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K A P E R S August 2018





I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K International, To foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership  To develop my abilities and the abilities of all people  And to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind's potential.

I M P O R TA N T D E A D L I N E S August 5th & 10th: District and International Monthly Reports September 5th & 10th: District and International Monthly Reports September 14th: Submissions for October Circle Kapers October 31st: Early Bird Dues November 30th: Regular Dues





Letter from the Governor The Governor’s Project by Junior Pierre-Louis Letter from the Editor Treasurer’s Trove Division Highlight: Evergold Featured Preferred Charity: March of Dimes CKIx Helpful Resources by Billy Hacket Recruiting Like a Pro by Matthew Grimmer International Committees by Derek Stewart CKI Social Media by Ashley Johns District Board Contact Information

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Hello Hello Lovely Florida District,


hope y’all have had an amazing summer filled with love and service and I hope you are as excited as I am for this new school year to start. New year means tons of new CKI’ers! I encourage you all to put in your best effort this upcoming semester as you start to recruit amazing individuals to join our incredible family. Stay tuned as the FLACKI District Board has been working hard to create resources and guides all about membership 3


retention and recruitment as well as some amazing tips on how to table at club rush and involvement fairs! Remember, more members means more service for our community! Our fall event, the Leadership Training Conference, is a great opportunity for members at all stages of their CKI journey to come together, bond, as well as learn some new skills to take back to their clubs, so I HIGHLY encourage all members who are able to attend! It is something that the entire District

Board has been working on and we are so excited to show everyone what our hard work has accomplished! More information about this event will be coming from our Conventions Chair Alex! Lastly, I would like to remind you all that YOU are important and YOU matter and YOU are loved. As the school year starts, and life becomes

hectic, please take time for yourself ! There is nothing I want more than to have a district filled with happy and healthy individuals. If you ever need someone to talk to, please reach out ot myself, anyone the district board, or the people in your life. Much Love,

Diamond Pichardo


Happy August, Florida District!


hether you worked, interned, studied, or vacationed for these past 2 months, I hope this summer was filled with happy memories and relaxation. Fall is right around the corner, which means we will all be returning to our daily routines juggling classes with extracurriculars, a social life, sleeping, and everything in between. Be sure to stay organized and find stress management strategies that work best for you, because we want CKI to have a running start once the new semester begins. The District Board has been hard at work over the summer preparing for the rest of the service year. Hopefully everyone has been brainstorming new service project, recruitment, and social ideas as well. Please email me with any ideas your club is excited about implementing because I want to show you o ! Don’t forget about the Find FLACKI Contest! Remember, in each publication, FLACKI (pictured below) will be hidden somewhere in the Kapers. The first person to email me with the location of FLACKI will win a $10 gift card. Congrats to Erica Chyr of University of Central Florida CKI for being the first to find FLACKI in the June 2018 Kapers. Enjoy the last bit of summer, CKIers, and I look forward to meeting more of you at LTC. Yours in Service,

Valory Vailoces 5

Hello Wonderful Florida District!


‘m Derek Stewart and I’ll be serving this year as your 2018-2019 District Treasurer.

Throughout the year, the Kapers will display vital bits of information and updates on what our district is doing as a whole. For this publication, I wanted to highlight the importance of Dues and International Fees, and breakdown exactly what costs a club faces throughout the year. Each year, our clubs contribute towards Circle K International by submitting payments through the Membership Update Center (which can be located directly on CircleK.org). Depending on the size of the school, the International Fees will vary. Our District also utilizes a dues system to assist with funding of trainings, and administrative materials. The Early Bird Dues Deadline is October 31st and clubs which turn in District Dues along with International Fees prior to this date will be recognized. All payments of International Dues are required for our clubs to be recognized as active clubs by Circle K International and should be turned in no later than November 30th. In the event that a club does not pay their fees in time, their club will become inactive or suspended, which can risk the loss of their charter in following years. As the year continues, this section will help provide other valuable information and I hope will benefit both you and your clubs!


Yours in Service,

Derek Stewart



• 2 Year Colleges: $300 • 4 Year Universities Under 5,000 Students: $450 • 4 Year Universities Over 5,0000 Students: $600



• Per Member: $10 6

FEATURE D Evergold


MARIA LANDRON Lieutenant Governor Psychology Undergrad at Palm Beach Atlantic

CKI Clubs • Florida Atlantic University • Palm Beach State College • Palm Beach Atlantic University • Palm Beach State College My Goals • To develop and grow already existing clubs • To work with the local branches of our Kiwanis Family • To connect our division • To reactive and charter new clubs • To support each one of our club’s individual needs My Plan • Send out monthly divisional announcements • To promote the Evergold Mascot in order to bring our division spirit • To create a charter support group so our charters feel supported by the division • To begin a bi-monthly Kiwanis Family Event The Evergold Mascot • I wanted to focus in increasing the pride and spirit of our division. I sent out a mascot reveal to our division and I encouraged them to vote on a name and a gender. I am so excited for our division’s new mascot, Elle the Evergold Elephant, and I think that she will bring a lot of spirit to our division. I plan on taking her to service projects and events. 7

My Kiwanis Family Story I joined CKI because there were a lot of people that I looked up to that were leaders in the organization. So, coming into this service year, I wanted to work really closely with the other Kiwanis Family branches in my division. I decided to run for LTG over all the other positions because I wanted to support and mentor the Key Club kids within my division. I asked all of them to send me their division’s correspondence so I could see what they were up to and what their divisions were doing. Then, I had the opportunity to meet all of them at their LTC June Board Meeting. During that weekend, I kept saying how I loved all of my 16 Key Club children, and I think I said it so many times that they began to feel connected to each other because they were part of the same CKI division. They all planned a birthday dinner for me. It was the sweetest thing in the world. I later found out that they made a group chat called “Evergold Babies” and that they got me a gift when they all went to Chicago for their International Convention. I love the 16 kids I get to work with this year and I think it’s so important to have relationships like that with the younger branches of the Kiwanis Family because it enhances our experiences as leaders. I would have never thought that bonding with other members of the Kiwanis Family would transform the way that they interact with one another. But that just goes to show how much we need our Kiwanis Family

Featured Evergold Kiwanian: Mrs. Mauenmaier is the Division 23 Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor. She is extremely supportive and encouraging of Circle K and Kiwanis Family Relations. She promotes CKI to graduating Key Clubbers and is always on the lookout for potential members. She also has increased CKI involvement during her Divisional Council Meetings. The Evergold Division is incredibly fortunate for Kiwanians such as Mrs. Mauenmaier. Featured Circle K Club: Palm Beach State College Palm Beach State College was recognized by Circle K International for their WASH initiative, receiving a first place fundraising award. This club has also been working on a Kiwanis Family summer service project to promote children’s literacy.

The Real CKIers of the Evergold Division Congratulations to FAU CKI for conducting an amazing summer oďŹƒcer training. Shoutout to Membership Development Chair Kim Myoa, District Treasurer Derek Stewart, and Legal Chair Cristian Tello for conducting this training. PBA CKI & PBSC CKI will be doing summer service along with North Palm Beach Kiwanis through their summer reading program.




Why is the problem of prematurity so important?

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start. Unfortunately, not all babies get one. We are changing that. For 80 years, March of Dimes has helped millions of babies survive and thrive. Now we’re building on that legacy to level the playing field for all moms and babies, no matter their age, socioeconomic background or demographics. We support moms throughout their pregnancy, even when everything doesn’t go according to plan. We advocate for policies that prioritize their health. We support radical improvements to the care they receive. And we pioneer research to find solutions to the biggest health threats to moms and babies. What began with President Franklin D. Roosevelt's personal struggle with polio led to the creation of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, better known as March of Dimes, and ultimately a cure for the disease. With that success behind us, we began to focus on fighting birth defects, premature birth and infant death with innovations like newborn screenings and surfactant therapy; education for medical professionals and the public about best practices; and lifesaving research. We provided comfort and support to families in NICUs and advocated for those who needed us most, moms and babies. Today we are stronger and more committed than ever to guiding moms through every stage of the pregnancy journey. We are fighting for the smallest among us and advocating for their health each and every day. And we do so with the tools, technology and knowledge needed to build a brighter future for us all. 9

Prematurity is the leading killer of America's newborns. Those who survive often have lifelong health problems, including cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, chronic lung disease, blindness and hearing loss. What was the original name of the March of Dimes? The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

When did the March of Dimes change its mission to birth defects prevention? 1958

Who founded the March of Dimes? Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States.

What is the March of Dimes mission today? To improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, infant mortality, and premature birth.

Why did the March of Dimes change its mission to birth defects prevention? To "lead, direct, and unify" the fight against polio, a paralyzing viral disease.

What is the Apgar score? The Apgar score, created by Virginia Apgar, MD, is a simple test of five vital life-signs administered immediately after delivery.

This year with YOUR support…


SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, & FELLOWSHIP The CKI tenets are more than just a motto; they are a universal language.


nternational convention is the biggest event of the CKI year! Traditionally held in mid-June or early July, international convention is a time for members from all over the world to gather and discuss the business of the organization. Members elect the President, Vice President, Trustee-atLarge and all subregion trustees. Members also vote on amendments to the Bylaws of the organization. Of course, it's not all business. International convention is a time to meet members from around the world and exchange ideas, form lasting friendships and make wonderful memories! 11



“At CKIx, it was so refreshing to be around a group of drive, world-changing college students. Seeing old friends, making new ones, serving the Chicago community, and learning about service through CKI was what made CKIx impactful for me.” - Josephine Di Russo

“CKIx was an amazing experience. I got to meet most of my old friends and met some new ones from different parts of the globe. I got to explore such a wonderful city with my friends and got to see a lot of people really excited about service and leadership and was really excited for what is coming up.”

“CKIx gets better every year! It’s such a great experience to meet others that are passionate about service and to learn about the amazing things everyone in CKI does!” - Matthew Grimmer

“CKIx in Chicago was the experience of a lifetime. I got to meet tons of Circle K members from all across the world, participate in a large-scale service project in which we cleaned a local beach, and explore Chicago alongside other amazing leaders from all over.” - Katina Lopez “CKIx was an absolutely incredible experience that I recommend to everyone! It is inspiring being able to travel and seeing the level of passion everyone has for service!” - Karina Rodriguez 12

International Committees By Derek Stewart

Kiwanis Family International Committee The purpose of the International Kiwanis Family Relations Committee is to focus on improving the relationships between CKI and other branches of the Kiwanis Family. These members of the Kiwanis Family Relations committee will be assigned to be an ambassador to each of the branches: Kiwanis International, Aktion Club, Key Club International, Builders Club, K-Kids.

International Expansion Committee The International Expansion Committee’s purpose is to improve international relations while expanding Circle K International into countries outside of the United States and Canada. The focus will be to build and strengthen Circle K International clubs and to create a solid foundation for international clubs to build upon through.

Membership & Marketing Committee The membership and marketing committee will focus on membership development and education of current members, as well as use marketing tactics to enlist new membership in the organization, and develop new marketing strategies.


International Committees (Cont.) International Service Committee The Service committee focuses on improving the relationships between CKI and our preferred charities and service partners. The members on this committee will get experience on creating promotional material for their respective service partner or preferred charities to encourage our clubs to partner up with them. The committee also gets an opportunity to promote the Tomorrow Fund.

CKIx Planning Committee The CKIx Planning Committee plans, executes and leads our Annual International Convention . Each member of the committee has different roles in running the convention. On this committee members can experience coordinating service projects, creating promotional material, working with team leaders and planning the Fellowship activities.

Ad Hoc Committees & Task Forces Annually the International Board decides on Committees which would be beneficial towards our organization and are created in order to specifically focus on a problem faced by our organization. In previous years there has been a Governing Documents Ad-Hoc Committee which focused on reviewing and creating potential amendments to our International Bylaws & Policy Code and an Awards Task Force dedicated towards generating criteria for recognition of clubs, districts, and members which are awarded at CKIx. 14


Don't Be Silly, Vote for Billy!

Here are tips to consider as your CKI club in Sub G creates a Membership Growth Strategic Plan!

TABLE, TABLE, TABLE! Be familiar with your school's policy surrounding "tabling" (promoting your club on school grounds). Create a trifold board or banner to capture the eye of students walking by- include a large CKI seal to reel in those past-Key Clubbers- and pitch your elevator speech! Be personable in the ways that make you most comfortable; most will not stop, but for those who do YOU could be the reason someone joins CKI! With first years and transfers searching for a home, the first month of the Fall- even Spring- semester is the BEST time to table and otherwise recruit members for universities of any size!

RECRUITMENT CHAIR/OFFICER Have a member on the Board whose job includes the recruitment of members. This member should plan in advance to secure your CKI club’s attendance at any major club drives, service fairs, etc. that your university may hold. This person should also be charged with developing a schedule for where and when the club will be tabling- and make sure that club members sign up for shifts! Feel free to give out a limited number of service hours for their help, and be sure to double down on efforts in the beginning of the school year.


H E L P F U L R E S O URC E S BY BILLY HACKET Subregion G International Trustee 2018-2019 15

Does your CKI club have a Public Relations and/or Social Media Chair, or someone who performs those responsibilities? If not, think about it! Having a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is an effective way to advertise your club- big or small- in this increasingly digital age. Create public Events on Facebook, shout out new members so they know they are loved, and encourage existing members to share your club page(s). Click here for the Metro Division of the Carolinas District's "SM3" plan, with three action steps to effectively recruit members through social media! Do you live to serve and love to serve? Do you want to make a difference in your community, and connect with other servant leaders? Then join the ___ Chapter of Circle K International (CKI)! We’re the world’s largest collegiate service organization, our club meets ___, and we’d love for you to join our K-Family. TO SEE HOW I MAKE RESOURCES + KEEP MY CKI WORK ORGANIZED,  CLICK HERE FOR MY OUTLINE FOR THIS GUIDE (W/ EVEN MORE DETAILS)!

How many members did you have last year? The year(s) before? How many seniors graduated? Have you been losing members, staying steady, or gaining members?


The goal is growth. What is realistic in terms of growth for the upcoming service year? 0% growth, to steady a declining base? 5% growth to continue an upward trend? Consider your options.


How many members will you have by the end of this service year?


Who is going to be doing what? When will we be tabling (etc) exactly? This should be the bulk of your plan; it is not the time for ballpark estimates or the creation of vague plans that will be soon forgotten.


Compile your Membership Growth Strategic Plan into one, neat document.


Share this document with your club’s board- teamwork is key; there could be many perspectives on what is best for your club, and you can keep each other accountable for goals collectively created. Regularly return to the goals you’ve created (at least at the end of each semester) and analyze progress as a group, maybe at a Board Meeting. Ask: Has this person followed through? If not, how can we share responsibility? Have we tabled as often as we pledged? How many members have we gained, or lost? Are we on track for our goal? Should we reevaluate, or recommit? What have we learned, and how will we apply this to next year’s plan?



If you would like more assistance, your District Board and International Board members are always available to support you!

Don't Be Silly, BEVERAGES 16


The purpose of this resource is to help you recruit new members to your club. In it you will find different tips and pointers on talking to people and how to get them to join your club. It will primarily focus on how to table, but these techniques can definitely be applied to other situations.

Before going further, you should know the most important thing about recruitment: HUMAN CONNECTION SHOULD BE AT THE HEART OF IT. People do not join organizations, they join people. 17

Setting Up Your Table Bring your CKI banner or a CKI table cloth so people know you are with CKI. Have a computer with a slideshow going or have poster filled with pictures of you club! Have a sheet (electronic or paper) to get names and contact info! Email is always a solid form of contact! If you can, get some promo items or have bowl of candy at your table. College students love free things! Flyers or pamphlets are also good to have so you can give students something with info about your club! Set up your table so it looks pretty! Stand in front of it if possible (some events may not allow it and that's fine)! You want to keep nothing in between you and anyone interested in joining! DON'T BRING AWARDS! Most students will not care about what awards your club has won.


What Your Table Should Be Your table should be about getting names of people that are interested in joining on your contact sheet! When tabling you aren't trying to market your club to trying to get it's name out there! You are there to meet people and trying to get them to join your club.

Getting Their Attention You can get the attention of anyone passing by through various ways! Ask to play a game of rock, paper, scissors! If they win then they can take a piece of candy or a promo item, but if you win then they have to listen to you talk about CKI for 30 seconds. Even if they win, they still may want to hear about CKI! Ask them if they'd like to learn about your service organization! There are people who are looking to do some service while in college!


Having Their Attention Introduce yourself! Once you know each other's names then you will have a connection with that person. Remember: You can't recruit those you don't know! SHAKE THEIR HAND! A hand shake will help to lead to stronger connection between you and another person.  Talk to them more and learn about them and see if there are any other ways you can connect. BE NORMAL, DON'T SCARE PEOPLE!! Be yourself, but don't try and out do yourself. People will appreciate your genuine self and will want to talk to you because they trust you. Sell them on your club members and their closeness. Most clubs on campus will have some focus on doing service, building leaders of tomorrow, and fellowship. Your club's members is what sets you apart from any other club. Tell them about what your individual club does! Maybe your favorite service project, the socials you have held, or if you have some kind of system to have members meet other members. DON'T SELL THEM ON YOUR CLUB'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS! People most likely will not care that your club won in club achievement or any other award category. 20

After Tabling Send out a message to the contacts you got and thank them for stopping by your table. Keep in touch with them. Invite them to a meeting or any event your club is hosting. They're more likely to join if they interact with your club's members. Ask if they'd like to join your club! If it their answer isn't a yes, then keep talking to them and working until they join.

MRIHA MRIHA is an acronym meant to help you through the recruitment process! Meet: Talk to them and make a connection. Recruit: Get their name & contact info. Invite: Invite them to an event. Host: Treat them well. Ask: Ask them to join & don't stop until it's a yes.


By Ashley Johns



Executive Board

Lieutenant Governors

Committee Chairs


District Governor Diamond Pichardo governor@floridacirclek.org

Citrus LTG Matthew Grimmer citrus@floridacirclek.org

Awards & K-Family Chair Riley Henry awards@floridacirclek.org kfamily@floridacirclek.org

District Administrator Amanda Saguil administrator@floridacirclek.org

District Treasurer Derek Stewart treasurer@floridacirclek.org

Evergold LTG Maria Landron evergold@floridacirclek.org

District Secretary Josephine Di Russo secretary@floridacirclek.org

Panhandle LTG Mariam Mckee panhandle@floridacirclek.org

District Editor Valory Vailoces editor@floridacirclek.org

Sunbelt LTG Meit Dave sunbelt@floridacirclek.org Suncoast Liaison Alex Perez suncoast@floridacirclek.org Suwannee LTG Miranda Brown suwannee@floridacirclek.org

Conventions Chair Alex Perez conventions@floridacirclek.org Legal Chair Cristian Tello legal@floridacirclek.org Membership Development & Education (MDE) Chair Kim Moya mde@floridacirclek.org Public Relations & Technology Chair Ashley Johns publicrelations@floridacirclek.org webmaster@floridacirclek.org Service Chair Junior Pierre-Louis service@floridacirclek.org


Citrus Advisor Floyd Adams citrus-advisor@floridacirclek.org Evergold Advisor Tom Freiwald evergold-advisor@floridacirclek.org Panhandle and DCON Advisor Heather Locke panhandle-advisor@floridacirclek.org Sunbelt Advisor Robert Brown sunbelt-advisor@floridacirclek.org Suncoast Advisor Chris Burtless suncoast-advisor@floridacirclek.org Suwannee Advisor Sally Leitzman suwannee-advisor@floridacirclek.org

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Florida CKI The Circle Kapers August 2018 (Volume 49, Issue 2)  

Florida CKI The Circle Kapers August 2018 (Volume 49, Issue 2)