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TF 1 - 182 June 2011

Task Force 1-182: The official newsletter for the Soldiers, friends and families of the Deuce.

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TF 1-182 commemorates the fallen

The Soldiers, Sailors, and Guardians of Camp Patriot Kuwait participated in a beautiful ceremony marking the sacrifice of their fallen comrades, past and present. The ceremony was one of many given across the country by 197th Fires Brigade, although one of the few to feature a collaboration between the different branches of service. TF 1-182 is proud to have a chance to memorialize the sacrifice of the past and present Soldiers, Sailors, Guardians, Airmen and Marines.


A Congressional visit Bill Huizenga, of Michigan’s 2nd Congressional district, was proud to come visit Soldiers from TF 1-182. His trip was to see his constituents on the front lines. He eventually went north to Iraq to see the efforts of other Michigan Soldiers in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Hand to Hand combat SSG Siklawi along with SSG Mullins taught the Mayor Cell the intricacies and techniques required for Soldiers to succeed in the tough environment of hand to hand combat. In 2002, the Army introduced Modern Army Combatives as an upgrade to the older style of hand to hand combat. The training is a mixture of Brazilian JuJitsu and various fighting techniques to make a realistic skill set for Soldiers to survive when using this training in a real world event.

SSG Mullins (top) handles SSG Siklawi


Congratulations TF 1-182 would like to formally congratulate these Soldiers for their accomplishments over the last month: SSG Arpin on his new baby boy, Charles Aiden Arpin 2LT Vibbert on his promotion to 1LT 2LT Randolph on his promotion to 1LT 2LT Hoover on his promotion to 1LT 2LT Collins on his promotion to 1LT SSG Spalla on his promotion to SFC SPC Boake on his promotion to SGT

SFC Spalla

1LT Randolph and 1LT Collins

1LT Vibbert

SGT Boake [3]

Pictures from the Front The Denver Bronco Cheerleaders

Memorial Day Run Xzibit

Family Readiness Group

The Soldiers of Task Force 182nd are proud to be members of Operation New Dawn and support the Army’s mission of victory in the Middle East. A major part of the success lies in the support of their families. Please support the 182nd Family Readiness Group. Email:

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Author: 1LT Shane Hoover Photography: SGT Aaron Staley Photography: 2LT Shane Hoover Photography: CPT Lemelin

Any Questions or Concerns: Please e-mail the PAO officer at:


TF 1- 182 Currently Reporting From:

Camp Patriot, Kuwait

Steel Rain June 2011 Newsletter  

1/182nd FA commemorates Memorial Day; Michigan congressman visits; Promotions and more from Camp Patriot, Kuwait.

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