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February 2011

Hello again from Camp Arifjan Kuwait, Zone 6! We continue our very important mission of Command and Control of Zone 6, providing quality of life support to thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and DoD civilians and contractors. As we handle all aspects of day to day life here “in the Zone” Morale is high, our soldiers are in good spirits and are getting a lot done in support of Area Support Group Kuwait (ASG-KU) our Higher Headquarters. This month we are focusing our attention on two very hard working sections; Supply and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with special interest in Private First Class (PFC) Violet Desmarias our favorite supply technician and PFC Derek McMahon a very hard working and enthusiastic EOC technician. The Supply section, which includes SSG Joshua Breault from Manchester NH and PFC Violet Desmarais of Hillsboro NH, has been working on a hefty supply project that involves the various Uniform Amnesty boxes that are positioned throughout Zone-6. The boxes are for service members to deposit their uniforms when they are either unserviceable or no longer needed. This process involves many hours by the supply section aimed at collecting, sorting, stocking and ultimately turning in of all unserviceable uniforms. It is important to have timely collection of all the uniforms especially those that occasionally do not make it inside the road side amnesty uniform boxes. This is why the supply section makes it there mission 3 times a week during the early morning to empty the boxes. Additionally, PFC Desmarais who is the lead for this process and was handed the mission by the previous unit has made several much needed improvements. She explained to me that the weekly operation averages around 1200 articles. This does not include the large number of boots that she also sorts through and in turn hands back to the occasional soldier in need. PFC Desmarais often is assisted by SSG Breault who together has further streamlined the process to be more efficient. This is just one great example of a fine job a soldier from the 197th FIB is doing abroad. EOC has taken on some improvement projects for the Camp Command Cell area. Headed up by PFC Derek McMahon of Derry NH he explained to me that he wanted to make the place look better, improve the foxhole so to speak. McMahon along with the help of several fellow soldiers in the Command Cell are placing fresh gravel down and getting rid of old sandbags. They are building new walkways and refurbishing the old ones. McMahon and the others have been working hard beautifying the area; moving the barriers in the parking area and reconfiguring the layout of our area to allow easier access, better field of view and reduce trip, slip and fall hazards. Our multipurpose conference room known affectionately around Zone 6 as “The Dunes” has gotten a much needed face lift and maintenance by Sergeant First Class (SFC) Clyde Lewis and Sergeant (SGT) Matthew Chambers. They have taken great pains to restore the floor by repairing and replacing weak and broken floor panels, painting the floor with tough deck paint and adding some refinement with a linoleum (simulated wood pattern) ware guard for high traffic areas. SFC Lewis is our resident carpentry/furniture expert and has really made an

impression on our visitors with his expertise and craftsmanship. A correction from last month – I inadvertently forgot to mention SSG Daniel Bourgeois receiving a coin from LTC Adler . –SGT Sue Tucker, Zone 6 Mayor’s Cell PA

Walkway improvement PFCDerek McMahon

Walkway improvement

Events that happened in January 2011 Promotions PFC Jonathon Chaisson to SPC, PV2 Derek McMahon to PFC and PFC Benjamin Russell to SPC First MWR trip to Kuwait City Science Museum/Aquarium State Museum Kuwait Towers Environmental section SSG Thomas Lambert and LTC Nicholas Adler Awarded the Monthly Environmental Award for cleanest Motor Pool and LTC Adler presented it to 377th Transportation Company. SFC Kurt Hinxman received a Good Conduct Medal for his time in service MSG Kandy Fredette was presented the Physical fitness badge for scoring 270 on her PT Test.

SFCKurt Hinxman and LTCNicholas Adler

MSGKandy L Fredette and LTCNicholas Adler

In the Zone  
In the Zone  

Zone 6 Mayor's Cell February newsletter featuring updates, awards and milestones from the 197th FIB soldiers serving at Camp Arifjan.