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The Circle Kapers June/July Edition

Volume 50 Issue 2

Service Fun in the Sun

Save the Date JUNE OCT 26-29 25-27 CKIx LTC

The CKI Pledge


I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind's potential!

Table of Contents Page 1-4 Letters from the Executives Page 5 Social Media Information Page 6 Last Call to CKIx Page 8-12 The Back to Basics Initiative Page 13-15 Service in the Summer Page 16-23 Keeping Up with the K's Page 16 FLACKI Divisions Page 17 District Goals Page 18-19 Get to Know: CKI Page 20-21 AKtion Club Page 22-23 Secretary Rewards Page 24-29 Spotlights Page 25 Division Spotlight Page 26 Club and Member Spotlight Page 27-28 Partner Spotlight Page 29 Tenet Spotlight Page 30 Pride Appreciation Page 31-34 Contact the District Board Page 32 Voting Board Page 33 Non-Voting Board Page 34 Advisors

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Letters from the Executives

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Letter from the Editor Hello Mighty, Mighty FLACKI District! I am so beyond excited to be publishing our first bimonthly Circle Kapers. I am honored to be writing this as your 2019-2020 District Editor. My goals for the Kapers this year is to make it more of a resource for you, our FLACKI members. I also want it to be more of a joint board effort so some of the articles you see in the issue are written by your lovely district board members! This month's issue of The Circle Kapers is a mix of summer by the sea, service in the sun, and an introduction to CKI if you are new or a refresher for those who are returning members. We wanted to make sure you guys feel supported this summer on how you can stay active in CKI and your knowledge of all things CKI. You will find service project ideas, our district goals, a CKI structure lesson, and maybe even your own face in some of the pictures throughout the magazine. To my amazing club editors, be on the lookout for an email from me with a survey asking what I can do to assist YOU this CKI Year. My biggest goal for this year is making sure to put the focus on your needs and goals. I also would absolutely LOVE to receive any pictures your club has taken and your beautiful club newsletters. Don't forget that just because it is summer, it doesn't mean your service should take the back burner. Take some time to read this Circle Kapers and find out how you can do service in the summer. Whether you are home, still on campus, out of the state, or out of the country, there are so many ways you all can help your communities. Without further adieu, grab a cup of cold iced coffee or a snack and start reading away! Yours in Service and FLACKI,

Ashley Johns

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Letter from the Governor Summer is a great time for CKIers to relax and reset, but also to continue service and prepare for the upcoming fall and spring semesters! Be on the look out for some super fun volunteer opportunities, Kiwanis Family events, and interclub opportunities over the summer. Even if you are back at home for the summer and away from school, there are still a lot of opportunities available. Reach out to our CKI Lieutenant Governors (LTGs) and they may have some information about what's going on in your area! Also, summer is a great time to prepare for the soon-to-be hectic fall semester. Club officers, try to start setting up your plans and foundations for the year so that when the school year starts, all you need to do is execute your plan, not plan and execute it. Trust me, I have been there before and it will be a big help to you and your club! One of the most exciting things coming up this summer is CKIx in our very own Florida District! I hope you are as excited as I am to get to meet people from across all of Circle K International! There will be an amazing Day of Service, the opportunity to elect our new International Board, and a chance to explore Disney and Orlando. It really is going to be the event of the year and if you missed the registration deadline, don't fret there will be on-site registration! Check out circlek.org/ckix for more info. I am super excited to see what the Florida District has in store for the 2019-2020 year! I know that FLACKI will take my Governor's Project, The Back to Basics Initiative, to incredible heights. The project is focused on improving proper access to food, water, and housing in our local and global communities. By engaging with our community through collective impact, we can see sustainable change in the socioeconomic issues that effect our communities. For more information on the Governor's Project, check out this month's spread on it!  Again, I look forward to serving alongside you. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or even just to say hello! Yours in Service and FLACKI,

Josephine Di Russo

Letter from the Secretary

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Hello Florida District! Can I just say what an amazing opportunity it is to serve as your District Secretary? I'm so excited to see what awesome things our District Board and Club Secretaries are going to accomplish. The job of a Club Secretary is very time consuming and requires an attention to detail. It's my job as your District counterpart to provide the training and resources you need to make your job easier and flow more smoothly. One of my priorities is to host a bi-monthly Secretary Call to update clubs on District news and go over any new resources that the District is providing. My long term goal this year is to provide Club Secretaries with templates that can be used to pass down to their successor to create a "Legacy Binder" that future club secretaries can use to benefit their terms and provide them with tips to help them run their clubs smoothly. Don't forget to join the 2019-2020 FLACKI Secretaries! Facebook Group for weekly updates! If anyone has any questions, even if you're not a Club Secretary, please do not hesitate to reach out for my assistance! You can reach out to me at secretary@floridacirclek.org! Yours in Service and FLACKI,

Alex Perez

Letter from the Treasurer Hello FLACKI! My name is Alyssa Bowles and I am your Florida District Treasurer for the 2019-2020 term of Circle K International. I am a rising senior at the University of Florida studying computer engineering, and I am originally from Yokohama, Japan. I hope that you are all having a fantastic summer, whether it is by taking summer classes, studying abroad, or just spending a well-earned break relaxing at home! I personally am taking a few summer classes and spending time friends while drinking lots of boba. Just because it's summer time doesn't mean our service has to take a pause! Reach out to your local Kiwanis clubs to find out how they are serving their community and see if you can join them! Get a group of friends, CKI members or not, and find a fun way to volunteer such as helping out at a food bank or doing a beach cleanup. The possibilities are endless when it comes to serving the community, so don’t let the sizzling heat stop you from being the amazing servant leaders that I know you guys are. The District Board has so many amazing things planned for this upcoming service year, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it in action! Have a great rest of the summer, and for those of you going to CKIx, see you then!

Alyssa Bowles

Last Call t ...

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Registration Price On-Site: $350.00 Registration check-in begins at 12 PM (Opening Session starts at 7 PM)

Disney Discount Tickets Attendees receive special discounts at Disney parks! (There's even an option for half-day visits) Find more information by clicking here!

Other Information

Parking is free for those who are staying at the hotel, but if not staying at the hotel, it's $20+ a day to park at the hotel If you haven't registered to be a delegate, you will have to register on-site. delegates are registering on-site, at the Delegates Booth before opening session. Code of Conduct: Click here! (Must be printed out and brought to check-in) Medical Authorization:Â Click here! If taking any medication, this form must be printed out and brought to check-in Have a Question?

Email OTIC Chair Alex at secretary@floridacirclek.org

2019-2020 Governor's Project

Page 7 What isThe Back to Basics Initiative?

The Back to the Basics Initiative is related to three basic survival necessities that many people lack access to. These necessities are food, water, and shelter. The initiative will also put an emphasis on individualized community attention, local and global community engagement, and collective impact. What are the Focus Areas of the Initiative?

The project has three main focus areas and an emphasis. The main focus areas are the three basic survival necessities of food, water, and shelter and the emphasis is on the concept of collective impact. The combination of these three focus areas allows the project is to tackle these interrelated and prevalent issues in a way that creates a widespread effect on the Florida community. The emphasis on collective impact means that the project will be able to have a larger impact on the community, as there will be more people working together toward solving a common problem. Why is There a Need for this Project?

The initiative focuses on the three areas of food, water, and shelter as billions of people struggle with access to at least one of these necessities. Hunger is increasing globally and grew from 804 million in 2016 to 821 million in 2017. Additionally, hunger is a problem as it is a large cause of malnutrition. Lack of food availability, access, and utilization creates hunger related to issues with the quantity and the quality of food that people can get. Water is another focus of the initiative. Access to water is a large, widespread issue. For example, 884 million people lack access to clean water and 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home. Shelter is also a necessity that many people struggle with and is a growing problem. By 2025, one third of urban dwellers, or 1.6 billion people, could struggle to secure decent housing. Currently in Florida, 2.6 minimum wage jobs are needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment which shows the lack of affordable housing many people struggle with.

What is Collective Impact?

Page 8

Collective impact is the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem through a structured form of collaboration. For example, collective impact would be people such as college students working with people from other sectors, like government office, to identify an issue in the community and to work together to solve this issue. It is for this reason that collective impact necessitates community buy-in and data-based decision-making. The first of the included charts shows the five steps necessary for something to be considered collective impact. They are a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support. The second chart included shows the necessary components for effective success of collective impact and the phases of these ideas. The necessary components listed are governance and infrastructure, strategic planning, community involvement and evaluation and improvement. The phases listed on the chart for each necessary component are phase I: generate ideas and dialogue, phase II: initiate action, phase III: organize for impact, and phase IV: sustain action and impact. If the concept of collective impact still seems confusing to you at this point in time or you do not understand how to get involved in collective impact, do not worry. There will be more information provided in the future on the topic, such as in a collective impact guide. You can look at resources online about the topic to learn more information such as https://ssir.org/articles/entry/collective_imp act which details on example of how collective impact helped the Strive program to succeed. "Over 2 Million People in Florida are Experienceing Food Insecurity"

How Can I Get Involved?

Page 9

There are many ways that one can get involved with the Governor’s Project. The three main focus areas of the initiative allow for many related club projects to be planned that can either take place to help the issue on a local or global level. There is a chart on the next page with some possible events that could be planned and there will be service guide coming at the start of the new school year that will have even more ideas of events to plan. What are Some Organizations to Work With?

There are several organizations that one can partner with that relate to the initiative. These organizations can be split into the three main sections of the project. Organizations that one can work with that relate to hunger are organizations such as Students Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH), Feeding America, and the World Food Program (WFP). Students Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH) is spotlighted in the Preferred Charities/Service Partners spotlight later in the issue if you want to learn more details about this organization and ways to get involved with it. An organization that one can work with relates to the initiatives focus on water is the WASH project within UNICEF. UNICEF is also a Circle K International Preferred Charity and more information on this organization can be found on the Circle K International website. Organizations that one can partner with that relate to the focus on affordable housing are Habitat for Humanity, and the Coalition for the Homeless. On the websites for all of these organizations there are ways listed for how to get involved which would be helpful in either planning events for your club or finding ways to individually become more involved with the organization.

Page 10

There are so many challenges to everyday life and without basic necessities these challenges become increasingly difficult to overcome. Food, water, and shelter are basic survival necessities yet literally billions of people struggle daily with proper access to at least one of these three things. The fact that so many people struggle with access to this crucial human right is unacceptable and us as the Florida District of Circle K International can help to create the change we want to see in our local and global communities. By supporting others in by improving access to food, water, and housing, we can help provide others a hand up in countering their personal challenges and maximizing their potential. -Josephine Di Russo

Service in the Summer

Beat the Heat

Page 12

You can do these activities indoor on your own, or with your club, to avoid the Florida heat. The World Needs More Love Letters Write and mail letters to people who are having hard times. The organization chooses a handful of people each month to be featured on the website with information as to why they have been chosen as a letter recipient and an address for the letters to be mailed to. Link to the organization’s webpage: http://www.moreloveletters.com Dog Toys Make dog toys by braiding strips of old shirts and donate them to your local animal shelter. Example of how to make the dog toys at this link: https://www.cuteness.com/12878628/how-to-make-a-dog-toy-out-of-oldt-shirts Letters for our Military Write letters to our military to show your appreciation for all they do. Letters can be sent to both past and present military and are sent to those who are active, in the reserve or are veterans. A possible organization to mail the letters through: http://www.amillionthanks.org Still on Campus?

Summer Day of Service Look to see if your school has a campus wide summer day of service. If your school does not offer a campus wide day of service, you could plan one individually for your club with an organization locally in your area. Organizations from the School Year Many of the organizations that your club has worked with over the school year do not take time off for the summer holiday and will still need help over this time period.

Home for the Summer?

Page 13

Organizations to Work With Where you live probably has many of the same types of organizations that you would work with during the school year. Try reaching out to some of these organizations and seeing if they need any help over the summer. There are many different organizations you could try to contact, here are some examples: local animal shelters, your local library to see if they need any help shelving books or with reading to children, and food banks; which would also relate to Governor Josephine’s Back to the Basics Initiative People to Work With Even though you went home for the summer it does not mean that you have to volunteer by yourself. You could always try to get more people involved in service by asking your friends if they want to volunteer with you. Additionally, you could make community service a family event and invite your siblings or parents to come with you.

Keeping up with the K's

Page 16

FLACKI Divisions



Citrus Sunbelt


LTG Katina Lopez Lake-Sumter State College Stetson University University of Central Florida



LTG Eduardo Martines

Florida International University Panhandle LTG Kaitlyn Carroll Florida Atlantic University Florida Agricultural & Miami Dade College – North Mechanical Miami Dade College – Hialeah Florida State University Miami Dade CollegeTallahassee Community InterAmerican College Miami Dade College- Wolfson University of West Florida Palm Beach Atlantic University Sunbelt Palm Beach State College LTG Mary Fraraccio University College of the Universty of South Florida Cayman Islands Southeastern University



Liaison Frederick Brea

Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Southwestern State College - Collier New College of Florida University of South Florida Sarasota


LTG Madeleine Fry

Universty of South Florida Southeastern University

District Goals

Page 17

Where we are, where we're going, and where we want to be 2018-2019 Goals

2018-2019 Totals

2019-2020 Goals































Service Hours K-Family Events

Governor's Project


New Clubs


*Still Counting

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

Kiwanis SLP Spotlight

Aktion Club


Where development has no disability


To provide adults living with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative, leadership skills and to serve their communities


To develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service

Tenets Character Building

The ability to the right thing, even when it might be the unpopular choice


The ability to listen, communicate, serve and guide others



Accepting and welcoming differences in other people The act of being concerned about or interested in other people or situations

Page 21

How Can You Get Involved? No Aktion Club in your area? Co-sponsor one! Attend meetings Volunteer at their events and invite them to yours CKI officer-to-Aktion Club officer training Exchange numbers or have a one-on-one with officers from both clubs (president to president on how to plan service events, treasurer to treasurer on making a budget, planning fundraisers, etc)

Potential Projects

Conduct fundraisers such as car washes, paper drives and recycling projects to raise money for needs in the community. Perform community services, such as environmental projects, park beautification, food drives or nursing home visitations. Organize canned food and clothing drives to support local shelters. Make cards for sick children in the hospital. Take time out for fun! Aktion Club members visit zoos, museums, sporting events, among many other activities. They play as hard as they work.

Secretary Rewards

Page 22

What is the Secretary Rewards System? The Secretary Reward System is a recognition program in which club secretaries (or acting club secretaries) within the Florida District of CKI can be rewarded for their hard work. Secretaries will be able to gain points towards their "Secretary Score" for completing duties throughout the year such as completing Monthly Report Forms (MRFs), following social media pages, and attending district events.

How Can I Gain Points?

The basic categories for gaining points are shown in the table below. Additional opportunities for points may be made available throughout the service year. A club secretary can earn a maximum of 90 points in total (not including bonus points).

What is the Reward?

Rewards and prizes such as certificates, CKI merchandise, and/or gift cards will be awarded at District Convention 2019.

How Can I Ensure My Points Are Being Recorded Properly?

Each month, an updated link will be posted on the "2019-2020 FLACKI Secretaries!" Facebook group where each secretary can check out their current scores. In February, a request will be made for all club secretaries to send in any evidence of duty completion to properly update all scores. You can contact District Secretary Alex Perez at secretary@floridacirclek.org with any and all questions!

What is an Extra Bonus Point?

Page 23

An extra bonus point is a point that can be earned through unplanned circumstances throughout the year. A club secretary is able to earn a max of 10 extra points. Club secretaries subscribed to the District Mailing List will be the first that are notified of any bonus points that become available.

How Are Winners Chosen?

All secretaries that achieve 100%, or the top 5 scores, will be granted a reward at District Convention 2019.

You Can Get Up To 9 Points Just By Following the District and International Social Media Accounts!


Citrus Division

Page 26


Central Florida


Stetson University University of Central Florida

2019-2020 Lieutenant Governor

Katina Lopez University of Central Florida citrus@floridacirclek.org

Fun Fact About the Division We are home to Disney and Universal Studios!

Presidents of the Clubs Alara Arpaci Stetson University Elli O'Shay University of Central Florida

Club and Member Spotlight

Page 27

University of Central Florida Number of Members 70 Members Memorable Service Brave the Shave / Service Lock-in 6K Group Walk for the WASH project Give Kids the World Come Out with Pride Parade Set-Up Fun Facts UCF CKI completed 2,023.75 service hours this past year and held 81 different events! Home School of District Governor Josephine Di Russo!

Madison Wagoner

Madison is UCF CKI’s newest secretary! She is always at UCF CKI’s service events and puts all her efforts into helping out at them. Madison is the type of person to put a smile on everyone’s face around her! She always has a positive attitude and is always ready to serve others. Madison is a friendly face that everyone knows in the club and truly embodies CKI’s tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship

Page 28

CKI Partner Spotlight

Student's Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH) What is STUFH

Students Team Up to Fight Hunger, for short STUFH, is a non-profit organization whose actions are to assist and inspire food drives at colleges and universities across the country. Their mission is to help feed the hungry while raising awareness among college students about hunger in their local communities. STUFH focuses on promoting the end-of-year food drive, where college students preparing to leave campus for the summer are encouraged to donate any unused food rather than throwing it away. Since 1999, the year STUFH was founded, STUFH has raised over five million pounds through various types of food drives done by colleges throughout the nation.

Relationship with CKI

STUFH discusses its relationship with Circle K International on its website. The website states that they are proud of their continuing partnership with CKI with clubs on 450 campuses. The website speaks highly of CKI students stating thousands of CKI college students are dedicated to community service and to fighting hunger.

The Benefits

While the purpose of STUFH is to put food in the mouths of those who need it most, the benefits of STUFH are shared by many others. For example, by having students work together towards a common goal, STUFH helps to build a sense of comradery within the college. Additionally, by providing students with an up-close example of those who are less fortunate, students are able to better understand the need for help. Furthermore, by linking students to their local food banks, it gives those students a sense of community that might otherwise be overlooked during their time in college. Benefits are also felt by the community outside of the college. Members of the community get to know the college students in their town, and they can help address the pervasive problem of hunger that faces each and every community. STUFH is therefore a positive experience for everyone involved.

How to Get Involved

Page 29

There are several unique ways listed on STUFH’s website that detail how to get involved. One way is to have a one-time food drive called “STUFH the BUS” where a school bus is filled with non-perishable goods that will be donated to a local food bank or food pantry. Specific step by step instructions are listed on their website that can help you in planning this event. Another possible event the website details is a “Food Fight”. This event occurs during the college football season and involves both schools collecting food before a big game to see who can collect the most donations. Details on how to plan this event are also listed on the website. Even though both of these ideas are very elaborate, holding a simple food drive is still within the boundaries of STUFH. Involvement with STUFH also goes hand in hand with Governor Josephine’s governor’s project The Back to the Basics Initiative and would be a great organization to become more involved with in the upcoming service year.

Page 30


CKI Tenet Spotlight

As recruitment season approaches, it is essential that we all understand a little bit more about our organization, what we stand for, and what makes us stand out from other clubs on college campuses. When you hear about the 3 CKI tenants, you’ll constantly hear about “fellowship”. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “what does fellowship really mean?” or “how can my club implement fellowship into our events?” then you’re in luck. Here’s some important information about fellowship that every CKI member should be aware of:

What is Fellowship

We all know that fellowship is a CKI tenant, along with service and leadership, but what does it really mean? Fellowship is the act of bonding, socializing, and growing friendships with people who share a common interest; in our case, that common interest is service. A group that emphasizes fellowship within their activities allows their members to find an unlikely common ground between people who are different from each other.

Why is Fellowship Important?

Without fellowship in our organization, we would not be able to build lifelong friendships and relationships that CKI is special for. With each service project and social, our members are able to experience a bond with others that will enrich their lives and encourage them to become more involved with their CKI club, as well as their community.

How can I Implement Fellowship in My Club?

There are dozens of ways to implement fellowship into your club meetings, service projects, and other events. Fellowship can be intertwined with club meetings through including ice breakers, particularly at the beginning of your semester when your members are first getting to know each other.



Contact Your Board!

Page 33

The Elected Board

The Executive Board

Josephine Di Russo District Governor

Alex Perez District Secretary



Alyssa Bowles District Treassurer

Ashley Johns District Editor



The Lieutenant Governor Katina Lopez Citrus LTG

Eduardo Martinez Evergold LTG



Kaitlyn Carroll Panhandle LTG

Mary Fraraccio Sunbelt LTG



Frederick Brea Suncoast Liaison

Madeleine Fry Suwannee LTG



The Appointed Board

Page 34

The District Chairs Kimi Stuckey Awards

Meit Dave Conventions



Deanna Kreinbring Kiwanis Family Relations

Derek Stewart Legal



Maria Landron Membership Development and Education

Gabi Castellanos Public Relations



Mary Hunkele Service


D'Amour Edwards Webmaster


The Advisors

Page 35

The CKI Committee Amanda Saguil District Administrator

David McCampbell DCON Advisor



Floyd Adams Citrus Advisor

Tom Freiwald Evergold Advisor



Doug Ream Panhandle Advisor

Heather Locke Sunbelt Advisor

panhandle-advisor@floridacirclek.org sunbelt-advisor@floridacirclek.org

Sally Leitzman Suncoast Advisor

VACANT Suwannee Advisor

suncoast-advisor@floridacirclek.org suwannee-advisor@floridacirclek.org

Created by District Editor Ashley Johns 2019

Profile for Florida Circle K International Editor

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers June 2019 (Volume 50, Issue 2)  

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers June 2019 (Volume 50, Issue 2)