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Type: Urban strategy/Public Building Location: Railway yard,Cagliari Year: 2010 The project’s area is a big void of 60 hectares close to the Cagliari’s historical center and to the main institutional city’s. Moreover the area’s borders are marked by big transportation axes which connect the city with the rest of the island including the presence of the airport, the harbor, the rail’s and the bus’s stations. Working on the borders and improving them potentiality with new structures the urban strategy, considering the strong role of the University of Cagliari inside the city, move to build a city within the city. A new pole which can provide to a direct cooperation between the city and the university. In here an internal infrastructure connects different little districts, which work in different ambits.This internal light rail goes from the two main doors of the new city, the Park&Join connected to the highway, and the new public transportations station.



The Park&Join’s target is to create a huge public hybrid building, 120X60X30m, born as the fusion of a park&ride and a shopping mall, which configure an immediate link between private and public transportation fulfilling the base needs imposed by the chaotic society canceling the travel time between the services. Therefore starting from the park and ride type the building takes shape from few different elements: the parking, the car’s and pedestrian’s circulations, the services’s volumes and obviously the structure. The Park&Join, covered by a continuos skin, is divided in two different blocks by a full height hall occupied by four elevators and crossed by the pedestrian’s connections between the station, the storage, the market, the shops, the relax area, the pub, the restaurant and the disco.

Level 0 m

Level 10 m

Level 20 m

Model views


Level 25 m

disco pub

skin restaurant


relax area


shop station



Main axes

Union points

Type: Public Space, Public Building Location: Sempione Gottardo,Torino Year: 2010 The project’s area is a linear void occupied by a train line no longer used. This area represent actually a strong cut inside the urban fabric. This long stripe anyway represent an interesting area that have an important role inside the main axes’ network and that connect the city’s north entrance with one of the biggest park placed long the Po river. The two’s urban fabrics fusion comes from the public space’s design which is the expansion’s result of green spaces between the existing buildings and the creation of new public buildings along the train line that restart to run under this new system. The public space’s design derive from the existing buildings. The new buildings represent the new train stops including services that qualify them as new points of aggregation.

Actual state

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Target 8

Level 0

Level 1

We occur our habits in the buildings. To move between the we use the rides which cross the urban space. The urban space take shape as transition between functions. The distance between functions make necessary them aggregation. Therefore if the distance grows, have to grow also the aggregates functions’ number, because the available time doesn’t permit us to repeat the same distance during the day. So is better: -To aggregate functions in punctual elements increasing distance? -to connect functions through a network which allows us to avail it dynamically? The new public building’s design also derive from the existing buildings. The new line is conceive as linear structure for workers that live them days outside home that maybe is far away from there. In the ends of the line are located the offices and the park and ride in which the workers will spend the most of the day, then along the line every stop solves a daily necessary functions, and the middle of the line is occupied by the private’s space decomposition as little private spaces thought to mitigate a day out home.



Level 2

1.Private space’s decomposition 2.Building view 3.Daily line life

Level 3




Type: Hotel Location: Castello’s district, Cagliari Year: 2012 The project’s area is a lot inside the urban fabric of Castello’s district in Cagliari. This district is the oldest one in the city and was build from the XI century. For this reason all the district shows strong historical features about the elements which compose all the buildings that are besides protected by the laws. The lot is occupied by an in ruins building which’s only entire part is the ancient facade around the majority of the perimeter. Starting from the study of the preexisting compositive elements the project target is to complete the facade using them language to create then inside a contemporary hotel.The architectural elements are not used to restore the building as it was in the past, they are reinterpreted to create a new building with them.

Hall’s atmosphere


External view

Actual state


The hotel grows for four levels passed through a big covered patio which contain the elevator and the stairs. The level 0 with the main entrance, house the hall’s big continuous space that contain reception, living room, patio and bar. The level 1 house rooms, service’s entrance and the restaurant which has an independent entrance and which is also an independent volume inside the building.The level 2-3 are identical and house rooms. Overall there are 24 rooms destined to accommodate different kinds of clients.

1.Detailed section 2.Facade 3.Hall’s view

Level roof

Level 2-3

Level 1

1 12

Level 0


3 13

PANORAMI_CA An atemporal project for the architectural place-type’S construction in the district of Castello_Cagliari.

Type: Public Space, Public Building Location: Castello’s district, Cagliari Year: 2013 The project area is an empty lots’ succession that pass through the urban fabric of Castello’s district in Cagliari. These lots are partially occupied by in ruins buildings destroyed by the second world war’s air raids. Castello’s district constitute a pruning inside the urban fabric because is located on the top of a hill that is not accessible from the rest of the city along the east and west slopes. The same features is intrinsic to the district that evolve from North to South with continuous hauls that are interconnected by short transverse hauls barely accessible for the presence of copious architectural barriers. Panorami_CA proposes to create a path containing buildings which contain the same path, defining a new public space’s morphology, inspired by the ancients district’s spaces, helping it to pass the heights’ differences and driving it a programmatic way with new functions centered on residence and culture. Panorami_CA’s path links also the east and west panoramas of the district.


Conceptual sketch

Underground’s atmosphere

Path sketch

Panorami_Ca includes a student house, a library, multi purpose spaces, a museum and an institutional building. The building have often hypogeal areas which create a complex and continuous underground system. Its structure comes out from the land to compose the public space defining new squares. The buildings’ aspect research the purity of volumes, to give a neutral intervention to the ancient context, through the openings’ regular rhythm.




Ground Level 16

Undeground Level

Section 17




Type: Public Building Location: Castello’s district, Cagliari Year: 2013 The entrance happens from one of the two student’s house’s building that define the new square. The internal space rhythm is given by the preexistence of the ancient arcs which go down to the hill’s slope.The space is so divide in five equal naves, the central three define the reading room, and the side two are destined to the book’s storage.The library though being an hypogeal space receives a lot of natural lighting coming from the roofing, composed by the alternate of arc beam and glasses surfaces and also from the big windows which close the arcs and which give also a beautiful panorama to the space.


1.Library level 2.Square level 3.Profile 4.Section







Type: Public Space, Public Building Location: Castello’s district, Cagliari Year: 2013



This square takes name for the presence of three huge buttress lay there after the second world war’s air raid, and also because with its shape recall the ancient urban fabric’s spaces of the district that are rebuilt following the historical cartography. This is a multilevel square dived in two portions by an institutional building. Underground there are two multi purpose spaces which take part in the hypogeal system.

2 1.Multi purpose spaces level 2.Institutional level 3.Section 4.Profile 5.Section

1 21


Type: Museum Location: Castello’s district, Cagliari Year: 2013 This buildings is totally hypogeal and its internal space is conceived as a continuous volume. This effect is obtain because the intermediate level is hanged to the higher beams which make it float inside the volume. At the lower level the exhibition’s space became very flexible because is occupied by mobile blocks which can be moved at curator discretion.The distribution inside the building is resolved using the preexistence of an ancient underground tunnel which also connect two square of the district locate at different heights.


Conceptual sketch

Model’s view



Space flexibility

1.Level -2 2.Level-1 3.Section

Multipercection sapce




Type: Private house’s garden Location: Barcelona Year: 2011 The project’s idea is to create a continuous element that engage all the garden. This ideas became concrete with a wood surface that goes from the entrance until the swimming pool adapting itself to the land’s morphology and assuming different forms relationed to the client’s requests. So near the entrance it is a zen garden with a seat, then it goes down becoming first a little vegetable garden, then an outdoor kitchen and finally a comfortable seat near the swimming pool. All rights reserved to




Type: Public square Location: Odena,Barcelona Year: 2011 The project’s area is finally an intersection of six streets in front of the church and the city hall. The target is to create a real square giving priority to the pedestrian circulation. This is obtain creating a continuos surface broke from a staircase that change profile becoming a simple stair, a seat, a wall. The project include also the insertion of new trees. All rights reserved to



-proiezione di un prisma a base esagonale-prism’s projection in hexagonal base-


-il triste panzuto-the sad pot-bellied-


-look here-


-nero colorato-colored black-


-ride my main finger-


-l’informe diverso-the shapeless diverse-


-volatile medita la fuga-bird muses the escape-


-save the queen-


-capitolo primo-first chapter-


-what about me-


-il rigore dell’architettura-the architecture’s rigor-


-dietro il buco-behind the hole-


-testa di colore-head of color-


-il confuso-the confused-



-idee a palline colorate-idead of coloured marbles-


-paesaggio industriale-industrial landscape-


-testa pesante-heavy head-




Architect, Designer and Building engineer with a Master’s degree in Building Engineering-Architecture from University of Cagliari, Italy, on February 2013. Graduation Thesis: “Panorami_Ca : An atemporal project for the construction of the architectural place-type in the district of Castello_Cagliari. A project of public spaces and buildings which starts from the urban scale until the architectural scale defining new connections and services for the historical center of Cagliari. I am a mature, competent and self-driven individual. I have been described as extremely ambitious and an out of the box thinker. I have developed a strong understanding of the architectural field through my education at Cagliari’s University. Experience in the analysis, conception and creation of a project, from its conception to the detailed design and construction with work experience in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. I am able to adapt to any situation and learn my duties and responsibilities quickly. I am a team leader and enjoy contributing innovative ideas and a positive attitude in order to complete projects efficiently and successfully. I am eager to utilize my skills at their full potential in order to build a successful career. Following skills and qualifications defines perfectly my profile: – Management of the design phase since the concept to the Working Drawing; – 2D professional level drawings: Autocad ; – 3D modeling: Sketchup – Strong visual representation and graphic design skills: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator; – Construction of architectural scale models – Digital and analogical photography Main softwares: • Autocad, Sketchup. • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator • MS Office and OpenOffice. • Windows and Mac OS Strong relationship with the sea. Surfer, skimboarder, swimmer, yachtsman, traveller. Art lover, drawer, photographer and interested in everything around creation of images and creativity in general. EXPERIENCE Freelance at Flabber’s february 2013 - Present (1 year) Internship at Reordenar Arquitectura Limitada october 2012 - october 2012 (1 month) Concept, preliminary and detailed design for commercial, residential and services projects. 2D draws and 3D modeling. Rendering and image elaboration. Construction of architectural scale models. Design Engineer at BMP Srl april 2012 - april 2012 (1 month) Detailed design of gardens, external areas, roads and multilevel underground parking lot for the architecture competition for “Campus Universitario ERSU viale la playa Cagliari”. Exhibit Designer at University of the Studies of Cagliari, Architecture Faculty february 2012 - february 2012 (1 month)


Design and outfitting of the exhibition “Metròpolis”, Cagliari March 2012 Student Tutor at University of the Studies of Cagliari, Architecture Faculty october 2011 - february 2012 (5 months) Coordination and collaboration with the professor for the Project and composition class. “Laboratorio di progettazione e composizione architettonica 5” Prof. Sergio Braz Antao Internship at SCOB architecture and Landscape april 2011 - july 2011 (4 months) Concept, preliminary and detailed design for residential and services projects. 2D draws and 3D modeling. Rendering and image elaboration. Layout editing. Construction of architectural scale models. - Concept, preliminary design and construction of architectural scale model for the public square Plaza Mayor, Odena Spain - Concept, preliminary design and construction of architectural scale model for a private garden, Jardin Minerva, Barcelona Spain - Detail draws for external areas of URV Campus Bellissens, Reus Spain Shaper at Flabber Skimboard january 2001 - december 2003 (3 years) Construction and selling of skimboards EDUCATION Univesity of Cagliari Master’s degree in Building Engineering-Architecture 5 years course class n.4S, 2006 - 2013 ACMA Italian center of architecture International Master in lanscape architecture, Workshop, Rifare Paesaggi Lisbona 2011, 2011 - 2011 AIAP Italian associaton for projects and visual communication AIAP DesignPer 2011 Internationl graphic design week, Plot and Texture, 2011 - 2011 Valutazione: Workshop editorial graphic Scientific High School 2001 - 2006 EF Education First English Summer Course, Brighton, England, 2001 - 2001 EF Education First English Summer Course, Reading, England, 2000 - 2000 LANGUAGES Italian, English, Spanish