coffee House St. Edward’s Passage The School Run Centre Hope St. Yard The Studio Room Fitzwilliam Museum Rejuvenate Hills Rd If you would like to stock FLACK in your shop or are would like to support FLACK by hosting an Honesty Box - please contact: Amber on 07923 097413 or email

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Easter Activities and Chicks


Scotsdale, 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, CB22 5JT

Car Boot Sale

Science with seeds

Crystal Lakes Leisure, Low Road, Fenstanton, PE28 9HU

Scotsdale, 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, CB22 5JT

AccessArt Holiday Workshops

Burwash Manor Barns, New Road, Barton, Cambs CB23 7EY

Wednesday 11 April 10am-12.30pm. £20 per session Art school morning for ages 5 - 8 and 9 - 13: Sculpture and Drawing. A great opportunity to explore a variety of materials and processes. Led by Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli from AccessArt. 01223 262123

Science Museum Live

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Sunday 29 April 11am. £12.50 Experience spectacular science, dangerous demonstrations and extraordinary experiments as London’s world famous Science Museum returns with a spectacular live show to blow your mind and challenge your brain. Suitable for children aged 7 years and above. 01223 357851

Street Games Festival

Cambridge Regional College Sports Centre, Kings Hedges Rd, CB4 2QT

Sunday 29 April. Free. Free neighbourhood street games festival for 13-16 years. Compete in a maximum of three sports: badminton, basketball, goalball, cricket or football. Registrations close three weeks prior to the event.

01223 457532

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Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Rd, CB4 1UY

Sundays 7am-12pm. Pitches from £6 Cambridge’s biggest car boot sale. 100s of bargains, all hard standing. (01223) 357973

Saturday 7 April 11am-3pm. Free Today we will be offering real easter chicks to hold, if you’re brave. Also easter themed activities and a Lindt bunny hunt. 01223 842777

Thursday 12 April 11am – 12am, 2pm – 3pm. Free Experimenting with seeds: a scientific approach to gardening. Booking required. 01223 842777

Car Boot Sale

Students from Longsands Academy, St. Neots, raised £12.60 for FLACK by selling sweets. Thank you!


Love Cambridge Fashion and Beauty Event

Sundays 7.30am. 30p Our car boot sales are held amongst the attractive areas that make up the Crystal Lakes Leisure park. Load up the car with those unwanted possessions and bring them along or come and have a browse and pick up a bargain. Buyers (entry from 7.30am) 30p /sellers (cars) £6 (entry from 6.30am). 01480 493394

Grafton Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1PS

Car Boot Sale

Sunday 1 April Free Filled with non-stop entertainment, The Grafton will guide you to the hottest new looks for spring and summer in a weekend full of style during the Love Cambridge Fashion and Beauty weekend. 01223 316201

Sundays £1/free 10.30am Held every Sunday, except when racing and other large events are on the site. Refreshments & bouncy castle available. 01480 453373

Wedding Spectacular

Girton College, Huntingdon Rd, CB3 0JG

Sunday 1 April 11am-4pm. Free admission and parking Featuring exquisite bridal and bridesmaid collections from Astarte Brides of Ely and superb menswear from Westbrook Formal Hire of St. Ives. Plus 35 exhibition stands. 01787 460 593

Aztec Antique Fair

Wood Green, the Animals Charity, King’s Bush Farm, London Road, PE29 2NH

Sunday 1 April 10-5pm. £3 With 200 stands, the fair has earned the reputation for being one of the largest events of its type in the region. A wide range of antiques and collectables are available. 01480 830014

Huntingdon Racecourse, Brampton, Huntingdon, PE28 4NL

Art and Craft Market All Saints Garden, Trinity Street

Saturdays. Free Direct from the artist - we make what we sell! An abundance of arts & crafts - pottery, jewellery, paintings, photography, wood, glass. Part of the Cambridge scene for over thirty years, just opposite Trinity College.

Ely Craft & Curiosities and Farmers Market Market Place, Ely, CB7 4DL

Saturdays 8am-2pm. Free Every Saturday: Craft and Collectibles market with 40 + stalls offering antiques, individual pieces of furniture, paintings to suit all tastes, jewellery and many other unique items. 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month: Ely Farmers Market. 30 stalls of locally sourced fresh food produce. 01353 616380

www.flack CAMBRIDGE 105FM


The Romsey Labour Club, Mill Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3NL

Friday 20 April 8pm- 1am. £8 on the door Clubglobal presents the Legendary Afrotema plus guests. Clubglobal is a monthly live world and roots music night hosted by DJ Skunk. In a friendly atmosphere, it is a place to experience live music from different cultures, plus dancing into the night to the latest tunes from Cambridge 105’s DJ Skunk.

Ezio - Songsmith Sessions Alma Brewery, 26 Russell Court, Cambridge, CB2 1HW

Every Sunday 10pm. Free Cambridge-based musician Ezio Lunedei is the lead singer and composer of the band that takes his name. The group has released six studio albums, one compilation album, four live albums and three videos/DVDs. Ezio presents two hours of recorded as live sessions from his ‘Songsmith Sessions’ night at the Alma.

Sunday Breakfast

Every Sunday 8am Julian Clover presents the Sunday Breakfast show with a look at the national & local news, laid back music and special guests.

Cambridge Wordfest Various locations in Cambridge

13 – 15 April Cambridge Wordfest celebrates its 10th birthday on 13-15 April with everything from big-name authors to debut writers, personal inspirations to global themes. The sparkling line-up includes muchloved entertainer, Julian Clary; former Conservative MP, Michael Portillo; best-selling crime writer, Ian Rankin; adventurer Charley Boorman; and world-class novelists, Alan Hollinghurst, Margaret Drabble and William Boyd. The children’s programme is bigger than ever, opening with a guest appearance from Paddington Bear. We’ll also welcome former children’s laureate Michael Rosen, creator of the hilarious Mr Gum books, Andy Stanton, and many more.

Wood Green Grand Auction

Pembroke College, Trumpington Street Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 1RF

Saturday 7 April. Doors open 6.30pm, Auction begins at 7pm. £5. Special guest Auctioneer is Stewart White from BBC’s ‘Look East’ and David Palmer as seen on ‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘Flog it!’. Lots include: flight in light-aircraft, weekend breaks, golf events, premier tickets to the races, John Lewis vouchers with personal shopping service, pet portraits and much more. Ticket price includes free glass of wine and nibbles upon arrival. 0844 875 0150

A FLACK selection of websites with information about what’s on in Cambridge. (we can’t include everything!)

Cambridge Arts Theatre 01223 503333

ADC Theatre 01223 300085

Corn Exchange 01223 357851

Fitzwilliam Museum 01223 332900

Botanic Gardens 01223 336265

Local Secrets Website 0845 2071205

The Junction 01223 511511

The Science Show

Saturdays (fortnightly) 1.30pm Roger Frost and Nicola Terry present Cambridge 105’s programme about physics, biology and chemistry, but only a bit like you knew them at school.


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Faculty of Music

University of Cambridge


MISCELLANEOUS 0871 220 8000

The Lawrence room


Girton College, Huntingdon Road, CB3 0JG

Every Thursday 2pm – 4pm. Free Girton College has an extremely unusual Egyptian mummy called Hermione, which can now be viewed in the College’s small museum. The museum houses three major collections; Anglo-Saxon, Roman and Egyptian. cambridge 08712 240 240

Arts Picturehouse Cambridge - click on ‘Cambridge’ 0871 902 5720

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Pret A Manger. Two locations in central Cambridge: St Tibb’s Row, CB2 3ET & 22 Market Street, CB2 3NZ.

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