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TF 1 - 182 March 2011

Kuwait’s 50th Independence & 20th Liberation Day

Task Force 1-182: The official newsletter for the Soldiers, friends and families of the Deuce.

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Kuwait’s 50/20 Parade, February 26, celebrating 50-years of independence and 20-years since its liberation.

Media Advisory

Kuwait’s 2011 50/20 Celebration

WHAT: U.S. Central Command and its components will he was asked to participate in the parade by the Government o effort with support from the Navy, Marine Corps and Air For tactical vehicles, helicopters and Soldiers to march in the pa parade. A contingent from the distinguished 3rd Infantry Re of the units who executed Operation Desert Storm. These u Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry, 1st Armored Division, 3rd Arm Division, 101st Airborne Division and the 24th Infantry Divis while the U.S. Air Force will showcase numerous aircraft ra will also participate in a maritime demonstration off the Kuw

BACKGROUND: The U.S. and Kuwait enjoy a committed r enduring relationship as it combines two watershed momen liberation, the result of Operation Desert Storm, 20 years ag Army forces in that coalition and has maintained a presence lasting strategic partnership that enables operations through WHEN: 21-28 February 2011 (9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily)

WHERE: Coalition Press Information Center, Regency Hot


MEDIA OPPORTUNITY: The press center will be set up to military leaders, to include those who participated in Operat USCENTCOM. You will have the opportunity to interview m event, what they currently do to support the region and the c set up interviews with our military leaders and answer ques Azubuike as soon as possible, however no later than Febru


TF 1-182 hosts reporter from New Hampshire who interviews Soldiers

Peter St. James of WPTL Radio 107.7 from New Hampshire came to visit and interview Soldiers of the 197th FiB. On his last day of broadcasting from Kuwait, March 11, Peter St. James spoke with Soldiers from the 1/103rd FA, 1/182 FA, and 1/201st FA at Camp Patriot on the Kuwait Naval Base. Photos by SGT Brian Gordon, 197th FIB PA.

SGT Victoria E. Gough from Clarksburg, West Virginia and Peter St. James

SPC Sean Nickson of Detroit, Michigan SGT Floyd Jackson of East Providence, Rhode Island

SSG Donald Sirois of West Warwick, Rhode Island

SGT Aaron Staley of Detroit, Michigan


Women’s History Month

Honoring Women

A Women’s Day Celebration event was held on March 8, 2011 in the MWR tent. The event was led by the MWR team, Navy BM2 Jordan, and keynote speaker from the Coast Guard, LCDR Laila Grassley. The address spoke of the struggles women in the military have endured. CPL Castillo gave some remarks of encouragement and 1LT McCord gave the closing remarks. The date 8 March is historically the date picked for International Women's day.

Women’s Day 5K Run/ Walk: Winners



Congratulations TF 1-182 would like to formally congratulate these Soldiers for their accomplishments over the last month: Promotions: JERAMEO MCDANIEL promoted to 1LT (First Lieutenant) Awards and Honors: The following Soldiers received the Army Achievement Medal (AAM) on 8March-2011: STEVEN L. BROOKS ANGEL M. CHAVEZ-BOUKNIGHT DEWAYNE A. CUMMINGS RONALD E. DAMAN BRIAN L. FRINK BRANDON A. HANNA JEREMY F. MARCHEK LANCE B. MCNALLY ANDREW S. RASMUSSEN ARTHUR M. WILLIAMS CHRISTOPHER M. WINGETT CPT Daniel Tzizik received the Army Commendation Medal for his service as the Battalion Physician Assistant. The S1 shop (administration), CJLOC (Command Joint Logistics Operations Center), and XO (Executive Officer) received the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation(w/ Operational distinguishing device).

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT!!! While on leave, SPC Brenden Ryan-Meredith from Holt, MI got to witness the birth of his daughter. Alaina Rose Ryan-Meredith was born on February 24, 2011, weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was 22 in. Congratulations to SPC Ryan-Meredith and his wife, Amber Ryan-Meredith!!


Oscar De La Hoya & Golden Boy Entertainment w/ Adrien Broner, Daniel Jocabs, Seth Mitchell

SPC Gaskin, SPC Herrera and SGT Walton Getting a picture with Golden Boy

SGT Gough, SPC Taylor, SPC Smith, and SGT Olds

SGT Marchek

SPC Morel about to do some glove work with Daniel Jacobs

1LT Bishop, SGT Robak, and SPC Cameli


A visit from MG Nuttall

MG Nuttall overseas of all mobilization (MOB) training. He came to Camp Patriot to assess how well prepared we were for our mission. He received a tour of Camp Patriot and the SPOD/ E (Sea Port of Debarkation and Embarkation) and delivered a coin for excellence.

Family Readiness Group


to be members of Operation New Dawn

• Publisher: 1LT Ian Kozelsky • Photography: 2LT Shane Hoover • Photography: 1LT Anthony Ashford

The Soldiers of Task Force 182nd are proud and support the Army’s mission of victory in the Middle East. A major part of the success lies in the support of their families.

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Steel Rain, 1/182nd March 2011 Newsletter  

A busy month for the soldiers of 1/182nd FA, Michigan Army Guard .

Steel Rain, 1/182nd March 2011 Newsletter  

A busy month for the soldiers of 1/182nd FA, Michigan Army Guard .