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The Circle Kapers August/September 2019

Volume 50 Issue 3

Another Summer, A New Semester

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The CKI Pledge I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people and to dedicate myself to the relization of humanity's potential!

Table of Contents Page 1 Social Media Page 2-5 Letters from the Executives Page 3 Editor's Letter Page 4 Governor's Letter Page 5 Secretary's and Treasurer's Letter Page 6-13 Officer Corners Page 7-9 President 's and VP's Corner Page 10 Secretary's Corner Page 11-12 Treasurer's Corner Page 13 Editor's Corner Page 14-16 Service in the New Year Page 17 St. Baldrick's Spotlight Page 18-22 Membership Development Page 19 Recruitment Page 20 Education Page 21 Retention Page 22 Membership Growth Plans Page 23-30 District Updates Page 24-25 Committee Chairs 101 Page 26 LTC Information Page 27 CKIx Review Page 28-29 Division Updates Page 30 Evergold Spotlight Page 31-34 Contact Your District Board Page 32 The Elected Board Page 33 The Appointed Board Page 34 The Board Advisors

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Letters from the Executives

Letter from the Editor

Hello my FLACKI Loves!

The fresh new textbook smell, three cups of coffee a day, and lots and lots of walking around campus only means one thing.... we are headed back to school. While some might not be excited for that, it is one of my favorite times of the year because it's time when CKI comes back in full swing. This issue of the Kapers is focused all around membership and how to get back into service in the new year. A featured spread in this Kapers is about the three parts of membership-- recruitment education, and retention. It was created by the District Board's Membership Development and Education Chair and International Trustee Maria Landron. She really wants to push a wholistic approach for clubs to take when discussing the life of a member in CKI. I highly recommend each and every officer check this spread out! Another featured article for this issue is focused on service to get involved with in the new school year created by our District's lovely Service Chair Mary Hunkele. It features projects from in-house to the Governor's Project. If your club is struggling to find hours for this new year, feel free to take a gander through that spread. To my amazing club editors, be on the lookout for the September Editor's Editorial. One of my biggest goals for this year is making sure to put the focus on your needs and goals. I also would absolutely LOVE to receive any pictures your club has taken and your beautiful club newsletters. Without further adieu, set that textbook aside and get out a pen and paper to take some notes while reading this edition of The Circle Kapers!

Yours in Service, Ashley Johns Page 3

Letter from the Governor

Hello My Dear FLACKI Flock! Welcome to our newest edition of the Florida Circle Kapers! Since the last edition, our international convention was held right here in our lovely district! In late June, we were happy to be the host district for the hundreds of CKIers from all over the globe that flocked to Orlando, Florida. Together we got to elect our new international board of officers, learn more about how to serve our community, participate in the Day of Service and much more. I am so proud of all the FLACKI members that represented our district so well! Congratulations to our FLACKI members that received awards or were elected at convention - you are symbolic of the hard work and dedication to service found in our incredible district! Besides convention, our District Board has been working on projects and developing Kiwanis Family relations throughout the summer to prepare ourselves for the fall and spring semester. I encourage you and your clubs to do the same! Summer is the perfect time to set plans and goals for yourself and your club and to get the ball rolling on them. Even more important than setting goals is making sure you periodically check your progress towards those goals throughout the year. So, make sure that your goals are not written down and forgotten, but consistently checked on throughout the year. When it comes to achieving goals, I like to remember a quote from my dad and maybe it will help you too: Yard by yard it's hard, but inch by inch it's a sinch!  If you ever experience hesitancy, doubt, or simply feel overwhelmed in your CKI journey, know that there is a support system in place to help you out. Never hesitate to reach out to me or our fantastic District Chairs, Lieutenant Governors (LTGs), and Executives. We are only one email or message away!  Thanks for looking through our Kapers, hope to see you in our next edition soon! 

Yours in Service, Josephine Di Russo Page 4

Letter from the Secretary

Hello Florida District!

It's so amazing to see the work that everyone has been doing across the state and it's still Summer break! I'm so excited to see what everyone will be up to when school starts back up again! Just as a reminder, Monthly Report Forms are due the 5th of each month. To the members: make sure you're sending your club secretaries all of the work you've been doing; we don't want to miss out on seeing all of your hard work and making sure all of our are correct and up-to-date! To the secretaries: make sure you sign up for a one-on-one with me and join the "2019-2020 FLACKI Secretaries!" Facebook Group for updates! Feel free to reach out to me at secretary@floridacirclek.org!

Yours in Service, Alex Perez Letter from the Treasurer


Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to FALL back into service! Whether it be serving food at a soup kitchen, doing a beach clean-up, or washing dog cages at an animal shelter, there are so many ways to volunteer in your community; you have no idea how impactful your actions can be. Also, LTC is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to see everyone there. Information about LTC is included a little later in this newsletter, so keep reading to learn more!

Make sure to open up your schedule for the days of October 25th through the 27th, so you can participate in FLACKI’s weekend of service, leadership, and fellowship. Lastly I would like to remind everyone that dues can be paid starting October 1st, so don’t forget to pay them to your club treasurer! Dues help our organization at the club, district, and international levels to fund the many activities and events that we have. That’s all I have to say for now, I hope to see many of you at LTC!

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Yours in Service, Alyssa Bowles

Officer Corners

President's and VP's Corner As president, you are your club’s chief executive officer and responsible for overseeing the functions of your club. There are many tasks that need to be completed to run a successful club and it is up to the president to make sure tasks are completed fully and efficiently. Some tasks specific to the president include running club meetings, creating club activities and service projects, and maintaining communication with your board and your lieutenant governor. Overall, a president is an important communicator, delegator, and representative.


It is essential that a club president communicates well with their board members, their lieutenant governor, fellow students and CKI-ers, Kiwanis Family members, and other community members. TIPS: -Understand who your communicating with and what is the best method of communication. For example, email is preferred when communicating professionally or group chats for casual group collaboration. -Keep things consistent! Make sure to check in with people regularly, even if it’s just a basic update.


As the person who oversees all the functions of your club, you are best suited to know what needs to get done and who is best for the job. Delegating tasks to others provides them opportunities to grow their skills and leadership. A true leader inspires others to lead and how incredible is it that you get to do that as president?! TIPS: -Some presidents see what needs to get done and just does everything themselves - avoid this! Even if it seems like it’s easier to just finish it, you will end up overworking yourself. -Don’t limit passion projects! If someone is super passionate about making, creating, or doing something new, encourage them to do it!

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As president and central representative of the club, people will go to you with questions, concerns, and ideas. Make sure to always represent with enthusiasm and CKI pride! TIPS: -Start by inviting potential members to join an event rather than the club. It is much less overwhelming to say “yes” to an event or service project than joining an entire organization. -Make tabling fun! Have a quick crafty service project at the table or some CKI swag or flyers - any sort of takeaway. Also, don’t forget to follow up! -Establish a climate of enthusiasm by having interactive activities at your meetings, socials, and personal interactions with people. Avoid cliques and encourage strong new personal connections.

Things I Wish I Knew as Club President/VP How important it is to delegate tasks! I put too much on myself at the expense of what would have been some great leadership opportunities for others. Don’t do that - make sure to reach out to your fellow officers! A strong president to VP relationship is priceless. How important goal-setting is! Throughout the year, it is easy to start to feel lost. A goal-setting plan provides guidance and is the best way to measure progress over the year. More recruitment and retention techniques! Over the years I have learned the importance of one-on-one personal connections and having a tool kit of activities and resources in fostering membership growth. Simple things like adding interactive questions to my meetings and speeches and adding as much service to an event as possible have been super beneficial.  There is a support system, so reach out! Whenever you need guidance, to brainstorm with someone, or just some encouragement, remember that your fellow officers, lieutenant governor, and advisors are only a call, text, or email away.

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Vice President's FLACKtastic Roles

As vice president (VP), you play an important supporting executive role to the president. Whatever the president needs help with, it is your role to step in. This includes stepping in when the president is unable to attend, helping with the planning of service projects and events, managing membership recruitment and retention and overseeing committees. Vice presidents play the role of communicator, delegator, and representative like that of a president but more specifically help play the role of a planner. To run a service projects, event, or social, it is important to make sure that all materials needed are available, people are communicated the right info, and everything is set to go. Though a president can oversee event planning, it is often managed by the VP. TIPS: -Ask for feedback! Before an event, ask what members would want to see. What are their favorite service projects or activities? After an event, make sure to survey attendees to find out where improvements can be made. -Make tabling fun! Have a quick crafty service project at the table or some CKI swag or flyers - any sort of takeaway. Also, don’t forget to follow up! -Always have a back up plan! Think ahead: what if it rains? What if we don’t have the right materials or amount of them? Having a backup plan will be very helpful in very stressful situations.

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Secretary's Corner The club secretary is the backbone and most important position in any club. A lot of responsibility in ensuring that the club is running smoothly falls on to the club secretary. Now, despite all of the stress that can come from this position, it can also be very rewarding. In this position you'll learn to be more organized, develop a deeper knowledge of time management, and develop your leadership skills! Here is some more information you should know about this position:

General Duties

Keep record of all service hours completed by club members Keep record of all club member information Record minutes at all official officer/club meetings Submit a monthly report form to the Florida District and Circle K International (www.circlek.org/muc) Maintain communication with club president, club treasurer, and District Secretary

Alex and FLACKI's Tips and Tricks

Make sure you are present at most club events! If not, make sure there is someone who can be there on your behalf to record which club members were in attendance. When taking minutes for any meeting, only record what is important. This includes attendance, motions presented and moved and seconded, and any remarks given by the club president. As much as you'd love to record every single word spoken during the meeting, it sometimes isn't possible. KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED! A lot of the times, we like to organize everything into smaller categories to make it easier when filing (whether it's on the computer or physically). It's important to make sure that there is a folder for everything. Don't overwhelm yourself. You're a person with other responsibilities; you may also have a job and even familial responsibilities. It's okay to take a break. Feel free to share some of the responsibility with your officers (that's what they're here for). Of course, if you need someone to talk to who can understand, feel free to reach out to me for my personal information and I'd love to have a conversation with you (secretary@floridacirclek.org)! Finally, create a timeline and share it with your successor! I'm sure they'd appreciate the heads up!

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Treasurer's Corner Hey FLACKI Treasurers! Here is a club treasurer guide that you can follow throughout your term. It includes the responsibilities and tasks to become a successful treasurer for your club, along with some tips and tricks that may be useful. I hope that you all can make use of this resource, whether you are a club treasurer or not. Let’s do our best to make a positive impact in our organization. Yours in Service, Alyssa Bowles

Responsibilities of a Club Treasurer

Here are the main responsibilities of a Club Treasurer. These are the duties that all treasurers must fulfill, and additional responsibilities may be listed in your club bylaws. -Collect dues from club members and pay dues through the Membership Update Center (MUC) -Prepare an annual club budget to track finances -Handle monetary transactions for your club -Maintain club checkbook, bank statements, receipts, etc. -Organize fundraisers (if there is not an appointed fundraising chair) -Present a Treasurer Report at board and general club meetings

Timely Duties

I have broken down duties that you should fulfil yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. The jobs listed here are merely a guide, and you can customize them to cater towards your club’s needs.


-Attend district events like Leadership Training Conference (LTC) and District Convention (DCON) -Update the MUC and pay dues starting October 1st. -Work with your officers and District Treasurer to create a budget. -Create SMART goals for your position, along with a fundraising goal.

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-Maintain communication with your Lieutenant Governor, District Treasurer to keep them up to date on your accomplishments. -Help organize and run fundraisers; Collect and manage the money raised. -Offer help and support to any and all duties and tasks delegated by your Club President or other officers.


-Encourage members to pay their dues at club meetings. -Present Treasurer Reports at meetings. -Communicate with the Executive Board about upcoming CKI Events. -Update budget to reflect actual income and expenses.


-Collect dues from members who are unable to attend club meetings. -Help promote CKI within your campus and community! -Make sure that you are keeping up with your goals..

Alyssa’s Tips and Tricks to become a FLAmazing Treasurer

-Create an email made just for your position. Having an email solely for CKI Treasurer purposes will keep communications and financial transactions organized in one place. The email can be passed on to your successor after your term comes to an end. -Make sure to present at every meeting. For example, this could be presenting the Treasurer’s Report or discussing the benefits of paying dues. -Try to organize at least 3 fundraisers every semester. -Attend local Kiwanis and Key Club meetings. It is always important to show support for our Kiwanis Family, and there is no better way to do that by showing up and making your presence known. -COLLECT DUES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Try to get those Early Bird dues in!


The job of treasurer can be quite overwhelming at times, but as long as you stay organized and perform your duties in a timely manner, this can be a very rewarding experience! Follow this guide and before you know it, you will be a superb Club Treasurer. Remember that you are never alone - I am always here for you and only a call or email away! Good luck everyone.

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Editor's Corner The club editor is the creative and communicative mind of the club. Their main jobs typically include creating a monthly newsletter, managing social media accounts, publicizing the club around campus, and making sure the community is aware of all the good your club is doing for it. This role is vital when it comes to communication between the club board and its members. Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to being an editor: Don't clutter graphics! Graphics are most effective when they have clean lines and some "empty" space Limit information in the graphic and share all information in the captions Make sure to keep a schedule when it comes to social media posts Utilize the "community boards" that are all around your campus! You NEVER know when someone will spend time to look at the board and check out a flyer all about CKI Share clean, focused photos. You never want to share photos that are blury, too dark, too light, etc Have fun with your newsletters! They should always feature a little bit of your personality Get your members involved in your social media, newsletters, and promotional material! They will feel more inclined to promote something that they have investment in

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Service in the School Year

As the school year begins your club may be in the planning and organizing stage for service projects to do during the year. Here is some helpful information that you can refer to for help when planning and organizing service in the new year.

Growing Relationships with Organizations in Your Area Starting a relationship with an organization in your area can seem like a terrifying task, however, it does not need to be! To begin, reach out to the volunteer coordinator of the organization you would like to work with. When you reach out to the coordinator you will want to make sure that your communication is professional as it will help you to have a good first impression with the organization. After this initial contact, they will hopefully respond to you. You should respond to their reply in a reasonable time manner and in your reply make sure to thank them for their response to you. A quick response time will help to show the coordinator that you are dedicated to building a serious relationship with the organization. One additional thing you can do to strengthen your relationship with the organization is to follow through with commitments you make. If you cancel on an event in short notice or without telling the organization, you will show the organization that your club is undependable which impacts your chances of working with the organization again in the future. These are just a couple of ways to help you develop strong relationships with organizations in your area. It is simple if you remember to be professional, dedicated and committed to the relationship!

Service Projects to do at Meetings

Doing a service at a meeting is one of the easiest ways to get members involved with the tenant of service. Service projects at meetings also can be logically easier than having members meet up at a location that often will be off of campus. Here are some ideas of service projects that would be easy to do at a meeting. One idea is to make good luck posters for the upcoming year. Since it is the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year there may be freshmen new to campus who are scared about things like new classes or making friends. At a meeting you could supply paper or poster board and markers and have members make posters wishing people a great semester. Another possible service project that a club could do at a meeting is to make decorations to hang up at a local retirement home or cancer center. Some additional service projects that can just be done with paper and markers are to write letters. These letters could go to several

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different types of recipients, such as active military or people who are going through tough times. Some possible organizations to work with for letter writing are The World Needs More Love Letters or Operation Gratitude. One more additional service project that can be done at a club meeting is to make dog toys. To get the supplies for this project have members of the club bring old unwanted t-shirts to the meeting and scissors. To make the dog toys cut the shirts into thin strips and then braid the strips together. These are just some ideas of possible service events to do at meetings as are numerous service projects that can be done!

Governor’s Project Service Ideas The Governor’s Project for the 2019-2020 year is the Back to Basics project. The project has three main focus areas which are shelter, food and water, along with an emphasis on collective impact. You can find more information about the project in the last issue of the Circle Kapers. Here are some possible service events to plan for the new year that relate to the project. For the focus area of shelter some possible service events you could plan are volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or volunteering at local homeless shelters. An organization that you could work with that relates to the focus on homelessness is the National Coalition on Homelessness whose website lists several more ways to get involved. A service event idea that relates to the focus of food would be to volunteer at local food pantries or food banks to help sort and distribute donated items. Another possible service event that relates to the focus of food would be to volunteer at a local food or soup kitchen to help prepare or serve meals. Additionally, the service partner Students Team Up to Fight Hunger or STUFH lists several service ideas such as a STUFH the bus drive or food fight that would be great ideas related to the focus of hunger. For the focus of water, a service event idea could be to reach out and volunteer with local water conservation agencies. A possible organization to work with for the focus of water would be UNICEF and the WASH project.

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St. Baldrick's Foundation What is the St. Baldrick’s Foundation? The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered not-for-profit that raises funds to help find cures for children with cancer. By working closely with leading pediatric oncologists, St. Baldrick’s works to determine the most promising research to fund to make the greatest impact for children with cancer.

Some Statistics About Childhood Cancer and the Need for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation There are many upsetting statistics about childhood cancer that help to show the prevalence of the problem. One of these statistics is that worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes. Another statistic relates directly to the United States. This statistic states that before the age of 20, 1 in 285 people in the Unites States will have or have been diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Though odds have improved for children diagnosed with common types of cancer, for many there is still little hope and a need for further research. Childhood cancer is not just one disease, as there are many types of cancer and each type requires specific research to develop the best treatment. Additionally, most cancer research is dedicated to treating. adult forms of cancer which are very differently from treatments for childhood forms of cancer. This shows why there is a need for the St. Baldrick’s Foundations as they have a sole focus on childhood cancer.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways that you and your club can get involved with the St. Baldrick’s foundation. Two of the most common ways to get involved are to sign up to shave your head or to host a shaving event. If you want to sign up to shave your head, you can sign up on St. Baldrick’s website and they will get in contact with you. If your club is planning to hold its own event, the St. Baldrick’s website describes how to begin planning the event and recommends a lead time of 8 to 12 weeks for planning the event. If these options do not appeal to you or your club, there are still plenty of fundraising options. For example, your club could host a fashion show, sports tournament, or any type of contest where the entrance fee is a donation to St. Baldrick’s. Additionally, you can show support and bring awareness to childhood cancer by wearing a gold ribbon. September is childhood cancer awareness month so at the first meeting of the month your club could pass out gold ribbons for your members to wear to bring attention to this cause.

A Circle K International Service Partner

Membership Development

Recruitment It's not just about tabling, you can promote CKI in many ways. Even just by promoting CKI with social media, you are getting the name out to mean people. And it doesn't have to be traditional.... Get creative. For example, you can end campus wide emails (if possible), make a recruitment video, or even have a snapchat filter! Here are some great examples: UF CKI has Flamingo Friends- They pair freshmen with current members so they can have a friend when they go to their first CKI meeting UCF CKI has an event called Back to School Bash- A service project + social where new/old members can get together and ask any questions about CKI

Tabling Before Tabling

Host Pre-Recruitment Workshops (so the people doing the table know what to say, are ready, and feel confident) Have your prepared elevator speech Plan a post-recruitment event (so you can invite potential members to this while you're recruiting)

During Tabling

Decorate your table (fliers, your gavel, scrapbook, etc) Build a connection Get their contact information Learn names

After Tabling

Don't ghost your future members Keep communication consistent

Think of the humanity aspect of recruitment, the key to recruitment is to build those strong genuine human connections (not just act like a recruitment robot)

People dont join clubs... they join People

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Education Before Educating your members, make sure that you’re also educating your officers about CKI! You can find Online officer training for presidents & secretaries on circlek.org/leadership . When it comes to education of members, it is important to remember it will be learned through experience. The key , though, is to have members know what they are part of.

How can you fall in love with CKI, if you don’t know what it is?


It would be really helpful for your board and future boards to develop a program/system that your club can do every year. Here are a couple ideas for this program: Semester long education training for members with small presentations at every meeting Host a one day membership education retreat. Where clubs can have an intense day of CKI training and then do a service project.

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Retention Membership retention directly correlates with the health of a CKI in order to have active members, you need to have an active club. Here some ideas for how to retain your members from year-to-year:

Membership Recognition

Celebrate their workShoutouts-- Member of the Month, Awards Ceremony, and Verbal/Written Recognition Recognize their ideas-- If a member has an idea, run with it!, Officers shouldn’t be the only ones planning projects/give members ownership in carrying out projects, meetings, programs, etc

Service The best way to keep your members active is to BE active as a club Hold constant and diverse service projects Make sure members are aware of the service expectations Members who love to serve, leave clubs where they “don’t do anything”

Leadership Have a committee system where all members can grow as leaders and contribute to the success of a club Attend district and international events such as LTC, DCON, CKIx If you see a member doing an amazing job in something encourage them to run for office

Fellowship Have annual traditions that members can look forward to Celebrating your club’s birthday Having an end of the year banquet Host a Halloween or holiday party Hangout outside of your club meetings/events Host socials and spend time together as a club

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Membership Growth Plans When thinking about how you are going to create your club’s Membership Growth Plan, never lose sight of the fact that specifics are the most important piece of the puzzle. Your goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Relevant, and Timely. REVIEW- How many members did you have last year? The year(s) before? How many seniors graduated? Have you been losing members, staying steady, or gaining members? FOCUS- The goal is growth. What is realistic in terms of growth for the upcoming service year? 0% growth, to steady a declining base? 5% growth to continue an upward trend? Consider your options. DECIDE- How many members will you have by the end of this service year?HOWWho is going to be doing what? When will we be tabling (etc) exactly? This should be the bulk of your plan; it is not the time for ballpark estimates or the creation of vague plans that will be soon forgotten. COMPILE- Compile your Membership Growth Strategic Plan into one, neat document. SHARE- Share this document with your club’s board- teamwork is key; there could be many perspectives on what is best for your club, and you can keep each other accountable for goals collectively created. ANALYZE- Regularly return to the goals you’ve created (at least at the end of each semester) and analyze progress as a group, maybe at a Board Meeting. Ask: Has this person followed through? If not, how can we share responsibility? Have we tabled as often as we pledged? How many members have we gained, or lost? Are we on track for our goal? Should we reevaluate, or recommit? What have we learned, and how will we apply this to next year’s plan? NEVER ALONE- If you would like more assistance, your District Board and International Board members are always available to support you!

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District Updates

Committee Chairs 101

Awards Chair Kimi Stuckey

My job on the Board is to provide the lovely Florida District with awards. This includes the end of year awards during DCON to the superlatives at LTC. Oh, and I help give credit to wonderful clubs or individuals within the District! This position would benefit your club because it makes everything more rewarding. There's an actual goal, award, and recognition at the end so that everything, members have achieved goes noticed to the District!

Conventions Chair Meit Dave My job is to plan out LTC and DCON so that it is the most effective it can be. I use the experiences of previous to years to determine what is effective and what is not, and use that knowledge go ensure that the aforementioned events run as smoothly as possible.The creation of an LTC project plan is something that I believe will allow to LTC to be planned out well in advance

Kiwanis Family Chair Deanna Kreinbring

The Kiwanis Family Relations chair can be very beneficial to any club. The KFR chair maintains strong relationships between your sponsoring Kiwanis club and all branches in your area through communication and meeting attendance, and uses these connections to coordinate joint projects and volunteer assistance for events when needed.

Legal Chair Derek Stewart A club legal chair would benefit a club by being able to present amendments to the Bylaws for District and International levels. They could also serve in conjunction with the club board in creating a strategic plan. And would benefit the club in Parlimentarian processes during club election season.

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Committee Chairs 101

Membership Development Maria Landron and Education Chair

The Membership Development & Education Chair focuses on the growth and membership enhancement of the district. This is done through the creation of workshops and resources for our members. Additionally, The MD&E Chair supports struggling clubs and works on the education of members.

Public Relations Chair Gabi Castellanos

I would be more than happy to give some tips and tricks for a clubs social media page, as well as helping them figure out what the best way to promote an event is. As always, please feel free to reach out to PublicRelations@floridacirclek.org !

Service Chair Mary Hunkele

This chair position can be beneficial in a club to help plan and organize a variety of interesting service events. It could be the chairs responsibility to reach out the organizations and set up dates for the club to volunteer with them. By having this chair position it would allow the club to have more service opportunities because it would be someone's sole focus to plan and organize events.

Webmaster D'Amour Edwards

As webmaster I'm in charge of anything and everything on our website. If a club would like to see something on the website they can let me know. This includes pictures, documents, tidbits and any information they think would benefit the District.

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CKIx Review

Florida Represented! Attendees: 22 Awards: Top WASH Fundraising District! Maria Landron-- Kiwanis Children's Fund Scholarship Recipient University of Florida-- 1st place Club Promotional Video University of Central Florida--1st Place Growth Enhances Membership (GEM) Award University of Florida-- Outstanding WASH Fundraising Derek Stewart-- Distinguished District Treasurer Kaitlyn Carroll-- New Member of the Year Valory Veiloces-- Distinguished District Editor Matthew Grimmer-- Distinguished Lieutenant Governor Chuck Gugliuzza-- Distinguished I-Board Support 2019-2020 International Board Members from Florida

President: Billy Hackett Trustee: Maria Landron Trustee: Hannah Negray

Division Updates

Citrus Division LTG Katina Lopez

Citrus Division has been working hard this Summer on recruiting new members so that we can start off strong again for fall semester!Citrus division had a blast this Summer at CKIx, having 7 members come out to this awesome international convention! We even had one of our very own division members, Hannah Negray, get elected on the international board as an international trustee!

Evergold Division LTG Eduardo Martinez Thank you to all the clubs for being so responsive to everything being sent out. Shout-out to those clubs that have continued serving throughout the summer, keep up the great work Evergold! Thank you to all the clubs that attended Evergold's CLE either in person, or over the phone! I appreciate all you do for your homes, school and communities each and every day.

Panhandle Division LTG Kaitlyn Carroll

This summer, members from the FSU and TCC CKI clubs attended our Circle K International convention in late June, CKIx. At this conference, members from the Panhandle Division represented their clubs, participated in service projects with CKI members from around the world, and elected our new Circle K International board. They also attended workshops on membership recruitment, planning service projects, networking as a CKI members, etc., and learned valuable information that they will provide to their clubs.

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Division Updates

Sunbelt Division LTG Mary Freraccio Most of the students involved with USF CKI are from out of state so events for USF will pick back up in the Fall! As well, there are multiple people in the Sunbelt Division who are interested in chartering!

Suncoast Division Liaision Frederick Brea Clubs have been working on membership and retention to increase it for next year. Clubs have been improving their community including FGCU have been working with the Gulf Coast Humane Society to work with animals.

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Evergold Spotlight Information about Evergold Division

The Evergold Division is comprised of a total of eight clubs, stretching from the soon to be built Indian River State College CKI in Fort Pierce to the Grand Cayman Islands. Within this past year alone, the division grew by four new club charters. Evergold Division is also home to our mascot, Elle the Elephant.

Club Spotlight: Palm Beach Atlantic University Palm Beach Atlantic University is one of Evergold’s newer but concrete clubs as they have been chartered for two years now. Palm Beach Atlantic is making great progress with having their monthly MRF’s submitted in on time, and they have a great Kiwanis-Family relationship with their sponsoring Kiwanis Club of West Palm Beach. The club has also attended various district-wide events, such as the Leadership Training Conference and District Convention, along with just recently attending CKIx 19 in Orlando, Florida. We would be remiss to fail mentioning that Palm Beach Atlantic University is home to one of the eight International Trustees, Maria Landron.

Member Spotlight: Gabrielle McIntosh Gabrielle McIntosh is currently a Junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University and she is serving as a secretary-treasurer for the 2019-2020 service year. She has only been in Circle K for one year, but her efforts definitely do not go unnoticed. Her favorite tenet is Fellowship, and she enjoys serving alongside her club members and making memories whether it be in a service project or sleeping over with her club officers the night before attending CLE. She is currently studying Medicinal and Biological Chemistry and aspires to someday become a pharmacist. “My favorite thing about CKI is the fellowship. The people I have met in my club are a second family to me and I am grateful to work with them.”

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The Elected Board

The Executive Board

Josephine Di Russo District Governor

Alex Perez District Secretary



Alyssa Bowles District Treasurer

Ashley Johns District Editor



Lieutenant Governors

Katina Lopez Citrus LTG

Eduardo Martinez Evergold LTG



Kaitlyn Carroll Panhandle LTG

Mary Fraraccio Sunbelt LTG


Frederick Brea Suncoast LTG





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The Appointed Board

The District Chairs Kimi Stuckey Awards

Meit Dave Conventions



Deanna Kreinbring Kiwanis Family Relations

Derek Stewart Legal



Maria Landron Gabi Castellanos Membership Development Public Relations publicrelations@floridacirclek.org and Education mde@floridacirclek.org

Mary Hunkele Service


D'Amour Edwards Webmaster


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The Advisors

The CKI Committee Amanda Saguil District Administrator

David McCampbell DCON Advisor

Floyd Adams Citrus Advisor

Tom Freiwald Evergold Advisor

administrator@floridacirclek.org dcon-advisor@floridacirclek.org

citrus-advisor@floridacirclek.org evergold-advisor@floridacirclek.org

Doug Ream Panhandle Advisor


Sally Leitzman Suncoast Advisor

Heather Locke Sunbelt Advisor


VACANT Suwannee Advisor

suncoast-advisor@floridacirclek.org suwannee-advisor@floridacirclek.org

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Created by District Editor Ashley Johns

Profile for Florida Circle K International Editor

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers August/September 2019 (Volume 50, Issue 3)  

Florida CKI: The Circle Kapers August/September 2019 (Volume 50, Issue 3)