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Circle K International January/February 2020 Volume 50, Issue 5

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Governor’s Project Focus: Thirst Kiwanis Family Directory Restitution Against Destitution (RAD)

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Letter from the Editor Letter from the Governor Letter from the Secretary Letter from the Treasurer

Executive’s Emphasis

District Goals Update District Dues Update


Committee Chairs Conventions Chair Awards Chair Elections and Credentials Chair University College of the Cayman Islands International Updates

District Initiatives

District Conference (DCON) Division Updates

Citrus Evergold Panhandle Sunbelt Suncoast Suwannee

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Save the Dates Jan

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Hotel Reservation Deadline


Registration Deadline



Awards Due Feb


Club Dues required to avoid suspension





Campaign Lit. Due



CKI Pledge I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K International, To foster compassion and goodwill toward others

through service and leadership, To develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to

dedicate myself to the realization of humanity’s potential 1

Letter from the Editor Hi, everyone! My name is Matt Wade, and I was recently appointed to be your 2019-2020 District Editor. As such, this issue is my first issue of The Circle Kapers! I hope I did a good job for everyone, especially with all the snowy pictures that represent Florida so well. I guess it might be nice to learn a little bit more about me because I did not introduce myself at LTC. I am a forensic science freshman from the University of Central Florida. As a freshman, this year is my first in CKI but not my first in the Kiwanis Family. Like many CKI’ers, I was in Key Club in high school (shout-out to Zone E!). Anyway, I am super excited to serve you as a District Board member to the best of my abilities! Now, back to The Circle Kapers, there are many updates in this issue since there was a lag in information communication from the District Editor vacancy. Also, in the time since the last issue, there are several new District-wide Initiatives that you can learn more about from pages 12-16.

Well, I guess I’ve stalled you long enough now; go read the rest of this issue of The Circle Kapers!

~With Lots of Love, Matt Wade


Letter from the Governor Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, Florida District! Not only have we wrapped up 2019, but we have also wrapped up the entire decade of the 2010s. It’s incredible to look back at 2010 and think about how much has changed since then. When I joined the Kiwanis Family about eight years ago, I had no idea how much it would help me transform personally and professionally. As I look forward to the next decade, it is near impossible for me to imagine it without community service in the picture. Whether your service leadership journey started ten years ago or ten days ago, I hope you are able to picture yourself continuing to support your community into the next decade and beyond. Our time in CKI may be shorter than a decade but the heart for service this organization instills in us will last for generations to come. Cheers to the new year and new decade! May we one day stand together in 2030 and reflect on an amazing decade of service together in the mighty, mighty Florida District of Circle K International!

Yours in Service, Governor Josephine


Letter from the Secretary Hello, FLACKI!

I want to congratulate you all for your hard work. Your dedication to this organization has blown me away. As we go through the next few weeks, use this moment to welcome new students. As I've always said, membership recruitment doesn’t end after the first few weeks of Fall. This new semester is a great opportunity to put yourselves out there and make a greater impact on your communities. Here's a good reminder: DCON 2020 is rapidly approaching! Check out the DCON section in this Circle Kapers for more detailed information. Keep up the awesome work!

Yours in Service, Alex Perez

Letter from the Treasurer Happy New Year, FLACKI! I hope everyone’s winter break was relaxing and full of fun memories. With the spring semester approaching, let’s all continue to excel in our CKI duties and strive to serve! Let’s make 2020 the best year yet. A quick reminder that DCON registration is out, and you should definitely register. Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time going to DCON, you’ll have a blast! Hope to see you guys there!

Yours in Service, Alyssa Bowles


Executive’s Goals Break-Down

District Goals Update



% completed

Service Hours








Kiwanis Family Events




Governor’s Project Hours












We have 3 more months to accomplish these District-wide Goals! 5

s Emphasis DUES UPDATE # of Schools that have paid: 7 out of 27 clubs

# of members that have paid: 193 If a club has not paid dues by February 1st, the club will be suspended. Please reach out to District Treasurer Alyssa Bowles here for any help.

What do the Dues do? International Dues: Funds marketing and membership materials, meetings and conventions, and international board travels and visits. District Dues: Funds elected officer expenses and district administration.

Club Dues: Varies by club, but it may go towards creating club T-shirts for providing funding for district and international events.

District Dues Update

Dues Structure Type of School Intl. Fee

District Fee

Membership Requirement

2 year school


$10 per member

10 members

4 year school with less than 5000 students


$10 per member

10 members

4 year school $600 with more than 5000 students

$10 per member

15 members



Enjoy reading about several different shout-outs! From the club level all the way to the international level of Circle K International!

Conventions Chair Meit Dave Hi, everyone! My name is Meit Dave, and I have been given the distinct pleasure of serving as this year’s Conventions Chair. One of my biggest responsibilities is to plan our District Convention in a way that gives everyone in the Florida District the leadership tools to succeed not only as members of CKI but also as individuals making differences in the professional world. One change that I am really excited about is the fact that the newly elected board will be attending a preliminary training that will allow them to start making positive changes to the District immediately after DCON.

Awards Chair Kimi Stuckey Hello to the readers of the Circle Kapers! My name is Kimi Stuckey, and I am your Awards Chair. My job as Awards Chair is to serve as a resource for clubs with questions relating to the many awards our District offers! I am so pumped to see clubs apply throughout the month of January for the Awards given out during DCON. I am hoping to see many submissions from all sorts of clubs as I made the Awards Packet easier for a range of clubs, big and small. How I made it easier will be explained in more detail later. I am just hoping I reeled you in with this cute little blurb.

Elections and Credentials Chair D’Amour Edwards Hey, y’all!

My name is D’Amour Edwards, and I am your Elections and Credentials Chair. My job as Elections and Credentials Chair is to facilitate the elections process and help with the House of Delegates. Running for a district position is a rewarding experience! It starts by declaring your candidacy at least two weeks prior to DCON and submitting your literature by Jan 24th to the Elections and Credentials Chair. Therefore, if you need any help, please email me at elections@floridacirclek.org, and visit http://floridacirclek.org/home/dcon for the Elections Packet.



International Updates

Hello Circle Kapers,

The International Board is currently doing so many exciting things. Detailed below are updates on dues structures, member resources, and a brand new service partnership! These updates are a small glimpse into what the International board has been working on these past few months. There is more to come, and we are very excited. I hope everyone had a happy holiday and engaged in service over the break! In Dedicated Servce,

International Trustee Racheal Fairley



First, we noticed that the current dues structure does

Paired with the dues update, we are changing the member benefits a little. Usually, each not accommodate most clubs. We are working with the new member would receive a finance committee to create a pin, a membership card, and a dues structure that will better certificate for joining CKI, but there is not a direct benefit for fit this organization’s those who stay in CKI past progress. their first year.

We are also updating several resources on our website. As CKI grow and changes, we want to make sure the website is up-to-date for our members.

Partnerships Lastly, we have expanded our partnerships. The newest one is Global Brigades.

This organization allows clubs to raise money to send to people who reside in underdeveloped countries. They are an amazing group, and they have been a partner of Kiwanis and Key Club already. However, they rebranded, and they are officially one of our partners.


District Initiatives Please read about some new District-wide Initiatives being implemented in the coming months! These initiatives require club participation to be successful across the whole District. I guess you could say that clubs have to take. . . initiative.

Back-to-Basics Focus: Thirst What is Access to Clean Water? The World Health Organization defines safe drinking water as meeting certain microbiological and chemical standards on drinking water quality. “Access” to clean water is defined as having a source of safe water within 1 kilometer of the dwelling. In many places there is not “access” to clean water and transportation of water from the supply point to the house is often required and makes access to water, safe or unsafe, challenging for many. The World Health Organization is currently working towards increasing improved water sources across the world. Improved water sources are those deemed to be relatively protected from contamination and, therefore, likely to provide water safe for human consumption and household use, such as piped water supplies into the house, yard, boreholes or protected wells or springs. Most unimproved sources include surface water or unprotected wells or springs, and are often publicly shared.

Fast Facts on Food Insecurity According to WASH and the World Health Organization, 884 million people lack access to clean water across the world and 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water at home. The water crisis is the #5 global risk in terms of impact to society, announced by the WorldEconomic Forum in January 2018. By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. In 2015, 7.5 million Floridians were exposed to unsafe drinking water according to a study done by the Natural Resources Defense Council. According to the EPA, by 2030 Florida’s

demand for fresh water is

going to increase by 28% compared to the demand levels in 2005.


You Can Support Access to Clean Water Organizations Local Water Conservation Agencies Water conservation agencies work to meet future needs and reduce demands on Florida’s water-dependent ecosystems such as springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands. Many conservation agencies list ways that you can help to reduce your water usage and ways that you can help others to reduce their water usage.

Service/Fundraising Volunteer with Local Water Conservation Agencies

Reach out to local water conservation agencies in your area and see if they need volunteers or if it would be possible to schedule a volunteer event day where many different organizations could get involved.

Talk to local elected officials Thirst Project

The Thirst Project is an organization that works with Key Club to focus on the issue of clean water. This website lists numerous ways to get involved and has a very detailed list of fundraiser ideas. The website also lists exactly what your donation amount will fund. https://www.thirstproject.org

UNICEF and the WASH Project

UNICEF and the WASH Project is a service partner of Circle K International that focuses on providing clean water to areas where it may not be easily accessible. Their website further details what the WASH project is and the impact that the WASH project has. Their website also lists more ways to become involved and shows exactly what a donation will be able to provide to people in need.

12 11


Call your local elected officials to talk to them about clean water access in your area and ask about policies that affect those who lack access to clean water. You may also want to talk to your local water conservation agencies to see if there are any policies in place to help reduce water waste in your area that you can discuss.

Partner with Key Club on the Thirst Project

Talk to local Key Clubs in your area and see if they would be interested in working together on a fundraiser for the Thirst Project.

Host a Fundraiser for UNICEF and the WASH Project

A common theme that can be found across many WASH fundraisers is the element of walking a 6K. A 6K is how far some people have to travel to get to drinkable water. Some possible examples of fundraisers that incorporate a 6K are to host a charity 6K run or to have members of your club participate in WASH’s Water Madness where people are sponsored to walk a 6K on each day of the month.

Water Conservation Agencies by Division Listed here are all of the Conservation Agencies in the state that have a focus on water. The Agencies are organized by division even though some divisions may share Agencies with other divisions. Citrus St. Johns River Water Management https://www.sjrwmd.com/water-conservation/

Southwest Florida Water Management https://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/residents/waterconservation

Sunbelt Southwest Florida Water Management https://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/residents/waterconservation

South Florida Water Management https://www.sfwmd.gov/community-residents/ water-conservation

South Florida Water Management https://www.sfwmd.gov/community-residents/ water-conservation

Evergold South Florida Water Management https://www.sfwmd.gov/community-residents/ water-conservation

Suncoast Southwest Florida Water Management https://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/residents/waterconservation

South Florida Water Management https://www.sfwmd.gov/community-residents/ water-conservation

Panhandle Northwest Florida Water Management https://www.nwfwater.com/Water-Resources/ Conservation

Suwannee River Water Management

Suwannee Suwannee River Water Management http://www.srwmd.state.fl.us/index.aspx?nid=294

St. Johns River Water Management https://www.sjrwmd.com/water-conservation/



Kiwanis Family Directory

What is the K-Fam Directory? The K-Fam Directory is a comprehensive document of all the contact information for the Florida District and every K Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K International, Aktion Club, and Kiwanis clubs encompassed in the District.

Where is it located?

How can clubs use it? The purpose of the document is for Circle K International members, other SLPs, and Kiwanis clubs to be able to easily contact one another to share information, plan events, and improve overall relations. It is the District's hope that clubs and individuals will use this document as a tool in club operations to create a Kiwanis family throughout the Florida District.

The K Fam Directory is located under the Kiwanis Family tab on the District Website, www.floridacirclek.org.

Call to Aktion The information is compiled from Officer Information Forms submitted to Kiwanis International. Any clubs who have not submitted OIFs are missing contact information on the Directory. If you have any of the missing information or see any error, please contact the Kiwanis Family Relations chair Deanna Kreinbring at kfamily@floridacirclek.org. The District strives to have the most accurate information available for the clubs. Thank you for your assistance! This page is an example from the directory! We hope that the format is easy to follow.




Call to District Convention! What is DCON? District Convention, or DCON, is an annual conference where the entire Florida and Cayman Islands District gets together to celebrate not only the success of members and clubs but also prepare for the following service year by electing the new District Board that will carry us all into the new year. Also, through workshops, newly elected club officers and members will be prepared to lead their clubs to success.


This year, pack your bags Why should you go? and join us on a journey DCON is a great time to meet new people from all over towards service, leadership, and fellowship! This year’s the District. You will be able to do so during the Lip theme is Passport to Sync Battle that will take place on Saturday night, Service! during all of the free time provided, and during the District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP). Sub-committees: Also, this convention is a great opportunity for you to get involved on a District level. Not only can you run for a position that would help guide the District to an effective and better service year, but you can also apply to serve on a sub-committee. To the right, there are 2 sub-committees detailed. The deadline to apply for these amazing opportunities is January 10th!

Summary: 15

Decorations: If you’re creative, apply here! Registration and Check-In: If you’re strong at directing people, apply here!

Keep reading for more information on DCON Awards and Elections! Contact Meit Dave at conventions@floridacirclek.org for any help!

61st Annual Florida and Cayman Islands CKI DCON




Registration: $110

Rosen Centre Hotel

Deadline: Jan. 20th at 11:00pm

9840 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819 Dates:

Hotel Rooms: $129 per night for 4 people

Saturday, Feb. 15th Sunday, Feb. 16th


Classy Casual Outfit

Deadline: Jan. 16th

2 Business Casual Outfits Business Professional Clothing Service Project:


Closed-toed shoes


Causal Pants

Pen and Notepad



DCON To those that are interested in applying for Awards, here Awards Letter from the Awards Chair is the link from our website!

by Kimi Stuckey, Awards Chair

Hello, FLACKI! When the Awards packet is first opened, do not let the forty-something page form scare you from applying. If your club only wants to submit one or two awards, then only submit one or two forms. It is that simple! There will be no judgement if you do not want to apply for every award because you never know; some awards might not be the right fit for some clubs. Here are some helpful tips when applying for the awards: 1) there are many steps in every award; they do not all have to be filled. For example, I ask for letters of recommendation. If you were not able to get one on time, then just do not submit that portion of the award but still apply for that award. You will just miss out on some points, but if your club was the only one that applied, then it would not really matter whether you did or did not submit letters of recommendation. 2) You can submit the form in any way that is easiest for you. If it is easier to turn it in as Word over PDF, then you are more than welcome to do that! 3) Do not be afraid to submit an award just because you think another club may have done it better, or that your club is too small to win such an award. Every club in the district is on the same playing field, and I want to emphasize that. 4) The deadline is January 31st which is not long after this issue of the Kapers is released, so please start filling out the form now.

I want to see a huge amount of submissions this year! So, please contact me if you are even the tiniest bit confused about the Awards and need clarification. You can contact me through my email awards@floridacirclek.org.

Yours in Service,


Awards Packet Due: January 31st

List of Awards Application-Based •

Outstanding Person (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Committee Chair, Member) Governor’s Project Service

Kiwanis Family Relations

Single Service

Total Club Achievement

Florida District of Circle K International Club of the Year


Kimi Stuckey

Outstanding Scrapbook

Awards Chair

Club T-shirt

Running for Higher Office

Tips for Running Stay True to Yourself! The most important tip on this whole page is this: Don’t forget who you are and the platform that you’re running on. You’re here to make a greater impact on the organization and your community, and that sentiment should be at the forefront of your campaign.

by Alex Perez, District Secretary

Elections Packet & Campaign Lit. Due: January 24th

Personal Experience: My first experience on the District Board was being appointed Conventions Chair. I learned a lot about how the District operates through the District Bylaws, the District Budget, working with others, and how I fit in the puzzle. I don’t have any regrets, especially after losing my first District Secretary campaign, because I learned valuable life lessons. I didn’t let losing distract me from making a greater impact in the Kiwanis Family and in my community.

Self-Care During your campaign, take time for yourself. It’s a long weekend with all the events planned and adding running for higher office on top of that can be very stressful. Even though DCON is planned ahead of time, many stressful things can happen, so prioritize your mental wellness.

Be Prepared but Flexible Make sure your speeches are well-prepared before Opening Session and learn how to adapt to different situations. I highly recommend speaking to the individual who currently holds that position you're interested in to see what they wanted to do at the beginning of the year and how their goals changed as time progressed.

Didn’t Win? Never Give Up The great thing about this organization is the many opportunities you have to be a leader. You can always drop down to other positions if you don't get the one you want. Even if you don't get elected, but still have that desire to be a leader, the district has many committee chair positions that can be applied for.

Important Change

Lieutenant Governors (LTGs) will now be elected in their respective Division Caucusing room.


Division Updates

Our divisions have been hard at work since the Leadership Training Conference (LTC). From recruiting to preparing for the new year of service, our divisions have been keeping busy since the last Circle Kapers. Enjoy reading about your home division as well as other divisions from all around the District!

Citrus Division LTG Katina Lopez Hello FLACKI! Citrus is getting ready to take on this new semester of service and fun. We are preparing ourselves to attend DCON and are ready to have a blast there while seeing everyone from our district. Coming up, we have a fun DCM planned for February and our annual Citrus Rewards Ceremony to recognize all of our hard workers in the division this year!

~With Lots of Love, The Orange

Evergold Division LTG Eduardo Martinez Greetings FLACKI, we've been hard at work down here in Sunny South Florida and the Grand Cayman Islands. We hope you all have a great start to your spring semester, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at DCON! We are ending the service year with a division-wide Flapjack Fundraiser where all our funds raised will go towards the WASH Project. If interested in donating or buying tickets please feel free to reach out to the Evergold Lieutenant Governor here. Hope you all have a great year filled with lots of blessings!

~With Lots of Love, Elle the Elephant

Panhandle Division LTG Kaitlyn Carroll Since the last edition of the Circle Kapers, the Panhandle Division brought members from FSU and TCC CKI to LTC! At LTC, we attended workshops and held a DCM. The clubs in the Panhandle have been constantly working hard to better their community through different service projects in Tallahassee, as well as connecting with the Kiwanis family by attending Kiwanis and Key Club meetings.

~With Lots of Love, Paisley the Panda


Sunbelt Division LTG Mary Isabella Fraraccio During fall semester, the Sunbelt Division has focused on creating close relationship with their Kiwanis clubs. The Sunbelt also focused on educating their members on the inter working of the District. Now, the Sunbelt Division is focused on increasing recruitment efforts and preparing for another year of service.

~With Lots of Love, Sssnek from the Sunbelt Snakes

Suncoast Division Liaison Frederick Brea The schools are working on small service projects. Some schools are working with their sponsoring Kiwanis club to keep their relationship strong. Also, some of the schools are working on keeping their membership base strong.

~With Lots of Love, Sssea from the Suncoast Snakes

Suwannee Division LTG Perry Nielsen Jr. Things are going smooth with Suwannee! We changed our mascot into an otter. We are all having a good break. Also, we are getting ready for RAD in January. Finally, we are super excited for the new semester!!!


~With Lots of Love, Otto the Otter

Social Media

Facebook: Florida District of Circle K International Instagram: @FloridaCircleK Twitter: @FloridaCKI Snapchat: @FloridaCKI

YouTube: Florida CKI Website: floridacirclek.org

Want to contribute? Email publicrelations@floridacirclek.org



District Chairs Kimi Stuckey

Meit Dave

Deanna Kreinbring

Awards Chair

Conventions Chair

Kiwanis Family Relations Chair




Derek Stewart

Maria Landron

Gabi Castellanos

Legal Chair

Membership Development and Education Chair

Public Relations Chair




Mary Hunkele

D’Amour Edwards

Service Chair

Webmaster & Elections and Credentials Chair


webmaster@floridacirclek.org elections@floridacirclek.org

CKI Committee Amanda Saguil

David McCampbell

District Administrator

DCON Advisor



Floyd Adams

Tom Freiwald


Citrus Advisor

Evergold Advisor

Panhandle Advisor




Heather Locke

Sally Leitzman


Sunbelt Advisor

Suncoast Advisor

Suwannee Advisor





act Us!

The Executive Board Josephine Di Russo

Alex Perez

District Governor

District Secretary



Alyssa Bowles

Matt Wade

District Treasurer

District Editor



Lieutenant Governors Katina Lopez

Eduardo Martinez

Citrus LTG

Evergold LTG



Kaitlyn Carroll

Mary Fraraccio

Panhandle LTG

Sunbelt LTG



Frederick Brea

Perry Nielsen

Suncoast Liaison

Suwannee LTG




Thank you for reading!

Profile for Florida Circle K International Editor

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers January/February 2020 (Volume 50, Issue 5)  

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers January/February 2020 (Volume 50, Issue 5)