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November 2011 | £2.00

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Awards accolade CPL staff are celebrating after two of the publications it produces were shortlisted for major industry awards. Cheers magazine, for Molson Coors – which brews beer brands including Carling, Cobra, Doom Bar and Grolsch – was shortlisted in the magazine section of the International Content Marketing Awards, run by the Association of Publishing Agencies ( Meanwhile, the annual bloodstock brochure for Newmarket-based Darley Stud Management has been shortlisted in the best specialist communication category. Other recent highlights include the publication of a five-year review for human rights lawyers the Death Penalty Project and the completion of a number of websites for clients.


www.flack About the front cover ... Toby Peters spent many years homeless in Cambridge due to his alcoholism. He is now celebrating his fifth year of recovery and is making films and working at FLACK as our Weekend Studio Manager. photo: Mark Woods-Nunn

Inside this issue... HEAR Maria Nye-Gibbons’ perform ‘Human Sprout’ on the FLACK Cambridge YouTube Channel

About FLACK ...

FLACK is a new kind of what’s on magazine for Cambridge. We’re different in two important ways. Firstly, we cover the kind of events that can be hard to find out about in the city, from free films and exhibitions to live music, stand up and even bike maintenance workshops. Secondly, homeless people are core members of our production team. FLACK - which is also a registered charity – offers them training, support and a sense of vocation; helping them to get back on their feet. All of which gives our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

Why FLACK? Well ... homeless people get a lot of flack! (aka random criticism) ... and ‘to flack’ means to publicise and promote and that’s what FLACK is all about... providing a positive insight into who homeless people are, what they have to say and offer.

Subscribe to FLACK Make sure you don’t miss next month’s issue. Subscribe online to receive your copy of FLACK in the post at the beginning of every month. Editorial : Advertising : Listings : Volunteer : Published by FLACK Cambridge, City Life House, Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QF Registered Charity Number : 1136657 Printed by Burlington Press

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November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 3

by Brad Kirkwood

FLACK Editorial by Steph Clarke


his month’s FLACK is all about appearances and judging. Take Toby for instance. He is one of the most ordinary people to look at, but he is our digital hero and we want everyone to vote for him. Or Brad, whose review shows that in some things appearances are all you have to go by and yet can often be deceiving... What did you think Craig and Richard were going to do when you started reading Unreported News? Speaking of unreported news, Jude tells a positive story of the homeless which others seem uninterested in reporting, which makes a change from giving the front page to riots at a homeless hostel. All these negative attitudes remind me of an urban legend I picked up on my travels. I was told it’s true, but can’t find evidence. It goes like this: he park is called ‘The People’s Park,’ and this is why. There was a man, he was a town fixture, everyone either knew him or knew of him. Most people looked down on him but a few were kind and friendly. You see he was a tramp in the old-fashioned sense of the word. He would walk around town, never sleep in the same place and keep himself to himself.



He was a scruffy looking gent with the stereotypical layers, rope belt and rain mac. Many turned their noses up at him, wondering why the streets were not being cleansed of such useless filth, treating him as something worse than dog mess. Those few who took the time to talk to him would defend him, saying that he fishes in the bins for cans and bottles to recycle for money, not, as they implied, for dinner. He really was quite erudite and educated. It came to pass that our tramp (‘homeless’ in modern terms) friend died, and of course the naysayers were relieved at this. His friends, however, were vindicated because it turned out that he was the last in the line of a noble family and was homeless out of choice; he apparently preferred that to his mansion. He also gifted the land he owned in the centre of town to the people of the town, then put his millions in trust for its upkeep, with instructions that any homeless person that chose to sleep there should not be moved on as he frequently was. THE MORAL? Never judge by appearances.

Books aBout CamBridge, and much more, from our Bookshop in the heart of the city.

1 Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1SZ Phone 01223 333333

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 5


Toby Peters ~ digital hero? by Diane Morrison, FLACK Facilitator


Still from ‘Missing’ written and performed by Jade Rivers

oby Peters is the Studio Artist at FLACK Cambridge. I’ve worked with Toby for a year and his catchphrase when anyone tells him about their problems (which they often do, because of his ability to listen) is “let’s make a film about it.”

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the phrase “I talked to Toby about it” is repeated at least five times a day in FLACK, even when he’s not around. Toby gives his time tirelessly and without expectation, because he cares and really believes in the power of creativity to change people’s lives. After years of alcohol addiction and surviving on the streets by busking, he found filmmaking as a creative tool to channel his unique imagination and bring a positive light into the toxic darkness of his and others’ addiction. Toby graduated with a foundation degree in Live Performing Arts from St Austell College in Cornwall in 2010. He conceives of films as gifts rather than as possessions, and his philosophy is of showing the beauty within apparently unremitting tragedy and self-destruction.

Why do you make films?

“When I’m looking through the viewfinder and people forget the camera’s there, I see bits of their beauty. All that exterior shell that people usually have to protect themselves on the streets isn’t there, and people are vulnerable, and their beauty is there. When I edit their films I base it around those feelings. It’s all to do with trust; I show people bit by bit during the editing process so they can trust me and see the beauty that other people see but that that person doesn’t see or has forgotten. And people become stronger in their own creativity through that process. It’s a platform for people to be heard; after I make the film they want to do more creative things for themselves. Another thing that my way of working does is that it tears down the boundaries between homeless and non-homeless people. When people see a film about someone I’ve worked with they feel able to approach that person without feeling inhibited by the fact of that person’s homelessness or other issues. As I know from my own experience, there’s a really big invisible wall between homeless people and normal people; PAGE 6 | FLACK | November 2011

that’s the hardest thing to get over and be rehabilitated into normal life. I see film as a therapy, but a natural one that’s catered to the person in front of the camera. The camera is only a tool to capture moments; it’s the communication between the person in front and behind the camera that makes it work. Respect is incredibly important, on all sides, because I work with very personal stories. Because people trust me and FLACK they allow us to show their vulnerable side to the public. The type of stories that people on the streets have to tell can be very off-putting to the general public because they can be traumatic - people get overwhelmed by fear and the sheer scale of the problem. But with the way I work the subject of the film gains a sense of release and lightness, and the films show things in a way that is easier to digest.” Toby has just celebrated five years of sobriety.

Still from ‘Manny’ written by Shahriar Robin Ahmed and performed by Emmanuel Beckford

Toby has been shortlisted as Talk Talk Digital Hero - VOTE FOR TOBY!


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For details contact : James Martin on 01223 366532 November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 7


It’s In The Little Details Vermeer’s Women: Secrets and Silence- The Fitzwilliam Museum Reviewed by Brad Kirkwood


would be the first to admit that I know very little about art. I’ve never studied it, but I enjoy looking at it. I think it’s time people made appreciating art simple, so all can enjoy it. This is my breakdown of the exhibition, written for the masses …

the girl had a cheeky grin on her face. To be fair, all of the paintings are perfect in their own right and the detail and realism in every one is amazing.

Appropriate Behaviour - Stand in front of each painting, exclaiming to yourself, ‘Exquisite! Exquisite!’ every time, as one of my fellow spectators did. After three paintings, I just had to get away from him. There were a few people around that I could tell had learnt about art somewhere, and were desperate for a chance to show off. In my opinion, though, no one can possibly know anything about art, because it’s all down to you, the person who looks at it, not what someone else tells you.

Best Bits - Pieter de Hooch, ‘Courtyard in Delft’. I liked it because it had trees in it, and it was actually quite light compared to the other paintings. He actually painted the clouds properly, too! I don’t see the point in spending ages painting something and then not even getting the clouds right, which they do most of the time! Jacobus Vrel, ‘Woman at a Window’. This was a bit weird, sparse and dreamlike. The woman in the painting is waving at a child, but it seems more as if the child is a figment of her imagination, and as if she is a mother who is mourning or pining. Overall a bit morbid. Nicolaes Maes, ‘The Eavesdropper’, (could also be titled ‘The Nosy Neighbour’), which showed a girl sneaking around behind a door listening in on other people’s conversations. It had a bit of fun about it and PAGE 8 | FLACK | November 2011

Biggest Disappointment - Johannes Vermeer’s ‘The Lacemaker’. The Fitz has had this shipped over from the Louvre in Paris. To be honest, I think I preferred the frame to the picture.

Interesting Points - Some of the paintings are a bit too dark for me, although the play of the shadows does show a lot of skill. Also, all of the women look the same- was there only one model in the Netherlands at the time? Top Tip - Go in the morning, when it’s quiet. Would I recommend it? - It’s not my cup of tea, but the work is interesting. Well worth a visit.


FLACK Recipes


by Dominic Start

TUESDAYS to FRIDAYS 1200 to 200

food4food is a new cafe run by wintercomfort for the homeless. Enjoy our tasty, affordable meals and snacks knowing your money is helping us to help disadvantaged members of our community.

My Mum sent me these recipes (I think the chicken one is by good ol’ Jamie Oliver). I’ve tried them both and they’re especially great for me because they are both gluten free!

Chicken in Milk Ingredients: 4 pieces of chicken Pinch of salt and pepper 125g butter Olive oil ½ cinnamon stick Zest of 2 lemons 8 garlic cloves with skins still on them 565ml milk. • Preheat the oven to 190°C / 375°F / gas mark 5 and find a snug-fitting pot for the chicken. Season it generously all over, and fry it in the butter and a little olive oil, turning the chicken to get an even colour all over, until golden. • Remove from the heat and put the chicken on a plate. Throw away the oil and butter left in the pot ... this will leave you with tasty, sticky goodness at the bottom of the pan, which gives you a lovely caramel flavour later on. • Put your chicken back in the pot with the rest of the ingredients, and cook in the preheated oven for 1½ hours. Baste with the cooking juice when FREE SLICE OF CAKE WITH ANY HOT DRINK WHEN YOU BRING THIS FLYER! OFFER OPEN TO 31 DEC 2011. you remember. The lemon zest will split the milk, making a sauce that is absolutely fantastic. • To serve, pull the meat off the bones and divide it onto your plates. Spoon over plenty of juice and the little curds. Serve with wilted spinach or greens and some mashed potato.

Apple Pancakes Ingredients: 3 apples 3 eggs ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder Knob of butter • Peel and core apples • Blend / grate apples in food processor • Mix in eggs and cinnamon

• Melt butter in a pan • Fry as you would pancakes Serving suggestion: try with natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey.

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 9


Human Sprout

by Maria Nye-Gibbons I’ve got a secret I must tell That took me by surprise When at the age of 16 years I finally realise How could this happen and why to me – this isn’t right at all I’m trapped inside this body and I can’t get out it’s cruel I went to see a counsellor but the words just won’t come out Should I really feel embarrassed that I was born a human sprout? I wonder if there’s more like me, other vegetables trapped as well I swear to God I must be cursed or under someone’s spell But if in fact I’m possessed by a seriously unbalanced sprout, I need to perform an exorcism to get that bastard out

illustration by Michael Chalkey

The Humours of Underwearby James Elliott In the laundry of my life my mind is the machine, In the cloth pile of my thoughts it gives my shorts a clean, To the overturning drum they cling on, dump and flop, Slopping back in dirty bottom water, having fallen from the top, But when all is rinsed and hung then out on the wire spun, What of darkened waters and the skids I wanted gone. They passed through a filter hose and on then to sea, Kept only what, I suppose, had not washed out of me, They present only these few things beyond just clean clothes, Amongst some mostly human hairs, the nails of three big toes. A green button, half a match, a red plastic round-head pin, A bit of chaff from wholemeal bread and a cherry tomato’s skin. illustration by Max K Weaver PAGE 10 | FLACK | November 2011


The FLACK Effect - Jerry Gregory


rom: Szczecin, (10 miles from the German Border), Poland.

Jerry was interviewed by FLACK volunteer, Lesley.

iving: At the YMCA ims: To work as a door supervisor.

ontacts in Cambridge: Jimmy’s staff, and making loads of new friends at FLACK. udos: Jerry is 27. In five years’ time he would like to have his own apartment and to be running his own business teaching the Arabic fitness and self-defence training methods of KRAV-MAGA.

Jerry thought that FLACK was going to be a regular day centre for homeless people but FLACK has offered him so much more, such as opportunities to use his skills, make friends, and earn an income as a street vendor. As well as using his charm to woo the public during our promotional weekend, Jerry has used the resources at FLACK to write several articles for this and forthcoming editions of the magazine. He writes about his interest in fitness and self-defence, and about cage fighting. He is also writing his life story with the support of FLACK. Since the beginning of his involvement Jerry has been a familiar and welcome face at FLACK. Willing to help out in any way he can, Jerry had no qualms about painting his face blue and standing on the street with a ridiculous sandwich board on (not on his own, we’re not that cruel! – Ed.) to help spread the word about FLACK’s launch. He continues to be a great advocate and role model for the work we do at FLACK and we wish him every success with the project and his onward career. eco

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For Arjuna, a relaxing alternative to supermarkets. Our bright yellow shop at 12all your A FUN, FUNKY Mill Road, Cambridge, stocks a wide range of ethical and organic baby foods, VEGETARIAN SHOP! dinner creams and biodegradable nappies and much much more besides. 1 all yourincluding ethical festival delicious needs includinglunch deliciousand For all your ethical festivalFor needs We are 100% Vegetarian, also lunch offering greatoptions Veganand and Gluten-Free Te and dinner organic bread, fruitsnacks & veg dinner options andand organic bread, fruit & our vegetables and dinner options. Our fruit vegetables are organic, bread delivered 12 Mill Road, Cambridge (across Parker’s Piece) Arjuna, a relax 12 Mill Road, Cambridge (across Parker’s Piece) fresh daily. Tel: 01223 364845 ● Mill Road, Camb Tel: 01223 364845 Making ethical shopping easier since 1970 creams and biod Arjuna, a relaxing alternative to supermarkets. Our bright yellow shop atWe 12 are 100% Mill Road, Cambridge, stocks a wide range of ethical and organic baby | FLACK November 2011foods, PAGE 11 optio and|dinner creams and biodegradable nappies and much much more besides. fresh daily. Co-operative


Start of a New Beginning by FLACK’s new sports writer - Dominic Start

Peterborough area. Nine players and three spectators were kindly chauffeured by Jimmy’s staff to the football ground on Sunday 11th September. We played two ‘official’ games and unfortunately lost both, but afterwards we played two friendly games and because we were playing for fun and felt relaxed, we improved a lot. Apart from being the captain of the team and top scorer, which made me feel the best I’ve felt in three years, I also decided to take some time to explore my artistic side and took some awesome action-shot photos!


became homeless recently, slept on friends’ sofas, spent a few weeks at Jimmy’s, and then ended up in a Cyrenians property. To be honest, since a car crash three years ago my life has been pretty tough, and morale had hit an all-time low. I used to play football on a regular basis before the accident, so playing sports and being in a team was something I was used to. I was born on a Saturday at 3pm, and on that day the team I would later become a MAHOOSIVE fan of, Norwich City, beat Southampton 1-0, so it was fate that I become an out-andout fan of the sport in general. The game was in my blood. But with everything that had happened to me, I lost my passion for football and being part of a team. When I moved into Jimmy’s, I was encouraged to start playing again, and I found myself getting more confident in myself and being around other people. One of the workers, Ken, organised a football tournament, playing against other teams in the

PAGE 12 | FLACK | November 2011

I would really encourage homeless people to get involved with team-building games, such as football, because they involve communication, on and off the pitch. Playing sport encourages team building, helps you to make new friends and build relationships, and makes you a part of a community, something which many homeless people may not have experienced for a while, if ever. Going into a place like Jimmy’s, like any new place, can feel a bit lonely or threatening, but playing sports and other team activities is a great way to bond. After all, you’re all living in

the same space, sharing similar problems and just trying to improve your lives. My recent experiences have showed how positive playing football can be, but made me realise that, even if homeless people do manage to get motivated, there is really very little out there to help them get active. We need more charities and encouraging events like the Peterborough tournament. The improvement in people’s confidence can be immense and can really help their future success.

Food 4 Thought by Jude Evans and Diane Morrison


was delighted to attend the official opening of an exciting new project. The St Andrew’s Church Hall in Chesterton is now the venue for the Food4Food Cafe from 12pm – 2pm, Tuesday – Friday. Why exciting you may ask? Well, it was wonderful company, beautiful venue, and above all, great food! Okay, I could be guilty of being slightly biased. FLACK believes that any initiative which focuses on the potential of people who have experienced homelessness deserves celebration. Food4Food is a new community café offering affordable, delicious home-made grub. It also offers job skills training to those with experience of homelessness. I caught up with some of the busy organisers on the day, including Wendy Martin, who proudly told me: “Food4Food is a social enterprise, set up to give clients something to do, to give them the experience of cooking - something other than stare into their coffee cups! Two of my clients are on their City and Guilds Level 2. The trainees work on site to provide catering to local businesses - all freshly-made home-cooked food.” Trevor could be described as one of the project’s success stories. Already having achieved a food hygiene qualification, he’s now working toward a City and Guilds award in food service. Trevor spoke to me after the opening ceremony. “It started off as an accident!” says Trevor, explaining how he first got involved; “I asked Wendy if any jobs needed doing one day. I started off washing-up. Now I’ve got a reason to keep going. When someone comes up to the hatch and says how much they enjoyed their meal, it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something. Watch out Jamie Oliver!” I couldn’t help but feel proud to be there in my representative capacity with FLACK. My only concern is that if it weren’t for our coverage, something so positive and mutually beneficial to the wider

community would have gone by largely unnoticed. Edging me towards this surmise is the fact that on the same day, the Cambridge Evening News (who didn’t attend the launch of the café or of our magazine) published a cover story – ‘Homeless Hostel Out of Control’. Violent drunken gangs, prostitution, theft and general intimidation were among the list of behaviours publicly associated with residents of 222 Victoria Road (the biggest homeless hostel in Cambridge, and in the paper’s coverage practically synonymous with the homeless community). Many commented that it was ‘disappointing’ that the Cambridge Evening News had decided not to also cover the positive work being done by people with experience of homelessness. People like Trevor who somehow has found the strength to fight back from the brink of mental collapse. Trevor’s progress shines amongst the murk of suspicion and scapegoating. This year alone he’s faced the challenge of the death of his son and subsequent battle with a heavy drinking habit exacerbated by his grief. The atmosphere was buzzing with positivity as a good show of supporters – members of the public, workers from the homeless sector and community leaders gathered together for the ceremony. Like FLACK, the Food4Food project helps its trainees back into a work environment, whilst encouraging the confidence, skills and self-respect which the label of homelessness can erode. Perhaps if there was more emphasis on this kind of social enterprise in the media, there wouldn’t be such a disproportionately negative stereotype attached to those who find themselves out in the cold. Food and the sharing of food is a powerful way to bring people together in friendship and love, and we encourage you to take advantage of the bounty on offer at Food4Food.

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 13

Ballet Slipper Girl Flack Members, Cindy and Al, remember their first pussycat, Minix.


hirteen years ago our lives were changed when we got two cats. The little white’n’tabby girl sold us immediately when she rolled over in our arms in total trust. She was matched by a golden-eyed black boy. He of course had to be Snowball. The little girl became Minix from her Minnie the Minx character. So began a dynasty when they had black’n’white Pattidot and she in turn had tabby Treacle, typical boy & super fluff Hooshie girl.


nowball and Minix always snuggled together like an old married couple. Minix was dinky with slim white feet we called ballet slipper paws, one of her many pseudonyms including Minnie Pinnie with the perfect ‘question mark’ tail, or ‘oy you get off that chopping board!’ She was constantly mistaken for being the youngest of our family and she had the loudest purr of the lot.

“A true furry friend“


inix was an instant kitten responding immediately to string, twigs and leaves. Her curiosity often resulted in dirty face and neck from poking into holes and she was forever trying to break into the clothes cupboards for the coziest sleeping hole. She was often found expectantly waiting and snoozing on the next-door boat roof for the arrival of chicken brought by our neighbour, Steph.

Her ultimate cuteness was wrapping around on your shoulders, huffing in your ear, purring and rubbing your cheek for as long as you liked with anyone and everyone. Minix was a happy, confident cat who didn’t like her human mattress shifting too much, a complete tart for love’n’kisses. She was only a little cat but she’s left a huge hole.

PAGE 14 | FLACK | November 2011

photos by Cindy Reay


Object of the Month # 02 by Josie Camus (Fitzwilliam Museum)

FLACK BACK On 4 Oct 2011, at 14:00, a member of the public wrote: “[The name of your magazine is] A bit of an insult to many Cambridgeshire families with the surname Flack, perhaps a bit more research into a better name for your magazine ........ Sent from my iPad” In response, we wrote:

William Nicholson. The Girl with the Tattered Glove. 1909


ow that our brief Indian summer is really over, the gloves and hats are coming out in force. So it seemed like a good time to take a look at this sober but intriguing painting by William Nicholson. It’s a very simple subject: a wistful-looking woman in winter clothes, sitting against a plain background. But it’s a great picture for suggesting stories. The hook is in a tiny dash of pink paint, where the woman’s skin can be seen through a tear in her glove. So this really is a painting that you need to see ‘in the flesh’ or you might miss it. William Nicholson was fascinated by gloves. He owned lots himself, and also designed and made them. (He once gave gloves to his friends as a wedding present, with poetry written along the fingers …) It’s the wear on the gloves in this painting that gets us thinking; what adventures and hardships have they seen, which have made their owner look so world-weary? In real life the woman in the painting was a cockney laundress called Lotte Stafford. She was a favourite model of the artists of the time, because of her swanlike neck. And she wasn’t really a mournful person either. She was described as having ‘irrepressible good spirits and babies every 25 minutes’! The Girl with the Tattered Glove can be found in Gallery 1, on the first floor.

“Your comment is interesting, especially as we’ve had a very positive response to our choice from three people with that surname - two of whom are now volunteers with us. You may be interested to know that ‘flack’ has two meanings; the first being slang for random criticism, (which homeless people often receive) and then ‘to flack’ means to publicise or promote. It’s for this reason we chose the name after extensive consultation last year when we formed - its double meaning serves well as an introduction to our core mission, which is to promote a more positive view of homeless people and involve them in the production of a What’s On Listings magazine for Cambridge - publicising the wide range of cultural activities that our city has to offer. I do hope this reassures...” However the respondent was not reassured in the slightest: “I think my aged mother and aunt will find it insulting to their maiden name Flack. My Flack family have been very very poor farm workers, but have never had to beg or been homeless. They feel sad that a homeless magazine is named after their family surname... Sent from my iPad” Coincidentally we have recently received some correspondence in sympathy with the misfortunes and outrages committed by irresponsible naming decisions, the most salient of which are as follows: “Hear, hear! I thoroughly resent being associated with an outsized clothing retailer!” Jude Evans “Much to my continual chagrin the widespread use of my surname as the name for a room in a house has not decreased, even after the complaint I sent to my MP.” Jim Kitchen

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 15


“Jenners of Edinburgh (a large luxury department store similar to Harrod’s) refuses to allow me unlimited free credit despite the fact that my existence promotes the brilliance of their brand name.” Katie Jenner “Since the Royal Wedding I have been besieged by lechery of the lowest order and I can only attribute this to the association of my once esteemed name with shapeliness of derriere.” Jessica Middleton “The Koreans have very rudely decided to use my surname as their word for seaweed and print it repeatedly on their savoury dried snacks. It’s not on, not on, I say!” Kirsten Lavers “I sympathise with the plight of the name-accosted, but I rather like my association with a reputable shoe manufacturer.” Steph Clarke “I cannot stand the continual humiliation of being mentioned in the same breath of a rather tacky supermarket chain. We name-hijacked should band together and end our oppression!” Diane Morrison And now for something completely different ... Dear Flack


UNREPORTED NEWS HOMELESS HEROES Saturday 8th October 2011 1am, Parker’s Piece near the Pavilion.

Two homeless rough sleepers, Richard Ralphs (age 23 and Craig Phillips (age 45) spotted a young lady on her own sitting on a bench with her head in her hands, clearly slightly worse for wear. Richard went over to speak to her to make sure she was OK. He and Craig then decided to stick around and keep an eye on her from a distance. An hour or so passed. They both went over together and suggested she take a taxi home because she obviously wasn’t going to be able to ride the bicycle she had with her. Richard went to see the taxi drivers parked behind the Pavilion. It took nearly ten minutes to convince a driver to take her home but he finally agreed. Craig said, “All credit to Richard for stepping up. I saw it as a test, something just said ‘No. This time I won’t walk away’. I’m so relieved that we did keep an eye on her because I’ve since heard that someone was attacked behind the bus station that very same night.”

Just to say we wouldn’t have known Andy Cutting was playing at The Portland last night had it not been for Flack. He’s fantastic - we had such a great evening! So thanks and keep it up.

“We were there, we couldn’t just

All the best

October’s Crossword Answers

Julia Tozer & Adrian Matthews

FLACK would like to hear from you. Any complaints, praise, pedantry, unreported news or feedback of any description is heartily welcomed.

email : text: 0792 685220 post: FLACK, Citylife House, Sturton Street, Cambridge, CB1 2QF PAGE 16 | FLACK | November 2011

walk away”



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Dictionary Def: flack (verb) ~ to publicise or promote.

FLACK LISTINGS are researched by our volunteers and homeless members. FLACK’s mission is to offer our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

Pause for Thought photo by Cindy Reay


Three Men on the Road ArtCell Gallery

Cambridge Research Institute, Cancer Research UK, Robinson Way, Cambridge, CB2 0RE

Sunday 23rd October to Sunday 15th January 2012 10:00am - 5:00pm Free An exhibition of street photography by Paul Bowman, Martin Spott & Bruce Stuart. The exhibitions at ArtCell aim to bring art into the institute for staff & patients at Addenbrookes Hospital as well as the general public. 01223 404180

Saturday 19th November & Sunday 20th November 10:30am - 4:00pm Free An opportunity to buy an original canvas by local professional and amateur artists for just £45 and help to raise money for the new SOS Children’s Village in Chipata. ZambiaMusic will be performed during the day by local musicians, and light refreshments will be available. 01223 420018

Autumn Quilt Festival 2010 Chilford Hall

FLACK Recommends

The Science of Fireworks

Department of Chemistry Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EW

Friday 4th November 7:00pm - 8.00pm Free Join Professor Chris Bishop, presenter of the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, for a spectacular family lecture packed with demonstrations of pyrotechnic chemistry. Expect excitement, and explosives! WARNING: LOUD BANGS! 01223 336300

Balsham Road, Linton, CB21 4LE

World of Difference Charity Art Exhibition Chesterton Community College Gilbert Road, Cambridge, CB4 3NY

Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 10:00am - 4:30pm £7 - £2 All our shows have a wide selection of November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 17


quilts, traders and suppliers, and have dedicated quilting enthusiasts and personalities on hand to show you various techniques and answer your questions. Meet the quilting enthusiasts to ‘show you how.’ Good facilities including wine shop and bistro, disabled facilities, and free on-site parking. 01775 712100

Free Exhibition of water based woodcuts by Yu Chengyou. 01223 413792

Cambridge Christmas 11 Unitarian Hall

5 Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW

Cambridge Camera Club´s Annual Exhibition Guildhall

Market Square, CB2 3QJ

Monday 31st October to Saturday 5th November 10:00am - 5:00pm Free The Camera Club showcases the best images taken over the past year by its members. As one of the oldest photographic societies in the country and the biggest in East Anglia, its talents are displayed with over 200 images on show. The many diverse subjects include landscapes, architecture, natural history, people and creative compositions. 01223 306655


Ruskin Gallery Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, CB1 1PT

Weekdays only, Thursday 13th October to Thursday 3rd November 10:00am - 5:00pm Free The everyday brings out associations with the domestic where the ordinary is more commonly encountered as beautiful rather than the sublime. This group exhibition features one or two pieces by each artist as well as craft objects such as an oil valve from an oil drilling rig. Artists include Tony Benn, Luke Jackson, Sam Jackson, Chris Stevens, Jo Stockham, Amikan Toren, Suzanne Treister, John Wilkins.Includes a symposium to debate the writings of the philosopher Richard Shusterman.

Wild North China

St Barnabas Press Gallery Coldham’s Road, CB1 3EW

Friday 28th October to Saturday 12th November (closed Sundays) 10:00am - 6:00pm

PAGE 18 | FLACK | November 2011

Monday 21st November 4:00pm - 9:00pm Free Sixteen Cambridge-based arts and crafts professionals exhibit together for one night only. Items on show include jewellery, ceramics, glass, prints, textiles, books and puzzles, textile art and illustrations.

Diana Probst - ‘Drawing Inspiration’ Cambridge Art Salon

29 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EB

Saturday 12th, Sunday & Tuesday 15th November 10:00am - 6:00pm Free A collection of representative art in oils and charcoal, and short-run screen prints. The exhibition is inspired by what the artists observes every day in the world around her. The title’s play on words refers to both the physical act of drawing – a fundamental part of her work – and to the ‘muse’ which gives rise to the act itself.

Golnar Manek-Frickleton Cambridge Art Salon

29 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EB

Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th, Tuesday 29th November 10:00am - 5:00pm Stunning, tango inspired mixed media paintings and sketches from artist Golnar Manek-Frickleton.

Viewfinder Ruskin Gallery

Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Monday 14th November 10:00am - 5:00pm

Free On the home leg of its international tour, Viewfinder comes to the Ruskin Gallery having exhibited in Seoul, South Korea, and at IMPACT7 International Printmaking Exhibition at Monash University, Australia. Artists include Brook & Black, Professor Paul Coldwell, Edward Dimsdale, Michel Evans, Johanna Love, Dr David Ryan, Mark Shaw, and Nick Devison.

FLACK’S FITZWILLIAM 4 Every month a member of FLACK will choose four events or exhibtions at the Fitzwilliam Museum. November’s selection is by Steph Clarke.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RB

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm Sundays 12:00pm - 5:00pm 01223 332900

Cupid & Psyche

Gallery 6 Wednesday 2nd November 1:15pm Free Lunchtime talk by Julia Tozer, Education Department. Space is limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45 on day of talk. 01223 332900

Indiana Jones in Bloomers: The remarkable story of Agnes Smith Lewis, bible hunter and benefactor Seminar Room (Room 35) Wednesday 16th November 1:15pm Free Lunchtime talk by Professor Janet Soskice, Fellow of Jesus College and Professor of Philosophical Theology. Space limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45 on day of talk. 01223 332900


Grey matters: Graphite

Shiba Gallery (14) Tuesday 29th November – Sunday 11th March 2012 Free Discover the extraordinary expressive potential of the pencil in a display ranging from 17th-century miniatures on vellum to compositional sketches by George Romney and William Blake, and drawings by Ingres and Degas. Graphite is the first in a new series, Grey matters, which sets out to explore the impact of the greyscale on the artistic imagination. 01223 332900

Staring at Naked People Anyime during opening hours Free Ask at reception for advice. 01223 332900


Portland Folk Club The Portland Arms

Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge, CB4 3BA

Every Sunday £5 We have weekly open stage nights and monthly gigs. 07847 680560

Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. is a quartet playing improvised, freeform or experimental sets incorporating elements of American psych rock and drone. The first date of their UK tour, this is their first visit to Cambridge.

Carnage in Cambridge II The Man on the Moon

Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LF

Saturday 5th November 4:45pm £8 on the door Kyrbgrinder + Black Polaris + To The Lions + Neverworld + Depraved Plague + Measures. A full day of metal bands, live!


Morgan Sindalls & Steve Shaw

White Label, The Von Nitros & More The Portland Arms

Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge, CB4 3BA

Monday 14th November £4 entry 8:00pm “There’s Indie In My Pants” and we think you’ll like it... Featuring Cambridge’s finest and most energetic indie-rock bands. 01223 357328

Rebel Arts Radio The Portland Arms

Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge, CB4 3BA

Wednesday 30th November 8:00pm £tbc Line-up are The Spaghetti Faction. 01223 474144

Music Nights at the Missing Sock The Missing Sock

for having fun fishing and raising £100 for FLACK at the same time!

Finders Corner, Newmarket Road, Stow-cumQuy, Cambridge, CB25 9AQ

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:00pm Free Live music every Friday and Saturday evening, open mic expression night on Sunday evenings, complimentary nibbles with some great entertainment. 01223 812660

Portland Ukelele Club The Portland Arms

Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge, CB4 3BA

Sunday, 2nd, 16th and 30th November 8:00pm Ukelele Club meeting.

Crashed Out + Old School Politics + Support & DJs The Man on the Moon

Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LF

Bad Timing: Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O The Portland Arms

Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge, CB4 3BA

Friday 4th November 8:30pm £10 Legendary Japanese psych-rock. The most prolific and widely-known of the various Acid Mothers Temple collectives, Acid

Friday 11th November 7:30pm £tbc Crashed out - Kick ass Punk Rock N Roll. Old School Politics- Power Pop Punk Rock from Canada. Crashed Out has gained a solid fan base world-wide doing their own original material. 01223 474144

FLACK POEM (extract) A stick in the water runs and angles. Refracting, depending on the lay of the land and the winds of the mountain.. the position of the eye’s thoughts that surround them.

by Reginald Macabre

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 19


Live Folk Music

Upbeat Open Mic

1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge, CB1 2PF

21 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1NW

Tuesday 8th November 8:30pm Free Enjoy a night of unplugged, traditional fiddle-led music from around the British Isles and beyond! 01223 314264

Thursday 17th November 8:00pm - 11:30pm Open mic - come along and get involved. Poetry, music, comedy.

The Geldart

The Emperor

Respiro Barnacles Rock The Grapes

19 Histon Road, Cambridge, CB4 3JB

Cambridge Folk Club The Golden Hind

Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1SP

Every Friday 8:00pm £varies 4th Nov: Open Stage with the Cattle Barons. 11th Nov: Johnny Dickinson, Support: Tom Colborn. 18th Nov: Kristina Olsen, Support: Martin Kaszak and Howard Roscoe. 25th Nov: Dick Gaughan,Support: Louise Jordan. 01223 304447

Saturday 5th November 9:00pm Fantastic 3 piece rock and roll. Live rock and pop music covers - 60’s to current, and the odd stupid thing....Pixies, Queen, Killers, Dean Martin. 01223 511974

I’ll see you there Usual place Usual time


Tiger Blue

Plough and Fleece High Street, Horningsea, CB25 9JG

Saturday 26th November 8:00pm £5 Cluzion Acoustic presents an evening with Tiger Blue. Tiger Blue are a gritty/sweet acoustic duo, with Megan Day on vocals and Andrew Young on guitar. With an eclectic range of covers, from well-known to obscure and 50’s to present, they play most genres; chill-out, country, blues, soul, indie, folk, jazz, all done with a Tiger twist, plus special guests. ‘We sing & play like we mean itand perform like we feel it!’ 01223 860795

Live Irish Music Sessions The White Swan

SciScreen: ‘HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy’

PAGE 20 | FLACK | November 2011

La Dante Italian Film Club 60 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB23 7BG

Friday 11th November 7:00pm £3 members/£4 non-members ‘Respiro’ by Emanuele Crialese. Held at La Dante, in Italian with English subtitles. Booking required.

FLACK FILMS flackcambridge


Michelle & Amita John Lewis, Chronicle for bringing us a delicious Wednesday Lunch

Arts Picturehouse

St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AR

Monday 7th November 6:00pm While he might not have the answer to ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’, Dr Andrew N Holding will start the evening with a short talk on the inevitability that the universe, and not just our sock drawers, will descend into chaos. The talk will be followed by a showing of the 2005 movie the ‘HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy’. Mere seconds before the Earth is to be demolished by an alien construction crew, journeyman Arthur Dent is swept off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher penning a new edition of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ Arts_Picturehouse_Cambridge/

107-109 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AZ

Every Monday 8:30pm Free The real live Irish music session which has been in Cambridge for the last 12 years, has now moved to the White Swan, on Mill Road.

David Ryan’s film, ‘Via di San Teodoro 8’, explores Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi’s (1905-1988) house in the heart of Rome. It lies somewhere between experimental documentary and the filmic poetic essay. 0845 271 3333

Via di San Teodoro 8 Ruskin Gallery

Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, Cb1 1BD

Friday 25th November 6:30pm


Dandelion Heart ADC Theatre

Park Street, Cambridge, CB5 8AS

Wednesday 12th October to Saturday 15th October 11:00pm Wednesday £5/£4, Thursday/Saturday £6/£5 Explosive, stark, intricate in performance, Dandelion Heart is an expedition into the bizarre, its characters an experiment in embracing the peculiar and rolling with it. Comedic yet poignant, this play draws a world of fundamentally broken people, with a way of seeing that doesn’t work


in tandem with anyone else’s, even each other’s. What emerges, in the absence of any grounding point, is this: Reality is relative. 01223 300085

and extend their creative skills. Expect to see a vibrant display of dance, from classical ballet to modern jazz.


Corpus Christi Playroom St. Edward’s Passage, Cambridge, CB2 3PJ

Monday, Every 2nd week from 17th October to 14th November 9:30pm £6/£5 Come along and see comedy performed by Cambridge comedians in one of the city’s most intimate and unusually-shaped venues. 01223 300085

Standard listings are FREE. There’s so much going on in Cambridge we can’t promise to include everything but we’ll try our best. FLACK prefers events that are free or affordable and don’t normally get included in mainstream publications. (follow the listings link to get listing with FLACK)

Portland Comedy Club Last Friday of every month 8:00pm £5adv / £7door See website for line up. 01223 357268

CB1 Poetry The Punter

Pound Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AE

Tuesday 22nd November 8:00pm £4/£3 Tamar Yoseloff and Katy Evans-Bush plus open mic floor spots. 01223 363322

MB Academy of Dance: Sleeping Beauty The Junction 2

Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX

Sunday 27th November 2:00pm & 6:30pm £7/£5 This fast moving, exciting and colourful show is performed by all eighty students, ranging in age from 3-19 years old and offers a unique opportunity for the young dancers to appear on a professional stage

Le Chant du Cor

Fitzwilliam College Auditorium Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DG

19th November 7:30pm Free A Chamber Music Concert: Marie Lemaire (Soprano), Mark Smith (French Horn), Matthew Pritchard (Piano). Programme will include music by Strauss, Berlioz, Schubert, Britten and Mozart. 01223 332000

Friday Lunchtime Concerts Kettle’s Yard

Portland Arms

129 Chesterton Road, CB4 3BA

totally ensnares the audience. Their programme includes works by Piccinini, Kapsberger, Santiago de Murcia, Sanz, de Visée, Couperin and Forqueray.

Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ


Promenade Concerts Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RB

Every Sunday 1:15pm - 2:00pm Free Enjoy music in the wonderful surroundings of the Fitzwilliam Museum. 6th November: La serva padrona:- Opera buffa by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. 13 thNovember: Cambridge Chamber Ensemble:- Mozart, Schubert. 20th November: Le Petit Orchestre:Handel, Bach, Vivaldi. 27th November: Jessica Lawrence-Hares, soprano & Patrick Hemmerlé piano:-Alma Mahler, Szymanowski, Duparc 01223 332900

Baroque Insight- Lute Duo St Bene’t’s Church

Bene’t Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QN

Sunday 20th November 3:00 p.m. £12/£9 This fabulously talented Polish duo presents a showcase of music for Baroque guitar and theorbo. Anna and Anton recreate the spontaneity inherent in the music, in a thrilling performance which

Every Friday 1:10pm - 1:50pm Free Classical performances in the soothing atmosphere of Kettle’s Yard House. Relax and enjoy. 4th November: Amy Lyddon (alto) - Berlioz & Brahms. 11th November: Michael Leach (piano) Beethoven, Chopin & Liszt. 18th November: Amy Jolly (cello). 25th November: Mark Seow (violin), Edmund Daley (viola), Héloïse Werner (cello), Marianne Schofield (double bass), Brendan Musk (piano) - Schubert´s Trout Quintet. 01223 748100

Jazz Jam at the Emperor The Emperor

21 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1NW

Every Tuesday Free Regular friendly jazz evening, where local talent tests their improvisatory skills with the help of a customarily excellent rhythm section. 01223 464633

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 21


El Hombre sin Nombre... The Geldart

1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge, CB1 2PF

Thursday, every 2nd week from Thursday 6th October to Thursday 15th December 8:30pm Free Live Spanish and Flamenco style acoustic guitarist will be playing in the restaurant section of the pub. Bernard serenades our diners on the first and third Thursdays of every month. 01223 314264

FLACK SUBSCRIBERS Thank you for your support

Haverhill Keyboard Club presents Elizabeth Harrison Haverhill Arts Centre

High Street, Haverhill, CB9 8AR

Tuesday 29th November 7:30pm £7 Elizabeth has a varied programme including military marches, big band, orchestral arrangements, novelty tunes and much more. 01440 714140

Live Jazz at The Green Man The Green Man

55 Trumpington High Street, Cambridge, CB2 2HZ

Every Sunday 6:30pm Free Amazing live jazz music every Sunday night, dinner served until 9pm, drinks until 11pm. www.thegreenmantrumpington.

Live Jazz with the Andy Bowie Quartet Clarendon Arms

Juilan Huppert, MP

From Morn to Night: A Homage to Henry Purcell, and a Fond Remembrance of His Brother, Daniel Clare Hall

Every Sunday 8:30pm - 11:00pm Free Live Jazz with regular guest appearances by some of the amazing young talent in jazz from the Cambridge area. 01223 313937

Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL

Saturday 26th November 7:30pm £15/£10/£5 Evelyn Tubb (soprano) and Anthony Rooley (lute). Songs and instrumental works by Henry and Daniel Purcell. 01223 760962

All Saints Church

Church Lane, Haslingfield, Cambridge, CB23 1JF

Friday 18th November 2011 7:30pm £12/£6 This programme includes such delights as Alwyn´s Naiades, Andante in C by Mozart, a Donizetti sonata, and Jongen´s Danse lente to make an evening of beautiful sound and virtuoso playing. 01223 894161

PAGE 22 | FLACK | November 2011

Simon Trpeski Piano Peterhouse College

Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RD Subscribe for just £24 per annum

Clarendon Street, Cambridge, CB1 1JX

Haslar Ensemble

and enjoy. 01440 714140

Haverhill Silver Band - A night at The Movies Haverhill Arts Centre

High Street, Haverhill, CB9 8AR

Sunday 6th November 7:30pm £6.50 (£5conc) Haverhill Silver Band will perform scores written for popular films throughout cinema history and so there will be something that everyone will recognise

Tuesday 15th November 7:30pm £5 Chopin, Bach and Liszt, played by the endlessly talented Simon Trpeski. ‘He tore through the double-octave outbursts with arm-blurring speed and no sense of strain. Yet in tenderly lyrical moments he caressed the phrases.’ 01223 96 8333

The Belcea Quartet Peterhouse College

Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RD

Tuesday 25th November 7:30pm £5 The Belcea Quartet has gained an enviable reputation as one of the leading quartets of the new generation. They continue to take the British and international chamber music circuit by storm, consistently receiving critical acclaim for their performances. 01223 96 8333


Autumn Tones Cambridge Queen’s College Chapel

Queen’s College, Cambridge, CB3 9ET

Saturday 12th November 7:30pm £14/£12 Fairhaven Singers with Allegro, conducted by Ralph Woodward. A programme including Aaron Copland´s ‘In the beginning’, and the premiere of a new work by Carl Rütti. 01223 357851

Medelssohn’s 2nd Symphony Trinity College Chapel

Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

Saturday 19th November 8:00pm £10/£8 A performance of Medelssohn’s 2nd Symphony, Lobgesang, for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra in the beautiful setting of Trinity College Chapel. 01223 338400

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Every Tuesday from 18th October to 29th November 1:10pm - 1:55pm Free 1st November: John Adams Gnarly Buttons and Son of a Chamber. Symphony, with Joe Shiner, clarinet, and the New Music Ensemble and Stephen Craigen, conductor. 8th November: Song-cycles by Jeremy Thurlow and Misha Mullov-Abbado, with Catherine Harrison, soprano. 22nd November: Poulenc Banalites and Debussy Fêtes Galantes, with Nicholas Mogg, baritone, and Harry Ogg, piano. 29th November: Messaien Visions de l´Amen, with Freddie Brown and Rosie Breckon, pianos. 01223 335184

VOTE FOR TOBY FLACK’s digital hero! Deadline: Sunday 13th November

The concert opens with Berlioz´s Roman Carnival Overture and closes with Mendelssohn Symphony no 3 ´The Scottish.´ 01223 300085

Cambridge Chorale and the Cann Twins West Road Concert Hall

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Sunday 6th November 7:00pm £16 - £6 Home-grown talent Cambridge Chorale will be joined by internationally renowned piano duo The Cann Twins to perform an inspired reworking of Johannes Brahms´ ‘Ein deutsches Requiem’ by Heinrich Poos. The programme also includes ‘Songs of Farewell’ by Parry, and The Canns will perform Camille Saint-Saëns´ sinister ‘Danse Macabre’, Georges Bizet´s reflective Intermezzo from ‘Carmen’, and Percy Grainger´s superb arrangement of George Gershwin´s ‘Themes in Fantasy on Porgy and Bess’. 0845 6801926


The Rite of Spring

Tottenham Hotspur Academy Experience

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Pool Way, Whitehill Road CB5 8NT

Sunday 13th November 7:30pm £10 - £20 When Stravinsky began composing ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’ a century ago, little could he have imagined the impact it would have. The Rite of Spring embodies 20th century music. It is gripping, exhilarating, theatrical and daring. Launching the Society´s season of 20th Century classics, this stunning programme features Stravinsky´s The Rite of Spring, Borodin´s Polovtsian Dances and Prokofiev´s Alexander Nevsky. 01223 357851

Monday 14th November & Monday 21th November 5:00pm - 7:00pm £18 per child For children aged 6 - 16 years. Players will get the chance to show off their skills and ability in front of Tottenham Hotspur’s coaching and scouting network alike. Book in advance to avoid disappointment. 0208 3655049

Abbey Leisue Complex

West Road Concert Hall

Cambridge University Lunchtime Concerts West Road Concert Hall City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra West Road Concert Hall

11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Saturday 26th November 7:30pm £18 The second concert of the season is being run in association with Addenbrookes Charitable Trust (ACT) and features Rosalind Ventris, now making an exciting international career as a violist, for this performance of Berlioz´s Harold in Italy.

Fitzwilliam Museum Tour Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 1RB

Every Saturday 2:30pm £4 The Fitzwilliam Museum is the art museum of the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1816 it has been described as one of thegreatest art collections of November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 23


the nation and a monument of the first importance. Meet in Fitzwilliam courtyard for this 1 hour introductory tour, on Saturdays when the museum is open. 01223 457574 guidedtours/publictours.php

Blaze into the Autumn with this 10k race. The multi-​terrain route through Impington and North Cambridge includes the Cambridge Science Park and parts of the Guided Busway. 01223 232514


GetActive! Football

Centre at St Paul’s

Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP

Queen Anne Terrace, Cambridge, CB1 1NA

Every Thursday 7:30pm - 8:30pm Zumba is the dance workout sweeping the nation. A fusion of Latin and International music, Zumba creates a dynamic exciting, and effective workout. Try Zumba now and find out for yourself how fun exercise can be. Contact for prices of classes. 0787 2583294

Every Tuesday 12:00pm - 1:00pm Coaching provided by a qualified Level 2 football coach. Physical exercise for Mental Health service users and the homeless community. All abilities welcome. 01223 457532

Sweaty Betty Beginner’s Fitness Sweaty Betty

38 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TB

Wednesday 2nd November 6:15 pm Free Looking to improve your fitness? Come join our beginners fitness club and work up to the running club held on the same night. No need to book, just show up. Ladies only 01223 364 666

Hot Yoga Masterclass Cambridge Yoga Centre

14 George IV Street, Cambridge, CB2 1HH

Saturday 5th November 12:00pm - 2:00pm £16 Start each month feeling rejuvenated with our 2-hour Hot Yoga masterclass on the first saturday of each month with Jennifer Hersch. All levels welcome. Make a reservation online.

Histon and Impington Recreation Ground Cambridge, CB4 9LU

Sunday 6th November 10:30am £10 (£6 under 18s) PAGE 24 | FLACK | November 2011

RIP Minix Cindy and Al, we’re thinking of you.

GetActive! Chair Based Class Hester Adrian Centre

Hawthorn Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Every Thursday 1:30pm - 2:30pm This session is for those who wish to improve their mobility and strength. This class predominantly consists of seated exercises, but does include some optional standing classes as well. 01223 457532

GetActive! Tai Chi Salvation Army Hall Tenison Road, Cambridge, CB1 2DG

Every Tuesday 12:15pm - 1:00pm £2 A qualified instructor will teach you simple exercises tohelp you understand the core principles of breathing, posture and co-ordination. 01223 457532

Wandlebury Walk Wandlebury Country Park Cambridge, CB22 3AE

Every Thursday 10:00am Free, parking fee (£2) applies Walks are suitable for anyone interested in walking or who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. An extended walk sets off from the Stable Rooms or Tadlow Granary at 10am, with a shorter walk leaving at 10.30am, then both groups return for tea, coffee and refreshments together at 11 am. All ages and abilities welcome.

Stop For A Moment

Reality Checkpoint, Parker’s Piece Any day (ideally around sunset)


Dust & Discovery Wimpole Estate

Cambridge Parkrun Bonfire Burn 10K 

run event open to all ages and abilities. We all run for our own enjoyment. Please come along and join in whatever your pace! Cambridge parkrun is free but you must register in advance - please see website. Home.aspx

Milton Country Park Milton, CB4 6AZ

Every Saturday 9:00am Free Parkrun offers a free weekly 5k timed run. This is not a race, but a regular volunteer

Arrington, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 0BW

Wednesday 16th November & Wednesday 30th November 11:30am - 1:00pm Adult £20 (Includes two course lunch), Child £10 (Includes two course lunch) Join us on a stroll through our winter conservation; an opportunity to find out how to care for your own treasured objects.


Followed by a guided tour of the attics. Booking Essential 01223 206 000

Basic Beginners Blacksmith Course Wimpole Estate

Arrington, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 0BW

Saturday 26th November 10:00am - 4:00pm £95 (Including light lunch) An introduction to blacksmithing in Wimpole’s own blacksmith shop, where you will learn the magic techniques of this old craft and take home the object you make. Booking Essential 01223 206000

Every Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm £5 (non-members), £4 (members) Be transported to the rich atmosphere of a 1930s Speakeasy, complete with a beautiful dance floor. Cambridge Lindy Hoppers will be running an absolute beginner’s dance class at 7.30pm, and then social dancing to a live band or Swing DJ starts at 8.30pm. 07732 642473 speakeasy

FLACK SUBSCRIBERS Thank you for your support

Sunday Salsa Lounge + Salsa Caliente

professional purposes. 07875 247 808

Light Sculpture Cambridge Art Salon

29 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EB

Thursday 10th November 7:30pm - 9:30pm Free Come and participate in making a site specific light sculpture for St Barnabas church, to be displayed at Mill Road Fair, on the theme of light, and to be created from acetate packaging , foil and gel papers.

Lunchtime Concert Series Mumford Theatre

The Man On The Moon

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Sunday 6th November Class 7:30pm, Club 8:30pm Free The SALSA CALIENTE band will be playing a special live gig at The Sunday Salsa Lounge, serving up their Latin Jazz for a dance-orientated audience. Their featured guest for the evening is famous Columbian percussionist ARMANDO RIVAS. He has played with many of the genre greats including the legendary Tito Puente. 07732 642473

Friday 4th November 1:10pm Free This is a unique masterclass and Q&A session with one of the most innovative guitarists in the world, Preston Reed. In the late 1980s Preston invented a two handed style that integrates the full percussive potential of the guitar body; in doing so he revolutionised guitar playing. Preston will also be performing live at the Mumford Theatre, 7.30pm. 01223 352932

Yoga and drumming Squeaky Gate

47-51 Norfolk Street Enterprise Centre, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Every Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm £6 drop in or £25 for 5 classes, valid for 10 weeks after date of purchase. Lovely, relaxing, rejuvenating and strengthening hatha yoga class, using drums with chants and as a form of meditation. Bring your own mats, if you have. Drums provided. 01223 361164

Cambridge Lindy Hoppers Speakeasy The Man on the Moon

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

TALKS His Worship, The Mayor of Cambridge Subscribe for just £24 per annum

Millinery Evening Class Cambridge Art Salon

29 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EB

Starts Tuesday 1st November 6:30pm - 9:30pm Learn skills such as blocking, wiring and trimming a felt hat or headpiece for the festive season with two professional milliners. At the end of our 4 week course you will have created an original hat/ headpiece (eg fascinator) to take home to wear! Suitable for beginners or those looking to learn about millinery for

Watch The Stars - Public Open Nights Institute of Astronomy

Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HA

Every Wednesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm Free An astronomer from the Institute will present a half-hour public talk. Topics for November include ‘An Introduction to Black Holes’ and ‘The Origin of the Elements’. This is followed by an opportunity to look through the historical Northumberland and Thorrowgood telescopes if and only if the weather is clear. Members of the Cambridge Astronomical Association also set up modern telescopes on the observatory lawns, with video projection facility and

November 2011 | FLACK | PAGE 25


expert commentary. We can’t always guarantee observing, of course, as it is very weather-dependent. However, the talk will always take place. 01223 337510 public_observing

opportunities for people interested in green enterprise to make a difference.

Winter Wordfest ADC Theatre

The Impressionist Surface: ‘Style’, Identity, and the Character of Gesture Mill Lane Lecture Rooms (Room 9) 8 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Tuesday 1st November 5:00pm Free Humanitas Visiting Professor in History of Art 2011, Professor Richard Brettell. If the political implications of Impressionism are understood in a new way, the individual “styles” of the member artists take on new meanings. The second lecture will consider the painted and graphic marks of the Impressionists in terms of a radical cult of the individual in post-Commune French society. 01223 338275

The WinterWillow Green Burial Awareness Day Planning for Death

Barton Glebe Woodland Burial Ground Barton, CB23 7BN

Saturday 19th November 11:00am - 3:00pm Free The cost of dying is spiralling but most of us remain unprepared and risk leaving relatives to foot the bill, warns a new report. The WinterWillow project presents a sustainable alternative. Places must be booked in advance. 01223 518140

Tony Juniper on “Working Towards Sustainability”

Park Street, Cambridge, CB5 8AS

Sunday 27th November Join us at Winter Wordfest 2011 for a vibrant and varied programme of literary treats. These include Claire Tomalin with her major new biography of Charles Dickens published for the 200th anniversary of his birth, Ali Smith with her inventive and moving new novel ‘There But For The’, Peter Popham talking about his vividly written portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi, the international symbol of peaceful resistance in the face of oppression, and Diana Athill discussing her life and work and her latest publication ‘Instead of a Book.’ 01223 300085

Lunchtime Talks at Kettle’s Yard

Monday 28th November 7:30pm - 9:30pm £5 Most well-known as former Director of Friends of the Earth, Tony will talk about what he’s now doing and why. We’ll also discuss his sense of where there are

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Challenges of Global Health Madingley Hall

Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AQ

Thursday 24th November 7:00pm Free A free public lecture by Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and former Chief Executive of the UK’s Medical Research Council (2007-10). His talk will consider how society can tackle core health issues in a world where medicine is unaffordable for much of the population. 01223 746212 madingleylectures/challenges-ofglobal-health

Kettle’s Yard

Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

Thursdays to 17th November 1:10pm - 1:40pm Free 3rd Nov: William Congdon by Sebastiano Barassi, Curator of Collections. 17th Nov: Winifred Nicholson by Sebastiano Barassi, Curator of Collections 01223 748100

Italian Short Stories La Dante in Cambridge

60 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

Friday 25th November In Italian, from intermediate level onwards. A reading of Italo Calvino - Funghi in citta 01223 315191

Friends Meeting House

12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA.

Free CRASSH 10th Anniversary Lecture Series Professor Martin Rees (Master, Trinity College) will give the fourth in a series of six lectures on ‘The Idea of the University.’ 01223 766838 events/1807/

Professor Martin Rees: The Idea of the University Lady Mitchell Hall

Sidgwick Site, Sidgwick Road, Cambridge, CB3 0AP

Tuesday 8th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Communication, Power and the State Mill Lane Lecture Rooms,

8 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Wednesday 16th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm Free Humanitas Visiting Professor in Media 2011, Manuel Castells. Lecture 1: Communication, Power and the State: The Construction of Political Power in the Communication Realm, from Mass Communication to Mass Self. 01223 766838 events/1699/

Communication Technology and Social Movements Mill Lane Lecture Rooms

8 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Thursday 17th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm Free Lecture 2: Communication Technology and the Social Movements: Social


Movements and Social Change in the Age of the Internet. 01223 766838

A Network Theory of Multidimensional Power Mill Lane Lecture Rooms

8 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

Monday 21st November 5:00pm - 6:30pm Free Lecture 3: A Network Theory of Multidimensional Power: the Interplay between Capital, State, and Culture in the Network Society. 01223 766838

Why is everyone talking about behaviour change? St Luke’s Church & Centre

Victoria Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DZ

Wednesday 23rd November 7:30pm - 9:30pm Free Rosemary Randall questions whether the behaviour change approach provides an adequate framework for understanding people’s responses to climate change. She will be discussing how people respond and why, why governments are pursuing the behaviour change approach and whether this is an effective approach. Psychotherapist Ro Randall was the founder of Cambridge Carbon Footprint. She is the author of ‘A New Climate for Psychotherapy?’, an exploration of resistance to action on climate change.

History in the Eastern Region

Wysing Arts Centre Fox Road, CB23 2TX Thursday 3rd November 6:00pm - 8:00pm Marjolijn Dijkman will present research undertaken during the Department on how history is represented in the Eastern region and the role that idealisation plays in our constructed narratives. Dijkmans’s contribution is programmed in partnership with Jes Fernie, firstsite Associate curator, and firstsite.



Italian Cooking Course La Dante

60 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

Thursday 3rd November 7:30pm - 9:00pm £135 (including wine, excluding ingredients) Sapori di Liguria - Italian cooking course for 5 weeks. Enjoy cooking some Italian classics with a touch of fun and Italian flavour. 01223 315191

Foodcycle Saturday Lunch St Paul’s Church

Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP

Every Saturday 12:30pm Free Lunch cooked by volunteers for members of the community.

FLACK Vendors have the opportunity to sell FLACK on the same basis as Big Issue Vendors. They buy their copies for £1 sell for £2 and agree to abide by FLACK’s Vendor Code of conduct.


Five free copies for every new vendor to help them get started.

Propaganda Ballare

Lion Yard, Cambridge, CB2 3NA

Every Saturday 10.00pm - 3.00am £5 - £4 w/student card before 11.30pm An unrivaled audio visual mix of the best current and classic indie music with DJ Dan, Tom Rackham, Chris Moody & Jon Weldon and SPECIAL GUESTS WEEKLY Propaganda’s DJs have DJed for Oasis, at The Reading, Oxegen, Bestival and V Festivals, DJed Ibiza Rocks, New York, Barcelona, Reading Festival & across the UK! Over 18s 01223 364222

Badging up and Information Sessions @ the FLACK Base. Monday - Friday 10:30am - 12:30pm Saturday - Sunday Midday - 2:00pm FLACK has agreed the following pitch locations with the City Council:

Sidney Street between Boots and M&S Passage

Market Square between M&S and Oasis

Petty Cury outside Boots

Christ’s Pieces Drummer Street Entrance

Roots Reggae Night The Man on the Moon

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Every Tuesday 8:00pm - 12:30pm £2/students and unwaged £1 A friendly uplifting and musical ambiance incorporating Dub, lovers, Roots, ska and rockers. Participation welcome. 01223 474144

Fitzroy Street Grafton Centre Entrance

Sussex Street Sidney Street Junction

Downing Street John Lewis Entrance

St John’s Street All Saint’s Passage

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The Calling Q Club

first Saturday of every month. 01223 336265

Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JB

First Saturday of every month 9:00pm - 02:00am £4 entry, or £3 concessions, which is being extended beyond just Rocksoc members, to anyone with a valid NUS card. Goth / Industrial / EBM / Darkwave. Cambridge’s longest-running goth clubnight (15 years and counting!) Come along and hear our regular in-house DJs alongside special guests. Questions? Post on the facebook page.


Drawing for Ages 6 - 20 Granchester Village Hall

High Street, Cambridge, CB3 9NF

Every Tuesday 16:45pm - 17:45pm £8 per session In November the classes include ‘Drawing Cartoon People’, ‘Paper Animations’ and ‘Drawing Storyboards.’ 01223 262134

The Science of Fireworks Department of Chemistry

Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EW

Friday 4th November 7:00pm - 8:00pm Free Join Professor Chris Bishop, presenter of the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, for a spectacular family lecture packed with demonstrations of pyrotechnic chemistry. Expect excitement, and explosives! WARNING: LOUD BANGS! 01223 336300

Green Art

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 1 Brookside, Cambridge, CB2 1JE

Saturday 5th November 11:00am - 3:00pm £2 per child, normal admission (£4) for adults. Rather than allowing more waste to end up in landfills, use your imagination to twist and shape materials to create unusual collages. This is one of the Garden’s informal, dropin family workshops that take place on the PAGE 28 | FLACK | November 2011

The Snow Dog Mumford Theatre

Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

Sunday 6th November 2:30pm £9/£7 Get swept along in the adventure as a young girl’s favourite toy comes to life. For this young girl, the gift of a toy dog from her grandfather starts a journey that will eventually help her answer the biggest question – why has he gone away? Expect an impressive physical performance using giant puppets and contemporary dance with original music and songs. For all the family, suitable for ages 6+. Box Office: 0845 196 2320


FLACK Table Top Sale Sunday 6th November (first Sunday of every month)

Midday - 3pm Old Howard Mallet Centre Sturton Street, Cambridge

Art • Crafts • Bric a Brac • Books Live Music • Beer Can Cameras Refreshments Pitch fee £5 - Book in advance call 01223 366532

ScootDASH Cambridge Lammas Land

Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB2 2AD

Sunday 6th November 9:00am - 2:00pm £5 - £10 This is the first leg of the first ever push scooter racing series in the UK! The aim of the series is to help children get outside, keep fit, have fun and stay safe. The ‘DASH’ is completed on a flat course within Lammas Land Park Cambridge, with distances ranging from 400m to 1200m depending on the age of the child. There is a dash for all children aged from 3- 12 years and a charity race for mum and dad.

Afternoon Family Disco The Hub Community Centre

High Street, Cambourne, CB23 6GW

Saturday 12th November 3:00pm - 5:00pm £5 adult, £3 child Bring the kids and boogie on down to classic disco hits to help raise money for the Little Bundles project. Professional DJ - Cambridge Disco Mix. Cakes and drinks will be on sale. 07905 222347


Jesus Green and Midsummer Common Saturday afternoons in Autumn Bring string and something pointy to make a hole in your chestnut.

Art and Craft Market All Saints Garden

Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

Every Saturday Free Quality arts and crafts direct from the artist - we make what we sell! A friendly open-air market in the heart of historic Cambridge. An abundance of arts & crafts - pottery, jewellery, paintings, photography, wood, glass ...The All Saints Garden Art and Craft Market has been part of the Cambridge scene for over thirty years, providing the opportunity for local artists and craftspeople to exhibit in this delightful open-air setting just opposite Trinity College.

Car Boot Sale

Cambridge City Football Club Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1UY

Every Sunday 7:00am - 12:00pm Pitches from £6 Cambridge’s biggest car boot sale. 100s of bargains, all hard standing. 07807 684274


Cambridge Farmers and Arts and Crafts Market Cambridge Market Square

Market Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB

Every Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm A lively and friendly market with Arts, Crafts, Antiques, Farmers Market, Speciality Stalls, good coffee and hot and cold food.

Linton Farmers Market Linton Village College

Cambridge Road, Linton, CB21 4JB

First Saturday of the month 9:00am - 12:00pm This venue boasts ample parking. Refreshments available. Pedestrian Access. Specialist Arts & Crafts Section. farmers_markets.asp 01223 291291

No selection procedure so space allocation is on a first come first serve basis. 01954 252888 www.start-​​ we-​work/cottenham-​impington/ theatrium/


Cambridge Speakers Club Gonville Hotel

Gonville Place, Cambridge, CB1 1LY

Tuesdays, every 2nd week from 4th January to 8th November 7:30pm Price varies We are a local public speaking club who meet regularly to improve our communication and leadership skills. Whether you’re speaking to the board of directors, your customers, your co-workers or your kids, we can help you do it better. You’ll learn and practice in a friendly, comfortable environment with people who are there for the same reason you are--to become better communicators.

Cambridge Quilters Sale of Work

Career Rescue 4 Women

High Street, Grantchester, CB3 9NF

Sunday 2nd November 5:30pm - 8:30pm £25 Do you need rescuing from your working life? If you’re struggling to break out of a boring job that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth or you’re wondering if it’s too late to switch to a career that would really inspire and fulfil you, this is the evening for you. With Liz Lyon, professional career coach & Raisa Critchley, internationally certified image management expert. 01223 420252 www.careerrescue4women.

Grantchester Village Hall

Saturday 19th November 10:00am - 4:00pm Free Sale of work by members of Cambridge Quilters which includes Quilts, fabrics, cards, cushions, gifts, decorations and many other items. Refreshments will be available. 01223 874322


St John’s Innovation Centre

Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS

Cottenham Village College High Street, Cottenham, CB24 8UA

25th November to 27th November Free Deadline for Artist entries - Friday 18th November . To celebrate 20 years of Fen Edge Arts the annual exhibition is to relaunch with a new name, and in a fantastic new contemporary exhibition space. The exhibition is timed to encourage visitors to buy original art just in time for Christmas. We’re looking for Exhibitors (new and existing) who are interested in selling their work. You can submit 3 works in any medium for a single handling fee of £15.


A Careers Showcase for a Low Carbon Economy: Corporate Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre

Thank you to all these retailers for giving FLACK shelf space ! Your News Victoria Avenue Spar Barnwell Rd King’s News King’s Parade King St. PO King’s Street Post Office Newmarket Rd Derby Stores Newnham Mace Mill Rd Regent’s News Regent’s Street Mini Market Cherry Hinton Best One Express Mace Fitzroy St Post Office High Street Chesterton And an extra special thank you to our Honesty Box Hosts: Botanic Gardens Brookside Jocalatte Burleigh Street Abbey Swimming Pool Alley Cats King Street Coffee Savoy Newmarket Rd St John’s Innovation Centre Emmaus Landbeach Urban Larder Mill Rd CHS Group Vision Park, Histon Cafe de Paris Mill Rd Morgan Sindalls Aid & Abet Station Car Park Emmanuel United Reform Church Food4Food Cafe Chesterton Porter’s Lodges: Jesus, Sidney Sussex, King’s, Gonville and Caius, Magdalene, Emmanuel

Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TJ

Monday 7th November 7:30pm Free Explore how the impacts of climate change are affecting the field of work, and the opportunities and challenges the low carbon economy will present to future careers. The first event will host a panel of high profile speakers from the corporate

If you would like to stock FLACK in your shop or are willing to support FLACK by hosting an Honesty Box - please contact: Jessica or James on 01223 366532 or email

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www.flack world.

Social Media Training for SMEs [Small/Medium Enterprises]

Emmanuel Road, CB1 1JW

Last Friday of every month 7:45pm Free Each meeting has a theme or guest speaker with discussion. We also organise monthly visits to faith communities.

Future Business

Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Road, CB4 1UY

Thursday 10th November 9:30am – 4:00pm £215*, All-inclusive This one day beginner’s course is designed for those with little or no experience to boost your confidence in tackling social media applications and using it to generate income. *Funding may be available. www.smesocialmediatraining.

Leadership through Change Future Business

Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Road, CB4 1UY

Thursday 17th November 9:30am – 4:00pm £275, lunch included This action learning event will give you the tools and techniques to lead your business to a better future through a period of dramatic economic, cultural, technological or environmental change. www.leadershipthroughchange.

focus on the breath as a way of controlling, calming and ultimately understanding the mind. This is a rolling programme, for new people to join at any time. 01223 315171

Meditation Experience Inner Space

Falun Gong / Falun Dafa

Jesus Green Every Saturday morning 8:45am & 10:15am Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is an ancient practice for improving body, mind and spirit. It is practised by an estimated 100 million people in more than 50 countries worldwide. The practice consists of five gentle and easy to learn exercises. 07971 226334

Pagan Moot

The Salisbury Arms 79 Tenison Road, Cambridge, CB1 2DW

First Sunday of the month 7:30pm Discussions, speakers, events, rituals. All who follow a path of Nature spirituality are welcome. cambridge.pagan.moot@ntlworld. com

King’s Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ

Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Free Suitable for both complete beginners and those who have completed a course 01223 464616

Dances of Universal Peace Friends Meeting House

Hartington Grove, Cambridge, CB1 7UB

1st Friday of each month 7:30pm - 9:30pm £5 Dancing and singing simple chants from the different sacred traditions, attuning our hearts to love, peace and harmony. 01223 778667 dances/


Sikh Diwan Arbury Centre

Campkin Road, Cambridge, CB4 2LD

Presentations that Stick! Future Business

Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Road, CB4 1UY

Friday 25th November 9:45am – 4.00pm £65, including lunch Get people talking about your presentation the next day. Make your organisation look smart by learning to present an ordinary message in a powerful way. www.presentationsthatstick.

Last Sunday of every month 3:00pm - 5:00pm The worship consists of Indian music and readings from the Guru Grand Sahib (sacred book). Please be prepared to take off your shoes and to cover your head. Everyone is welcome. Amrik Sagoo on 01223 232 519

Beginners Samatha Meditation Classes Friends Meeting House

Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA


Cambridge Inter-Faith Group Unitarian Hall

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Every Monday from 3rd October to 19th December 8:30pm Free This is a form of meditation which uses a

Rebel Arts Radio

Every Monday 9:00pm - 10:00pm An eclectic mix of music, poetry, spoken word and activism.

Acoustic Sofa

Fortnightly on Wednesdays 9:00pm - 10:00pm Andrew ‘Duds’ Young presents featuring

www.flack live musicians performing acoustic versions of their bands material plus an in depth chat about the artists music. Expect a wide variety of genres including funk, ska, punk & country.


Every Saturday Midday - 1:00pm Fuelled by rampant curiosity and unashamed gluttony, Flavour is Cambridge 105’s regular show dedicated to food and drink in Cambridgeshire.

Strummers & Dreamers

Fortnightly on Sundays 10:00pm - 11:00pm Les Ray presents a themed programme bringing you folk music old and new, along with information on what’s happening on the folk scene in Cambridge.

Making Mental Notes

Sunday 30th October 1 - 2pm The programme will feature an interview with David Dean, a work psychologist from Papworth Trust talking about the work that they do and about the issues that people with mental health problems face when returning to work. There will be music by Dean Armstrong and Squeaky Gate, poetry by Jade Rivers, film reviews by Astrid and Ruth as well as mental health news. Listen again: from the 1st November 2011


once again to raise even more money! Please visit her Just Giving page, and donate as little or as much as you can.



FLACK’s digital hero! Until Sunday 13th November!

HAVE YOUR SAY ON HEALTH AND CARE SERVICES Give Cambridgeshire LINK your views on local health and social care services by taking part in their online survey. It will only take a few minutes to complete and your experiences will help shape their future work.

FLACK Films flackcambridge

A humorous view of Cambridge and the world

Sunday 20th November Diane is running her second marathon for FLACK! Diane recently ran the Fairlands Valley Challenge marathon to raise funds for FLACK, and is donning her running shoes

A FLACK selection of websites with information about what’s on in Cambridge. (we can’t include everything!)

Cambridge Arts Theatre 01223 503333

ADC Theatre 01223 300085

Corn Exchange 01223 357851

Fitzwilliam Museum 01223 332900

Botanic Gardens 01223 336265

Local Secrets Website 0845 2071205

Blog: Seven Walks In A Holy City Cambridge based artist, Idit Nathan has been walking and collecting photographs in the city of Jerusalem and its environs during October 2011. Cards picked out at the outset of each day defined where the walk starts from and the theme for the day. A die tossed at the starting point dictated the direction to walk in and another die how often a photo was taken. Seven Walks tours the contested city using its surreal compilation of sacred imagery, ‘state of the art’ security cameras and ‘made in china’ souvenir shops, as a canvas and the pilgrimage route as its backdrop.



Draw a Stick Man Draw a stickman and watch him come to life.

The Junction 01223 511511

Faculty of Music

University of Cambridge

Cineworld 0871 220 8000

Vue cambridge 08712 240 240

Arts Picturehouse Cambridge - click on ‘Cambridge’ 0871 902 5720

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accomplished team... accomplished performers



design n digital

CPL communication n accomplished

01223 477411

FLACK November 2011  

A magazine produced by homeless people in Cambridge for Cambridge.

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